Eden Beach: Caribbean Erotica - The Aloha Herb Departure

Waking up to the sound of the ocean surf, my eyes opened to a ceiling fan and morning sunrise. Moving my head slightly, I was experiencing a mild headache that was a result of our final night of celebrating and drinking at the Eden Beach Resort. Actually, from what I can recall now, both she and I had way too much to drink last night. Once getting up and having a couple of cups of coffee, the effects of too much drinking would slowly diminish. With just a white bed sheet partially covering our naked bodies and looking at her, she was in a deep sound sleep. She was nuzzled up to me on my side with one arm across my chest and one leg draped over my thigh. Both our bodies and bed sheets had sand and wet spots. As I looked up at the spinning ceiling fan, I noticed we had turned off the air conditioner sometime during the night. Looking down into our living room area of the suite, we had also left the sliding glass doors wide open during the night. Because it was an unusually warm humid night that had carried over into the morning, both she and I were mildly perspiring while laying in bed. So I would not wake her, I softly and slowly moved off the bed. Putting on my white linen shorts, I walked down into the living room area where the coffee maker was located. While making my first cup of coffee and looking around the suite, I saw our clothes we were wearing from last night were tossed about. Vaguely remembering our evening, I was feeling light soreness in my legs and abdominal area as if I had an intense workout. Since the time of our initial extramarital affair to this incredible ten-day vacation on Antigua, the culmination of our sexual encounters as a couple have varied from spontaneous to animalistic to intimate love making. Over the past ten days, we have mutually released our pent-up fantasies, inhibitions, and experimentation between a man and a woman without boundaries or limitations. Reflecting to last night’s events as to what was coming back to me, we had engaged in an intense, physical, and animalistic sexual happenstance to end our vacation.

Taking my cup of coffee, I walked out into the sunshine, onto the beach, and down to the shoreline. The morning was still warm and humid from the night before with a slight breeze coming off the tropical ocean. It did not take long for beads of sweat to start streaming down my tanned body from the heat of the sun. As I sipped my coffee, the recollection to last night’s events started to come into focus with the both of us meeting up with Thomas and Tori and James and Erin at the resort’s bar happy hour. Starting from that time, the only way I could really define and describe our sexual behavior for the evening was nymphomania. For us, it was our last night at the resort. The other couples still had a couple of days remaining before they had to end their vacations. Thomas and Tori were the last couple to arrive at the bar. As we drank margaritas, joked, laugh, and talk, Tori excitedly told us she wanted us to try something she got while she and Thomas were shopping in the island’s shopping district. Because she was looking for something risqué to wear on the beach for Thomas, the store clerk told her about an island herb that native islanders use as an aphrodisiac that enhances and intensifies erotic romantic moods for couples. For natives, it is mostly used for couples who want to start having children. Erin asked how the herb works. Tori said as it was explained to her, a small dash of the herb is sprinkled onto a drink. Once taking the herb, within thirty to sixty minutes, you become extremely horny. Wanting to have sex all night long. Looking at Thomas, James, and myself, Tori said, “The clerk also told me this was an herbal version of Viagra.” Of course, Erin asked if she was able to get any of this herb. Tori commented, “What do you think?” as she pulled out a small glass container of the herb having the appearance of ground pepper.

She and I along with Thomas and James had our doubts about this herb Tori was talking about. Both Tori and Erin were eager to give it a try as Tori proceeded to sprinkled some of the herb onto her and Erin’s drink. Tori commented, “I want to see if this stuff really works.” Holding up the little glass container, she added, “You guys want to give this stuff a try? If it works, imagine what kind a night we’ll have in the bedroom.” Looking at her and then to the other couples with a smile, I told Tori, “Um, we haven’t had a problem with that department since being here. Trust me.” After her persistence, Tori convinced us to give the herb a try. Sprinkling the herb on top of our drinks, she added a little extra to Thomas’s drink. Giving a convincing chuckle to Thomas, she stated, “Baby, tonight I want you to be a bull in the bedroom and in between the bed sheets!” Thomas replied with a light laugh, “Honey, I planned on doing exactly that tonight and some so don’t you worry!” We all continued to drink margaritas, talk, and laugh as we watched the hot tropical sun begin to set. We all agreed to have dinner together. While seated for dinner and drinking wine, all of us became much more relaxed and open with our conversations about our intimate and sexual exploits while on vacation. Although all of us were feeling the effects from all the drinks we had, I began feeling a blissful sexual euphoria unfurl throughout my body. As we looked at one another over the conversation, I was increasingly becoming hornier and hornier for her body. At the same time, I was experiencing this incredible sensation, my cock was becoming engorged in length and thickness. I did not have a complete erection but because of my horniness and where I was not wearing any underwear, I did have a noticeable outline of my cock on upper pant leg along my inner thigh.

As we continued to converse with one another over dinner and wine, she had unnoticeably leaned into me whispering into my ear, “You have no idea how badly I want your dick deep inside me. I’m so fucking horny!” At the same time, she was whispering in my ear, one of her hands was under the table stroking the outline of my cock causing me to become fully erect and hard. I whispered back to her, “You’re going to get it real hard and deep tonight, baby!” Whispering again, “I take it the herb is working on you too?” Giving me a quick craving glare and smile, she nodded her head in the affirmative. Still seated at the table drinking wine and coffee, I moved one of hands under the table and then under her long skirt rubbing her inner thigh causing her too inconspicuously and slowly spread her thighs outward. Moving my hand slowly up towards her pussy, I felt her leg muscles tightly constrict. My fingers began to tantalize the outside of her thong covering her labia. I felt her give off a couple of quick quivers of arousal as my fingers worked around her thong. She said to me with a light laugh, “Honey, will you excuse me. I need to use the restroom. Way too many margaritas and wine.” She got up from the table and walked to the restroom as we continued to talk and laugh. I let a minute pass and got up from table excusing myself in order to use the restroom. I was fortunate the restaurant had romantically dim lighting helping in shrouding my semi hard bulge.

As I got to the men’s restroom, I noticed the women’s restroom door partially open. She poked her head out quickly looking around and then grabbed the sleeve of my shirt and pulled me into the restroom. As she locked the door, I was getting instantly hard knowing she wanted to get laid in the worst way even if it was for a couple of minutes. Turning to me, she immediately went down on her knees while at the same time, feverishly untied the drawstring and unbuttoned my pants. Because of the excitement of sexual spontaneity coupled with our extreme horniness, as my pants opened up, my hard cock popped right out vertically erect. She immediately engulf my rock-hard cock into her mouth fanatically sliding her lips and tongue back and forth on my shaft causing me to tremble from the sexual intensity. Guiding her head with my hands as she slobbered all over my shaft for about thirty seconds, I motioned her up off the floor, turned her so her back side was against the bathroom vanity. I lifted her up onto the vanity, pulled up her skirt, moved her thong to the side, and guided the large deep red head of my rock hard cock directly into her pussy. Both her labia and clitoris were so moist and hot as I descended deeply into her. As I plunged my cock all the way into her, she drove the heels of her feet into my buttocks while firmly grabbing my buttocks with her hands forcefully thrusting me in towards her taking all my length and girth. In striking her cervix, she let out a loud grunt and moan. Thrusting in and out of her, she was biting down on my collarbone and in a quiet labored whimper, she said, “Oh!...My!...God!....I’m cumming!” For about a minute and a half to two minutes breathing heavily as our loins slapped against one another, we were engaged in pure unadulterated and animalistic fucking. For the both of us, we were so enraptured into the moment.

Realizing we would need to return to our dinner with Thomas, Tori, James, and Erin, we paused for a moment catching our breaths. My hard cock was still inside her hot, moist, and velvety pussy sexually goading me to start thrusting in and out of her again. She quietly and inquisitively asked, “You haven’t cum yet, have you?” I replied back, “Not even close. Damn, that herb works real well.” Knowing full well, we were going to be interrupted and we were gaining some of our composure back, I pulled my hard cock out of her in order to calm down before pulling my pants back up. I said to her, “Babe, this is going to be one of those nights for the books!” She said, “I sure as hell loved it! It took some of the edge off of me but I’m still real horny honey.” I told her I was too. We were almost finished with dinner with the other couples so we could head back to our place sooner to really finish what we started. She hopped off the counter of the vanity. We quickly cleaned up, straightened up our clothes, and went back to our table. I was able to get my cock to a semi hard state but my bulge was not as subdued as it was when I left the table. A little more pronounced. We got back to the table to finish our wine and coffee. As we sat there, I could not help notice how much more discrete but provocative fondling both Tori and Erin were doing with their hands and legs to Thomas and James. They both had this provoking glare when looking at Thomas and James beckoning to be intimately ravaged and defiled by their manhood repeatedly. I sensed they were feeling the same effects both she and I were feeling from the herb Tori shared with all of us. Once finished with our dinner and leaving a generous tip for the wait staff, we walked over to the open-air bar as soft Caribbean music played in the background. Being on the deck by the beach feeling the gentle breeze come in from the ocean, it was a warm and humid evening. Being out in the open air, I was also feeling another effect from the herb with an enhanced body heat. I asked her if she was feeling the same. She told me she was feeling the same effects which was only intensifying her horniness and desire to be desecrated repeatedly all over her body.

