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30 Aug. '20

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Don was sitting, alone, in his local Chinese restaurant when he saw Helen enter, stop and look around the half-full room. Then she spoke to the lady owner, who pointed to Don, said a few words and led Helen to his table.

“Don, this lady is Helen. She would like to sit with you if you do not mind. Before, she has been annoyed by strange men when she sits by herself.”

He stood, extending his right hand and Helen took it. “Of course you may join me, Helen. And thank you, Rosie, for introducing us.”

“OK. I will come back for your orders after you see the menu.”

Helen sat opposite Don, looking a little embarrassed. “I hope you don’t mind. But I get fed up with obnoxious, half-full blokes trying to pick me up in here – and elsewhere. Rosie is aware and always helps me out. More often than not she sets me up with another single woman. None here tonight. But she looks after me. She said you were a nice man.”

“Very decent of her. I have been dining here on and off for years. I, too, have an arrangement with Rosie. She protects me from ravishingly beautiful women trying to pick me up in here.” he said with a smile. “ I will have to have a chat with her about tonight’s failure.”

“ I’ll leave if you wish.” replied Helen, “ But I suspect you are simply having a lend of me and speak in jest.”

“ Well, apart from being ravishingly beautiful, your powers of perception are finely honed. Yes, I was having a lend of you. And, no, I do not wish you would leave…..”


The evening turned out to be exceptionally pleasant. Their personalities complimented each other perfectly. They enjoyed their meals - together with the complimentary glasses of Chardonnay courtesy of Rosie. Over coffee, it turned out they both lived within walking distance of the restaurant, albeit in different directions. As they prepared to leave, Don decided an all-or-none approach was called for and said, “ Helen, this has been an entirely unexpected, delightful evening – even the Chinese food was excellent. Now is the awkward part and I might as well cast caution to the winds and lay my cards on the table.” She looked at him, staring expectantly into his eyes. It unnerved him a little but he pressed on. “I would like to invite you back to my place – its only a short walk. Alternatively, I could walk you back to your place ….”

She stopped him by reaching across the table and placing her extended, right index finger across his lips. “So, your arrangement with Rosie was all a setup. She scouts for gullible, demure, innocent young ladies to deliver into your no-doubt evil devices. If you expect me to fall for the oldest one in the book ….”  she paused long enough for Don’s heart to skip a beat or two,  to get a sick feeling and to look embarrassed. He started to push his chair back when she continued, “ …. Then your expectations are correct. I was only having a lend of you. You are welcome to my place and we will see what develops. OK???” And her hand grasped his wrist.

He fell back into his chair smiling sheepishly. “ Beaten at my own game!”  

Helen’s home was a modern, well-appointed, three-bedroom apartment on the uppermost of three floors. She opened the door and ushered Don through into a large living area/kitchen with a curtained doorway he thought might lead to a balcony and another door that probably led to the bedrooms and bathroom.

“Make yourself at home, Don. What would you like to drink? I’ve got beer, wine and spirits – whiskey, rum, gin whatever. Oh, the bathroom is through that door if you need to go.”

“What are you having?”

“I’ll have a white wine.”

“I’ll have a whiskey and soda, please. And I’ll make a quick trip to the bathroom. Won’t take long.”

He returned to find Helen standing with a wine glass in one hand and a whiskey glass in the other. He accepted the offered whiskey. They clicked glasses, said “Cheers.” And both placed their glasses on the bench.

“Mind if I kiss you?” Tom asked, stepping closer.

“Be annoyed if you don’t,” she replied, stepping into his arms, slipping hers under his and around his chest.

They drew each other close, Don could feel her breasts firmly pressing into his chest. As the kiss progressed she felt the beginnings of an erection forming in his trousers. She reached down to grasp it. He took the cue and briefly cupped a breast, as best he could, then began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse. She changed her focus to his belt, the button and the top of the zip in his trousers.

“Let’s stop fooling around and get naked,” she said stepping back to let Don’s trouser fall to the ground. She quickly got rid of her blouse and bra, rapidly followed by her skirt, thong and slip-on shoes. He needed no further encouragement. They became naked simultaneously and again stepped into each other’s arms skin to skin, her breasts up against his chest and his penis, hard, up against her lower belly. Her left breast became the focus of Don’s right hand and his penis became the focus of her right hand.

She broke the kiss.  “Come with me,” she said, grasping his penis firmly and leading him down the passage to her bedroom. She switched on only a dim, bedside reading lamp, released his penis long enough to fling back the bedding, down to the bottom sheet, turned him around and pushed him firmly back against the bed.


He sat. He looked at her perfect breasts and clean-shaven pubis. She pushed him until he lay flat with his legs over the edge of the bed, feet on the floor. Still standing she pushed between his knees, forcing them apart, leaned forward and engulfed his very erect and engorged penis into her mouth, cupped his scrotum in one hand with the other trying to encircle his shaft between thumb and forefinger. She could not make them meet but they steadied his penis while her mouth explored it in detail. She sucked, licked, kissed, nuzzled and nibbled on it. Then, using the very tip of her tongue she licked the pre-cum as it appeared at the tip.

“Helen, what you are doing is fantastic but, if you keep it up, I will cum in your mouth. I want to put it into your vagina and cum in there.”

“Good.” She straightened enough to wrap his penis between her breasts, briefly, then climbed past him, onto the bed, and lay on her back.

He needed no urging to follow her. He knelt between her widespread thighs, slipped his hands under her bottom, lifted a little then bent down to kiss the slim lips protruding between her outer lips. He licked them. He turned his head sideways and took one between his lips, sucking it into his mouth where his tongue massaged it. Then he did the same with the other for a few minutes. In his ultimate action he turned his attention to her clitoris. He used both thumbs to spread the soft, spongy, large outer lips to reveal the hood. He tortured her with the tip of his tongue then pressed forward pushing his tongue into her vagina. Her outer lips spread to either side of his mouth. He worked his mouth and tongue all over and into her vagina, frequently returning to her clitoris to suck it into his lips and stroke it with his tongue. Her legs encircled his chest; her hands pulled his head tighter against her.

She came! Shook all over. She moaned and whispered, “Oh my God! Jesus Christ!” She lifted her pelvis off the bed and began thrusting. Her hands screwed the sheet into her grasp on both sides. She froze with her pelvis in the air then collapsed, gasping, in deep breaths before regaining her composure.

“Please fuck me now Don. Please. I want your cock inside my cunt. Right now. Please!”

This last “Please” was demanding and offered no alternative.

He moved forward over her body. She reached down between them to grasp his penis directing it toward her entrance but rubbing it up and down a little until he thrust it mercilessly into her.

