(Hungry Like The) Wolfgirl

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26 Sep. '16

Originally published March 2015 as Smokey Saga #48


Back when I first wrote and posted this story in March 2015, it was an experiment—just something a little different and unique. Seemed an interesting idea to play with. Now and then I like to toss an other-worldly fantasy story in with the others, to keep alive the sense of wonder, and to indulge my fascination with myth and magic. Otherwise, this will be very much like my regular lesbian stories, a Sapphic work that happens to belong to the world of science fiction. Of course, when you create Sci-Fi, you run the risk of setting off the “campy” meter, so I’ll try to keep it less than extremely campy.

I originally thought of calling this story “Beauty And The Beast,” but besides the fact that that’s just a little unoriginal, I didn’t care for the portrayal of the canine creatures in that (the Disney) film—or the similar thereof in The Sword In The Stone either, by the way.


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 9:27 a.m.

Dawn broke to the latest in a series of foggy, drizzly skies. Frosty dew collected in the grassy yards and meadows. The frigid Midwestern January temperature sat steady at 33°—though the windchill factor made it feel about 33° colder—just barely high enough to keep the rain from crystallizing. It was a cold, wet Monday, just the sort of day that would always get Karen Carpenter down. Fortunately, she did not live in this city.

Lots of citizens liked the natural showers—some even enjoyed the dreary downcast cloudiness—and those who didn’t enjoyed their umbrellas, cars and homes. Most weekday nine-to-fivers were already snug in their cozy heated office buildings.

This morning saw traffic moving at a snail’s pace, drivers proceeding with extra caution through precipitation and heavy fog. Some commuters would be a bit late into work today, including one lass whose destination sat on the border between the downtown metropolis and the quiet suburbs.

A healthily bundled Adia Zuri Bethwell had her windshield wipers and defroster hard at work, making way to her own “office.” She sang along with the radio to distract herself from the chill. Arriving to work, she found a parking space far too easily and pulled in. She was a bit stymied why exactly the Juniper Zoo was open for recreation during these, some of the soggiest, messiest days she’d ever seen. But she didn’t let such details bother her. This zoo could afford activity with less business, as its dues were funded by the local chapter of the wildlife society. And while on duty, but without a rush of guests to tend to, Adia could essentially be paid to sit in her booth and read, cyber-network, or simply look through the glass and daydream, letting the world go by.

There wasn’t normally a wealth of downtime to enjoy these leisure projects. In and around ticketing guests, a number of in-booth tasks also required completing. And on weekends, the place could get downright hectic, living up to its name. But on days like this, with only sporadic business drummed up, Adia could almost get to feeling bored. But she never complained; she always felt thankful to just have a job, and such a fun place to get to come to work. Everybody liked the zoo. Everyone enjoyed meeting and documenting encounters with exotic animals they didn’t see every day. And so as a result, Adia met collections of folks, cameras and iPads in tow, in what were overall happy, excited moods. The only individuals who seemed exasperated were parents of rambunctious small children, who wanted to see and have bought for them everything in sight. The zoo also boasted an additional bonus not all zoos offered: a series of stands where kids were given free balloon animals.

Adia Bethwell grew up enamored of nature and animals, especially those only indigenous to certain regions. Which made the zoo a perfect place for her to call home number two. She loved it here so much, she wished she didn’t have to work so she could enjoy free time with patrons, studying their nonhuman friends. And she got to do so semi-regularly; staff members were rotated to given exhibits to host presentations for zoogoers. So there was an upside and downside to lesser turnouts on days like this. The upside was the paid free time to relax and take nice breathers while awaiting visitors. The downside was that with such a sparse gathering, it wasn’t really considered worth it to give elaborate presentations.

Working at the zoo itself, and merely having a zoo to attend, had its own pro and con. While the animals were encaged, only able to pursue roaming, meandering impulses to a given point, the pro was the nurturing atmosphere. The zoo did its utmost to preserve and keep its inhabitants from going extinct. The first time Adia learned of extinction, it broke her heart. She hated when anything that meant something to her met an end. She didn’t even like the idea of a store going out of business where she and her folks used to shop. The whole feeling was cold and abandoning. It made her sad and a bit scared.

She didn’t think she needed to worry about that happening to the Juniper Zoo, however. She had a job she loved, and job security. These weren’t articles of inanimate merchandise that could be relegated to secondhand shops once upgrades came along. These were God’s creatures: beautiful living, breathing beings of nature. Adia hung with the dozens of mammals, birds, fish, pachyderms and insects by day, and returned to her little pals at home by night. She kept two pets, both girls, at the shared age of four years old: a white Persian cat named Bingo, and a Dalmatian named Checkers. It was questionless that Adia had nonhuman companionship made in the shade.

Another area of her life, however, was a very different story.

Every day, Adia greeted guests from all walks of life. Hardly anyone attended solo. Sometimes groups of friends came together, but most often couples and families. And while Adia was thrilled to see as many as wished to put in an appearance, the pattern of significant others lingered more and more on her mind. Adia was 31, single, gay, and growing lonesome. She very much wanted a nice woman in her life.

Adia enjoyed most of her free, unattached 20s, relishing the liberty to do, think, speak and be as she pleased. She knew from an early age she was attracted to girls, but was unsure where to meet them. She’d let a friend take her to a bar, but the atmosphere daunted her. It just wasn’t her element. When a tall, tattooed, smoking hot girl approached, and asked in a deep, lush voice if she’d like to dance, her sultry splendor intimidated Adia so much she almost wet herself. She politely declined, stating the meek but honest truth that it was past her bedtime, and that her parents were waiting up at home. She tried not to feel like a loser, but she just wasn’t ready for this.

At the time, she felt the admission of a curfew would persuade a predatory princess to cool her jets. Now, almost a decade later, she wondered if she wasn’t ready to try again. Things were different: she’d fully grown and learned a few things about real life. There was no set restriction on her time outside work, and she was supporting her own living in her own apartment. Perhaps it was time she give the bar scene another go, from the viewpoint of a single chick in her 30s. Who knew what could happen?

She found herself giving it lots of thought each day, the more happy pairs she admitted. Even should she see a woman by herself, she doubted making a connection. The truth was, sometimes she didn’t like being a lesbian very much, for zero reason other than the difficulty of meeting someone. She felt like she was in the biggest minority in the world. She considered looking for someone online, but the prospect of internet dating, while legit, struck her as impersonal and shady.

Oh well, she thought as the day wore on, perhaps she should stop thinking so much. Maybe if she left well enough alone, the perfect girl would land right in her lap. And I don’t think I’d mind that too much, she giggled to herself. Still, her solitude didn’t prevent her from fantasizing about things to do with any lady-friend who might come her way.

And so Adia went about her day like so many before. The Juniper Zoo normally stayed open until 6:00, though not many visitors came this late in the winter, when it got dark early. And Adia didn’t stay the entire eight hours every day, but Saturday helped her along to full-time. What was yet nicer was the privilege of paid lunches on shorter days. Today she was to step off the clock at 3:30.

Six hours later, shift up, she slung her purse over her shoulder and trotted to the ladies’.


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 3:32 p.m.

It had stopped raining about noonish, but the fog remained. Adia stepped back out from the restroom. She was still wearing her badge, which lived around her neck by day, and never allowed her to leave for work without coming along. If she ever forgot it, she would be sent back home. She slowed her steps to root through her purse for the keys.

“Excuse me, Miss?” she heard a voice behind her.

Adia looked up in the direction of the voice. When she saw the face to which it belonged, her brows arched, and her lips slipped ajar.

