Master File - Part 2

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19 Nov. '15

Stay up all night we did, as Master was intent on showing me the ropes of my new job, in the privacy of his demanding mansion. Luckily, he allowed me to sleep for two hours, between 3 and 5 am. Then he woke me up without care, insisting I go to work, for my official first day at Stone Inc.

The trouble is that I was in a lot of pain, and I had to tell him, hoping he’d take pity on me. I didn’t even know if I could get out of bed, or if I did, whether I could walk

            “Master, I can’t,” I pleaded when he asked me to get out of bed.

            “What can’t you do, Jade?” he said in a relatively kind tone.

            “I can’t get up. I think I’m really hurt, down there.”

            “Spread your legs open, let me see it,” he inspected me carefully, looking to see if his precision strikes were too brutal. “Your skin is not punctured. You are swollen a bit. Do you feel that?” he asked pressing his thumb on my clit.

            “Yes, I do.”

            “Does this feel good?” he punctured my slit, inserting his index finger inside me.

            “It’s okay, but it hurts.”

            “Jade, you’re going to work today. I will help you get out of bed though. Just wait here, I’ll be right back,” he orders me to stay while he disappears in the large wall-to-wall black marble bathroom. When he returns, he’s holding a black bottle of therapeutic oil: “It’s Calendula, completely organic. It will take care of broken skin naturally and effectively. I’m going to massage you. Breathe and take it easy, you’ll be fine.”

            Alexander keeps eye contact with me the entire time he manipulates my aching body. His intense focus, on healing my wounds, shows in the way his eyes pierce my entire soul. It’s as if he’s searching for where the pain is, so he can annihilate it with a beam of light. He spends twenty minutes working on me, gently massaging my pussy, inside out, by the end I feel invigorated.

            I’m torn whether to thank him or slap him across the face for what he did to me last night. But right now, my heart beats for him, intensely. I desire his punishments followed by his soothing hands. Then he comes up with the oddest command: “You need to come, you’ll feel better. Think about coming for me.”

            “I can barely move, and you want me to come?!”

            “Yes, come! You need that release. You’re uptight. I guess it is true that you haven’t fucked in a year.”

            “I can’t believe you.”

            “What can’t you believe? Just trust me. I know what I’m doing. You think last night’s punishment was rough?”

            “Are you kidding? You mean there’s worse than that?”

            “There’s far worse, but I don’t practice that kind of domination. Mine is quite easy compared to some of the stuff out there.”

            “Well, there’s always worse out there.”

            “You’re going to come for me,” Alexander insisted again, pressing his hard thumb on my clit, roughly flicking it side to side, and inserting both his index and middle fingers inside my wounded pussy, now, pumping in and out, ruthlessly racing. He finger fucks me so fast and hard, I cum with a loud cry as my pussy contracts a fiery burn traversing my womb. And in that instant I knew that Alexander was right. I learned my first lesson about deviant sex; it combines pain and pleasure perfectly producing an experience of surrender, which is filled with bitter-sweet emotions. I love Alexander.

            “Thank you, Master,” are the only appropriate words out of my mouth.

            “You’re welcome. Now, you need to shower, get dressed, go home, get ready into professional attire, and go to work. The car is yours for the day; Anthony will take you wherever you like. Tina will show you all your office duties; I expect a good report about you. I have a meeting in L.A. so I need to rush out. Remember, you are the Sub of Alexander Stone, there is no greater honor. Know that!”

            “Yes, Master.”

            “I admit that for your first night, I was a little hard on you.”

            “Yes, Master.”

            “You are doing well though. I’m impressed with your sexual depth. You have passed the interview. And you are now Number One Stone Sub.”

            “Thank you, Master.”

            “Anywhere you go now, you are representing me. Walk into that office, your head held high. You are Mistress Jade to all the girls who work there. Do you understand?” he inquired, placing my face in both his hands, kissing me lovingly. Or is he kissing me with erotic devotion? Whatever it is, he expects me to forgive and forget.

