Three Twelves

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19 Sep. '20

Three twelve-hour shifts. One day off. Do another three twelves. That's how my life was at this moment due to this damn pandemic. Working in a major hospital as a nurse, my life at this moment was running around, checking on all the patients, celebrating those who recovered, praying for those who didn't before washing my hands and moving to the next one that just came in. It was brutal.

Even when I got off of work, nothing was open to relieve the stress. No bars, no hang-outs, friends were discouraged to even get together. Not that it would have mattered anyway. By the time I got home, ate, bathed, and drank a few glasses of wine to wind down, I was so exhausted, I simply crashed in my bed, trying to get enough sleep to do it all over again the next day.

This had been going on for several weeks now. One of the hardest hit aspects was my sex drive. I am a pretty sexually active young woman with an eye for the ladies. I would often go out on a Friday night and eat breakfast with a new partner Saturday morning. But with all that happened, I hadn't had sexual release in many days, even by my own hand. This fact did nothing to relieve my stress.

It was the third day of my current shift and I was praying just to make it through. God must have been listening because, all things considered, the workload wasn't as bad as it usually was. Either that or I was just getting numb to it all. Whatever the reason, my supervisor gave me a nice hour break to just relax.

Wanting to get away from everybody, I quickly made my way down to where all of the doctor offices were. Since it was the middle of the night, there was no people, no noise, nothing but blissful silence. I hadn't peed in a while so I quickly located the women's restroom and relieved myself, sighing as the urine flowed from my body. Then it happened.

As I wiped myself clean, my fingers brushed against my clit, causing a little jolt of pleasure. Laughing at myself, I started to stand up but then stopped. Hell, I had time. There was nobody here. I could use a good release.

Shucking off my pants and panties, I leaned back against the toilet and spread my legs. Gently at first, then picking up the pace, I began to finger myself while images of past partners flitted through my head. Wanting to take my time and build up, I teased my clit for a while as I reached under my scrubs blouse and rubbed my breast through my bra.

I was getting close. I could feel the much-needed orgasm building inside me. It was almost to the point of no return. That's when the door to the bathroom opened.

In my haste to pee and figuring no one was down here, I didn't even bother to lock the door. Letting out a shriek of surprise, I tried to stop but I was too far gone. A mini-orgasm caused my breath to catch and my body to tremble. After I could see straight, my eyes focused on who was standing there.

Her name was Richards, I believe. Contrary to popular opinion, not everyone who works in a hospital knows each other. I'd seen her around every so often. Hell, she was hard to miss. Dark ebony skin, her head shaved with just a little stubble, and standing over six feet tall; she definitely made an impression.

"Sorry! I'm so sorry!" I said, trying to cover up. I didn't know why I was apologizing. She'd walked in on me.

"I'm the one who should apologize." Nurse Richards said, her voice having a slight African accent. "I should have knocked." She was smiling, showing me her perfect white teeth. "Um, don't let me stop you. I was down here to do the same thing." She let out a laugh and I couldn't help but giggle along. "Do you mind if I join you?"

I was shocked at her bluntness. "Uh, well, no. Come on in." I said without thinking. I was still sitting down as Richards leaned against the wall, removing her shoes with her feet and undoing the tie holding up her pants. Again, with that amazing smile on her face, she lowered her pants and panties, exposing her bare pussy and incredibly muscular legs to me.

Without thinking, I began to rub myself again, watching as she lifted her shirt off her body and undid the clasps to her bra, freeing a pair of magnificent tits. I was awestruck at her physique. Richards must have spent all of her off time at the gym because her body was pure muscle. Six-pack abs, biceps as big as my calf, and those magnificent legs which led to her mouth-watering ass.

"It looks like a little, white girl is turned on by my body, yes?" I could only nod, unable to speak. Richards reached down and spread her dark pussy lips apart, exposing the pinkness within. She moistened her finger with her tongue, then started to slowly rub herself.

My mouth began to water as soon as I gazed upon her pink loveliness. "Does my little, white girl perhaps want a taste?" Richards asked in a teasing manner. Again, I nodded, looking her in her eyes. Social distancing be damned. I so wanted to eat her out. "Stand up, white girl. Show me your tits."

I did as Richards commanded, standing up and removing my blouse and bra. She smiled and reached out, cupping my small breasts in her hands. I stood a good seven inches shorter than she did so my eyes were right in line with her tits. Leaning in, I took her right nipple into my mouth and began to suckle.

Richards removed her hands from my breasts; one hand going to the back of my head, the other forcing my pussy open and shoving two of her fingers deep inside me. I let out a muffled moan, my mouth full of her tit, as she started pumping her fingers in and out.

I was getting close again, my breathing quickening and my stomach tightening. That when Richards stopped. I let out a whine as I pulled back from her nipple. "If my little, white girl wants to cum, she's going to have to earn it." With that, Richards put her hand on my head and gently but firmly pushed me to my knees, my eyes gazing at her bald vagina.

I didn't have to be told twice. Using my fingers to spread Richards' outer lips, I ran my tongue up her wet slit, collecting all her yummy juices, before pursing my lips and sucking her hard clit into my mouth. The scent wafting from her pussy was strong but not unpleasant and soon, I had her moaning as she pressed my head harder against her body.

All of the sudden, my face was coated with orgasmic fluids. Richards was literally grinding her pussy against my face and for a brief moment, I was worried that I would drown in pussy juice. Just as I was about to struggle to move my face, Richards let me go.

Resting on my haunches, I used my fingers to gather as much of her girl goo off of my face, then licking them clean. I looked up and saw Richards smiling down on me, a glazed over expression on her face, her massive tits heaving as she took deep breaths.

Richards reached down and petted my head like I was a good puppy. "Does my little, white girl want to cum now?" I nodded again, then grimaced as she pulled me to my feet by my hair bun. Then, she did something that was truly impressive.

Turning me around so that my back was against the wall, Richards again shoved two of her fingers inside my pussy. Then, showing her incredible strength, with one arm, she lifted me up so that we were eye level. My feet were a good seven inches off the floor. Out of instinct, I wrapped my arms and legs around her to support myself. That's when she began to tickle my G spot with her fingers.

Richards leaned in and kissed me hard, practically shoving her tongue down my throat as I bounced up and down on her hand. Her tits flattened mine against my chest as she wrapped her other arm around my back and took a step backward so that I held on tighter to her.

In no time, I squealed into Richards' mouth as my juices poured from my pussy. I rode her hand to another orgasm as she continued to fuck me with her fingers. It was only after I went limp in her arms that Richards gently lowered me down to the floor. I sat there, my back resting on the wall, and looked up at her through half-lidded eyes and a stupid grin on my face.

Richards smiled that amazing smile of hers as she brought her fingers to her face and licked my juices off of them. Then, without a word, she washed her hands and face in the sink, got dressed and left.

I sat there for a few moments before glancing at my watch. Realizing I had only about ten minutes left, I quickly did the same as she had. I made it back to my ward with only two minutes to spare but feeling more refreshed than I had in weeks.