Addressing her was a beautiful woman. She was of indistinguishable age, yet looked close to Adia’s own, and carried the signs of one who wore an elder woman’s clothes. Her skin was youthfully smooth, but comelily withered in the cold. Her eyebrows were light, nearly invisible. Her eyes were very light blue, almost clear, almost…ice, were there such a color. Her pale pink lips bordered on lavender. Her nose was long and pronounced. She was relatively tiny at 5’3”, sporting a slender build, modest breasts and a petite but strong figure. Her hands and fingers were equally thin with long nails. She was clad in a gray sweater, denim jeggings and sneakers. Most remarkable, yet, was that her sweater matched her hair. Her feathery locks were pure silver. Enigmatically…mystically…sublimely…silver. She was at once so uniquely captivating, Adia had to make an effort to recoup her powers of speech and comprehension. Furthermore, she appeared to have popped right up behind her. The restroom station was rounded in the back by a fence, which separated this part of the zoo from the woods. She couldn’t have been behind Adia inside; it was a one-person lavatory.

…Where had she just come from?

“…Uh…yes? Yes, ma’am? May I help you?”

The lady’s brows cordially rose to meet Adia’s. “How late is the zoo open today?”

Adia didn’t believe she’d ever met anyone who looked or sounded quite like this woman before. Her exotic beauty was matched by her roughly textured, scratchy but feminine voice. Had Adia not known better, she’d have sworn this girl stepped right out of a dream she had one unplaceable night. Her tone was colorful and unusual, but her dialect was unmistakably Midwestern American. And when she spoke, Adia detected the presence of symmetrical fangs amid her teeth.

“Oh, till six every day, seven days a week,” Adia explained. “I know it may be a little misleading on days like this, what with hardly anybody here and all…but yes, six o’clock. I’m about to leave right now, but just because my shift’s over.”

“Oh, you are?” asked the mysterious silver-haired woman, whose name was Christina. “Aw, that’s a bit of a shame. I was wondering if I could ask you for…something in the way of a tour, perhaps?”

Adia gazed a moment. She had to admit this was a kind of unorthodox request. But had this gentlewoman paid her way in, she was entitled to enjoy all the zoo had to offer, like anyone else. But, was she asking Adia for a tour personally? Or would she just like to be shown around by anyone? And what sort of tour did she have in mind?

These questions bobbed in Adia’s brain, but were weighed down by the registration of her charismatic aura. Apparel aside, her long, silvery hair made her look like a fairy princess, or some such mythical entity. Merely encountering her seemed an out-of-the-ordinary experience. Adia didn’t remember selling her a ticket at the booth. And it would be hard to forget such a rarity as this exquisite creature. Under normal circumstances, much as she loved being here, Adia would be inclined to head right back home, now to kick back and take it easy. Yet…

How strange. She knew less than nothing about this unique butterfly, had met her nary a minute ago, and was feeling an unexplained fascination in her presence. Maybe it was her loneliness, maybe it was her whimsical mind or her loveful heart, maybe it was the little lady’s pixielike beauty, or maybe a bizarre trick being played by the weather. Whatever the circumstances, an instinct told her not to pass up this opportunity. Something about it all seemed very…special, somehow.

“M—…you mean, me? You’d like a…uh, some kind of a…tour from me?”

The silver dame batted her eyes.

“Well, you’re the first person I asked,” she said, artfully skirting the question with a dash of coyness. Adia waited for more of an answer, which did not come. But she thought she detected something in the woman’s shy demeanor which did the talking for her. Believing she had her answer, Adia went on.

“I see,” she smirked, adding a soupçon of playfulness to her own tone. “Well, my friend, fortunately, you happened to catch me on a light day, with nothing else on my schedule. And…be honest, I do spend a lot of time wishing I could be out and about with the other guests. So now that my shift’s ended for the day…” She shrugged. “…Why not?”

Christina brought her hands together with a single clasp. “Oh, marvelous!” she smiled. “I hoped you’d say yes, Adia.”

Adia’s face morphed with surprise. “How’d you know my name?”

She pointed downwards, to the badge hanging at Adia’s belly. “It’s on your thingy.”

“…Oh.” Adia closed her eyes, so they couldn’t be seen rolling at herself. “Right.”


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 4:43 p.m.

“And over here we’ve got our marsupials, many of which are native to the land down under, mate,” Adia displayed, putting on a hint of an Aussie accent. “Some of these mammals are among those we’ve been most fortunate to have in our care: the koala, the wombat, the possum, the bandicoot, up to and including the majestic kangaroo.”

“They’re all just so beautiful,” said Christina. “Everything here is so beautiful.”

Adia wasn’t in the habit of giving complimentary tours, but supposed she didn’t have to think of this as one. She wasn’t on the clock, so she could just treat this as two acquaintances walking around together and taking everything in, one of whom knew the zoo and its inhabitants like the palm of her hand.

She had to admit, however, she felt a bit sheepish spending the greater part of an hour (and counting) showing around an individual whose name she didn’t even know. It was routine with a whole crowd of folks, but she wasn’t used to a one-on-one arrangement. She was looking for a way to bring up the subject as they went on, but still intimidated by the dame’s distinctive pulchritude. For now she simply enjoyed the company.

“And, then over this way—”

The silver fox, as Adia had begun thinking of her, gasped.


Her outcry was revelatory and euphoric, as if strange and beautiful angels appeared before her. Adia watched as she pranced towards the gated pack, simply drawing the speculative conclusion that wolves were the vivacious vixen’s favorite animal.

“Oh—oh, yes! Yes,” Adia called, following after. “Our wonderful wolfpack. One dozen Carnivora Canidae, including the alpha parents. Unfortunately, while it’s not official yet, gray wolves are now considered endangered, as are Ethiopian ones. At one time, a few different species inhabited the entirety of four different continents, including ours.”

“That’s right!” said the silver fox. She approached the gate, eyeing one curious hound who interestedly watched back. Adia viewed with equally piqued wonder, as the silver fox lowered herself into a squatting position.

“Glorious, aren’t they?” said Adia.


“Hey, did you know that when wolves are hunting for food, they can run up to—”

“Thirty-eight miles per hour!” Christina finished with her. “And when they catch food, they can eat up to twenty pounds at once. But that myth about them being dangerous and harmful makes me upset. We vilify them, and it really isn’t very fair. They certainly don’t blow down piggies’ houses and dress up as kids’ Grandmas and eat them.”

What the girl who cried wolf did next Adia didn’t wholly understand, but chalked up to delightful whimsy. The silver fox lowered further from her crouch, rolling to her knees, palms on the ground. She curled her fingers into the soft, wet dirt, and shifted forward, into a position that resembled child’s pose. On all fours, she maintained eye contact with the one Canidae whose attention she held. Adia was perplexed, but amused the silver fox didn’t seem at all concerned dirtying herself in the muddy earth.

Christina narrowed her eyes, gritted her teeth, and emitted a small, quiet growl. This left Adia more puzzled and intrigued, but no less than absolutely astonished by what happened next. The wolf stared intently another moment, before lowering itself, mirroring the silver fox’s pose. It narrowed its eyes, and softly growled back.

Adia’s own eyes conversely opened wide. “Oh my God…” she mouthed. The remarkable vixen actually seemed to be communicating with the attentive wolf. It reflected her mannerisms, and she its, as if they understood each other. Adia’d never seen anything like it before. Under normal circumstances, wolves would never come so close to greet a human visitor. The silver fox must’ve been some sort of wolf whisperer.

