My Sauna Girl

I was writing a new piece for the 'Encounters' when I realised that this tale is important in understanding that one. Shortly after the break up with my ex – I now realize I haven't told you about that either, but I will at a later point – I was asked by my friend Sascha to go to the sauna. Well, to be honest, dragged is more likely, since I was a mess of self pity at that point. Despite the fact that I had been the instigator of the break up, I took the separation hard. We had been together for five years and were livning together. Sasha has been my friend for a long time, and like I am there for her whenever she goes through something rough, and she for me. Sometimes I think she was in love with me, in one way or another since all the non verbal signs were there. Like the sly and sultry looks, the soft touching of my arm, her hand breifly caressing my leg. But she knows I am not interested and does not push it. She is quite beautiful: her coffee coloured skin, her slender arms and legs, nice big breasts, and round buttocks. I think I look pale and mediocre beside her, my best feature is my auburn hair, and my slender figure. I don't dislike my breasts, but my B's don't compare to her full C's. She can be bossy which gives her power and always is a true friend, but what I like best is her proverbial forest of wild long dark brown hair. So softly gleaming, dark, big and wild.

She had called me the day before, telling me that I had to prepare myself for in the morning she would take me to the sauna. I did not feel like it, but conceded quickly to her arguments. I got up early to shave my legs, loins and other excess hair – which is, now I think of it a Sascha phrase - and was ready when she picked me up at 10 in the morning. When I answered the door, she wore a light dress of a dreamy blue hue and a broad smile, I hugged her as we always did. But she looked so loveable that I think anyone would have hugged her. We drove to the sauna and she payed for my entrance. I had been there before, in fact it was my favourite sauna. It was an all nude sauna, the type which I prefer anyway. I think is more natural, more hygienic, cleaner, relaxing, and – yes - respectful than the textile ones. Why respectful? Because you, nor anyone who comes there, has anything to hide – literally. The moment you are naked, and still respected for who you are, no matter how you look, no matter your age, the colour of your skin, or the things you hate about yourself: it is such an amazing feeling.

She undressed herself, putting a foot on bench she removed her shoes. Slowly stripping her skirt, smiling and showing off of her toned legs and beautiful calves. She stood there for a moment in her matching red lingerie: push up bra and thong. She rolled down her thong gently, in long strokes rolling it down her smooth, long legs. When the thong had been removed, her fingers moved up her legs, all the way her smooth vagina. I was unbuttoning my jeans, I looked at her from underneath my brows, head cocked downward. “Stop it Sas”, I told her, grinning. She liked to make a show of it and tease people, it had become a running joke between us. I had seen her nude before, but I genuinely said “You look great.” “Thanks”, she said with a coy smile, “You look nice and smooth as well.” I placed my hands at my side, smiled broadly and did jazz hands. We both burst out laughing, I for the first time in a long time. We showered, spoke shorty of my break up, for the millionth time, and how I felt. Then we went to other, and better topics.

We did a number of sauna cabins, and stayed long in the Finnish one: hot air, with the occasional water that is poured on searing rocks. Sweat ran down our bodies, afterwards we cooled, icy cold water that made me yelp, and we giggled like schoolgirls. I was having a great time, and felt at ease. We spoke of her failure to get a lasting relation, of work, and my new home. We held hands when we went to the jacuzzi, we often held hands. There was only one other couple (a man and a woman) in the jacuzzi and they were preoccupied in a conversation about real estate or something like that. They had been there for some time, because it had switched off so Sasha pressed the button for the jets and bubbles and we sat down. We sat for a while, relaxing, when the tilted her head towards me. “Spread them”, she said softly. Surprised I looked at her, for a brief moment not making the connection. She raised her eyebrows, smiled and nodded down. I looked in the direction she indicated and saw how she spread her legs, wide. “It will help you to relax.” I made no move but smiled at her in a 'yea-sure-Sasha-I-know-you' way. She nodded in all earnest, took my leg, and moved it apart. I felt her fingers on my inner legs as she gently pulled the leg towards her, spreading my legs, exposing my pussy to the bubbly water. I was a bit flustered, but sheepishly I complied: I wanted some excitement – pun intended – but I was also unsure what to say. What would you say in a situation like that? “Now lean a bit forward”, she instructed. I saw her lean forward, resting her elbows on her knees. I followed her example, and felt the gentle massage beams and bubbles work on my labia and intimate parts. It worked wonders. I felt wet, and not because of the water. Sasha touched my arm, stroke my neck and moved closer to me. She bowed her face towards me and kissed my shoulder. I turned my head to look at her, her face, her mouth, those lovely lips, they were so close. She raised her head a little, there were only inches between our mouths. Her hand glided slowly down my arm, carefully caressing my boob, and further down, to rest on my thigh. It felt so good.

