Waiting for Master

I am waiting.

I'm naked and I'm waiting. Master knows I'm waiting. I'm always here waiting for Him. When it's time for Him to come home. I'm kneeling and my head is bowed, but I'm smiling. Master likes me to be happy to see Him. I always am. Even when I've been a bad girl. Even then I'm always so happy to see Him.

I hear His key in the lock. I'm trembling now, just a little. In anticipation. My Master is home. I'm shivering now and squeezing my thighs tightly together. My naughty bits are tingling. They always do. My nipples are standing out from my little breasts. He loves to take them into His mouth. They can remember how that feels. They remember and they're happy that He's home. So very happy.

Master loves me. He loves me so much. He tells me so. And I'd do anything for Him. He knows that. So I'm waiting.

My hands are gripping my legs. So smooth. Master enjoys caressing my skin. My soft skin that's just for Him. I won't touch the special place yet. That's for Him to do. Right now. I did touch myself earlier today. I'll have to tell Him. He may punish me. That's what He has to do sometimes when I'm a naughty little girl. When I need discipline.

Master opens the door wide and I hear Him placing His things on the bench in the hallway. He pauses. I know He's looking at me. I know He's smiling. But I keep my head down. My fingers are pressing my nails into the tender flesh. I'm so excited. I want to peek out through the locks of hair covering my face but I don't. Not until He allows me to do so.

I'm eager.

His voice is soothing as He tells me to look at Him. He's smiling, just as I knew He would be. I lick my lips and let Him see my eyes. My bright, shining eyes. That's what He says. He loves my sparkling eyes. He tells me that often. He walks towards me and I feel the rush of blood through my body.

His hand is on my head now. He can be so gentle, and so harsh. When He must be. But He's always fair. He's always right. He's my Master.

I press my head against His fingers and He grips my hair, turning my face up to receive a little kiss. Just a small one. But so perfect. His lips are dry against my damp ones. I taste the tip of his tongue and I moan. He likes that. I'm pleased. He must have had a good day. Yes, this will be a good evening.

Master goes to our bedroom but He hasn't released me yet. I stay kneeling where I am. I can hear Him washing up in the bathroom. Then He's moving around and I hear His footsteps on the hardwood floor. He sits in His easy chair. He calls to me. Come to me Baby Girl. I'm quick to crawl over to Him. I'm sure He wants me now.

He needs me. And I need Him so much.

He asks me if I was good today. He knows me so well. I wasn't. I was dreaming about Him and I had to play. Just a little bit.

I was lying on the sofa here in the living room. Letting my mind drift and think about Master's handsome face, and His strong hands, and His firmness. His firmness when I need discipline, and His firmness filling me. Filling my mouth and filling my naughty place. My little kitten. That's what Master calls it.

So I have to admit my guilt. I need to be punished. I know that. I want that. I need to be taught to be good. His hand is descending upon my round bottom now. I'm such a bad little girl. Oh, Master, that's just what I need. I know that. I know it. Yes, teach me, Master. He does. He keeps teaching me over and over as I cry. And I tremble with the quivers running through my body. Into my naughty bits. Into my kitten.

It lasts a long time. The warmth in my shaking butt gets hotter and I feel the redness. I feel the pleasure spreading into my thighs and into my wetness. I'm so wet for my Master. He knows that. He always knows that.

His strokes finally slow and stop. When He asks me if I'll be good I say yes. I promise to be a good girl. I'll try to be, honestly. But sometimes I just have to be bad. And He'll have to punish me again. But for now His hand is slowly caressing my bottom and moving to my kitten. My wet little kitten. I moan as His fingers run up and down my swollen slitty. His hand goes to my mouth and I taste my nectar.

He orders me to kneel again. He spreads His legs apart. He tells me to release my prize from His trousers. He's obviously ready for me. My Master is so firm now. So firm in voice and body. I lower His zipper and reveal what I love so very much. I look up and He nods. I hold Him. This is mine now. Mine to please for my Master. I smile and His eyes twinkle as He smiles back.

Master is waiting.



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