Wage Slave Part 1

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22 Sep. '20

Wage Slave

By AMBErotica



    Adam Bennet wasn’t the most motivated young man in the world, he had flunked out of school and couldn’t find steady work. He had very bad anxiety and struggled with job interviews because so. He was of normal attractiveness too, he was tall but with an average body, he had striking green eyes and dark curly hair but with a normal face. So all in all he didn’t seem to have much going for him in the, “Come and GO Corner Store” office waiting to be interviewed. Come and GO wasn’t the nicest corner store around and it wasn’t in the nicest part of town, which made Adam all the more nervous.


He sat in a metal chair with black pleather padding in front of a metal desk staring at the back of a macbook waiting for the interviewer. He was beginning to get nervous when he heard the squeaking door hinges behind him. He scrambled to get up and shake the owners hand, when he was caught off guard. The owner of “Come and Go” happened to be very pretty. She was on the shorter side with a petite yet curvy body. She had short-ish blonde hair with beautiful blue eyes and luscious red lips. Quite striking.


His hands were shaking when he reached out to greet her, she gave a soft smile and shook his hand. She had firm but soft hands with dark red nail polish. “N-Nice to meet you, my name is Adam.” 


“Nice to meet you adam,” She said confidently, “My name is Diana Nile, I am the manager here. Please have a seat.” Diana’s voice was soft but at the same time assertive.


Adam sat down and looked up at her. He was trying his hardest to match her eye contact but was struggling anxiously. Diana smiled, “So Adam, why do you want to work at my fine establishment.” She said with a bit of humor.


“W-well I’ve been looking for a job for a while and I saw your “Help Wanted” sign up front and thought I’d give it a try.” Adam Said with a nervous laugh at the end. He took a break from looking at his lap and looked her in the eyes still in awe that a woman so pretty and petite could own a place as sketchy as this.


“Well, Adam, You’re in luck, you were the only applicant, so i guess you got the job!” Diana said with an odd bit of joy.


They both got up out of their seats to shake hands, but Diana went in for a hug. Adam was frozen, his heart rate went up and he couldn’t speak. He could feel his penis move a bit and then she let go and smiled. “W-when can I uh start?” Adam Asked nervously.


    “Be here by 8:00 Monday morning!” She smiled and led Adam out the door. “See you then” Diana said as she winked.


Adam walked down the block to his shitty old car feeling weirdly happy, and a little turned on. He had a good feeling about this.



Adam showed up to work Monday morning, and got straight to work. His coworker was a tall muscular man named Sean Silver. He had short black hair, clean fresh shave, and dark brown eyes. He was in his late 30’s. As Adam was stocking up the shelves he saw Sean flirting with a couple of very attractive women. Diana came out of her office and gave him a stern look and he quickly rang up their purchases and they were on their way. He looked embarrassed. Diana gave Adam a quick approving nod. Sean’s expression went from embarrassed to angry.


Later that day while Adam was at the register a young man in a grey hoodie came in and suspiciously looked around. Adam kept an eye on him. When an older lady came in who was clearly on drugs and asked for cigarettes, the young man quickly dashed out the door with some candy while Adam was getting the cigarettes. Sean came out behind the refrigerators looking furious. He was yelling at Adam, “You fucking idiot why did you let that little bastard get out!” Diana came from the office and asked what happened. Sean smirked and said, “Well, Adam here, let a shoplifter get away with some of our product.”


    “Well, Sean, you’re the senior employee here you should’ve been more careful.” Diana said sternly.


“It’s okay Adam you didn’t know any better.”


    Sean was fuming.


    The next day, while Sean was out on a smoke break, Adam was dealing with an upset middle aged woman who was upset when her debit card wouldn’t go through. “What is this bull shit! I just used this ten minutes ago, your machine is clearly broken.” She yelled accusingly. 


    “I’m sorry ma’am there's nothing I can do, the machine won’t let it go through.” Adam said on the verge of a panic attack.


    “Well get me your fucking manager!”


    Once she said that Diana came from around the back and replied, “What do you want Sally? for the fifth time if you can’t pay, get out.” She had a vibe of feminine authority in her words and stature.


    Sally paused for a few seconds then yelle, “Fuck you!” and stormed off. Diana went to the front door and called Sean in to watch the register. She then turned to Adam and said, “Come have a quick talk in my office, Adam.”


    He was thinking he was gonna get fired, the disappointment of losing yet another job almost brought him to tears. He sat down in the same metal chair from his initial interview and looked down at his feet.


    “Adam, let me be blunt,” she said immediately, “I don’t think the Come and Go is the right job for you.”


