The Lady Across the Street

Carrie was 42, a beautiful dark haired Italian woman with big breasts and a lovely ass.  We lived across the street from her and  was married with two children.  I was good friends with her son Rob who was my age and their daughter Tina.  Carrie and her family moved in when I was thirteen and her son and I became fast friends.  I spend a lot of time at their house and became part of the family.  

When I turned 14 and got my driver's permit Carrie always invited me to go along with her to the store and drive her  Chevy Corvair.  When I wasn't driving her she would give me the keys and let practice parking and three point turns in the street in preparation for taking my driver's license test.  

I enjoyed the great food she would make and our families got along great.  For years Carrie always teased me about marrying her daughter, but Tina was five years younger than I.  Whenever I would come over Carrie would always greet me with hug and a kiss on the cheek.  

It was 1967, I turned 18, and had just graduated from high school and was getting ready to go to college.  It was a Friday afternoon and I had just finished cutting the lawn at my house.  I notice Carrie across the street trying to start her power lawn mower.  She tried over and over again but it just wouldn't start.  I went over and adjusted the choke just a bit and it started right up.  Carrie was grateful and for some reasons I decided I would mow the lawn for her.  

I finished the front  yard and went around to the back.  I finished and put the lawn mower in the garage.  Before I could leave Carrie called me up the the door.  "How about some lemonade and cookies?" she asked.  She was a marvelous cook and baker so I agree readily. 

We sat down on the couch in the living room eating cookies and drinking lemonade.  The kids were gone for the weekend and her husband, Al, who was a fireman, was at work and would not be back until tomorrow.  We talked about college and that she would miss seeing me on a regular basis.  I told her I'd be home for breaks and the summer.  She told me that I had grown into a handsome young man.  I blushed.  I was getting ready to leave when when she grabbed by hand and asked me to stay a while longer.  I had always like Carrie and so I stayed.  

She moved a bit closer to me on the couch and as we chatted she put her hand on my knee.  Nothing out of the ordinary as she was a very touching kind of person.  She talked to me about girls and girlfriends and suddenly she kissed me.  It was a soft, almost motherly kind of kiss but it was right on the lips and not the cheek like she usually did.  I was a bit shocked but I did  enjoy the kiss.  

I looked at her not really understanding what the kiss was all about until she stroked my cheek and said, "I think one day you are going to make some young woman very happy."  I thanked her and she kissed me again.  This time I felt her tongue on my lips and wasn't quite sure what to do.  

As she put her arms around me I just naturally held her and my mouth opened just slightly and she pressed her tongue into my mouth.  We kissed like that for quite a while and I felt an erection popping up in my jeans.  I wasn't sure what to do.  Here was this beautiful. older woman and we're kissing while sitting on her couch.  

She finally broke the kiss and said, "Why don't you come to my bedroom so we can make love."  I didn't know what to say.  She was married, mom of one of my best friends, yet she was beautiful.  Before I could say anything she leaned in, licked my ear and asked, "Is this your first time?"  

I nodded and she whispered, "Don't worry I'll tell you everything you need to do."  She kissed me again and then stood offering me her hands.  I stood up as if in a trance.  She took me by the hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom.  She put her hand on my back, ushered me in, and then shut the door.  I turned around and we put our arms around each other and kissed.  It was amazing.  Deep, tender, passionate, arousing, and gentle all at the same time.  My head was swimming and all I could do was feel the warmth of her kiss the my erection pressing against the front of my pants.  

We kissed like that for a while and then she looked at me, smiled, and said, "Undress me."  I blushed and laughed nervously.  My hands trembled as I reached for the buttons on her sleeveless blouse.  It seemed like to took me forever to get the buttons on done.  She caressed by cheek once again and said, "Now slip it off my shoulders."  I did and then she took her blouse from hands and threw it on a chair.  The white bra was a stark contrast to her olive colored skin.  She leaned in and we kissed.  

After a while she said, "Kiss my neck and shoulders."  I kissed her and she sighed softly.  Her skin was warm and damp and she tasted delicious.  I don't know how long I kissed her but I would have done it all afternoon if she had asked me.  She then turned and said, "Unclasp my bra."  I did as she said.  She took it from my hands and threw it on the chair with her blouse.  

She turned to me and smiled.  Her breasts were beautiful.  Olive skin, large, with lovely thick, elongated nipples.  She smiled and said, "Do you like?"  "They are beautiful," I replied.  She cupped them in her hands and offered them to me.  

