Master File - Part 1

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13 Nov. '15

Mr. Stone

No matter how hard I tried to keep my foot from tapping the floor, I could not control it. My nervous disposition visible to everyone around me, including the three snooty receptionists, made it even harder to keep my cool. Did I want this job? Hell, yes, I wanted it. There’s nothing I wouldn’t do to get it. Today is my third and final interview at Stone Inc., a growing telecommunication company that’s certainly not in the caliber of AT&T or Verizon, but it rivals Fairpoint and Windstream, which combined owned a quarter of the US market in 2014.

So the fact that little-old-me, Jade Kelly, has passed the first two stages of interviews blows my mind. But the fact that I am now waiting to meet the one and only Mr. Stone, for my final interview, borders on the paralysis of my brain functions. As I’m starting to slip into some comatose state, I’m so nervous, I hear my name being called by the gentlest female voice: “Ms. Kelly!”

Coming back to consciousness, I jump out of my seat, looking to my left, from where came the vibrations calling my name. And there stood what had to be a supermodel turned Stone executive manager. “I’m Ms. Ford, I’ll take you to Mr. Stone, he’s expecting you,” she explained enunciating every word in perfect diction. I couldn’t help but admire her, as she led the way down the long sleek corridor. She had long flowing hair perfectly managed, sexy legs running for a mile or so, and the tightest buttocks and most firm breasts I have ever seen.

I kept looking for a portrait of the man I was about to meet. Being camera-shy, Mr. Stone did not allow too many media photos of him in the mainstream coverage. All of my online research about Stone Inc. resulted in a ton of information about the business itself, but only two blurry pictures of the man. So I assumed that the CEO, President, and founder of Stone Inc., is some old dude, who prefers to hide his bald spot in the media spotlight.

“Relax, you will be fine,” Ms. Ford advised as she opened a black-painted wooden door at the end of a small, winding hallway, located at the end of the extended runway we just traversed. “Mr. Stone, I’d like to introduce Ms. Kelly, she has passed the first round of interviews, as you know.” With that glowing announcement, I step into the larger-than-life office, with a view of Manhattan that spans the entire city.

Does Mr. Stone stand up from behind his ten-foot-long Mahogany office desk? No. Does he say anything to greet me? Not right away. In fact, for the first couple of minutes, he does nothing but stare me down, like we’re about to step into a boxing ring at the Apollo Theater, with thousands of fans cheering him on while booing me. “Ms. Kelly, please take a seat,” he finally utters in the clearest commanding tone. As I take a few steps to reach his desk and comply with his request, Ms. Ford nods at Mr. Stone, who apparently silently indicated her presence is not required, and steps outside the humongous office, securely closing the door behind her.

Well, at least, I know what Mr. Stone looks like, and he’s no old dude. He’s more like the old dude’s youngest son, who spends the entire day on the treadmill. His sky blue eyes generate a beam of light through them as if he was the actual, real Batman. His drop-dead gorgeous face is unreadable, shielding an inner smile that can only come from a sense of contented pride in his achievements. And his hair is a thick, luxurious black luster of a mane, which is combed perfectly to the left, not a string of hair out of place. So he’s ready for the interview. Me on the other hand, I am melting in my hot leather seat.

“This interview won’t take long, Ms. Kelly,” he starts to speak with stealth confidence. Then he goes to stun me with another inspiring statement: “It’s more of a formality. My staff did an excellent job sifting through all of the qualified applicants,” he states, pausing to check, quickly, a flashing text on his gold iPhone 7. Then he swiftly concludes his introduction: “Only you, along with one other candidate, have been named their top selections.”

“Oh, that’s great,” I manage to say without a trembling voice.

“Is it?” he inquires oddly.

“Yes, it is. It’s great to be considered at this level of the interview process.”

“Wouldn’t you have liked to be their top recommendation?” he presses inquisitively.

“Yes, of course, but I think you should be the one to choose your PA. Don’t you agree?”

“I do. And hence this final interview for you. So, let’s get to it: What do you think this job involves?”

“I think being your PA will require a great deal of attention to detail, ensuring your schedule runs smoothly, maintaining a proper filing system for your operations, managing your day-to-day administrative transactions, long-term projects, and attending to all of your business needs.”

“Good answer, except for the last part.”

“Attending to your business needs?”