At that moment she seemed so confident of herself. It was only later that I realized she had not been, when she told me how scared she was that I would jerk away, or get up and leave. But I did not, I needed the attention and love she could give. I closed the gap, closed my eyes, and kissed her full sensual lips. I took in the soft texture of her lips, her smell, her taste. At that point, there was just the touch of lips, nothing more. When our kiss broke, we looked at each other. I raised my hand to her face, caressed her cheeks and then her ears. I brushed through her wild hair, that clung like wet dark ribbons to her body. I leaned towards her, she responded in kind and opened her mouth. I did too, then I felt her tongue on mine: touching and pressing, dancing in my mouth. I fully answered. The tingling of the water jets and the bubbles, her intimate kiss, and loving attention were nourishment to my lovelorn ego. Her hand drew a pattern on my back, slowly trailing downward to my buttocks. There her hand rested, warm and caressing my butt with just her fingers. The bubbling stopped, I became aware of the silence and our kiss broke. We heard a splash and we both looked up: the other couple got up and left the hot-tub, she looked disapprovingly at us, the man tried to cover an erection as he got out of it and failed. Sasha snickered softly, as reality rushed up to us. I kept it cool for a moment longer, but then burst out laughing.

We went to the swimming pool where there were more people. It is quite a big pool and we swam a few laps when I felt Sasha's hand on my bum. I smiled mischievous at her, she returned the smile. She swam behind me, and with each stroke of my legs, I felt her looking and I did not mind a this little bit of exposure. My vagina was smooth, and for some reason it feels more intimate to have a shaved pussy than a hairy one, but that may be just me. Then we went to a cabin that was a Turkish steam bath, the sort of sauna where the lights are dimmed and it is incredibly hot and humid. I sat down on the tiles, hot and wet. I breathed in the eucalyptus scent of the cabin. Sweat started pouring almost immediately. Sascha stood before me, smiling, cocking her head, hands on her hips. We were the only ones here. I spread my legs, fully exposing my labia, She knelt and placed her hands on my knees and gently pressed them a bit further apart still. I let her, giggling. The heat felt intense, the humidity clung to my body and mingled with my sweat. Her hands glided over my legs, to my loin. I moaned a little, and giggled immediately afterwards. She smiled in silence, moved her hands up my belly, to my breasts, and brought her mouth down on my pussy. I shuddered with delight. I moaned a second time. Then her tongue penetrated me. Her hands caressed my breasts, without any friction, as if dancing on water.

I relaxed, the present and the moment just faded away as her tongue licked my labia, my clitoris in long, gentle strokes. She circled my nipples, with her fingers, carefully pinching them between her nimble fingers. I moaned a third time, louder, when she pressed her face harder against my vagina, her tongue came deeper. I had my eyes closed. I felt the contractions building, like an earthquake nearing the point where the rumbling starts. I moaned as softly as I could, I was lost in pleasure and the building orgasm. Her tongue flicked from down to up, and then shorter strokes that were focussed on my clit. I breathed hard. “Yes.”, I heard myself say, “yes, go on.” The feeling mounted, one of her hands abandoned a tit, moved downwards and her fingers started stroking the upper part of my vagina. Her tongue left my vagina, as she moved her face to mine. Her fingers entered me, deep. Electric, and sensual jolts shot through my body. I felt her fingers, caressing my soft insides, pressing against the g-spot. I moaned, said “Yes”, harder. We kissed, I tasted myself on her tongue. She fingered my clit, I came near the explosion. “yes, yes! I said to her mouth.”, I took her head, Kissed her....and I came. The shudders came over me, I stretched my legs, pressed them close and felt her body beside it. I put my arms around her and pressed her close as the waves of lust and pleasure washed over me.

I opened my eyes. I saw four people standing there, two guys and two woman, staring at us. One guy had a very large stiff, he certainly liked what he had seen. The other guy had a semi erection, and his hand around his girlfriend. One of the women looked friendly, and amused, the other one looked at us with a look that conveyed us to move. We moved out, quickly and I was a bit ashamed I had come in public and that it that Sascha's attentions had been so nice. I placed an arm around her waist, we giggled. “Time to go”, she said and we went to the shower. We took a shower cabin together, I started a sentence, but she interrupted. “Listen. You don't have to do anything, nor do I expect anything. I think you are beautiful, you were hurting, this was my way of helping you. We are still friends, not lovers.” I turned on the water, soon the warm water rained down on us. “I know”, I said. I stood close to her, smiled, and I placed my hand on her smooth vagina. Carefully, circling, her moist opening, she embraced me. She was very horny, I could tell. Her moaning came swift and intensified just as quickly.

She yelped and came while she stood, her body jerked against me. I felt her warmth, her softness. She semi collapsed in my arms. She breathed hard, “Thanks. But you were under no obligation.” She hugged me, and I returned it. “I know,”, I said, “but this is my way of thanking you.” She smiled. We embraced, dried ourselves, dressed quickly, and left: our spirits were lifted. I never questioned myself whether I was bi, I saw it as an experiment. Two people that were there for each other, on the right time, the right place. Well, if I am honoust, she was there more for me than I was for here. Though I genuinely liked given her an orgasm. It was the first time I had sex with another female. Though I liked it, I see it as a 'one time' affair. So far, we have not had sex since...with each other at least.