            Amazingly, my wounds are all but gone, due to a combination of the soothing oil and the solicitude Alexander showed. I’m able to move freely, feeling rejuvenated throughout my entire body. I did need to come, it’s been so long. Master Stone Cold was absolutely right, my cum made all the pain worthwhile, and the pain made my orgasm that much more cleansing. Now, standing in the shower, I begin to mentally prepare myself for all the judgmental stares I will get today from the large office staff. What will they think?!! I decide that I don’t give a fuck what they do think. I am Alexander Stone’s Sub and there is no greater honor! I am Mistress Jade to all the snooty receptionists and every other girl who works for Stone Inc.

            The car drives me to the grand steel Stone office building; we reach it at 8:15 am, giving me ample time to reach the top floor to make a good first impression. I hurry to get into the state-of-the-art elevators, swooshing up to Floor 52 uninterrupted, inside of two minutes. It takes me some effort to push open the heavy set glass front doors and for the first time, I step into Stone Inc. as the number one Stone Sub, invincible. The girls at reception do a complete 180 degrees from the day before, greeting me like I’m not only PA to the President of the company, but as if I were the actual boss: “Good morning, Ms. Kelly! How are you this fine morning?” and “We’ll advise Ms. Ford that you have arrived, right away! Please have a seat.”

            “That’s okay, I’ll stand. Thank you,” I reply, my tone of voice denying them any misconceived thought that they may control me. Only one person does that, and he’s the fucking boss of all bosses. It’s amazing how Alexander’s strength transferred into me, my very soul transformed into a daring creature, filled with the fires from hell, yet my heart is that of an angel, in love with my caring Master, Alexander Stone, CEO.

            My first day went extremely well, with Tina leading the way. I have done all of these duties at my previous PA position for the President of Stern & Associates, a law-firm that owns offices worldwide. So for me, today’s run through was just a matter of Tina showing me the details of where everything belongs and how Alexander likes his particular affairs handled.

            It was also a chance for me to get some advice from Tina. I assumed she knew all about the private life of Mr. Stone as a Master, since she also knew everything about his professional routines. So I decided to have a real, straight chat with Tina, if for nothing else, to have someone to confide in. So when we were on a short break in the privacy of her office, I began picking her brain:

            “Tina, you know, I only got two hours of sleep last night. I was at Alexander’s place,” I paused waiting for her response. Maybe she doesn’t want to be involved in the private portion of my duties for Mr. Stone.

            “Yes, I know. Alexander texted me that you may not be feeling well this morning, and to go easy on you, if need be.”

            “Oh!? I see. You’re going easy on me?”

            “No, in fact, there’s no need. You’re performing marvelously, picking up on everything I need to explain, like a pro,” she smiled sweetly. Then she had to ask: “Are you able to have the blood test done, today? I’d need to take you down to the infirmary station, if you can.”

            “Yes, of course, no problem.”

            “It is a standard test for all new employees, but Alexander wants some extra tests done, if you know what I mean.”

            “Yes, of course. I am clean you know, I’ve never gotten anything. I’ve always had safe, long relationships, with only three real boyfriends under my belt. In fact, before last night, I hadn’t had sex in almost a year, not that we had sex… I’m sorry.. Too much information!??”

            “No, not at all, it’s fine. You know we can be friends and you can talk to me if you’d like.”

            “Are you a Sub?”

            “No, but I know that world well. I have gone through a lot of the experiences you’re about to have. For seven years, I was a Sub for a major Dom within Master Stone’s circle. But he’s moved on, and I only do it occasionally now. Not on a full-time basis. I prefer my freedom. You will be able to do the same at some point. Just for now, you need to make the right connections.”

            “How would I make connections? Alexander strictly forbids any outside lovers for me.”

            “Well, for now, you’re all his, for sure. Stay true to Alexander because loyalty is extremely important for him. Right now, he trusts you. If you’re able to maintain that trust level, you will find that he’s going to take very good care of you.”

            “For sure, I will. I’m kind of crushing on him, already,” I say as we both smile at each other, knowingly. “But what did you mean about making connections?”

            “You’ll be able to make fantastic connections at SHI.”

            “What is SHY?”

