A summer at the beach house - Chapter 2 - A day on the boat

After a few days, we started a new daily routine, together. One night we spent the night at my place, and the other at his. We woke up before dawn for our walk on the beach, then got back to have breakfast on the porch. We usually spent the morning on the beach until about 11, chatting, swimming in the sea, reading, napping. Then we got back for lunch. In the afternoon we usually went for some grocery shopping or played cards on the porch. Later in the afternoon we went back on the beach and went back home for a dinner on the porch, in time to admire the sunset coloring  the sky and the sea. 

After a couple of weeks, we started to get acquainted with some of the regulars people on the beach.

And three weeks passed. 

I didn't talk to my children about it, yet, I don't know how they'd get the news. "Oh, by the way, your old mom is getting laid. Are you happy?", I was imagining our conversation while getting ready for our morning on the beach, and this conversation made me smile.

"Why are you smiling?", Rhett asked me.

I didn't want to share with him my thoughts, not yet. "Am I? I am just happy, that's all", I answered. We hadn't yet made plans for the future. I think we were both taking one day at a time.

We were on the beach reading when Lily and Paul, two of our new acquaintances, arrived, more cheerful than the usual.

"Hey guys! How are you doing today?", they greeted us.

"Hey you! Good morning. We are fine. What about you?", Rhett promptly replied.

It was Paul that answered because he clearly had something in his mind. "Very well, thanks. Listen guys, my boss has to go back to D.C. for the weekend and he asked me if we want to use his boat. What do you think?".

I looked at Rhett with a smile and we both agreed. We prepared a list of the things to bring on the boat, a shopping list and some dishes we could prepare in advance so we didn't have to cook on the boat.

I was excited and a little worried because I've never spent two days on a boat, a small boat. Sometimes I feel clumsy in small spaces..

That afternoon we went shopping all together then we went to the harbor to leave some of the groceries on the boat.

The boat was bigger than I expected. Its name was Blue Moon and I fell in love with it in the moment I saw it. I was in awe and excited about the idea.

Before going home, we decided to meet at the boat by 7 the next morning.

While I was taking a shower that night, I heard my phone beeping. 

"Rhett, can you check my phone?", I shouted from the shower.

After a few minutes Rhett appeared in the bathroom with my phone. He was wearing shorts, a smirk on his face, and nothing else.

"What?", I asked, curious to know what he had in mind, while spreading lotion on my legs.

"Uhm, you got a text from Lily" he said, leaving me in the suspense of what it was about.

"Ok, what is she saying?"  

"Uhm - Well - " and he paused again.

"Ok, show me.", I impatiently said. I took the phone from his hand and read the text:

-Mya, I was thinking... what if we "forget" our bathing suit?- 

I felt a hot flash coming up from my chest to my face, and I am pretty sure my face was red. 

Rhett was laughing. "You should see your face" he said.

I was speechless. I looked at him and I began laughing with him. When I was calm, I replied to the text:

-Why not? See you tomorrow!- 

I felt naughty. 

At this point Rhett was curious too and wanted to know what was my answer.

"You don't need to know now. Help me with the lotion on my back, please" I said, feeling aroused at the thought of being naked on a boat, for two days, with "strangers" around.

I've never been at ease with my body. Well, that's not right. I feel fine, between the walls of my house. Since the divorce I like to be naked at home because it makes me feel free. With Rhett, we often walked around naked, at home. I was perfectly at ease with him. But with strangers? Lily and Paul were about our age. While Paul was in very good shape, Lily was more on the soft side, like me. We weren't fat, we both had children. I probably had a little more muscles than her. But still, I never got naked in front of others. I was lost in my thoughts, then I suddenly realized something. 

"Rhett?Oh god, what if they are swingers?".

"They are not" he assured me, still spreading lotion on my back.

"How do you know?" I asked.

"Because I talked with Paul and Sam about... uhm... private subjects, the other day while you were talking with Janette and Lily" he said. 

"You talked with them about sex? And you told them what we do in bed?" I asked even more worried.

"Hey, calm down. Nothing like that. First of all, we don't always have sex in bed..." he said, joking.


"It was just a casual conversation about an article Sam was reading. Don't worry!" he said, kissing my shoulder and spreading lotion on my butt's cheeks.

My nipples promptly got stiff. I closed my eyes and leaned on him. His hands moved to my breasts and the sensation was electrifying. 

He made me turn and pulled me up on the bathroom counter. He started stroking my butt's cheeks with his hands while nibbling my earlobe, then kissing my neck, and my shoulder.

I put my hands inside his shorts and started stroking his butt's cheeks. Oh, I so love his butt.

