Fulfilling Friday Night Date Night

Friday nights are the universal date night. But the storyline is so much more that just a Friday night. What happened before the date? What led up to that perfect evening?

It all started Friday morning. We are sending texts back and forth. He's sending me a picture about something going on at work. Some guy at work did something funny, terrible or crazy. Then he sends me an idea he has about work. But he really likes to get playful when we text. It doesn’t take long and he is asking me to send a pictures of what I am wearing. I’m in the office today, and my new outfit is deep blue; it’s form fitting and slightly above the knee. He loves blue on me. We talk about what we want to cook tonight. He said he is hoping for steak, my twice baked potatoes and domestic beer. That sounds great to me; I just want to add a salad for me. I am not much on beer, but ginger beer with a touch of top shelf whiskey is perfection. We set the time for 8 pm. When I get off work, I get the kids to their Dad for the weekend, and go shopping for the things I need from the store. I have about an hour.

I shower, put on my heels and rub some body butter on my skin so it's silky smooth to his touch. Standing in just my heels, I look in the mirror. I trace my new tattoo he has not seen. I wonder what he is going to think? Should I put on a dress, or cook with just my heels? I laugh. What a dilemma to consider? I put on his favorite scent that drives him wild. And then I slip into one of my naughty night club dresses that I could never wear in public. I just wear it for him. It’s lime green, cut down to my belly button in the front, and open on the back all the way down to my poochy butt. The skirt is skin tight and is so short it barely covers my crotch. He loves my curves in this. The surprise will be the new tattoo under my breasts.

Now I am ready to bake the potatoes, spoon out the flesh, add the sour cream, butter and spices and whip up the ingredients. Topped with cheeses, they are ready to slap in the oven. So what was I dreaming about while making his favorite potatoes? Hmmmm. That night we made love in the kitchen. We started on the counter top, but ended up on the floor. I get so energized thinking about him. His naughty smile and his twisted dark heart. Oh yeah, I better set the timer or I'll burn the potatoes day dreaming. I fix my drink and try to relax. I just can't wait for him to get home. I decide I should not light the grill until he text that he is close. Oh, what about dessert? Hmmm. I am more into dessert than he is. And he is such a good dessert to me.

I decide to set the mood. I light a few candles in the bedroom. Then his text comes in; he is getting close. So I let him know I'm starting the grill. Pretty soon, there is a knock at the door. I open the door, and there he stands. A beautiful handful of flowers from the store, and his favorite six pack of beer. He's so sexy to me.

We kiss, he puts his arms around my waist, grabs my butt and pats my ass. This is his way of showing me he's heating up. He gets spontaneous and starts kissing my neck. All this is in the doorway, so I pull him in, and he kicks the door shut while still kissing me. He slips his hand under my short skirt and fondles my crotch. He says I smell sexy. I'm thinking if he doesn't stop, we are not cooking at all. He feels so good kissing and holding me like this. We moan and tell each other we really are hungry. So we agree to try to cook without having sex first, and then we laugh. I love we are so comfortable with each other.

We pull away from each other and try to come back to earth. He's hard and I'm aching. I love this problem we have; always having to slow down and turn the temperature down just a tad. I grab the beer and put it in the fridge. He looks for my vase and adds the flowers. He's stealing my heart. He is so sweet to me and so good for my soul.

I open him a beer and pass it to him; he is standing at the grill cooking the steaks. I come up behind him and grab his Kenny Chesney butt in his blue jeans. He laughs and tells me I better quit in that “I dare you” tone. We settle down and talk about his day. He's looking at the grill. So I adjust my dress and let it fall a little more open and sit down. He turns around and raises one eyebrow. He gets that sideways grin. He puts down the grill tool and kneels down at my lap. He leans in and lifts my dress off my breasts and opens it wide. My breasts are uncovered and his fingers are tracing my tattoo. I ask him if he likes it. He responds by kissing under each breast and then licks it with his tongue. He pulls my butt forward in the chair and leans me back more. The next thing I know, he is spreading my legs and kissing my inner thighs. With one flick of his tongue he sets my lady garden on fire. His tongue and his lips feel so good. I'm hurting so good. He pushes me back upright and smiles that sexy crazy grin. I decide he is trying to kill me softly.

We remember the steaks and laugh. He jumps up to flip them - only one more minute because we took a little too long playing around. I'm still trembling and weak in the knees, but I try to act like I'm alright. The potatoes were sitting on top of the stove cooling. I grab the plates and bring them out to the patio. He puts the steaks he seasoned with his special homemade spices on each plate. I'm having such a good time hearing him talk, that sexy southern drawl, but feeling really hot and bothered looking in his eyes. After we eat, he says, come here baby. I straddle his lap facing him. He grabs my waist and rubs my butt and thighs. I slide forward and grind on his hard and lean in to kiss his lips. He stops and asks me if he can take a minute to look at me. It makes me feel a little shy with his steady stare looking every inch of me over. But his lips giving me butterfly kisses in all the right spots; this assures me I should be comfortable with him.

