Office Lust - Part 1

Info Snoopy100
06 Oct. '16


Lizette wasn't a bad boss, as bosses go, in fact she's a pleasure to deal with in a professional capacity. There can be some real bitches in the world of interior design. I'd been fantasying over her for months, ever since she'd started working here, she was a tall, dark haired, Latin looking beauty, with firm boobs and a tanned shapely figure.

We'd been for a few drinks after work a couple of times but nothing had come of it. I don't know if she realized I was gay and I still couldn't work out where her passions lay. I started dreaming about what I'd do with her, but I put it to the back of my mind deciding it wouldn't ever happen. Besides it wasn't helping my work, sitting day dreaming about her lithe sexy body.

She asked me to come down to her office to discuss a few questions she had about the project we were working on. We aren't a big company and the other three girls were out for the day visiting a new client. I knocked on her office door and heard her call for me to come in.

'Hi Liz, I have the samples you wanted to discuss' I said coming into her office.

'Ahh, great thanks Louise, take a seat, I'll be right with you' she said turning to finish something on her Mac.

I closed the door behind me and walked to the seat in front of her desk, putting my folder on the desk, I waited for her to finish what she was doing, she smiled looking up at me nodding her encouragement, so I began.

'These are the samples for the sofa in the games room' I explained passing the material sample over the desk.

'And this is the flooring I thought we could use' I passed her a lump of the polished walnut planking.

As she took the walnut from my hand her phone rang, startled by its ring she dropping the sample. It bounced once and skated its way across the office floor. As she was busy on the phone I got up and went over to retrieve the timber, it had landed by her book case. I bent to pick it up, my back towards her, as I reached down I felt her hand lazily stroke my ass her fingers caressing me through the green cotton of my shorts.

Straightening up and blushing, I turned to see Lizette still on the phone looking at me with a glint in her eye. Slowly she opened her mouth and licked her lips. Still on the phone, she moved her chair back from the desk, and slowly parted her thighs. She was wearing a flowing red summer dress, her left hand slowly moved down to her bare tanned thigh and moved the thin cotton material upwards making sure she pushed the red cotton far enough so I could glimpse the pink lace material of her panties.

'No, I said they needed to have that work completed by Thursday' she said to the caller.

She smoothed the red cotton of her dress back over her thighs and then reached across to her desk and picking up the material sample for the sofa. Holding it up, she turned it over in her hand as if appraising its texture and color and then she quite deliberately dropped it on the floor in front of her chair. She bit the corner of her mouth her green eyes looking through her lashes at me and mouthed the word 'Opps'.

'No, that's not good enough, we've had too many delays on this project already' she said more firmly.

'Ok, Louise and I will be there on Thursday afternoon to check it's all been finished off, ok bye' she replaced the receiver and turned back towards me.

'I don't know what's the matter with me today, I seem to be soooo clumsy'

'Be a sweetie and get that for me would you Louise' she purred.

I moved closer to her and slowly crouched down in front of her, my face only a couple of feet from her open thighs. I picked up the material and slowly placed it on her desk. Then feeling slightly nervous I sat down on the floor in front of her chair, wiggling my butt to get comfortable, I stretched out my long legs and wrapped my heels behind the wheels of her office chair. I pulled the chair towards me, Lizette opened her legs more as I pulled the chair closer.

I removed her high heels, one at a time placing them under her desk and then with trembling fingers I pushed the thin red cotton material of her dress up her smooth tanned thighs. Lizette wiggled her butt forwards in the chair, bringing her pussy closer to me.

As I bend forward I can smell her perfume, it's a pleasant summer fragrance and then I lean in and kiss the front of her pussy through the pink lace material of her panties. I Let my tongue lick up the flimsy material following the curves and folds of her pussy, I can feel her body tremble at the touch of my tongue. I reach up to pull her panties down, Liz raises her butt up slightly to allow me to remove the pink lace which covers her sex, I pull them down her thighs and then over her firm calf muscles, she steps out of them. She wiggles her butt back into her black leather chair.

