Catalina Island


          This is a story about a trip my girlfriend and I took a few years back to Catalina Island. It wasn’t planned for this to happen, it was just one of those circumstantial situations that took us to this end. We had a great relationship and neither of us had ever spoke of a desire for such an outcome but I knew she was a little different than any other woman I had ever been with. 


    We had a fun day running around the island for hours during the day and we had a reservation for a very nice dinner at one of the very fine Italian restaurants. After dinner we would just check out the local clubs. 


    The dinner was great and the wine was a nice addition to prime the pumps for later in the evening. We walked the main drag and found a club that wasn’t too crowded as it was still a little early. The sign at the front said that there was going to be karaoke tonight. That isn’t something I usually do but I knew my girl loved to sing and on other occasions she had gotten up there to have fun and share her voice. She actually sang quite well.


    We strolled in and found a good spot in the front where we could enjoy the different singers on the stage when it started. Shortly after we sat and got our drinks, a group came in that was the better part of a wedding party from earlier in the evening. They were half lit already and having a good time. We kinda hooked up with the group as they sat right next to us and we were having a great time all joking and horsing around. My girlfriend is very outgoing and friendly and chatted it up immediately. Besides the chatter at the table, different couples of our group were jumping up to dance to the dj’s music, which was going on prior to the karaoke. 


    Not knowing who was with who in our group, a guy came up to our tables and started asking some of the gals to dance. Some said no, others said yes, I think mostly depending on how they were moved by the present music. My girlfriend, Debra, was feeling the music and pulled me to my feet to dance. She loves to dance and in her tight ass jeans, she was movin it and looking pretty hot tonight. She was backing her ass right up to me and pulling me into her. I guess the guys in our group liked it because their attention to her on the floor was quite evident, not to mention a couple of the hollered remarks. She, loving the attention slapped her own ass a couple times as she winked toward the table. More hollering, I grabbed her face and gave her a quick kiss. She smiled and turned another move.


    As the songs changed, more dancing and of course, the guy who had come to the tables looking for a dance, finally made his way to Debra. He inquired, she spun toward me for approval and as expected, I said, “sure, knock yourself out.” She jumped up and he grabbed her arm and headed for the floor. I got into conversation at the table and didn’t really pay much attention to Deb and her companion on the floor. She did say upon her return that he was a very fun guy, cute, and a little tipsy. I said, “you gotta watch those kind”, to which she returned, “I was, every bit of him, including his cute ass”. She smiled and giggled. Not sure if she was just fucking with me or what, but I laughed just the same. I’m not one to get jealous.


    “You mind?” He said as he pulled up a chair to our table following another dance, as he returned her safely to me. “My name is Robert and the people I was with just left. I was having fun so I thought I’d stay awhile longer.” We all introduced ourselves and Deb gave him her hand jokingly, “I’m Debra, I believe we already met.” Robert chuckled and brought her hand to his lips. As he kissed her on the back of the hand, he looked at her, “yes, we have, you’re quite a dancer.” “Thank you”, she said, this is my boyfriend if you hadn’t noticed when you asked me for the first dance. He’s a sweetheart, but he’s also a pushover. I can pretty much do whatever I want. Of course, I take pretty good care of his needs too.” “Hmmm, said Robert, “I want one of you, are there any more available where you came from?” “Sorry, no, one of a kind”, Deb offered. He looked at me, “lucky bastard”. He had a smile on his face so I knew he was joking. I smiled and pinched her cheek.


    The conversation continued through the drinks and dancing. Finally the dj started to set up for the karaoke portion of the evening. Deb went up and asked when she could start filling out slips for getting a turn to sing. He told her to take some and fill them out right away as it usually took a couple songs and singers to get things rolling. He grabbed his mic and made an announcement to the crowd to come up and get some slips to fill out your requests and also handed out a half dozen songbooks so all could see which karaoke was available. Deb started to fill our her slip and Robert interjected, “hey, I know that song, “”Come back home””, can I sing that with you? I know it’s a couples song.” Deb interjected,“Sure, that would be fun. I can’t get him, pointing to me, to ever sing it with me. I always hope there’s a taker in the crowd or the dj fills in to sing the male part.” 


