The Other Job - New Employee

'Greetings Amelia

We have a new male employee, Rico, who we need to ensure is up to our standards. If you're available, we'd like you to meet him at the Riveria hotel on the weekend and put him through his paces. Your wishes are his command.'

One night with a personal sex slave? Oh, this job just has the best perks. At the very least the people Exclusive Escorts hire tend to be attractive, and the photo attached to this text is certainly that. He's probably about my age, and muscular and completely hairless apart from his eyebrows, with olive skin, square jaw, and smokey brown eyes. Unfortunately, the photo is from his waist above, so I'll only get to see what's down below on the weekend.

* * *

I kick back in the hotel room, relaxing on the bed as I sip on a glass of complimentary shiraz. If only Rico had been waiting for me too. Oh well, I'm sure he'll be here soon enough. Plus, it's nice to just kick back and have a moment all to myself. A moment spent wondering what this impending encounter will be like. I've only seen a photo of Rico, and even then, I've only seen half of what I want to see.

The only thing that breaks my little day dream bubble is a text. Picking it up, I find a message from the man of the hour: 'I'm here'

'come on in. I'm in the bedroom'

I spend the next few seconds in a staring contest with the door, before the doorknob twists. It then opens, revealing Rico behind it. He's wearing jeans, a white button-up shirt, and a confident smile.

"Hello there." I say.

"Amelia." He says with a thick accent. Maybe South American, but certainly as foreign as it is sexy.

"You must be Rico?"

"Yes, that's me."

"Well, what are you waiting for?" I look directly into his eyes. "Strip."

Fuck it feels good to be issuing commands like that. Most girls are gonna pay for this experience, but I'm lucky enough to be getting paid for it. My escort for tonight nods before unbuttoning his shirt. Whilst I finish off my wine, I watch him open up his top. He then throws his shirt open, puffing his chest out to flaunt his chiseled body. As his top falls to the ground, Rico reaches for his belt buckle.

"Mhmm... I waiting all week to see what you have under there."

"I think it'll be more than enough." He replies.

Rico proceeds to throw his belt away, before shaking his hips as he yanks his pants and underwear down, freeing his throbbing erection. As expected, he's packing a rather lengthy cock, but I do my best to hide any enthusiasm. I mean, I am here to test him.

"Hmm... Seen bigger." I try my best to sound judgmental, but he doesn't seem to falter.

Instead, his smile grows. "Trust me, it'll be enough for tonight."

I shrug. "Fair enough. Anyway, I'm more worried about something else right now. See, I've been on my feet all day, and I'd kill for a massage."

"Your wish is my command, Amelia."

I scoot to the edge of the bed and stick my feet out. Ever obedient, my escort gets down on his knee and begins to rub my right foot. As he does so, I say "You have very strong hands."

"Thank you Amelia."

Gotta admit he's not half bad at this. He's definetely had some practice massaging. Maybe even a little bit of training. Whatever the case, I might just have to make this a regular thing. Then again, that'll depend on where the rest of this night goes.

After a minute or so, his hand moves to my left foot, so I say "So I'm guessing you've done this before?"

Rico nods. "A few times, yeah."

"Mhmm, you trained in massage?"

He shrugs. "Well I guess you could say I've had a lot of practice."

"Ohh... Either way its working."

"Do you want me to massage more of your body?"


With a smile, I hold out my empty glass. "I think I could do with some more wine, actually."

Nodding, Rico says "Sure."

He then walks out of the room, so I slip out of my dress. When he comes back, he gawks at me for a second, to which I say "Never seen a woman naked before?"

"Heh... Just wasn't expecting it just yet."

"Isn't that what we here for?"

"I suppose it is."

He hands me my glass, for which I thank him. After a sip, I say "How about you rub my legs now?"

"Your wish is my command."

Rico goes down on his knees and begins rubbing my legs. As he does so, I coo "Oh how I wish my husband would touch me like this."

If my words affected Rico in any way, he didn't show it. That's good, as there will be plenty of that sort of talk in this line of work. I continue to indulge in my wine and his hands as they glide up to my thighs. Fuck, all I want to do is tell him to touch me there, but have to maintain control. At least it's be torture for him as well, judging by the look in his eyes.

I gulp down the last of my wine before saying "Now, how about you rub my back?"