We continued with drinking margaritas and added a couple of shots of tequila for good measure as we danced, talked, and laughed. Our conversations were openly loose between the combination of drinking and the added herb discussing our past and present promiscuity, desires and sexual indiscretions. All of us were experiencing elevated heights of the aphrodisiac as the ladies were making teasing and hinting comments. I was becoming overwhelmed with sexual horniness as was she by the way she was gazing at me, licking her lips, and seeing her hands massaging her upper inner thighs over her skirt. I could not help notice her tanned erect nipples pressing against her tight shirt. I took her hand and we got up from the table. Although I was not completely erect, my cock had become engorged like I have never seen it before. I had distinctive outline in my groin and upper thigh area that both Tori and Erin noticed when we stood up. I told the other couples we were going back to our suite. Without hesitation, Thomas and James took Tori and Erin’s hand and got up from the table saying they thought that was a good idea. Of course, all of us were feeling mildly inebriated from our drinking by our laughing and joking. We left the bar walking down the footpath leading back to our suites having a slight unsteadiness in our gait. Strolling along the footpath feeling an increased sense of erotic euphoria, there was no shrouding the physical flirting each of us doing. Coming to James and Erin’s suite first, before getting our good byes out, they both invited us in for one final nightcap at their suite. Being it was around 10:00 p.m. and as eager as she and I were to get back to our suite for what I suspected was going to be a marathon session of sucking, licking, and fucking, we accepted their offer as did Thomas and Tori.

James and Erin’s suite was different from ours as it was a somewhat secluded honeymoon suite that was not directly on the beach but had a large open patio area with their own plunge pool. Off to the side of the small bar was an oversized two person cushioned chaise lounge for both sun tanning and sleeping. The layout of the suite was quite impressive with all amenities being oversized. On the dimly lit patio, James poured all of us one last drink to end our evening. Being surprising illuminating with their body language and movement, Tori and Erin continued with their individual and indiscriminate touching and stroking of Thomas and James easily causing both to revealing outlines of bulging hard-ons on their shorts and pants. Then again, Thomas and James were not being shy as to where their hands wondered when reciprocating the touching and caressing of Tori and Erin’s bodies. Both she and I were aroused as to what we were watching at the same time not holding back at our very own caressing, kissing, and petting. With her back to my chest, she was slowly gyrating and grinding her firm buttocks against my groin feeling the effects of an enlarging hard penis. Returning the favor of being physically teased, my open hands slowly moved from her waist down to her upper inner thighs, my fingertips following the outline of her thong. This of course caused her to slightly spasm with excitement, whispering to me, “Damn, you know how to turn a woman on!”

Continuing with drinking our cocktails, the conversation became quite sexually taunting with laughter and provocative innuendos between ourselves. Erin and Thomas commented how the herb we all ingested not only enhanced their horniness but also amplified their hormones like they never experienced before. I added if everyone was feeling mildly warm from inside coupled from warmth and humidity of the outside. Everyone expressing in agreement while giving uninhibited gazes to one another sparking an impulsive reaction by all of us. James put his drink down on the bar stating, “I don’t know about you guys, but I can no longer resist”, took Erin’s hand and walked her over to the plunge pool. As he was unbuttoning her shirt, they embraced in a kiss causing each of them to frantically pull each other’s clothes off groping and stroking each other’s loins as they got naked. Still kissing as Erin was stroking his hard-on and James was fingering her pussy, they walked down the steps into the pool where Erin wrapped her legs around James’s waist, pressing against his groin, and sliding her aching pussy onto his erect cock. James arched his back forcing his entire cock into Erin as she let out a passionate moan as he walked them into deeper water with James thrusting in and out of Erin’s pussy. Both descended underwater at the deep end while continuing to fuck. At the time James placed his drink down, Tori had taken Thomas’s hand and walked him over the chaise lounge where they also, embraced in a passionate French kiss as they pulled and tugged each other’s clothes off. Quickly getting naked and continuing to kiss, both laid themselves down on the chaise lounge where they immediately and fanatically engaged in oral sex in the 69 position. Anxiously, both aggressively licked and sucked each other into a quivering frenzy. There was no doubt Tori loved performing fellatio, bobbing her head up and down as her lips and tongue slobbered and slid on Thomas’s shaft at the same time Thomas’s tongue was tantalizing Tori’s clitoris.

At the onset of everyone’s pent up sexual prowess now being physically exploited, we were already engaged in a deep passionate French kiss pressing our bodies against each other. Grabbing the underside of one of her thighs, I lifted her leg upward and to the side while my other hand grabbed her buttocks. At the same time, both her hands firmly grabbed my buttocks and we both simultaneously pressed our loins firmly against one another as she gyrated her vaginal area against the hard outline of my cock on my pants. Our breathing getting heavy with excitement and anticipation, she whispered, “Let’s get naked and fuck!” I replied to her, “Baby, you’re going to get it good, hard, and deep tonight!” Still engaged in our kiss, our bodies separated. We heard Erin and James call over to us after breaking away from their fucking for a brief moment, “Hey, join us in the pool!” Still French kissing and groping our bodies without acknowledging them, we kicked off our footwear and shuffled over towards the plunge pool. We excitedly started taking each other’s clothes off. I untied the drawstring to her skirt causing it to drop to the ground as she pulled my shirt over my head and tossed it to the side. As she was trying to undo the drawstring to my pants, I pulled her shirt over her head and let it drop to the ground exposing her firm taut breasts. Still trying the get my drawstring completely untied, I pulled down her thong causing it to slide down her legs to her ankles. She kicked the thong to the side as finally got my pants untied and unbuttoned. Getting the waistline of my pants off my vertically upright hard cock, my pants dropped to the ground as she took both hands and gripped the shaft while we again embraced in another deep kiss. While kissing, she whispered, “Oh my God, you’re dick is so hard and hot tonight.”

She turned and with one hand still gripping my shaft, she led the both of us down the pool stairs into the very warm water. With Erin and James wading in the deep end taking a brief break from their underwater fucking, Erin had an expression of awe by finally seeing the size of my cock up close and not covered by a swimsuit. As we both got to thigh high water I stopped us by grabbing her waist. Facing each other and still holding her waist, I motioned her up onto the side of the pool. Knowing full well what my sexual intentions were, she leaned back on her elbows and while looking down at me, she spread her thighs wide open inviting my tongue into her labia and clitoris. Her buttocks sitting on the pool’s edge and thighs spread wide open, she pressed the heels of her feet against one another demonstrating her flexibility and being as spread as wide as she could get. The lips of her labia were moist and glistening as I immediately drove my tongue in between her lips I spread open with my fingers. Penetrating her clitoris with my flickering tongue, she jerked upward and gave off a long gasp of air from being highly kindled and erotically sensitive. I was going to try to make her orgasm and cum as many times as I could this evening. Swirling and darting my tongue inside her clitoris, she started trembling with ecstasy. Knowing where her G-spot was, I pressed down on her spread inner thighs and moved my tongue back and forth on her vaginal walls causing her to lay on her back thrusting her hips upward. In a soft labored tone, she said, “Baby right there. Don’t stop!” Her breathing got faster. After a pause, she added, “Baby, I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” Just as she said that, she squirted her love juices into my face as she moaned aloud.

As I continued to tantalize her pussy with my tongue delivering her orgasm after orgasm, James and Erin continued to erotically fuck. Both were in waist high water with Erin’s legs still wrapped around James’s waist. Erin’s hands were around James’s neck with arms extended outward, both rhythmically thrusted in and out of each other with Erin aggressively slapping her pussy against James’s cock as she whimpered with delight as James grunted while forcing his cock deep inside of her. Breathing heavy while gripping her buttocks and penetrating her deep, James said to Erin, “God, we’re randy tonight! Let’s take this to our bed!” They broke away from one another and James went to the side of the pool where I continued my cunnilingus on her as Erin submerged herself and then started to move towards the pool stairs. James got out of the pool and as he started towards their suite, she was giving off short breaths of arousal and extended her arm stopping him. She said to him, “James, get on your knees.” Being behind her, James went down to his knees over her head with his hard cock protruding outward. She elevated herself upward on her elbows tilting her head back. With her tongue, she started to flicker his testicles before licking the entire length of his hard shaft up to the head of his cock. Once reaching the head of cock, she swirled her tongue around the rim of the head before slowly ingesting the entire length of his cock into her mouth and down her throat causing James to tense up as he grabbed the sides of her head stating, “Oh my God! That’s fantastic!” sliding her lips and tongue back and forth along his shaft, feeling her trembles from being sexually overwhelmed.

