Forbidden Fantasies Inc: Taken--Chapter 2


VISIONS OF JESSICA WRITHING IN PLEASURE kept Ethan from sleeping. The humid Miami night stifled him, crawling over his skin as he tossed and turned under his Egyptian cotton sheets in his enormous king sized bed. His gaze drifted to the abstract painting over his immaculate mahogany dresser. Delicate curves of burgundy paint undulating and swelling across the stark white canvas, teasing and taunting—like the curves of hips, breasts, and other womanly things. Sweat rolled down his body. His blood boiled with need. It was her. She did this to him—a woman who he’d never even met. 

Whenever he closed his eyes fantasies hijacked his consciousness—that golden hair spilling over her face, back arching as she fingered herself. His dick leapt to attention at the thought. Who was he kidding? He had been hard all evening, even after jerking off to her sensual cries over the phone earlier. Enough. Time to put an end to lying awake while Jessica strutted through his head, vamping like a fucking stripper.

Throwing aside the sheets, he buried his fingers under the waistband of his briefs, eagerly grabbing himself. His cock sprang forward, warm and throbbing. His eyes wavered shut. Jessica. So beautiful. So fragile. So frighteningly vulnerable. He groaned, stroking himself softly.

In his mind he was there, watching her—her body open to all the delicious things he had planned. He knelt before her chair, prying her legs open for a taste of her sweet fruit. Her center glistened, humming with excitement. He seized her hips, locking her in a vise-like grip. Her form shuddered under his rough hold, her skin searing his fingertips as they kneaded at her luscious flesh. Her eyes darkened in surrender. There was no escaping him. His tongue ruthlessly zeroed in on the delectable bundle of nerves at the peek of her aching slit.

Ethan pumped harder into his enclosed fist as Jessica’s passionate screams tore through his memory, scorching everything in its path. She was wet and wanting. Begging him to devour more of her. Spurred by her whimpering little gasps of exhilaration he picked up the pace, his tongue fervently lapping at her clit. She thrashed beneath his unforgiving mouth as he sucked at her trembling pussy. He held her down with strong arms, forcing her to feel every moment of his dangerously wicked torture. 

Her elated squeals vibrated through him. She was close, so close. Fuck, so was he. He gripped himself roughly, driving into his palm with desperate vigor. She was so real, gasping, head thrown back as she rode his tongue, pleading for release. With a harsh groan Ethan came, his member still pulsating in his grasp. 

After wiping up his sticky mess with his briefs and tossing them in the hamper, he rolled onto his back and burned a whole in the ceiling. He couldn’t remember the last time self-gratification had felt so satisfying. If Jessica could bring him to orgasm without even being in the room, what would she do in the flesh? He was excited to find out.