“…Oh, wow,” Adia began to comment. “I—”

A louder growl cut her off. The woman seemed to be telling her to remain silent. What was more, this time the wolf did not growl back. It seemed to comprehend this curt reprimand was meant for Adia. But Adia’s intrigue wasn’t dampened in the least by this dismission. She was mesmerized by this grand display. She could look nowhere else.

Still on all fours, Christina wiggled her rump back and forth, not unlike a domesticated housepet in huntress mode. Again, to Adia’s awestruck eyes, the wolf did just as she. It was a spellbinding performance, the rest of which consisted of murmuring and cautious closer approach, until the silver fox and wolf were near enough to smell one another’s scents. Just when Adia thought the production could enchant her no further—

She howled.

The furtive, elusive silver fox reared back, threw her face to the heavens, and unleashed a primal, feral howl.

As Adia half-expected, the wolf followed suit. The dual, overlapping howl in turn captured the attention of the packmates. For a moment, Adia expected them all to howl, or to convene and scatter, but their encounter was at an end. The silver fox and the wolf retreated and turned their backs on each other.

“…Oh my G—…oh my God, that…th-that-that was amazing!” Adia gushed in stunned awe. “How did you do that??”

“Oh,” she clasped her paws again. “I’ve always had something of a kinship with wolves.”

“Well, that’s…”

Adia’s mind was utterly blown. She just…didn’t know what to say. She felt…warmed, tickled, touched and dumbstruck, all at once.

“My mind is utterly blown! I just…don’t know what to say! I feel…warmed, tickled, touched and dumbstruck, all at once!”

Christina smiled. Adia’s heartbeat accelerated. Suddenly, she was glad the zoo was so empty. She gathered courage.

“Y’know, Miss, I’m a bit embarrassed to ask this, and not sure how to go about it, but—”

The silver-haired fox jumped in.

“I’d love to.”

Adia’s heart went turbo. She put her actions in order and demurely batted her eyes.

“…What did you say your name was, my friend?”

“Christina. Christina Lyca. Call me…Christina.”

Adia took her dirty hand and curtsied. “Lovely to meet you…Christina. And, you know, this…um…this may seem a little forward, but it is getting late. And, uh…could I…possibly interest you in a…delicious supper this evening?”

Christina did something a trifle unusual. She leaned to the side of Adia’s face…and sniffed her. She gave many sniffs, as if to determine Adia’s scent. Adia found this odd, but endearing (in an odd way). She tittered as Christina’s nose tickled her cheek. The silver fox finished sniffing and withdrew. The same bewitching smile crossed her face.

“I couldn’t be more pleased.”


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 5:26 p.m.

It may have been a little early for dinner, but Adia was pretty hungry, and Christina agreed she could eat. She did not have ready transportation, which puzzled Adia, but with the privilege of driving them together and not having to break contact, she wasn’t about to complain. She flipped on the heat and they continued conversation on the way.

“So do you come to the zoo often? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen you before.”

“Oh…once or twice.”

“Hm. Well, I absolutely love it there. I thought I might wanna be a vet, but I wasn’t that great academically. I could barely get myself through regular school, let alone animal med school. But I’m super-passionate about animals. I have a dog and a cat at home.”

“Aw, how wonderful. Are you from here originally?”

“Yes, I was born and raised here. You?”

“Duluth. I only ask because that’s quite a unique name you have. Adia. It’s very pretty.”

“Ah, well…thanks. Apparently, it means ‘gift’ in Swahili…and my middle name’s Zuri, and that’s supposed to mean ‘beautiful.’ My parents are from Kenya, and I was their one and only kid, so they named me their ‘beautiful gift.’”

“Why, that’s lovely!”

“I guess. Going through life with it can be a different story. Especially thanks to a singer named Sarah McLachlan…with whom I’ve had a love-hate relationship since ’97.”

“Oh, dear. Well, I’m sorry I can’t relate.”

“That’s okay. Let’s talk about something else. You like Italian?”

“Yes, very very much. And I’m-a quite-a fond of za food-a, too.”

“Ha! That’s good! You’re really witty!”

“Thank you. I believe I like you too, Adia. You’re sweet. And cute.”

“…You really think so?”

“I do. You’re quite a looker.”

“Oh…well, oh my goodness, Christina, I…

“Christina…is that your hand?”

“Hm?...Oh, what do you know, it is.”

“…Well, I…I must say, when I woke up this morning, I didn’t anticipate holding hands with a silver fox and taking her out for dinner.”

“And yet you are.”

“Hee hee…and yet I am.”

And yet I am!


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 5:48 p.m.

Adia took her to a secluded but pretty popular Italian eatery called Venizzi’s, on the outskirts of town. It wasn’t hard to find; it only required a trip down one of the lesser used highways, leading out toward the pasturelands. They both enjoyed veal dishes, so Adia went with the rigatoni con la pajata, and Christina the ossobuco in bianco. The waiter took their orders and menus, and left them to enjoy each other’s company.

“So, then, Miss Beautiful Gift,” smirked Christina, propping her elbows on the table and chin on her hands, “Tell me ’bout’cha.”

Adia blushed and giggled. “Well, let’s see…” she began counting on her digits. “My name’s Adia Bethwell, I’m single…I’ll be 32 in May, I’m a lesbian, I’m…single…I was unable to finish college, but lucky enough to get my job at the zoo…oh, I love dancing. I love music, and I love to dance—fast, slow, frug, limbo, robot, whatever. I like karaoke too, but dancing’s more fun for me…let’s see, what else…I’m single…oh—big nature buff. Sometimes I go outside and just watch birds in trees and stuff. Oh, hey, that rhymed! Um…I don’t have any human kids, but I have my two little angels at home, my dog Checkers and my cat Bingo, they’re just the light of my life. And I gave them those names ’cause that’s another thing I love, games. Board games, video games, you name it. You wouldn’t believe how much time I’ve wasted.” She chuckled.

“Oh, and I’m not sure if I mentioned this before, but…I’m single.”

Christina smiled. “You don’t say.”

“’S right,” Adia nodded. “So tell me about Christina Lyca then; what should I know about her? Does she have a middle name?”


“Very pretty. Anything else?”

Christina kept smiling, though hesitant to open herself to Adia—or anyone, really. This was what made life so much more difficult and arduous for her versus someone else. Adia wasn’t far off in speculating something out of the ordinary was going on with her. Christina was born with what most would consider a curse on her.

Plain and simply put, she was a lycanthrope.


Thirty-five years earlier

Saturday, June 28th, 1980, 1:37 a.m.

Three and a half human decades ago, an anomalous gray wolf puppy was born under a full moon, in the northern Minnesota hills. The anomaly was unnatural lunar activity. The puppy was the only one of her own litter. And against one-in-a-trillion odds, it wasn’t just a full moon. It was a supermoon. With a span of manifestation akin to that of Halley’s Comet, the energies of the supermoon cosmically altered the states of galactic reality. For this one twenty-four-hour circadian cycle, literally anything was possible—including, but not limited to, the physical existence of the phenomenon known as the werewolf.

When the lunar cycle resumed its normal phases, Christina’s physical features morphed, and the newborn awoke the following day as a human infant. The wolves’ minds were confounded by the transformation, but possessed the instinct to realize the human infant and their young were one and the same. So they took it into their pack and raised it. Four weeks later, the next full moon occurred. As it mounted in the sky, its powers took hold of the baby’s biological cycle, and before the eyes of her parents and packmates, she metamorphosed back into her lycanthropic state.

She grew up raised by the pack in the forest hills for a few years, until being discovered, taken to the first in a series of orphanages, named, and sent to school. Of course, the monthly full moon retained its power over her dual physical form, which was virtually impossible for anyone to explain, and did not further her situation. But she survived.