Just as James got gestured by her craving to ingest a hot hard cock in her mouth, I felt Erin position herself on her knees between myself and the side of the pool facing my rock hard cock as my tongue continued to work over her clitoris. With both hands, she gripped my shaft looking directly at my large dark red head and quietly said to herself aloud, “Good lord, this is a huge monster!” Astonished by the large head and girth of my cock and being a small slender and fit female, Erin’s mouth was only able to consume a third of my shaft as she moved her lips and tongue back and forth wanting to consume as much as she could. Regardless, her talented mouth and tongue caused my legs to shudder especially when she used her tongue to arouse the rim of my head. Still having one hand gripping my shaft, her other hand was now gently fondling my testicles. James was moaning in delight as she would again ingest his entire length of his cock and then firmly press her tongue on the underside of his shaft. James shared the pleasure by reaching down and messaged her firm breasts. While all of us were engaged in frantic oral orgy, Thomas and Tori, both visibly perspiring, had been occasionally observing and hearing our sexual exploits while they were engaged in doggy-style fucking a short distance away, hearing Tori plead a couple of times with Thomas, “Keep going deeper and harder!”

What seemed like a sex marathon really was not all that long. I pulled up from her after aggressively delivering her my best effort in cunnilingus, she was glistening from perspiration and love juices as I stepped back from Erin who was thoroughly enjoying sucking my cock. All of us were breathing heavily as James withdrew his hard cock from her mouth. Erin, still on her knees, looked up at me and said, “Wow! You’re definitely hung!” as she got to her feet. James looking down at her as he stood up still maintaining a hard cock saying to her, “You definitely know how to suck a guy off!” He then said to Erin, “Honey! Bedroom! Now!” Erin walked to the pool stairs, got out of the pool, and she and James momentarily paused, embraced in a kiss as they fondled one another with James fingering Erin’s pussy as she squirmed in delight while she stoked the shaft of James’s cock. They then hurriedly went into their suite. As Erin and James continued in their frenzied interlude, she leaned up onto her elbows from laying on her back, legs spread open, giving me a wily stare while breathing short gasps of air before jumping into the shallow water. We embraced in a French kiss as I lifted her up by her thighs as she wrapped her legs around my waist. Her hands clasped around my neck and leaning back and moving her hips, she slid her moist wet labia up and down on the shaft of my rock-hard cock. Our eyes locked on each other, she smiled and said, “Baby, I get so turned on when you smell like sex! I want more!” referring to her love juices she squirted on my face and upper chest during cunnilingus. She being physically adjoined to me, I was fondling and messaging her breasts teasing her hard nipples. Continuing to look at one another and using her abdominal muscles, she continued to slide up and down along my hard shaft giving off several short gasps of pleasure. She said, “Man, your dick is really, really hot!”

The effects of the herb had now climaxed my horniness and most likely hers just by the way we both behaved at the restaurant’s restroom and then got started after getting naked at James and Erin’s suite. Reading my advances, she looked down at our locked loins, loosened her wrapped legs at the same time I grabbed my hard cock at the base, and with the space between our loins, I inserted the head of my cock in between the lips of her labia. As I guided the head into her clitoris, she was so hot and wet inside. Once she saw and felt the head of my cock inside her clitoris, she pushed her pussy back into my groin taking the entire length of my cock deep inside her striking her cervix at the same time she tightened her legs around my waist again. I slid in as if she was sliding on greased pole. As I descended into her pussy, she tilted her head back, gave off a continuous moan of aroused bliss before stating, “God Damn, your dick feels fucking awesome!” I firmly gripped her buttocks, thrusted inward, and held my loins against hers pushing my cock against her cervix. In a grinding motion and keeping my entire cock deep inside her, doing this drove her absolutely wild causing her to tremble and shake. We embraced in a kiss. Still gripping her firm buttocks, I motioned her back and forth on my cock causing the head to slide firmly against her vaginal walls. Whimpering in total enjoyment, in pulling her back where my cock was almost completely out of her, I slightly pushed my cock back in her striking the G-spot. This caused her to jerk, squirting her love juices all over our loins before I again, inserted the entire length all the way back into her pussy.

The intensity of our oral sex and fucking was a physically demanding feat. Still wildly kissing, I moved us over to the pool stairs, walk us out of the pool, and slowly lowered us to the cool tiled pool edging as she still had her legs wrapped around my waist not wanting me to withdraw my cock from her pussy. Lowering her buttocks and back onto the tile, we broke away from our kissing, and  bracing myself over her with my arms, I started my rhythmic thrusts by making sure the entire length of my cock went all the way in and out of her pussy. Each time I was completely in her, I would give a quick jerk forward having the head of my cock strike her cervix. From our past sexual encounters and love making, she loves this when I do it causing her to give off passionate gasps that leads her to orgasm. She loosened her wrapped legs from around my waist only to grab the insides of her knees with her hands in order to spread her thighs as open as she could get them. Between the combinations of my long deliberate strokes of my cock coupled with striking her cervix, she drove the tips of her fingers and fingernails into my back while driving her wild with multiple orgasms as we fucked. Both of us are now sweating profusely as we both moaned and grunted out our sexual ecstasy. Looking down on her, I gave her a malicious stare of consensual sexual defilement and in return, she gave me a very determined and fixated glare saying, “I want you to cum all over me baby! I want you to cover me!” Not being able to explain or describe, I felt my climax building compelling me to be more forceful in my thrusts. After a few more times of stuffing my large cock deep inside of her and holding it there, she groaned, “Deeper! Harder!” as her hands were now firmly gripping my buttocks.

She felt so wet and hot inside, my hard thrusts deep into her pussy forced us to slide along the tile edging up until I could feel my climax about to let loose. Feeling about to ejaculate, I got to my knees and pulled my hard dick out of her. As she watched with anticipation, three long large stands of semen covered her abdomen and breasts partially as I tilted my head back and gave off a moan of sheer pleasure. Looking down on her, she had this radiant smile of erotic satisfaction. What was unusual about this moment was after delivering my first three streams of semen, my cock continued to pulsate real hard about ten more times as if it was a continuous ejaculation which felt awesome. I have never gone that long before. What was even more bizarre was most often after a guy orgasms hard, he will go flaccid. This did not happen as I remained semi-erect and quite firm. Remaining kneeling in front of her, I rubbed my face while regaining my composure as she leaned forward propping herself up on her elbows. Both of our bodies glistening from sweat and love juices. Smiling and giggling, she said, “I don’t know about you but we seem to get better and better at this. That was absolutely amazing!” I replied, “You just made me have the best orgasm I have ever had.” Giving me a smile of accomplishment, she got to her feet, extending her hand for me to get to my feet. We embraced in another deep and passionate kiss as she started to gyrate her hot body against mine smearing the semen I left on her abdomen and breasts on the both of us. For a lot of couples, they would find this as being disgusting and gross. For her and me, we found this to be quite arousing. Our hot bodies being slimy and sticky as we rubbed against each other, the aroma and moistness of our sex as we kissed was actually quite a powerful turn on fancying us to continue with our sexual exploits exchanging additional euphoric bodily fluids as my cock started to get erect again.

All of us would later learn the natural homeopathic composition of the herb we ingested earlier in the evening directly effects and accelerates the production of sexual hormones of men and women causing both to have unlimited sex for the duration of the herbs effectiveness. Of course, the more that is ingested, the longer the sexual endurance which is why natives to the island take this in order to have children. The herb will cause continued stimulation and releasing of both testosterone and estrogen causing continuous arousals, sexual provocations, erections, ejaculations, and orgasms between a man and woman. For all of us, it was a completely different contrast of engaging in sex only having to wait anywhere from forty-five minutes to an hour and a half to recover and repeat a heated sexual interlude. I have to admit, being in good physical shape and having an active sex life definitely is beneficial as the physical demands and sensations are relentlessly intensified.

