Happy Endings III: Drowning In The Sea Of Love

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12 Oct. '16

Originally published April 2014 as Smokey Saga #22


This is chapter three of my “Happy Endings” series. The original story—i.e., chapter one—is “For Happy Endings It Takes Two,” and was the first story I published on NovelTrove, at the end of June (’16). Chapter two is entitled “Won’t You Smile Awhile For Me.” And both can be found in my list of works. Enjoy.


Sunday, December 15th, 2013, 10:26 a.m.

The car vanished behind a neighbor’s house. She sighed as she slowly shut the door and turned the lock. Her eyes went dewy, and her lips curled up into a dreamy smile. She still had her utensils in the kitchen to clean and put away, but nothing could be further from her mind. Intoxicated by all that had happened in the last eighteen hours, she just wanted to stay here in this moment until obligatory forces pulled her away.

She twirled dizzily around the living room, until she lost her center of balance and fell on the couch. It didn’t matter the couch wasn’t hard; she could’ve collapsed on concrete right now, and it would’ve felt as soft as a cloud.

All she could discern through her mind was, MellenyMelleny, Mel, Mellenysweet, lovely Mellenywhat a beautiful namewhat a beautiful creatureSleeping Beautyadorable Mel, wonderful Mellenyoh, yes, and Mellenyand also Mellenyand let’s not forget Mellenyoh, and of course we can’t leave out Melleny.

Am I in love?

No, that’s silly, she told herself. Nobody’s in full-fledged love after the first date.

Or so she was told. But then it occurred to her, how would she know? She’d never had a real, serious significant other or better half before. She didn’t know how being in love felt. And she couldn’t remember the last time if ever she felt like this.

Okay, so I know no more now than I did thirty seconds ago. Hence, to reiterate


Fifteen minutes passed before she laughed and told herself—

Oh, Sara, you silly heart. You quixotic goofball. Get up and get dressed already.


Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, 9:32 a.m.

It was a cold, frosty morning. Spring had arrived, according to the calendar, but winter had long overstayed its welcome, and seemingly just wouldn’t go away. Clouds had rolled in the night before, producing a pleasant, if frigidly chilly, sprinkle of snow over town. While the snowfall maintained quite a duration, most dissolved quickly upon touching down. But through the wee twilight hours, it built, accumulating gentle and slow, resulting in an inch-high blanket draped atop the city.

It remained manageable; no one had trouble maneuvering through this light allowance of precipitation. Some were exceedingly tired of the endless winter, wishing they resided in a warmer United State. Regardless, after three months, it didn’t fail to put smiles on a lot of faces, one of which was Sara Jane Kelton’s.

As she’d done each weekday for the past three years, Sara drove her six miles to work. She trolleyed up Juniper Street and across Rushing Highway—a street named not as a pun, but after an actual person—finally pulling into the garage belonging to Team, Inc. This was the huge corporation where Sara spent a third of life and made her living. Her backpack, which never allowed her to leave without coming along, sat in the passenger seat containing her usual arsenal of supplies: food and drink, hygiene aids, compact, hairbrush, breath mints, and of course her purse with all other essentials inside.

Like most in the workforce, she brought lunch from home some days and ate out other days. It was fortunate that her job afforded a generous entire hour for lunch. More often than all else, she had a chicken salad sandwich from the deli two blocks away. Chicken salad sandwiches, especially courtesy of this delicatessen, made her mouth water when she was full. She wanted to go back in time to shake and kiss the hand of whoever decided to make chicken a meal. Not that she disliked or preferred eating animals. She was merely a hardcore carnivore, and chicken was her jam. Companies such as Tyson, Popeye’s and KFC would never go under if Sara Kelton had anything to say about it.

She also kept a refreshing beverage in the car, due to her personal compulsion to sing her heart out with the radio or iPod. If she had her way, she’d serenade her entire office with her (mostly on-key) singing. But oh well, this was Team, Inc., not American Idol.

“Wait a minute, baby…stay with me a while,” she warbled along with Stevie Nicks. “…Said you’d give me light, but you never told me about the fire…

“…Drowning…in the sea of love…where everyone…would love to drown…”

Each day’d been basically the same for the three years since she’d fallen into her routine. But the opening of the new year stirred an additional ingredient into the mix, that made life so much more delicious than ever. And half an hour after getting into work this ordinary Tuesday, she tasted it. Her phone chirped.

Her heart jumped as she excitedly checked caller ID. Yes! There it was. The daily rush that came from it was not even close to wearing off. It happened a different time every day, but she could count on it each twenty-four hours without fail. She went into the phone, checked the messages, and her tummy swelled with happy butterflies.

hey hon miss u lots <3 mel

A few little words and the occasional Emoticon, but they made Sara’s year every day. The messages varied, but Mel always kept them short and sweet—both to keep her phone bill low and to entice Sara to want more and more.

Melleny Hayes and Sara Kelton had their first date at Sara’s house on December 14th (and 15th). Sara’d stuffed Mel full of chocolate (directly) and pizza (indirectly). Melleny dropped asleep on her carpet, staying over and departing the following morning after breakfast. And in her own slumber, Sara floated through a spectacular dream that saw her and Mel together in bed, tearing one another’s clothes off and proceeding to make glorious love. It, was, marvelous. So grand, divine and superb in Dreamland, yet taboo in the real-life conscious world. Clearly, for several reasons, she couldn’t ravage Melleny’s actual body in an awakened state…tempted though she was.

Her mind wanted to hold off on going beyond first base, and decided she shouldn’t fantasize, or touch herself thinking about Mel either. Her pussy expressed a different opinion. She felt her heart had to be the arbitrator and make this fragile decision. It went with her mind. Her Little Sara was a bit annoyed, but compliant.

They wanted to see each other again before Christmas, but it was not in the cards. Things predictably got hectic in light of the holiday. And Sara and Mel simply weren’t able to find another date that would yield any decent time to spend. Both were a little disappointed, but held out bright hope and expectation that as the old adage proclaimed, absence would make their hearts grow fonder.

Their courting resumed Friday, January the 10th. As date one had taken place at Sara’s humble abode, Melleny felt hers a logical and suitable setting for number two. So they switched roles, and Mel gave Sara a tour of her home. They sat, did some more breeze-shooting, and did this time go out for dinner—a simple restaurant, nothing extraordinary. Melleny made them cocoa, and both fueled this time by a healthy night’s sleep, they stayed up half the night enjoying one another’s company. They chitchatted, swapped anecdotes and laughs, innocently flirted, snuck subtle caresses by each other, and finally agreed to call it a night. Actually, Mel agreed it was time to call it a night. Sara reluctantly put on her coat and left, already looking forward to date number three. If she sported a more aggressive persona, Mel might’ve had to literally boot her out the door.

Regardless, Sara’d had a wonderful time on both dates. The only parts that made her a little sad were when she had to leave Melleny’s house—though Mel did allow Sara one kiss on the lips, of which Sara took as much advantage as reason permitted—and the revelation of details behind the affection they shared on date one.

Sara’s wildly arousing dream had planted a desire to hold Mel and generate romantic feelings upon waking up. When Melleny awoke herself, Sara slipped an arm around her on the carpet so they could huggle like teddy bears, and they shared a beautiful kiss neither expected to happen. So when Mel later told Sara she’d kissed her because she was still half-asleep and thought it was a dream, Sara was…a little bummed, but not devastatingly so. She told herself it was all part of the game. If things were meant to be, they’d happen naturally, and were not to be rushed or forced along.

Date three came a few long, long days later. They went to the movies. A favorite genre of Sara’s was horror, so she took Mel to one. Perhaps there was a dash of sneakiness in her choice, and Sara wasn’t deliberately trying to traumatize her, but she loved being able to comfort Melleny when she got frightened. Mel was a grown woman, but far from fearless. When the really scary scenes rolled, and Mel gasped or cried out, reflexively whipping her face away and burying it in Sara’s torso, her strategy paid off. Sara held Mel tenderly, rubbing her back, stroking her hair, gently encouraging her to burrow deeper and deeper. Mel almost seemed to be hanging on for dear life.

It’s all rightit’s all right, honey, you don’t have to look,” Sara whispered, trying to hide the big smile from her vocal inflection. Her conscience asked if she didn’t think this was just a little devious. But she countered by demanding her conscience take a look at what it enabled her to hold so tight and snug in her arms.

“That was an awesome movie,” Melleny remarked as they left.

Sara laughed. “What? You didn’t even see half of it!”

She felt Melleny link their fingers.

“No, but I saw it with you.”

Sara blushed as her eyes went dewy again and her heart did a pirouette.

