Forbidden Fantasies Inc: Taken--Chapter 1


JESSICA THORN RAISED THE GLASS of Riesling to her lips. A gush of crisp tart coolness swam over her tongue and washed down her throat. She blinked, her eyes red staring at her computer screen. When would she find someone who understood her? She thought that Mike had been the one—the one to help her unleash her darkest fantasies. 

He was strong, handsome, and everything she was looking for. Or so she’d thought. Apparently he hadn’t been strong enough to deal with her kink. She knew it was weird—more than weird—fucked up even. But she was sick of hiding from her desires, what got her hot, wet and panting. She was tired of just good sex. Why settle for good sex when she could be enjoying great sex, mind-blowing sex?

Jessica sighed. If only she could find the right person. She sniffled a bit and blotted her nose with a tissue. She read Mike’s sparse email again. It’s just not working out. No shit Sherlock. She could have told him that. Should’ve told him that. Would’ve told him that but the bastard beat her to the punch. So why was she still sitting here feeling miserable and drowning herself in wine? 

A small ping roused her from her stupor. Had Mike changed his mind? She held her breath for a moment. An email from Forbidden Fantasies Inc. popped up on Jessica’s screen. She rolled her eyes in frustration. How were these stupid porno sites getting her email address? She was about to delete the spam when something in it caught her attention. Find that special someone to free your darkest desires. 

Like a moth drawn to a flame she looked closer. She soon realized it wasn’t a pornography site. Her eyes scanned the page drinking up more information. It was a matchmaking site designed to match people by sexual compatibility.

Could this be her answer? Could she finally be free to experience her sexually charged visions unbridled, raw, and unashamed? Her heartbeat quickened. This was her chance. If this worked, she would be able to fulfill those needs that tore through her dreams and left her frenzied and frustrated. 

After answering the usual profile questions it was time to upload the dreaded profile picture. She wanted to find one that was sexy yet sensible. Guess those photos from last Halloween were out. She finally settled on a casual one. She wore a white tank top with her blond wispy hair falling in wavy strands around her shoulders. Her brown eyes sparkled brightly with a bit of mischief behind them. Perfect. 

The final thing to complete her profile was the hardest: describe her ultimate fantasy. Goosebumps suddenly crawled up her flesh. If Jessica put her kidnapping role play scenario out there, it was out there—out of her head and floating somewhere in Cyberspace for others to see. She thought hard. 

After a deep breath she clicked submit. It was done. Now came the agonizing part. The waiting. 

Determined to get her mind on something else she reluctantly pushed herself away from her desk and took her wine to the living room. She stretched out on the couch. One good perk of living alone was sole possession of the remote. Absent-mindedly she flipped through the channels. 

Crap, crap, and more crap flooded the screen. There was never anything to distract her when she actually needed distracting. 

Her inbox pinged and Jessica leapt over the couch, spilling her wine on the floor in the process. It was Forbidden Fantasies Inc. She had a match. Biting her lip in fevered anticipation she clicked the link. An animalistic moan pushed passed her lips as she took in his photo. 

Ethan Bradley was a knock out. His jet-black hair fell in jagged strokes over his forehead, just barely into his eyes. Those eyes were green as emeralds but hard as diamonds. Even through his business suite she could tell his arms were strong and muscular. She closed her eyes imagining those arms holding her down, those lips whispering urgent harsh demands into her ear while she struggled against him. God, she almost came right there—thinking of all the things this man could do to her, would do to her if this worked out.

Reading further into his profile she found Ethan was in merging and acquisitions. Jessica wanted to merge with him right now! 

An email popped up from him, causing her deliciously naughty thoughts to scatter. You free to talk? She was free to do more than talk. Can I have your number? I want to hear what you sound like. Your picture is sexy as fuck.

Should she give this man her number? She didn’t even know him. In the end eager curiosity won the battle. 

A minute later her phone rang. An excited chill sprinted up Jessica’s spine. “Hello?” She answered, surprised at the shyness in her voice. 

“Is this Jessica?” The voice on the other end of the line was deep and slightly husky. Jessica’s knees went weak and she grabbed on to a nearby chair to steady herself. This man hadn’t even touched her and he was already making her panties damp with need. 