We paused with our kiss and she softly asked, “Are you still horny? I mean really horny?” I replied in the affirmative saying, “I don’t know about you, but I’m just as horny now as when we first started. That stuff Tori gave us really does work.” She concurred and said with a devious smile, “Let’s get our clothes and go back to our place to finish this then.” Not being aware of our surroundings and what was going on while we were engaged in our intense fucking, Thomas, Tori, James, and Erin were on the oversized chaise lounge engaged in focused and passionate kissing, fondling, and petting each other. It was apparent, they were collectively initiating their continuation of erotic decadence. Instinctively orchestrated because of everyone’s extreme horniness displaying absolutely no boundaries or inhibitions, Tori got on her knees in front of Thomas and James, spreading her bent legs and thighs open. Staring at them both, with one hand, she was caressing her breasts while her other hand was rubbing her moist labia lips. Thomas and James were stroking their rock-hard cocks as they were fixated on Tori’s seductive messaging. Erin got up on her knees and moved behind Tori using her hands to fondle Tori’s breasts and labia. Tori tilted her back on Erin’s shoulder while reaching behind and caressing Erin’s buttocks while lightly moaning. She tilted her head forward looking at Thomas and James and softly stated, “I want you both to do me at the same time.” While we watched their foreplay unfold, we sensed compounded arousal by their physical endeavors.

As we stood there holding our clothes witnessing their escalating advances, she dropped her clothes, reached behind her, and grabbing the shaft of my cock stroking me to a full hot erection. I reached around her rubbing and slightly teasing her aroused moist labia. Thomas leaned up motioning Tori onto her back as James got off the chaise lounge. As Tori laid on her back, her head draped over the edge of the lounger. As Thomas got to his knees leaning into Tori while stroking his hard cock, he gripped her bent legs at the back of her knees, spread her legs wide open, and guided the head of his cock into Tori’s glistening pussy. Just as the head of his cock split the lips of her labia, Thomas thrusted his into cock into her clitoris causing both to moan aloud in unison. James had moved in front of Tori’s draped head as Erin was standing by his side gripping the shaft of his cock with one hand while pressing her body against his with slightly spread legs slowly rubbing her excited loins up and down against his outer thigh. Bending his knees slightly, Erin guided his hard cock into the welcoming mouth of Tori swallowing the entire length as Thomas was delivering paced thrusts into Tori’s pussy. Continuous moaning by Tori as Thomas gave off gasps of euphoria with his deep penetration of Tori’s pussy, she aggressive sucked and swallowed James’s cock as she had now reached over her head and was fondling his testicles as James leaned slightly forward and was caressing Tori’s breasts. Erin still working her loin rubbing against James’s thigh while one hand was rubbing his buttocks and the other hand was stroking his groin area.

With her and me still being outwardly horny wanting to indulge in our sexually divergent appetite after witnessing this wildly provoking threesome, she stepped towards Erin reaching out to Erin’s shoulder. Erin turned to her where she took Erin’s hand and motioned her into her suite with me following behind. Erin led us into their bedroom where she and James enjoyed a huge bed. The size of this bed was the type porn movies were made on. All three of us climbed onto the bed with her on one side of me and Erin on the other side. All of us had heated sweaty bodies giving off an aroma of sex from our initial erogenous repertoires which heightened our aura to passionately defile one another. Laying on the bed, I would deliver brief French kisses to the both of them as they had their hand caressing my body working their way down to my aroused aching manhood. She took Erin’s hand and placed it on my large shaft motioning her hand to stroking my cock. Because her hand was small, she was not able to get her hand around the girth of my shaft. When her hand reached the head, she spent time feeling around the overall size to the hardened tip of my cock. As Erin was exploring my manhood with her touch as we kissed, she was separately fondling and messaging my testicles. Erin softly said, “You are like, hung like a horse.” Reflecting on my past sex life before meeting her, which was basically non-existent, I never imagined experimenting in sexual threesomes and brazen exhibitions with other couples. But then again she has taught me to let loose my inhibitions and there was nothing wrong with being sexually adventurous.

Pausing in our kissing and fondling, she slid her hot slippery body down to my loins with Erin following behind. Looking at the complete hardness of my cock, she grabbed my shaft at the base having it positioned vertically upright placing the head of my cock in her mouth slowly licking and sucking as Erin watched with awe and enthusiasm. Her tantalization caused me to arch my back and tense my abdominal muscles. Erin finally had a clear open view of my length and girth up close as compared to our time in the plunge pool as she continued to suck and lick the head. Erin aided her sucking efforts by gripping the shaft as her mouth took in more and more of my length. She paused for a moment looking at Erin with a smile. She said to Erin, “Let’s share. You’re turn now!” Before Erin placed her mouth on the deep red head of my cock, she commented, “Jesus, this is so big!” before starting to bob up and down with excitement. As Erin was enjoying her sexual indulgent, she was fondling and messaging my testicles driving me absolutely wild. Erin paused with her feasting allowing her to continue with sucking. As Erin was rubbing my upper thighs and testicles, she watched with amazement as she would slide three quarters of the length of my cock in her mouth and down her throat as she slowly bobbed up and down on my shaft. Erin commented, “Oh my God girl, how are you able to do that?” They would once again trade off where Erin tried to copy her fellatio skills by ingesting as much as she could. She was only able to get half my cock into her mouth. Regardless, Erin was thoroughly enjoying her sexual feast. Getting on their knees and facing one another, they both reached out to one another and started to caress each other’s breasts and fingering their pussies before engaging in a very sensual kiss.

Both being invigorated with erotic sexual agitation, Erin straddled my chest placing her neatly short and trimmed pussy directly in front of my face. Looking down at me, excitedly breathing, she said, “I want you to eat me out like you did to her at the pool” shifting her bent legs forward and upward placing the lips of her labia right in front of my mouth. Being able to use my hands, I separated the lips of labia driving my tongue into the opening of her clitoris. This caused her slightly shudder giving off a gasp. As my tongue skimmed the inside of Erin’s clitoris in search of her G-spot, she had straddled my groin area and inserted my hardened excited cock into her pussy, slowly rocking back and forth with her hips bracing herself slightly backwards on her extended arms and hands placing them on my chest moaning aloud. The velvety feeling of her inner pussy against my cock was just as wet and hot if not more, than our first fuck session. As I continued to dart my tongue in and around Erin’s clitoris, she tilted her head back, raised her hands over her head, and was running her fingers through her hair. She started to give off continuous rapid gasps of air as her body began to tremble. My tongue had located her G-spot putting her into an orgasmic spasm of sheer delight. Because of the sensitivity of her stimulated G-spot, she was only able to say, “Oh my God!” before giving off deep gasps of air as she leaned forward onto hands and knees as love juices dribbled out of her pussy. Erin rolled over onto her back still trembling as she started to rub her upper inner thighs with her fingers around and on her labia. She was still on top of me riding my cock in a more brisk manner leaning forward bracing her hands on my tightened thighs as beads of sweat trickled down her glistening back.

All three of us we hyper-erotic as our appetite for more was not diminishing. Her bent legs spread wide as she continued to dance of my cock, I arched my back several times forcing the entire length of my cock into her pussy as she moaned for more and quivered from multiple orgasms as Erin watched with admiration. In this wild rapture of lust, my orgasm began to heighten as she also rolled off to the side to catch her breath in an attempt to gain some semblance of composure. This was definitely one wild threesome testing both our physical and sexual endurance. I was so horny and built up to cum again. Getting on my hands and knees, I was looking at Erin with her sheening body of perspiration, bent legs spread wide open, her fingers were still massaging her labia, and her head tilted upwards looking directly at me seductively licking her lips inviting me back to violate her pussy with my tongue. I placed my mouth back down onto her wet swollen labia forcing my tongue back inside of her once again delighting her G-spot. Erin would once again start to breathe fast and tremble with euphoric elation as she instantly grabbed my head forcing my face down firmer onto her pussy hoping my tongue would go deeper. After a couple of gasps, she blurted aloud, “Oh shit! I’m cumming again!” As I continued to lick and flicker the inside of Erin’s clitoris, she had pressed her wet and slimy breasts and chest against my lower back reaching around with both her hands grabbing onto my long hard cock and started stroking the shaft and teasing the head.

I lifted my face off of her pussy standing upright on my knees looking down at Erin as she continued to breathe quickly. With beads of sweat trickling down my chest and back, she still had her breasts and body pressed against mine while also kneeling up against me as her hands continued to stroke and fondle my dick and testicles in front of Erin. She was firmly gripping my cock at the base causing it to turn a dark red. Erin looking at me and then the size of my cock stating, “You have no clue how badly I want you to fuck me with that thing!” Erin being a small but very physically fit woman, I was not sure if she was going to be able take my entire cock into her pussy due to my girth. I gripped her waist pulling her spreading hips towards me. Holding my cock at the base, I guided the head into her labia slowly separating the lips as I inched my cock in. Because she was so well lubricated with her own love juices from my non-stop cunnilingus, I was sliding in with ease although she had an extremely tight hot pussy that felt awesome. Feeling the firm hardness of my head and shaft of my hot cock glide down her aching clitoris, I gripped her tightened buttocks slightly lifting her upwards as I penetrated more and more of her pussy. Erin outstretched her arms grabbing onto the bedsheets as she gasped for air in aroused excitement tilting her head back giving off a constant moan. She still having her sweaty body pressed against mine, she watched with enhanced enjoyment while caressing my chest with her hands as my dick conquered another unsuspecting pussy.