It was not possible to keep her secret from absolutely everyone, but she quickly learned to hide it as much as she could. A normal fascination in the Carnivora Canidae was harmless, as was her claim to kinship with them, like she’d told Adia. But as she grew into a woman and learned the “rules,” she had to detect the next full moon early on—God bless the calendar—and find some way to get back to the hills before nighttime.

The downside to her transformation was the fact that wolves did not wear clothing. So upon reaching the woods, she brought a blanket, and once safe in the company of her pack, she removed her clothes, wrapped them, and let it happen. Imaginably, this was more desirable during certain times of year than others, but once she changed, her coat protected her from extreme temperatures. And after a night of foraging, hunting and howling, she became human again and redressed.

The rest of the time, once old enough to look after herself, she lived a more or less normal human life. She finished school, got a job, found a home, met people, dated, made friends, went shopping, and purchased her own things. Before she knew it, she’d garnered a life and identity. Now that she was regularly associating with other humans, her unique silver hair, canid features and mannerisms drew their share of attention. Like Adia, most folks saw them as innocuous quirks.

Unfortunately, around this time, tragedy struck. She lost her canine parents. The natural gray wolf’s lifespan was only about fourteen years. But she maintained her kinship, and continued making her monthly pilgrimage to the hills. Undergoing her metamorphosis of late, she set off on random expeditions through the woodlands to see where they took her. Before she knew it, the millennium passed, as did the following decade and a half.

The most recent full moon to occur was on January 4th, 2015. Depending on time of year and her schedule, she sometimes had to rearrange things. She worked Monday through Friday at a nice office, doing clerical work, which was humdrum, but paid well. She was incredibly thankful for the opportunity, especially given the caveat she’d stated at the initial interview. Unless there was a weekend involved, she required one day off every twenty-nine days. She dared not tell these employers the truth about herself. But lucky for her, this was the approximate interval spanning something else which happened—not to Christina, but to normal human women—and so she was granted it.

As a result, she had free the days following her transformation, and did as she pleased. And so she meandered the woods in a direction she hadn’t chosen before, to see where she ended up. Most recently, the Juniper Zoo. She slunk over the fence, just behind the women’s lavatory, as Adia Bethwell was coming out. Her canine side was drawn and fascinated by all the sights and smells to take in here, all this magic belonging to the animal kingdom. Her human side, meanwhile, was drawn and fascinated by Adia.

One month fifteen or twenty years ago, she stayed in the woody lair an extra day, as her human self, and lay naked on her blanket, gazing into the sky. It was this evening she realized that the moon and its energy held an additional, intense power over her. Though she couldn’t explain it, as she stared at the moon, its majesty hypnotized her. Her eyes were steadily fixed to it. A ray of moonlight seemed to travel to Earth, almost magnetically, and bathe her, infusing her with an unforeseen sexual passion. Pleasure began to melt her like wax. She moaned and laid her hands upon herself.

Still very young at the time, she didn’t know how to masturbate. Nor was she in tune with her own physiology. All she knew was whatever was going on here tonight felt wonderful. She fondled herself with her palms and fingertips. Supplemental doses of lust boosted her higher. Her back arched. Her head lolled. Her eyes closed. She began at her face and worked her way down, inch by inch. It seemed the moon was guiding her hands. Once she’d reached below her neck and shoulders, she let her fingertips slowly glide on…until something particularly noteworthy happened.

Her right hand wandered ahead of her left and brushed the ascent at the top of her right breast. She let out a quiet gasp.

This was new. This was exciting. The now semi-familiar sensations multiplied. She eagerly sped the pace of her left hand to touch her left breast, to a lovely mirroring effect. Her body lurched and twitched at the jolts of goodness. It went without saying she wanted to squeeze every drop of wonder from this experience she could. She didn’t want to rush, but was growing exhilarated at the possibilities.

Unknown, but warm, splendid things proceeded to happen. Traces of perspiration appeared. Muscles flexed. Joints tightened. Her soft, puffy pink nipples perked and stiffened, erecting from their mounds. And a budding moisture trickled its way to the edges of her labia. She opened her eyes, feeling the wetness. Pleasure was put on hold as curiosity took over. For a moment, she thought she might’ve been tinkling. She was pubescent and blossomed by this time, but didn’t groom her bush. The dampness seeping through the mini-forest between her thighs tricked her into thinking she’d wet herself. But she hadn’t. This felt different. It felt more…more…she didn’t know.

What she did know was she didn’t feel these happy sensations just relieving herself. Perhaps she should see what happened if…

There’d be time, she told herself. She was tempted, oh, how tempted, but were there one thing she had right now, it was time. With these amazing feelings racing through her, she wasn’t the least bit tired, where otherwise she might have fallen asleep by now.

She let her fingers trace aimless trails up the slope of her tits, feeling lust build as she neared the nipples. Her legs stretched on their own. Her feet flexed, curling and spreading her quivering toes. She enthusiastically waited, trying to pace herself.

As half-expected, when her fingertips brushed her nipples, desirous passion multiplied yet again, flushing her body with heat and swelling her erogenous zones pink-red. “Ohhhh…” Christina growled, like the hungry wolf she was. She hadn’t any technique, so she smoothed all over her chest to see what felt best. She pressed her nipples in. They stood right back out. She was engrossed in this new phenomenon. A short bit later, she worked up the courage to set off from her breasts and come back to them later. Her inner fire died back down a little. But as she got below the waist, a new flare of something great and powerful cropped inside her. Oh boy, oh boy! she thought giddily. More delight to be found down here??

The moisture oozing forth from her cunt was stopped, but not forgotten. She eased under the pelvis to find more sensitive nerve endings, and trembled with zeal. Whatever this was, she had a hunch it was going to be big.

Massaging her own legs and feet would require more joint manipulation. She’d deal with that later. For now she wanted to focus on the spot where her natural dew collected. As she snaked her fingers through, the reaction from her bush alone sent a mindnumbing chill through her. Just as with discovering the extra sensitivity contained in her breasts, she arched and stretched, yearning now to literally get to the bottom of this.

Parting her legs further, she fingered her wet bush and eagerly dug beneath. She could feel her heart pounding. The moon continued guiding her. When she tunneled below to the skin, her fingertips grazed the slit between her pussy lips. She cried out as the ecstasy hit. Awestruck, she toyed with herself up and down, gingerly rubbing her labia, buffeted all about by waves of lunar pleasure. Her face went into a grimace as torridity squeezed her insides. She threw her head back and forth at the electric surges, tossing silver hair every which way. She never wished to cease. Strokes sped and intensified as she applied more pressure, burrowing deeper, commencing to penetrate herself.

A new level was unlocked. Christina gritted her teeth and shut her eyes so tight tears were coerced. She wanted as much out of this wondrous act as could be squeezed. She gradually inserted one digit, then another. Her cunt secreted more and more, caking her fingers in syrupy autolube. When she got under the surface and found her way inside, she could neither fathom nor withstand the explosiveness. Her reddened, swollen pussy lit off a series of fireworks steadily increasing in power and velocity. She lost control. She began wildly thrashing and flopping on the ground like a fish out of water. Shouts and groans ripped from her insides. She was well on her way.

It was incredible. Christina’d never felt the likes of this before, and never wanted it to end. It was primal. Animal. She plunged further and further, deep as she could reach, acquainting herself with the grandeur of her own sexual anatomy. She’d all but forgotten about her breasts, though her nipples remained stiff. She found the pelvic muscle to stimulate and clench down on her hand, radiating an even wilder burst of joy through her, head to toe. She whapped her heels in the dirt, growing less and less patient for…for…she still didn’t know what. But she knew this had to be building to something. And she couldn’t hold back much longer to find out what. She went on thrusting into herself, farther…and farther…and finally just far enough to nail her g-spot.

