My Straight Lovers IV: Bodybuilding a Mystery

   – Hey, man! It’s Noah. Whatcha been up to?

   I honestly had to take a moment because I had no idea who I was talking to. Noah? I didn’t remember knowing anybody by that name, let alone somebody who would call me up on my cell phone and strike up a conversation in such a chummy tone.

   – Noah?

   I thought my tone was saying “I’m sorry, I don’t know any Noah”, but apparently, he had heard “Noah? Hey! Long time no see!”

   I heard a chuckle at the other end of the line.

   – Yeah, man. You must be really surprised to hear from me, huh?

  Yeah, man. You might say that because I have no idea who the fuck you are!

   – I got your number from Alison. Obviously, we don’t hang out anymore, but we’re still cool, ya’know?

   He had me at Alison. Now I remembered. Noah, the bodybuilder / construction worker / occasional model who had dated my friend Alison for a few months just before she met Greg and had little Brooke Lynn. As a matter of fact, she had gotten pregnant so quickly after starting to date Greg that I had been anxious throughout the pregnancy, worried that little girl would come out of there with gorgeous, milk chocolate skin and Alison would be forced to admit that Greg was not her daughter’s father but Noah was. You can’t imagine the number of nightmares I had where I was sitting in the audience of the Maury show with my hands over my eyes wishing I was dead while Greg and Noah, sitting on either side of Alison, were shouting at each other that they’d slept with a “two-faced, lying slut!”

   Thank goodness that never came to pass.

   I had to shake myself back to reality as Noah was rambling on, explaining why he was calling me.

   – You still an actor, dude?

   – Sure. Why?

   – Cool. I thought of you ‘cause I got this audition coming up real quick – like in three days – for a commercial for this new line of power bars and power drinks and well – long story short – there’s a lot of modelling, like… non-speaking parts but there’s this one speaking part – it’s only like a few lines, but it’s a national commercial so it pays a shit-load of money, right? And I heard about this guy who was modeling and then he did a few acting classes and booked a commercial and the next thing you know, he was on a soap opera. You ever heard of The Bold and The Beautiful?

   It was my turn to chuckle. Of course I’d heard of B&B. Who hasn’t? It’s one of the most watched shows on the planet.

   – Yeah, I’ve heard of it, I responded, smiling a bit condescendingly at Noah’s innocence. I’ve even checked it out a few times. They’ve got some really hot… people on that show.

   I had caught myself, thinking it might be better not to say “hot guys” in case Noah might think I was coming on to him in some twisted, back-handed way. He’d never seemed anything but straight all the time I’d known him so I feft I needed to play it safe.

   – Yeah, man, there’s this one major babe? he went on. She plays a model who used to be a dude? That’s some major masterpiece plastic surgery, huh? Shiiiiit!

   He was laughing now and I chuckled, amused, and thinking how beautiful the girl who plays Maya is but how I’ve had a major crush on Jacob Young who plays her husband Rick Forrester ever since he was Adam Chandler Junior on All My Children! Whatever…

  – Anyway, bro… I was wondering… I was talking to Alison and she said you might be able to help me. She said you’d directed some theater stuff and might be able to coach me for this audition. So you think you’d have a few hours in like, soon… I mean tonight or tomorrow? If you’re not like, too busy?

   I sighed. Thank goodness, it was a silent sigh. Only in my head. I didn’t really feel like meeting and catching up with Noah because, even though I remembered what a gorgeous hunk he was, I also had had to keep my mouth shut throughout the few months he’d been with Alison because I didn’t want to tell my friend I felt she was dating the quintessential cliché in this dim-witted, melts-you-with-his-coy-smile, pile of rippled muscles ebony construction worker, underwear model and weightlifter.

   – I don’t know, Noah. I have this gay erotic novella I promised this web site I write for, see?

   I thought that would probably turn his macho, 100% straight, borderline homophobe self off and get me off the hook.

   – Holy shit! You write gay smut?

   I was annoyed with the use of the word “smut”.

   – Well, I’d rather think of it as erotica but yeah, it is pretty steamy stuff. And it’s not just gay stuff. I write straight, bi and even transgender stories sometimes.

   – Man, that’s fucking hot, dude! You think I could read some?

   My strategy was backfiring but instead of being annoyed and miffed, I found myself intrigued and flattered by his interest in my work. Of course, I quickly thought to myself: “Don’t be an idiot, Gavin! He wants something from you and he goes around in life charming the pants off girls so he knows what to say to get what he wants.”

  – Sure, I replied. My stuff is available on line. The website’s called There’s all sorts of stuff you can check out – depending on what you’re into – and get your rocks off.

   My twisted, creative mind started visualizing that hot hunk of African-American manhood stroking his rock hard ebony cock with his bull-sized balls bobbing up and down while his eyes drank in my erotic words, and my own cock started twitching in my pants.

    I felt I’d been pretty bold in talking to him like that but it was as though I didn’t give a shit. Part of me wanted him to say, ‘Yo dude! That’s fucked up! You some kind of pervert?’ and just hang up and part of me was hoping he’d turn into a fan and want to share his thoughts and his jack-off stories on my writings.

   – That sounds really good right about now, man, he sighed, sounding oddly relieved. It’s been a while since I’ve relieved some tension, if you know what I mean.

   I couldn’t believe we were having this kind of topic within five minutes of the beginning of our conversation, after having not spoken in a few years.

  – You mean you haven’t had sex in a while? I asked.

   I felt weird pushing the subject even further when I probably should have just changed it around completely, but I couldn’t help it. That’s part of being an author. Everything – and every opportunity – becomes matter you can store in a memory compartment and eventually pull out to work into a story, a script, a play.

   – Yeah, bro. It’s been like two weeks, he admitted.

   I couldn’t help but think that two weeks wasn’t that long and that he probably could have – or had! – jacked off a few times since his last fuck, but maybe to him, two weeks was an eternity. Maybe he was used to getting pussy every day or every other day and two weeks was like Jesus’s 40 days in the desert, like 40 days of Lent after Mardi Gras.