“Yes, that is not so accurate.”

“Why is that?”

“Ms. Kelly, how much did you make at your last PA job?”

“I made around fifty thousand annually.”

“And how much is the salary being offered for this PA position?”

“It’s double that amount.”

“Why do you think that is?”

“You’re a remarkable man, who…”

“…No. Try again.”

“You need someone who is highly prof…”

“…No. That’s not it. Last chance: Think about my objection to your last statement.”

“You mean, I am not only attending to your business needs but also your… personal ones?!?”

“You got the job!”

With that, Mr. Stone buzzed in Ms. Ford to come and fetch me, as he delved intensely back into his work, ignoring every single happening around him. His focus rivals one of a hawk eyeing its prey. Meanwhile, I am left to wonder what exactly he meant by ‘personal, not just business needs.’ What does he expect me to do for him? My heart is pounding fast as Ms. Ford takes me to the administrative unit that processes me as a new hire. I’m happy to have been hired as the PA of the Mr. Stone. But I’m scared because of the way he hired me when I figured out there is more to this job than taking care of business.

“Jade, Mr. Stone would like you to start tomorrow. Can I confirm to him that you are okay doing that?” Ms. Ford poses the question so elegantly to me that I forget to respond.

“Ah, yes. Yes, of course, I can start tomorrow. What time should I be here?”

“Mr. Stone will get in touch with you later on today to confirm the time. You will deal directly with him for everything that he needs.”

“Okay, thank you!”

“He likes you, so I’m sure you will do great. Here is my cell phone number, in case you have any questions,” Ms. Ford offers me her business card.

“Thank you, I appreciate it, Ms. Ford.”

“Call me Tina!”

“Thanks, Tina,” I say smiling from ear-to-ear.

“I’ll walk you out. Expect a phone call later on this evening, as Mr. Stone has a very busy day. Keep your phone near you, and make sure to answer quickly.”

“Okay, I will do. Thanks again. It was nice meeting you, Tina.”

“Same here, Jade. I’ll see you around. Good luck,” she says, walking back down the long corridor, probably to attend to Mr. Stone for the rest of the day.

I take the elevator down 52 floors, my ears compressing. I’m not sure I’ll be able to get used to this cabin pressure. Actually, for 100K per year, I’ll make sure to get used to it. Wow, I can hardly believe Mr. Stone preferred me over the other top candidate. What must she be feeling like, right now? It must be brutal, to get so close to your dream job, and fail to get it, at the final stage.

It’s such a beautiful, sunny day that I decide to walk home, even though with my new salary, I can certainly afford a cab, or two. But I just want to take a nice stroll home. I’m so excited and nervous at the same time; I need to walk-off this shaky feeling. When I get home, after about an hour of walking, I run a bath immediately. I need to take it all in and relax my mind. Wow, only 23 and I’m already working for a stable company, making an excellent salary as the Personal Assistant of one of the top CEOs in America. How lucky can one person get? With this thrill of success, I need to tell the entire world. But I’m going to wait. I’m keeping this good news a secret for a little while longer. I want to enjoy this feeling.


At precisely eight p.m., my cell phone rang, and I jumped to answer the phone call, anticipating that it’s Mr. Stone calling, with instructions for the next day.

“Hello!” I say in total excitement.

“Hi, it’s Alexander.”

“Hi, how are you Mr. Stone, so glad to hear from you.”

“Call me Alexander.”

“Okay, it’ll take some getting used to, but alright, Alexander.”

“What are you doing?”

“Oh, I was just going to have a light dinner, and then head to bed. Get some rest to be fresh for tomorrow morning.”

“Come over to my place for a while.”

“Oh, you mean tonight?”

“I mean now.”

“Okay, but I was already in my PJs.”

“Come in your PJs, I don’t care.”

“No, I’m going to change. But alright, I’ll come over. No problem.”

“I’ll send the car over, what time will you be ready?”

“In ten minutes, or so.”

“Be downstairs at 8:30 sharp!”

“You have my address?”

“Yes, we do.”

“Okay, of course.”

“I’ll see you soon.”

He hangs up the phone before I can respond to him. I rush to get dressed, wanting to make a good impression. I’m not even sure if going to my new boss’s place is any good idea. None of it makes sense, but I figure he has more time to discuss details now, so I know what to expect for tomorrow.