She screamed, a fiery scream of delirium. Whatever was happening wouldn’t wait another moment. Something inside told her she had to continue doing just as she was doing, and would be handsomely rewarded. She found clarity as the buildup reached closer and closer to its zenith. Just a few more seconds now…and!!

It happened. She came. She howled with adoring worship, to the majestic moon. Her packmates joined in celebration. Oneness with the heavenly lunar body had been achieved. She felt lighter than air, as if taking the first step upon it. Things wouldn’t ever be the same again. She descended, and settled to drown in the afterglow.

That’s one small step for wolfwomanone giant leap for caninekind.


Monday, January 5th, 2015, 9:13 p.m.

“Well, here’s my place,” said Christina, as Adia drove her back home. Christina’s car was left by the wooded hills, but she could rely on public transportation.

It was a lovely first date. Christina couldn’t bring herself to tell Adia of her true nature, and while she wasn’t proud of it, she didn’t think she could bear to frighten her away. She’d managed, nonetheless, to engage in lively conversation regarding her human life and identity. They’d stuffed themselves too full for dessert, so they mutually decided to share a tasty treat when they had a chance to meet again.

Adia was pleased Christina didn’t live far away—twenty minutes at the most in traffic. But any pleasant feelings of hers right now were merely supplementary. Her evening had been made by this wondrous encounter. So much time lacking a nice lady’s companionship had rendered her not exactly desperate, but much more welcoming when potential romance came along. She was a little disappointed they had to say goodbye, but she absolutely believed absence made the heart grow fonder. This meant now she got to go home and daydream about the next time they might meet. Christina had made it crystal-clear that she was very interested in a second date.

This was pure honesty on Christina’s part. She felt happy too. She wasn’t sure how long she could conceal her secret, or how vital it was that Adia find out at all. This thought struck her as callous, selfish and cowardly. But Christina really liked her after this one night. It almost seemed like magic that they should come together on this fateful day, and she sensed Adia felt similarly. She planned to do some daydreaming of her own.

She felt her heart warm as Adia shyly took her hand, linking their fingers.

“Well…here we are…” Adia blushed, batting her eyes. “The, eh…good-night part.”

“Yep…here we are indeed.”

Adia leaned nearer and closed her eyes. Christina could see what she was asking for. She leaned in as well, shut her own eyes, gave her another series of puppy sniffs…slipped out her tongue…and licked her, from jaw to temple.

Adia’s eyes opened. She hadn’t expected this. She touched her cheek. It was wet.

“Um…” she hesitated. “…Golly. Uh…”

She chuckled. This felt awkward, but sort of…cute, in a bizarre way, at the same time. She wasn’t sure how to react.

“Well, that’s…different.”

Christina batted her own eyes and patted Adia’s hand, as if nothing here were unusual at all. “I had a wonderful time tonight, Adia.”

Adia smiled. One funny display of affection aside, she felt the same. She waited as Christina exited the car, just to make sure she got in okay. She returned the wave Christina threw from the door, and lowered her hand as she vanished behind it.


She restarted the car and drove home.


One month later

Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, 9:18 a.m.

Adia’s alarm clock was in proper working order, but practically unnecessary. Her cat Bingo gave her an effective wake-up call almost every single day. Being hotblooded, Adia liked to sleep with her bare feet peeking out from under the covers. And Bingo had developed the habit of hopping on the bed and swishing her tail across the bottoms of Adia’s feet. A ticklishly brilliant awakening if ever she could ask for one.

Reminding herself winter would be prolonged another six weeks, Adia decided to stop for a hot breakfast on the way to work. She had a fluffy buttermilk biscuit with sausage and egg in the middle, and some warm tea to wash it down. Next stop: Juniper Zoo.

Regardless of the spring delay, it was a refreshing, invigorating (if rainy (again)) day. The crisp, precipitant morning appealed to Adia in the form of a sense of inspiration. For what, she couldn’t say, but once she stepped out the door, she felt like she could accomplish anything. Just like last month, the drops of drizzle bordered on snowflakes.

She’d had several chances to see Christina since their first date, and enjoyed each more than the last. So far, they’d been to Venizzi’s, the ice cream shop, the park, the movies, the Sapphire Room, and Christina’s, where they’d stayed in and ordered dinner. Adia was fascinated by the décor of her home. There was foliage all over: ferns, ficuses, not to mention the dangling ivy on her exterior. There was also a lot of blue. Christina’s claim of her kinship was reinforced by her collection of pieces, depicting one and another artist’s rendition of the majestic wolf, in cool royal tones.

Now that Christina had hosted a date, Adia wished to do the same. She waited until she got a break at work and sent a text.

Christina received the message and hesitated with a sigh. Today of all days, she hoped Adia actually wouldn’t want to get together. It was twenty-nine days later, and she had the following day free. But only because tonight was the next full moon, and the first since they’d met. She supposed she could concoct some story about why she couldn’t make it, or fib and say she felt sick, or any number of other excuses. But while she wasn’t crazy about these schemes, she wasn’t wild about the truth either. Supposing she were to tell Adia the true story. How would she even begin?

Before she got the chance to think of what to say or do, Adia sent her a second text.

I really hope you can see me tonight, C. I think I really really like you :) <3 A

Christina melted. She was so moved and honeyed by the words, as she’d been leaning the same way. Her feelings towards Adia in this brief month had scooted past mere friendship and infatuation. She didn’t yet know if she was falling in love, but she could see it happening in the not-too-far-off future. What a conundrum this was turning out to be. Part of her now wanted to tell Adia the truth, somehow, just to have dealt with it, and let the proverbial chips fall where they may. Even if it meant getting her heart broken in the process. But she was frightened.

For just half a second she considered meeting Adia and letting the transformation tell the story for her, but that idea was hastily discarded. Should this be brought to light, she had to be a big girl and give fair warning beforehand. Warning… She didn’t relish the notion of having to warn Adia of anything. It wasn’t often, but every now and then in her thirty-five human years, she wondered why in heaven’s name this had happened to her.

Why me? she pouted to herself. Why can’t I be normal?

She was really starting to want to just spill it, but questioned whether that would be fair to Adia. Even with warning, this had to be handled gently. It was an extremely unnerving subject, something that wasn’t to be blurted out mid-conversation. She tried to fool herself into thinking that if Adia really loved her, she’d accept her in any form whatsoever. But she knew better than that. This wasn’t a mere personality flaw or mental ailment she was grappling with; it was a species change.

This was troubling. Her heart tugged her one way, her brain another. She so wanted to be with Adia, and wasn’t sure when their schedules might sync again if they skipped tonight. She longed to sit with her, to gaze into those depthless green eyes, to feel that warm skin touch her own, to inhale and caress that silky hair, to share sweet nothings all night long, until the urge to declare their devotion could be no longer denied…

Her heart won. She texted Adia back and said yes.

Now all she had to do was find a way to prepare her for what was to happen tonight.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, 3:20 p.m.

It was another early day for Adia, ending at 3:00. Adia gave her directions and told her she needn’t bring anything unless she wanted. This put Christina’s mind a bit at ease, as at least this wouldn’t have to happen in public. In the interest of time, she opted not to bring anything. She was so scared on the way she started weeping—how she’d explain this, she had no idea—but she had to face facts. If she and Adia were to have a future, she was going to find out sooner or later. Better sooner.

