In a Store's Changing Room

My name is Konstantina   I am 32 years old from Athens - Greece (sorry if my English aren’t good enough). I am single and my passion is the red high hill shoes. I am 1,77m tall with round ass, small tits and always horny hard nipples.  I am just a little curvy  J , and I am also Bi. My hairs are long brown.

I recently had a small accident and I follow some physiotherapy. Due to that I need to hold someone’s shoulders in order to dress or undress if I am not sitting on a chair.

Last week I felt the need to go buy some underwear from a topic cloth store. In order to be able to wear easily the new underwear in stores change room I didn’t wear any of mine, just my summer dress   and my red high hill shoes.

The store was about to close so I new that the door will be locked behind me temporarily.

When I came to store I ask the 2 girls there (31 and 27 years old), to give me a red and a black string underwear to wear in the change room (luckily big enough change room)

But I needed help so I explained the circumstances to them and ask for help.

Girls gladly accepted to help me.

The 3 of us went in the changing room. They untie the small ropes of my dress and when my dress fell down they surprised see me completely naked with my high hill shoes on.  My heart biting was unbelievable fast…One of the girls named Eleutheria, smiled, took the red underwear and tried to wear it to me very slowly… The other girl – Niki touched slightly her breast and continued looking at me. Eleutheria’s face was so close to my pussy, that I felt her hot breath…

Without fear she put her hand inside my new underwear slowly but determined grabbed my pussy. Niki, put her shirt and her bra off and slightly put her hand inside my underwear and started using her finger gently with cycle moves but without penetration in my asshole.  I was so horny… we played like this for 4 or 5 minutes, then Niki ask me to lick her middle finger. After licking it she licked it too and put it very gently inside my asshole. I enjoyed that mutual masturbation so much. Girls fucked me with their hands unbelievable good, as I never fucked before. Every night since then we sleep together and fucking each other in Eleutheria’s home.