The feeling of completely filling her entire pussy triggered her inner love juices to flow around my cock as the combination of my large head and girth roused the inside of her pussy. I was only able to get three quarters of my cock into Erin before striking her cervix. Still gripping her taught buttocks and hips as best I could, I thrusted back and forth giving Erin as much of my cock with each thrust. Breathing heavy, groaning, and trembling with total arousal, Erin looked up at our locked loins saying, “You’ve got the biggest dick I’ve ever fucked!” as she saw the glistening sheen of our love juices on my moving shaft. Erin added, “I want all of it! Don’t you dare stop!” as I felt my building orgasm each time the head of my cock would strike her cervix and draw all the way back. She was so tight, it was like fucking a virgin even though she already demonstrated throughout our vacation she was a very sexually active woman. Her sweaty chest was still pressed against my back following my thrusting rhythm making circular motions so I could feel her firm breasts against my perspired skin as her massaging hands had now moved to my upper loins as I continued to fuck Erin. In my last attempt to get my entire cock inside of her pussy by letting go of her buttocks and pressing downward on her spread inner thighs with my hands, in hitting her cervix one last time as most of my cock did finally get into her pussy, I groaned aloud in utter arousal and sexual bliss because of her hot tight pussy, “I’m going to cum! Oh man, its coming!” Erin replied back in a beseeching tone, “Cum inside me! I want to feel you explode inside me!” Knowing full well she was on her honeymoon and I did not know if she was on any kind of birth control, I did not want to take the chance of being the one to impregnate her if she and James had no concerns of spontaneously starting a family.

Just as I felt my climax point of orgasm and breathing heavy, I pulled my cock out of Erin’s sopping wet pussy. With her hands still massaging my loins, she had grabbed my shaft and aimed it at Erin’s abdomen. Tilting my head back, I let out a loud moan as I shot one huge stream of semen onto Erin’s abdomen. The remaining orgasmic pulsations from my cock were minute dribbles of semen. See the results of my one large ejaculation, I was amazed at the amount of cum I released for the second time around of fucking in such a short period of time. All of us laid on the bed panting mildly from this quasi orgy. She pressed against my side with one of her legs rubbing the top of my thigh as her free hand was rubbing my lower moist and sticky abdomen area. Erin was still laying on her back rubbing her spread inner thighs in and around her labia. Looking at us, she said to her, “You’re one lucky girl to have a dick like that to fuck every time. Holy shit!” Now what appears to be a very long time engaged in a highly energized sex frenzy was really only 25 to 35 minutes of adventurous sucking and fucking among experimenting couples not interested in traditional sexual exploits. But it also felt like an intense physical workout at the gym. I was actually getting sore. Still laying on the bed, we could hear James, Thomas, and Tori in the plunge pool splashing, swimming, and laughing. Her leg and hand still rubbing me, she then places her warm open hand on my resting cock gently rubbing the shaft up and down. In under a couple of minutes, my cock started to get hard again and I was feeling a growing sensation of horniness yearning once again. I could not believe it. God damn, that herb really does work and there were no side effects like medicines sometime do.

I could sense she was experiencing the same growing yearning of horniness as she started to grind her loins hard against my thigh moving her hips up and down and feeling her hot wet labia lips on my skin as we engaged in a deep French kiss. Our breathing got deeper and faster as Erin was watching us while still teasing her labia with her fingers. She stared in awe at the growth and swelling of my cock as her hand continued caress the shaft, her hips grinding against my thigh, and hearing our moans of accelerated horniness while kissing. Erin moved her body so she was on the other side of me, now grinding her loins against my other thigh as her hand rubbed my upper torso slowing working its way to my groin where she then started to fondle my testicles. We paused in our kiss and she said, “We really do reek of sex, don’t we?” I replied, “I think our sweat and stickiness adds to that” although we were all revved up to start sucking and fucking again. I added, “Let’s jump in the pool to rinse off. Then we can continue.” She and Erin popped up off the bed with me following behind. Just as we got out to the patio area, James, who had just come out of the pool displaying a full hard erection, walked up to and took Erin’s hand and led her right back into their bedroom as we continued to walk into the pool. Submerging ourselves in the warm pool water, while wading in the pool, we both could not help noticing and hearing Thomas fuck Tori doggy style on the chaise lounge as both groaned and grunted with sexual exhilaration, Tori imploring Thomas to fuck her deeper, harder, and not to cum yet.

Being at the deeper portion of the pool and the both of us completely rinsed off the sex we shared with the pool water, my back was against the pool side. Wrapping her arms around my neck as we faced each other pressing our bodies together, she looked directly in my eyes smiling at the same time gyrating her loins against me groin feeling my vertically standing hot erection pressed against her lower abdomen. She softly said, “You feel very delicious and inviting! Let’s head back to our place and finish this.” I was in total agreement. In walking up the pool stairs to get our clothes, we both could see and hear James and Erin engaged in loud and wild animalistic missionary fucking on their bed. For James and Thomas, this was their third session of fellatio, cunnilingus, and fucking with no signs of slowing down. Without toweling off, it was a little challenging trying to get our clothes on being partially wet but we managed to make do with our situation. Not to interrupt their physically enduring sex session, we left James and Erin’s suite heading back to our suite. Of course we wanted to get back there as quickly as possible to continue with what we had started so we hurriedly walked the footpath taking short cuts going in between other suites leading us out to the beach area bringing us to the front side of our suite that faced the ocean. Of course in our travels between James and Erin’s suite and our suite, we could not resist the temptation to pause in our brisk walk to kiss, grope, and fondle one another goading our libido and hormones into overdrive. Being on the beach side, there was little to no lighting making it a challenge to get our sliding glass door unlocked and opened.

As I am trying to insert the room key into the lock to unlock our door, she had decided to untie her draw string to her skirt having the skirt drop to the patio. Because she never put her underwear back on, her pussy and ass were completely exposed. Quickly, she reached around my waist and started unbuttoning my pants and fondling my large hard bulge. I got the sliding glass doors unlocked and opened. Standing at the threshold and turning to her as she got my pants unbuttoned and having them drop to my ankles, she gripped the shaft of my cock with her hands and started vigorously stroking me. Leaning into her and kissing, I ripped the shirt right off of her while kicking my shoes off and stepping out of my pants. With one hand, I firmly groped and fondled her breasts as my other hand went immediately to her pussy. In inserting my middle finger into her clitoris, she let off a whimper as she raised herself up on her toes. She was just as hot and moist inside if not more than the first time. Her hands continued to slide up and down on my shaft before she forcefully removed my shirt as we stood on the patio being fully naked and being much more assertive in our fondling. Still stroking my cock, she quickly dropped to her knees and ingested my rock-hard cock into her mouth exuberantly sliding her lips back and forth on my shaft. Being mostly on the patio of our suite, we really did not care if anyone saw us or was watching her demonstrating her outstanding fellatio skills.

In a fleshly fury, I motioned her mouth off my cock and had her quickly stand up. We embraced in a deep French kiss tensing up and pressing our heated bodies together. I lifted her up by her legs as she wrapped her arms around my neck and legs around my waist grinding her loins against my erect cock. I walked us into our suite and could no longer wait in defiling her. Leaning us forward placing her back onto the ottoman in the living room, she unwrapped her legs from my waist, spread her bent legs wide as I pressed down on her inner thighs getting her as spread open as she could. Her wet pink labia impatiently waited for me to plunge my cock deep into her pussy. As I pierced the lips of her labia entering her clitoris, a steady flow of her love juices coated our loins as I easily thrusted my entire cock into her pussy. She gave off several fast gasps of air and trembled from the feeling of my large head and girth fill her pussy and strike her cervix. Our eyes fixated on each other exchanging sexual catatonic glares and breathing fast, she said to me, “I want you to fuck me deep, hard, and rough all night long! You hear me?!” Thrusting my cock inside of her, we both moaned, grunted, and whimpered as I went up and down on her like a pile driver. Even though the air conditioning was running in our suite, we both were perspiring from our uncompromising physical conjoining pace of fucking close to the open sliding glass doors. Both of our bodies were once again hot and slimy as I took a pause so not to trigger my orgasm to early. Still pressing down on her spread thighs and getting on my knees, I drove my tongue into her clitoris swirling it around just inside her labia. I felt her muscles constrict as she took her hands and forced my face deeper into her pussy.