He took most of his weight on his elbows but lowered onto her to feel her breasts flatten just a little under him. He kissed her, strongly forcing his tongue into her mouth while forcing his cock into her as far as he could and held it there. She gasped and tilted her pelvis forward to accommodate his intrusion. Her hands went behind his head and her ankles crossed behind his thighs. He began the horizontal tango. She joined him in ecstasy. He would withdraw most, but not all of his cock, then thrust it powerfully into the hilt - repeatedly. She pushed back against every thrust. He moved his hands under her shoulders to pull her against him and to get leverage for thrusting.

He paused deep inside her as she experienced another orgasm. It seemed every muscle in her body went into spasm - arching her back; her arms tight around his chest; her legs now wide-spread but feet on the bed to intensify her pelvic thrusts then locking her pelvis against his, vagina tight around his penis.

He held her tight as she slowly relaxed. Her heart was pounding against his chest, her breathing rapid. Perspiration glowed on her forehead and upper lip. She flopped for a few minutes. Don waited patiently with his penis still hilt deep. She took his face between her hands and drew his lips to hers initiating a long, gentle kiss.

“Did you cum?” she whispered.

“Not yet. Got close but held off while you had yours.” He moved his head down to take a nipple between his lips and nibble on it. That movement allowed him to press a few more millimeters of his cock into her.

“Mmm – that’s nice. Don’t take your cock out, will you. Jesus! Two wonderful cums and we’ve only been at it a short while. Anything you want me to do?” still whispering.

“Just keep up the good work. I’m sure I won’t be able to hold off through your next cum.” And he started fucking again. His slow thrusts alternated with swinging his hips from side to side and dipping his pelvis down to raise the tip of his cock against her G-spot on the front wall of her vagina. He was aware of her secretions wetting his scrotum and her skin in contact with him. Now and then they made slurping noises.  She joined him in his gyrations. Her feet were flat on the sheet again as she used her legs to move her pelvis about in unison with his.

He slowly increased the rate of his thrusts; she kept pace. Eventually, they were at maximum pace and both could feel orgasm approaching. He panted, “I’m cumming. I’m cumming”.

“Oh fuck , fuck , fuck – sss…so am I.” Their orgasms were simultaneous, climactic, powerful. At one point his cock slipped out but he shoved it back in just as he started ejaculating. He held it firmly in place as he worked his right hand down under her back to her buttocks. Palm up, he lifted her a little and his middle fingertip entered her anus and he held it there as his semen pumped into her.   

Helen thrust a few more times after he stopped then went limp and allowed her limbs to flop beside her. She felt his cock shrinking and eventually slip from within her. He kissed her – very lightly, gently, again and again. He tickled her lips with the tip of his tongue. He rolled off her onto his back but drew her close against him until she rolled onto her side, an arm across his chest, a thigh across his and her face on his shoulder. She could hear his heart thumping. They lay like that while their breathing and heart rates gradually slowed.

Don broke the silence. “Thank you so much, Helen. I have never before experienced any sex like that. I know it sounds trite but I have to say it – I thought I had died and gone to heaven!”

“That feeling is mutual. It was wonderful - although that word is not powerful enough to describe what I experienced.”

Another prolonged silence. Neither changed position.

“Can I get you anything? “ Don asked. “A warm flannel. I think I might have made a bit of a mess down there.”

“You are my guest, not my servant. I will get you anything you want. Yes, anything. Would you like a drink?”

“I am a bit dry. Mind you, that scotch you made me is still out there. That will do. Are you having something?”

“My drink is still there too. I’ll get both and put some ice into them.”

She disentangled herself and stood beside the bed to look at him.

“Beautiful,” she said.

“Would you mind turning around very slowly so that I can have a good look at you. Please.”

She did so then, smiling, turned away and was gone.   

She returned with the drinks, placing them on the bedside cabinets, then went into the bathroom. He heard a tap running. She returned with two hot, wet flannels. Don watched as she used one to clean up her vagina and surrounding areas. She then took the other and proceeded to clean Don’s, (circumcised), penis, scrotum and through to his anus and upper thighs. She produced a hand towel and dried them both before sitting down alongside him.

She sipped her drink then suggested that Don sit up, pillow behind him and lean back against the bed head. He did and she passed him his drink. She propped a pillow beside him and wriggled up to lean back against it. He placed an arm over her shoulder, drawing her close. His hand cupped over her breast from above. He slowly moved his palm around gently caressing her nipple. She snuggled closer. They sat silently, sipping their drinks, returning to normality.

Helen spoke, “I am embarrassed.”


“Because within a couple of hours of us first meeting I have you in my bedroom, both of us both stark naked and enjoying rude, crude, fantastic sex. I am worried about what you might think of me.”

“ What do I think of you? I think you are one of the most uninhibited, beautiful, charming, intelligent women I have ever met. If there should be any guilt about what has transpired in this room then we are equally guilty. I wanted to seduce you right from the start and was ecstatic when you brought me here and with what followed.”

“You are very kind. But there is more. I am embarrassed about  what I said while we were having sex.”

“Like what?”

“You’re teasing me. You know very well. I almost shouted fuck me now, I want your cock inside my cunt right now, and when we were both cumming I shouted I’m coming fuck, fuck, fuck. Those are words I never use. I don’t understand why I just had to use them at the peak of such a beautiful activity. I can only apologise.”

“Helen, you have no need to apologise. From what I have read about sex, and from very limited experience, I believe it is known as an emotional intensifier and is quite common for men and even the most demure, prim and proper young ladies to do that in the heat of the moment. I am not offended or disgusted – the fact is it gave me a bit of a thrill to hear you.”


“Yes, really. So there. And you should feel free to do it again if I am fortunate enough to enjoy sex with you again.”

“OK. Thank you, and you will be that fortunate. But there is something else I want to disclose to you – I am bi-sexual. Not an obligate lesbian, obviously, but I do thoroughly enjoy sex with other women – one in particular. However, rest assured, I will never, ever decline sex with you.”

She stared at her empty drink glass, not looking up, while Don digested this latest statement. Then he said, “Well, you could have fooled me.  You never gave me the slightest suspicion that you might be bi-sexual.  Anyway, it doesn’t matter. I would be happy to share you with another lady. And, in a manner of speaking, I am bisexual too.”

“I don’t believe you!”

“Well, no, I never have and never will have any form of sexual activity with a bloke. But, like every other red-blooded, virile, male I dream and fantasise about having a sexual adventure with two women – in the same room at the same time – if you understand what I mean. Bi does mean two does it not? Therefore I am bi-sexual – the “Bi” means me with two women.”

“I think I understand. Obviously, you cannot slip your cock into two fannies at the same time. Damn, there I go into the vernacular again, but I imagine two naked ladies and one naked, red-blooded, virile male could have a lot of fun in the same room at the same time.”