"Touch them."  I reached out and gently replaced her hands with mine.  I just held them, like holding and expensive artifact or beautiful piece of jewelry.  They were smooth and warm.  I just held them.  We looked into each other's eyes and she smiled.

"Kiss them."

I lowered my head and kissed each one.  Then back to the first and then to the second.  Up and back.  My erection straining against the front of my jeans.  It was like worshipping a holy relic.  I ran my tongue around each nipple and she moaned.  I licked again and she moaned again.  I put her right nipple in my mouth and I sucked on it gently.  Her arms went around my head and she held me close.  I suck gently on her, afraid I might hurt her.

She released her hold and I moved to her left breast.  As i put her nipple into my mouth she held me close once again.  She began to run her fingers through my hair.  It felt so wonderful and then she released my head.  She took my hand and led me to the bed.  She sat down and lifted her foot.  

"Take my sandal off."  I undid her sandal and notice the print pinch nail polish on each toe.  I held her sandal in one hand and her foot in the other.  Her foot was beautiful.  "Kiss it."  I bent down and kissed each toe and then kissed up to her ankle.

She held up her other foot and I repeated the process only this time I ran my tongue around each toe.  She lay back on the bbed and said, "Take my shorts off."  I undid the snap, lowered the zipper and then as she lifted her hips I slid her shorts off.  I put them on the chair and came back.  Her hands were back behind her head and I just gazed at this beautiful woman.  

She wore white panties and I could see her thatch of dark hair behind the panties.  She lifted her legs and said, "Take my  panties off."  I reached up and carefully took them off and placed them on the chair with the rest other clothing.  I came back and she smiled, "Have you ever seen a naked woman before?"  

"Only pictures," I replied.  

She smiled and said, "Take off your clothes and let's make love."  

I just about tore my clothes off afraid she'd change her mind before I got dressed.  I stood naked in front of her my erection hard and pointing to the ceiling.  She said up, reached out and cupped my balls.  She ran ran her fingertip up to the end of my cock.  I nearly came.  

She smiled and said, "So handsome."  She scooted up on the bed and patted the spot next to her.  "Come, let us get comfortable."  I climbed in the bed and we wrapped our arms around each other and kissed.  It was a long, deep passionate kiss.  I could feel my erection pressing into her lower tummy.  I would have loved to have stayed there forever.  

She broke the kiss and asked if I had ever made love to a woman before.  I blushed and said no, that this was a first for me and that I really didn't know what I was supposed to do.  She smiled and gave me a quick kiss on the mouth.  She told me she would help and guide me for this first time.  

"I cannot speak for all women, but I can tell you that I enjoy lots of kissing.  And while kissing, lots of caressing of neck, shoulders, back, ass, and upper thighs."  

Then she gave me along deep kiss and as she did she ran her hands up and down my body from neck to thighs.  I followed her lead and ran my fingertips over her sleek smooth body.  She felt so warm and soft.  And as we kissed and caressed by cock got harder and harder.  

As a normal, healthy teen ager I had done lots of masturbating but nothing had ever made me as hard as I was at that very moment with Carrie.  

We parted lips as she said, "When making love to a woman, it is not a race to the finish.  Take your time, explore her body.  Take it slow and easy.  Caress her, kiss her, lick her, and suck on her.  Make her feel special.  Women love to be kissed and licked everywhere.  I will show you."  She then gently rolled me on my back.  She began to kiss my ears, my neck and my shoulders.  As she did I lightly stroked her back.  

As she kissed me her fingertips glided across my body and when she lightly traveled over my nipples I about exploded.  Until that moment I had never realized how sensitive a man's nipples could be.  I made a mental note that the next time I masturbated I would lightly caress my nipples.  

She then lowered her head and kissed, licked, and sucked on my nipples.  The pleasure was unbelievable.  I was leaking like crazy and and would have given anything to cum at that moment.  She went on like that for quite some time and then rolled over on her back and invited me to pleasure her.  

I gently began to kiss her neck and shoulders.  I whispered in her ear how beautiful she was.  As I kissed her neck and shoulders I began to caress her breasts.  They were large and her nipples were rock hard like tiny cocks.  As I kissed her I flattened out my hand and lightly ran it around her nipples.  She moaned with pleasure and I kept it up.  She ran her fingers through my hair as I  kissed my way down her chest to her breasts.  

I covered them with kisses and then she held me in her arms as I gently sucked on her nipples.  I felt like a baby cuddled up and nursing from his mama's breast.  She then offer me her other breast and I kissed and sucked it as well.  She held me close and I felt both aroused and safe at the same time.  After a while she pulled me up and kissed me.  We caressed each other as we kissed and I didn't ever want it to end.  

