A summer at the beach house.

Info Wise Ginger
31 Aug. '20

When I was born, 52 years ago, I was a chubby baby with a very light complexion and a head full of red hair. I was a contrast to my siblings, as they all had a complexion darker than mine, and darker hair. We used to spend our summer vacations at the beach and it was funny to see my siblings and my parents getting a perfect tan while the best I could get was a bright red color, then I peeled off all the burnt skin and got burnt all over again. I inherited my colors from both my grandfathers. My parents didn't know how to deal with my skin, they didn't know I needed sunscreen as none of them ever used one. Wrong, I know.

I lived in a country where winter is long and tough, spring is short and summer even shorter, so when I finally could go to the beach, my skin screamed to be freed, and I didn't want to spend my time at the beach under an umbrella or wearing a shirt.

I'm older now and I've learned to use sunblock for the love of my skin. I still can't wait to get rid of my clothes and lie down on the beach. The sensation of the warm sun and the wind on my skin, is something I wait all winter for, and this year is not different. The only difference this year is that my children are grown up and are living their own lives without me. Oh, and I've got divorced from my husband. 

I've spent the past two years working out. I had arrived at a moment when I couldn't look at myself in the mirror without being horrified.  My body was a big mass of flabby fat. I reached a point where I had only two solutions to pursue: get rid of all the mirrors or get rid of the fat. A liposuction wasn't a solution, not for me anyway. So, I started a work-out plan with the help of my son. I started slowly, increasing whenever I felt I could. Between swimming, cardio, and weightlifting, I got rid of the flabby fat and now I have muscles, and I can look at my body in the mirror.

That's why my husband’s announcement of getting a divorce, caught me unprepared. I thought he liked the new me more than the old me. But it is what it is.

The day we celebrated my children's birthdays, they presented me an envelope with a leasing contract, a key, and all the necessary information for a house on the beach that would be mine from June 1st to August 31st. They knew I've always had the dream of a house on the beach. It was only for one summer, and I decided to make the best from this, to honor their gift. 

I arrived at my new, temporary residence late at night, and when I woke up in the morning, I couldn’t wait to go out for a walk. I was standing in the porch, watching the infinite ocean before me, drinking iced tea, contemplating how lucky I was. I wasn't so sure of my luck five  months earlier, when my husband, ex-husband, told me he wanted the divorce. I felt unfortunate then, lonely, abandoned, and betrayed.  

Here I was, smiling and thinking how lucky I was, and how wonderful my children have been to support me and to help me to go through the toughest moment of my life.

I still had to unpack my suitcases, but it had to wait. The beach was calling me. The sun was ready to come up at the horizon and that was the best moment for a walk. Wearing shorts and a tank top, I headed north. No need for shoes, that was my ideal vacation. 

During my walk I met a few people, mostly couples, both young and old, a few groups of ladies around my age. It appeared that no-one went solo for a walk.

Note to myself: make this solo walk a daily routine, no matter what! And no cell phone.

There was a guy fishing. Was he? He was sitting on a beach chair, with an empty one beside him, a fishing pole planted in the sand, and he had a hat down on his eyes. He was probably sleeping. I stood there, staring at this figure for a few minutes. It was interesting. I've always loved to invent stories about the people around me. In my imagination, that guy was using fishing as an excuse to escape from an annoying wife. Or maybe he was a widower that couldn't reconcile with the loss and still hoped his wife would join him on the other chair.  
OK Mya, get a life, I whispered to myself.

"I'm not sleeping, but I'm trying", a husky, deep, and very male voice spoke under that hat, causing me to wince.

"Jeez! You scared me!", I said, bringing a hand to my chest.

"Sorry. I didn't mean it", he said, his voice sleepy, coming from under the hat he hadn’t removed from his eyes. 

"It's ok," I answered back, "Are you a mind reader?", I asked him.

He spoke slowly, and was breathing deeply between words, like he was trying to hold back tears.