    The crowd is quite large now and Deb is going to be in her favorite spot, the lights. The dj calls her up to sing and she grabs Robert and pulls him along. She has been drinking quite a bit by now so she is fully comfortable to grab ahold of this thing. The dj hands them each a mic, they test the sound with a few blows and counting. The music starts and her opening part is first. She starts and the sound is crisp and clear. She sounded good. I caught her eye and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled big and with the added confidence boost she belted it out with a little added body movement. Roberts part was next which was okay, but generally no better than I, a non singer, could have done. The following lyrics are a combination of both singers’ parts.  Kind of a romantic, I miss you and I need you portion of the song. Deb turned to him, grabbed his neck and pulled Robert to her. They were face to face and singing the words. I was enjoying her skill at singing and her ease of getting into the song. I didn’t see her actions as anything more than playing the song out.  Upon finishing the song, she reached again and pulled Robert to her. She put her arm around him and looked up into his eyes with a big smile. She lipped something to him but it was unintelligible from where we sat. Then she kissed him.  Again, I thought nothing worrisome.


    As she returned to the table, the crowd was roaring. They loved it. The next act was called to the stage. Robert and Deb approached the table, he pulled her chair out, we all clapped and were singing their praises. Robert chimed in, “okay y’all, I know I can’t sing, this is all her, this girl can sing.” “Excuse me”, he stated as he exited for the bathroom. “Sorry, but this girl’s got me all wet.” We all laughed. As Robert walked away, I looked at Deb, “what the hell did you say to him? She smiled that cute little smile of hers and said, “are you sure you want to know? “Hell yeah, he seemed serious”, I added. “Well at the end there, when I pulled him to me  and looked up at him”, I said to him, “kiss me back if you want to fuck me.” I started to bust out laughing and looked at her, “no you didn’t you little prick teaser.”  “Oh yeah”, she said, “ask him when he returns.” 


    Robert returned and sat. We all joked around a bit and as others removed their attention from him I asked him what Deb had said to him at the end of the song. He said,”damn, man, I don’t know if I can tell you that. Does she kid around like that a lot?” “ yes, she does”, I said, “and I’m asking only because I already asked her and I don’t believe it. She said if you kissed her you wanted to fuck her.” “Yeah”, said Robert, “hell, I didn’t have a chance to say no because she just grabbed me so quickly”. “I mean, not to be inconsiderate, not that I wouldn’t, hell, she’s fucking gorgeous, but you know, she’s got you, she’s not an available woman, what can I fucking say to that, you know, she kinda caught me off guard.” I laughed at his situation. Obviously if he said yes, I may hit him, if he says no, he’s saying she’s not worth having. He was stuck and she put him there. “It’s okay man”, “ I can see what she did to you.” 


    I looked over at Deb, who was in conversation with someone else during my exchange with Robert. “What?”, she stated, why you looking at me with that look? “You’re a devil, he told me you did say that.” She grinned, “yeah, just playing hun, you know.” I looked at her, “you know Deb, one of these days I’m going to make you eat what you serve up.” Hmmm, she murmured, “well”, as she glanced down at Roberts ass, “maybe I’d like to eat some of that.” She looked back into my eyes with a grin, speaking of eating something, why don’t we go back to our room so I can give you a good fucking blowjob and you can fuck me while I think about Roberts fine ass? Or maybe I can think about sucking his dick while I suck yours?” She leaned into me and kissed me. She knew she had me when she talked about sucking my dick. She was very good at head. She was one of those girls that didn’t do it like a chore, it was more like a little girl when you give them a sucker. They suck and chew on it until they have it all over them. 


    “You really want to leave already?”, I asked. “No, not really, I think I want to dance and sing a little more. With that she jumped up and headed to the dance floor, not with anyone, just herself. I looked over to Robert, hey, if I wasn’t here, would you go for that?”, as I pointed out in Debs direction. “Ask a serious question, you know the answer to that, of course I would. That girl is mighty fine. “Well”, I said to Robert,  “I told Deb not to fuck around like that because she could get in trouble, but she just laughed. “I have an idea. I’m going to tell Deb that you want to go home with us back to our room. I’m going to tell her that you asked me and that you wanted to sleep with her. I’ll tell her I agreed to it, because once in the position she would likely get scared and cancel the whole thing. But one thing Robert, you have to agree to be respectful of her and I and don’t get stupid. I love her and I’m just calling her bluff. “Wow”, said Robert, “I think this sounds like fun, but I have one question, what if she doesn’t fold, you know she’s a little hammered and she may lose her inhibitions. She might just fool you.” “Hmmm”, I stated, “well I guess we’ll just deal with that if it comes up, I’m pretty horny, if she starts sucking my dick, who knows what I may be in for.”