“Yes.” She croaked, overcome by the fluid sexiness of his voice. 

“You know who this is, don’t you?” God, the tone of his voice sliced through her like warm butter. 

“Yes.” She answered again, mentally kicking herself for the wobble in her voice. 

“Good. I want you to come for me.” Jessica blinked, stunned by his blatant request. 

“Excuse me?” She gasped, a little put off by his forwardness but undeniably aroused by it as her pussy clenched in anticipation. 

“Did I stutter?” Ethan’s voice lost of that tender lilt was now strong and demanding. “You’re looking for someone who will give you no choice, make you submit to his will and ultimately you’re body’s. Is this true?” Jessica sat down fully in her chair, her legs like jelly. It was true. 

“Yes.” She said, her voice dry. 

“I want to be that someone for you, if you let me.” Ethan’s words were softer now, woven with seduction and promise. Jessica smiled into the phone, regaining her composure. 

“I’ll consider it.” She said slyly. 

“Trust me,” he said. “After I’m done with you tonight you’ll be begging me to be that guy. Now spread your legs for me.” She did as Ethan instructed. “Are those milky thighs spread?” 

“Yes.” Her voice quivered with want. 

“Good. Slide your hand into your panties and finger that soft slit.” Jessica’s face grew flushed as her fingers came away sopping slick with juices. “Are you wet?” He asked. 

“Soaking.” She replied with a breathy gasp. 

“Suck on those fingers and tell me what you taste like.” He commanded. She brought her fingers to her lips and pushed them into her mouth, dragging them over her tongue, forcing herself to taste every lingering note. 

“I taste like heaven.” She teased. His laugh made her even wetter. 

“I bet you do, Jessica. But that’s not good enough. Describe it in detail.”

“Sweet.” She said, closing her eyes and tasting herself again. “Salty and tart.” She continued. She heard Ethan groan with pleasure on the other end of the line. 

“You sound delicious.” He purred. “Now rub that cute little clit of yours.” Jessica sighed with delight at his words. This man was the one. Her mind raced as she imagined him carrying out her wicked fantasies of lust, desire, and control. 

She slid two fingers between her legs finding her tiny bud erect and engorged with sensation as she circled it with her fingertips. She moaned, tingles springing from her center, vibrating through her body. She was hot and panting, her fingers working feverishly and quickly. She bucked her hips into her palm, desperate for more friction. “Good, Jessica.” Ethan said. His breath sounded labored and staggered as she pressed the phone to her ear. “Imagine those are my fingers.” He urged. “Am I going to make you come?” A strangled cry escaped her throat as Jessica thought of Ethan’s fingers bringing her to climax. 

“Yes, you’re going to make me come!” Her ragged breath fluttered into the phone. 

“Fuck yourself.” Ethan ordered. “Fuck yourself with my fingers.” More than happy to oblige Jessica kicked her thong to the floor and plunged her fingers into her molten core. She groaned and gasped as she rode herself. “That’s it.” Ethan coaxed. “Come for me.” She couldn’t believe it. 

On his command she came. Her pussy clenched around her fingers, unwilling to let them go. Throwing her head back she cried out in pure ecstasy as pleasure swept over her like a tsunami. She shuddered and writhed in her chair, her legs splayed, fingers deep in her pulsing slit, wringing every last sensation from her orgasm until she was spent. She heard Ethan finish with a deep groan as she quivered from delightful aftershocks, letting out tiny gasps of surprised satisfaction. 

“Be that guy, Ethan.” She pleaded. “Be that guy to fulfill my fantasy.” Jessica could feel him smile through the phone. 

“I told you I’d have you begging by the end of the night. Email me your terms. Good night Jessica, I look forward to meeting you.” Before she could respond Ethan hung up, leaving her breathless in her chair. Before going to sleep, Jessica emailed him her hard limits, excitement thrumming through her. This was finally happening. Her desires were coming true. 

That night she fell asleep dreaming about surrendering to Ethan’s complete and utter control, being at his total mercy.