Dates four, five and six were in relatively quick succession, in a few less likely courting arenas. They took respective place at the art museum (where they debated which works were most aesthetically sensual), the zoo (where Sara wanted to see the elephants and giraffes and Mel the penguins and otters) and the mall (which was really more hanging out shopping than a date, but they counted it anyway).

As encounters progressed and they grew just a little bit closer on each, venues and activities broadened. Shorter dates allowed them to share time on weekdays after Sara was done working. Melleny’s schedule was more up in the air, but she made time. They went to the planetarium and the aquarium. They went bowling and miniature golfing. They went to the amusement park and the regular park. When once pressed for time, they squeezed out the simplest, shortest date yet: they met at the ice cream parlor, had a cone each, chatted, hugged, kissed and parted. Mel was busy this particular evening. So Sara took home an extra cone for her pal Jake and asked him to come over.

By this time, more than half of February had gone by. In fact, March was approaching in just a few more days. Things began going so well and being such fun, before much longer Sara and Mel were pushing other plans out of the way just to see each other. The frigidity of this stubbornly everpresent winter barely fazed them; they grew to like each other so much, outside conditions which would’ve put a damper on their day bounced off them like beach balls. Having gotten to know each other decently well by now, it almost felt like they were old friends, instead of…

Neither Sara nor Melleny would call themselves girlfriends just yet. They would however agree they were a bit more than just buds. Sara announced one day, “Until some future date makes us something else, I say we call ourselves galpals. Y’know? It sounds innocent, and kinda special at the same time. What do you say, hon?”

Although she made this declaration and meant it, Sara secretly longed to have things progress so she could tell people, “This is my girlfriend Melleny!” The thought made her so happy. She’d have been all too thrilled to stand on her roof and yell at the top of her lungs, “I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND AND HER NAME IS MELLENY! AND I LOVE HER!!

Still, she knew she couldn’t rush things. Until Mel was ready too, nothing was green-lit yet. She had to exercise patience. It was sort of like printing a document at work, she analogized. She had to wait and let it happen on its own. Granted, a piece of paper only took fifteen seconds to print, but like her love life, if she tried to force it prematurely, it could be ruined. She had to suppress her eagerness or she might lose the whole thing.

One thing she could do was wonder if Melleny felt the same way. Had Sara known the truth, she’d have been pleased—not ecstatically overjoyed, but pleased—to find that Mel wasn’t so far behind. Melleny’s interest too was increasing. She may not have been ready to scream it from the rooftops, but next to Sara, Mel was a little shy and introverted. Actually, next to Sara, almost anyone would be a little shy and introverted.

Sara was still just a little sad to see their dates come to an end, but happy because it meant she got to kiss Melleny. They could always exchange kisses during the date, but then the concluding goodbye liplock might feel less special. Sara didn’t want to do anything that could make things feel less special. She also made her tongue behave itself when they kissed. At this point in the relationship, only the lips got to have the fun.

When they weren’t together, they were usually at work. They unfortunately couldn’t converse via E-mails, as while Sara worked on a computer, Mel did not. They’d need to rely on texts during business hours. The only computers in the Juniper Wellness parlor where Melleny worked were used by the management. Her job was to have clients on her table, soothing their pressured joints with her hands, fingers, knuckles, and elbows.

Departing Sara’s at the end of their first date, in a moment of absentminded flirtiness, Sara happened to ask Mel if she performed happy endings. Melleny was amused, this being the first time she’d been asked this question by another woman. Oh, she’d been asked by gentlemen a number of times, both seriously and as a joke. Under normal circumstances, the answer was, “Definitely not. And even if I did, I’m gay.” However, replace a patron with Sara, remove the professional relationship, and the answer morphed into, “…Mmm, well, not right now.” She could see herself…perhaps, just maybe…but only in her mind. She wasn’t ready for anything past this point.

Still, just as for Sara, it was fun for Mel to imagine taking things further. Fantasies were harmless, as long as not acted upon without permission. Neither had any concrete idea how the other was feeling. But while Sara was dreaming about how to describe them without a space between the words “girl friends,” Mel was having sweet thoughts of love too. She wondered how Sara’s tongue tasted. She wondered how her bare skin felt past her hands and arms. She wondered just how insanely ticklish her feet were. Sara let no one touch (the soles of) her feet, which with Mel’s hands-on profession and mentality piqued her curiosity. Speaking of tactility, she wondered too if there were any spots on Sara’s body that turned her knees to Jell-O. Once she even caught herself picturing them spooning naked. She gave her head a shake, jarring the thought loose, telling herself she shouldn’t be imagining such things…yet.

Melleny was by nature a little more reserved and grounded. Sara had more of a free-spirited spur-of-the-moment impulsiveness that Mel really liked. Mel wished she could be more spontaneous like her galpal. What she didn’t know, on the other hand, was that Sara in turn really admired Mel in this regard, and kind of wished she wasn’t so extroverted all the time. Something about a person with an inhibition about him- or herself intrigued Sara and struck her as fascinatingly elusive. Her, she was vocal. Sara’d always been pretty keen on the sound of her own voice, and had more than her share to say. Whatever the subject might be, she could find something to jump in with.

They didn’t know how well they really complemented each other. What Sara suspected, though, was by the time the equinox arrived, her heart was already in full bloom. As she noticed the most recent text message Mel sent, she picked up her phone and kissed it. She focused enough to get her work done, but each moment of break time was devoted to any number of facets leading back to one heavenly entity: MellenyAlisonHayes.

She wanted to do something for her, something to make Mel feel as special as she made her feel, but wasn’t sure what. Then sometime around 2:00, a wonderful idea hit.

Oh, I know! Maybe I could write her a super-sweet love letter! Or

The Fleetwood Mac song lyrics floated into her mind.

Sarayou’re the poet in my heartnever changeand don’t you ever stop

Ooh, or a poem! Oh, I like that even better!

Her beloved Melleny was spending this evening with her folks, and Jake was also unavailable, so Sara was flying solo. A perfect opportunity to write my poem, she thought excitedly. So returning home after work, she tossed her backpack on the couch, seized her laptop, sat it on the desk in her room, cracked the window ajar—just enough to let the fresh air supply her with a little inspiration—readied the writing program in her OS, aired out her shirtsleeves with one emphatic flick of the wrists, and got to work.

Well, she didn’t immediately get to work. She wasn’t a poetry expert. She tried to think of how to begin. She let her fingers traverse the keyboard, prancing randomly, spelling out a mess of gobbledy-nonsense, studying what was going on outside. She deleted the folderol from her digital dance, and started jotting ideas to incorporate. Hmm…okay, well, now she had something with which to start working…

A snack, that was what she needed. All right, she thought, jaunting to the pantry and returning with a baggie of potato chips and a juice box. She wiggled her fingers over the keys, pondering. Nowwhat would I say if I were writing a normal letter?

She gathered some elements she liked. Let’s see, springno, no, actually, summer. I like summer better. And’s pretty breezy. Trees and flowers’re coming to life, that’s nice. Should I include something about how my heart beats for her, or vice versa? What sort of rhyme scheme should I use? I know it doesn’t have to rhyme, but I’d like it to

She told herself not to make it too complicated. It’s just a simple poem, after all. And it’s not even as if Mel asked for it. She doesn’t even know I’m writing it. It’ll be a surprise.

One and a half hours, three juice boxes and a dozen or so chicken nuggets later, Sara had banged out a rough draft of a love poem to her angel, of which she felt pretty proud. She read it over, checking for typos, adding little touches here and there, polishing it all up, making sure she was happy with the rhythm and rhyme, and decided she was done.

It had no title, but that didn’t bother her much. She saved, and was about to send it to her inbox when an additional bolt of inspiration struck. She wondered how cool it would be if she did something a little unique, and modified it to old Shakespearean English? Oooh, yeah! she decided. That’s romantic! I love that idea!

She went online to consult the appropriate tenses and conjugations, and another short while later, her poem was really finished. Very, very proud of herself, she shut the window, sat with a contented sigh, and read it over once more, this time out loud.

But this one final time, hearing herself read the words…something happened to Sara. Prior to now, this mere project consisted of the simple act of typing words on electronic paper. But at this moment, with the finished product before her, she realized…

…Just how genuine and true it all was.

She’d sat down to write a nice, sweet little poem, which she’d indeed done. But she hadn’t expected this to happen. She thought about how much the girl really did mean to her, that Melleny Hayes had become the light of her life. Rereading it now, with the context of Mel in mind to apply it all…tears came to her eyes.

My Goddess, I am in love.

Suddenly, there was no doubt left in her mind. She had solved that mystifying riddle toying with her mind three months before. The answer was a resounding yes.