            “SHI stands for Sex Have Island,” Tina whispers teasingly. “It’s a private island in the Seychelles that Alexander owns. Every year, he has a big bash at SHI, in honor of his birthday. If you play your cards right, this year you’ll be able to attend,” she winks. “It’ll be the weekend of November 13th this year. Alexander’s birthday is actually on November 11th, mark your calendar, and do something extra special for him that day!”

            “Oh, thank you, Tina. You’re so great to help me, this way.”

            “I’ll help you surprise him. Just hold on for the next six months!” she advised, then quickly checking her text message, she added: “The nurse is ready for you now. Shall we go?”

            “Yes, of course. Thanks again, Tina.”

            “My pleasure, Jade, I like you. And I know it’s hard in the beginning, but Alexander will take it easy on you from now on. Last night, he was just testing your limits. If you need anything, you can just call or text me. Okay?”

            “Oh, I will. Thank you so much. You have no idea how much I appreciate your support.”

First Fuck

            My first month at Stone Inc. went by so quickly, it literally felt like ten minutes had gone by we’re so busy with one meeting after another. If there is one busy CEO in America, it’s Mr. Stone. I was extremely glad to receive glowing reviews from all the executives and their executive assistants. Alexander was happy to see me progress positively in my professional duties. But he was even happier to receive a negative result on my STD blood tests. That day, he made me clear his calendar for the morning, and come in ‘Urgently’ into his office. Alexander texts me: “Come into my office, now!” So I jump out of my seat and rush to his office door, knocking pleasantly on the door.

            “Come in!”

            “Hi, you texted me to come in?!”

            “Yes, lock the door, and come to me!”

            It was the first time that Alexander ever asked me to lock the door of his office. So I expected he had something important to tell me: “Is something wrong?” I asked.

            “Everything is fine, Jade. In fact, everything is great with your blood test, all negative,” he announced with a glowing smile. “Now, we can have some fun together. Come sit on this side of my desk and spread your legs wide open.”

            I do as I’m told, without wasting a moment, knowing Alexander doesn’t like to be kept waiting. He looks at my transparent thong, displeased, he orders: “No! Take those off, I can’t see you well.”

            “Yes, Master,” I jump off the desk in a jiff wiggling out of my thongs. And jump back onto the desk, spreading my legs excitedly.

            “You’re still waxed clean, I like that. We’re going to do a session right now. But this time, I’m fucking you. Have you ever had anal?”

            “No… No, Master,” I stutter in fear of a painful first time with Alexander.

            “Okay, I’ll ease into that. I will be your first anal. Maybe later on, tonight, or something, I don’t know,” he sighs, showing his frustration, unusual for him.

            “Are you alright, Master?” I ask respectfully.

            “Yes, I am,” he lets out another deep sigh. “I need you, right now. Do you see that room over to your left?” he points to his private office, or at least that’s what I thought it was.

            “Yes. Should I go there now?”

            “Yes, please. Once inside, take off your clothes. You’ll see the door locks automatically because I don’t want anyone to be able to walk in there. I’m the only one with the key. Go now! I’ll buzz you in,” I rush to the door that opens for me to step in. “I’ll be in right away. You know what to do!”

            Once inside, I find that it’s Alexander’s private bedroom, equipped with all the necessary tools a Master needs for sexual frills and punishing thrills. I hurry to take my clothes off, including my high heels and all my jewelry, so I’m fully naked, just the way Alexander likes it. And I swiftly get into OBEDIENT position, just in time for Master’s entrance.

            “Good Jade, do you like my soundproof bedroom?” he asks, a sly smile on his handsome face.

            “Yes, Master.”

            “Get on the bed, PRONE position. Our first time will have to be a quickie. I’m being called over to L.A. but I need to fuck you now!”

            “Yes, Master, with pleasure.”

            “Well, I don’t know how much pleasure you will get today. I’m going to cum fast. I just have to fuck you. I’ve been waiting for those test results,” he says as he drops his pants and briefs to the floor, and begins to stroke his dick.

