Please Hold Me As You Put It In, Madam Doctor! - Part 2

"No problem at all, I'm glad you're feeling better, miss." she says. She's smiling and looks pleased that I seem to be feeling better. "I have a few questions that I need to ask you before we continue. It's standard we have to inquire about some lifestyle choices that could affect your health." she informs me. "Oh, well to you I'm an open book, doc!" I say, glad to not have to worry about another physical procedure for a second.

"Very well, first question. Do you smoke?" she asks. "I don't, ma'am." I reply quickly, staying alert for the next question. "Very good. Do you eat much junk food, like fast food or potato chips for example?" "No ma'am, I don't. But I do eat them sometimes..." "Sometimes is fine dear, as long as it's not too often." she says and smiles reassuringly once again. I feel happy that I'm doing good with the questions, this part is going to be easy! "

Have you had a new sex partner within the last 12 months?" "Excuse me for asking, but why must you know that, doc? That seems a bit personal..." I say, caught off guard by the question. "I don't mean to cause you to be upset, it is a standard question. We have to ask to know if you could be at risk for STDs." "Oh, I see... Well, I've only been with the same partner for the last 12 months." "Very well, I see." she says and writes in her paper. She looks down at her paper for a little while, looking like she's thinking about something.

"Hmm, have you used any public rest rooms during the past 12 months?" This question surprises me even more than the last one. "Doctor, is that really a question you need an answer to?" I say, feeling like my private life is being a little bit intruded upon. "Miss, I apologize, I understand that the questions can be a bit personal. You see, it is possible to contract an STD from public toilet seats. (I don't think it actually is) I am only looking out for your health and safety, this is why I must ask." "Alright doc, I didn't know you could get STDs that way. I'll have to be more careful... Yes, I have used public restrooms within that time." "Oh dear, I see. I was afraid that might be the case." she says, suddenly having a more serious look on her face. Now I feel a bit worried about what she's going to say, so I brace myself. "I'm afraid I have to ask to take a swab from your urethra, just to make sure you haven't got an STD from the any of the public restrooms you've been to." "Oh no..." I think in dismay. I did not see this coming. A swab from my urethra sounds terrifying. I imagine it to be uncomfortable, maybe even painful... I try to be brave for the doctor, she's only trying to look out for my health after all, which I very much appreciate. I feel like I'm forming some sort of trust in her during this interaction. 

"That sounds pretty scary doc, to be frank. But you should do what you have to do to make sure I am well..." "That's the spirit miss. It wont take a long time, and I am sure it wont be as bad as you probably imagine it to be." she says. "Please, would you lay down on the bed over there, and suspend your legs on the supports at the bottom." I look over the way he is pointing. There is a bed there that I hadn't noticed until now. It looks like something you'd expect to see at a gynecologist's office. The back of the bed is raised, so that the patient is in a half seated position. It has two supports at the bottom, that keep your legs supported and spreaded for easy access. The sight of the bed makes me feel a bit uneasy, but I try to keep my composure and go along with the doctor's instructions. She's a trained professional after all.

I lay down in the bed with a bit of effort, and lift my legs onto the supports. Having my legs spread open for the doctor feels a bit exciting, but it also makes me nervous. "She will examine my... My thing! In just a minute..." I think to myself. O.O Just the thought of that gives me another erection. "Oh dear God, not again!" I think to myself. "There's no way to escape her noticing this time! This is awful!" D:

She comes over and sits next to me on a swivel chair. She sanitizes her hands carefully and puts on a pair of thin rubber gloves. Then she takes out a small tray with some tools from a small cabinet on top of the counter. She does everything with a calm pace and in a relaxed manner. I observe her as she prepares for the procedure. The way she takes her time really puts me at ease. I nearly forget about the downstairs dilemma as I watch her. 

"Everything's set. Would you lift the bottom of your dress up, and pull your underwear down, please?" I do as I'm told and lift the bottom of my dress up to reveal my nether regions. I then nervously, and somewhat clumsily, pull down my underwear, revealing my now mostly flaccid penis. The awkward sitting position on the bed makes adjusting my clothes a bit more difficult, but I manage to do it without problems. "Very good." she says. 

"Now, this procedure is much easier to do, if the patient's penis is fully erect. Is there anything I could do to help make that happen?" Once again her question catches me completely off guard. "E... Did you say erect?" I stutter, making sure that I had heard her right. "Yes, miss. The swab will enter much more easily into the urethra of a fully erect penis. Does this help, for example?" She pulled the collar of her doctor's coat, and the shirt underneath to the side, revealing her neck and some of her shoulder, holding them visible like someone wanting to be bitten by a vampire. I stare at her shoulder and neck. I could imagine burying my face in that area. The thought of being that close to her causes my little pecker to flinch with excitement and to grow slightly. I feel a bit overwhelmed with these events, not sure how I'm supposed to react or relate to them. She doesn't hesitate however, I think she can sense that her strategy is working because she moves her chair closer and leans in towards me, bringing her beautiful neck and shoulder combo only a couple feet away from my eyes. I can feel growth occuring between my legs, and the sweet sensation of arousal increasing as she closes in. She stops for a second to observe my face, most likely to gauge the effect of her actions. I'm breathing faster now, both from excitement and nervosity, and I am blushing. She slowly inches closer again and sweeps her hair out of the way for an even better view. She's only a foot away from my face now... "How close will she come...?" I wonder to myself. She's still closing in, will I actually touch her neck with my lips? The anticipation is starting to make me feel really excited. She's only a couple of inches away now, I could easily lean over and kiss her neck... I can see her smirking as she's approaching me.