Incredible… she thought. In 28 years, Sara Kelton had virtually no idea how it felt to fall or be in love. She’d nary a clue how she’d managed to toss together a piece of work that magically turned into the perfect declaration of devotion, and a brilliant description of Melleny, suiting her to a tee. Seemingly effortless. And yet…

Sara never had the opportunity most did as teenagers, finding someone on whom to hopelessly crush, possibly leading to love or more. She didn’t even know she was gay until 20, when her idol, heroine and goddess Velette appeared on her radio and TV. She’d believed she was in love with her at the time, not yet aware the feelings she bore towards Velette were really adoration and worship, disguised as romance.

Oh, she could certainly see herself engaging in a lively sexual romp with Velette, no question about that. But what Sara didn’t know was that while she could fantasize about making love to her all she wanted, she could never actually be in love with her. Aside from the obvious fact that she had her life and roots here, and Velette traveled all over the world on tour, Sara could see now her vivid, erotic dream about Velette Voxe on her birthday morning had been wrong. She wasn’t in this kind of love with her favorite singer. She was in idolizing fan love with her.

She was in take-my-breath-away-I’d-die-for-you love with Melleny Alison Hayes.

If someone asked how she knew, she couldn’t describe it. She could just tell she was. Something in her heart told her. In some astonishing, inexplicable way…she just knew.

Omigosh, I’m in LOVE! I really, really am! For the first time in my life, I’m in looooooove!!

She jumped from her chair and leapt onto the bed, laughing and crying simultaneously.

“I’M IN LOVE!” she shrieked, jumping on the bed as if floating in mid-air. “I’m so happy! I can’t believe it! I can’t believe I’m really, actually in love! This is the best day of my life!

Her celebration was interrupted by another realization. Oh… she thought. Butdoes Melleny feel the same way about me??

Abruptly, so helplessly ecstatic as she’d been ten seconds ago, Sara became as fearful. If Melleny didn’t feel the same way she did…she could risk having her heart broken.

She knew Mel liked her, certainly, and as more than a friend; they’d been on enough dates and shared enough kisses to sense that. And it was good reassurance. She nodded and told herself not to be afraid. Even if Mel wasn’t in love with her yet, Sara was certain she would-slash-could-slash-should be eventually.

Again, she had just to be patient, and wait.

But all of a sudden…waiting seemed so much harder than before.


Tuesday, March 25th, 2014, 9:32 p.m.

Sara’s heart beat furiously as she removed each article one by one. Once completely naked, she pulled the comforters off the bed. Fueled by her newly discovered and unmistakable love for her cherished Mel, she couldn’t wait to get in that king-size and show it the wildest, hottest, most passionate one-woman show it ever saw.

Yet, once again, she mustn’t rush. She couldn’t make the passion—or herself—come before it was time, or the act would lose intensity. The climax would turn anticlimactic. She could feel her heart pounding beneath her eager tits as she sprawled on her back, tossing her hair out so it cascaded over the pillows. She dropped her arms to her sides, stretched and slid them at mirroring angles all the way up to her head, while spreading her legs as far apart as they’d go. She’d essentially just made a snow angel in bed.

Once her limbs were good and stretched, she reached for the silk scarf she and Melleny used to blindfold each other, heightening the excitement of little games they played. She raised her head just enough to tie the scarf over her own eyes. She wanted to focus on zero but Mel one hundred percent, and have nothing in view to distract her.

Autoblinded, she dropped her head and left arm, and started slow and easy. She placed her right palm over herself, betwixt the legs, gingerly finger-combing her bush.

Her brain picked up the sensation, signaling a quick message to the rest of her: Attention, body. Turn on libido, and allow time to power up; jilling will commence imminently. Activate memory, search under all files: Melleny.

She retrieved as much Melleny-related information as could be located in her mental library, and decided there was more than enough to keep her brain and pussy occupied.

Occasionally while jilling off, Sara fantasized about more than one girl, simultaneously if she was feeling adventurous. But this was before she realized how hard she’d fallen for Melleny. Determining now whom to fantasize about was a piece of cake. But what

It was an ideal chance to unlock this hidden pleasuredome, if she could only settle upon the finest scenario to play out. Roleplaying, certainly, but what role? Something S&M-related? Nah, maybe next time. Psychological mind torture? Mm…nah, not in the mood.

The concept of a sexual fantasy involving vindictiveness or cruelty struck her as dangerously fun, but she couldn’t imagine finding one cruel bone in Melleny’s body. Making pure love to her would do just fine. But her mind was in a playful, frisky mood, wanting to see what it might be able to cook up.

Maybe, she thought, We could pretend to “play doctor.” Or she could imagine Mel giving her an aggro sexual massage…but then again, Melleny was a professional masseuse. The fact that she did this for a living kind of diluted the excitement from the idea. But her submissive nature wanted a sex game or activity in which she could place a dominant Mel over her, and surrender to her will. Ooh, yes, just that idea turns me on by itself.

She considered Mel’s traits versus her own, looking for foundation as to whatever this fantasy might be. Just as with her poem, she sifted through numerous ideas before…

AHA. She found it. Her extroverted persona versus Mel’s introverted thereof provided the scenario. She took them to a different area of the city—downtown, specifically—where hordes of people…no, women, make that women, gathered and dispersed every hour. No props or toys were necessary here, only she and Melleny themselves. And a crowd of hot female onlookers and spectators. An audience, if one would.

She cast herself in the part of an exhibitionist. The details were such that she’d be out here in the midst of downtown, naked to the bone, blindfolded, just as here in bed—okay, so one little prop was needed—led and guided by Melleny’s hand. Mel, by contrast, would be fully clothed, sighted, and in control. She felt by giving Mel all the “power” in the situation, she could perfectly play up the dominance/submission aspect. She consequently needed Melleny there, to steer her in the correct direction. Melleny’s pet, so to speak, being taken for a walk. And also logically instructed that she was under no circumstances to remove the blindfold. Without Mel by her side, she’d be totally lost.

She thought about shackling her wrists and ankles, rendering herself even more dependent on Mel, but thought…well, that might be going a bit far. Let’s save some of the fun. That’ll be something we do next time. She was content for now to bare herself for hundreds of strangers, under the firm supervision of her keeper Melleny. Oh, yes! I like that, calling her my “keeper!” Keep using that! she giggled.

With the help of her left, two fingers on her right hand had tunneled into her moist pussy. Oh, this was turning into even more fun than she anticipated. She delightfully stroked herself to the motion image of being helplessly led by Melleny, powerlessly naked, through the sea of intrigued passers-by.

She brought another sense onboard. She imagined all the sounds she heard along her naked, barefoot trek: exclamations of encouragement, alternating cheers and taunts, both good- and nasty-spirited laughter, applause, whoops, flashes going off…

OH YES!! Sara thought ecstatically. Document my exposed nudity! It’s all out there for you to take advantage of! Objectify me! Take pictures! Post them! Show them to everyone! Humiliate me! I love it! There’s nothing I can do to stop you or protect myself!! It was her fantasy, after all; she could make anything happen in it she liked.

She couldn’t believe how much she was relishing this. She never fathomed she had such a “dark side” inside of her, but her hormones were running insane. Her cunt was drenched. Her heart raced. Being subjected to all this embarrassing public shame in her mind was driving her wild in hot, wet pleasure. She didn’t know such an intensely powerful level of ecstasy even existed. Oh my dear heaven, where has this been all my life?! she couldn’t help wondering. How come I never tried this before?!

She took a second to catch her breath. She had to figure the true source of her passion, the real unlocked magic, was the presence of Melleny. Without any sort of tangible lover or playmate in her life, a fantasy of this magnitude wouldn’t have seemed so special. Walking naked by herself through the streets of downtown might’ve been a funny idea, but not worth getting carried away about. But having someone to share it with, someone she loved, whom she had to obey to move anywhere…there was her heavenly nirvana.

The women in the crowd would not be allowed to touch her, Sara decided. She had to draw the line somewhere, and this was where she uncapped the marker. No one was to touch, rub, stroke, poke, prod, grope, kiss, lick, fondle, tickle, caress, jiggle or pet her boobs, her ass and her pussy…except Melleny.

So others in the anonymous crowd couldn’t physically touch Sara themselves. But having Mel do all of these things and more to her, for the crowd’s entertainment? YES! By all means! Bring it on! she thought. She loved the idea of being ogled and turned into a cheesecake by the merciless throng of onlookers, no say in the matter whatsoever. A lone blue pawn on a chessboard full of predatory red queens…oh, yescapture me, Mistresses. I’m defenseless, vulnerable and at your mercy. Observe as my lovely owner Miss Melleny does as she wills with me.

“AHHHH! AHHHOOOOHMYGODDESS!” Sara shrieked, silently thanking Her she was in the privacy of her own home, and not living out this whole elaborate scene. In her mind, this was the hottest thing conjurable. In reality, it would be an absolute nightmare.