    Deb was called up a couple more times to sing and as before she knocked em’ dead. Our whole group was giving her accolades and she was pumped. I thought to myself, “hmmm, now might be just the time to tell her what Robert wanted.” “Hey Deb, Robert said if we’re leaving soon, he wants to go with us back to our room for a final drink before we call it a night. He’s staying fairly close so it’s on the way, what do you think? Robert is sitting right there staring and waiting for her response. She smiles and looks at Robert, “well sure, I’d think that that would be a nice finish to our evening. And since we have a plan, I’d say it’s time for us to go.” We said our goodbyes to all in the wedding party and a few hang arounds trying to add themselves to our table. We had wine back at the room so the final drink portion of the evening is covered. We hit the door laughing and waving good night to everybody. 


    Walking down the boardwalk toward the hotel we laughed and felt the cool Catalina air in our faces. We were pretty well lit and strolling without a care. Deb was in the middle holding each of us by the arm. Robert released her grasp and placed his arm around her neck. I let go and backed away just a little to slow and see Debs reaction to his arm around her neck. Without a clear head to maybe cause her some reluctance she grabbed Roberts ass and squeezed it. She slipped her fingers under his belt and into the top edge of his pants. I got back into position next to her and swung her quickly around to face me and in doing so somewhat swung him as well. I grabbed her and kissed her deeply. As I did, I caressed her tits and acted like nobody was there to see us. Robert not sure how to respond, reacted. He pushed himself up against her from behind and grabbed her hips so she could feel him pushing his front hard into her ass. He reached around and grabbed her tits from the bottom while I still had a hold of them. I felt excited by the possibility of her reaction. She never skipped a beat. She kept kissing me and pulled her leg up to rub it against my leg. Robert, not receiving any adverse response from Deb or me, felt confident in his addition to the alcoholic embrace. Onward we strolled for another few minutes and we arrived. It was a very nice room, a romantic little suite. I got this particular room because it overlooked the whole Bay Area, had an incredible bedroom, and the whole motif was more along the lines of drawing attention to sexuality. The colors, the pictures, the fine shower facility and robes. 


    We entered and got some lights on and I turned on the music. I headed to the kitchen for wine and glasses. Deb headed for the bedroom. I got the necessaries and headed back into the living room. Robert and I poured some wine and chatted a bit. He was reiterating Debra’s incredible singing and how much fun he’d had. We must have talked for about 15 minutes before Deb returned. I expected she had gone to the bathroom, but here she had returned clean, with damp hair and one of those fine robes on. Was she calling my bluff? Maybe so, maybe not, but that kiss and subsequent hug and horsing around from earlier had me puzzled. We all sat and drank some wine and I felt it was time to call bluffsville. “Deb, now that you have cleaned up, wattaya say you show us some of those nice titties we just felt out on the boardwalk?” As we were sitting, it would be quite easy for her to loosen and drop the top without completely disrobing; but would she? “Hmmm”, she stated, “what do I get to see if I do? Without another word being spoken, Robert stood up, he looked at Debra, then at me. He saw that I offered no reluctance or inquisitiveness. He smiled and grabbed for his belt. He slowly removed it loop by loop. Her eyes were fixed on him. He never looked back at me again. He unbuttoned the lone button. Debra had her eyes bouncing from his eyes, which were looking at her eyes completely, back down to his hands and fingers. Holding the upper edge of the material, he grabbed hold of the zipper and slowly slid it downward. He released the material and dropped his pants in a pile at his feet. He stepped forward. Deb looked at his eyes, “well, okay, I like what I see, but I can’t see what I like.” Debra loosened her robe top and let it drop somewhat, revealing a large portion of one breast and a partial view of the other. Her dark nipple was fully in view. Robert was obviously being moved by this as his cock was straining for daylight. But still he didn’t remove his final encumbrance. I was now enjoying this being played out and I was getting turned on as well. 


    Robert walked up to her on the couch where she sat very near me. He placed his hand behind her neck and caressed her and stroked her hair. She closed her eyes and cooed. While she was in the throws of his lustful endeavors, he pulled her slowly into him. Debra’s face was now only a moment short of his bulging erect cock. She finished the short span by opening her mouth and moving her face to him, feeling the clothed cock against her teeth. She bit on it softly. I was entranced. I couldn’t believe how horny this was making me. My girlfriend biting another mans cock, god it was amazingly exciting. Knowing I was there watching and she showed no reservation. 


