Dear Diary, I Have a Secret Fantasy

Dear Diary, 

Today, I have a more taboo confession. It’s almost all that I've been able to think about lately. I’ve been trying to get this idea out of my mind- but I simply can't help wondering if my fantasy will ever come true. Daddy is the perfect dom for me. The way he handles my body both aggressively and gently at the same time, all while giving me that look that makes me just absolutely weak. I love being Daddy’s submissive. At times, I can be a tad bratty, but in the end I always follow Daddy’s commands and give him absolute control. What if our roles were flipped? What if one day he was my submissive? Honestly, it’s quite hard for me to not imagine myself doing many of the things that Daddy does to me, to him. I love when Daddy Chokes me, really hard, maybe even a little too much. But I’ve always wanted to surprise him and dominate him out of the blue. I would ask him “Please Daddy can I get on top,” all cute and polite. He wouldn’t suspect a thing. After riding him for a few minutes, he would probably tell me he wants to switch positions. We always do. But instead of obeying Daddy like I always do, I would put my finger on his lips to quiet him. Then, I would look deeply into his eyes and say “I’m in charge now Daddy, so you better do as I say.” Daddy is a bit stubborn and always has been, so I know that there’s no way he would just instantly give the control over to me. Of course I respect him and his limits, but what if he had none whatsoever? In my fantasy, Daddy is giving me all of the control, without any question or hesitation. He is even begging me to overpower him and do whatever I please to his body. Throughout the day, I wonder what he would do if I were to slap him in the middle of sex and start ordering him around. At night, I picture what it’s like to watch him take a strap-on up his little ass for me. I imagine the faces he would make while I am fucking him, for a change. I get so horny just thinking of all the things I secretly want to do to Daddy, especially when I think about pegging him. Unfortunately, for now all I can actually do is dream of my make-believe world, where Daddy lets me do anything and everything I desire. Maybe one day, I will share my secret fantasy with Daddy; and maybe one day this fantasy will come true. For now, I believe it is best for me to try keeping it to myself. I will focus on being the best little well behaved sub for Daddy.


Ashley ♡