Her fingers curled and flexed, again and again, to reach and tantalize the roof of her cunt. She squeezed and clenched on her fingers, and OH it felt so damn good…she was beginning to wet the bed, she was so insanely aroused.

Her moans and screams went on and on, until her lungs were begging her to cum already. She gripped and grasped at her tits, imagining it was Mel whose hand was at the breast. She fantasized Melleny halted her in front of the spectators, held her hands behind her back, had her leaning on the pole of a streetlight, and proceeded to force some tough manual love on her, to the crowd’s cruel, voyeuristic delight.

In the fantasy, her head rolled back on her shoulders, eyes shut, letting off helpless whines of desperate lust, trying to stand but feeling her legs going weak. In bed, the only difference was her legs, wildly spasming, kicking, joining the rest of her body in unequaled passion. Soon, she could tell, it was coming…any minute now…she might as well have been on a trampoline for all her thrashing and bouncing. Hell, she had veritably transformed her bed into a trampoline.

Tears ran from her eyes. Saliva dribbled from the corners of her mouth. Even her nose almost started running. Her nipples could have pierced glass. Her heart tried to rip through her chest. Her mouth was forming words her brain would never allow in everyday conversation. She daydreamt Melleny making her lay on the ground…kneeling between her legs…and going down on her.

OHHHHHH!!” she howled, dying to cum, trying to imagine her hand was Melleny’s mouth, sumptuously devouring her in and out. Until she couldn’t stand it any longer.

Say it, Melleny, she mentally implored. SAY IT.

Say what, hon?

You know what, Mel. Don’t tease me, babe. SAY IT!! Please! I can’t take it anymore!

Her mind’s eye snapped a shot of Melleny’s brainmelting smile, as she summoned up her voice purring the magic words.

I love you, Sara.

“YESSSS!!” she shrieked euphorically as the orgasm hit. Those were the four little words which finally blasted her over the edge. Her screams turned to primal yowls of joy. Perhaps the most supreme orgasm she’d experienced to date tore her to shreds, like an earthquake through her bed. She felt the familiar array of sensations: being swept off her feet by the surging wave, body-slammed on the shore, flat on her back, wind knocked out of her, the dizzy frenzy of shooting stars.

She raised her left paw a few inches above her hot, soaking pussy, continuing to pretend Melleny was there orally pleasing her. She pretended to sift her fingers through Melleny’s beautiful dark-brown, semi-thick, wavy hair. She pretended to apply just a bit of pressure, encouraging Mel to devour her even more aggressively. And she bent her legs and pretended to hug the rest of Mel’s body with her feet.

At last, the ferocious orgasm ran its course, leaving a breathless, drained, dizzied Sara Kelton trying just to catch a little breath. How fortunate she was already lying down, as her legs would have long since lost the capability to hold her upright.

Speaking of her legs, there too was the post-cum legache that hurt so good, making it all but impossible to get up and walk for several minutes after. Even stumbling down the hall to sit on her throne was a lofty task right now. Wheelchairs would sure come in handy for individuals who have killer orgasms, she quipped with a weak chuckle. If I’m really in love now, and this is how they’re gonna feel for me, maybe I should get one.


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, 9:04 a.m.

After the sun came out the previous afternoon, half the white was gone. But that didn’t disappoint the snow-loving Sara in the least. She got her stuff together, and skipped her way on up into her office with two extra bounces in her step. She was a normally happy girl to begin with, but today, as her colleagues noted, her joviality looked to have been taken up a level. She danced to her cubicle, humming and whistling, and tossed her backpack under the desk with a flourish.

“Wow, ’d someone get lucky last night?” speculated one of her less subtle workmates.

“Ah…someone di-id,” Sara sang dreamily. “But not that kinda lucky. Well…kinda that kinda lucky, but that’s not what someone means. Someone fell in love last night.”

And then someone proceeded to make love to herself till the cows came home, she added privately with a giggle.

“Aw,” ragged the same colleague. “Kel-ton’s mel-tin’.”

The remark was meant to be a playful tease, but Sara hardly noticed. Her natural and only reaction was to smile, shake her head and utter, “Oh, what fools these mortals be.”

The Shakespeare was starting to rub off on her. She’d sent her poem to her inbox. Once she’d gotten all her windows up and was fully prepared to work her butt off, she surreptitiously switched to her E-mail and read it again.

SighMel, my loveI can’t wait for you to read just how much I’ve realized I adore you.

She couldn’t believe how happy she was. She didn’t remember feeling like this since discovering her adulation for Velette eight years ago. Velette had shown her what she didn’t know: that she had a true identity, and that it was unique and different from what everyone else in her life expected. But this was even better. She shared Velette with the rest of the pop-loving world, but Melleny was hers. All and only hers. She was lovely, and gorgeous, and cute, and charming, and funny, and sexy, and…Sara hadn’t been prepared for just how lucky she’d indeed be meeting and dating Mel.

Oh, goody! she laughed at her girly exuberance. Now I get to wait for my daily love text!


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, 4:32 p.m.

Um*ahem ahem*as I was saying, I just have to wait for today’s textMel? You, uhyou are gonna send me one today, right? I only have about another half hour left.

Inconceivably, it had not yet arrived. Sara was confused, and a bit concerned. Once a day for over a month now—literally every weekday, without exception—Melleny had sent a short affectionate text message during her monotonous work hours, just to let Sara know she was still thinking about her. Yet today’s remained nowhere to be seen.

4:35… She’s going to send me one, Sara thought as the last minutes of her job wound down. I know she will. I know she will I know she will I know she will I know she will I know it I know it I know it I know it I know it.

4:40… Yeahlike I said, I know it. It’s coming. I know it is

4:45… …Anytime you’re ready, Mel

4:50… Seriously, sweetheart, I mean it, anytime now. Anytime at all…

4:55… Okay, darling, I get the joke. But it’s not funny anymore. You can stop now. Mel?

She could of course just send one to Mel if seen fit. And had she known this would happen today—or rather, not happen—she might’ve. But it just…wasn’t the way things went between them. Melleny sent the texts, and Sara received them. Until today.

4:59… Oh, God, Mel, nothing happened to you, did it?...Okay, now, don’t panic, Sare. She’s okay. Of course she is. Nothing happened. Besides, she still has thirty seconds. Maybe sh—that’s it! Maybe she was just messing with me this whole time! Maybe she picked today to just be mischievous on me, and intentionally make me wait until the last minute, and now the text’ll come! Okay, Mel, I figured it out! You can send me the text now! Y—honey? C’mon now, Melcome on, babeonly twenty seconds left

Uml-like I said, you’ve got fifteen seconds left

Like I said, you’ve got ten se—oh, Godit’s

She didn’t want to count down the last ten seconds.

It’s not comingis it?


Her workmates clocked out to grab their things and hit the road. A few nearby Sara called a quick g’bye, g’night, see ya later and so forth…but Sara didn’t hear them.

She didn’t understand. What was going on? Mel wouldn’t have just forgotten about her. Would she?...She went back through her phone’s inbox. Didshe text me and I just somehow missed it?...Did my phone act up or something?...

Oh my God, maybe something really did happen to her.

The other possibility was there was something wrong with one of their phones. She let three more minutes pass collecting herself. Okay, steady, Kelton. There’s a reasonable explanation for this. There has to be. She’s your sweetie-pie, she loves you. And you love her. You could be getting all worked up over nothing. Itit is just a text, after all. It’s not like you’re breaking up if she doesn’t text you. She probably just forgot her

That’s it! Sara thought with relief. She forgot her phone! That has to be it!  She does like to stay up late. Sheshe slept in a little this morning, got a late start, rushed to work, and in her haste she just forgot it. So she couldn’t call and tell me, and she also can’t E-mail me. So, thatthat’s it! It’s gotta be! Oh, thank God; it all makes sense now! I feel so much better. Maybe she could’ve called with someone else’s phone, butoh well.

Even so, as she drove home from work, her normally zealous belting out of her favorite songs was lacking a bit of her trademark enthusiasm. The tiny bit of doubt still loitering in her mind robbed the heart from her voice.

Shetotally just forgot her phone. She had to’ve. That’s it. I’m right. I’m absotively posilutely sure I’m right. Completely certain.

I hope.


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, 6:19 p.m.

Sara waited till she knew Mel’d be home, and rechecked. Still nothing. She dialed.

Ringringringclick. “…Hello?” said a familiar but sad voice.

“Hello”? Didn’t she look at the caller ID? “…Mel?”


“Sweetie, it’s me!”



Yeah, Sara!” she chuckled. “What’s the deal, babe? Ya forget who I am or something?”