I lean forward, and let my tongue slowly lick its way up the now naked folds of her pussy, nearly reaching her clit I stop and start licking from the bottom of her lips again. She shivers and lets out a small moan adjusting her butt on the seat, I feel the weight of her right leg as she drapes it over my shoulder.

Lizette then moves her left leg up and rests her foot on her desk, allowing her legs to spread wider. Her swivel chair moves backwards a small amount until I lock it in place between my calf muscles.

I lean towards her pussy again, this time I push my tongue harder spreading the folds of her lips wider as my tongue reaches the hood hiding place of her waiting clit. I let the tip of my tongue curl around it pushing against her clit, I kiss and then suck it gently feeling it hardening in my mouth.

Lizette gasps and giggles, I kiss her pussy and again I let my tongue start its journey all over again licking up her pussy lips, pushing and probing as it follows its path back to her waiting clit. She moans deeply as I suck on the now hard bud of her clit, I let my tongue push and move over it in small circles I feel her hands move to hold my head and her hips rising up to meet my tongue. I suck harder and nibble on her clit I can feel the wetness build and smell the sweetness of Lizette's sex.

I let my tongue probe against her now dripping pussy lips, driving into her wet pussy, in and out harder and faster I go. I take Lizette's clit in my lips, I feel it's heat and hardness, I suck and pull on it with my mouth and tongue. I feel her body tense, her hips urgently grinding hard against my mouth, my tongue swirls and flicks across her clit, faster, dipping in and out of her pussy lips and then back to her clit as her orgasm starts to build. She moans loudly begging me not to stop, I feel her hands clamping my head hard against her pussy.

I suck hard on her clit now concentrating all my efforts on her slippery hard bud, I can feel her body tense and her hips buck upwards pushing hard into my mouth as she starts to cum, I greedily lick and suck her hot sticky cum as she pants and moans still grinding her pussy into my waiting mouth. I feel her body relaxing as the wave of her orgasm subsides, her hands trembling against my head she slumps back into her chair.

Lizette looks down at me a satisfied grin on her face, she makes to move forward in her chair thinking I've finished with her. I gently push her back in the chair and moving forward I kiss her wet pussy lips, licking the remaining glistening cum from them. I kiss my way up her pussy and gently I kiss the hood which barely covers her tingling clit, I let my tongue push the hood aside and it flicks across the hard bud of her clit. Lizette moans deeply at the pleasure she's feels her clit still hyper sensitive after her orgasm.

Slowly and still a bit shakily she moves her left leg off her desk and lets it drape over the arm of her chair, sliding her butt forwards on her now very wet chair she moves her right leg from my shoulder and drapes that over the chairs other arm. Now I know she has fully surrendered to me, she squeals with delight as I curl my tongue across her most secret place. I take her clit in my mouth again and begin to suck it wrestling it with my tongue, I nibble it gently another squeal and I feel her hands back clamping my head firmly in place. I suck and tease her clit letting my mouth and tongue lick and suck it greedily.

Lizette moans loudly and releasing my head her fingers move to pull her pussy lips wide revealing her wet pink sex. I need no more invitation and push my tongue as deep into her as I can, pushing it in and out as hard and fast as I can, Lizette moans deeply.

I turn my attention back to her now fully exposed clit, her fingers now wet and slippery with her own cum she struggles to keep her lips spread so wide. I don't care now the lust has taken me over I can feel my own pussy oozing my sticky juices my green shorts must have a wet patch of their own, I want her to cum harder than she's ever experienced before.

I suck harder on her clit, taking it into my mouth and pushing it hard with my tongue, kneading it between my lips. Lizette squeals I suck and suck harder and faster, pulling away I push my tongue deep into her pussy I taste the cum oozing from deep within her sex. I lick, suck and slurp it from her pussy. Lizette's fingers now so sticky with her own cum she can no longer keep her lips spread so wide apart, she gives up and I feel their wetness on my head as she pushes me into her waiting pussy as my tongue lashes away at her dripping pussy.