Finally she rolled me on my back, put her head on my chest and began to lightly caress and stroke my cock.  She played with the large bead of precum that had formed on the tip.  She then shifted her attention to my balls and lightly ran her fingertips over them.  She cupped them, caressed them, and told me the a handsome young man I had become. 

She alternated between stroking my cock and playing with my balls.  She then kissed her way down my body and kissed the tip of my cock.  I gasped out loud.  She then put her lips around my cock and began to suck on me as she played with my balls.  It didn't take long and I told her to stop or I would cum.  She took her mouth off of me and kissed her way back up.  

She kissed me and told me that she enjoys having a man cum in her mouth but that this first time she wanted me to cum in her pussy.  She then told me about making love to her pussy.  How to finger it, kiss it, and lick it.  She then instructed me to get between her legs.  

I moved down her body and got between her legs.  She pulled her legs up and planted her feet on the mattress.  She put her hands down and spread her lips.  Her pussy was beautiful  Rich, thick, dark hair surrounded the most beautiful object I had ever seen.  I could see those beautiful wet pink lips, her open pussy and her anal opening.  

She ran her fingertips up and down the lush pinkish born outer lips.  Then the inner decimate lips and then her clit.  She rand her fingertip around her clit showing me how to caress the bud and how to kiss, lick, and suck on it.  I listened carefully to her.  

She then put her finger inside of her and explained who to finger a woman.  She then pulled her finger out and held it up to my lips.  It was wet with her juices.  She told me to open my mouth and I receive her finger.  The scent and the taste were nothing like I had ever experienced before.  Her scent was very strong and musky like a lingering perfume.  Her juices were delicious and I knew I would want taste any woman I was ever with.  

She then explained to me that she liked to be fingered and licked at the same time and that eventually she would cum.  She said she would be moving her hips up and down and would moan a lot but not to worry because it was all part of her orgasm.  She smiled, stroked my head, and blew me a kiss.  

I lowered my head a gave her clit a soft gentle kiss.  She sighed softly.  I then lowered my head and stuck out my tongue.  I licked slowly from her anus to her clit.  Very slow and she told me that it felt wonderful.  I kept doing that and as I did her moans of pleasure increased.  

I don't know how long I licked her like that but she finally moaned put your finger in me and just lick my clit.  I did as I was instructed.  I circled her clit, licked it up and down, and side to side.  I kept alternating as I slowly moved my finger in and out of her pussy.  As I licked she would tell me to lick slower, or faster, or what direction.  She would tell me to press my finger up into the "roof" of her pussy as I fingered her.  

I did this for quite a while and then she moaned to lick faster.  I did and I pressed my finger up into her.  She close her thighs around my head.  Let a long moan and said, "I'm cuming."  She lifted her hips up and down off the bed.  As he grunted and moaned in pleasure.  It was amazing.  I never felt so good about doing something.  Finally she slowed down and just totally relaxed.  She filled my mouth with her juices and I loved the way she tasted.  I slowly pulled my finger out and licked it clean  I just lay down there and would put some kisses on her hairy pussy.  

She finally told me to slide up next to her.  She kissed me as we hugged and she told me I had really made her feel good.  She told her orgasm was wonderful and that now it was my turn.  She told me to get between her legs once again with my cock down by her pussy.  She pulled her legs apart, reached down and guided my erection into her warm, wet pussy.  Once she got me part way in she removed her hand, put both hands on my hips and pulled me all the way in.  

I cannot describe how wonderful it felt.  Unless you have been there,  you just can't know how good it felt.  She put her arms and legs around me and told me not to move.  We just lay there like that for a while as we kissed.  The smell of sweat and sex was in the air.  

Finally she told me to pull out a little bit and then push back in.  I did as she said.  It was divine.  Oh my it felt simply wonderful.  It did not take me long and soon my hips were pumping in and out of her as fast they could.  Then I gasped for air and came in her.  The feeling was pure bliss.  I got done and we just lie there coupled together until I slid out of her.  

I rolled off of her and we cuddled together, kissing and caressing.   We talked about other ways to make love; about oral sex, and even anal sex.  Finally it was time for me to go.  We got dressed and chatted and giggled like kids and then we got to her front door she kissed me and said, "I'd like to see you some more."  I told her that anytime she was free I was there for her

I left and hoped I could mow her lawn again soon.