   – Without counting jacking off, right? I asked, my cock still growing in my pants with these visual images that I couldn’t – and didn’t want to – get rid of in my head.

   – You’d think, right? he replied, sounding discouraged. But I’ve been so fucking busy working on this office building that’s going up downtown, I haven’t even taken the time to pull one out.

   – Hum, that sucks, man.

   I have to admit I caught the double-entendre of using the word “sucks” only after it had come out of my mouth. “Hum, would you suck it off for me? That’d be great, bro! I’d be so thankful and relieved!”

   – Tell me about it, he replied. Anyway, I didn’t call to bore you with my shitty sex life, I really want somebody to coach me for this audition and I always felt you and me hit it off, you know? Like I’d be real comfortable working with you on this.

   I felt like laughing because we definitely hadn’t had the same perception of each other back in the day, but I was willing to go with his perception and have a more positive attitude about him.

  – I know it’s really last minute and all, but I got money, you know? I can pay.

  Now I was irritated. As if I could be bought. As if the only thing that would motivate me to say yes to working with him would be money. Then, I thought to myself, “Ugh! Shut up! Five minutes ago, admit it, you were insulted that this guy would call you out of the blue and assume – because he’s gorgeous and sexy and all that, that he can get anything he wants – you would instantly be available to help him for free “because that’s what artists do, right?” and now, because he’s offering to pay you, you’re offended and feeling like a hooker?”

   – Bah, that’s not it, I replied. It’s not the money. I’m doing pretty well for myself. It’s like I told you… this deadline I’m on for this story I have to finish.

   – Oh yeah, right, he answered softly, sounding disappointed. Sorry.

   From the self-absorbed, selfish man-child I had always thought him to be, he seemed to have suddenly morphed into a sensitive, respectful human being. With a sweet, sexy voice.

   – Maybe we could work something out…

   – Oh man, that would be great! Like tonight?

   I chuckled. The man-child was back. But somehow, I found him endearing now.

   – I guess we could find a way to synchronize our schedules.

   I told him ideally I’d work on my story for a few more hours and that, after that, I could meet up with him somewhere downtown and we could work on prepping him for his audition.

   – That’d be fucking awesome, bro. Thanks! You think you could come to my gym around 8 and we could go to my place after that? I gotta get some weight training in tonight but I should be finished by 8 and my apartment is like two blocks away on St. Mathieu.

   – So you train at the Nautilus on Ste. Catherine near Guy?

   – You know it?

   Ha. I couldn’t help but think how small the world – or at least the city of Montreal – actually was. For a few months, I’d dated this cute, stalky French-Canadian guy named Sebastien who had his own very successful renovation business and he was a member at that gym so we’d work out there together. We’d also had sex in the locker room one time – at 3 in the morning – when the place was deserted, and another time – at 11 at night – in the showers. Thinking about Sebastien and I reenacting the silly prison cliché / fantasy scene of a guy dropping his soap next to a horny inmate in the shower and getting spiked in the ass by a huge cock while bending over to pick it up was making me horny as hell again. But I felt it wasn’t the time or the place to tell Noah why or how I knew his gym.

   – Sure. Everybody who’s walked on Ste. Catherine knows that place. It’s huge.

   – So can you come?

   I knew he meant nothing twisted in using the word “come” but my mind was definitely in writer’s mode. I smiled to myself and thought, “Cool! That means I’m going to be on fire when I get off the phone and back to my writing.”

   I promised I’d be there at 8 and got back to my writing. I was right about my mind being in creative overload. I had started writing a story in which my main character – a 23-year-old virgin computer technician with Asperger’s Syndrome – decides to go to 5018, one of Montreal’s most sought-after gay bath houses, to lose his virginity after years of frustrating and disappointing near misses with guys who would inexplicably run away after a little bit of dry humping… at best. With his well-toned, swimmer-build body and his eight-inch, powerful, erect penis tenting under his white towel, Vincent was finally attracting the attention he had always craved from hot guys of all ages. He had shared hand jobs with a hot Afghan Muslim daddy in one of the Jacuzzis while a Venezuelan soccer player covered in Christian tattoos had fucked his mouth until his iron-hard pole had shot loads of hot, sticky sweet cum down his throat. He’d made his way down to the dark hallway where guys would grope, suck and fuck anonymously and had gotten rimmed by a horny pre-operative trans she-male who had then massaged the head of his dick with her throat muscles before getting up and purring into his ear: “I want you to fuck my ass hard, big boy” which he had happily done while holding on to her hard cock till they both shot a load.

   Now, my conversation with Noah had made me create a new lover for Vincent. While he was showering in the third floor shower room, cleaning the cum off his limp dick and making sure his cock head and foreskin didn’t reek of spunk or rubber from the condom, he started getting hard again and was visited by a 6 foot 6 black College student who played basketball for McGill while studying law and who was squeezing his hardening cock through his towel as he licked his lips while staring into Vincent’s eyes. Sure, I remembered Noah much more muscular and bulky than Hakeem and had to make up details about the rest of his anatomy because I’d never seen Noah naked, but that was part of the fun of creating, wasn’t it?

   The sex scene I wrote between Vincent and Hakeem – plus the build-up of proofreading what I’d put him through in the Jacuzzi and in the dark hallway in the basement – was making me so hot and horny, I suddenly realized I was typing with just one hand as I jacked my rock-hard cock with my other hand shoved down the front of my boxer shorts. When I realized how much this was slowing down my writing, I got a hold of myself – not literally this time – pulled myself together – instead of pulling on my cock – and got back to two-handed writing. When I finished this fucking hot scene – if I do say so myself –, in which Hakeem and Vincent were rocked by Earth-shattering orgasms, shooting loads into each other’s mouths while lying in a 69 on the shower room floor with hot water cascading onto their black and white, yin and yang logo bodies and three hot voyeurs jacking their hard peckers while watching them, I was about ready to shoot a load without even touching myself!