    Robert obviously liked it as his eyes swallowed her up mouthing his cock. He reached down her robe and caressed her tits, and in doing so, made the robe drop so her chest was in full view. Debra, now being additionally aroused by his touch pressed on. With a finger on each side of his body, she slid them towards the back and felt her way to the inside of the elastic banding. Once inside, she slowly pulled downward, while at the same time releasing his cock from her teeth. As she slid them down, she had his cock, which was as hard as a rock, bent downward. As she finally applied the necessary force to bypass his cock helmet, up it flipped, slapping loudly against his navel area. And I say that because it was long and strong and easily had slapped against his navel. 


    It was out, we both saw it for the first time. I was grabbing my cock watching Debra work him. Deb looked up at me, “god honey, isn’t it beautiful, I want to taste it. I want it inside my mouth.” “Okay baby, I said, go ahead, show him how a cock is supposed to be sucked. Let me watch you from a different view for the first time.” So she started. “oh god you look good sucking his cock Deb, take it all.” Deb opened and swallowed all the way down. I could see the long lump in her throat where it was going down. Robert leaned back slightly and placed a hand on either side of Debs head. Without force he slowly moved her to and away from him. She kept taking it from helmet to full depth with every thrust. They continued.


    I’m now standing and pulling my pants off. I grab my erect cock and it feels surprisingly firm, I mean “slap it against a rock”, firm. As Debs eyes are closed, she has no idea that I’m now naked and have my dick in my hand. I move behind her and place a hand on her shoulders. I don’t attempt to stop or move her, I just want to feel close to her with Roberts cock in her mouth and me stroking mine against her back.


    I reach down and feel her tits as her head moves to and fro. I squeeze and manipulate them as much as I can without interrupting her. I release her tits and move down on my knees next to her. I start kissing the side of her face with Roberts cock very close to me. She backs fully off of Robert and kisses me deeply. As she does, she jerks Robert in a constant motion. Back and forth, kissing me, Robert back in her mouth, kissing me, and so on. God I’m getting excited. I’m feeling her mouth while Robert is filling her mouth. She’s basically putting his cock in my mouth with each kiss. Robert is in heaven, he doesn’t know or care what’s going on down there. So I get crazy, as she’s bobbing on his cock, I begin to lick her lips from the side. I can feel the vainy side of Roberts cock as I continue to lick at Debs lips. I think she is excited by this because her tongue momentarily darts out to touch mine. What am I doing? I’m nearly sucking this guys cock. I’m turned on and want to feel more sensation. 


    Robert is getting too close to busting it and of course he wants this night to last. He backs away. I pull Debra to her feet and remove her robe. Now, for the first time, Robert can see and drink in all of her beautiful body. I pull her to me and kiss her deeply. I turned her around and led her to the couch. I laid her on her back with her head at the end laying just over the arm of the couch. I stood at the end and guided my cock into her open mouth. She was fully aware of what I was doing as in this position I could get my thrusts down her throat easily. Robert watched briefly and could tell she was done for now with his cock. Seeing her lay in that position he knew he could approach her. 


    Robert stared at her throat and as I had seen him do to her, each thrust showed a rise in her throat. He walked up to her side on the couch and started rubbing her legs. As he did, she laid them open fully. Her lips fell apart to show her glistening wetness. Seeing her invitation, he climbed onto the couch from the other end and knelt forward into her. He didn’t dive in, he simply started licking the inside of her thighs. With continuing work, he closed in on her hairless slit, still laying completely open. He blew on her pussy and then with his tongue, he flicked at her clit. She jerked momentarily at his first touch. From there, he laid his tongue fully onto her and licked into her opening. As he did, I was getting excited for both of them and pulled from her mouth. I bent and kissed her deeply. She kept moaning right into my mouth as I kissed her. 


    After a minute or so, I stopped and lifted my head to watch Robert. Under his work onto and into her, he began to work a finger, maybe two into her. She loved the additional sensation and moved her hands to his head, pushing him harder into her. With her mouth now free from my kisses, she spoke softly. “Oh god Robert that is so good. Oh honey he feels so good eating my pussy. Oh look at him eating my pussy. Oh fuck, that is so good.” I rang in, “ I know baby, I’m watching him, I’m watching him eat your pussy. Enjoy it baby. I want you to cum for us.” She moaned with appreciation for his touch and my approval. 


    I continued to watch as he brought her closer to the edge of orgasm. I grabbed my cock and very slowly stroked it. I was so turned on watching them. “Oh god I want him in me, I want Roberts cock in me. Honey can I please have his cock?” “Deb”, I whispered, “are you sure you want this, his cock is pretty big. Can you handle that thing inside you?” “Oh yes”, she said, “ I want that cock right now or I’ll scream.” I was going to cum myself if I didn’t stop for a minute. 