He bent down to kiss my breasts, one and then the other. He sucked one nipple while stroking the other.

I was purring. The pleasure was immense. This was one of those moments I wish I could stop the time and enjoy this pleasure forever.

I opened my legs and pulled him closer, pulling down his shorts. I moved my hands to his cock. I got closer to his ear and whispered: "Is this for me or you're thinking about Lily naked?".

"Uhm. She's not my kind. But I like to imagine both of you walking around the boat, totally naked. I can't wait", he whispered back.

I opened my legs wider and crossed them on Rhett's lower back. I was so wet that his cock easily entered in my pussy.  

"Jeez, I like feeling your cock inside me." I said, gasping.

"You naughty girl. I bet you're excited about the weekend" he said, right before pushing his tongue in my mouth and his cock deeper in my pussy. 

And the day arrived. I was nervous, excited, impatient. I cheated a little: I put a bikini in my duffle bag, just in case I'd change my mind. 

As planned at 7 we were at the harbor, 6:45 to be precise.

Lily and Paul were parking in the exact same moment we did. Lily got out of the car with a huge smile on her face "Hi guys! I can't wait for this trip to begin. I feel like a teenager at the prom!".

"Same here" I was able to say. "Let's go!"

There were three cabins, two with full beds and one with bunk beds. Lily went in her cabin to set up their stuff while the men got ready to leave the harbor, and I went to prepare some breakfast as we agreed to have it together on the boat.

I was preparing pancakes when I heard Lily shouting: "Oh my god! Darling? I forgot my bathing suit".

I started laughing. It was a hysterical laugh, actually. Rhett looked at Lily, then with that smirk I saw the day before, he said, "Well, I have a solution" heading to our cabin. He got back with my bikini in his hand. He went on deck and tossed my bikini overboard.

I shouted "What are you doing?".

And with that same smirk he hugged me and said, "Well, we need to be supportive. Poor Lily . She can't be left naked while you have a bikini. Right?" he said looking at Paul.

"Absolutely right!" Paul replied "But don't ask me to get naked because I'm not comfortable with my dick in the air", he continued.

We all started laughing like crazy, I almost peed on the spot.

"Ok" Lily said, when we finally calmed down. "You men can wear shorts. Fair enough". Lily took my hand taking me back to the cabins.

I could hear the men talking and laughing. 

"So", Lily said, once we were alone, making a fake-serious face, "You had a bikini with you.".

"I'm sorry. I needed it as a safe net. In case... In case I wasn't comfortable. I didn't know Rhett knew that" I replied, bending down my head, repented.

"It's ok. Actually it's even better. I liked the scene he made. Now, are we getting naked or not?" Lily asked.

"Yes. Can we start slowly? Like wearing a see-through thing first?" I asked, hopeful, probably red like a tomato.

"Good idea. So we can get comfortable with each other first." she promptly replied.

I appeared in the galley with a light-blue see-through sundress, while Lily had a black lace one. And nothing else under. 

"Wow." she said looking at me. "Ok, breakfast is ready. Let's see what our men think about our outfits"

Together we set up the table on the deck.

"Guys? Breakfast is ready", we shouted in unison.

Rhett dropped the anchor and Paul killed the engine. We were already in the middle of the sea but the coast was still visible.

"Ehm" Rhett said, clearing his throat. "Interesting outfit, it's a good compromise", his eyes bright. He hugged me, moving his hand on my butt. He knew how much I like it.

Paul did the same with Lily. "I agree with Rhett. I like this outfit". 

We all sat at the table. All around us was extremely quiet, only the noise of the water splashing against the hull of the boat. I loved the peace and I shared the feeling with the group: "I could live here forever. Do we have a specific destination or we are just wandering around?".

"Well, I'd like to take you in front of a little beach reachable only by sea." Paul said "We can berth out there and if we'd like to take a walk, we go on the beach. It's an area where you can see only a few boats but they all keep fair distances. It's a sailors code to preserve the privacy but in the case one needs help, they are all close enough to help." 

We all liked the idea.

Paul added: "We'll be there in 15-20 minutes. Meanwhile you ladies can lie down in the sun on the bow deck"

We finished our breakfast chatting, joking, and laughing. We then cleared the table and I washed the dishes.

The men where chatting by the cockpit and Lily was already lying down on her back, totally naked. She was sexy. Her blonde hair spread on the towel, eyes closed, her big, soft breasts sagging, her stomach flat, a leg down and the other one slightly bent. She was completely shaved. She had her headphones on and she was jiggling her leg with the music. 