She’d asked this question as a joke, but Melleny’s only response was a dismayed sigh.

Sara was getting a little scared. “Whoa, Mel, sweetie, I was just kidding! Hon…don’t get upset, I really was just playing,” she clarified. “Is…are you okay? Is something wrong?”


Sara’s heart accelerated again, but this time she was afraid. “Mel, talk to me. If there’s something wrong, I wanna kno—no, actually, check that; I need to know. Mel, please.”

“…Sara…I’m…I’m not sure I wanna talk about it.”

Sara felt something very frightening descending on her. It was as if Mel didn’t hear a word of what she’d just said. Either that or it was so bad she couldn’t tell her at all.

“Melleny…y-you’re not…breaking up with me, a—…are you, sweetheart?”

“…Not exactly.”

“‘Not exactly’?” Sara repeated worriedly. “What does that mean, ‘not exactly’?”

“Okay, no, Sara, I’m not, no.”

Oh. Whew. ’Kay, no big deal, I only just realized I’m in love with you last night, that’s all!

“Well, thank goodness! Gosh, Mel, you scared me there, babe! Well, was…was there anything I said? Something I did wrong?”

Another sigh. “…No.”

“Well, then what? Baby, what? Tell me what’s bothering you! I wanna make you happy!”

Nothing. Silence. Crickets.



For the first time, she hated the sound of her own name. She didn’t push.

“All right,” Sara calmly acquiesced, not wanting to aggravate. “Well, sweetie, I won’t force you if you don’t want to, but I want you to know I’d do anything to make it better.”

Yet one more sigh.

“Okay, fine, I’ll tell you,” the voice came sharply through the phone, startling Sara.

“You really don’t hav—”

Sara…” Mel cut her off. “I had a really terrible, awful day…but I’m afraid to say why.”

“You’re afraid to?” Sara felt her blood temperature plummet. “Melleny…darling, are you in some kind of trouble?...Are you in danger?”

“No, no, it’s not like that…I just…couldn’t stop crying all day,” Mel confessed.

Hearing that cut deep into Sara’s heart. Poor Melleny sounded just so defeated. Sara was obviously familiar with bad days, but up to this point, Mel’d always seemed at least halfway cheerful. Was her perception just clouded by all the fun they’d been having together? Holy smoke, Sara said to herself. Twenty-four hours ago, everything was fine!

“Oh gosh, Mel,” she said softly, feeling her apprehension overcome by sympathy. “I’m so sorry, honey, I…” She tried to think of anything she could do. “Well…hey, why don’t you let me come over? I could try to help you through it.”

“Sara…I just dunno…I mean, I don’t even know how to explain it…I feel so upset, like I…like I just can’t turn anywhere.”

Oooh. Hearing that felt like being kicked in the stomach. Once she let it sink in, Sara realized just how plaguing the situation before her was. Her girl( )friend, the person with whom she’d just madly fallen in love, was suffering inexplicable pain, and she could do nothing visible to make her glad. She felt so helpless. She took one more stab, trying to throw more pleading into her voice.

“…Not even to me?”

Melleny said nothing. Sara, desperate, still didn’t want to give up.

“Mel, darling, I really wanna cheer you up,” Sara tenderly entreated. “Wh—can-can I come over, please? I’ll-I’ll br—I’ve got a frozen pizza I’ve been saving just for you. I know how much you love pizza. I’ll make it for supper, I’ll bring a comforting movie or something? Anything! Want me to get some milk and cookies? I’ll get you anything you want! Mel, I’d do anything for you. Please, let me come over, you can tell me all about it. You can have both my shoulders as long as you need ’em…okay?”

She didn’t expect an answer right away, and she didn’t get one.

“…Ok-okay? Please, Mel?...Please?

Sigh. “Well…”

Sara perked. Her heartbeat quickened again.

“…Aw, what the hell.”

Gosh. Don’t overexcite yourself about it. But Sara didn’t care. She was just so happy Mel would let her come over, she didn’t worry about it. “Oh, good!” she smiled, feeling relieved again. “I’ll be there before you know it, hon, I promise. Just hang in there, it’ll all be okay. I’ve had bad days too; it’s no big deal! If that’s all it was, we’ll get through that!”

A sudden, long, cold silence followed.


“…Did…did you just say…‘It’s no big deal’?

Sara detected a hint of something not very good in Melleny’s voice. It sounded like…hostility. Rather…scorned hostility. Sara sensed she may have taken a bad turn.

“W—…well, honey, I didn’t mean anything by th—”

The next sound Sara heard broke her heart. A tearful sniffle trying to hold back a sob.

Sara gasped. “No, no, no, Mel, I didn’t mean anything by that, I swear!” she insisted. “Mel, honey, please don’t cr—”

She was interrupted again. “I gotta go.”

Sara’s eyes widened. “Oh, no, Mel, no, please, just wait a m—” Click.

She’d hung up. Sara removed the phone from her ear and stared at it in a mix of shame and panic. Oh, God! she thought like a small guilty child. II made my girlfriend cry!

And Sara was the sensitive one. She’d always thought that in a relationship she would be the weeper. She felt horrible. She’d tried to make things better and inadvertently made them even worse. Oh God, what’ve I done?? She immediately called back. But this time there was no answer. Sara waited for voicemail, and spat out a quick message to bridge things until she could get to Melleny’s house.

“Mel, babe, I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean to say anything that could’ve hurt your feelings. Melleny, I swear, you’re my angel. I wouldn’t try to hurt you for anything in the world. I mean it. I-I did mean that. Okay, Mel, sweetie, I’m gonna come over now. All right? I’ll-I’ll bring the pizza. I’ll see you in a little while, okay, Mel? I’m coming right over. I’ll see you then. I love you. Bye.”

She grabbed her keys, phone, purse, and the pizza from the freezer, jammed her feet back into her shoes and jumped into the car in a worried, hurried rush. She was still feeling terribly guilty on the way. She didn’t have the peace of mind to sing; all she wanted to do was punish herself.

What is WRONG with me?! she self-berated, shaking her head. She’s supposed to be my girlfriend! Good girlfriends don’t make their girlfriends cry! And the worst part is I don’t even know what happened to make her day so bad!

Finally, she made it to Mel’s house. She thought it might’ve been a good idea to stop for flowers, but she didn’t want to make this trip take a minute longer than necessary. She was very nervous on the way to Mel’s door, not knowing if she should be expecting a trusting smile or a smack on the nose. But whatever happened, she’d be ready.

That last part of her reasoning was faulty.

Once she placed herself between the screen and front doors and timidly knocked, it promptly opened. Sara barely said or did a thing before Mel flung her arms around her in a powerful embrace. She pulled Sara right into her and squeezed with all her might.

Sara wasn’t ready for that. But it seemed like good news to her. She certainly wasn’t about to object to Mel deciding to forgive her—if that was in fact what was happening—but she was also curious exactly what was going on. She’d sounded so heartbroken on the phone. And now, twenty minutes later, clamping onto her in a big bear hug of love??

When they finally did break about thirty seconds later, Mel took a moment to shut the door, then switched gears and proceeded to shower Sara with kisses. All over. Again, Sara had less than no clue what the deal was, but she wasn’t going to complain. When Melleny finally laid off with the affection, Sara spoke, choosing her words very carefully.

“Um…so…does…this mean I’m forgiven?”

Mel gazed at her with all the love two teary cobalt blue eyes could hold.

“You are the most perfect treasure to ever enrich my life.”

Wwwwwow… thought Sara. Idunno what I apparently did between home and here, but whatever it wasgo me!

Perhaps a less than great idea to bring it back up, but she had Sara’s curiosity piqued just a bit high. “I…kinda thought I…hurt your feelings,” she confessed sheepishly.

“But then you told me you loved me!” exclaimed Melleny, glowing with limerence.

I…did? Sara didn’t actually remember saying that at all. But there was no way she was admitting that right now. If it—whenever it may’ve occurred—was what suddenly turned Mel’s entire day around, by gosh, she’d stand by it.

“Well…of-of course I did!” Sara chuckled. But, uh…when, exactly, again?

Mel threw another hug on her. “You don’t know how long I’ve waited to hear you say that!” she wept into Sara’s shoulder.

No, no, I guess I don’t! EhPLEASE, God, remind me when I said that again?!

God heard her this time. Mel released her and retrieved her phone. “It was like a life preserver!” she cooed. “Like a ray of hope suddenly shining down on me! Oh, I have to hear it again!” She played Sara’s message and pressed the speakerphone button.