   Since I really didn’t want to show up at the gym to meet with Noah feeling all hot and horny, I thought it would be better to relieve a little bit of tension. I saved my story and logged on to noveltrove where I checked out the few new comments on my stories while I slowly stroked my rod through the hole in the front of my boxer shorts. I was happy with what I read, including a message from this one guy who is really into my lesbian stories. Every time I write some girl-on-girl action, this guy tells me how aroused he is and I imagine him jacking off to my tales of pussy licking and fingering, shooting jets of white spunk on his own chest and belly as he pinches his nipples with his free hand.

   – Mmmm…

   Just thinking of Dirk’s orgasm and the look of pleasure on his beautiful face as he comes made  me shoot my own powerful load, hitting me in the shin and startling me. I chuckled.

   – Wow… talk about pent-up sexual tension.

   I went to the bathroom and showered as thoroughly as Vincent had in my story before heading off to the gym to meet up with Noah.


   When I got there, I was greeted by a gorgeous Eastern European type guy that could have been a XXX model for the Bel Ami stable of studs. He smiled at me like he was trying to remember where he knew me from, but since I wasn’t flashing my membership card, he knitted his brow and warmly asked, with a Czech or Russian accent:

   – May I do something for you?

   I felt like answering something smart-Alek-y like: “You’re already doing plenty for me!” and even heard two drum beats and a snare (ta-da-tssh!) in my head. But I resisted.

   – Uh,… I… I’m a friend of Noah’s, I stuttered. We made a…

   How was I supposed to call it? The Bel Ami stud was smiling at me, looking at me like he was dying to hear what I was going to say.

   – We made an appointment to meet here after his work-out.

   – Noah? he asked.

   I could read in his tone and his eyes that he either didn’t know Noah or he was very surprised that a guy like Noah – read straight – would be meeting a guy like me – read clearly gay. I was a bit miffed because I don’t consider myself a poster-child for flamboyant gayness!

   – Yes, Noah. He, uh… he’s a big, black bodybuilder guy….?

   I felt stupid describing Noah like that and just as idiotic using the word “bodybuilder” to help identify a guy in a gym where that word probably applied to 50% of the members.

   Bel Ami hunk smiled coyly at me again.

   – I know who Noah is. He tell me you are coming.

   His accent was really doing a number on me.

   – He ask me to let you in. He should finish workout soon.

   I looked at my smart phone to check the time. I was five minutes early for the appointment he had made and he hadn’t even finished working out? Now, I was pissed.

   – You find him in the weight room. On the right at the end of hallway.

   – Thank you, I replied dryly although my coldness was unfair to this gorgeous argument in favor of communism.

   He opened the gate for me, giving me the green light to go through.

   – Excuse me… he said once I’d gone by him. I know you, yes?

   – I don’t think so. I use to come here a long time ago, but…

   – Yes! You come with Sebastien! Now I remember!

   I started laughing.

   – You have a great memory!

   – You are… how do I say this? Memorable?

   I know that I blushed hard, because I felt the blood rush to my cheeks faster than you can dial 9-1-1.

   – That’s really sweet… but it’s hard to believe I wouldn’t remember someone like you.

   He looked down, blushing, too.

   – You are pretty “memorable” yourself.

   – You don’t remember me because I work in cleaning and towels and thing like that when you come before. Invisible. And you have eyes only for Sebastien.

   I laughed.

   – Well, that’s true. Back then. But I’m sorry I didn’t notice you.

   – Now I work in front and assistant gérant, he said proudly. And also personal trainer and aerobics instructor.

   – What? Assistant Manager? That’s amazing!

   – Yes, and personal trainer… if you ever need workout. Personal.

   The undertone was so unsubtle that I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to not burst out laughing. At the same time, I could feel my cock twitch in my pants.

   – Thanks. I might just take you up on that.

   – Yes. I would like to take up with you.

   I couldn’t hold it in anymore. He was too cute and too funny. I laughed wholeheartedly.

   – I’m sorry. I say it wrong? My French is better than English. Sorry.

   – Oh don’t be sorry. I have no doubt that you French very well.

   I smiled coyly, having twisted my sentence around on purpose. He laughed, clearly understanding that I wasn’t mocking his efforts at speaking a third language but just having fun with him and showing as much interest in him as he was showing in me.

   – Je m’appelle Grigor. You call me Greg if you want.

   I smiled at him.

   – I think Grigor is much sexier. I’m Gavin, by the way, I said stretching out my hand to him.

   – I hope to see you again, he said, his eyes intensely gazing into mine as he shook my hand.

   – Tu peux compter là-dessus, I replied, which means “You can count on that”.

   As Grigor and I were almost undressing each other with our eyes, I heard a voice behind me.

   – Hey man! Sorry I’m running late. Come on back. I only have a few sets left to do and then we can blow this joint.

   “I’d rather blow Grigor,” was the first thing that popped into my head and I was happy that it didn’t pop out of my mouth. I smiled at Grigor and give him a discrete wink, making sure that Noah didn’t catch it.

   I followed Noah to the weight room, shamelessly eying his ass in his skin-tight Lycra pants and marveling at the width of his shoulders. He turned to me while walking, apologizing for running late and justifying himself:

   – Man, I’m telling you! It’s this girl. She trains here a few times a week? Shit! Every time she sees me, dude, she’s like, ‘Hi, Noah, what do you think of my squats? What do you think of my lifts? Can you spot me?’ Shit! Such a fucking waste, man! I see her squatting down in those tight Lullulemons, spreading those legs with the fabric creeping up inside those pussy lips. Mmmm… Shit! Strutting around with that firm, sweet ass, like a perfect upside-down Valentine’s day heart. Damn! And then she lies there on the press bench with her gorgeous face looking up at my shit while I spot her? Fucking making me hard, dude! Like I dream she’s gonna reach up and lick my balls, you know? And then she fucking goes off and munches on pussy, dude? So fucking unfair!