"You know," he continued, "She never liked fishing, but she stayed beside me anyway, with a book, sipping coffee, and holding my hand." he said, making a fist with his hand and pausing between words. Then he continued, "I've never caught a fish, it's just my way to relax and enjoy the beach. The sound of the waves is calming to me, but since that day I can no longer sleep." he spoke slowly, and was breathing deeply between words, like he was trying to hold back tears.

"What day?" I asked because I thought he wanted to talk.

"Almost two years ago. We were here, as every other day from June to August for the past five years. It was hot, I asked her if she wanted cool water, and she didn't answer. She was gone, holding my hand.", and the tears flowed down his cheeks.  

"I am so sorry." I said, trying not to cry but unsuccessfully. I squatted down beside him, putting a hand on his. His tanned hand made a strong contrast with my ivory one. He seemed to notice it and slightly opened his eyes looking at our hands. 

"Milk and chocolate. It's the perfect match", he said, hinting a smile between tears.

"Indeed", I said giggling, trying to shake off the sadness of that moment. 

We stayed there for a few minutes, each of us lost in our memories. Then I stood up and said "Well, I better keep walking."

"Yeah, well I didn't introduce myself. I'm Rhett", he said, taking off his hat and showing the most beautiful grey eyes I've ever seen.

"Oh, wow! I am Scarlett." I said laughing, trying to look away from his eyes.

"Yes, my mother loved that movie. Indeed, if I had been a baby girl, of course, she'd have called me Scarlet", he said, laughing as well. 

"I'm Mya, it's been a pleasure meeting you. Try to sleep, ok?", I said, walking away and waving. Then I changed my mind, I turned and went back to Rhett.

"Rhett? I'm heading home to get my stuff and some cool water. Do you mind if I join you? Not on the chair, I wouldn’t. I can bring mine."

He pulled up his hat and with a smile answered: "I love it, but please, I'd like to have you beside me on this chair. Where do you live?"

I hesitated a moment, you know, I was living alone, and he was a stranger. Well, I was ready to take the risk.

"Over there", I finally said, pointing to my house. "The blue one with the white porch".

I rummaged in my suitcases to find the towel, the bathing-suit, and the sunblock. Then I grabbed two bottles and filled one with cool water and one with iced tea and put them in the cooler with ice. I texted my children to let them know I was fine and headed to the beach. When I was out on the porch, I saw that Rhett moved all his stuff and was now sitting by the shore, right in front of my house, with the empty chair beside him.  

"Water or iced tea?", I asked, offering him the bottles.

"Iced tea, please”, he answered, holding the cups for me while I poured the drinks.

I then started spreading the sunblock on my legs, then my stomach, chest, arms, and face.

"Do you need help with your back?", Rhett asked, "I'm good at that".

"Ah-ah, I bet, but for now, while I'm sitting here, I'm fine. Before going in the water, I will ask your help, thank you." I answered, giggling.

We stayed there, in silence, for a while, just the sound of the sea and the chatting of few people passing by.

"I like the early morning and the late afternoon, when nobody is on the beach yet.", Rhett broke the silence. "When families start to settle in - babies crying, kids running, guys with loud music - I prefer to go back home.", he continued, putting back his hat on his eyes.  

"I like the quiet too. That's why I love the house on the beach. I can be here early in the morning and late in the afternoon." I replied, glad to discover that I wasn't the only one who likes the peace of the early hours of the day. "I generally take a walk at sunrise, I stay on the beach until 11-11:30, then I go back home to have lunch. I read or rest and by 4:30-5 I go back to the beach, when generally people have dinner. I like having dinner late, by 7:30-8", I stated, giving him a lot of information about me, realizing then that he probably didn’t care.

"I know you for less than an hour and I find you already are an interesting woman. Where have you been for the past two years?", he asked, smiling.

It was extremely pleasant and relaxing, sitting on the beach, early morning, talking with an interesting guy, and handsome, with the sound of the waves in the background. It was simply perfect.