She composed herself, pulling up in front of the building number Adia’d given her: 434 Hewson Apartments. The unit was 202. Christina climbed to the second floor and knocked. Rapid, excited footsteps bounded to the door, and the lock clicked.

“Hi, sweetie!” greeted a very happy Adia. “Welcome! C’mon, c’mon in!”

Nervous but happy, Christina straightened the ruffles in her dress and stepped inside.

“Oh, this is so lovely,” she said, trying to focus on anything but the impending situation.

Before Adia’d time to say anything, pawsteps trotted from around the corner. It was Bingo and Checkers to say hi, as they felt the urge to do anytime they heard the door.

“Oh, girls! Christina, sweetheart, these’re my little angels! Checkers and Bi—”

She began gesturing to them, but one glance at Christina, and Bingo the Persian suddenly tensed up. Her fur stood on end and she hissed. She reversed course with a growling meow, and zoomed back around the corner.

“W—” Adia was taken quite aback. “…Well, that’s weird. Bingo usually loves people.”

Checkers the Dalmatian was highly intrigued. She did just the opposite. She jumped up and placed her front paws on Christina’s thigh. She panted with a big doggy grin and wagged her tail, very happy to see this visitor. Adia was now downright bamboozled.

“Well, that’s even weirder. Checkers is usually the shy one.”

“Oh,” Christina waved it off. “It’s okay. Cats have never really taken much to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love them. But I just have a, uh…well…a better rapport with dogs.”

“Well, have a seat!” Adia offered, showing her to the living room. “Take off your shoes, get comfy. Make yourself at home. What can I get you?”

Christina plopped on the love seat. Adia broke out a snack tray, but the nerve-wracked Christina was too anxious to touch it.

“Honey?” Adia hopped onto the love seat beside her. “You okay? Something wrong?”

This was going to be harder than she thought. On her own, Christina could only imagine Adia’s reaction to her bombshell. No real harm could be done if she remained oblivious. Once she told her, there was no going back. She couldn’t untell her after this point. She looked out the window. There was still a decent amount of daylight left.

Okay, she thought. Might as well do this while I have some time. She turned to face her.


Adia linked their arms as she began. Christina looked into her eyes. They were gentle, crinkly, and loving. They expressed a true, heartfelt devotion to her, and a longing plea to have that devotion so truly returned. She blinked, batting them.


Christina couldn’t bear it another second. She was forced to give in. She kissed her.

Both bodies promptly teemed with warm, smoky delight. Soft moans and whimpers ensued almost at once. As their senses went dizzy, their arms took over, wrapping around one another and pulling ever closer. Their juices ran and libidos warmed up.

Bingo had run away to hide. Checkers watched her Mommy and her guest make out like a couple of kids, and was quite happy for them. Checkers indeed felt a kindred spirit with Christina, for reasons Christina was rapidly forgetting here in the throes of passion.

They pulled their legs onto the love seat, to feel as if they were floating off the floor in one another’s embraces. Their blood heated, lighting a fire in their tummies, speeding up their heartbeats more and more. Their sizzling kisses shot sparks to and fro, elevating their shared plateau before they knew what was happening.

The kiss finally broke. Adia and Christina practically fell together, pulses going a mile a minute. They held off on any more kissing just now, only for need of breath. They continued by nuzzling cheeks and noses, stroking ears and jawlines, running fingers through hair. Their plumes of hot breath crossed paths.

“Christina?” the silver-haired fox heard her say.


“While I was waiting for you to come over today…I decided that this would be the day I was gonna tell you, um…to tell you that…that I…”

Adia paused multiple times, taking deep, nervous breaths, trying to finish.

“…I think I may be falling in love with you.”

Christina’s heart fainted. She felt a sting in her eyes.

“I-I don’t think I know for sure just yet,” Adia went on, “But that’s how it’s looking. The first time I saw you…I-I just thought you were so amazingly beautiful. And somehow…you’re even more beautiful now.”

Christina’s eyes blurred as tears pushed through. Adia’s narrowed seductively.

“And, eh…after careful deliberation…I wanna take you to my bedroom…and show you how beautiful I think you are.”

A chill went through Christina’s entire body, which afterwards turned white-hot. All the seduction clouded her good judgment.

“I wanna go with you.”

Adia grinned, pushed herself up from the love seat, and offered her hand.

Tell her, Christina, said a small voice in her mind. Tell her now.

III can’t. I just can’t do it.

I love her.


LATER. Wewill dealwith it…later.

Christina accepted her waiting hand.


Tuesday, February 3rd, 2015, 3:45 p.m.

Adia took her to her mistress bedroom. Just before they reached it, she flipped her head to toss Christina a coy but naughty smile.

“I tidied it up just for you,” she cooed.

“It could be a pigsty and I wouldn’t even notice with you there,” purred the silver fox.

Adia giggled, taking her inside and shutting the door behind.

“That is so romantic.”

Christina was charmed by Adia’s room as well. Adia, a zookeeper and animal lover, collected and proudly displayed her own array of nature artwork. The rest of the room was clad in a dresser and bureau, bookshelves, a roll-out chair and desk, a closet, a window dressed in a light lavender drape, and of course the snug, comfy queen-size, on and around which dwelled her stuffed friends.

“Aw, you have your own little animal kingdom!” remarked Christina. “How adorable!”

“But of course.” Adia took her hands. “Animals are our friends. However…”

She led Christina to the bed and began relocating the stuffed toys to the floor.

“…Inanimate objects rank lower on my list of bed guests than actual living, breathing, beautiful silver-haired women.”

She slowly stretched horizontally onto the mattress, tenderly pulling Christina her way.

“So why don’t you come here…and be my living, breathing playmate?”

Christina poured herself in beside her.

“I do have quite a fondness for playing…” she purred to Adia. “After all, you know what they say about all work and no play.”

They collected one another. The first bed kiss made the world disappear. Their plushy lips melded brilliantly. It felt so good on both ends, and they were only getting started. Heavenly, gravity-defying wonderment swaddled them. Silky skin was caressed in soft, smooth palms. More groans and declarations of devotion emanated their ways into the atmosphere. Neither girl could believe how happy she was.

Crushing each other in vises of love, Adia and Christina never wanted to let go. They kissed for five straight minutes before pausing to regroup and recoup. Adia’s heart was going a lightyear a second. After all her years of solitude, she couldn’t believe she’d lassoed such a gorgeous, radiant lady into her home, let alone her bed. It seemed surreal by this point. Christina could barely believe it herself. Being a genteel, delicate dame in her human state, she hadn’t made love to many women, as the act lacked design without a genuine emotional connection. A mate like this didn’t come along every day. Christina decided she was going to allow herself to just fall right into this.

Employing amazing hand-to-mind coordination, Adia and Christina reached their paws downwards to begin disrobing one another while still in the heat of liplock. Once they realized both minds were heading the same way, their libidos went into overdrive. A wave of heat blew through their already warm bodies, and suddenly, shedding clothes was no longer impulsive, but necessary. The lasses’ moans intensified into shouts. They needed to exercise care if they didn’t want to rip their outfits right off.

“Oh, yes!” grinned an extra randy Adia between kisses, giggling from giddiness.

“Oh my God!” Christina chortled along. “We…we…”

She lowered her voice to a whisper.

We’re really gonna do this, aren’t we??

Adia smiled wickedly at her, with recklessly naughty abandon.

I’m ready anytime you are

But, uhwhat say we make this extra interesting?” she proposed.

Christina arched her eyebrows.

Interesting, how?