Delivering her five minutes of non-stop cunnilingus, she had peaked a new plateau of sexual horniness. She motioned my face off her pussy as she leaned upward off of the ottoman panting from the orgasms she had. Being on my knees, she leaned into me getting on her knees and we embraced into another French kiss as I was firmly caressing her taut breasts. We were both quivering from being overwhelmed by our sexual hormones. Breaking from our kiss and looking at me with a very determined stare, she said, “I really want to fuck on the beach! Let’s go!” Even though it was a clear night, there was really no light on the beach side of the suites making it difficult to see anyone on the beach. We discretely and quickly scurried down to the shoreline completely naked. Standing just at the shore line feeling a warm tropical breeze and hearing the sound of the surf, we embraced one another firmly pressing our bodies against each other engaging in another French kiss. She and I gripped each other’s buttocks firmly pressing our loins tightly against one another. My hard hot vertically erect cock pressed against her abdomen. She reached behind her removing and holding my hands from her buttocks as we separated from my kiss and she started kissing and lightly biting my neck working her way down to my chest. Slowly descending downwards to her knees continuing to kiss and nibble my skin arriving at the head of my erect cock while still holding my hands, she ingested my cock into her mouth and slowly sucked on the shaft as she went to her knees. My body began shudder from the hot moisture of her mouth as she continuously sucked and swallowed my entire length with lust.

Feeling the overabundance of her saliva on my shaft dribbling down my inner thighs, still firmly holding my hands, she motioned me downward to lay on my back on the sand. Letting go of my hands as I laid on the sand with my thighs spread wide, she continued to bob her head up and down on the entire length of my cock making me the hardest I have ever been. Grabbing the sides of her head taking to control the loudness of my moans, in an aroused sexual fury, her head quickly bobbed up and down occasionally pausing while having the entire length and girth ingested in her mouth and throat while tantalizing the underside with her tongue. I was in an erotic nirvana. She separated her mouth from my manhood and slithered up to my groin straddling my wet throbbing cock with her bent spread legs. Reaching behind herself, she grabbed my shaft and guided the head of my cock right into her labia. Once feeling the hot moistness of her clitoris, I firmly gripped her buttocks with my hands separating her cheeks and arched my back forcing the entire length of my cock to glide right into her pussy. This caused her to immediately tremble in utter arousal at the same time giving off a gasp of air and leaning forward on top of me with her mouth next to my ear. In unison, as I was arching and pumping my cock in and out of her, she was using pelvic thrusts causing our loins to slap against one another. With her mouth next to my ear, she was giving a continuous moan of sexual hedonism. In a straining soft tone in my ear she said, “Don’t you dare cum! I’m having the hardest orgasm ever!” Being at the peak of my horniness, I replied, “God, I love fucking you! I want to cum in you so bad!” She said, “Not yet! Don’t stop! I’m cumming so hard!” We both continued to firmly grip and grope one another while slapping our loins together.

Both of us breathing heavy and quivering from our intense beach fucking, I rolled us over onto her back without stopping my deep thrusting in and out of her pussy. Because of our perspiration, our bodies became coated with sand. Delivering several deep pausing thrusts knowing we were both captives of overwhelming carnal elation, she drove the heels of her feet into my buttocks and her fingertips into my shoulders. She constricted her well lubricated vaginal muscles around my cock as I was thrusting making her feel like I was fucking a virgin’s pussy.  The combination of her hot moistness and tightness around my cock elicited the buildup of my orgasm. She definitely knew how and when to make me cum. She quietly said in my ear, “Baby, I love the way you’re able to stay hard for so long!” We were suddenly interrupted by the sound and light of the resort’s security at a distance that was coming closer to us. Even though we were so caught up in our outdoor interlude on the beach, I told her we will have to finish our fucking in our suite. Our bodies still trembling and covered with sand, we slowly got up from the beach and made our way back up to the suite. Being in the darkness, we noticed no one would really know we were naked unless being face to face. Entering our suite still under the spell of the herb and impulsive from our drinking, I left the sliding glass doors open so we could hear the ocean surf. She turned off the air conditioning.  Without brushing the sand off our bodies, we quickly made our way up to our bed to continue fucking. Climbing onto the bed and standing on our knees, her back was pressed against my chest feeling my erect cock on her lower back. My hands fondled and caressed her breasts as she reached behind her grabbing my buttocks again pressing me harder against her back so she could feel my hard hot cock against her skin.

Motioning her to lean forward onto her elbows and knees, she spread her thighs wide knowing what both she and I wanted. Taking my hard, hot erection at the base, I guided the large head just inside the opening of her pussy. She was just as hot and moist as she was on the beach. With very little space, I still held my cock with one hand at the base and stirred the head in a circular motion causing her to again tremble and blurt out, “Oh God! I’m going to cum again! Give me all of you! Fuck me like a bull!” Letting go of her hips, I grabbed onto her ankles lifting her bent legs upwards. Arching my back as I continued my thrusting provocation of her pussy, she again coated my groin area and thighs with her love juices. I thrusted my cock forward filling up her aching pussy and holding it inside her. I started my thrusts in and out of her as she once again like she’s done in the past, constricted her vaginal muscles around my cock driving me into an erotic flurry. We were groaning in total delight as our fucking got more physically intense causing our conjoined bodies to steadily perspire. The tightness of her pussy prompted my heightened yearning to orgasm. Both of us breathing heavily, the pace of my carnal thrusting increased anticipating cumming deep inside her. Feeling my orgasm peak, I let go of her ankles and grabbed onto her pelvis pushing and holding my entire cock in her pussy as I felt pulsation after pulsation of my ejaculation deep inside her. I quivered from the continuous throbbing of my cock. I don’t know how much semen I injected into her love canal from my earlier sexual emissions on her and Erin but the intense sensation I was feeling was overpowering.

The aftermath of our ferocious fucking left us both rapidly breathing and shaking in arousal. Side by side, she was laying on her stomach and I, on my back. We once again reeked of sweat and sex in what felt like a marathon into the early morning hours when actually it was still early in the evening. Finally calming down, I said to her with a light laugh, “I think we’ve turned into nymphomaniacs.” She rolled over to her side facing me and replied with a light laugh, “With you, I can live with that. Really, we’re just a couple in love who just love to fuck. We just got a little out of control tonight.” I laughed aloud and said, “A little???” We both laughed aloud. Thinking I was completely drained of all physical and emotional capabilities to perform additional sexual endeavors, as the minutes passed while laying on our sand covered sheets, I once again experienced a flourishing physical desire of horniness even though I was really sore from our recent oral and carnal activities. Laying there dumbfounded as my sexual prowess escalated, I was not sure of my ability to once again deliver. I then saw her looking at my slightly flaccid manhood as she was licking her lips. She looked at me and asked if I wanted some water. I told her that would be great especially after our intensive erotic workout. She got off the bed, went to the small refrigerator, pulled out two bottles of water, and a glass of ice cubes. I was propped up against the bed’s headboard as she climbed back onto the bed. Kneeling in front of me, she handed me a bottle of water. Kneeling in front of me, she looked so hot with her wet oily hair, glistening body of sweat, and our shared bodily fluids. Taking sips from our water bottles, she smiled and said, “So, it’s still early. Do you want to continue playing or get some sleep?” Laughing, I replied, “Are you kidding me? Baby, I don’t think I have anything left in me to satisfy you. I think I’m completely drained now.”

Sipping her water, she looked at me with a very devious and mischievous look. She purposely had some of the water she was drinking trickle down her neck, in between her breasts, and down through her vaginal area. With our eyes locked on each other, she then took her water bottle, slowly reached over my groin, and poured trickles of water over my resting cock and testicles. Still looking at me, she then very seductively placed two to three ice cubes out of the glass she had in her mouth. She shuffled her bent legs slightly forward, placed her hands on my upper thighs, leaned over my excited cock, and using just her mouth, she inserted the head of my cock into her mouth. With her lips wrapped around the rim of the head, she had the rapidly growing cock vertically upright as she slowly moved her lips up and down on my shaft while she swirled the fast melting ice cubes inside her cold mouth. It was like no other sensation I ever felt before as my entire cock was again rock-hard as I trembled and arched my back to the unprecedented sexual restlessness she was delivering to my manhood. With the glass resting against my thigh, she continuously placed ice cubes in her mouth as her ice cold lips and tongue engulfed my head and shaft as her breathing got faster and faster. As she continued to suck and slide on my shaft, she placed ice cubes in her hand and started to fondle my testicles. This just heightened the thrill as I was groaning uncontrollably gripping onto the bedsheets as she continued to erotically torment and inflame me with her lips and tongue. What seemed like an hour was actually only five minutes of incredible fellatio. She continued to be unrelenting and enduring with her imagination and skills showing no signs of stopping anytime soon.