"I need to cool down in the water. Do you mind spreading the sunblock on my back?" I asked, feeling the warm of the day rising up.

"Sure!", he answered, smiling.

"You look eager to do this, am I wrong?", I asked, looking from my shoulder at his face.

"No, you're right. It's been a long time since the last time I spread lotion. I miss this and many other simple gestures that create the intimacy of the relationship.", he answered, while thoroughly spreading the lotion. 

"What other gestures do you miss? If I'm not nosy" I asked, getting up and seeing he was going to join me to the water. "Do you need lotion? I can help you", I asked him.

"No, but thank you for asking", he answered and then say his voice changed to a melancholic tone  "You know, my Betty, that was her name, had MS and the last year or so was hard for her doing most of the things. So, I was the one helping her doing things like hooking her bra, spreading the lotion on her body, brushing her hair. Sometimes, in the last months, I had to sponge her.".

"I'm so sorry. It must have been terrible for you to see her suffering", I said, looking at the infinite of the horizon before us. 

"It was. Mostly because she felt like she was a burden to me. I think she decided to let it go before it was too much for me. But please, stop with the sadness. We are in such a beautiful place, I'm here with a beautiful woman, and we should celebrate because we're alive!", he said, dipping in the water and splashing water at me. 

I joined him. It was such a pleasure feeling the cool water wrapping me in a hug. I shook off the heaviness of Rhett's memories, and swam under the water, resurfacing after a few yards. He was still where I left him, staring at me, smiling.

"You are not swimming?", I asked out loud.

"No thanks, I prefer to watch you, if you don't mind", he answered, winking.

I giggled, then I continued swimming. I was content. If this was just the beginning of my summer vacation, I was ready for what was to come.

When I got out of the water, Rhett was spreading my towel on the sand, like he knew I was going to lie down. 

"Again! Are you reading my mind?", I asked surprised, not expecting an answer.

He just giggled and sat on his chair, without answering, pulling his hat down on his eyes.

"I was thinking...", he said, after a while, not changing his position, "we can have lunch together, on my porch or on yours. My house is the green one over there", he said pointing a finger to a house right where he was when I met him earlier.

"My house is still a mess because I got here last night, and I still have to go to the grocery store.", I answered. "Do you mind if we do it at your place?".

"Now you're the one who sounds eager", he answered back, chuckling.
"I am", I whispered, hoping he couldn't hear me. I felt eager, excited. I was a divorced woman who didn't had sex for... I don't remember. He was a handsome man, kind of my age or a few years older. We were both at the beginning of our three months’ vacation at the beach. I saw his face while he was looking at me when I was swimming, and it wasn't a face of an uninterested man. What else was to say – that down there, between my legs, I was feeling tickling, eager to be touched. 

It was about 11:30 when I sat up, I probably fell asleep, and it was getting hot.

"I need to go home to take a shower, then I’ll join you. OK?", I said, getting up. 

"I have an outdoor shower you can use. Let's go.", he said, holding out his hand toward me. 

I hesitated a moment, then I accepted his hand. We walked, hand in hand, to his house. I couldn't speak, I could barely breathe, so I was silent, trying to keep certain thoughts at bay. But there was no way to stop that tickling I was feeling down to my pussy. I felt like a cat in heat, desiring, needing to rub my body against his, needing to kiss him, and to feel his hands on my breasts.

"Over there is the shower", he said pointing to a hut in the corner.

I was taking a cold shower. In books and movies, they always say that a cold shower helps to cool down the excitement, but it wasn’t working for me. I grabbed the towel and I realized that I didn't have dry clothes. I was trying to dab some of the water dripping from my bathing-suit, when I saw Rhett walking toward me, bringing a green, dry, cover-up. I smiled.

"You are doing it again. Stop reading my mind.", I said, chuckling. I went back behind the hut to change clothes. I didn't have underwear and I hoped Rhett wouldn't realize that. I can't say I felt embarrassed. Actually, I felt more... cocky. What was happening to me? I didn't recognize this boldness that was possessing me, but I liked it and I embraced it.