            Alexander was right, he fucked me hard and fast, and even though I loved the feeling of his giant nine-inch, stone hard cock, it wasn’t long enough. He came with a harsh groan, after exactly five minutes of pumping my cunt like a sex-slave truly deserves to be fucked, ferociously.

            “I love your cunt, Jade. I’m so glad I hired you. You will get joy from me, but not for a while. You need to learn delayed gratification meanwhile you will have to be ready for me to fuck you, any time of the day, at a moment’s notice. Say it!” he commanded, withdrawing his impregnating cock from my frisked pussy walls.

            “I’ll be ready, Master. Thank you!”

            Over the next five months, Master Stone had me suck his cock under his desk, while in meetings with high-level executives. He would also fuck me doggy-style, my face down on his desk, while he discussed business during phone conferences with the L.A. office. But that was the least of it; Master would make me hide inside his bedroom office, and he would enter the office to fuck me, while clients waited at his desk, thinking he’s in the bathroom. Then, it became a routine for me to bring his hot Cappuccino in the mornings, and then take prone position in his private room, waiting for him to finish his breakfast and morning phone calls. If his coffee wasn’t the right temperature, or if the calls didn’t go well, he would fuck me in my asshole, then turn me around to whip my pussy the required twenty times.

Each fuck up on my part, or someone else’s fuck ups for that matter, meant Alexander would whip me into submission. The bigger the fuck up, the worse the whipping was for me. He got off on both fucking me in all my holes, and in making me cry, though he would tell me not to do so: “I need a strong sub, Jade. Don’t cry this way. Suck it up. You know that you’re here for my pleasure. I own you. Get with the program before I fire your ass,” he shouted as he slashed my breasts, making my nipples hard with pleasure and red in pain.

            At Alexander’s mansion, at night and on weekends, Master Stone used me for even more pleasurable rides than at the office, taking his time making the perfect knots for bondage sessions; fisting my cunt to stretch me out like a train was about to go through me; and fucking my ass using hard sex toys that shouldn’t go in there, not to mention his thick cock, which he used to ram me combatively. When I wept in pain, Alexander would console me, sweetly, giving me fabulous orgasms I never knew existed. The way that he kissed me, I could tell that he loved me, not just want to force fuck me, but he wouldn’t allow me in. He kept me at bay emotionally.

SHI Night

            Before I knew it, it was already time to celebrate Alexander’s 46th birthday, and what a birthday bash he throws for all of his friends to enjoy. The small yet exotically sexy island in the Seychelles was full of who’s who of multi-millionaires and billionaires, who flew in to enjoy the multitude of supermodels, Mistresses, Subs, and lowly sex-slaves.

            I was so thrilled to be travelling with Alexander on his private plane, I couldn’t contain my excitement. And my excited-state only grew as Alexander brought me to his high-flyer bedroom. Yes, he has a bedroom everywhere, including his private jet, and I’ve seen all of their ceilings by now. Alexander was in a fantastic mood, having closed a series of deals in Asia, including a major one in Beijing. He’s ready to celebrate his birthday in classy style. After take-off, he takes my hand, brings me to the bedroom, and asks me to close my eyes and put my hands up facing the ceiling, supplication mode. I keep my elbows locked and turn my palms facing up, and wait, my eyes closed.

            After a moment, Alexander places a slightly heavy box in my hands, and tells me to open my eyes. I open them to find a beautifully wrapped package in a Tiffany blue that can only mean one thing; Alexander bought me some diamond jewels. Feeling wildly enthralled, I sit at the edge of the bed, opening the lovely gift, and it’s confirmed: Inside the box are matching diamond necklace and bracelet, which look like a million bucks.

            “Let me put them on you, Jade, stand up for me!”

            “Yes, Master.”

            “You look beautiful tonight. I want to make love to you. You’ve been so sweet to me, putting up with my perverted sexual appetite. Tonight is your night. Keep the jewels on and take your dress and underwear off,” he commands in a towering yet gentle way, as he begins to undress, getting out of his exquisite Armani tux, kicking his Berluti dress shoes off.

            “Shall I get into position?”