I push two of my long fingers inside her pulling them back and then driving them deep into her up to my knuckles. I feel her wet warmth as they slide easily in and out, I feel every contour of her most intimate place all the while my tongue sucks hard on Lizette's now throbbing clit. I keep this up, my fingers slipping and sliding their way inside her, my mouth and tongue clamped to her soaking tingling clit, she squeals and moans, I feel her body tensing again, I hear her whimper at me not to stop, my fingers wet and slipper as they continue to slide and slip their way in and out of her.

I feel Lizette's hips thrust upwards and I pull my head back gasping for some air, I move my left hand up towards her clit with my long fingers I start rubbing it as fast as I can. Lizette screams, shaking as my fingers keep up their motion, slipping and sliding on her wet clit. It's hard pink bud tingles at my touch. Her whole body tenses and I feel her hips push forwards her back arches nearly lifting her off the chair.

'Ohhh, fuckkk, ohh' she screams totally lost in the wave of her orgasm.

I feel her pussy muscles tighten on the two fingers I still have deep inside her I pull them out of her, my other hand still rubbing her clit as if my life depended on it. Her hips thrust forward she squeals as jet of cum squirts in a beautiful arc from her soaking wet pussy, she squeals again in surprise, delight and lust. The squirt subsides to a trickle of cum following the contours of her soaking satisfied pussy lips. My fingers are still rubbing her clit as fast as I can, she squeals again grinding her hips upwards as a second squirt of her sweet sticky cum splashes from her soaking pussy.

I have no more energy in my fingers, I pull my hand away I can't stop myself now my own pussy is on fire, over taken by the moment I suck and lick the sweet sticky thick cum from her pussy.

'Oh fuck' she moans now totally spent slumped back in the now ruined office chair.

'I've never cum like that, I mean I've never...' Her voice trails off.

'I've never done that, oh my god Louise you made me cum harder than I've ever done, I squirted over you, oh my god' Lizette lay back in her chair a dreamy and very satisfied look on her face.

I lean forward again and now slowly kiss and lick the remaining cum from her pussy, relishing its thick sweet taste, my tongue flicks over her still swollen clit and Lizette's whole body shivers to my touch.

'Oh fuck me, Louise where have you been all my life, I can't begin to thank...' once again her voice trailed off as she sat in the fully afterglow of what had just happened.

I look up from between her legs, my lips and chin dripping with her cum, shakily I unwrap my legs from her chair and slowly get up off the floor. I look down at the scene of sexual carnage I've created, Lizette sat back her legs still draped over the arms of her chair, her soaking wet pussy spread wide for all to see. Her eyes closed and the most contented look on her face.

Then I look down at my own figure, my nipples hard and proudly pushing against the thin material of my T-shirt, which is now soaking wet with a mixture of Lizette's cum and my own lustful sweat. My green shorts with a dark damp patch at my crotch, I run my hands through my hair sweeping the strands of my bob cut off my face. My own fingers adding to the wetness from Lizette's which have already matted it in places.

I bend forwards feeling my nipples tingle as the material of my T-shirt moves over them, Lizette opens her eyes and pulls me down to her. She kisses me urgently and greedily starts to lick her cum from my face, we kiss again more softly, sensually our tongues exploring each other's mouths. She cups my face and I feel her still trembling after her orgasm.

She moves her hands down I feel their warmth as she brushes my nipples through the T-shirt. I straighten and she looks at me sticky, sweaty, horny aching for her to fuck me.

'Well, Louise you look Hot and Bothered and what's happened here' she reaches out and pushes her hand against my aching pussy, I feel her thumb as she rubs my clit through the soaking material.

'This won't do'

'No this won't do at all we need to get you out of these wet things' she says in a husky voice.