    Deb reached for Robert and pulled his head away from her. “ I want you right now Robert. I want you in me now.” With that and hearing no hesitation from me, Robert grabbed her ankles and lifted her. He moved to her and with no available hands, he drug his hard cock up and down her wet and wanting pussy. She reached back for me and grabbed my arm. She squeezed hard as he toyed with her opening. I reached down with my free hand and began rubbing her tits. I wasn’t in a hurry and I didn’t mind him going slow. He released one ankle and laid her leg across the top of the couch. While still holding the other up high, he now had a free hand. He grabbed his hard cock and pushed the head into her. He flicked it up and down exciting her clit and inner walls. He did this for some time and had her moaning with each mild insertion. I watched and pulled my hand from her tits and back onto my cock. God, it was so hard watching them. Debra reached for his ass and as he placed the head into her once again, she grabbed him and thrusted herself up into him. She had it. She had a good portion of his cock inside of her. “Okay, Debra”, he said,  “remember the kiss on the stage? Remember when you said if I kissed you I want to fuck you? Well, here it is. I wanted to fuck you as soon as I saw you tonight. I’m lucky your boyfriend obliged. He’s giving you to me because you asked for it. Now I’m going to fuck you hard and deep. Are you ready?” Robert looked up at me, “Thank you man, this girl is fine and that pussy is tight.” With that said, he pushed it completely into her. She let out a deep moan, “oh fuck that dick is so good, oh god it’s so deep and so fat and hard. Oh honey he’s fucking me in front of you. Oh god, thank you for letting me have his cock. Oh fuck me harder, or I’ll scream!” 


    Robert was thrusting deeply and making sounds now so I knew neither was going to last long before the crescendo. I didn’t want this to end. “Robert, I said, hold on, let me have her.” He slowed and pulled from her. He backed away. His dick was reaching for the sky it was so hard. I replaced him and slid easily into her still gaping open cavern. Debra pulled me to her and bucked hard up into me. I stroked slowly at first to let her settle into my smaller size and apply some pressure to my cock. She felt good and I was so turned on. Robert replaced me at her face and buried his cock deeply into her. She was now being fucked and swallowing a huge cock. Robert and I worked her over for a little longer. She couldn’t talk as she was stuffed, but the moans came forth continually. 


    After what didn’t seem like long, I removed myself from her. I jumped to my feet and moved from her. I motioned for Robert to return to her. I sat back on one of the other chairs and slouched back into it. As I watched, I grabbed my cock and stroked it. Robert mounted her again, and as expected, it felt huge to her as it had before. “ Oh fuck Robert, your cock is wonderful, oh fuck, please make me cum. I want you to cum inside me. Please fill my pussy with cum, please! Robert was impassioned by her request and moaned as he thrusted into her. She moaned louder with every thrust. I was likewise excited and ready to bust. “ god you look good being fucked Debra. I want you to make me cum too. Fuck that dick and cum for me. I’ll cum right here watching you scream. Robert banged her pussy hard. He grabbed her tits and smashed them with his grasp. Debra let out a scream followed with the beginning throws of orgasm. Robert continued to twist and ravage her tits. Debra shouted, “ oh fuck, I’m cumming, oh fuck I’m cumming. Oh fuck, cum inside me please! Robert was slamming her pussy hard and finally let out a huge gasp, “ oh shit, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Deb announced, “ oh god I feel your hot cum, I feel it hitting me inside.” That was it for me, those words of her feeling his cum flow into her set me off. “ oh baby, I’m cumming, I’m cumming. Oh fuck, I’m shooting up into my chest watching him cum inside you. Fuck him back baby, fuck him hard. Oh fuck!!


    Suddenly, silence. Three spent bodies. All breathing still very deeply, but no other sounds. Robert slumped onto Debra. Debra rolled her head to one side to look toward me. She was filled with cum and I was plastered with my own. “ oh god”, she stated, “ fuck, that was so fucking great, thank you honey, thank you Robert. Robert followed with, “ hell don’t thank me, it was all him.” Again she exclaimed, “ thank you babe. That was quite a treat.” “ You know Deb, that was great, god I get so turned on watching you fuck. This won’t be the last time now that I know how much we both enjoy this.” 


    “ Robert”, Deb said, “we have a king size bed, you’re staying.” I think someone was getting fucked again.... real soon.