He asks if we can go sit by the TV and watch a movie sitting close. I agree and he starts going through the list of movies. He loves adventure and fast cars and so do I. He wants to play with me while we relax, so we will be hyped up later. He asks me to stand up so he can look at me again; he spins me around. Then he pulls me down next to him. I figure it's time to give a little payback. I lean over and start kissing his jeans. Yeah, right there on his hard. It's making him harder, and he's grinning. We love that feeling, teasing and pleasing each other. I look up at him and smile while sticking my tongue out and pretend I am licking his hard. He loves the suggestion. We give a big sigh, push back and slide in close beside each other. His arm is around my shoulders and my left hand is between his legs. We start the movie, but I am burning up. My body is on fire, and my crotch is throbbing.

We settle down and focus on the movie, but we never stop simmering. We have this tantric tease thing we like to do over the course of an evening. The song at the end of the movie inspires a lap dance. He loves it when I dance for him slow and sultry. He asks me if he can undress me. I agree. I love to see his eyes twinkle and his body get fired up. And I love to return the favor.

First, I pull off his T-shirt, slipping it over his head. I put both my hands on his chest and massage his muscles, then trace his tattoos. We are neither going to rush this night. I lean in to put a few butterfly kisses from his neck down to his jeans. When I get to his jeans, I grab his button with my teeth. He loves it when I undo his pants with just my teeth, sticking my butt back, leaning in on my knees. He loves the view. It takes a little bit to get it undone, but he enjoys the struggle, and watching my body wiggle between his legs. I lean back, help him unzip his jeans and slip them off. I decide the boxers got to go too. He lets me rub his legs and strong muscles with my hands. He invites me to kiss all his perfect places. I just love his body under my lips and tongue.

He pulls me up on his lap and unties the halter top on my dress. The top drops unveils my breasts. He pushes me back, makes me stand and drops it around my ankles. He takes his time, using his hands, lips and tongue. He grabs my legs, spread them and pulls me down across his lap against his manly hard. He traces my tattoo and I feel my lady garden wrapping around his hard, making me throb. He says he loves the design. I smile and say I love his touch.

We decide to take it to the bedroom. He pulls the sheer white canopy surround open just enough for us to crawl in. I turn on just the star lights that hang over my bed. My handcuffs are hanging on the headboard. He grabs them, and cuffs both my hands to the rail above the headboard. He gets a few extra pillows and keeps putting them under my back and head. He is asking me to get comfortable. And when I assure him I am, he starts kissing my breast, making me moan. He sucks them and pulls them in gently. Playfully he puts his teeth on my nipples, but doesn’t bite. He keeps driving me crazy by kissing and licking all over my chest and belly. I am squirming and moaning. Next thing I know, he has a blindfold in his hands. Oh no! I know what this does to me. I am laughing and begging him not to do it. He smiles and gives me a seriously naughty look, leans in and persists. He wraps it tight around my head, making sure it is tied snug.

Now he grabs the silk ropes. I can not see them, but I feel him noose my right ankle and tie it to the bed post. Next, he puts a noose around my left ankle and tie it to the other bed post. With his fingers and a feather, he goes to work. He can tune a carburetor on a jeep, but what he does to my lady garden is terrifyingly wicked. It feels like fire when he is tracing my curves with the feather. The fact I can not see what is next makes every touch ten times more intense. I am begging him to push inside me. I moan, please baby, make love to me. He is laughing softly and enjoying teasing me. My body is begging for more. When he puts fingers between my thighs, I am aching. He nears my lower lips and my back arches to quicken his fingers penetration. But he pulls back as it enters, and I gasp and moan. I am about to cry with my moaning, when I feel his hard touch my lower lips. I stop breathing and freeze. He pushes in slowly, bending my legs out slightly and I am trembling. I am screaming in pleasure. He strokes in and out, over and over, slowly to begin. Then gets harder and I get louder.

I'm so wet, moaning, melting, begging, please baby, please do not stop. When he does this to me, my body goes into overdrive. We move as one wild animal, sweating and getting more intense as our bodies overheat. He is taking me there, but tonight, it feels like a whole new climax. I'm there and I'm softly gasping with his every move. He loves that feeling of me trembling and cumming and soaking him. When I start to release, he feels his cue. He knows he can push as hard as he wants and wear me out. I am screaming with wild pleasure, and we are both having that sweet release. An ocean of electricity pulsing through our bodies, so intense we don’t ever want it to end. When we get this hot and we make love like this, we are likely to wake up and make love again during the night. In the shower, he will push me face first down to my toes, and grab my hips and pull me back on him. In the bed, he wraps my legs around him, leaves my butt on the edge of the bed, and pushes my upper body down to the floor. He will not let me fall, but rocks my world so sweet until I climax. Or if we are tired, he slides my butt around his hard, wakes me up rocking my lower lips back and forth on his hard until I push down on him. There is nothing sweeter than sultry, slow, sweet morning sex after a crazy night that should have made you feel exhausted, but turned you on instead.

Any worries we had before we landed in this bed, disappeared and melted away to nothing at all. The sun, moon and stars all lined up tonight. Everything in the world feels just fine. This is our unscripted routine and our way to play and put it on replay. We decide we must be living right and decide to get up, start the coffee and our day. He has no idea my brain is already dreaming about our next time. I am thinking he needs to be tied up next. That makes me smile. He looks at me, says good morning baby, leans in and kisses me. Yes. It is a very good morning.