Welcome Home Party for Two

My mouth waters and my lady garden pulses like the relentless ocean waves when I daydream about him.

Just like "Friday night date night",  he has his uniform on as he walks in the door. He is tired and arrives with a smile. Such a sexy man. He makes this woman get weak in her knees.  I have to take a deep breathe and claw his uniform. He loves my long pink nails.  I ache to feel his body, but I know I need to ask him.  With a little smile and a raise of one eyebrow, I look in his eyes.  I have to swallow and remember to breathe, cause he makes my heart skip a beat.  I don't want to beg, but my eyes give me away.  

He pulls me to the couch, and sits down.  Just looking at his body makes me ache.  He pushes me down between his legs, grabbing my pony tail.  I love the feeling of him dominating me.  He pushes my face close to his cock.  I moan and lean in.  I kiss his hard through his uniform pants.  I want to bite and growl, so I lean in and bite lightly with my teeth. I'm so hungry for his hard in my mouth.

He grabs his handcuffs, and locks my arms behind my back.  Then he pushes me back between his legs.  I have to undo his belt and gear with just my teeth and mouth.  I stick my ass out behind me and wiggle while I work hard to free his body.  After I struggle desperately for a while, he leans over and slaps my ass and tells me to work harder, and laughs. He finally takes over, unzipping his pants and slips off his shirt.  He undresses like a stripper, slow and sexy.  Then he sits back down again on the couch.  I am wondering how I got so lucky?  He moves smooth like a hungry tiger.  I lick my lips and start kissing his legs from his knees up to his crotch.  

He starts to sweat, and moans while moving his hard against my tongue.  I open wide and he strokes my mouth with his tool, grabbing my hair.   He releases my pony tail when he is really hard.  Then he gets a little crazy in my mouth, putting it down my throat.  I pull back and start giving his cock butterfly kisses with little flicks of my tongue all up and down his shaft. I need to slow him down because I want to make it last. 

He snatches me up, turns me around and bends me over.  He spanks me a little harder, and then leans in to bite my ass through my dress.  He slides his hands under my tight fitting dress.  With one hand, he snatches my panties straight down my legs.  He moans when he sees they are soaking wet.  He turns me around, spreads my legs and yanks me down on his lap.  My arms are hurting, so I tell him to let them go.  He softly says,

- Soon baby. 

He unbuttons my dress down to my waist, taking off my bra and leaning in. 

I can't help but slide my pussy up close to his cock. He has me shaking as he takes my breast into his mouth.  He eats my breast like they are cotton candy.  He sucks them in and makes my blood rush to the nipples; I can feel my breast swelling.  They feel like they are blooming under his lips.  His tongue licks and teases my chest, making me sweat under my tits.

My lady garden feels his cock brushing up against my lower lips. I gasp and slip back and forth on his hard. He pushes up so hard, I start to tremble on his body. My soft thighs are quaking, my long legs wrapping tighter around his lap. My pussy is sucking in his cock with his every move. His cock tastes good to my lady parts and it is ravenous for his body to be inside.  With my arms still cuffed, I raise up and start riding his cock.  I can not think or feel anything except his hard slicing through my lower lips.  He is laying back letting me do most the work.

He decides to release me from the cuffs and undress my body.  I thirst to feel his body, so I am relieved he is releasing me.  I am feeling small spurts from my pussy, dripping down on his cock.  But I want it to last a little longer.  His body is a drug that I can't wait to taste everyday.  I am riding slow, reaching with my arms around his back.  He is kissing my breast taking it in his mouth, and using his long tongue to tease them hard.  I start putting my fingernails down his back. He gasps and grins.  He slaps my ass and says,

- You are so bad, wicked woman

I love his crazy.  I love his smile.  I just want to explore and feel every inch of him.  He grabs my arms and pushes me down to the floor on all fours.  I arch my back and he gets behind me.  He kisses my butt cheeks and leans in to eat my pussy.  I am feeling weak and I starting leaning into his face. He makes me scream with pleasure.  Then he raises up on his knees, slaps my round globes, harder than before.  He is such an animal when he gets turned on. 

He grabs my hips and slides in my pussy, pushing slow and steady to begin with.  He has the sweetest hands and the most tender touch.  He digs his claws into my hips and slams me back on him.  I'm so wet and submissive feeling with his direction.  He is steering and driving my body just the speed he needs.  I feel my pussy trembling and starting to cum.  He feel the sensation from my sweet slit and he sees me starting to drip on the floor.  

He turns it all the way up this time.  He is fucking me so hard, and I am totally under his spell.  He is moaning and screaming, telling me to cum.  I push back hard on his cock and let him knock the sense out of me with his beautiful hard.  I start screaming,

- Don't stop baby.  Oh yes baby.  YES

Then I start to cum and he strokes a few more minutes.  He has taken my breathe away, so I am panting and moaning.

He is an animal now, hungry to pounce.  I could never take it this hard unless he had made me cum.  He tells me to turn over, lay down and spread my legs. He slides in and goes again.  When he is about to cum, he pulls out and strokes his sexy cock.  He is glistening wet from his head down to his toes.  He leans back a little on his knees and starts letting his warm fluid flow all over me.  It shoots all over my body, from my belly button up to my face.  I let him finish and I start rubbing it all over my tits, and belly.  He loves to watch me rub his cum on my body, slowing down to trace my tattoo under my tits. I feel so hot with his cum on my body.  I get up on my knees and slink toward his cock, feeling like a wild untamed cat.  He makes this cat purr.

I grab his cock and lick and suck to clean up every bit of fluid than glistens on the head.  I show him his cum on my tongue, close my mouth and smile.  Then I swallow and sigh closing my eyes.

- Mmmmmm

Just tasting his sexiness turns me on.  He is such a sweet treat to enjoy.  We never do things the same.   We are spontaneous and crazy.  I still have cuff marks on my arms, so he rubs them and asks if I am ok.  I smile and say,

- Baby, I could not be better.  You do me like no one ever has.  You are a sexy beast.  And I am your whore. 

He laughs and says,

You are no whore.  You are my property, and I love to rock your sexy body.  But only me baby.  Don't you forget it. 

I feel weak and I let him hold me tight on the couch.  I feel safe and satisfied.  He is such a perfect man. Such deep crystal blue eyes and his short crew cut.  

He asks me what we are having for supper. 

- Hmmmm

I feel stupid numb, but I manage to whisper,

- I have it on the stove.

He smiles and kisses my forehead.  I am thinking food will be nice and everything, but what I just got as a welcome home gift was as intoxicating as whiskey straight and more delicious than any chocolate dessert.  I love this man.