“Exactly. But I fear that pleasure will never be mine.”

She was silent for a few minutes then, “What is your occupation?”

“Architect. Small-time. Small business. I enjoy it but understand I will never become a millionaire because of it. But I am happy. And you?”

“Accountant. Same deal. Same aspirations. Small business.”

Silence again, then Helen spoke, “It is Friday night. My office is not open tomorrow and I have a friend coming for lunch. I would be honoured and ecstatic if we could all spend the weekend together.”

“I think I would have to stroll around to my place to get my toothbrush and pyjamas but, yes, I would also be ecstatic spending the weekend with you. But what about your friend?”

“Pyjamas? Get a grip man – that’s the last thing you will need. In fact, unless we go for a stroll, I suggest we spend the weekend naked. As for the friend – she is my favoured female sex partner. We met at uni. Lawyer. Like us - own small business. No big-time aspirations. What is more, we have often talked about a menage a trois – the two of us with one male – but so far have never got around to it. She is also bi but with a fairly strong female preference.”

Silence, then Don spoke, “It isn’t Christmas yet but I just cannot believe my luck. Firstly, meeting you and making mad, passionate love to you and looking forward to more, then you propose we organise a menage a trois. How much better is this weekend going to get? I am very happy about your proposal about staying naked but have reservations about the other lady.”

“Don’t worry, she will join us and naked too. I will call her in the morning – haven’t got time right now. I can see an erect penis that needs attention.”

They did it again with Helen riding Don cowgirl style. They started when she sat up, turned and straddled him. She lifted one leg to give her hand access to his penis which she directed to her wet, pouting vagina, then allowed her pelvis to slide down to engulf it. She sat upright at times to grind her pubic bones, and clitoris, against him while he synchronising his upward thrusts with hers, then she would lean forward to kiss him before feeding her pendulous breasts to his mouth.

He fondled her breasts whenever possible, kissed, nibbled and sucked them when offered. Her first orgasm was frantic and an observer would have immediately recognised the accuracy of the “cowgirl” description. When it passed she flopped forward to lay on his chest while she straightened her legs down outside each of his. He embraced and gently kissed her before stroking his fingertips up and down her spine, allowing them to reach between her anus and vagina to tickle and lightly scratch there. She moaned her appreciation. His cock remained rigidly embedded within her. He wriggled a little just to remind her of its presence.

“Don’t you dare take that out of me.”

“Had no intention of that but it is my turn on top,” and he rolled her to one side -  then further as he completed the manoeuvre with him on top but with cock still firmly embedded.

“Mmmmm, that’s nice. What do you intend doing now?” she asked.

“Oh just a little bit of this,” as he withdrew to within an inch of the tip of his cock then firmly, deliberately, pressed into the hilt and moved it around from side to side and dipped it up and down. His balls slapped against her bottom.

She gasped, “Jesus, that’s nice. Your beautiful cock up to the hilt doing the hokie-pokie inside my cunt. There, aren’t I just too crude? Did it give you a thrill?”

“Yes. Say some more.”

“Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt. Push your cock further into my cunt.”

He tried to match her words with movements but was overtaken by rising passion and approaching orgasm. So was she and her next words were “Oh I’m fucking cumming, fucking cumming, fuck fuck fuck………”  She stopped as she felt him thrust deep and hold it there as the hot cum was injected into her cunt. Hot fluid gushed from her around his cock. He had one hand under her bum with the middle finger curled into her anus. The fluid flooded over his hand.  His other hand was spread under her back across her shoulder blades pressing her and her breasts up against him. His mouth covered hers, tongues entwined, lips mashing against each other, teeth clashing. Their bodies jerked up and down as he pumped frantically and she reciprocated. Again he drove in and held firm until his semen was drained. They both dragged in huge breaths of air during the brief parting of their mouths. Their hearts thumped madly, each aware of the other’s heartbeat. The energy and adrenaline then drained rapidly away and they melted into each other before he rolled off her. She, again, snuggled up against him, face on his shoulder, uppermost leg across his thighs. His arm encircled her holding her close.

And then it was morning. Helen was on her side facing away from him. Her slow breathing and lack of movement signalled a still deep sleep. He lay still, gathering his thoughts and memories. Sunlight beamed into the room around the edges of the curtains. He slowly,  gently, got up and went to the toilet, closing the door behind him. After toilet he showered, finding a fresh towel in a cupboard. Back in the bedroom, Helen was still asleep. He went to the kitchen, found the kettle and coffee apparatus then prepared two mugs.

He returned to the bedroom. Helen was not there. He heard the shower so placed a coffee on the bedside cupboard and lay back on the bed with his. He propped himself up, on a pillow against the headboard, sipping on his coffee. He then heard Helen speaking – presumably on her mobile phone. It was a brief conversation and she emerged from the en-suite.

“Coffee! You are a darling, Don. I was about to make some. And look at you. Stark naked and nicely freshened up too. I presumed this is my coffee?”

“Yes, beautiful lady. That’s your coffee. And you look ravishingly beautiful again.”

She slipped onto the bed, alongside him and took up her coffee. She took a sip then said, “I just rang Julie and explained what is happening. She is thrilled to bits and can’t wait to meet you.”

“Did you describe any of the sordid details of our encounters last night?”

“To some extent, yes. No sordid details, as you so rudely put it, simply that we had some fantastic, unforgettable sex, that you have a magnificent cock that last and lasts and that I hope we will have a morning glory before breakfast. She asked if she could come over now and watch. I agreed of course.”

“You what? You invited someone I have never met to come and watch us fornicating?”

“Yes, I did. Unfortunately, she can’t make it right now but she did say she would come over early – about ten-thirty. Do you think we will be finished our morning glory by then?”

“I suppose, if we rush it, we could be. But we had better make a start on it I think.”

He placed his coffee mug on the cupboard, turned toward her and slid down far enough to take one of her nipples into his mouth. She quickly finished her coffee then pulled his head tight against her chest. His free hand went to her other breast kneading it, twisting and stretching the nipple while he nibbled the other. She slid down to horozonal, he maintained his contacts. She grasped his cock, squeezed it tight, released it to begin caressing his scrotum and rolling his balls between thumb and fingers. He lifted his head and moved enough to begin a prolonged kiss against her lips and tongue. His hand went to her vagina, cupping it while allowing one finger to sink in between the lips and stroke her clitoris. She moaned her appreciation, then, “I can’t wait. I want you right now.”

“What do you want?”

“I want you to fuck me right now. I want you to slide your beautiful cock into my cunt right now. I want us to fuck and fuck and fuck. Cock in cunt. Do it – fuck me.”

And he did.

