Maid to Obey: Chapter 2


DAMIEN WAS INCREDIBLY pissed off and undeniably turned on at the same time--which was extremely confusing. On one hand, Ivy had gone on a mad rampage destroying his property. On the other, her fiery attitude and the sensual pout of her full lips made his cock throb with longing. Damien's heart pounded with a heady mix of anger and lust. What could he do with her? They were standing amidst the ruins of his backyard and he was already late getting back to the office. A deliciously wicked smirk came across his face as an idea exploded into his brain. He knew exactly how to deal with the rebellious Ivy Foster. 


IVY PURSED HER lips. Damien's sudden and decadent smile unnerved and excited her. "What are you smiling at?" She demanded. 

"Just a perfect way to punish you that will satisfy us both." He murmured, his fingers still gripping her chin roughly. 

"Satisfy us both?" Ivy laughed. "How in the flying fuck would I be satisfied by your punishment." She retorted. 

"Come with me and find out." He taunted. Ivy had to admit she was slightly intrigued. What kind of punishment of his could she possibly enjoy? 

Ivy's pulse quickened as she sat in the passenger's side of Damien's Camaro. She couldn't believe she had agreed to go with him but her curiosity had won the battle. 

"Where are we going?" She asked.

"To my office. I have a meeting that you will sit patiently through until we can further discuss the consequences of your behavior today." Damien answered, his tone even yet firm.

When they arrived, Ivy was floored. Damien's office was sleek and elegant--WHITE & ASSOCIATES-- glittered in black onyx over the secretary's desk. Ivy's eyes widened. 

The secretary. The secretary was flawless with red hair, Coco Chanel skirt suit, and Christian Louboutin heels. Ivy looked down at her grubby clothes and heat flooded to her cheeks. She felt plain and out of place. Before she could say anything Damien whisked her passed the front desk barely making eye contact. 

"Felicia, please make sure Mr. Watanabe is comfortable when he arrives." Damien instructed briskly to the woman behind the desk. The woman stood up quickly, almost knocking over her chair. 

"Sir, he's been waiting in the conference room for the past fifteen minutes." Felicia said hurriedly. Damien cursed under his breath. 

"Well tell him I'll be in shortly." He barked while escorting Ivy into his private office.

"Of course, Sir." Felicia answered dutifully. Ivy watched her as Felicia's perfectly poised figure disappeared behind a corner.

Damien closed a pair of large oak doors behind him, turning his mesmerizing gaze to Ivy. Her knees quivered slightly. Those eyes--so penetrating and merciless. She felt as though he could see straight through to her darkest desires. 

"The plans I have for you," Damien murmured softly into her ear, pinning Ivy's petite frame against the solid doors. The smell of him was intoxicating--his cologne sharp and pungent. Notes of cedar and deep current wafted around her, making her dizzy with need. The weight of him pressed against her sent her senses scattering. 

Ivy felt Damien's excitement harden against her. A tiny moan escaped her lips as his fingers drifted up her thigh. "Do you trust me?" He whispered, his lips falling gently against the slender curve of her neck. Ivy's eyes fluttered shut, lost in the intensity of him.

"Yes, Damien." She sighed, submerged under the sensual spell of his caress.

"Good." Damien said, pulling away from her. 

Ivy eyed him hungrily as she watched him move behind his enormous drafting table. He took out a small black box and set it down on the desk. Puzzled, Ivy stared at it.

"What is that?" She asked. Damien smiled.

"The first part of your punishment." He answered. Ivy scoffed.

"You're punishing me with a gift?"

"Not quite, dear Ivy." Damien said, mischief in his voice. "Open it."

Ivy reached for the box inquisitively. It was small and smooth in her hands, the heavy and expensive card stock cool to her fingers. Removing the top, revealed a silver egg nested in black velvet. "I want you to wear this inside you until my meeting is over. Please wait for me in the reception area." With those swift instructions, Damien moved toward the doors. Before closing them behind him, he turned over his shoulder. "Oh, and Ivy, don't you dare cum." The heavy oak clicked shut, leaving an aroused and slightly confused Ivy alone in the immense corner office. 

With trembling fingers, she took the egg from its packaging. It was heavier than she expected. Could she really be doing this? Would she really going to obey this ridiculous demand? She inspected the egg further. How did this thing even turn on?


DAMIEN FINGERED THE small remote in his pocket as he walked to the conference room. He smiled to himself. If Ivy actually did what she was told she would be in for quite a pleasurable surprise. 


IVY BREATHED IN deeply. What did she have to loose? Damien was incredibly sexy and she had always wondered what it would be like having his attention. Now she had it--undeniably so. The feeling was exhilarating. 