            “No! Jade, we are going to make love, tonight, as man and woman. There is no Master, no Sub now. It’s just you and me. Would you like us to make love?”

            “Yes, I’d like nothing more,” I say melting in Alexander’s throbbing arms.

            Alexander makes love to me with such passion that I give up all control, letting myself fall in love. He is sensuous, gentle, and attentive to my every need, having studied what I enjoy in bed, for the last five months. I surrender to him my very soul, as he smothers me with his tongue, giving me oral pleasure I have only had in my grandest wet dreams. Alexander slowly moves up to my breasts and spends ten minutes on each nipple, sucking the milk dew out of them. Then he starts to kiss me on the mouth, something he’s only done in passing in the past. Now, he releases his deepest affection with a lustful vengeance pouring right into my soul.

I am no longer a submissive cunt to him rather I am his priceless object of desire. His love unfolds into my starved pussy as he gently inserts his cock inside me. His movement into me matches mine in perfect synchronicity. He enjoys bringing me to intensified orgasmic bliss, as his lover, not his subordinate sex-toy. All of my pent-up frustrations gathering for months on end are finally released in the most climactic pleasure bursts I have ever experienced. Talk about delayed gratification; My stretched pussy explodes, filling the bed with cunt cum, which Alexander loves.

            “Oh, baby, that is so wonderful. You are such a beautiful woman. These jewels are worth half-a-million dollars, but compared to you they’re cheap imitations. Jade, you are an angel.” That is the closest that Alexander will say I love you. I want to tell him: “I love you,” and it slips out of me wildly, much like my squirt had exited my indebted folds.

            When we land on SHI, Tina meets us and takes me on the grand tour of the island while Alexander meets up with his boys, undoubtedly trading vile sex stories. The main social gathering on the island is setup like an exotic resort, with half naked models walking around, getting groped by the guests, sex slaves crawling on their hands and knees while being spanked by a Dom, group sex involving Masters in masks ass-fucking multiple submissives. You name it, it’s happening here, yet it happens with an elevated air of decorum, something Alexander insists upon. No punishments allowed, only sex, as deviant as it may be, is permitted.

            The money being spent by these Doms, Masters, and High Masters, called HMs, is insane. They have their checkbooks out, signing away a small, or large, fortune for the best shows delivered by Mistresses. Tina tells me that the main venue tonight is my introduction to SHI, and that she and I are going to put on a little show for the excited Masters.

            “Come with me. It’s our turn on the stage now. Everyone is expecting you!”

            “But Alexander will be mad. He specifically told me to decline all their offers tonight.”

            “Honey, I know. This is different. The High Masters are giving tips in the range of 100,000 dollars, if they like the show. You will not submit to anyone. It’s just a show, and a fast one at that. Come on!”

            “But Tina, I don’t know what to do. I mean these girls are sucking cock on stage.”

            “Sweetie, I don’t have a cock. You’re going to lick my clit for exactly two minutes. They’re going to take a few pictures. And then you and I would have made $1 million dollars, give or take a couple of grand. Come, it’s easy, and you’ll like the attention. Be sure to give them your best smile while on stage, especially when you’re licking me!”

            Tina knows what she’s doing and she wants the money. She’s been such a great support for me, in the last few months at Stone Inc., I don’t want to disappoint her, so I get on stage with her, giving my biggest smile to hide my aching heart. Alexander, Grand Master Stone, or GMS, and his best friend, Llyon, #1 HM, are in the audience. Victoriously, Tina pulls up her tight skirt, exposing her waxed-shiny pussy, to a roar of applause as she smiles from ear to ear, throwing her head back, as if to say she loves the adulation. Then, all eyes are on me. What the fuck do I do?

            “Get down on your knees, and lick my clit. The faster you do it, the more effective. Go! Do it now!” she whispers, talking under her breath while maintaining her super star smile for the mad audience.

            I look at Alexander, waiting for some kind of sign he approves. And there it is, he nods his head once, and I am sold. I get on my knees, smiling like I’m being awarded an Oscar. Then I start to lick Tina’s clit under what seems like one thousand camera flashes. The audience roars again in excitement. I’ve done it, sold my soul for half-a-million bucks, which comes in the form of checks from HM admirers. None of them dare to proposition me, with GMS celebrating his birthday today.