We ate on the porch, talking about ourselves. I talked about my children and my divorce. He talked about his late wife and his three grown-up children. I found out he was three years older than me and his children were about the same age as mine.  

After lunch we had coffee and cleared the table. I helped him wash dishes, then I said "I have to go grocery shopping and I still have to unpack. Would you like to come over for dinner?". In reality I had to get out of his house, or I was going to do something I would later regret. 

"Sure, but... ehm... can I do one thing before you leave?", he asked, getting closer to me.

"Uhm... sure, I guess", I answered. 

He kissed me. A sweet kiss on my right cheek. I closed my eyes and had to hold on the counter, or I would have fallen on the floor as my legs couldn't hold me up.

"It seems you liked it", he said, staring at me with a satisfied expression on his face.

"I need to think about it.", I answered boldly, picking up my stuff, and leaving. I stopped a second and looked back. "6:30. Bring the wine", I added, chuckling.

It wasn't easy shopping without thinking about Rhett.

Back at home, after I unpacked, I took a shower and fixed the dinner. I set up the table on the porch. I lit a few candles around to give a nice ambiance and to keep mosquitoes away. 

From the kitchen window I could see Rhett on his way through the beach. He was wearing blue shorts, a white buttoned-down shirt with sleeves rolled up, no shoes. Sexy as hell. I was nervous like a teen-age at her first date. Was it a date? Oh Jeez, I didn't think about it.

He knocked at the door. "Hello? I'm here!", he said through the screen door.

"Hi there! I'm in the kitchen. I'll be there in a minute.", I said aloud. I actually had nothing else to do but I needed to keep myself busy before going out there, “There is something to nibble on the table, if you like”.

I heard him opening the wine with the corkscrew I left on the table outside, and some other noises.

“Mm. delicious.”, he said with his mouth full.

I was wearing a simple black cotton dress, right up the knees, with spaghetti straps. No bra because the dress had a little support. I bought it before leaving, it was a crazy purchase because I am not comfortable wearing short skirts, but my daughter insisted saying it looked good on me now that I lost so much weight. I thought I wasn't going to wear it, instead there I was. The feeling was amazing.

We ate and drank the wine, talking and laughing. I felt delighted, and light. For the first time in months, I spent more than an hour without thinking about my ex-husband, the disappointment, and about my overweight body. I simply was myself. And it was a pleasant feeling because I had the feeling he liked my company.  

We cleared the table together, then he helped me wash the dishes. When the last glass was done, he took the dish towel from my hands and said: "Let's go for a walk. It's a magnificent night and the beach is quiet now.", he said in his husky, sensual voice, holding out his hand. 

I let him guide me. I let him hold my hand walking on the beach. We enjoyed the quiet, the sound of the waves, the last ray of the sun setting down. We didn't feel the need to talk, we were perfectly comfortable with each other. I was almost moved by this new feeling of peace. At the same time, I was fighting with the excitement, the desire to feel his hands touching my body.

He squeezed my hand, like he knew what I was thinking, and I replied with another squeeze. 

We arrived at my door and he kissed me. I was going to ask him to go inside, when he whispered to my ear "I better go home. I'll see you tomorrow morning by the sea. Have a good night.", leaving me speechless and horny. Chivalry is not dead, I suppose.

So, I turned off the lights, locked the door, and from the window I could see him going home. Even in the darkness I could see his body was still in great shape, and his butt...

I went to sleep still horny. I struggled to fall asleep. I turned and turned, frustrated. I tried reading but my mind continued to get distracted. Then I thought I should do it myself, but I changed my mind. Since my divorce I started to sleep in the nude. It was a decision I took as a sign of freedom. It was hard in the beginning as it was still cold, but during summer, it was liberating. But that night, feeling the cool air from the window caressing my body, wasn't helping. So, I decided to imagine it was Rhett caressing me, and I finally fell asleep.