Later, they showered, again, but together. Each lathering the other entirely without inhibitions. Kissing, embracing, stroking, tickling. Helen knelt and took his cock into her mouth for a while. Later he turned her away from him, pressed her forward then went down, literally, to give expert oral attention to her vagina from behind. They took turns to hose each other down with the flexible shower then each towelled the other dry.

A light breakfast of toast and another coffee, still both naked and still making frequent contacts digitally, orally, and many tight embraces. Eventually, Helen suggested they tidy up and prepare the leg of lamb and veges for roasting, setting the table, putting glasses into the freezer and so forth. Don helped her make up the bed in the spare room even though Helen said it was highly unlikely that Julie would want it – they would all sleep together. He asked if they needed anything from the shops or  liquor store but she assured him that was all taken care of.

The doorbell rang at exactly 1030. “ Let Julie in please, Don.”

He hesitated. “Go on. Don’t keep her waiting all day. And no one will see you – except Julie.”

He opened the door and stepped back. Julie entered. Tall, slim, full-breasted, blonde, flashing pearly white teeth with her smile. “Hullo, you must be Don.” as she entered, threw her bag onto the lounge, “ Hi Helen. Be right with you.” But she turned to Don reaching one hand up behind herself to the zip in her light, summer dress. The zip slid down and so did the dress. She let it fall to her feet and stood, naked, looking Don up and down. “Nice cock. You were right Helen.” Then she stepped toward Don, embraced him, drew him close kissing him fully on the mouth. One hand went around Don’s neck and the other to his cock as she moaned. He returned the embrace and let one hand go to a breast and the other to her vagina with one curled finger sliding up and down between her lips. She broke free, stepped back, “Certainly beats shaking hands doesn’t it.” She smiled at Don. He was more or less flabbergasted, didn’t know what to say or do so he said and did - nothing. Julie walked over to Helen and took her in a passionate embrace saying, “Hi gorgeous. Been waiting all day for this. And we are off to a flying start. Menage a trois here we come – and perhaps come and come again.” They kissed and caressed for a few minutes then Helen said, “That’s nice but, more later - I have work to do.”

She slid the roast into the preheated oven. “Anyone for coffee? The roast is going to take an hour or so. I’ll add the veges later. I don’t think there I anything else we need to do.”

Don finally returned to earth. “OK. I’ll do the coffee. You girls have a seat. How do you like your coffee, Julie?”

“Same as Helen  – flat white please Don.”

“ Good that makes three of us. Something in common already.”

Helen and Julie climbed onto stools at the kitchen bench. Don dragged a third stool around to his side. “Better for conversation this way. Plus I get a better view of you lovely ladies.” Then he served the coffee.

“Gives us a better view of you too, Don. What shall we talk about?” Helen asked.

“I was going to suggest a game of strip poker, girls.” Don quipped - triggering a giggling fit between the girls.

“While I’m thinking of it, Don, please don’t think I greet every new acquaintance as I greeted you. In fact, I think that is the first time ever I have stripped naked in front of a naked stranger with a naked woman watching, then stepped forward to embrace, kiss and fondle the penis of said naked man.”

“Well, Julie, you may have noticed, I didn’t know what to say or do but, as you said, it sure beats shaking hands. I am delighted to have met you and even more delighted about the circumstances.”

“But, just to be serious for a moment – I would like to think we ban any photos or videos of whatever might transpire today. You just never know if they are going to end up on the internet. What do you ladies think?”

“Bit of a bummer. Don. Would be nice to revue our activities, at leisure, looking for any room for improvement. But yes, you are right. I agree.” from Helen.

“I’m with you. I reckon if we want to improve we would just have to keep trying until we get it right. So, yes, agreed.” said Julie.

“ That’s that settled then. Now, down to practicalities. During the night, before mentioning you, but after I confessed every red-blooded male dreams of menage a trois, Helen pointed out that a bloke can’t slip his cock into two fannies at once. And that is true. I’m sure we are all familiar with the good, old-fashioned missionary position which, despite its failings, does give us the chance to have a chat. And its close cousin – the sixty-nine which most people agree is good, but the view is not as good as sky diving. Further-more, whoever is on top in a 69-er is at a disadvantage – very difficult to get one’s mouth and tongue into position way down between the thighs.  And there is fellatio and/or cunnilingus. Sixty-nine between any of us would probably mean one of us observing and …..” Don was interrupted by Julie.

“ That’s not true, Don. I am sure if Helen and I were in a sixty niner you would be able to get your cock into the fanny of the girl on top. And, if I was sucking your cock Helen would be able to work her beautiful tongue on my fanny from behind. And if I was on my knees giving Helen a good tongue lashing you could slip your cock into me from behind. See?”

“Julie is right Don. I reckon it’s fine if one of us wants to observe at any time and join in at any stage or not. Their choice. Now, your cock is standing up and taking notice, Don. Let’s all go to the bedroom and try out a few of these positions before lunch. Come on! And by the way Jules, we agreed last night that it is OK to swear and use foul language while you are fucking.”

“Nice to know Helen. I have had the urge to do that occasionally but always restrained myself.”

“Just let it all out, Julie. We won’t mind if you won’t mind us doing it,” said Don.

In the bedroom, Helen suggested Don lay face-up on the bed. Then, “OK Jules, your chance to give Don’s cock a run for his money. You ride him cowgirl style and I’ll sit on his face. He gets to work on both our fannies at once while we can kiss, caress, nibble nipples – whatever.”

Julie immediately straddled Don with her knees flexed. She leaned to one side and reached for his cock with the opposite hand directing his hood to her fanny then slowly lowering herself down to engulf him, moaning, “Christ, that is nice. Great cock Don!”

“And your fanny feels like a bowl of warm honey. I hope Helen gives me a breather now and then.” as she lowered her pelvis onto his face.

The girl’s knees were in contact, only inches separated their breasts and faces. They immediately set about stimulating each other - first with a prolonged kiss while they kneaded, pressed and rubbed against each other’s breasts. Don used his tongue on Helen’s cunt just as he had the night before – sucking, licking and nibbling her inner lips which did protrude beyond the outer lips. Then he pressed his nose into her cunt and gave her clitoris his tongue’s full attention. All this while lifting his pelvis in time with Julie’s – her juices slurping around his cock and running down over his balls – her cunt hot, firmly enclosing his cock, her clitoris pressing against his pubic bone on her down-strokes.

Helen raised her hips to allow Don some deep breaths. He exhaled by blowing out the air through pursed lips onto Helen’s cunt and clitoris. “ MMMM that’s nice.” she said.

“What’s he doing. Darl?”

“ He’s blowing onto my clit and cunt. Feels great. And I’m getting close to coming with his tongue working on my clit.”