    Adam already knew that, he knew it from the start. He just really needed the money. “I know, I just really need the money.” Adam said in response. He looked at Diana right in the eyes, he looked down at her red lips and noticed they were portraying a lovely smile.


    “Well, Adam,” She said, getting up from behind her desk and slowly walking toward him, “I think we can work something out.” He noticed that she was wearing a white, tight, fashionable tank top, that really showed the curve of her breasts and thin waist. As well as a short black leather skirt with a slit up the side that accentuated her very round behind.


    She sat on his lap and took his right hand and put it on her upper thigh near her crotch. Adam was speechless. “What, uh, do you m-mean?” He said as he slowly looked up from her skirt up to her cleavage and then finally to her eyes.


    “I think you might have an idea.” She started with a coy smile and a wink. She reached to her desk to grab a pink, love heart shaped sticky note, and handed it to him. He took it as she bent down, licked his ear seductively and whispered, “Meet me at this address at 8:30 tonight.” She then lightly bit his ear.


    He was speechless. Was this beautiful woman asking him to hook up for money? Wouldn’t that be prostitution? Is that even legal? He responded after a couple seconds that felt like minutes, “O-okay, I’ll see you then.”


    She giggled and got up, “Okay, see you then.” She responded, “I would change your pants first.”


    He looked down and noticed that he had come in his pants, a lot too. He quickly got up and made his way out of the office and out the store in a hurry, so no one noticed the stain on his crotch.


    Sean yelled after him, “Hey, you need to cover me for my lunch break!” and sighed a very aggravated sigh.


    Adam was already around the block getting in his shitty 1997 Toyota Corolla. He didn’t know what to think but he was very excited for tonight.


Part 3

    Adam arrives at a small cream white house with a vibrant red door and bronze door handle, the house was in an average middle class area, still he couldn’t afford it. He parked on the sidewalk as Diana's brand new red bmw was in the driveway. He walked up to the front door and it was cracked open he could see that the house was dimly lit. He took that as an invitation to come in. as he walked in he noticed that there was a pink door to the left of the front room that was closed. To the right was a dimly lit dining room with a round mahogany table he walked through as he saw a mid sized kitchen. That was brighter but still dim. The most eye catching this in the house so far was Diana, butt naked leaning against the black marble countertop.


    She stood no taller than 5 ft 5 and thin, but she was even more curvy naked then clothed. She had perky breasts on the bigger side of medium, her nipples were hard and supple. As he looked farther down he noticed a flat stomach with a thin waist. Her legs were crossed but you could see that her pussy was bare, freshly waxed. She had nice shaved legs and small feet with dark red nail polish, to match her finger nails. Even more beautiful naked then clothed. 


“Oh my god, I’m so sorry!” Adam exclaimed 


    Diana looked up and smiled immediately, “Adam, you came! I was half expecting you’d chicken out.” Diana said joyfully


    “I- I just came in because the door was open. If I had known you were n-naked I would’ve knocked.” He panicked.


    Diana just laughed, “No, I wanted you to see this.” She remarked, “Why do you think I asked you here?” She uncrossed her legs to walk toward him, exposing her very pretty pink pussy. “Come on now, you can be comfortable here. Take your clothes off too.”


    Usually Adam would do no such thing, but for some reason he did it without a second thought. It was as if Diana had cast a spell on him. Within a minute he was also butt naked. He was standing there in the dining room with his hands over his cock. While he was trying to hide that it was rock hard. Thankfully he had just shaved it before coming. 


    She walked towards him and held his hands, lifting them away to show a very nice penis, definitely above average in both length and girth. She smiled, “Wow you're gonna make some people very happy.” She said seductively. 


    She led him into a brown leather dining chair, and started to massage his shoulders. “I have a proposition for you.” She said. “I’m part of a group of women who like to, let’s just say, dominate men.”


    “O-okay?’ Adam said nervously. “Is that why I’m here?”


    “Oooh yes, Mr. Bennett, I think you’ll be a great candidate.” She said in a very sexy tone. “You see we pay very well, $2000 a week, a lot more than Come and Go right?”


    Adam just nodded his head, no longer trying to hide his erection.


    “All you have to do is be in this house from 8 am to 6 pm and do whatever. You’re. Told.” She whispered in his ear, followed by her licking it.


    “Wh-what would I be told to do?” He asked while closing his eyes, getting more and more comfortable.


    She stopped massaging his neck and sat next to him. “Well it can vary from person to person.” She said, “Some will want you to eat their ass, others will want to fuck you with a strapon. Are you cool with experimenting?” She winked at him.