Still gripping the bed sheets and breathing heavy from her ice cube sucking torment, I suddenly felt her bent legs quickly straddling my groin as she reached behind herself, grabbed the shaft of my cold cock, and forcing the head and entire cock into her steaming hot pussy. She let out a loud shriek as she immediately rocked and thrusted her hips back and forth with her arms raised around her head moaning in delight. As she steadily thrusted back and forth, she arched her back forcing her firm breasts outward as she braced herself on her arms using my thighs. Being wet, slimy, and shiny, I firmly rubbed and caressed her breasts while being captivated in an overwhelming euphoric state of mind. I felt a steady stream of her love juices seeping all over my groin and testicles as she gave off several long gasps of air as she maintained her pace of thrusting and riding my cock. She paused, leaned back forward, and dismounted my groin.  Without pausing and still kneeling in front of me, she took the remaining ice, placed it in her mouth, and immediately went down on the head of my cock sucking and sliding up and down the shaft with the ice cubes in her mouth. I had lost all control and was trembling uncontrollably as I suddenly felt my orgasm quickly reaching climax. Her cold lips and tongue rapidly sliding up and down my shaft had made my cock the hardest it has ever been. I cannot describe what I was physically experiencing as it was incredible. As my climax peaked as she continued to devour my cock, I groaned out to her, “God Damn baby, I’m cumming! I cumming real hard!” I had the hardest and longest orgasm I have ever had that actually was extremely but pleasurably painful. For thirty seconds, my entire cock pulsated and throbbed continuously while remaining rock-hard. With her lips and tongue engulfing my cock, she felt the continuous pulsations and emissions being injected down her throat. For a brief moment, she ingested the entire length wanting to feel the throbbing head and shaft in her throat. She was enamored at continuing her turbulent skills of fellatio.

Still laying on my back sporadically trembling as she continued to feast on my cock, it took five good minutes for my manhood to come to a somewhat flaccid state. I was physically spent, finally drained of any urges of horniness. She slinked up between my legs rubbing her breasts along my body before resting her body on mine. We embraced in a kiss as my hands were now caressing her buttocks as she laid on my chest. Smiling, she said, “You know, I think I love giving you head more than us fucking. You taste so good.” I replied back, “You are definitely the queen of giving head! But I prefer us fucking. You’re just too damn hot!” She would tell me my last ejaculation had very little semen joking I was about as drained as I could get but really tripped her passion for cock with the long continuous throbbing as she deep throated me. There was no way I was going to go another romp with her as I was so sore and drained. We both ended up falling asleep from sexual exhaustion.

Listening to the gentle surf flow onto the shore as I continued to stare out into the ocean as I continued drinking my coffee. She came up from behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist saying our typical loving morning greeting to one another. Giggling, she asked, “Are you hung over?” I replied, “A little bit but not bad. The coffee is taking some of the edge off.” She continued, “Well, that was one hell of a time for our last night here. That was the most intense sex I have ever had and you were great.” Laughing, she continued, “And your dick was like a hot fireplace poker last night! We’re never going to have sex like that anytime soon.” Laughing, I said, “Oh, you think so do you?” She laughed with me. She asked me, “Do we really have to leave today? This has been such an incredible vacation, I don’t want it to end.” I told her we have to go back to our reality but we could always return for another vacation. Standing under the hot morning sun we both gave off an aroma of sweat and sex from our last night’s physical romp that quite frankly, was sensually provocative. With her arms still wrapped around my waist and head pressed against my back, her hands slowly moved down to my upper inner thighs and gently rubbed on the outside of my shorts around my manhood. Still feeling sore, I was also very sensitive in the area she was rubbing. Tilting my head back, I said aloud with a laugh, “You’ve got to be kidding me. Like you didn’t get enough last night?” Returning with a laugh, she said, “Baby, I can never get enough of you. And that damn herb we took last night. I’m still feeling the effects of it.”

One of her hands then began fondling my testicles on the outside of my shorts. Where our backs were facing the resort and Oceanside suites, no one was able to see her wandering hands or my enlarging cock. To be just as coy to her seeing she was still feeling horny from last night, I reached behind my back with one of my hands in between our pressed bodies. By feeling the fabric covering her body, she was wearing one of my tank tops. My hand moved under the hem of the tee-shirt finding she was wearing no under garments. Turning my hand, my middle finger massaged and tantalized the wet lips of her labia causing her to briefly twitch and stand on her toes. She instantly started to rub my fast growing cock with her open hand over my shorts until I was fully erect. As she slowly rubbed the outline of my cock on my shorts, I slightly penetrated her clitoris with my middle finger caressing the inside of her labia lips making her slightly squirm and softly say, “I love it when you turn on my switch!” Discretely fondling each other on the beach, she paused and said, “Let’s go swimming!” She quickly came from behind me, took my coffee cup, placed it on the sand, grabbed my hand, and we hurriedly walked into the warm tropical water of the ocean until we got deep enough to dive in. Of course, because my shorts were made of linen and the tank top she was wearing was made of a very light fabric, the clothes we were wearing became very transparent when wet. I had to agree with her as I was also feeling the residual effects of last night’s herb with the only difference being we were both sober.

Standing in neck high water, she swam over to me, wrapped her arms around my neck, and then loosely wrapped her legs around my waist. We embraced in a passionate French kiss. Pausing in our kiss with her hands clasped behind my neck, she leaned back looking down into the clear tropical ocean at my groin. With the hem of her wet tank top floating upwards, her beautiful bald and tanned pussy was completely exposed. Looking down with her, I could clearly see her sea turtle tattoo. Still leaning back and now looking at me, she pressed her loins against my erect cock slowly motioning her hips up and down against my shaft as I gripped her waist with my hands pressing her harder against my groin. Because my cock was still sensitive from last night, I gave off a couple of groans as she continued with her hip motions. Letting go of her waist, I reached in between her and I, untied and unbuttoned my shorts, exposing my aching cock as my shorts floated downward. It took her no time to guide her loins right on top of the head of my cock. Once doing so, she arched her back and forced her hips forward immersing the entire length and girth into her pussy causing her to give off a very deep breath and saying, “God, I love having your entire dick inside me! It drives me nuts!” Instantly, she constricted her inner vaginal muscles around my cock making my legs briefly buckle.  Because a scant number of the couples were out walking the beach while we were in the ocean, we were trying to be the least noticeable in our ocean fucking. Even being at a distance from shoreline, I think couples walking by us still knew exactly what we were doing. Regardless, we were departing from the resort later in the afternoon to return home so what the hell, we wanted to celebrate our last romantic and intimate vacation encounter with one final erotic conjoining of our loins liberating each other’s orgasms like we have done since being here.

Each of us compressing our leg and abdominal muscles so her pussy remained tight and my cock was as hard and long as I could make it as she continued light rhythmic thrusts while we kissed. While kissing, she whispered, “Baby, keep fucking me! You feel so good this morning!” I suddenly submerged us in the ocean as we continued to fuck. Coming to the surface, we broke away from one another. I said to her, “Baby, let’s go up to the suite.” She agreed. I pulled up my shorts, buttoning and tying the drawstring. Making sure no other couples were walking by where we were swimming, we swan back to the shoreline and walked out of the ocean. Briefly standing on the shoreline, our clothes were definitely transparent. As she wringed out her hair, she could see the clear outline of my erect cock pressed against the fabric of my shorts. Having been seductively tanned with no tan lines, I could clearly see her breasts, navel, sea turtle tattoo, and a prominent camel toe. She looked so deliciously hot. Taking each other’s hands, we walked our dripping wet bodies up to our suite holding hands. Taking the lead into our suite, I walked us up to the end of our bed where we stopped and embraced in a kiss while our hands groped each other’s bodies. I was firmly caressing her breasts as her hands rubbed the outline of my cock on my shorts keeping me completely erect. Caressing her breasts and kissing, I positioned myself between her and the edge of the bed leaving very little room for her to move. The groping of our bodies got more aggressive and rigid with the buildup of our lust for each other’s body.