“Mel, babe, I’m so, so sorry! I didn’t mean it! I didn’t mean to say anything that could’ve hurt your feelings. Melleny, I swear, you’re my angel. I wouldn’t try to hurt you for anything in the world. I mean it. I-I did mean that. Okay, Mel, sweetie, I’m gonna come over now. All right? I’ll-I’ll bring the pizza. I’ll see you in a little while, okay, Mel? I’m coming right over. I’ll see you then. I love you. Bye.”

Whoa, I did say it! It was almost tossed in there as something of a reflex, a verbal aside as casual as had she been talking to her folks. She honestly hadn’t even noticed she’d said it. The whole message was kind of a blur as she was just trying to get it all out and scoot. But there it was, right there in living sound. The emotionless voice menu gave Mel some options of what to do with the message. She saved it, put down her phone and sat them on her couch so they could cuddle up and talk.

“Sara…” she said in a much different tone than before, coating all four letters of her name in a thick sheen of affection. “There’s…something I wanna tell you right now. Things…um…things’ve been kinda rough for me lately…”

Really? Again, something she’d never have guessed. You could’ve fooled me, sweetie!

“…And, today was no exception. I’ve been thinking a lot about us lately, Sara. And…I never told you this before, but…sometimes I get these…spells, you might call ’em. When I just…kinda get sad. Real sad. I, eh…I have hereditary clinical depression.

“And you know…I was with my Mom and Dad last night,” Mel went on. “Which hasn’t been so much fun since we all met my sixth brother-in-law. Sara…almost all my sisters are married, and the one single one has a serious boyfriend. And, my folks are just…”

Sara thought she saw where this was going. “…Not so crazy about you being gay?”

“No, actually, not really that at all, but I get the feeling they’re a little…disappointed, in my inability to find someone to love.”

Sara smiled and slid her arms around her a bit tighter, planting a kiss on her shoulder.

“And see, that got me thinking,” Mel continued. “And, I think I reached this point today when…something clicked inside me. I mean, sure, my parents’ approval’s important to me. But just as important, Sara, it’s like all the time we’ve spent together’s built up this big ball of bliss in me, and…I think today I learned it’s there to fill something in me that was empty. Thing is, though…before we started dating, I didn’t even know that empty part of me existed. Now, when I’m with you, it’s like that bliss ball swells up and makes me whole. And when we have to leave each other, it shrinks, and I feel hollow again.”

Sara could start to feel herself “meltin’,” just as her officemates indicated.

“And now that I know that empty space’s there,” proceeded Melleny, “…I can’t ignore it. Y’know? I-I can’t not know it’s there now. So when we’re apart, that emptiness hounds me, and torments me, and won’t leave me alone. So, today…it was like my depression spells met up with my empty space, and…they double-teamed me. Suddenly…all I could think of was you. How you weren’t with me, and you had to be somewhere else, and we couldn’t be together, and I just…lost it. And, outta nowhere I just started crying, and I just…couldn’t stop. That was when I realized, Sara…I need you in my life. I…

“…I can’t live without you.”

She sniffled, wiping her nose. “My only hope was that you felt the same way about me.”

“Well…gosh, honey…why couldn’t you tell me this on the phone?”

“I would’ve…” Mel hesitated. “But like I said, I was afraid.”


“Well, like I told you, Sara, I haven’t been able to stop thinking about you. And the way my parents felt about me really kinda hit home. And the more dates we’ve gone on, and the closer we’ve got, I could tell this was developing into much more—well, for me, anyway,” she added. “I knew I was feeling something a lot deeper and stronger for you…but…I didn’t know how to tell you before tonight, that…”

She paused for a breath. Sara raised her eyebrows and bit her bottom lip in anticipation. And when Mel looked back up and said it…even if Sara hadn’t heard her voice, she’d have still been able to tell in her sapphire eyes.

“…I love you.”

There they were. The magic words. But this time, it wasn’t a dream, imagination or fantasy. Sara heard them, from Melleny’s lips to her own ears, for the first time ever. And just like in her dreams and fantasies, they instantly gave Sara an emotional orgasm. Her heart erupted with amorousness, and sent her through a mental climax.

The next segment of Mel’s narration reflected Sara’s own outlook. “But when I heard your voice message, and heard you say it to me, I knew everything would be okay. And I wouldn’t have to worry or be scared anymore. ’Cause you love me too.”

Sara felt her own emotions getting the better of her again. She sniffled joyfully.

“Well, y’know, I, uh…” she giggled, “I just decided that I…well…I wanted to come over. Y’know? I just thought, to hell with the consequence!”

Melleny smiled, playing along. “Yup…you told me you loved me, that’s all I believe.”

Sara kept it going. “That’s right, I…wanted to come over. It was a need I couldn’t explain. Just…to see you again. I…just wanted to come over.”

They laughed together. Once the laughter tapered off, finally letting it sink in, they gazed into one another’s eyes. Sara brushed some of Mel’s hair out of her face, and kissed away the dried trails on her cheeks. Melleny took Sara’s face in her hands, not wanting to wait another minute to let her lips do the talking for her…so to speak.

Ten seconds later, they’d plunged into the proclamation of mutual love. Holding, caressing, locking and unlocking lips, passing soft sighs, sultry breaths and sweet nothings to and fro. And this time, their tongues did get in on the action. Had Sara been able to recall the details from her dream of them back in December, she would’ve picked up a startling similarity between it and the reality going on right now.

Even though she couldn’t bring back the varied elements of the dream, she could remember the dream itself. And she couldn’t believe it; it was coming true! The sighs and moans deepened and richened with each moment, hands floating, passing over each other, lips trading a dozen variations of “I love you”s. Eventually bringing their romance to another level, Sara and Melleny slid their bodies from a sitting-up position to a horizontal sprawl, so they could snuggle and make out like bandits on Mel’s couch. Melleny ended up on top, which was more than fine with Sara.

After an immeasurable span of kissing like kids, fondling, exploring each other, fingertips finding their ways along, inhaling one another’s sweet scents, nipples and clits solidifying, Melleny’s larger tits dancing on Sara’s smaller ones, longing to squeeze one another’s like the ripe melons they were, dampening pussies humping each other’s thighs…Mel peeled her lips off Sara’s to tell her something.

You know whatlovergirl?” Melleny breathed as her soft nose tickled Sara’s cheek.

Sara giggled, kissing the nose in question nuzzling her face. “You love me?”

Mel passed a little giggle back. “Well, besides that.”

Sara let her eyes wander in thought. “You…really love me?”

Mel’s girlish laughter reminded Sara she’d just died and gone to heaven. She could just fall into those warm, crinkly, gorgeous blue eyes, and drown a happy woman.

“Well, yes, that too,” conceded Mel. “But in addition to that…I was kinda wondering if, uh…if maybe you wouldn’t be averse to, uh…”

Sara batted her innocent baby hazels, waiting eagerly to hear the rest. What Mel had told her on their first date was true of both of them. Melleny too was cute when jittery.

“…To me giving you that massage now?”

Music to her very ears. Sara knew a good thing when she heard it. She promptly reacted by wrapping Melleny in both arms and legs, magnetizing her lips to Mel’s, dancing her tongue all over inside Melleny’s mouth, squealing and wetting her panties in joy. When they broke from this kiss, Mel could see the crazed excitement in her eyes.

“I thought you’d never ask.”


Wednesday, March 26th, 2014, 10:07 p.m.

Sara’s heart was somersaulting as she lay fully naked, face-down on Mel’s queen-size, on a mat of large, fluffy towels. She’d foregone the smaller towel Mel’d offered to drape over her lower region. She wanted and needed to share every bodily inch with her princess. She felt tingles from the top of her head to the tips of her toes. It took every iota of willpower and resistance not to do to herself what she’d been waiting for Melleny to do to her. But the exhilaration of feeling Mel’s hands—and who knew what more—working their magic was enough for her to hold off.

Melleny had lit a few scented candles to complement the whole soothing experience. And she had some Enya rocking the stereo (as it were) to help accomplish the same goal. Sara wasn’t the only one who came prepared.

She made herself lie still and remain patient. Her hair was pushed up out of the way, now spilling over Melleny’s pillows rather than her own. Her hands sat under the pillows, chin propped on them, eagerly drumming her fingers. Mel’d given her a few minutes—more time than necessary—to get undressed and ready. Actually, Melleny thought Sara did have the towel over her tush. She’s in for a surprise, Sara thought impishly.

Once Mel warmed her paws and returned, she froze. Her eyes went wide at the sight of her lovergirl’s nude ass staring back at her. When Sara realized she’d come in, she turned Melleny’s way and smiled from behind her arm, only her grinning eyes visible.

Melleny stood smirking at her just a moment, warmed hands on hips, shaking her head. “You bad, bad girl,” she declared.

Sara still didn’t reveal any more of her face, but only flirted back.