   I couldn’t help but laugh… I think I certainly would have reached up and “licked his shit” if I was given the chance… but maybe he wouldn’t react the same way as with this lesbian chick he was fantasizing about.

   When we got to the weight room, Noah ripped his t-shirt off, revealing his amazing bodybuilder torso for no apparent reason, and said:

   – You can sit right there. I’ll only be a minute.

   Yeah. You’ll only be a minute and you want to show off your kick-ass body so I can drool over you like you just drooled over the lesbian goddess. Some sort of payback from the straight guy to the gay community at large? Fuck you, I thought.

   He grabbed a heavy barbell in his right hand, put his right foot up on the press bench, his elbow on his knee and started pumping, giving me a perfect view of the huge bulge in his own skin-tight Lycra gym pants. I couldn’t help but think it would be so much better if he were wearing those good old-fashioned loose-fitting gym shorts we use to wear and that would have shown off his jock strap through the pant leg. Yeah, I know… pre-condom porn, right?

   When he finished that set, he let out a huge sigh of gratification, the direct result of the strain he’d put on his body, a noise that almost sounded like he was climaxing. I couldn’t help but think that it was really hot.

   – Shit, I can’t get my mind off that tight little pussy of hers, he said. Imagining my meat slipping in and out of her, making her slit all wet and hot. Man!

   He switched hand and leg on the bench, and started doing pumps with his left arm, his elbow resting on his knee again. When he finished, he groaned loudly like he’d been holding his breath and couldn’t take it anymore. Again, it sounded like he was shooting a great big wad of cum.

   – I just keep seeing her in my mind, you know? Like she’s riding my cock with that hot dyke pussy, grinding against me while I cup those fucking amazing tits of hers in my hands and she moans like there’s no tomorrow.

   I couldn’t help but stare at his crotch as I felt my own cock swelling in my pants.

   – You need to stop talking about her if you don’t want your cock to burst out of your pants, man, I said.

   – I know, right?

   He grabbed his crotch and as he squeezed, his pole became clearly defined inside the fabric. It was pointing toward his left hip. It didn’t seem that long at first glance but it did look really thick. I swallowed hard and had to catch my breath.

   – Fucking shit, these pants are getting tight! he said.

   – That’s because they’re not supposed to be filled with a massive, hard cock.

   I said this with my voice quivering nervously. I felt uneasy because I wondered how much longer I’d be able to sit there without making a move toward that crotch.

   – I know, man, I know. Sometimes, working out does the job. Like, the exercise keeps the libido in check but other times, shit! It’s like no matter what I do, my fucking cock is on fire.

   My own fucking cock was on fire, too, and I could actually feel the pre-cum oozing into my Denver Hayes briefs. That conversation I’d had with Grigor and all the sex-charged talk this hot, horny ebony stud was spouting were slowly driving me crazy. I had to pinch the front of my pants to try to unstick the tip of my hard cock from the inside of my underwear. I did this discretely because, even though it was Noah’s own fault if he was arousing me, I didn’t want to make things weird if he wasn’t doing it on purpose.

   Part of me was pissed off that he was making me wait while he finished his work-out, talking about this girl he’d never get, and part of me was drinking in the view and filling up on fantasy material for my personal jerk-off sessions as well as my erotica writings.

   – Are you almost done? I asked.

   He looked at me like a deer in the headlights and I realized I’d sounded terribly annoyed.

   – Oh you mean my work-out? Yeah. Almost. Sorry. It’s that girl’s fault, man. She made me late.

   – And hard.

  He laughed.

   – Shit yeah.

   It was my turn to sigh. I just wanted to run out of there, grab Grigor by the arm, pull him into a bathroom stall and have my way with him while he had his way with me. I certainly wasn’t going to get anywhere with Noah the narcissistic exhibitionist!

   He put his right leg up again and did a set with the same barbell, this time pulling his arm up and back. My eyes were glued to his crotch and his imprisoned cock as I discretely stroked my own meat as best I could through the fabric of my pants and my briefs. Again, when he finished, he blew air out of his lungs, groaning loudly like he was cuming.

   – Goddamn cock! he growled, putting down the barbell and reaching into his shorts to adjust his package. Oh man, that feels good!

   I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Instead of just changing his hard cock’s position in his shorts and pulling out his hand, he was squeezing his dick like it was a roll of bread dough that needed kneading. He had closed his eyes and his head was tilted back like he was alone in the world!

   – Goddamn, I need me some pussy!

   He was actually jerking off now, holding his shorts open with his left hand – keeping everything hidden from my view – and stroking his pole with his right hand. Again, I gasped and swallowed air, trying to catch my breath.

   Watching him jerk-off without actually seeing his junk felt even hotter than if I had seen his cock and balls. I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want him to stop, but somehow I didn’t feel that I could do the same without him feeling weird so, spontaneously, I asked the obvious, trying to sound as straight as possible:

   – You jerking off, dude?

   He opened his eyes as though I was pulling him out of a fantasy and looked at me like a kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. But he kept at it like he wasn’t able to stop.

   – Yeah, man, he whispered. I’m sorry. I just can’t control myself.

   I was rubbing my crotch through my pants as our eyes were locked together. He was looking at me so intensely that I felt he almost couldn’t see anything besides my eyes. Did he even notice that I was rubbing myself down there, too? Did he even care? It certainly didn’t seem to bother him, that’s for sure.

   – That’s okay. I don’t mind, I said.