I get dressed in a big hurry. I remember to take my notepad with me. I’m downstairs by 8:25 pm and I wait for the car, which arrives at exactly 8:30 pm, not a second earlier. I sit in the back, and the driver starts driving slowly, nodding hello, kindly, in the rearview mirror. “We will be at the residence of Mr. Stone in ten minutes,” is all that he says to me. He keeps his eyes on the road the entire way.

As we arrive at the elegant three-story mansion, the driver stops the car carefully, getting out quickly so he can open the car door for me. “Have a lovely evening, Mam!”

“Thank you!” I respond politely. As I walk over to the villa, the front door opens. There’s a nice looking butler that opens the door for me, leading me through the opulent entrance, over to the main living room. For Mr. Stone, everything is done carefully by his hand-picked staff. Naturally, he likes it when things are done in a particular manner, one that is full of decorum and propriety.

“Come in, Jade,” a voice tells me as I get to the door of the living room.

“Mr. Sto… I mean Alexander, how is your evening going?”

“It’s going a lot better now that you’re here. Come in, take off your coat. Sit next to me,” he says tapping the sofa with his left hand.

I do as I’m told, wondering what Alexander has in mind for us, tonight.

“I’m a little nervous I must admit, being here in your home.”

“Don’t be! I’m not going to bite.”

“It’s just you’re you, and I’m me.”

“Well, it’s a good thing we’re still who we are,” he says, flashing the first smile I’ve seen from him since we met earlier today. “What can I get you?”

“Brandy is beautiful.”

“Brandy is my favorite. You’re a girl after my own heart. How old are you again?”

“I’m 23, and you?” I blurt out before I could stop myself.

“I am 45. Is that too old?”

“No!! Not at all. What are you talking about?”

“Here you go,” he says, handing me a double Brandy.

“Oh, thank you. But I don’t drink that much.”

“Come on, I’m drinking. Don’t you want to celebrate?”

“Of course, I do. Thank you again for this incredible opportunity to work with you.”

“Well, it’s my pleasure I’m sure. Tell me more about yourself, Jade.”

“What would you like to know?”

“Do you have a boyfriend?”


“A fiancée?”


“So, you’re single!”

“Yes, I am. Is that good?”

“Yes, it is," he confirms, pausing for an intense moment while I take a sip of my drink. He stares at me, with his laser eyes, studying me and reading into my manners, then he adds: "Why do you think you're here tonight, Jade?"

“Oh? I figured you wanted to give me explicit instructions on my tasks for tomorrow.”

“No. Tina can do that. In fact, Tina will do that tomorrow morning. You need to be in the office at 8:30 a.m. sharp, by the way.”

“Okay, I will be. But then, why did you want me here tonight?”

“Why do you think, Jade?”

“I’m not here to talk business I take it.”

“No. You’re here to take care of my personal needs, of course!”

“I see. And what are those?”

"Well, what do you think are personal needs?"

"Making sure you're eating properly..."

"...Jade, I have two personal chefs, who make sure I eat healthily."

"You need me to handle communications with various girlfriends?"

"Warmer," Alexander flashes a cocky smile, lifting his right eyebrow up and down at me. "Think, Jade... Why do you believe you are here tonight? Is it so you can call up my girlfriends for me?"

"No, you're right. I'm not sure. Maybe you could just tell me what you want, Alexander!"

"Alright, so let me be more direct because I see that you’re not clear on why you’re here, in my home.”

"No, I'm not..."

“...We’re going to fuck!”


“What, what?!?”

“You want us to… fuck?!??”

“Yes, we’re going to fuck. Is this word not a part of your vocabulary?”

“I see. So my salary is double because you fuck me.”

“Is that a problem?”

“Ahh, I don’t know what to say.”

“Well, it’s either yes, it’s a problem, and you leave. Or no, it's not an issue, you stay, and we get to know each other on a personal level. So which is it?”

“I… I think… that I’m in shock.”

“Why are you in shock, Jade? I thought we talked about this earlier today, at your interview,” Alexander says while taking a sip of his Brandy.

“Yes, but it wasn’t made so clear to me that you’re hiring me to fuck me.”

“Well, it’s not the only reason. You come highly recommended as a PA. Your professional skills I’m told are impeccable, and you know what the work entails. I didn’t have to tell you anything. So, do we have a problem about this private part of your duties?”