“Versatile isn’t he. Getting two cunts ready to come together. How you doing Don? Ready to pump some cum into my cunt yet.?”

“Not far off. You just keep up the good work.” came the muffled reply.

Julie came first pumping rapidly on Don’s cock until she climaxed and ground her pelvis down onto him. Her arms reached around Helen and pulled her hard against herself, their breasts in tight contact, their tongues swirling in each other’s mouths. Helen responded with a powerful orgasm as Don took her clitoris firmly between his lips sucking vigorously. He started pumping his sperm into Julie while trying to get some space to work his pelvis. It triggered Helen’s orgasms as she ground her cunt down onto his face, her juices flooded around his face and down to his ears as she responded further to Julie’s embrace and contact.

Slowly, the waves passed and their movements slowed to a halt. They did not disengage for a few minutes, each relaxing in stages, regaining their breath and letting their hearts slow. His cock shrank and slipped out of Julie’s cunt followed by the mix of cum and juices.

The girls slowly got off Don and lay down one on each side – cuddling up to him, faces on his chest, breasts pressed against him., each with a thigh over his. Julie held his cock while Helen cupped his balls. He had each arm around their backs. Sunlight beamed into the room through the partly opened curtains.

Don spoke first. “Do we have to go through this again this weekend?”

“’Fraid so,” replied Helen, “But right now we better get up and get that roast lamb ready to eat. And I need to re-hydrate.” She got up and ent to the kitchen.

Julie said, “OK. Let’s do it - but let me warn you two that I will refuse to repeat anything like we just did any more than seven or eight times over the weekend.”

“Time will tell about that,” Don said as he rolled across the bed and stood. “C’mon Jules let’s get organised. And you need to get some fuel into you to power the forthcoming events. Helen must have the roast out of the oven – smells delicious. I could eat a horse and chase the rider right now.”

“Great!” Julie replied. “But I’m going to walk through the shower first. Like to join me?”

“Decisions, decisions but yep I’ll help you wash your beautiful body and I’ll even let you wash mine” Then he called, “Hey, Helen, Jules and I are having a quick shower. Be with you soon.”


Helen dashed off to the shower while Don carved the roast. Julie prepared the plates and served out the vegetables.

When Helen returned the meal was served and Don was pouring Shiraz. “Well done you two. I didn’t bother with soup or entre but I’ve knocked up a caramelised apple pie to have with ice cream for sweets. Don, you sit at the head of the table, please. Julie, you sit on his right and I’ll sit over here. Can’t promise to keep my hands to myself. Oh, and that small glass jug contains home-made mint sauce.”

As they sat and got comfortable Don raised his glass, “A toast, Ladies. Here’s to us, to the good fun we’ve had so far and to more to come. Cheers.”

“To us.” They called, all smiling,  three glasses clicked together, they all sipped their wine and started on the roast. In due course they consumed the sweets then, replete, they cleaned up and stacked the plates in the dishwasher..

Helen said, “OK. Let’s sit out on the balcony, have a quiet drink and a chat – without our mouths full. It’s in the shade now and, as you know, we cannot be seen by anyone without a drone.”

Julie and Don agreed. “Who needs a top up?” he asked. “I’m going to have a cold beer to wash it all down.”

The girls had both changed to pinot grigio during sweets and asked for top ups accordingly. They chatted about everything and nothing. Strangely, sex was not included. About three thirty Don suggested they stroll around to his place and have a swim, naked, in his pool. They agreed but Julie insisted they go in her car seeing as it was parked in Helen’s driveway and the sun was still hot. The girls slipped into their light, cotton frocks without underwear. Don dragged on his jocks and clothes from last night saying he would just put on shorts and T-shirt to return.


They were suitably impressed with Don’s self-designed home and gardens. They slipped out of their clothes in the family room; then Don took them on a tour of the house finishing outside at the pool. Neighbouring yards were screened by exotic and native trees. “No one can see us – except possibly the teenage kids next door. But don’t worry – we can’t see them. They are a good bunch of kids – two boys, one girl. I give them free run of the pool in summer and, in return, they do all the pool maintenance. Works well. Parents are nice people and they all just happen to be nudists so we have quite a few nudist barbies in summer – kids included. There is a gate between our yards in the trees back there. Don’t be surprised if any of them wander over.”

None did, and our three enjoyed a swim with lots of slap and tickle plus breast, penis and scrotal fondling – not to mention stroking of labia. Often as not each girl would occasionally find Don with one breast in his mouth and the other girl mouthing its opposite. The shadows were long when they left the pool. They showered together in the oversized shower and dried each other off.

“Let’s head back to your place to your place Helen - but hang about for minute – I’ve just thought of something.” Don said stepping into his bedroom. He returned carrying a small, zip-up toilet bag and dressed in loose shorts and polo shirt with thongs on his feet. He handed both girls a blue key. “This is a key to my front door. Works on back door too. One for each of you. Feel free to use it at any time you like if you can’t contact me. Either or both of you will be very welcome.”elen, Hek

They had donned their dresses. Each accepted their keys with a hug and kiss for Don

. “What’s in the bag, Don?” asked Julie.

“Just my toothbrush and shaving gear. Might be handy to freshen the mouth and to shave tomorrow. Could give you two a touch up also to get rid of the five o’clock pubic shadow.”

“Sounds like fun. We would have to reciprocate and shave your balls though.” Said Helen.

“That’s a deal then.”

At Helen’s they all stripped naked immediately.

“Anyone hungry?” asked Helen.

“Probably need something, Darling, but Not sure what I want.” said Julie.

“Me too. After your delicious lunch I thought I wouldn’t need another meal for a week or two. But the swim has created a need for something light.”  from Don.

“OK. I’m about the same as you two. How about we knock up cold lamb and salad rolls. I’ve got sourdough rolls in the freezer. Only take a minute to thaw in the microwave.”

“Sounds good. I’ll carve some meat. You want to do the salad bit Jules?” Don asked.

They ate the rolls on the balcony, in the fading late-afternoon light, sipping on white wine and chatting. With empty plates and glasses, they drifted into the living area. Don collected the items and set about washing and drying them. The girls set about hugging and kissing each other with hands wandering all over their bodies. Helen edged them together to the lounge and gently pushed Julie into sitting on the section part of the lounge. Still kissing she lay her back and changed her attention to Julie’s breasts. She licked each nipple in rapid succession then sucked, stretched and nibbled them in turn. Julie held a hand under each breast pointing the nipples for Helen’s attention. Then she whispered, “Give me yours.”