I woke up a few minutes before 5 in the morning and got up. I was deciding if I should put on something and have breakfast on the porch watching the beach or stay naked and have it in the kitchen watching the beach through the window, when I heard a noise outside my porch door. What was it? An animal? I checked in the peephole trying to not make any noise. 

There was Rhett, leaving a box on the table outside and a red rose. Where did he find a rose at 5 in the morning?

"My neighbor has rose bushes and other flowers", he said, again, reading my mind.

"You have to stop reading my mind! How do you do this?", I asked, still looking through the peephole. "How did you know I was here?" I asked again.

"I can feel your presence, I can feel what you're thinking. I'm not reading your mind, it's just... I don't know. I feel a connection.", he answered, leaning on the porch pole. "Are you going to open the door and let me in?", he asked.

"I can't. I'm...ehm not dressed" I answered, lowering my voice.

"Oh, well... go get something on so we can have breakfast here outside... or stay naked and... " he said, giggling. I didn't answer. Actually, the idea was tempting to me. Then, Rhett apologized, "Sorry, I didn't mean to be inappropriate. Sometimes I say things without counting to 10!".   

"If you were inappropriate, last night you'd have come in. Instead, as the nice guy you are, you kissed me goodnight at the door and left.", I answered leaning my back on the door.

"As an alternative I can have breakfast here on your porch while you stay on the other side of the door, naked. I can make my imagination work", he suggested, chuckling.

"Stay there. I go get something on.", I finally said.

"What a pity!", I heard him say.

"I hear ya!", I said aloud from my bedroom. And I heard him chuckle.

After breakfast we went to the beach. We had lunch at my house with a fresh salad and some leftovers from the previous dinner.

While I was finishing washing the dishes, I felt Rhett getting closer from behind me. He moved my hair aside and started kissing my neck, giving me chills all over my body. I turned off the tap, closed my eyes, and bent my head to the side giving him free access to my neck.  

He then put his hands on my stomach and then hugged me, pulling me against him. Between my butt and my lower back, I could feel his erection. I loved the sensation of knowing I wasn't the only one aroused here, knowing I could still excite a man. wow!

He moved to kissing the side of my neck and biting my earlobe. With his hands he pulled up my cover-up and caressed my pussy through my bikini panties. I felt the wetness and I guess he could feel it too. 

"It seems you're liking this", he whispered in my ear.

As an answer I pressed my butt tight against his erection, gasping, and leaning my head on his shoulder to give him access to the front of my neck. With the other hand he started stroking my breasts. I felt my nipples getting stiff. He went kissing my shoulder.

“Definitely, you’re liking this.”, he whispered.

He was still caressing my pussy through my panties, so I opened my legs a little to give him free movement. 

"Eager you are!", he chuckled, between kisses.

"I've been waiting since yesterday!", I said, panting.

At that moment he slid his hand inside my panties and with the other hand, he pulled down the straps of my dress to free my breasts. I held my breath, licking my lips, then slightly biting my lower lip. This was the best moment I had in... years! I couldn't wait to feel his cock inside me, but right now I was going to enjoy his finger sliding up and down from my clit to my entrance, and returning. 

"Mya, you're wet. I mean... really wet!", he said, panting as well. 

"Mm-hm", it was all I could say. 

Suddenly he moved his hands away and gently pushed me putting a little distance between us.

“Why? I was enjoying the moment”, I said, deep breathing.

“Calm down!”, he said, laughing. “Look at your face”, he said, getting closer. He gently put out his hands, stroke my face, and I nestled into it. Then he kissed me. “I just wanted to be in front of you, and see your beautiful face”, he said, with his lips still on mine.

He pulled up my dress over my head. I was there, before him, with only my panties on, and I could feel his eyes running all over my body.

“Are you changing your mind?” I asked, afraid he didn’t like what was before him.

“Not even close! I love the whole package, inside and outside.”, he answered, staring at my breasts. 