“You mean the fucking part of my duties?”


I pause for what seems like five minutes, not knowing what to say. Alexander waits silently, allowing me the time to think about the part of the job to which he eluded during the interview, but that was not so obvious in my mind until he just blurted out the ‘fucking’ demand. Am I stupid? Yes, I am! Shit…

“Well, Jade. It’s either yes, or no. Just tell me how you feel about it.”

“I feel good about it, I think.”

“So, it’s a yes?”


“Okay, I’m glad to hear it. Let’s go upstairs. You won’t need your notepad.”

Alexander takes my hand and leads me upstairs to the master bedroom, which looks to be twice the size of my apartment. He locks the door and takes a seat in a large black armchair upholstered in silk fabric. It seems that black is his favorite color. Alexander sits commandingly, staring at me, waiting for me to perform. Only I don’t know what he wants me to do exactly. Am I supposed to strip for him? I need some direction.

“Take your clothes off, for me, Jade. I want to see you nude.”

“Okay,” I say in the smallest sound, as I undress. I start from the bottom-up, taking my high heels off. Then, I pull down my thong, letting it drop to the floor. I move up to my skirt, unzipping it with my right hand while my left unbuttons my red shirt, revealing my black lace bra. Finally, once the shirt is gone, I undo my bra, letting my tits bounce out. “How’s that?” I ask wondering what Alexander will say now.

“Very nice! Come here, close to me. I want to touch you.”

I walk over to him, slowly, afraid of the sheer strength of his character. He glares at me with his ice blue piercing eyes. I’m the prey of his wolf. I stand in front of him, and he continues to study my face and body, our eyes locked in together.

“Sit on my lap, Jade!”

Obediently, I sit on Alexander’s lap: “Like this?”

“Yes, that’s nice,” he agrees as he starts playing with my nipples, getting them hard. “Do you have experience as a submissive?”

“No, I can’t say that I do. What exactly do they do?”

“You submit to your Master’s sexual desires.”

“How so?”

“In every way possible.”

“What are your sexual desires?”

“I like to spank you.”


“Because I do.”

“Are you going to do that to me, tonight?”

“Maybe. We’ll see how I feel. Get on your knees and face me.”

I do as I’m told, sitting on the floor, feet underneath my behind, facing Alexander. “Is this what you like, Alexander?”

“Call me Master, when we’re alone here, together.”

“Yes, Master.”

“Now, what are you going to do for me, Jade?”

“I’m going to suck your cock, Master.”

“Good girl. You’re quick. I like that about you.”

I nod. Alexander waits.

I take a moment to think if this is the kind of PA job I want; my head hung over my chest. There’s still time to leave with some level of dignity. Just pick up my clothes and run out of the bedroom, effectively quitting. I can get another job where cock-sucking is not part of the job description. But I decide that I want to be with Master Alexander, Mr. Stone, whatever his name is, it keeps changing. So, I look up at him, our eyes locking once more, his demeanor comforting as if he understands my dilemma.

In the end, he knows what’s going to happen. Evidently, he has gone through these whirlwind emotions in the past. I unzip his pants, lifting my butt off my heels to reach for my Master’s erection. Permissively, I take his smooth cock inside my orifice. I like the feeling of being dominated by Alexander, who enjoys fucking my mouth.


My decision was final, even despite myself, my thoughts, my feelings, my disapproval of selling my body to my boss, all of my judgmental attitudes about what I was doing. Nothing would stop me from being Alexander’s slave. Having his cock down my throat, sucking him off, tasting his cum and swallowing, ignited a deep desire to please him in every way. I think I know why he hired me; he saw how deeply I needed to be submissive. I want to be sure we’re on the same page, so I ask him, quite directly:

“Are you satisfied, Master?”

“Yes, Jade, I’m very satisfied. You are great. You know how to please your Master. How do you feel? Sit on my lap again, tell me everything,” he said as he zipped up his pants, hiding his delicious organ.

“I feel good, thanks for asking.”

“I’d fuck you right now if it weren’t for the rules,” he said stroking my left nipple so seductively I almost burst out pussy juices, and he felt it. “You respond to my touch, I like that very much!”

“What rules are you talking about?”

“Well, there’s a few, but they are important for us to maintain a strong relationship that works for the both of us.”

“Who worked out these rules?”