   After a few more seconds, he seemed to start fucking his fist inside what I guessed was probably a jock strap. He was thrusting his hips into his fist, fucking his hand, moaning and groaning without taking his eyes away from mine. This was getting more and more intense and I decided I’d grant myself permission to unfasten the front of my pants, unzip my fly, lift my butt off the chair just enough to pull my pants down without taking leave of Noah’s eyes. His gaze now looked somewhat troubled. Like a child feeling that what he is doing is wrong, but waiting for somebody to tell him to stop doing it.

   I lifted the front of my Denver Hayes briefs off my cock and balls with my right hand, giving better access to my left so it could jack my cock more comfortably. This way, just like Noah, I wasn’t exposing my junk but I was masturbating to my heart’s content.

   Noah’s eyes seemed to be full of guilt like he was saying, ‘A straight guy’s not supposed to be doing this! Please tell me to stop. Please tell me this is inappropriate!’ But I stayed silent, staring back at him with lust and determination. “You want to fuck your fist while I’m watching you and while I play with my hard cock, too, you horny fucker? Go for it, man! Nobody’s gonna stop you!”

   – Holy shit, man! I’m gonna cum, he said.

   – Don’t, I replied coldly.

   He seemed to freeze, interrupting his hip thrusts but holding on to his bulging cock.

   – Why? he asked, almost beginning for permission to release his load.

   – Wait.

   It took everything I had, but I pulled my hand out of my underwear and got up, walking over to him with my rock-hard cock pushing against my cotton briefs.

   – I want you to spot me, I said.

   – What?

   He was looking at me like he thought I was mad.

   – This work-out isn’t over, I said staring him in the eyes at a distance that I could have easily swabbed his lips with my tongue if I had wanted to. I want you to spot me.

   I lay down on my back, my head under the bar and Noah came over, pulling his hand out of his shorts so he could grab the bar with both hands, positioning himself with his legs lightly spread, inches away from my eyes. As he lifted the bar over my head, I quickly shifted my body so that I was lying on my stomach.

   – What are you doing?

   As he held the bar over my head, I reached over and pulled his shorts out and over his bulging cock so that it wouldn’t get stuck and then pulled them all the way down to his ankles.

   – What the fuck, dude?

   My own cock got so hard looking at Noah’s bulging jock strap that I started grinding against the press bench. He could have dropped the heavy bar on me and probably maimed me for life – or, worse, killed me – or he could have put it back on the bench, but for some reason, he didn’t. I rubbed his jock a little, feeling the rigidness of his pole, and he didn’t pull back. I even felt him push a little against my fingers and heard him moan. Again, he repeated, this time in a moan:

   – What the fuck, dude?

   I reached for the elastic band of his jock and pulled out, easing it off his black marble cock which snapped free and over his tight, ready-to-explode ball sack. The jock strap reached the Lycra pants around his ankles. I turned around again, getting on my back, and grabbed the bar from his hands. As I started pumping up and down, working my muscles, I saw Noah step out of his clothes and spread his feet apart a little more.

   – Five more, man. You can do it, I heard him say.

   I gave him what he asked for and when I was done lifting up that last time, he caught the bar, moved a few inches closer, his balls inching over my eyes and I slipped up on the bench positioning my mouth under his gonads. I gave them a few tongue swipes, listening for Noah’s moaning as he did curls with the bar, lightly squatting so that my tongue would caress his balls and my nose would press against the sensitive skin between his sack and his anus. His cock was bobbing loosely and freely, but I knew it was begging for attention. When Noah put the bar back down on the bench, I sat up and spun around, moving closer to the bar and to Noah’s cock which was poking up under the bar.

   I looked up at his eyes but understood that I didn’t need permission. I grabbed it with my left hand and pulled the foreskin off its head, feeling him thrust his hips forward a little like I was relieving it of something, like it was about time something happened to this poor, neglected piece of hard meat. With my right index, I rubbed the pre-cum all around and tried to scoop as much as I could onto my finger. Then, I brought it up to Noah’s mouth to have him taste it, but he didn’t open his mouth. I could see in his eyes that I was going too far. But I wasn’t going to let him take control here. I rubbed it on his thick, sensual lips like it was lip balm, and brought my finger back down to his cock head, pumping a few more drops out of it and gathering it with my finger again. I looked up at him to make sure he would see me lick his juice off my index.

   Since my left hand was still wrapped around his bulging member, he started thrusting forward, fucking my fist like he’d fucked his own as his pubis bumped against the bar. I started swabbing his cock head with my tongue as he intensified his pumping of my hand.

   – Oh, yeah, dude, work my fucking cock, he whispered, trying to catch his breath and making sure he kept his passion under control.

   After all, we didn’t want to attract too much attention from people in the rest of the gym, right? I looked up at him and saw him licking his lips, tasting his own precum.

   – Man, yeah, that feels so good!

   I got it. He wasn’t going to admit that he liked the kinkiness of tasting his own spunk so this was his way of telling me that he wanted this to go on.

   Then, when he least expected it, when his head was turned up to the ceiling and his eyes were closed, I engulfed his whole cock in my mouth, having a bit of trouble negotiating its girth but no trouble at all taking in its average length.

   – Argh! HOLY FUCK, MAN! Yeah! Take it all, brotha. Suck it in. Mmmmm…

   Before he started fucking my mouth – because I knew that’s what he’d be tempted to do, as are all straight alpha males who lead with their dicks –, I gave his pole some serious suction.

   – Fucking shit, bro! I’m gonna blow my load.

   He was chuckling uncontrollably, enjoying these new feelings he’d never experienced so intensely.

   – Ooooooo, yeah. Tickle my balls. Mmmm… that feels good.

   Even though my mouth was doing one hell of a number on his shaft, he did manage to feel my agile fingers playing with his balls. I was happy about that. I kept playing with his nuts and replaced my mouth with my other hand, jacking his cock as I asked him:

   – Are you gonna shoot your load?

  – Shit, yeah!

   – Are you going to give it to me?

   – Mmmm… you know I am.

   – I want to hear you tell me. Are you going to shoot your load?

   – Oh yeah, brotha. I’m gonna fucking flood your face with cum, dude.