"There!" she exclaims and stops her approach. "Fully erect, darling!" I snap out of my fantasy, surprised and confused about what's going on. She doesn't waste any time however, and while I'm still confused, she grabs a thin, long metal rod and a small bottle. The rod is shiny and smooth, having a perfectly round tip on one end and a wider piece on the other end, which she is holding on to. The rod is about three inches long (a bit more than half the length of my erect penis) and about 7 mm wide. (Approximately the width of my urethra) She opens the little bottle in her other hand and turns it upside down with its opening on the rod. I'm just watching what she's doing. It feels like all I can do, and it feels better than being nervous about what's going on and what is going to happen. She squeezes and some thick liquid comes out, onto the metal rod. "I'm lubricating the swab for you, darling. I use a generous amount of lubrication, it will slip right in like a dog coming in from the rain!" As I'm imagining a wet dog eagerly slipping in through the front door, she gently rubs the lube all around the rod, using just the tips of her fingers. She only uses her thumb, index and middle fingers and strokes the rod gently and carefully, making sure that the friction-removing substance covers every part of it. I stare at her little mini metal rod handjob, hypnotized. Somehow this actually makes my erection grow harder.

"All set." she says and reaches over to my organ. She grabs it so gently I could almost imagine her giving it a little kiss. "How are we doing?" she asks, to make sure I am okay. "I... I'm okay..." I stutter in response. "It will be okay, I have done this many times before. I promise I'll be gentle. You might even find it... Pleasing..." I feel reassured knowing that she has done this many times, but at the same time somewhat jealous of the other patients that have received the same treatment.

"Are you ready?" she asks and looks at me. I like that she looks at my expression to see if I'm okay. It makes me feel safe, and so I respond "Yes doctor, I trust you." "That's a good girl." She smiles and calmly moves the rod over to my fully erect penis and angles it so that the round tip is aiming at the opening. A little bit of precum is seeping out from my urethra. She places the tip right on my opening. I don't know what to expect, the anticipation is starting to make me feel nervous. o.o

She slowly puts it in a small amount, maybe half an inch. It goes in very easily, the lubrication is working its charm. I'm relieved that it's not uncomfortable. "We doing alright?" she asks and looks at me. I nod and say "M-hm!". I still feel a bit nervous though, I've never had anything that long in me before... Well, not in this oraface anyway... "Good, then I will procede." she says, and begins gently moving the rod further in. It actually feels quite good, I'm quite surprised. It feels a bit cold going in and that's unusual and exciting for me. I'm actually starting to feel pretty aroused from this procedure. "I hope this is over quickly, or I'll be embarassed..." I think. I look at the doctor as she is inserting the swab. She is completely focused on what she is doing, staring intensely at the rod and my... My pecker... >.<

The steel rod is finally all the way inside me. That kind of turns me on. I'm kind of panting now. I can feel it filling a large portion of my tool, it's a sensation I've never experienced before. It feels really good... "You are doing great, dear." she tells me. "Now, for a good sample, I will have to move the swab back and forth a few times." "Oh my God, what..." I think, but I just nod in agreement. I can't help being eager to find out what that feels like, honestly.

She begins slowly moving the rod. I can feel it sliding through my urethra, it feels so good. I let out a silent moan... She slides the tool in again. Oh, it's so wet in there... I feel pleasure throughout my whole penis. Being so turned on makes me wish I could kiss her... Her lips are beautiful and soft. She doesn't notice me watching her face, she's still just as intensely focused on whst she's doing. The rod slides out again, and back in. And it goes in and out a couple more times. I almost involuntarily let out a few noises of pleasure during this interaction, but she doesn't pay them any attention. I don't know if she didn't notice because she was so focused, or if she was just trying to save my face, but I'm glad I don't have to feel embarassed either way.

She finally pulls the rod out all the way. It looks wet and shiny, the stainless steel is smooth like a mirror. She puts it in a ziplock bag and removes her gloves. As she is sanitizing her hands again, she asks me how I'm doing. I've had a second to calm down as she was putting the sample away. "I'm doing okay, doc!" I say and give her a big smile. "I'm very glad to hear it. You were very brave." she says and smiles back at me. "Oh I don't know if I could've done it with anyone else. You're just so good with your hands ma'am..."