“I am. I’m very very naughty. You gonna…punish me for it?”

Mel gave her that same indeterminable smile she’d presented when Sara asked her if she did happy endings. “Well, I guess we’ll have to wait and see, now, won’t we?”

Sara’s eyes narrowed. “Ah; you’re gonna tease me for it.”

Melleny strode around her to the dresser, where she picked up a bottle of heated oil and deposited some in her hands. Sara heard her rubbing her palms, but didn’t hear the cap snap closed. Oh goody! she thought enthusiastically. She must be planning to use a lot.

Mel, who’d changed into her nightgown, climbed up on her knees on top of Sara and straddled her waist. Which already felt so good Sara let out a little groan, even though the massage hadn’t begun yet. When Sara finally did feel those skilled fingers press into her, smearing the hot oil, applying and withdrawing from her back, neck and shoulders…the bed might as well have turned into a cloud, and Melleny an angel with the most calming, soothing fingers working her joints. Actually, calling her an angel wouldn’t even do it. She was more like her…no, not even like; she was Sara’s…

Mmmmsorry, Velette, but I think you’ve been replaced.

OHHHHGoddess,” Sara moaned, putting as much worship into her whimpering voice as she could. “Oh, Mel…oh, my…”

Melleny couldn’t help but be flattered. As she worked her way down, all the while coaxing similar sounds out of Sara, she unstraddled her, and sat on her left to do her lower back. And then further down to her…very nice ass, Melleny thought admiringly, quite pleased Sara’d decided to share it with her.

Ooooh, thought Sara. Lightly massaging her ass tickled, making her jump and giggle a bit, so Mel kept that minimal and descended to her calves. Rubbing her legs produced basically the same effect as did her upper body. Sara felt weightless, as if gravity never existed. Her eyes were peacefully closed, and she was feeling close to what Mel must have felt when Sara rubbed her feet that first time.

Over top of her, Melleny was feeling a naughty impulse coming on. She knew it was wayward, but also just had to find out. So with her grip fastened on Sara’s ankle, she implored, “Sara, please don’t hate me for what I’m about to do to you.”

Sara barely had time to utter a weak “Hm?” before she felt the bottom of her left foot being scratched. Rattled loose out of tranquility, she felt a laughing shout forced from her. She reflexively kicked with her free foot, beating the pillows and mattress with her fists as she let loose a hysterical, “OHNOPLEASEDON’T!!”

Mel stopped. She let go, and Sara floated back down into her skin. “Holy hell!” she exclaimed, the salty side of her vocabulary activated. “Damn it! Please don’t do that!”

“Wow!” said Melleny, genuinely surprised. “One little foot tickle did all that, huh? Gosh, Sara, you weren’t kidding!” she giggled.

Sara chuckled along, trying to make it sound good-natured. “Uh, no, honey…I wasn’t.”

But now, of course, Melleny couldn’t leave the other one alone. She knew it was mean, but again couldn’t resist. The sound Sara’d made was just so funny! She quickly tickled Sara’s right sole, and got out of the way before her feet flew into the air again.

“AAAAAHHHAHAHAHAAA!!” Sara guffawed, once more slamming her fists in the bedspread, digging her teeth into a pillow. When she caught her breath, she sputtered out, “Oh, God! No, Mel, babe, seriously, please don’t. No joke. My Mom used to hold me down and tickle my feet to punish me when I was little! I really can’t stand it!”

“Well, there you go then,” Mel replied. “You’ve now been taught your lesson.”

Sara exhaled with a wry giggle. “You do realize now I’m gonna have to teach you one.”

“If it’s anything like what you consider a punishment, I look forward to it,” Mel commented. “Now roll over. C’mon, lemme see those goodies.”

“MMmm,” a pleased Sara smirked, turning on her back. She knew she’d be doing so eventually, and had prepared her modesty. This was the first time Mel would see her fully naked. Once on her back, she laid her arms at her sides, no point in covering her hard nipples or moist pussy. She just smiled, as if to say, “Well, here they are; like ’em?”

Melleny began working her shoulders and below her neck. This took about two minutes but felt like two hours to Sara, who was now impatient for Mel to get to the real goods. But once yet again, the whole theme of this relationship—at least on her end—was patience. Don’t rush, she calmly ordered herself. This is only the very evening you’ve been waiting for your entire freaking life, that’s all. Take it easy and enjoy it.

Just as Sara’s right paw was about to misbehave itself and snake its way inside Mel’s gown, between her legs, her masseuse mistress began groping and spreading her fingertips over Sara’s heaving titties.

OOOOH!!” Sara grinned with delight, arching her back, pushing her boobs into Mel’s hands like vacuum attachments. Mel had seen this smile many times, but seldom on the face of a girl she loved. Occasionally, a client would make a move back on Melleny, and only now would it be welcome. But whether Mel was ready or not, Sara was about to return the favor, slipping her hand up inside the nightgown. When she found Melleny’s proud breasts, thrilled to feel no bra in the way, her arousal was taken up another notch.

“Ooh-hoo-hoo-hooooo!” whooped Sara, eyes shut, gripping her firm, curvaceous orbs. The sensation turned her a little silly, but that was how she got in this state. She was so turned on it was impossible to pull her switch down. She interrupted the massage to draw Melleny close and kiss her, blazing up some more fiery passion. Mel put things on hold so they could enjoy another bout of fooling around. They singed each other’s lips and tongues with their torridity. Sara got so fired up so rapidly, she eventually had to put the kissing on pause to say, “…Baby?”

“Yes, hon?”

Sara signaled that she needed no more massaging, with two simple rasped words.

It’s time.”

Mel could read the rest in her eyes: Go right to the happy ending, captress of my heart.

Melleny flashed her a smoky smile. “You ready to lose it, Sara?”

Sara nodded. “Yes…and I’m quite ready to lose my virginity, too.”

Melleny laughed, this of course being what she was referring to. She slid down horizontally to be parallel with Sara, danced her fingers over Sara’s tummy, jeté’ing over her bellybutton and skipping the rest of the way. Sara’s heart revved to warp speed as she felt Mel about to touch her pussy for the first time. Her index and middle fingers trekked the remainder of the path, sending what were by now uncontrollable spasms through Sara’s entire body. Sara wanted to seize her wrist and quickly help it along.

When Melleny reached her bush and found her way to the first magic spot, Sara felt the tingles jump all over her. She’d already been trembling just waiting for it. But once she could feel her beloved girlfriend now actually fondling her naked pussy—in real life, no dream—she fell in love with Mel all over again.

She had to touch Melleny too. She just had to. She stroked Mel’s belly and ribs, riding fingertips up the left side of her body till she could reach her neck and jawline. Mel urged her to unfasten her nightgown buttons. But the path of Sara’s hand was aimless, no longer in control of her own faculties. Melleny’s left hand cradled Sara’s neck, tilting her head back as they continued kissing, and turning up the heat on Sara’s oven.

A short spell later, Mel made her way inside Sara. Feeling her angel at long last achieve penetration, she felt it in her heart too. They hadn’t ceased kissing, and now with a clear path for her arms, she reached around Mel and held her body close. “Yespleasesweetheart…” Sara murmured between kisses. She rubbed Melleny between the legs, which was gladly allowed. She stopped just prior to entering Mel’s cunt, as if to ask, “May I please?”

You may. Please.

Both girls sweated, exerting heavy breaths. Every part of Sara was going crazy. As in her original dream about Velette four months ago, Sara found herself in such hopeless love with Melleny, she could barely determine if she was approaching the ‘o’ or not. But even though she couldn’t remember every moment, she told herself exactly what she’d told herself in the original dream. Am I cummingam I not cummingoh, what could possibly feel better than this anywaystop analyzing it, Sara. Just enjoy it.

Sara slipped her fingers gently and ladylike through Melleny’s pussy, to guide her as to how she liked to be stroked: slow, soft and easy. When Mel picked up and mirrored her technique, Sara threw out a deep, hot moan. That’s it, she wordlessly told Mel. That’s just how I like it. Please keep doing that. Please.

Manually feeding Sara’s starving cunt, Mel’s mouth was tiring. So she unlipped her and dropped her head to nestle beside Sara’s, nuzzling her neck. Sara’s eyes fluttered.

“Oh Mel, I love you so mohhhh!” Sara’s statement was cut off as Mel located her g-spot. The sensation reminded her of her fantasy off to which she’d jilled just last night. Oh, YES! she recalled. Eyes already shut, she mentally took herself back to the downtown district. Lying submissive on the street, Melleny delivering thrust after thrust for the crowd of female onlookers, many of whom were getting pretty aroused themselves.