            After the show is over, Tina disappears into the crowd, arm in arm with one of the major HM hitters. He looks like a million bucks. She looks like she made a million bucks off him. Wow, I guess that’s what she means by ‘only occasionally’ does she submit to a Master. Right, what do I do with myself now, I can’t see where Alexander went, and no one will touch me with a ten-foot pole. I decide to go freshen up in the ladies room, clutching my purse that contains upwards of one hundred grand in so-called tips. I wait for a phone call from Alexander which doesn’t come for a couple of hours. I don’t dare to call him because he dislikes it when I initiate phone calls. So I wait, and wait, and wait in the resort lobby, that is slowly but surely emptying from all the guests, exiting to their private mansions, Übermodels hanging on their arms.

            Finally around ten pm, Alexander calls me on my cell, and I’m all too excited to answer him, that I drop my iPhone on the ground, looking completely clumsy and out of my depth. Luckily, when I pick up the phone, Alexander is still on the line, waiting:

“Look behind you,” he says in a strict tone.

“Oh, there you are,” I almost stutter, “I’ve been waiting for you to call me.”

“Come to me,” he commands in a serious voice.

“Yes, of course,” I start walking towards him as fast as I can while still maintaining proper decorum, acting cool.

“I missed you,” he reveals when I’m in earshot of him.

“I missed you more,” I smile happily.

“Nice show!” he grins, staring me down.

“Thank you, Master, glad you liked it,” I manage to say, hiding a major hot blush.

“We’re taking a stroll over to my villa, over there,” he points to the largest mansion that looks over-lit with lights spanning the entire property, from the front steps all the way to the roof.

“Wow, it looks festive. Is it a private party?”

“No, my dear, it’s our private time, together. I have a surprise for you,” he announces without revealing his secret.

“Is it something for me? Or for you?”

“A little bit of both, depends how you see it,” he smiles looking proud of himself.

Elegantly, we step into the mansion together, as if husband and wife. My body is tinkling from the anticipation of another loving session with Alexander, similar to the one we had on his jet. The place is abandoned, with only traces left of cigar smoke and no one inside but the cleaning staff. Alexander takes me straight upstairs to his private wing, so dark it’s a bending contrast to the festive lights around the rest of the villa. And then we go straight to his bedroom. I’m excited, still believing that Alexander wants to continue our cloud nine love session. But as he opens the door to the master bedroom, I’m shocked to find that Alexander’s best friend, Llyon is waiting for us.

“Llyon, you remember Jade,” is what Alexander said in the worst agreeable tone.

“Of course, how was your evening Jade?” Llyon inquired in an elegant voice.

“It was exciting and fun, how was yours?” I offered, politely, while Alexander let go of my hands that were beginning to shake.

“It was excellent, thank you!”

And then it came, Alexander’s brutally shocking command: “Jade, Llyon will be your Master for the night. Please make sure to be on your best behavior,” he added, then speaking to Llyon: “She’s been fully trained.” With these distasteful words, Alexander walked towards a corner of the bedroom, to sit on a large, white, puffy armchair, like a King filling his throne.

My heart sank to my shoes, and the tears flowed down my face uncontrollably, there was nothing I could do about it. “I’m sorry,” I said to Llyon, who looked even more gorgeous than Alexander, if that were even possible. And then, almost on autopilot, I followed Alexander to his spot, and just started yelling at him: “This is your surprise?! How could you? I mean at least a heads-up would have been nice. Why would you make love to me on the plane so lovingly, if you were just going to offer me to someone else? And why did you tell me to refuse all the offers from those Masters, if you didn’t care about me? You just take me up to cloud nine, just to throw me from the heavens, smashing me on the ground. You broke my heart! Why?” I cried like a little girl, who just found out her father died in a plane crash, wailing loudly, my makeup destroyed, hiding my eyes and face, hoping the ground would swallow me whole.