   – Yeah?

   – Yeah!

   – And who’s gonna make you shoot that load, Noah?

   – You are, Gavin. You are gonna fucking make me bust a nut. Shit! I wanna cum in your mouth right NOW, bro!

   As I stroked down on his cock with my hand, I slipped my mouth back on and applied the suction, making his legs weak. He grabbed hold of the bar and pushed his cock as deep into my throat as it could go. I created a ring with my fingers at the top of his ball sack and squeezed. I felt him wince and heard him draw air through his teeth.

   – Holy fuck, dude, what is that?

   I didn’t answer, just started pulling down as though I was milking a cow’s udder. With my other hand, I applied pressure to the base of his cock, as I sucked the hell out of it. The mix of pleasure and pain I was making him endure, I was sure, was driving him crazy. He was trying to fuck my mouth, thrusting his hips forward and back, but adding to his own pain as I pulled at his ball sack.

   – Ow, dude, that really…

   As soon as I heard him say “Ow!”, I released the base of his cock and stopped tugging at his ball sack which, with the intense suction from my mouth, provoked an instant tsunami of cum and organismic pleasure which rushed through his body and bubbled up into his pole with the pressure of a shaken champagne bottle.

   – Shit! I’m cuming, dude, aaaaaaahhhhh! I’m cuming, man. Do you feel it? Argh! Yeah! Do you? My cum, mmmm… it’s heeeeerrrre!

   He groaned as he had groaned earlier when he had finished his sets of exercises but with even more intensity as his whole body was rocked with the orgasm I was giving him, his cum gushing inside my mouth with the powerful force of an exploding dam. I made sure to suck every drop from the straw before pulling his cock out of my mouth and nibbling lightly on his cock head, driving him completely insane.

   – Oh, man, no! Let go! You’re killing me!

   I was and I knew it, but at the same time, he was giggling like a school girl and I could feel the goosebumps on his hips. I brought my hands up to his pecs as I kept licking his knob, lightly biting it, and his muscled chest filled my palms no doubt as much as C-cup tits would have, except all muscle. I felt his erect nipples and tweaked them lightly, listening for his moan which took no time to come. His cock was still hard on my tongue and twitched when I pinched his nipples. I pinched them a second time and his cock grew harder. When I pinched them a third time, he was back to his original hardness.

   – Holy shit, man! What are you doing to me? he asked, his voice quivering with worry.

   – Nothing you don’t want.

   He was silent.

   – Right? I insisted.

   – Right, he admitted almost in a whisper, as if he didn’t want to, but had no choice if he wanted to keep feeling this good.

   I tweaked his nipples one last time and his cock dove to the back of my throat.

   – Fuck, dude! What’s up with my nips? he asked as though he was freaking out.

   They were clearly connected directly to his cock but he was just discovering this now, in his late thirties. I didn’t answer, I just slid my hands down and around to the globes of his butt and started massaging his ass, sucking on the top half of his dick like it was a never-melting chocolate “hotsicle”.

   – Shit, bro! I’m still as hard as I was earlier. It’s like nothing happened!

   Was this his twist on denial? Whatever, I didn’t care. I let his rod slip out of my mouth as I stood up from the bench and placed my hands on the bar. Noah’s eyes drew wide opened and he looked at me in horror:

   – What’s wrong? he said. Why are you stopping?

   We were standing face to face, my mouth only inches from his. I wanted to kiss him with all my might and he looked terrified that I might… but especially that he might like it. His cock head had found a resting place in my bellybutton.

   – You don’t want me to stop?

   – I don’t.

   I pushed toward him a bit so some friction would stimulate his cockhead even more.

   – You want this to go on, right?

   – I do.

   I reached over the bar and slipped my hands on his hips before gliding them back to his ass cheeks, squeezing them tightly, making his cock stab my bellybutton two or three times. He was definitely not losing anything of his erection.

   – You need this, don’t you?

   He swallowed hard and I could see that he didn’t want to admit it. Admit would mean that he was enjoying having sex with a guy. That he was rubbing his cock against a guy’s belly and he was not going soft. That he’d had his cock sucked by a male mouth and had experienced one of the most mind-blowing orgasms of his life.

   – Say it, I whispered softly. It’s okay.

   – I need this, I really do.

   I backed up a few inches and took my briefs off, freeing my hard cock which popped out and snapped against my naked stomach.

   – What are you doing? he asked in a frenzy.

   I had to un-straddle the bench to take my underwear off completely but I quickly re-straddled it and got in Noah’s face again. Our cocks were now sparring like flesh foils.

   – What’s going on, dude?!?

   I didn’t answer, but started rubbing my cock against his, convinced that he would back up and shy away, but he didn’t. He just stayed there. I reached down and grabbed our cocks, pressing them together and jerking us off. His eyes never left mine except when he blinked a little longer than usual as though he was enjoying the moment. Then, to show me how much he was enjoying my touch and feeling my hard pole pressing against his, he started thrusting forward, fucking my hands.

   After a while, I backed up, releasing my cock without letting go of his.

   – Are you done with your workout? I asked.

   – Huh?

   – The weightlifting. Are you done for the day?

   – Uh, yeah. I think so.

   He sounded worried that this was ending. I smiled.

   – We better hit the showers if we want to get to work on that audition of yours.

   – Oh yeah. The audition. Right.

   We quickly put on our clothes so we could walk out of the weight room and I followed Noah to one of the men’s locker rooms – this gym is huge and has a few different ones – so we could shower. On the way, we ran into Grigor who looked at me funny. He seemed intrigued and amused and I knew that, when we finally got together privately, he would ask me questions about what had gone down in the weight room. In his eyes, I could read interrogations like ‘No way you had sex with this straight ebony god, right?’ and ‘Are you actually in a down-low relationship with Noah, you lucky bastard?’ I was anxious to have a conversation with Grigor and set the record straight – so to speak – because I was really hoping to see where things could go with him.