Her excitement and anticipation built shimmying out of her shorts and peeling off her thong. A sudden shiver wracked her body as the cool silver kissed her skin. Her eyes closed, letting the fullness of the egg engulf and fill her. Her pussy was soaking wet, eagerly clenching around the toy. Her breath caught as she dressed and walked to the reception area. The little egg seemed to vibrate and bounce with every step, sending shock waves of pleasure through her. Damien had warned her not to cum. She smiled deviously to herself and sat down in one of the leather armchairs. She had Damien's little game figured out. The egg only worked if she moved. If she sat quietly and patiently, so would the egg.

"Is there anything I can help you with miss?" Felicia asked, glancing up from behind her computer. 

"No, thank you." Ivy said politely, picking up a magazine. "Mr. White just asked me to wait for him." 

"Alright," Felicia replied. "But let me know if you do need something--you might be there awhile." 

"I don't mind." Ivy blushed. Let him take all the time in the world. She had accepted his challenge and now she would beat him at his own game. She smirked, hiding her face behind People. She had plenty of time to catch up on Hollywood gossip with the toy lying dormant inside her tight little slit. 

Ivy stifled a cry as the little egg suddenly awoke from its slumber. It roared to life, sending her nerves into a sensual panic. Her pussy clenched around the toy, refusing to let go as it continued it's pleasurable assault.

What. The. Fuck. Ivy's thoughts pin-balled around in her brain. How was this happening? Wasn't this just a kegal toy? The egg began to pulse now, sending shivers up her spine and waves of pleasure unfurling to her fingertips. Those fingertips were now desperately clutching her magazine in a death grip--her nerves exploding with sensation.

"Is everything okay?" A voice broke through the deafening silence. Ivy hadn't realized it but suddenly Felicia stood over her with a glass of water. "You're face looks flushed." Felicia said. "Do you need me to turn up the AC?" She asked, clear concern in her voice. Ivy blushed red even more.

"I, I-I'm fine." She stammered, lowering her eyes and crossing her legs a little tighter. "I just need some water please." She reached a shaking hand toward the crystal glass, grabbing it feverishly.

"Of course." Felicia said, walking back to her desk. 

Ivy shut her eyes tightly and sipped at her water. The toy was buzzing faster now, unrelenting and thrilling. Her breathing quickened and she ached for release. The egg was tiny but powerful, driving her to the edge. No! She clutched the glass firmly in her hand. She would not cum. She could not allow Damien the satisfaction. She would not fucking cum. Dammit she needed to cum. 

A strong hand on her shoulder suddenly pulled Ivy out of her frenzy.

"Sorry for the wait, Miss Foster," Damien looked down at her with a playful gaze. "I can see you in my office now." He plucked a trembling Ivy off the armchair and escorted her once again into his office. 


THE SIGHT OF Ivy almost unraveling with pleasure in front of Damien made his cock jump with exhilaration. She looked so fucking sexy in his office chair trying her hardest not to cum. Her defiant eyes met his. 

"You tricked me." Ivy breathed, squeezing her legs together tightly. "You had control of this stupid toy the entire time." 

"Did you cum?" He asked.

"No," She panted. "I'll never give you the satisfaction!"

Damien watched as Ivy struggled to keep her composure. He had to hand it to her. She had spirit--wild like an untamed stallion. He loved that about her. Kneeling down in front of her chair he spread her legs wide. Ivy threw her had back gasping as her control began to break. 

"Never?" He taunted. "Never is a long time." Damien teased devilishly. Removing the remote from his pocket he pushed a button. "Now, will you give me the satisfaction?" 


IVY'S STONE COLD resolve crumbled as Damien played her pussy like a well tuned instrument. Her senses spun out of control as the tiny vibrating egg drove her off the edge. She moaned as the orgasm took her, flooding her body with uncontrollable sensation.

Her outcry was swallowed by Damien's sudden kiss. Heat engulfed her lips. The sharp taste of spearmint startled her. To Ivy's surprise, she kissed him back with equal fervency, entangling her fingers in his hair. She pressed her body against him, wrapping her legs around Damien--pulling him closer.

 In a frenzy, Ivy bucked her hips against him, determined to ride out her climax as long as possible. Her pussy quivered and spasmed, and again she cried out--lost in the tingling at her core. She clung to him desperately as her orgasm ebbed, her breathing still heavy.

Damien lifted his head out of her grasp to look at her. "Did you enjoy your punishment?" He asked slyly. Ivy's heartbeat still thrummed in her chest. She held his gaze steadily.

"Yes." She whispered.

"Would you like more?" He kissed her neck, pulling his arms around her. She tightened her legs around him, refusing to let him go.

"Yes." Ivy said.