“Who do you think? I did,” he said looking vexed. “Try not to ask stupid questions, it aggravates me,” he continued scolding me, his voice turning grave and somber.

“I’m sorry Master.”

“Kiss my hand to apologize, but don’t say the word ‘sorry,’ it’s something else that aggravates me. I don’t want a Sorry Sub, you understand?”

I kiss his hand, gently and respectfully. He accepts my silent apology and continues with the rules. I remember these rules and write them down later, under Master File:

“First, you have to get tested. When was the last time you fucked someone?”

“That’s personal.”

“No, you don’t keep anything secret from me. For the next five years, I am your private life.”

“You’re telling me, I can’t have a boyfriend.”

“Of course you can, but that would be like handing in your resignation.”

“Okay, the last time I had sex with someone was almost one year ago. And it was a long-time boyfriend. We’re both clean.”

“I only care about you. I’m not fucking your ex-boyfriend,” he replied sarcastically, giving me a disapproving look since I had said another stupid thing. “Are you going to get real?”

“Yes, Master,” I apologize, kissing his hand once more.

“Good girl. I own your body for the remainder of your contract.”

“I have a five-year contract!”


“So I can’t date anyone for the next five years?”

“Again, you can, if you want to quit, which you can do at any point. Believe me, you’re going to want me, and no one else, after I fuck you right,” he twists my right nipple, which makes me get even wetter.

“Why aren’t you doing it now?”

“I’m driving you crazy, that’s why!” he teases. “Plus, I need those test results. Something else is I like you to be waxed. Is this you shaved?”

“No, I wax.”

“It’s nice, keep it. I like you this way,” he pushes my left knee out, spreading my legs slightly, and proceeds to finger-fuck me with his right middle finger. I’m dying for him to take me, but I know he won’t do it until he gets confirmation that I’m negative from any and all STDs. He’s enjoying the feeling that he’s driving me crazy. He loves it. I hate it. Usually when I blow a guy the way I did tonight, he’s giving me a massive orgasm right about now. But our relationship is not about pleasing me, only about pleasuring my Master, who is so crazy-mad gorgeous any woman would want him. I have to know why he’s paying somebody to do it:

“Master, you are so handsome and sexy, any woman would want you. Why do you pay for it?”

“I own you, is one reason. The other is that I haven’t the inclination, nor the time, for the troubles of a real open relationship. I need a controlled situation. Girlfriends are high-maintenance. Besides, I do what I like, you see,” he looks me straight in the eye, pissed-off. It’s time for me to stop asking questions. I kiss his hand, for strike three!

Alexander’s rules were simple, so my Master File reads as follows:

Rule #1 Stay Clean and STD Free

Rule #2 Stay Boyfriend-Free or Quit

Rule #3 Do What Master Asks When He Asks for It

He added that I must call him Mr. Stone in the office, Master when we are in private for a session, and to refer to him as Alexander at social functions I would be attending. At the risk of completely pissing off Master, I needed to know one last thing:

“Does everyone in the office know I’m your bitch?”

“What do you think Jade? They’re not stupid, but then neither are you. However, I don’t kiss and tell, even to my closest friends. No one will know what we do in private. Relax. You will learn a lot being with me, everything about sex you never thought to ask. Essentially, sex is power. After I’m done with you and you’re done working at Stone Inc., you will have valuable skills. And if you’re smart you’ll be able to use them to your advantage in future business, and personal dealings. If you’re smart, you can only win!”

Finally, Alexander explained that I am to move to a high-end Manhattan condo of his choice, for which he is paying. He also advised me to save as much of my salary as I can. And he even went further to say that he will help me invest my money. “Just invest the way that I do, and at the end of the five years, all your hard work, at the office, and in private, will have paid off big time. Be smart,” he said, as he ordered me to put my clothes back on.

“Who was your last PA?” I asked wondering why she left.

“None of your business, but she is doing very well now. She put in her five years, just like the last two girls did. And they are all doing, exactly, what they want to do in life. You need to have a concrete plan of what you want to do. I’d like you to submit it to me for my approval.”

“You’re going to approve my life plan?”

“Yes, I take care of my Subs, don’t you get it? I’m looking out for you, just as you will look out for all of my needs. I’m fair. You want me not to give a shit, and only use you like a fucking sex slave?” he yelled.