Again, any sign of discomfort is absent from Rico. Instead, he stands up, putting that big hard dick of his right in front of his face. I'm half tempted to get on my back and let him get to work, but not yet. As he walks around, I try to tell myself that all this wait will be worth it. Once he's behind me, he puts his strong hands on my shoulders and begins rubbing.

"Mhmm... That's what I needed." I coo.

"Glad I can be of help, Amelia."

I look back at him. "You know, I don't think I've kissed you yet."

"We can change that if you want?"


He leans over so I go in for the kiss. His lips are perfectly soft and we exchange kiss after kiss. Fuck... I can't take it anymore. Not when I'm alone and naked with this Hispanic hunk. I need him more than anything. His barrage of kisses keeps interrupting me, until he takes the hint, allowing me to say the words I am desperate to speak: "Take me Rico."

Upon hearing my words, Rico grabs one of my breasts and snakes his other hand to my slit. As he rubs my sex, he leans into my ear and whispers "How do you like it?"

"Ahh... However you want."

"Mhmm. Let's make sure you're nice and ready first."

His finger continues to rub my clit as he kisses my neck. As he does so, I coo "Don't leave a lovebite. I-I...I've got a meeting tomorrow."


"Plus, I can't have my husband finding out."

"Let's not worry about him."

He then sinks a finger inside of me, to which I gasp. As he rubs inside of me, I moan "I want something bigger there."

"That can be arrange, Amelia."

His finger retracts from my pussy, and then both of his hands grip my hips. Those strong arms then lay me on my side, to which he asks "This okay?"


Rico then lifts one of my legs up, giving his sizable cock access to my slit. It presses against the lips of my entrance as he says "Your eyes are so beautiful."

I bite my lip. "So are yours."

Finally, he presses inside of my craving channel. In reaction, I grasp the bedsheets and let out a moan that is soon muted by his lips kissing mine. His thrusts start tender as he gently glides a hand against my belly and towards my clitoris. I find myself lost in his arms, and his lips, and of course, his cock, which plows me at an ever-increasing rate that causes our lips to part.

"Fuck... Harder."

Rico obliges my demand. "Yeah? You like that?"

I nod as I feel myself become near overwhelmed by everything he's doing. I don't know and I don't care how, but he's got me on the brink of a climax. My hands clench up into firsts as I grit my teeth, through which I say "Keep going..."

Then my building orgasm hits me like a sledgehammer. My body goes limp as bliss takes over, causing my body to tremble. I can hear Rico breathing on my neck heavily, but I didn't feel him unload just yet. I feel him slide out of me, and then kiss my neck before he rolls me onto my back. Now on top of me, he begins kissing his way down my chest and towards my slit.

"Oh Rico." I coo.

"Oh, I'm just getting started Amelia."

He then plants his lips on my other 'lips'. That tongue of his works his magic on my clit, so I lean back and let out a loud moan. His fingers then sink inside of me and begin searching for my spot. As soon as he finds it, my legs jolt. He continues to work his magic on me as I moan his praise. Most guys wouldn't be able to control themselves, but then again, Rico will be paid to be better, and so far, he's worth every cent.

"Oh my God... Just like that Rico."

Once again, he has me weak, my legs trembling in anticipation. Soon my body follows, pulsating with pleasure as my second climax ripples throughout me. As soon as it subsides, I find myself staring at the ceiling as I catch my breath. Rico soon enters my eyesight, now looming over me.

"Ready for more, Amelia?"

"Oh Rico... I don't want this to ever stop."

"Heh... All good things must come to an end."

Rico's cock enters me for a second time, and he begins thrusting. I snare him in my legs to make sure he can't go anywhere. Tonight, he's all mine, and I'm going to take advantage of every second of that. As he thrusts, we lock eyes. His face wears a smile, but that soon turns into determination as he picks up the pace. Sweat pours down his face as lustful cries pour out of my mouth.

It's not long before I feel a familiar, but nonetheless welcome sensation of tension in my body.

"Ahh... I'm fucking cumming."

"I'm gonna cum too." He growled.

My legs squeeze on him tighter. "Don't you dare fucking stop."

A few thrusts later, and I find myself shuddering just before Rico pulls out. He then spurts his load onto my belly. Now spent, he crashes down on the bed next to me and starts catching his breath.

"Well... That was worth every cent." I sigh, not having paid a dime for a priceless experience.