    “I- I think I’d be willing to try some stuff.” What was coming over him tonight, he used to never be this willing. “Is that what I’m here for tonight?”


    “Oh you’re excited aren’t you?” Diana responded with a little laugh. “That’s exactly what you’re here for tonight.” She gave another coy smile.


    “O-okay, what do you want me to do?” Adam Asked. Starting to get a little excited both mentaly and physically.


    Diana grabbed him by the hand and led him through the pink door. “Follow me.” She said.


    Once they were through the door Adam saw it all. A bed with matte black metal railing and pink sheets and pillows with handcuffs tied to each corner. A big pole that spanned the ceiling to the floor. A red colored closet filled with god knows what inside. Shelves filled with strapons and dildos of all shapes and sizes. Whips and chains hanging on the wall. “If you choose to accept,” Diana said, interrupting his viewing, “this would be your office.”


    Adam looked around shyly touching all the strapons and whips. Rubbing his hand up and down the pole. Feeling the bed. “So is tonight the uh interview?” He asked.


    “In a way.” Diana responded suspiciously. “Now get on your knees!”


    Adam was taken back, but did what he was told obediently. Diana turned around and put on a rather sizable strapon. “Open that pretty little mouth of yours.” She demanded.


    He immediately opened wide. She placed the tip of the strap on his tongue and slowly slid it down his throat. His eyes started to tear up as he gagged, she was down pretty deep when she slowly pulled out to let him breath, once the rubber dick was out he started coughing up gag and breathing heavily. “How did that feel?” Diana asked.


    “That felt oddly good?” Adam said through the spit and gag coming out of his mouth. 


    “Very nice,” she said softly, “then we’ll continue.” She places the strap back in his mouth and slides it up and down his throat. She starts to get a little rougher and faster. Then she grabbed the back of his head, interlacing her fingers through his dark curly hair, and started jamming her fake cock down his throat. “This is called skull fucking.” Diana grunted.


    After a while she let go of his head and ripped the rubber cock out of his mouth and he fell to the floor, coughing up gag and spit. A few seconds went by when he said through gasps of air, “Holy shit, that was incredible.”


    Diana laughed, “I knew you’d like it. Get on that bed face down ass up.” 


    Adam obliged. Kneeling at the edge of the bed sticking his ass up towards her and shoving his face in the sheets. Diana then licked his puckered asshole and lathered some lube on it. She began to insert her index finger in. “What do you think, more?” She said already knowing the answer.


    All Adam could do was moan. She then stuck both her index finger and middle finger in. Adam moaned even harder. Diana then went from two to three to four to sticking her whole hand in, all while Adam was moaning, begging for more. After a little while she slowly pulled her hand out. “Alright, get ready.” She warned 


    Diana placed the tip of the same strapon, that was previously down his throat, on his gaped asshole and slowly inserted. Every inch she went deeper the louder and more longingly he moaned. She only stopped inserting once her lap was touching his ass cheeks. She leaned over him, settling her breasts on his back and caressed his hair, “So, what do you think?” She whispered in his ear.


    “I’ll definitely take the position.” Adam said moaning. Diana dragged her red nails down his back as she straighted hers. She then started to pound him harder and harder. He grunted more and more.


He absolutely loved it. The feeling of being used like her property. To her he was nothing but a fuck toy. He was worthless and that turned him on more than anything ever had before. While his asshole was getting absolutely destroyed by this big fake rubber cock, he was rock hard, adoring every second of it. He smiled as he groaned.


After a little while she demanded he get on his back and spread his legs she grabbed his cock while fucking him hard in the new position. She started to jerk him off. About a minute and a half of this went by until he was about to explode.


Then he yelled, “Yes! Harder!” 


Then he blew his load all over her face and bare chest. His cum had gotten her right on the lips. She slowly licked it off and pulled the strapon out of his sore gaped ass.


He laid there in silence in a pool of sweat and cum, while she went into the bathroom to clean up and wash off the fake dick. When she came out she was washed and fully dressed. “Wow, I’m impressed,” she said, “you can really take a beating.”


“Thanks.” he said laughing 


“So you want the job?” Diana asked, once again already knowing the answer.


“Definitely, When can I start.” He asked excitedly.


“Be here monday morning before 8, so you can prepare for your first customer.” She winked. And jingled some keys. “Here are the keys to the house.” She placed the keys on the bedside table. “Don’t be late.” she said as she exited the house. 


Adam heard her bmw roar when she turned it on. He smiled. For the first time in his life he was excited to work.


To be continued...