Oh, shit. I’ve done it now. I pissed him off.

“Get in the Face-Down position, now! I’ve had enough of your fucking endless questions. I thought you were smarter than all of this shit. Are you? Because if you’re not, you’re fired, pure and simple!!” Alexander waited one full minute, for me to get in the ‘face-down’ position, his anger mounting steadily. He kept it under control, though. Realizing that I had no clue, he threw a slave training booklet at me, and I quickly went through it to find the entry FACE DOWN, aka Worship: Knees tucked under the chest, head bowed, arms straight in front by the head, palms down. I hurried to get in that position, and only then did Alexander’s angry red face and pulsating jaw start to relax.

“You need to study these positions and rules. Tomorrow I’ll test you. You have one week to get on top of all of your duties. Now, you’re getting your first punishment, so you know to keep your stupid questions to a minimum. Next time, have some fucking discipline. You’re here to work, not to enjoy yourself. Your work spans day and night for me. Do you understand?” Alexander pulled out a leather staff whip hidden beneath the armchair cushion.

“Yes, Master,” I replied in the tiniest voice.

“Speak up, Jade!”

“Yes, MASTER!” I managed to raise my voice to an acceptable loudness.

“Remove your clothes. You’re not leaving here tonight. And also, tomorrow, you had better be on time for your first day of professional duties. Tina will be waiting!”

“Yes, Master,” I repeated, feeling the heat while I removed my clothes, getting back in the Worship position fast.

“That’s right. We’re staying up all night until I’m satisfied with you,” he groaned again, striking the first whip on my disarmed ass.

“Oh my God, that hurts so badly,” I said jumping up from my face-down position. He’s going to be infinitely mad now. Shit!

“Jade, get back down where you were. You will get used to it. Do it now!” he yelled in a set command.

I did as I was told, my hands shaking as I placed them down on the floor, my face flustered, heart beat racing, my breathing erratic. Master is not fazed by the display of my genuine fear. He lands four quick whips, two on each ass cheek. These made me squint in such horrific pain, though strangely, they made me more resilient.

“How do you feel, Jade?”

“Better Master.”

“All you need to do is to thank me. Say it!” he groaned angrily.

“Thank you, Master,” I said, tears flowing down my face.

“Good girl. Next time, for punishments, you need to present your ass to me, in the Whip position. But it’s okay for tonight. Now, get up!” he ordered curtly. “Lie on the bed in the Service position. Look it up quick!”

I pick up the training booklet, not bothering to wipe my tears, instinctively feeling that is how Master wants to perceive me, as a hollow element. Or perhaps, he wants a powerful Sub, so I decide against being beaten down and I wipe my tears clear, quickly before Alexander can take it in completely. Under SERVICE POSITION, aka Prone/Pussy Position, the instructions indicate: The slave lays upon her back, her hands at her sides, palms upward, legs widely spread to await her Master’s pleasure.

Wanting nothing more than to please Master Stone, I take the prone position, spreading my legs in his direction so that he can have a good view of my swollen pussy lips. At this point, Alexander pauses, the expression on his face changing from angry, uptight Master, to loving, passionate lover, who wants nothing more than to satisfy me. Is he going to fuck me? My anticipating mind reaches degrees of excitement, I can no longer control, my cunt drips hot, dewy juices that flow on the bed. How mad will he get? I’m here for him, and yet he pleases me so, in his irresistible humiliation. My entire being is his to manipulate. And doesn’t Master know it?!!

Unbelievably he leans over on top of me, kissing me so sweetly that I moan, barely holding back a full-on orgasm. Then Alexander sucks on my nipples seductively, making sure each tit gets proper attention, getting them hard and pointy like metal projectiles. Next, he lowers himself towards my pussy, sniffing my pretty cunt smells. He looks up at me, in a dare-I-say loving manner, giving me the sweetest smile I have ever seen on a man.

“You smell beautiful, Jade. I’m going to enjoy fucking you when the time comes. But tonight, you will learn about pussy punishment.”

“Thank you, Master!”

“You are smart as a whip, aren’t you?”

With these words, Master advanced with his intended punishment, striking my pussy with the leather staff. He slashed my pussy exactly twenty times, making me count each upshot. Holding back the tears was my first task as a Stone Sub. I knew he would never forgive me if I had let the tears flow again, in his presence.

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