I looked at her for a few minutes. I wanted to touch her. I was getting aroused. 

I've always wanted to touch a woman. I mean... well... it's a thought I had when I was married: I was so unfulfilled back then, that I thought maybe a woman would know better how to indulge me. But I've never met a woman who can arouse me, until I met Lily. 

I spread my towel beside her and, slowly, took off my sundress, when I heard a whistle coming from the cockpit.

"Nice. Thank you!" I said, bowing, trying to cover my bashfulness.

Like Lily, my breasts were sagging, but I wasn't totally shaved: I had a reddish bush, and if anyone could see it closer, it was getting wet. Yes, this all situation was arousing. I've never been so close to a naked woman, and I've never been so in display. I closed my eyes but I knew that from the cockpit, Rhett and Paul were looking at us, and probably that was why Paul suggested the bow deck. 

Like Lily I had my headphones on and the music helped me relaxing a little. 

I don't know how much time passed because I snoozed off. I woke up when Lily touched my knee.

"Honey?" she was calling me.

"Oh. Yes?" I asked, waking up.

"Are you thirsty? I don't want you to get a sunstroke." she said.

"Thank you!" I said, sincerely pleased that she brought iced tea. "That's amazing. I am thirsty." 

Then Paul called from the cockpit: "Look ladies!", pointing to bow.

We both turned to see the coziest beach I've ever seen. Around us there were other two boats but distant enough they couldn't really see us, just the boat.

Paul killed the engine, and Rhett dropped the anchor.  

Lily got a couple of beers for them. "You're not driving anymore, so I thought you'd like a beer".

"Thank you!", replied Rhett.

Paul hugged and kissed her, with a hand on her butt, and said, "You're the love of my life".

I lay down again, on my stomach this time, without headphones, sighing. "This is the perfect place, with the perfect company. I couldn't ask for more. Thank you Paul!" I said, extremely content. 
In that moment I felt Rhett's hands spreading lotion on my shoulders, my back, down to my butt's cheeks, and my legs. He was gentle and thorough performing this task.  

"Now it's even better" I said, sighing.

Rhett lay down beside me, very close, and kissed me. His hand still on my butt.

Then that hand moved in the middle, on the crack between my cheeks, moving up and down.

I was feeling embarrassed and I whispered: "What are you doing?", opening my eyes.

"It's not my fault, you're so sexy. Look!", he whispered, nodding with his chin toward Lily and Paul beside me. 

I turned to see Paul's hand on Lily's pussy and she was panting, arching her back.

Aroused by the view, I looked at Rhett and I opened more my legs.

We whispered to each other to not disturb our friends, not sure they'd noticed us talking, though.

"My naughty girl" Rhett said "If you prefer we can go in the cabin.".

"Nope" and I closed my eyes. I then moved my hand inside his trunk to find a very aroused cock. I purred. "Mmm". 

He gently pressed a finger between my crack, sliding it up and down, from my pussy to my rosebud. 

"You're wet!" he exclaimed.

"Duh!" the teenager in me replied.

I heard bodies moving on the other side. I turned to see Paul on top of Lily. They were completely transported in what they were doing and our presence didn't bother them. I continued staring. It was so erotic to be there, watching them while Rhett was fingering my pussy. I couldn't look away, I couldn't close my eyes. I could only accept what was happening. I realized I was ready to cum, rocking my body at the rhythm of Rhett's finger, while he was kissing the back of my neck and my shoulder. I felt tears in my eyes. Not sad tears. It was the intimacy of that moment that was touching me. 

When I saw Lily cum, I came with her, gasping loudly.

Lily turned toward me to see what was happening. She had tears too. I wonder if she was feeling what I was feeling.

I felt Rhett's arm under my stomach, he was pulling me up. I know what he wanted so I complied and went on my hands and knees, I opened my legs and felt Rhett's cock entering my pussy. I closed my eyes, enjoying that electrifying sensation to be filled with his big cock. I could feel my breasts waggling, a feeling that always embarrass me but I knew he liked it. He bent down to stroke my wobbling breasts and nibbling my back. 

I wanted him to touch my clit "My clit Rhett, please".  And I felt it, a finger between my lips, gently touching my clit. But his hands were still on my breasts... I opened my eyes, I looked down and I saw a tiny, feminine hand on my pussy. I turned my had to meet Lily's eyes, filled with tears.

I closed back my eyes and lived that moment without a word. 

Rhett and I both came after few moments.

I didn't know what to do or what to say. Is there anything to say in a situation like this? Or just leave it as it is?