Alexander allowed my outburst, knowing that I was in shock, not expecting this turn of events. I went to sit at the foot of the bed, intended for Llyon and me to fuck, not for Alexander and me to make love. I continue to cry like a mad woman, not caring what either Masters think, or want. Fuck them!

At this point, Alexander and Llyon keep eye contact with each other, communicating silently, on a subliminal level. Unbelievably, Alexander shows great restraint. I mean, after all, he is my Master, I had accepted to be his Sub. I was fully trained during the last five months of service. And I knew full well that these types of outbursts on the part of a Sub were not tolerated, in any way, shape, or form. On top of it all, I am, absolutely, ruining Alexander’s birthday with my drama. In effect, if he hadn’t shown me any love, making love to me tenderly on the way over here, I would be perfectly fine with the fact that I’m being passed around to his best friend, who maintains a kind, warm smile on his illustrious face. I am way out of line, having left discipline to the sex slaves, who are in the process of pleasuring their Doms. Fuck them!

But instead of retaliating with the appropriate punishments, both Masters keep silent, allowing me to vent and let out all of my frustrations. I calm down as the tears stop flowing. I’m now able to regain some composure. And I stand up, take off my clothes, only keeping my thong and high-heeled black Gucci sandals on, and I get into the WHIP position. Alexander leaves his throne and walks over to me, fully within his Dom rights to punish me. But he doesn’t.

“Jade, please stand up!” he commands in a gentle voice, not part of his usual repertoire of tones.

“Why? Don’t you want to whip my insolence out of me?” I continue yelping.

“Jade, stand up!” he repeats in a more constricted way, yet still in control of his underlying anger.

“Okay,” I yell, still rebelling, really asking for it. “Here are your diamonds back, I don’t want them,” I throw sharply while removing my exquisite bracelet and necklace, handing them to Alexander, who won’t take them back from me. So I take it a step further, my makeup running down my face, making me ugly, and I throw the half-million-dollar jewelry on the floor. Then I start to cry once more, stepping away from the stare down of Alexander, who still does not make a move, and I go to sit on the left side of the bed.

Alexander, upset by the overblown scene, is not showing any emotion. Still, I don’t think he’s surprised by my behavior, in the slightest. No matter how badly I behave, I can’t get a rise out of him. He must have expected all of it, maybe even planned it this way. And so, he steps back from the bed area, and goes back to his throne, picking up his gold iPhone. Instantly, he zones out from this scene, leaving Llyon to deal with my temporary insanity.

Llyon, who oozes sex appeal, acts in a more masterful manner than I’ve ever seen from Master Stone. Instead of making me pick-up the jewelry to bring it to Alexander, he picks it up, himself, and brings it over to me.

“Hi, Jade,” he says in a sweet tone, as he sits on the side chair next to the bed. “May I?” he says, requesting to put the necklace back around my neck.

“Yes,” I whisper, embarrassed by my lude behavior. I can’t believe I threw away half-a-million dollars. What the fuck is wrong with me?

“There, you go. You look beautiful,” he compliments as he locks the brilliant bracelet around my right wrist.

I can’t look at him, feeling ashamed of my outburst. If anything, I should have been flattered that Llyon, who’s worth at least $10 Billion more than Alexander, is willing to be with me tonight. I didn’t know how to apologize, but he made it easy for me.

“You feel sad and angry. Alexander was not straight forward with you tonight. Maybe he’s having a little fun at your expense. But am I really so bad, you have to cry so much?” he smiled in the most irresistibly adorable manner.

“No, of course not, you are fantastic in every way. But I wasn’t made aware of the plans for the evening, until we walked through the door. I am very sorry.”

“Don’t be, it’s okay, I understand. Alexander has a way of stinging people, when they least expect it. But what makes you think that Alexander’s decision to share you with me, tonight, is not an act of love?”

His suggestion never crossed my mind. What the fuck is he talking about? Does he think me dumb as a rock? “What do you mean?”