   Anyway, when Noah and I got to the locker room – one of the smallest ones in the place –, we put our clothes in lockers and went straight for the showers. I noticed that his erection had pretty much taken a leave of absence and that his attitude had changed. He looked like a zombie, walking to the showers as though he was in some sort of state of shock. Like either he couldn’t believe he’d just did what he had did, he was just plain trying to process it all or he was feeling guilty about it.

   I thought it might be better for me not to talk, but I couldn’t help but look at his deflated cock with fascination. When he was hard, his dick looked like a small tree. Like a wide, short tree trunk with no branches (obviously!). Soft, it was like a tree stump. Still just as wide, but really short. I felt like I wanted to play with his balls to see his cock grow back to what it had been when I had had it in my mouth a few minutes earlier.

   Noah went to the back of the shower room and turned on the water for the last showerhead before getting under it to wet his whole body. Because he was acting a little weird, I didn’t want to provoke anything so I started the water on the first showerhead, leaving a free one between us. I rinsed my whole body, too, making a conscious effort to not look over at him in case he’d feel uncomfortable. When I did steal a peek, Noah was lathering up with the body wash from the dispenser on the wall and I noticed his cock had started hardening again. I hadn’t even dared touch myself down there because I didn’t want Noah to interpret my woody as a message that I was expecting something from him – like any kind of payback for what I’d given him… because I really wasn’t expecting anything from him. Honestly.

   But now, Noah was as hard as he had been when I was working his shaft in the weight room and, although he seemed to be in his own bubble, he was definitely moaning like he needed relief. Watching him caress his amazing body and tug at that luscious cock of his was definitely doing a number on me and I wasn’t able to stop myself from “washing myself down there”, an excuse to rub myself into an all-new frenzy.

   Sucking and rubbing Noah’s hard cock, making him cum, moan and groan had made me horny as hell and I had yet to relieve tension myself. It took everything I had not to walk over to him and rinse off under the same showerhead. But I thought, “okay, hey! That’s it for today. Now it’s time to get it together and head over to his place to work on his audition.”

   As I was rinsing off, the fantasies of what might happen over at his apartment started flooding my brain and making me even hornier. I decided I needed to get my rocks off then and there so that I wasn’t tempted to do something stupid while I was coaching him for the commercial.

   When I took another look over at him, I caught his whole body being rocked by an orgasm and I saw him turn around quickly, press his back against the wall and look down at his erect cock erupting like a volcano, shooting shot after shot of spunk up in the air, hitting the floor and being washed away by the shower water.

   – Holy fuck, man! That’s my third of the day, he said.

   – I know, I acknowledged.

   He looked over at me and saw me jacking my pole.

   – You gonna cum, too, dude?

   – Yeah, man. You made me so fucking hot!

   – I did?

   The fact that he seemed so oblivious to the effect he was having on me made him both endearing and frustrating. But then, when he said:

   – I wanna see you cum, dude. You gonna shoot your fucking load?

   … that was it. My whole body shook like an earthquake was hitting me and I came, grabbing on to the shower faucet so I wouldn’t slip and fall on the floor.

   – Wo, man! You had a lot of juice in there.

   I felt like saying, “It’s been a while coming so… yeah, there was somewhat of an accumulation… not to mention that pure protein you made me swallow?” But I didn’t. I just caught my breath and concentrated on cleaning myself again.

   As I was washing my face, my eyes closed under the jet of water, I suddenly felt two hands on my hips and what I assumed was Noah’s hard penis rubbing between my buns, humping me in an upward motion. My cock hadn’t really deflated that much but that contact, that friction and the fact that this 100% straight macho, alpha male was suddenly interested in having gay sex with me was probably one of the greatest turn-ons I’d ever felt.

   Because I wanted him to acknowledge what he was doing and the fact that he had initiated it, I decided I wouldn’t make it too easy for him.

   – Noah?

   There was a short silence that didn’t really surprise me before he replied:

   – Yeah?

   – What the fuck are you doing, dude?

   I loved the fact that I sounded somewhat outraged. As a matter of fact, as soon as I realized what my voice had sounded like, a wide smile spread across my face. And since my back was obviously turned to him, he had no idea I was reveling in the pleasure of this.

   – Don’t you want me to fuck you up the ass?

   Damn him! He was going to turn this around on me and make it like he was doing me a favor? Ha! I don’t think so, buddy!

   – Nah. I’m good.

   I almost burst out laughing when I realized how aloof and carefree I had sounded. Even more absurd was the fact that he still hadn’t let go of my hips and had not missed a stroke, humping his thick sausage between my wet buns with more and more intensity.

   – You sure? he asked, his breath getting shorter and shorter as he was going.

   There was no way in my mind he was going to poke his cock inside my butt hole without it being sheathed. I had a condom in one of my pockets but I couldn’t imagine myself saying, ‘Wait. Be right back.’ So this was not going to happen.

   – Yeah. Positive, I replied, matter-of-factly.

  He was still humping and I could now feel his breath on my neck.

   – Holy fuck, dude, he whispered softly in my ear. Your ass feels so good.

   I smiled. He kept asking for it indirectly, but as long as he didn’t come right out and say it, there was no way I was going to give him the satisfaction.

   – I know, right? Your hard cock feels really great, too.

   I had even moaned lightly… almost like one of those female porn stars he probably had jerked-off to hundreds – if not thousands – of times. I know, right? Cruel. Just plain sadistic. And I was loving it.

   – Fuck! I need you so bad!

   That’s what I wanted to hear. He needed me. I did not need him. That’s when – without missing a beat – my practical, responsible self turned around instantly to face him and say:

   – Stay right there. I’ll get a rubber.