Pausing in our kiss, I stepped back and gently pushed her having her fall onto her back on the bed. Her buttocks was just on the edge of the bed with her legs dangling to the side. I stepped in between her dangling legs leaned over her bracing myself on my arms over her body. Clasping her hands around my neck, she lifted herself upwards and we again embraced in a kiss. As we kissed, my hand reached down to her loins and slowly pulled up the hem of her wet tank top exposing her moist pussy. With my middle finger, I seductively rubbed the lips of her labia causing her to lightly squirm from eagerness. Moving my finger in a gentle circular motion caused her to start breathing faster while we continued to kiss. I slowly inserted my finger into the opening of her clitoris continuing to kindle her pussy in anticipation of my hard cock. She was so hot and moist inside. Finding her G-spot, I rubbed it back and forth making her gasp several times and thrust her hips upward. Continuing to gently massage her G-spot, through her gasps, she said, “Oh God, you’re going to make me cum again!” My consistent massaging of her G-spot had her slowly gyrating her hips and having one of her hands reaching down, rubbing the length of my hard cock on the outside of my wet shorts. She broke away from our kiss, tilted her head back, and let out a loud continuous moan of passion as she squirted her love juices all over her and I. My continued rubbing of her G-spot triggered her body to quiver in absolute delight. Pausing in my foreplay, I stepped back as she looked up at me awaiting the delivery of my manhood deep into her pussy. I untied and unbuttoned my shorts as she watched with feasting eyes. Pulling my wet shorts slightly downward, my deep red erect cock popped outward as my shorts slowly dropped to the floor. I stepped towards her inviting picturesque body stroking my shaft. Bending and spreading her legs wide as the head of my cock was shepherded into her clitoris, she extended her arms outward clutching onto the bed sheets as she watc. Grabbing onto her waist, I thrusted my hips forward slowly forcing the entire length of my cock into her pussy.

After our depiction in describing the course of our sexual exploits spanning the time on our vacation, one would think when is it enough or too much in order to fulfill the lust and appetite of a couple’s carnal and oral erotica especially when they are seriously in love? It is best described as inner desires, imagination, and cravings in the yearning of satisfying the other’s true sexual needs. We did what we did because that is what we wanted. Besides, she is absolutely incredible in bed with an unlimited appetite for giving and receiving. Between our frolics of last evening and the last remaining residual influences of the herb, our last locking of the loins was going to be erotically volatile. I started my long slow deliberate thrusts in and out of her pussy goading her insides with pure exhilaration as her grip on the sheets got tighter and her breathing got faster. She looked down at our motioning loins as the shaft of my long cock glistened with her inner loves juices. She then wrapped her legs around my thighs asking me to go faster and deeper. Our breathing got faster and louder. Her leg and abdominal muscles tightly constricted as my thrusts became more forceful and deeper. The feeling of her hot firm insides on my cock became extremely unbearable causing me to let go of her waist, reaching up to the center of her tank top she was wearing, and tear it open down the center completely exposing her entire body and breasts. Our intensity level skyrocketed as I grabbed her moist breasts and firmly massaged them while thrusting in and out of her. At the same time, her tightened wrapped legs around my thighs was an attempt to have my hot hard cock remain completely immersed in her pussy. Still gripping the sheets, she arched her back. I again firmly held onto her waist. My continued restrained thrusts caused the head of my cock to directly slide and rub against her upper clitoris and G-spot. She blurted aloud, “Man, fuck me harder, fuck me harder! Oh God, I’m cumming!” She felt so luscious and moist as the intensity of our fucking amplified.

For five straight minutes, we hard fucked each other with tensed up bodies, fast heavy breathing, and powerful thrusting slamming our loins into one another. As she unwrapped her legs from my thighs, I immediately pressed down and spread her thighs open without having to stop my thrusting. Lifting her head, she firmly gripped my wrists, moaning in elation as my thrusting hip motions shifted from horizontal to a downward thrust deep into her pussy. Breathing fast, she watched with aroused delight, the entire length of my shaft slide in and out of her pussy while feeling the rapture of my large head invigorate the inside of her clitoris and cervix. Because of our intensity, my climax came on suddenly. With my last deep thrusts, I felt a sharp agonizing but euphoric sensation reverberate in my cock as I ejaculated inside her pussy. In her belabored breaths, she blurted aloud, “Baby! It feels like you’re fucking me with a baseball bat!” as she watched my now cum covered shaft slide in and out of her pussy. Still being hard, her hot lubricated vaginal walls from my semen made the motion of my head and shaft easier. We were both able to fuck each other for three additional minutes before my erection started to fade in hardness. Both of our groin areas were saturated and glazed with our love juices. I leaned upward as she extended her arms for me to pull her upwards also. Standing face to face, she gave me a brief kiss, took my hand, and briskly led us into the bathroom walking us directly into the shower stall. Our ten day tropical sex marathon was coming to a close with our evening and morning climax being an unsurpassed caprice and endurance of erotic prowess I do not think we will ever be able to match both in and out of the bedroom.

Turning on all the shower heads, we doused our bodies with warm tropical water before embracing in a deep passionate French kiss as the streams of shower water pulsated against our sides and poured down on our heads. I pressed my hands against her facial cheeks as we kissed while her hand glided down the side of my body slowly moving in between us and slowly massaged and caress my flaccid cock and testicles. Stepping away from the shower heads and grabbing our body sponges, we lathered up our sponges with body soap and slowly washed each other’s bodies. With deliberate and taunting hand movements coating our bodies with the body soap, I once again focused my attention to her breasts, buttocks, and vaginal area. She of course directed her attention to my chest, buttocks, and manhood area making an attempt of getting me erect once again. Being sensitive to touch after our fucking, it felt very arousing and tingling having her small soft hands gently fondling my testicles and cock as we lathered each other’s bodies and washed our hair. Embracing in a kiss, our bodies pressed against one another as we groped and slithered from the emollient of the body soap. Our shower lasted twenty minutes ending with the both of us rinsing off the foaming body soap under the shower heads. Having the soap rinsed off our bodies and the shower water cascading down on us as we faced one another, she slowly went down to her knees. She placed my long thick flaccid cock in her mouth and started sucking hoping her fellatio magic would bring me back to a full erection. As much as we both enjoyed her efforts, she was only able to bring me to semi-erect. Getting up from her knees, she said to me, “Baby, I tried. And how I wanted to give you head before leaving the resort.”

We toweled off and got dressed. We went down to the restaurant to have some breakfast before we started packing. When arriving at the restaurant, we found Thomas and Tori and James and Erin seated at a large table closest to the ocean. Of course, they waved us over to sit at their table. In seating ourselves, we were served our coffee as Thomas asked me what I thought of the events of last evening. Giving off a light laugh, I told him it was real unique and an unusual experience we have never done before coupled with being physically and sexually enduring to say the least. I asked around the table if anyone felt embarrassed or ashamed as to what took place at James and Erin’s suite last night. Looking at one another giving off smiles of guilty pleasure and lightly laughing, no one expressed any reservations or regrets of our sexual exploitations. She and I would learn through our conversations that Thomas, Tori, James, and Erin sucked and fucked until 2:00 a.m. They had engaged in threesomes, swapping, and underwater fucking. The effects of the herb allowed Thomas to reach orgasm six times while James orgasmed five times from the time we started at dinner until this morning. They too, felt the residual effects of the herb this morning as they also awoke being horny and engaged in hot morning sucking and fucking. At the same time, Tori and Erin said they have never orgasmed as many times as they did while fucking and were ecstatic about Thomas and James ability to stay erect for long durations. Having talked and laughed while having our breakfast, we all exchanged addresses, telephone numbers, and email addresses. When asked if we were going to return next May, we told them most definitely. Where they were staying at the resort for another couple days, I had asked what they were planning on doing with the rest of their time. James told us for at least today, they were going to spend the afternoon at Eden Beach. He and Erin were still on their honeymoon and were going to continue their enhanced adventures in intimacy. Thomas and Tori were in lockstep with their very own desires.

As we walked back to our suite to start packing, we did stop by the boutique where Tori had obtained the herb that transformed all of us into non-stop sexual dynamos. Of course, we were able to obtain a small bottle for a special occasion back in the states. Having arrived at our suite, we packed and unfortunately had to dress for our return trip home. That included having to wear undergarments with our clothes for the first time in days. As disheartening as it was, she looked so hot putting on her white bra and thong against her deeply tanned body. We definitely had no visible tan lines revealing we sunbathed nude. Both of us standing in our undergarments, we pressed our bodies together and embraced in a kiss. We expressed our deep love for one another as we hugged. Continuing to kiss, her hand slid down to my groin and slowly stroked my flaccid cock with an open hand over my undergarment hoping to bring it back to its erect spender. Unfortunately, her efforts did not flourish the results of her intentions for one last time. Eden Beach will do that to you and much more if one is willing to let go of one’s inhibitions which we learned do. In checking out of the Eden Beach Resort, we of course reserved our vacation retreat for next year. We departed from Antigua ending our lust and thirst for each other’s bodies in the tropics.