We lay down, my head on Rhett's shoulder, both still slightly panting. Lily and Paul in the same position. Silent between us. Not an awkward silence, not embarrassed. Just a relaxing silent, all lost in our thoughts. Rhett was caressing me.

I closed my eyes and took Lily's hand in mine. We all fell asleep then. 

I woke up hearing a tingling near my right ear, I opened my eyes to see Rhett shaking a glass filled with ice and tea. I sat up and drank that nectar of the gods. Then I kissed him, and let my tongue make love with his. His tongue his magic and when he plays that tongue on my pussy, I swear I can see the angels.

When I finished my love session with his tongue, he said, "I go get something ready for lunch".

Lily was on the cockpit with Paul. She saw me, kissed Paul and came to sit beside me and said, "I don't know what to say. I let my instinct prevail."

I immediately answered: "Hey, you don't need to explain. It was pretty obvious I had nothing to complain about." I said, giggling and hugging her shoulders. I didn't want to talk about it. I've never talked about sex in my life, I've never got "the talk" from my parents and I probably wasn't very clear with my daughter. 

But I knew Lily and I had to talk. She was just faster than me: "I know, but I think we need to talk about it before this goes too further, making us uncomfortable.".

So I made my speech: "Right. Lily, I like you, really. Earlier, I was looking at you, at your body. I've never touched a woman, but I've always wanted to. I've never met a woman that made me fantasize. And today I was imagining to touch you and to be touched by you and it was erotic." and giggling I added: "To be clear, I don't want to have sex with Paul.".

She kissed my on the cheek and said, "I've never touched a woman in my life either, but, like you, I've always been curious. I've never met a woman that aroused me. You're the first one. And like you, I don't want to have sex with Rhett".

Rhett appeared in that exact moment and chuckled: "Hey, I'm a good catch, you know?", bringing plates and silverware on the table.

Ironically, hoping to know his answer, I asked: "You'd like to have sex with Lily?" 

He looked toward the horizon, pretending to think "Actually no. No offence Lily"

"None taken", she immediately replied

Rhett continued: "The thing is that, for now, Mya is fulfilling my needs and I don't get aroused thinking about having sex with any other woman." he said. "But..." he added "but, the thought of you two together, that thing you did before to Mya, that was extremely arousing" he continued. "What do you think Paul?" he asked turning toward the chaise longue where Paul was resting. 

"I agree" he said, keeping his eyes closed, smoking his pipe "Mya, you are a sexy woman, very. And maybe, I said maybe, if I weren't married to Lily, I'd be interested in you. But Lily completes me. If you ladies want to enjoy your company, I'm ok and I'd like to be with you". Then he got up, went in front of Rhett, pointed a finger on his chest and said "And you don't get strange ideas in your head: the two of us? We are not... clear?". 

Rhett pretended to be desperate and to cry, and with this we all laughed.

After lunch we moved closer to the beach and went for a walk. There was a wood beyond the beach. As Lily and I didn't have a bathing suit, we both wore yoga shorts and a tank top for the excursion. We found a spring and went skin dipping. 

It was such a pleasure to forget all the troubled I went through in the past months, all my childhood uneasiness, and I felt free, probably for the first time in my whole life. It wasn't only Rhett who made me feeling so happy, it was the situation and our new friends.

We got back to the boat, got a quick shower, and I was in charge of the dinner. The galley was small, not too small that I couldn't have some help, but I honestly asked to have some me-time and they all complied. It's been an intense day, and I really needed to clear my mind and relive all the emotions. It was just the first of two and a half days and it wasn't finished yet.

We enjoyed the dinner. I also brought a tiramisu for dessert I made the day before at home. And with the dessert we had some Limoncello contemplating the sunset, in total silence with only the sound of the water and our breathing. Well, and some kissing now and then.

I was sharing a chaise longue with Rhett, leaning on his chest, contemplating the infinite of the horizon. He was wearing a t-shirt and shorts. I had just a long shirt to protect me from the breeze. Suddenly Rhett's hands were under my shirt, his lips against my skin, and I could feel his hard erection against the lower of my back. In that moment I felt free. My children got their own life with their partners, and I was free to chose my life, wherever it would send me, my partner, or partners. In that moment I knew I could finally be myself, and free to feel what life had in store for me. Free to love that man. 

Lily got up. She was naked and beautiful, and sexy. She walked toward me, held out her hand, I took it and got up. And we danced to the rhythm of a silent music. I leaned on her, as she did on me. I gently put out my hands and stroke her face. She closed her eyes and nestled into my hands. 