Helen looked up and smiled, then moved up so that her breasts could reach Julie’s mouth. Julie wasted no time in giving them all the oral attention they deserved. She swung her legs up and around Helen’s thighs and crossed her ankles groaning with appreciation. Her hands fondled and guided the breasts to her mouth. As her mouth, tongue and teeth worked on one breast the other breast was massaged, twisted and pulled by Julie’s other hand.

Don finished with the plates and glasses and stood watching the girls. His penis stood erect and throbbing. The girls seemed oblivious to him. Eventually, Helen moved back far enough to take her breasts out of Julie’s mouth and for her to kiss Julie’s lips first then the side of her neck. Julie allowed her legs to fall away – feet on the floor – thighs wide apart to accommodate Helen’s legs as she moved further down to kneel on the carpet and move her mouth to Julie’s vagina.

Julie moaned and tilted her pelvis upward. Helen pushed her hands under Julie’s bum, lifting it to help her. Then she slid her hands behind Julie’s thighs, spread them further apart and lifted them up and over her own shoulders. Julie’s knees bent and her calves lay along Helen’s back. Helen could now reach Julies breasts with her hands , her mouth on her fully exposed, gaping, dribbling cunt and she was on her knees. Don had an unimpeded view of Helen’s cunt, anus and buttocks. He could see the exposed lips protruding like a poked tongue and glistening with the oozing moisture.

He knelt behind Helen, cock in hand, and rubbed the tip up and down over the protruding lips. Julie saw him and told Helen, “Don is going to fuck you Helen.”  He was about to slide his cock in but instead bent down to lick the lips protruding from Helen’s cunt.

Then, “No, he has changed his mind. I think he is going to eat you out.”

“I don’t fucking care. Whatever he is doing is just fucking, blood beautiful. And so is your cunt.”  He inserted his tongue, working it around in all directions. It was difficult to find her clitoris but, by pushing in his nose as deeply as possible his tongue could feel it. Licking and sucking soon pushed Helen into a frenzy as she worked on Julie’s cunt and Don worked on hers. Julie could see Don over Helen initially – before he went down on her. Then he came back up and smiled at Julie as he slipped his cock deep into Helen’s cunt. His hands gripped her hips, dragging her back onto him but not off Julie.

“He’s fucking you now isn’t he Helen. Can you feel his cock in your cunt. Is it right in all the way? ”

“Oh, Christ, yes. It is just so fucking wonderful slipping in and out and my cunt is gripping and squeezing his cock. I’ve got my juices all over the place. Fuck me Don, fuck me hard.”

Don did his best. He released his grip on her hips moving his hands under her to fondle her breasts and work on her nipples. His elbows gripped her hip bones. His thrusts were slow but deliberate. At each maximum penetration, he paused, cock firmly wedged in her cunt dilating and stretching. With each withdrawal his cock came out glistening with Helen’s lubricating juices some of which followed and trickled down over his balls.

And she came in a wild screaming orgasm pushing back on Don’s ploughing cock, neglecting Julie’s gaping cunt and Julie too.  The climax passed as Helen came down, from wherever she had been, and she flopped forward and lay down on the carpet. Don remained kneeling, his engorged cock standing rigidly. Julie remained flat on her back on the lounge, looking at Don. “You can finish in my cunt, Don. Come on. Helen is out of it for a while. She won’t mind.”

The oral and visual invitations could not be refused. He walked forward on his knees until his cock contacted Julies cunt and, without pausing he slipped it in right up to the hilt. Julie was well lubricated from Helen’s attention. He moved up over her and got his hands behind her shoulders pulling her to him to kiss her and feel her breasts against his chest. She moaned as she lifted her legs and crossed them behind his. “Oh, my fucking god this is just so fucking wonderful. Fuck me like you fucked Helen. Make me cum like she did. Fuck me, Don, fuck, fuck, fuck…” They worked in perfect harmony threshing their pelvises to pound his cock in and out of her cunt, her juices squishing around his cock, drenching his balls. They would pause, briefly, from time to time, then start again. Rather than just thrusting straight in and out Don moved his cock from side to side and pushed down and then lifted up causing friction and pressure on every side of her vaginal canal.

She started shaking and tossing her head from side to side. “I’m fucking cumming, I’m cumming , I’m fuck, fuck, fucking cumming Don.” He cut off her swearing and scream as his tongue met hers and they came together in gigantic spasms clutching each other with arms and Julie clutching his pelvis with her legs locking him deep inside as his semen pumped into her.

They came down to earth, his cock became flaccid and slipped away. Her arms and legs released him and he rolled off her onto the couch. He looked down to see Helen laying on her back, looking up at him, smiling. “I sat up and watched you both. The first time I have seen others fucking. It was beautiful. Did you enjoy it?”

“I was worried you would be offended or angry. But it was just so beautiful. Starting with you and almost coming then fucking with Julie and cumming into her. Beautiful” And he slid down beside her.

“No, I’m not angry. Not if you are fucking my best friend Julie. She wasn’t angry when you were fucking me was she?”

Julie rolled off the couch onto the floor with them - Don in the middle.

“I have just been to heaven,” she said.

“We all have,” Don replied as he drew them both in close against him. “Good thing we had the salad roll. Wouldn’t have lasted the distance without it.”

When they were all back to normal Don stood and held out his hands. “Come on ladies. We need to clean up.  Room in your shower for us all, Helen?”

“Yes, plenty,” as she stood. Don pulled her close for a hug and Julie followed suit. He gave them each a  deep and meaningful kiss.

They showered together lathering each other, washing with flannels and rinsing sharing the flexible-hose shower head. Drying each other became a bit of a competition with Julie standing alongside Don drying his front, Don drying Helen full frontal while she dried Julie. That done, Helen produced scented talcum powder liberally sprinkling over all especially genitals and bums.

“Hey. I am going to smell like a girl,” said Don even as he massaged some powder around Helen’s groin, vagina and reaching between her legs to powder her anus. Julie gave him the same treatment while Helen powdered her.

Hanging up the towels Don asked, “What now girls? Don’t know about you two but I feel exhausted and would like to lay down for a while.”

They agreed. “Follow me,” Helen announced. Grasping Julie’s hand and Don’s cock  she led them to her bed then released them and flung the bedding back leaving just two pillows and the lower sheet.

“Up you go Don. You are in the middle. Jules – you on the other side. I’ll just nip out and switch off the living room light.” As she left she switched on one small bedside lamp and switched the main light off. She quickly returned to the dimly lit room with a jug of cold water and three glasses. Don lay on his back with Julie on his right, laying on her left side, her right hand cupping Don’s balls while her thumb rubbed his cock. – which was standing up again. Her face was on Don’s chest, his right arm around her neck and his right hand cupping her exposed right breast.

“Anyone like some cold water?” Helen asked apparently at ease with Don and Julie’s posture.