Well, my dear, you know how mad I am about gameswhy don’t we set up a bit of a wager for next timesaywhoever’s forced to orgasm first this timemust agree, next time, to be tied up, for the other’s use and enjoyment.”

This kinky suggestion made Christina so hot her pussy sweated. She didn’t imagine there would be any losers here.

You’re on, future slave girl!

Adia grinned at her, showing remarkable moxie, and grabbed her between the legs. Christina gasped in overtaken surprise.

Just as I suspected,” sneered Adia, pouring on the taunting. “Already wet.”

Christina was confident in her sexual prowess, but this, like her clit, could be harder than she thought. Yet she was pretty tough as well. She seized Adia and pulled her close. “Very well,” she snarled. “Get over here.”

Outside, the temperature fell. Fog rolled in and snow materialized, collecting upon the Earth’s outdoors. 2015’s Daylight Savings Time had yet to begin. As it was getting on time to retire, behind a sea of clouds, the sun began to set. The clock approached five. Bingo slumbered deep in a basket of laundry while Checkers wrestled with a chew toy. Inside Adia’s room, she and Christina were each determined to win their game. Both were fueled by healthy competitive spirit from an early age: Adia in her affinity for any kind of game created, Christina in her survival instinct to forage and fight for food. And this was the most exciting competition in which either had participated. The exhilaration pumped them so full of energy, they got downright athletic.

Another factor they had in common was a feistiness for sex due to long abstinence. Christina, as established, was an animal. Her drive was primal, base, raw, and ferocious. She liked it rough. Adia was a little more on the fragile side, but could be quite the freak herself. It was good for them they were surfing Adia’s mattress. If they played-slash-worked one another any harder, they might have hurt themselves.

They needed no thermostat at this point. For a short time, they could live without heat in the apartment, generating this much of their own. Being the hotblooded chick she was, Adia didn’t get cold easily, and kept her apartment at a cool 68°, sometimes even a bit lower. It was below 30° outside, but for all the girls knew, they were sprawled across the surface of the sun. Both blazing naked bodies writhed together, twisting limbs and sheets into a tangled, bedridden mess. Muscles flexed to maximum capacity, squeezing hot, wet thighs with gripping force. Nails scraped searing lines of red down each other’s backs. Desperate, soaked, drenched pussies yearned with hunger, clenching and swallowing the digits fed to them. Sweat poured down both faces, all four shoulders and breasts, mixing in traces as their pussy juices too ran together. As the sun set, Christina again desirously sniffed and licked, pawing at Adia like the lone wolf she was. But the small part of Adia that noticed now took it simply as playful, sensual affection.

Adia was indeed enamored of Christina’s gorgeous silver hair, and was so consumed with making sublimely spontaneous love to her, she didn’t even think to find out if the carpet matched the drapes. But she found it was in fact true as a moment later, keeping in the spirit of spontaneity, Christina hopped up, straddled Adia over her head, and muffed her, shoving her carpet in Adia’s face.

Welcoming this new position, Adia squealed with glee beneath Christina’s pussy, and threw her arms around the silver fox’s thighs. Christina growled with lust as Adia leaned up into her silver cunt and began eating. Feeling the need to reciprocate, Christina took Adia by the bottoms of the thighs, lowered to Adia’s equally starved pussy, and resumed her primal activity, savagely slicking and gnawing. The chain reaction struck, and Christina felt Adia’s rumbling scream under her.

OHHHHHHFFF!!” shrieked Adia through a faceful of pussy. “OHHHHFFFFUHHHFFF!!

Christina grinned wickedly. “Yes, baby!!” she roared between harsh licks. “Scream for me! You’re at my mercy!

Adia forcedly obeyed. Her eyeballs rolled back. She couldn’t take much more. Neither could Christina, but she could tell she was in control. Taking the top position and putting Adia on bottom helped, but it was the silver huntress’ aggressive, devastating savagery that really sealed the deal for her. Adia was ready to completely concede, unable to focus on what she was doing. She hollered in Christina’s gully, leaning up to devour her again before being forced back down by wild pleasure. Christina owned her, and they both knew it. Adia was unstoppably hurtling towards the edge. Christina giggled as she read the signs. Victory was hers. Adia was left with no choice. She held out as long as her libido would allow, and surrendered.

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!” she exploded, all but flinging Christina right off of her. Everything inside her went blindingly white. She blasted Christina’s face with her cum as the raging, havoc-wreaking, one-in-a-million orgasm mercilessly stormed her. Stars shot and blew up before her eyes in brilliant psychedelic colors. Heaven and Earth collided, sandwiching her between. Her mindshattering release rocked her fifteen straight seconds before she at last wound back down, freed from her climactic cloud. And once she had officially let it all go, Christina let it go right along with her.

“Yay, I won!” said Christina. Adia, who remained too destroyed to contribute right now, only heaved her breaths with a series of sighs. But she smiled happily as Christina settled back down to cuddle her.

I love you, honey, thought Adia, just as the sun finished setting.

The snow continued falling, but the windows went dark as the moon rose. The clock ticked away. Minute after minute passed in the abruptly quiet bedroom. Christina and Adia had almost fallen to sleep together. Their exchanges had softened to happy pecks and silent expressions. They never wanted to leave here.

But, unfortunately…nature did not grant special exception to its cyclical abnormalities.

The fact that she was naked played in her favor, but being indoors changed nothing. The girls were all but dead to the world when Christina felt the familiar prickly sensation creeping over her body. Her eyes widened as she realized. She was indeed undergoing the transformation, right here in her lady companion’s bed.

“Oh, no,” she began panicking. “Oh, no! Not now! Please, not now!

Adia awoke. “Wha—…?” she asked weakly.

It was happening. To Christina’s dismayed horror, unabated, it was happening.

The last thing Christina wanted to do was let go of Adia’s precious body. But unless she wished to traumatize the hell from her with a nightmare come true, she had no choice.

“Oh, no!” she cried, as her voice morphed, and her skin contorted form. She tried to get up and off the bed, but she was losing her human faculties. She tumbled to the carpet, rose on hand and knee and scampered for the front door.

Adia was dizzy and disoriented, but realized something strange was happening.


Christina fled the bedroom, no longer able to speak. She disturbed Bingo’s nap and Checkers’ play session, confusing them momentarily. She raced back through the apartment to the front door, and managed to grab the knob and escape just before her hands drew back into paws. Her silver mane rode to the extent of her frame, forming her gray coat. Fifteen feet outdoors, the transformation was complete.

Behind her, Adia was panicked and frightened. Christina had wanted to tell her. Oh, how she had wanted to tell her, but…she just couldn’t. She’d left Adia scared and befuddled. And her mental matter as well diminished, turning from woman to wolf. Her only task now was to find her way to the wooded hills for the night.

Adia hopped out of bed, following down the hall. “Christina??!” she shouted in despair.

She was nowhere in the apartment to be found. But the front door was wide open.

What the…”

She dashed back into her bedroom, to find all of their clothes still thrown about.

“Sh—…she didn’t even take her…?”

It was unfathomable. Christina’d hastened out of bed to run outside nude? In the snow?

Adia jumped into her T-shirt and jammie pants and scurried back out to look. The entrance froze her own uncovered feet, but she didn’t care. She stopped at the base of the steps, where the snow reached. About a yard out in front, though the snow accumulated still, she detected a print made by a human foot.

A bare human foot. Paced out a few yards was another, then another, then…

Oh my God, what was she thinking?? She’ll get frostbitten!

Forgoing her own safety logic, Adia tippy-toed out into the snow to follow them. A few steps out, she froze—not due to hypothermia, but to shocked surprise—at what she saw next. The human footprints changed form…then ended. And picking up where they left off, Adia saw something that made her certain her eyes were playing tricks on her. She blinked and rubbed them several times over.