"You're way better off of it" she whispered in my ear, pulling off my shirt. And I let her do that because I could really mirror myself in her eyes. I've always been the worst critic of myself, but in her eyes I saw a different person from the one I was used to see in the mirror. I liked what I saw. I felt the need to kiss her and I let my needs and my instincts go with the flow.

Then the music changed rhythm, or it was my heart's beating that changed the rhythm, I don't know. As I said, I was following the flow of my instinct. I sat on the deck floor and pulled Lily down beside me. 

She lay down. I got on my elbow, caressing her with one hand. I started with her soft hair, the smooth skin on her cheeks. I moved my hand down on her neck and chest with the palm of my hand flat between her breasts, feeling her heart beat, following my hand with my eyes. Her eyes were closed.

"You are so beautiful and sexy" I whispered.

"Thank you. You're beautiful too." she replied.

Then I heard Paul saying, in his rusty voice: "You two make a very beautiful and sexy pair".

Keeping her eyes closed, Lily said, giggling: "We should have them pay the ticket". 

I went to stroke her breasts. "I was so eager to touch your breasts. Wow, your nipples are very sensitive." and I bent down to kiss them. Then I licked one with the tip of my tongue, and then I sucked it. It was all so new to me that I wanted to feel it deeply in my soul. I was hoping she could feel the same pleasure and peace I was feeling.

Still with one nipple in my mouth, I moved my hand on her stomach. I wanted to wait before moving further. I wanted to feel it all, with the hand and the eyes. The sky was already dark but I left the galley's light on. 

I kissed her sensual mouth, looked her straight into her eyes. Then I looked at my hand, moving down to her shaved pussy. 

"Why do you shave?" I asked curious. 

"Paul doesn't like the feeling of hair in his mouth", she replied.

I gently pushed her legs to open wider. It was an amazing sensation to touch a pussy that wasn't mine, for the first time. The feeling of my finger sliding between her lips, the wetness, it was all so erotic. 

I decided to do what I like to do to me: "Lily, I'm new at this and I hope I'm doing right. I'm doing what I like the most, if I do something you don't like or if you prefer something else, please tell me".

"You're doing just great, Keep going", she said, slightly panting.

I continued sliding my finger between her lips. At that point I was really eager to touch her inside. I gently pushed one finger inside her pussy, and in that moment I heard her gasping and she opened her legs completely. I was doing the right thing.

I pulled my finger out, then pushed in again and she followed the rhythm with her hips. I repeated adding a second finger and hooking them inside her pussy to touch her g-spot. She gasped louder and pushed her hips toward my fingers. The movement of my fingers in and out her pussy, made that wet sound that was echoing in the silence around us. That sound always embarrassed me, but in that moment was a music. Then she started stoking her breast. She was so erotic. I was so excited that I could have cum without being touched. 

There was one more thing now I wanted to try. I quietly moved my body between her legs, keeping my fingers inside her pussy and my thumb stroking her clit. When I removed my fingers she tried to protest, but stopped when she felt my nose lightly touching her pussy to smell her essence. I kissed gently. Then I spread her lips and with my tongue I started licking between those gorgeous lips. I've always wondered what is the feeling and now I was finding out. Her smell was perfect, better than mine. She tasted of a nice woman willing to cum. 

And I was there to fulfill her wish. I pushed again my fingers inside her pussy, deeper,  caressing her g-spot, at the same time, with my tongue, I was teasing her clit. That was it. She started panting faster, and faster, and gasping.

"Oh god. Yesss. Do. Not. Stop." and she pulled up her legs and started shaking. She held her breath, arched her back, and came, shaking like a earthquake inside her body, screaming, while I was inebriated with her juices.

This was incredible and I needed to cum.

Like he knew what was in my mind, in two steps Rhett was beside me, pulled me up, sat on the chaise longue, and had me straddling him. No foreplay needed, his cock entered in my pussy without any friction. He sucked my nipples while I was riding him like I was possessed. I came in few minutes, shaking and panting like never before.

I lay on him for a while. Probably I fell asleep for a few minutes. I was exhausted but happy and fulfilled.

When Rhett saw me coming back with the living, he said, "That was the most erotic scene I could ever imagine. That scene will be forever printed in my memory. Are you sure it was the first time?".

"I swear". I replied, smiling with my heart. I looked around and we were alone: "Where are they?".

"In their cabin. I think Paul needed some privacy with Lily", Rhett answered. "Do you want to go to bed?" he then asked.

"Sure. I'd love to stay here but at my age I'm afraid of the consequences". I said, giggling.

And so the weekend went with moments of total joy, relax, and good, no, very good sex. 

Sunday after lunch we headed back to the harbor and went back to our normal life. 

I felt complete.