   With my hard cock leading the way, I walked out of the shower room and went straight to my locker. I was completely shocked – and I think he was pretty startled, too – to come face to face with Grigor who – I suspect – had followed us in there and had spied on us. I quickly got a hold of myself, smiled at him coyly, and let him get an eyeful of delights to come – first my erect cock and then my firm, glistening wet butt as I turned to the locker to grab the prophylactic.

    I smiled at him again as I turned back to return to the shower room and was so amused by his deer-in-the-headlights look that I walked over to him, planted a wet kiss on his beautiful, fleshy lips as I copped a feel of his gorgeous butt, basically giving him permission to continue spying on us, before heading back to the shower room. I know. I have to admit I have no idea what suddenly made me so sure of myself, so cocky – no pun intended – but I just felt like a million bucks, like anything could happen, but nothing bad.

   I did, however, wonder if the fact that I had walked out of the shower room would have made Noah snap back to reality and have second thoughts as to having such a gay sexual encounter. Then again, maybe he’d manage to justify it like so many straight guys do with the good old adage “Who cares what hole you shove your cock into, as long as it gets you off” or, even more simply put, “A hole is a hole”. I didn’t feel like being just a hole and I’m generally not much of a bottom, not a big fan of taking it from behind, but I was feeling horny as hell and playfully freakish so… 'what the hell' was the thought of the day!

   When I walked back into the shower room, there was so much steam I didn’t see Noah right away. As a matter of fact, I even thought he might have fled. But no. He was there. His back pressed against the back wall of the shower room, his water still running, his cock well in hand. Without saying a word, I walked to the back of the room, ripping open the condom wrapping with my teeth and preparing it so I could quickly sheath Noah’s thick tree stump. I was a bit worried his girth would be a challenge, but I had decided I would not overthink this.

   I squatted in front of him and, as I rolled the condom onto Noah’s shaft, he moaned and writhed with pleasure, anticipating being ensconced inside my scorching hot man pussy. When I had finished wrapping him up, I placed my hands in his dripping wet pubic hair, on each side of his pole, and massaged my way up his body. He was still moaning and groaning, clearly expressing his desire to go on. As I reached his nipples, I tweaked them again, looking down at his dick to catch a glimpse of its reaction. Delicious. It made my own cock twitch.

   – You ready, man? I whispered.

   Without opening his eyes, he murmured:

   – Hell yeah.

   – You want to feel yourself inside of me?

   – You know I do.

   – Yeah, I know, but I want to hear you say it.

   He sighed.

   – Why are you forcing me to say it?

   – Because I’m not a hooker.

   His eyes popped open.

   – What?

   – I said, because I’m not a hooker. I want you to know who you’re with.

   – I know, Gavin. I don’t know why the fuck you’ve got this pull on me. I ain’t never fucked around with a guy like this.

   – Not even with all those hot, gay models who’d have died to get a piece of your ass?

   – No, shit! Hand to God! I ain’t never fucked around with a dude before.

   – I’m your first?

   He looked at me and I saw his face twitched. He was really uncomfortable talking about this. He just didn’t want to admit that he had fooled around with a guy and was about to go even further down that path.

   – Say it. I’m your first?

   – You’re my first.

   Satisfied with his answer, I smiled and started caressing his balls with one hand and tweaking his left nipple with the other. He closed his eyes and that was all I needed to place my lips on his, kissing him passionately. He was startled by the kiss and opened his mouth to protest, but his head was pressed against the tile wall and he couldn’t go anywhere unless he pushed me away. And if he pushed me away, there was always a chance I would walk away. He let me kiss him and even made an effort to kiss me back.

   When I released him, I spun around and pressed my ass against his sheathed cock. I humped his meat the same way he’d done it earlier, but this time the receiver was the one who was moving. As I continued keeping him hard that way, I turned to the entrance of the shower room and caught a glimpse of Grigor’s shadow. I wondered if he could see anything with all this steam but I had other things to think about.

   I reached back and eased Noah’s powerful man tool into my anal sphincter, slowly taking it one centimeter at a time, allowing my butt hole to adjust to this massive cock that felt almost like a soda can.

   – Mmmm… jeez… that… mmmm… your ass, man. Fuck! It’s so tight.

   I managed to get it pretty much all the way in before ordering him to fuck me. He didn’t need more than that to go to town on my ass. He grabbed my hips and rammed his meat inside me, allowing me to grab hold of my own potential orgasm and jack the hell out of my hard cock while his rubbed against my prostate, sending me over the edge very quickly.

   – Yeah, Noah, fuck me! Fuck me hard!

   I was talking mostly because I wanted Grigor to have aural stimulation if he didn’t get the visual I had offered him. Noah’s moans and groans were pretty erotic, too, and I felt like, as the director of this sexy scene, our audience would definitely get its money’s worth.

   – Yeah, Noah, mmmm… You’re gonna make me cum. Yeah. Feel my ass grabbing on to your cock. Mmmm… I’m shooting, Noah! Cum in my ass, man. Shoot your load! Mmmm… give it to me!

   He clearly liked the dirty talk because he pretty much came on the back end of my orgasm. And a few seconds later, we had collapsed on the floor, Noah’s cock still hidden up in my asshole. I gently eased him out to avoid problems with the overflowing condom and put it aside while we showered again. Of course I disposed of the evidence as soon as I left the shower room.

   I didn’t see Grigor in the locker room when we came out of the showers, but when we left the gym, he made a point of saying:

   – Bye, guys. Looking good! See you soon.

   Noah gave me an over-the-shoulder, puzzled look and I shrugged back to him, reassuring him that I had no idea what Grigor meant by that.


   Although Noah and I never had sex again, he did nail his audition and moved to Toronto where he not only makes a great living with his modeling but even got small parts in a few police dramas that are filmed there. Every time I spot him on TV, I ask Grigor if he caught the episode or the commercial, too. Often he does because he tries to watch as much English-Canadian and American TV as he can to improve his English.

   I see him regularly at the gym where I’m now a member… and outside the gym where we have fun with each other’s member.


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