Animal tracks??

She could only determine this much beneath the streetlight and snow. Under normal circumstances, her zookeeper’s mind would have recognized these as the wolf prints they were, stealing off into the foggy, stormy night. Adia couldn’t have possibly anticipated what happened next. But she found, to her utter awe, that these were in fact wolf tracks. And then she heard it, off in the inestimable distance.

The howl. The very same enigmatic, majestic howl…to the moon.

Adia stood stock-still, barefoot in the snow, mouth hanging wide open, collecting crystallized flakes…in unparalleled consternation.


Itit can’t be. It’s not possible.

Her rational mind refused to process the information. These things simply did not happen. Human beings did not suddenly change into wolves, or any multispecies creature. Something must have somehow taken place, but…for the life of her, she could not begin to explain what. She could determine neither this, nor the amount of time she spent outside, in utter bewilderment…before she finally turned to go back in.


Another month later

Thursday, March 5th, 2015, 5:41 p.m.

“…Did you get my letter?”

“Yes…but I don’t understand.”

“I don’t expect you to. I feel so terrible. I should have told you, I should have explained everything…but I didn’t know how.”

“Well, it seems like kind of a long story…why don’t we just start at the beginning?”

Christina had asked Adia to pay her a visit so that they could hash things out. She had chosen the evening of March the 5th, the next full moon. DST was about to begin, decreasing her intervals of nonhuman time until autumn. She didn’t think Adia would believe this did she not see it for herself. So she’d afforded a fair amount of time to explain everything, and let her transformation happen before Adia’s eyes.

For her part, Adia was nervous. She admitted to being a bit hurt Christina had kept a secret of this magnitude from her for this long. But at the same time, she had to question whether she’d have believed it. She still didn’t grasp the whole big picture here, but trusted Christina to explicate. She swallowed, and spoke.


Christina nodded. “That’s right. A werewolf.”

“But…but, I…I didn’t think…werewolves existed.”

“Well, you’re right. They are mythical. But, Adia…you must believe me when I tell you that there is magic in this world. Fairy tales really can come true. Miraculous things do happen. And they can’t always be explained. The real world is logical, sensible and finite. But man’s imagination and capacity of the unknown is so much more. There is ever more to this universe than you or I know. More things in heaven and Earth than are dreamt of in our philosophy. And if we close our minds to the impossible…” She shook her head. “…Then I just don’t think there’s any hope for our dreams to come true.”

Adia nodded, slowly and cautiously.

“And…this is gonna happen tonight?”

Christina nodded back. “That’s right.”

Adia took a deep breath.

“I’m scared, Christina.”

Christina took her hands. “I know. I know. It’s okay, sweetheart. This is a very hard thing for me to do. I’m scared, too. I never tell this to anyone, for their sake and mine. But I love you and care far too much about you not to let you know.”

All four eyes began to moisten. They saw their own eyes reflected in each other’s.

“I can’t have a future with you keeping a secret this size,” Christina started to weep. “And I really want to, Adia. I want to be with you for as long as you’ll have me. I love you, my darling. You’re the most spectacular person I’ve ever met.”

Through the imminent obstacle standing in the way, Adia saw to the happy truth in her words and voice. She sobbed with joy.

I love you too, Christina.”

Christina sniffled and gave her a kiss.

“Then come with me.”

The next Christina asked Adia to do was to get in her car and follow her. She led her to her pack’s den up in the wooded hills. Adia wasn’t sure why they couldn’t just go together in one car, but Christina assured her she’d see. It was a very windy evening, now after 6:00. The sun was on its way down. They parked and exited their vehicles.

“Where are we?” Adia asked.

“My second home.”

Adia only gazed in the direction Christina indicated, seeing her packmates. The wind picked up. Her heart started to pound.

“I…I’m really frightened, Christina.”

“Adia, I wouldn’t lie to you to save my life. Everything I have told you is the God’s honest truth. All you have to do is wait, and see.”

Christina proceeded to remove the blanket from her car, and took off her clothes.

“…Um…I don’t…I don’t have to take off my clothes too, do I?”

“Of course not.”

And Adia thought she was hotblooded. She shivered in the increasing wind, wondering how Christina was managing to stay warm.

“…When will you be…y-y’know…you again?” she wished to know.

“Tomorrow morning,” said the now naked silver fox. Adia felt her take her hand. “I understand if this is all too much to handle, Adia,” she again sniffled. “I can’t blame you if you feel we have to part ways. My heart will be broken, but I’ll have to accept it.”

Adia was unable to think of how to reply. A hundred thoughts ran through her mind.

“It’s okay, Adia. I know you’re scared. This is a part of who I am, but it doesn’t affect my human form. I haven’t forgotten you these two months, and I won’t forget you now. And I certainly won’t stop loving you. All I hope is that you’ll keep loving me too.”

One look into those pleading clear ice-blue eyes, and Adia had her answer.

“Of course I’ll keep loving you, Christina.”

Christina took Adia in her arms, pressing her body close and tight.

I will always be with you, Adia,” she whispered. “Just know that.”

The mighty wind grew even stronger, buffeting the girls and whipping their hair all about. Christina let go of Adia, sniffed, licked and kissed her one more time. She had to stop her heart from cracking as she saw Adia cry. She caressed her cheek.

Tomorrow,” she promised softly. “That’s all it is, just one short night.”

She turned, took a breath, and advanced towards her forest and packmates. Adia viewed from her car as the sun vanished, full moon on the rise. Darkness obscured her view, but not so much that she couldn’t witness the metamorphosis.

Again, she gasped in awe. The wind blew even harder. A wave of invisibility seemed to wash over Christina as it happened in plain sight. She lowered to all fours. Her skin shifted texture and hue. Her silver hair grew back, extending into the coat over her reforming body. Her limbs drew in. Her hands and feet turned to paws, her digits to claws. Her ears rose atop her head. And her tail protruded behind.

And before Adia knew it, as quickly as it had begun…it was over. The transformation was complete. She gaped in disbelief at the now ordinary gray wolf.

It was nothing short of spellbinding.

The wind died back down to a gentle breeze. The wolf turned back one short second to lock eyes with Adia, before breaking into a gallop to meet up with her family. As she watched it run away, Adia felt a ping of sadness in her heart, before she remembered what Christina had told her. It would only be until tomorrow. And reassessing, she felt she could fare this circumstance.

She thought back to the fateful day in February. Everything was abruptly explained. So this was why Bingo was so frightened of Christina, as well as why Checkers took such a shine to her. This was why she’d suddenly jumped up out of her bed and run outside, taking not a stitch of clothing with her. And why her footprints turned to wolf tracks.

She worried still, that Christina might fall prey to a predator or some other peril. But then again, she’d been under this monthly “spell” all her life, thirty-five years, and survived thus far. Perhaps Adia had nothing to fret about, but she couldn’t help it. Part of her felt it wasn’t fair, after having waited this long for a true soulmate, someone she could call lover, in every sense of the word, that she should turn out to be not fully human. But…

Well, she thought, maybe it was for a reason. Maybe they were destined to meet because Adia loved and knew all about animals. Maybe some cosmic coincidence was written in the stars. She’d never really believed in such fortunes before, but after what Christina had just shown her, she was compelled to take a second look.

Maybe, just maybe…anything was possible.

She cast her glance to the limitless heavens.

Anything is possible.

And from somewhere not too far off in the distance, once again came the familiar, wondrous sound she now knew so very well.

The majestic howl of worship, to the great full moon.