“Gravity. Sorry.”, I said, looking down at my breasts.

“I love gravity!”, he said, smiling. Then he got closer, hold me up in his arms, and went to the bedroom. “I could take you on the table, but for the first time, I prefer the bed.”, he said, putting me down on the bed.

“Oh, so you already know there would be a second time. Cocky!”, I said, chuckling.

“And a third. Actually, if my sixth sense is right, there will be many other times, and you’ll love every single one!”, he said, while taking off his shirt and bathing boxers, exposing his sexy erection.

I held out my hand to touch it. It was smooth, and warm, and throbbing.

“You better stop right now. It’s been a long time and the risk is I might get to the end way too soon”, he said, moving my hand away from his cock. “Now, where were we?”, he continued, opening my legs and kneeling between them. He took my wrists in his hands and hold them on the mattress, then he went down to kiss me, a deep kiss. He was making love with my tongue. Then he kissed all the way down to my breasts, sucking one nipple first, and the other one then.

Down in my pussy I could feel the wetness increasing. I was sure my bikini was soaking.

After making love with my nipples he traced a path with his tongue down to my belly button. He let go of my wrists and moved his hands on my sides, to my hips. His continued tracing his path to the edge of my panties. He then slowly, very slowly pulled down my panties.

“Red! Your hair here is red! I love it.”, he got up to remove my panties. I was there, in front of him, totally naked, and he was looking at me, at all of me. Outside the afternoon sun was lighting the room up, and inside I could hear only the sound of our breathing, and the beating of my heart. He wasn’t touching me, but his eyes staring at my red pussy felt like a caress. I closed my eyes, held my breath, and arched my back. I was ready to cum without being touched. And he was there, kneeled between my legs, watching the scene. But before I could actually cum, he crawled down, opened my nether lips and started licking and sucking my pussy, sliding a finger between my lips and twisting my nipple with the other hand. 

I shivered and purred because of  the pleasure I was feeling. I bent my knees and opened my legs wider. I felt his tongue playing with my clit, then down to my entrance. He probably stuck his tongue inside, I wasn’t sure. I felt him twisting, pinching, and pulling my nipple. It was too much to hold on. I wanted to stop time, but I couldn’t. I had to let go. I started pushing my hips toward his face, panting loudly.

“Yesss”, I said, panting, when I felt his finger entering my pussy. 

He was moving that finger in and out. Then I felt another finger. At that point the orgasm hit me. I couldn’t hold my hips on the mattress, I was shaking at the rhythm of his fingers. 

“Faster. Deeper”, I begged, panting. Then I froze with my hips up, my legs shaking, holding my breath, his fingers hooked inside my pussy, and his mouth sucking my clit.

“Oh jeez!”, I said, still panting, when I recovered. His fingers were still inside my pussy, and with his tongue he was tracing a path up to my breasts. When he reached my mouth, I greedily kissed him with all the passion I felt growing inside me, tasting myself on his face. 

In that moment he removed his fingers from my pussy, and I felt his cock gently pushing to enter.

“Do I need a condom?”, he asked.

“No. You’re good to go”, I answered, greedily to have him inside. I moved my hands on his butt cheeks and pushed my hips up, to feel him deeper.

“Ok. Ok. I’ve got the message”, he said while pushing his cock deep inside my pussy. 

That feeling and that moment was what I was waiting for so long. I squeezed my pussy’s muscles, “Welcome!”, I said, panting, and closing my eyes.

He was moving slowly. “Open your eyes, please. I want to see your beautiful eyes in mine”, he asked, between kisses. When I did what he asked, he started to move faster, and I followed his rhythm. In that exact moment, eyes in eyes, moving our body at the same exact rhythm, we were one.

“I love you, Mya”, he whispered.

“I love you, Rhett”, I whispered back.

And we moved faster and faster until I came, not taking my eyes away from him, letting him watch deep down to my soul in the most intimate moment. He waited and then he came, warming my inside with his seed.