“Good idea, Gorgeous,” replied Don. Julie murmured agreement and sat up, followed by Don. Helen poured three glasses then sat – legs crossed on the bed facing them.

“You two looked pretty cosy,” she said.

“Mmmm. I was very comfortable,” replied Julie.

“Me too,” from Don.

They finished their drinks. Don lay back both arms outstretched across the bed. Helen collected the glasses and placed them on the bedside cupboard then lay on the bed, curled up,  with Don’s left arm around her shoulders and hand on her left breast. Julie took one look and took up the same position on Don’s right. She immediately felt for Don’s cock but found Helen’s hand already there.

“Beat you, Jules. Mind you, it is just about long enough for both of us to hang onto it. What do you think?”

Julie grasped that part of Don’s cock outside Helen’s hand. The tip just showed above her hand.

“You’re right Helen. There is enough for both of us.”

Nothing else was said before sleep overcame them.


Don woke first, on one side of the bed - which confused him a little. Then he vaguely recalled passing Helen coming out of the toilet as he was entering during the night. He rolled off the bed and stood looking at his two beautiful lady friends laying on their sides, Helen spooning Julie. He drew the sheet over them and went to the en-suite.

Naked - after toilet, shower and shave he went to the kitchen. He found orange juice in the fridge and drank a glass. He then fossicked around, with nothing firmly in mind, but finished up with bacon, eggs, sliced bread and tomatoes collected on the table. He contemplated finding frying pans etc but recalled the gas BBQ on the balcony and decided that was a better option - provided the gas bottle was not empty. That proved to be the case so he lit it and left it to warm up.

In the kitchen he poured two glasses of orange juice and returned to the bedroom. Helen and Julie were both awake, laying on their backs with an arm across their eyes. “Wakey, wakey, beautiful ladies. A new day has dawned.”

They lifted their arms and looked at him then at the orange juices. “You must have ESP. I was just about to get up and get some,” Helen said. “You are such a darling.” They both sat up,  took the offered glasses and sipped at the juice.

“Now, I will leave you both with that. I am preparing breakfast on the barbie. It should be ready by the time you have showered. See you out there.”

“Damn!” exclaimed Julie. “I was laying here thinking you would come back and want a morning glory but now I’ve got to have breakfast instead.”

“There is a whole day available after breakfast, my pretty lady, but only if you make a start.” - as he left the room.

He put six bacon rashers, three halved tomatoes and six eggs onto the hot BBQ plate. Flitted back inside, found the electric toaster and got it going with two slices of bread. Then back to the barbie to turn the bacon and tomatoes. He just loosened the eggs by slipping the slice under each. The whites were just about done. Back into the kitchen to find a serving plate, replace the toasted bread with two more slices then back to the barbie. The girls came out naked and all bright and bushy-tailed to hug and kiss him. “What can we do, Don?” asked Helen.

“Ah – watch the toast and set the table, Darling. This will be ready in minutes. You might want to warm up some plates too.”

“Consider it done. Come on Jules – you mind the toast, I’ll set the table.”

Don returned with the loaded serving plate and placed it in the middle of the table. Julie had finished the toast and put two slices on each of three side plates. Helen had the table set and had included three more glasses of orange juice.

“Looks great, girls. You have done well. Now, sit down, bog in, don’t wait.”

They sat. Julie spoke to Helen as she served up the eggs. “Jesus Helen. This is all too good to be true. Do you think we might all move in together and have Don wait on us hand and foot, cook for us, say nice things often and help keep us sexually sated?”

“Truly Jules, that very thought has crossed my mind. Not sure what Don thinks about it though.”

Don had a mouth full of bacon, egg and toast. He feined choking but kept chewing until he swallowed. “You know what Julie, and you too Helen, I, too have had that thought. However, I have only known you, Helen, for about thirty-six hours and you, Julie, for about twenty hours. Yet to find fault with either of you and I can certainly see the merits of your suggestion, but we need to give ourselves as much time as it takes to make the right decision. I reckon we take the suggestion seriously on board, review it as often as necessary and decide when we can all see our way clearly past orgasms.”

Helen spoke, “Well said Don, nothing at all wrong with orgasms – especially with you, I agree with you. What do you think sexy Julie?”

“All very sensible. I did raise the subject half in jest and didn’t expect your reactions. Very happy about it though. Yes, I will be very patient. If I run out of patience I will just kidnap you both.”

That raised a laugh and brought the subject to an amicable conclusion.

Sitting on the lounge with coffee, after breakfast, Julie suggested she take them to her place during the day so that Don could see it. They agreed.

Don was sitting between the girls. He had an erection and Helen was grasping his cock.

“Can I share that with you, Helen?” asked Julie.

What were you planning to do with it?”

“Just nurse it. Kiss it better if needs be.”

“Feels to me if that need might be. I think it is crying.”

“What do you mean?”

“Well, just rubbing my thumb across the end there is fluid there – fells like tears.”

“Don’t be silly. It must just be pre-cum. Let me feel.”

“OK. Have a feel, have a look too just to be sure.”

Julie reached out and gently drew a finger across the end of Don’s cock.

“You’re right, Helen. There is fluid there. Let me have a close look.”

She leaned forward taking Don’s cock between thumb and index finger. Then she licked it.

“Tastes a bit salty but not like cum. Have a taste,” as she drew a finger across it again then let Helen lick it.

“No. It’s not cum. It  tastes and feels exactly like his precum when I was sucking him on Friday night before he slipped it into my cunt.”

“That settles that then. But I think I’ll just give him a dose of fellatio. You OK with that Helen?”

“Of course. Happy to share anything and everything with you Jules.”

“ Anybody interested in what I might think?” Don asked as Julie knelt between his legs, grasped his cock and took it into her mouth.

Helen responded, “Of course Darling man. What do you think?”

“I think we are heading at breakneck speed towards another fuck session. Don’t have a problem with that other than a need to ensure I service you both equally. Can’t remember what I did to whom and how.”

Julie took her mouth off his cock and spoke up, “As far as I can recall Helen and I have had an equal share of your cock, Don, except you fucked Helen doggy style while she was performing wonderful cunnilingus on me on the lounge. You haven’t fucked me doggy-style.

“Any reason why we shouldn’t repeat that performance except you fuck me doggy-style while I give Helen a good tongue lashing on the lounge? What do you think Helen?”

“Sounds wonderful -  tired as I am and I’m sure you two are also.”

“Never too tired to knock back an offer like that. Let’s do it right now while my pride and joy is standing rigidly to attention and eager to perform. And when we finish you can both have a lick of my cock to refresh your memories of the taste of my cum although it will be diluted a bit by Julies juices.”