“I mean that we don’t share our Subs very often. This is a very special night. Besides, I am a much more attentive lover than Alexander will ever be,” he teases, throwing a look at his best friend, who lifts his head back slightly a smirk on his face. “Look at me,” he moves into his first command. I look into his deep blue eyes that twinkle like stars in the early evening sky. “Don’t you want to be with me?”

“Yes, I do,” I can’t help but say, the masters’ strings working my lip muscles.

“Well, then, go wash your face, freshen up, and come back, I’ll be waiting,” he smiles again, ensuring that his orders are met.

I go to the bathroom, take a quick shower, washing all the smudged makeup down the drain. I put on nothing but the white cotton robe, leaving my fancy jewelry on the bathroom counter. And when I return, Llyon, still sitting in the same spot, apparently completing another silent discussion with his buddy, is in full Master mode:

“Jade, take off the robe, now!” his second command.

“Come, sit in obedient position, in front of me, here!” his third command. I comply, having left behind all bitterness. I’m ready to please Master Llyon, who has shown more compassion to me in one hour than Alexander has in five months. “I’d like you to take care of me, now. I’m very horny. Will you do that?”

“Yes, Master Llyon, with pleasure,” I smile, unzipping his pants and sliding my hand inside his briefs. After a moment of massaging his dick with my hand, Llyon is fully erect, and what an erection. His cock rivals Alexander’s nine inch, with an extra inch and a half. I’m happy to take his commanding cock inside my mouth, getting wet in the process.

Alexander enjoys watching me as I move my head up and down on Llyon’s cock, taking only half of it in my mouth, struggling to deep throat him. Llyon decides to stop my blowing performance. He gets up from his seat. He asks me to lie on the bed on my back while letting my head hang down, over the side of the bed that’s closest to him. He removes his clothing. Then, with relative ease, he inserts himself inside my mouth, jamming his cock down my throat. Surprisingly, there is no pain, no gagging. I can breathe normally and he ends his appreciation of my inner orifice quite swiftly, not wishing to provoke any discomfort on my part.

He removes his hardness from my throat and mouth, and asks me to lie down, my head to the bedpost, and place myself in prone position. Again, I comply, trying to make up for my lewd actions earlier. With my legs spread, Llyon teases my clit with his staff. Then, instead of taking me suddenly, a move Alexander might do to strike fear of excitement in me, Llyon begins to kiss me on the mouth. His kiss is so pleasurable that I start dripping pussy juices on the tip of his cock. Realizing how excited I’ve become, Llyon finds my hole and begins to pound my cunt steadily moving faster and harder, as I let out one moan after another, louder and more intense with each stroke.

Alexander watches from his throne, on and off, allowing enough privacy for his lifelong friend to enjoy the golden pussy that I am. Seeing I’m about to orgasm, Llyon comes quickly, denying me any pleasure. It’s so typical of a Master to torture his Sub. He removes his cock from inside me and comes on my stomach. Then he rests his back on the bed, his head sinking into the silk pillows, and gives his fourth command: “Lick the cum clean off my cock, now!” I comply. He’s still coming.

Now, Alexander decides to join us in the sinful bed. He takes all of his clothes off, inside of ten seconds while stroking his cock, easily bringing it to a full erection. With me, on my hands and knees, licking Llyon’s cock top to bottom and all around, Alexander takes advantage of my position to slip inside my still moist cunt. He fucks me savagely hard, pulling on my hair, as I continue to clean the apparently endless cum off of Llyon, who is still erect.

Now, as if they rehearsed this a thousand times, Alexander removes himself from my pussy, as Llyon pulls my hips onto him, once more entering me in the same spot his buddy was just in. Without missing a beat, Alexander comes on my asshole, but only enough to lubricate me, and then jams his cock inside my ass. I am sandwiched between two masters, who know how to control every pump and stroke into me, to get the maximum pleasurable effect. I’m still on the clock. These are my night duties. Including the diamonds from GMS and all the tips from the HMs, which I am definitely keeping now, I made $1 Million dollars tonight. The multiple orgasms I have while being double dipped, by two amazing yet ruthless lovers, makes me fall in love with my life as a Stone Sub. Call me Mistress Jade, I love it.

Copyright 2015: MissNaya