Sara whimpered and squeaked, her emissions of pleasure growing in volume and intensity. Words could no longer describe her delirium. If heaven had its own heaven, Sara was floating still far above both.

My lifehas been made. I’ve met the girl of my dreamsI’m in tremendous love with hershe’s in love with meand we are having beautiful, intimate, magical, perfect sex. I’m so happyI’m so happy I’mI’m not even gonna look for a more eloquent way to say it. I, AM, SO, HAPPY!! I’m so happyI’mOH, good heavens, I’m gonna cum!

Her larynx injected her gasps with vocal input, communicating her imminent departure from reality. “M-Mel, swee—…sweetie I’m…I’m gon-cuh—…I’m c—…” She couldn’t seem to get it out. She was salivating, and kept stumbling over her words. It didn’t matter, she told herself. She’d let her banshee-like screams do the talking for her.

Melleny watched, feeling very proud of herself. Unlike Sara, she wasn’t a virgin, but hadn’t exactly performed a happy ending before—on a girlfriend, or anyone, really. So when Sara asked after their first date, rather than dampen her enthusiasm with the truth, Mel decided to be cute and skirt the question.

But she could now see that if she’d lied, she could’ve fooled Sara. She knew she was a skilled masseuse, but not that she was so good at this part. This was the impression she got by Sara’s still arched back, tilted head, drooling mouth and hormonal shrieking. Either she was pretty damn good at this, or Sara was pretty damn in love with her.

Or both, she realized, as two short seconds later, Sara tried to lean up to address her.

“Mel…” she breathed, “Babe…please tell me you love me. Please tell me, and mean it.”

Not yet aware of the incredible power this phrase had over Sara, Mel felt this was just a sweet, heartfelt gesture…until she actually said it. She sidled up close, kissed her cheek, and whispered in her ear—

I love you, Sara Kelton.

Sure enough, it was perfect timing; the magic words from the magic voice triggered what proved to date to be Sara Jane Kelton’s ultimate orgasm.

OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!” she cried wildly, the requisite tears spilling from her dazzled eyes. Her heart burst with elation, and her cum spurted forth from her cunt like a geyser, caking Mel’s fingers.

Mel didn’t expect that. She was surprised, but extremely flattered. She repeated the short two-step gesture: kissing her cheek, and whispering, “I love you, Sara” in her ear.

AAAHHHHHH!!” Sara reiterated, her voice cracking the falsetto register. Melleny felt a look of fascinated discovery paint her face. Eureka, she grinned, realizing she’d found the key to the Mystical Land of Sara. For the next fifteen seconds, all Sara heard was, “I love you, Sara. I love you, sweetheart. I love you, babe. I love you, angel. I love you, darling. I love you, cupcake. I love you, honey bunny. I love you, lovergirl…”

Melleny drove Sara so madly blind with love and devotion she momentarily robbed her of the ability to see straight. To say nothing of all but giving her laryngitis. Sara’s lungs had barely reeled from her last explosive orgasm twenty-four hours ago. When Mel saw it’d run its course, she delicately exited Sara’s exhausted, drained coochie.

She sucked off her fingers with enthrallment. She was no virgin, but had never satisfied a girl with just her digits before, and definitely never one she knew she was in absolute love with. Melleny Hayes couldn’t have sex with a woman she didn’t love. She’d really believed she loved Gail, the woman she was with before Sara. They’d been intimate, but this turned out to be all it was—sex. When Mel realized she didn’t actually love her, she was disappointed, but not as much as Gail. It was conceivably possible she could’ve grown to love Gail, if given the time she needed to find out. Much as Mel wanted to part ways on good terms, it just wasn’t an option. Sadly, Gail just wanted and needed more than Melleny could give her.

Somehow, though, she knew Sara was and would be different. Sara was so sweet and full of love, a breath of fresh air for Mel, who hadn’t always seen the most benevolent women. At the concert when Velette sang to her, there was something about her innocent, glowing face that made her think, …She’s different. She looksnice. And pleasant. And really cute. And when Velette sang her name, and she dropped to her knees and started crying, Melleny was so touched she melted a bit. Looking back, she might’ve fallen for Sara a little even then. She really had just begun to be in deep love with her today, and when she heard Sara say it in the voicemail, her spirit soared.

A few moments later, Sara opened her fuzzy eyes. She looked around till she caught sight of Mel smiling down at her. She sat up, blinking and rubbing her peepers. She saw that Mel was still wearing her nightgown and that she was still naked on the towels.

“Did, uh…did I…um…?” she asked shyly.

I’ll say,” replied Mel, showing her the residual proof. Sara blushed.

“…Am I dreaming?” was Sara’s follow-up question.

“Well, I sure hope not; I’d hate to have to wake up from this. Wouldn’t you?”

Sara giggled, taking another swipe at her moist eyes.

“Well, gosh, I…” She sniffled. “I-I just don’t even know what to say.”

A shrug. “‘I love you, Melleny’ comes to mind,” her girlfriend suggested.


Thursday, March 27th, 2014, 12:43 a.m.

When Sara’s energy replenished, she located her clothes and got dressed, and went to collect her belongings. Then she remembered she’d only brought the essentials, in her rush over to comfort Melleny. Oh, yeah, and of course that frozen pizza.

“Are you leaving, honey?” asked Melleny.

“Well, I presumed it’d be the logical thing to do, having to work and all tomorrow.”

“Oh…well, I mean, I was just kinda thinking, if you wanted to stay over…I’d love to sleep snuggled up together with ya.”

“If you don’t mind me unconsciously kicking the daylights out of you.”

“Oh, I think you’d be all right,” disagreed Melleny. “If we spooned, I think I could keep you from getting too outta control.”

Sara thought. “Is that gonna mess up your schedule?”

“No, no, as it turns out,” Mel announced. “When my boss saw how messed up I was today, she gave me tomorrow off to recupe.”

“Oh, well, good for you, babe!” said Sara. “Wish I was off too.”

“Well, I’m not gonna encourage you to call in sick or anything. We can always spend the night together some other time. Hell…Sara…” said Mel, taking her hands. “…Honey, we can have a whole life together.”

“I guess we’re officially girlfriends then, huh?”

“I think so.”

Sara beatifically beamed. “I love you,” she intoned one more time, soft and low. They kissed again, this kiss more soft and loving than the passionate kisses of fire they’d shared earlier in the evening.

There was a lot on Sara’s mind. She didn’t want to go home either; she really wanted to spoon in bed with Mel too. She could take them back to her place, with her king-size bed, but then Melleny’d be woken by the alarm clock…unless Sara decided to call out and deactivate it. Oh, she’d figure out her job schedule in due time. She suddenly felt very tempted to take the day off. She hadn’t taken a day off in what felt like months; she deserved one. Just to spend with Melleny, hanging out, taking a walk, enjoying nature…

Oh! That reminded her. “Sweetheart, where’s your computer?” Sara asked.

“It’s in my office. Why?”

“Point me to it, please,” Sara requested. “I just remembered, I have something for you.”

Sara went online, brought up her E-mail and found it. She’d typed it up in her inbox in capital letters. “I actually just wrote this for you the other day,” she explained, demure and bashful. “I’m not a professional or anything, but I like how it turned out.”

She held Mel’s hands, looking coyly down at her feet as Melleny read her poem.





“Aw, I love it!” Mel exalted. “It’s beautiful!”

Sara let her face redden to that shy crimson blush she famously sported. “Well, I’m really really happy you like it,” she said. “See, uh…the other day, when I wrote it, I, uh…” She shrugged. “…That’s when I realized I was in love with you.”

Mel linked their arms and put her head on Sara’s shoulder. “I’m in love with you too.”

Sara made her decision. “Y’know what? I’m taking the day off. I wanna be with my girl.”

Mel gasped and clapped her hands. “Yay!” she exclaimed, with the joy of a small child.

“Just one thing though,” said Sara. “Can we go to my house so I can turn off my alarm? And we don’t have to sleep at my place, but don’t forget, I’ve got the king-size.”

“Hmm, I guess you’re right,” Melleny admitted. “We can sleep here next time.”

“We can do anything we jolly well feel like, babe,” proclaimed Sara.

“That we can…and just about anything would be fine with me. Except, um…” Mel looked down. “Next time we go to the movies, can we see something…not scary?”

They laughed.

“Come along then, my darling,” said Sara in a cute voice. “I have a lovely old Fleetwood Mac song I wanna sing to you on the way home. It’s, uh…it’s called ‘Sara.’ Shocker, I know, right? But, I’ll change it to ‘Melleny’ instead, just for you.”

In the sea of love

Where everyone would love to drown

But now it’s gone

It doesn’t matter anymore

When you build your house then please call me home


You’re the poet in my heart

Never change

And don’t you ever, ever stop.