They rapidly repaired to the lounge. Helen lay back on the lounge far enough to raise her legs and place her heels on the edge. She snatched a small pillow and worked it under her head. “All the better to see you with,” she said.

Julie knelt between Helen’s legs. With her left hand, she parted Helen’s outer lips to reveal more of her already protruding inner lips and then she inserted her right middle finger, palm upwards, into the vagina, pushed in as far as possible and began stroking Helen’s G-spot.

Don knelt behind Julie, as close as possible and passed both arms around her to take a breast into each hand. Thumbs and forefingers squeezed, tugged and rolled the nipples.

“I can’t fuck you in this position Jules. You have to bend forward.”

“Yes Don, I know. Just give me another minute or two. Helen is enjoying this”

“OK.”  But he let his left  hand release that breast and slide down her belly to her lips curling the middle finger around on to her clitoris.

A few minutes later Julie worked her hands under Helen’s buttocks, leaned forward and started mouthing her cunt. Don took the cue, moved back a little to bend down and lick Julie’s cunt, insert his tongue to its limit then slide up to her clitoris. He sucked it between his lips and massaged it vigorously with his tongue. Julie’s tongue was similarly occupied with Helen’s cunt.

“Oh, Jules that is just so fucking nice. Don’t stop. Suck my cunt hard and put your finger back into my fucking G-spot - please.

As Julie complied with Helen’s orders Don rose up behind her holding his cock in his right hand. He shuffled forward until his cock was perpendicular along Julie’s cunt and reaching past her anus. Then he moved his pelvis backwards, his cock sprang down to its natural position where he grasped it and guided it to the rear end of her cunt slit. He slipped it in an inch or so, withdrew and did it again – a little deeper. He repeated this until his cock was fully lubricated with Julie’s cunt secretions.

“Fuck that is nice Don. Don’t stop will you?”

“No way Jules.”

Helen was first to cum tossing her head from side to side and swinging her legs up and over Julie’s back. Don leaned back a little and helped her cross her ankles before he resumed pumping his cock into Julie’s sloppy cunt.  Helen shouted obscenities and demanded Julie suck harder on her clitoris. At the peak of her orgasm, she arched her back, tilted her pelvis, pulled Julie’s face hard against her cunt with her hands and squeezed the breath out of her chest as her leg muscles spasmed.

Don held Julie by her hips using them to pull himself into her as far as possible with each thrust. Looking down he could see her inner lips wrapped around his cock each time he withdrew and they disappeared, wrapped tight around his cock as he pushed in again.

Helen collapsed. Her hands let go of Julie’s face and her legs unfolded from her chest – her feet resting on the floor but she remained on the couch. Julie moved forward and lay her face, sideways, on Helen’s pubes. Don moved his hands under her and reached forward to fondle her pendulate breasts but he persisted in pumping his cock into her cunt. “Don’t stop Don. I’m nearly cumming,” as she paid more attention to synchronising her pelvic movements with Don’s.

“No chance of that happening just yet, Jules, but I am not far off cumming too.”

She did not respond but Don felt her cunt tighten on his cock and she pushed back hard against him. “Oh fuck, fuck, fuck, Don I’m fucking cumming, fuck me harder, fuck me Don fuck me…. And she spasmed causing Don to cum and push his cock as far and as hard as possible into her spasming cunt, hard up against her cervix, and hold it there. She felt his ejaculations; he felt the firm ring of her cervix. 

Julie slowly relaxed but remained knelt with Don’s cock still inside her. She could feel it softening, shrinking and eventually slipping away, detaching from her. They both lay down on the carpet. One each side of Helen. Don extended his arms and they moved in, lying on their sides, to snuggle him. Helen grasped his cock but limp as it was there was only room for one hand. Julie compromised by cupping his balls. Don managed to cup a breast in each hand.

Later Julie drove them to her place – a small but well-appointed three-bedroom cottage in a village-style development. It had a rear courtyard fully enclosed by a high brick wall making it entirely private. On arrival, Julie set the example by stripping naked right in front of the main window. She explained the windows at the front of the living room were film tinted to reduce glare. From the outside no one can see into the cottage in daylight but at night with inside lights on they could. “Simply means I draw the blinds when the sun goes down and continue my naked existence,” she explained. After the mandatory conducted tour they sat, relaxed in the shaded courtyard sipping on chilled chardonnay.

Don broke a silence, “Well ladies this has been the most fantastic weekend I could ever imagine. Simply started with a Chinese meal at Rosie’s but finished with me madly, passionately in love with two women I never knew 48 hours ago and having unimaginable, repeated three-way sex with you. I must have done something to please Eros. I have no doubt you are aware he was the ancient Greek God of love, lust and sex. He served me up a smorgasbord this weekend.”

“Not just you, Don! Us girls aren’t complaining. Love, lust and sex it has certainly been. And we loved every bit of it. What do you reckon, Jules?’

“Nuff said! Can’t wait for the next episode.”

“I would be very happy to entertain you both at my place next weekend – that is if I’m not pre-empting any plans you might have Julie.”

“There will be a weekend after the next one I presume. Call it mine and you can join me here for forty-eight hours of debauchery.”

“Um….. that’s a long weekend Jules.’

“Hallelujah! I’ve won the jackpot – make that 72 hours of debauchery.”

Julie drove them back to Helen’s but called into Bunnings on the way. They asked Don to wait in the car and said they would not take long. He had the feeling they were up to something but had no idea what. They seemed to take a while but eventually turned up and the short journey was completed. They crowded through Helen’s front door throwing off their clothes.

“Now, Don, before you set about ravishing us again Julie and I have something to say. We just want to thank you for making our weekend so fantastic. We both thought we were happy with our lesbian sex with occasional rolls in the hay with the stray bloke but you have changed all that for us. You are special and we suspect you think the same about us. Agreed Jules?”

“Yep. Exactly! And just to prove our affection, on the way here our stop off at Bunnings was to get these. Sorry haven’t had time to gift wrap them but this one is from me,” as she handed him a White key before stepping forward to embrace him and kiss him very seriously on his mouth while pressing her bare breasts against his bare chest. As she released him and stepped back Helen stepped forward to also hug and kiss him with one hand around his neck and the other gripping his cock until she stepped back and handed him a Red key.

Helen announced, “Don, you gave us each a blue key to your place and an open invitation. These keys will serve the same purpose – the Red one is for my front door…”

“And the White one is for my front door Don. Red, White and Blue – how patriotic is that?” from Julie and “You are welcome to use either of them whenever you wish.”

“Thank you so much you lovely, lovable, lecherous ladies. Rest assured I will avail myself of their purpose. But, I will always ring first, just to ensure I will not embarrass you. With that in mind please enter your names and telephone numbers here,” as he handed Helen his mobile phone.