Biology 101

   She came in late that morning and had to come sit way at the back with me. In Biology class, we have these really long, bulky laboratory tables and we have to sit on these shitty stools from the 1960s. They’re really hard on the ass when you have to make it through a three-hour class, but I guess that’s all part of the suffering I need to go through to become a doctor.

   Anyway, I’d barely made it in time myself that morning and had ended up sitting completely at the back of the class. I have to admit I didn’t mind it too much because sometimes, I’d be the only one back there and, if the class became too boring, especially on days when we weren’t really in lab mode – not dissecting or experimenting with anything – and the teacher was just spouting theoretic stuff we were supposed to write down in our lab notebooks but that was all available in the PowerPoint presentation we could download on the teacher’s portal, sometimes, I’d discretely take out my cock and stroke it to pass the time.

   That’s exactly what I’d been doing, looking at the backs of the heads of the beautiful girls sitting in front of me and sometimes focussing on the bra straps that I could see through their t-shirts, tops or blouses. I’d fantasize about what the front of the bra contained. I’d imagine their small, perky breasts with tiny marshmallow nipples hardening and poking out, just begging to be sucked and nibbled. I’d imagine their medium-sized tits with wide, dark pink areolas and over-sized nipples that I’d pinch, with the index and fuck finger of both of my hands, while my teeth gnawed at their wet, erect, quivering clit. I’d imagine their massive, oversized globes of flesh pouring out of a bra that was just too small under a décolletage that didn’t leave enough to the imagination to look professional on a college campus but that I could imagine pressing against my hard cock, humping them until I came on their chin.

    ˗˗ Mind if I sit here? she whispered, smiling.

   I realized I was already hard in my Bermuda shorts and pulled my textbook toward me discretely so that it would hang over the table a bit, hiding my hard-on from her view.

   ˗˗ Sure. Go right ahead, I replied, also whispering, turning lightly toward her to pull the stool back a bit in an effort to be chivalrous.

   Unfortunately, I’d forgotten about the book which I accidently knocked off the table, attracting everyone’s attention, including Professor McCormack's, who looked really pissed. I mouthed ‘sorry’ in his direction before disappearing under the table to retrieve my book. When I came back up, I realized my boner was in full view for the gorgeous girl who was about to sit next to me.

   ˗˗ I’m Serena, by the way, she said, smiling at me and offering her hand for me to shake.

   ˗˗ I’m Matt. Nice to…

   And just as I was about to take her hand, she took my cock instead and shook it as though it had been my hand. My eyes popped out of my head as I looked down at what she was doing, and then up at her devilish smile.

   I swallowed hard and turned beet red. She chuckled without making too much noise.

   ˗˗ Nice to meet you… both, she said, letting go of my cock so that she wouldn’t attract too much attention from the other students who had turned their eyes back to the front of the class and Professor McCormack who could also be looking in our direction at any time.

   I suddenly realized her touching my cock like that had accelerated my production of pre-cum and I started feeling wetness in my Diesel boxer shorts.

   We both sat down and she took out a few books and notebooks from her tote bag. I had a chance to look at her sideways. Not that I hadn’t noticed her before. Even though there were probably about 20 girls in the class including more than half who were sexy as hell, each in their own way, I had definitely fantasized about Serena’s dark skin, gorgeous hazel eyes, silky, ebony hair and gorgeous curves. Checking her out like this did nothing to diminish my excitement at sitting next to her, especially since her bold grabbing of my cock through my shorts definitely seemed like a preview of things to come.

   ˗˗ What’s he talking about? she asked me without taking her eyes off the teacher.

   ˗˗ Carcinoma cells.

   ˗˗ Mmmm… Sounds so sexy!

   I don’t know how I managed not to burst out laughing, but I did. She was definitely being ironic because there was definitely nothing sexy about cancer cells and how they multiplied, but I thought I’d play along.

   ˗˗ You like talking about reproduction, huh? Even if it’s for cancer cells…

   ˗˗ You know me so well, it’s uncanny. My pussy is so wet right now imagining those little fuckers reproducing.

   Again, I thought I’d lose it. The control over my laughter, I mean. And yet I was imagining her wet, shaved pussy under her sun dress… with white, crotch-less lace panties on her dark skin and my cock twitched in my shorts.

   ˗˗ You’re crazy, I said.

   ˗˗ And you’re horny, she said, looking over at my crotch.

   ˗˗ I bet you are, too…

   ˗˗ You’d win that bet.

   She discretely reached over with her left hand and groped around, looking for my hard meat underneath my shorts. She didn’t take long to find it and started jerking me off through the fabric. I did my best to look innocent, like nothing was happening, but she was driving me wild.

   After a while, she purposely dropped a pen on the floor and, when I went to go pick it up, she tried to stop me and I heard her whisper:

   ˗˗ Idiot…

   That’s when I caught on that she’d dropped the pen on purpose. I felt so stupid and wanted to kick myself, thinking maybe I’d missed a great opportunity to get an amazing blowjob. I sighed. As I was crawling around on my hands and knees to find her pen, I looked up her dress and noticed she'd spread her legs for me, her feet resting on the metal bars of the stool to raise her knees a little. She had raised the skirt of her dress to reveal her knees, therefore letting more light in so I could get a better view of her pussy. She was actually not wearing panties. No crotch-less lace panties. No panties at all. And I had been right about her pussy lips. They were as smooth as a prepubescent school girl’s.

   When I found the pen, I looked back at her pussy again and noticed that she’d spread her legs enough for me to catch a glimpse of her wet, pink vagina. As I was about to come back from under the table – after all, I thought, I couldn’t stay down there too long without attracting attention, right? –, Serena grabbed me by the hair and shoved my head between her legs, my nose smashing against her erect clitoris and my mouth banging against her love hole. She shook my head to create a vibration against her lady parts and, spontaneously, I poked my tongue out, sliding it inside her wet cunt.

   I could taste the muskiness of her female juices mixing with the fragrance from the soap she’d used to shower. I lapped around like a thirsty dog, making her more and more wet and making my cock harder and harder, pushing against my Diesel boxers and cargo Bermuda shorts.

   After about a minute of going down on her like a madman, I managed to pull away a little, even though she was holding on to my head as though she was afraid she’d buck off the stool if she didn’t. I felt she was really working hard not to moan, groan or really squeal with all her might when she slammed my face against her pussy again, holding me tight so that her orgasm flood my face completely.

   When she lessened her grip on my head, I backed up a little to take a breath and I stuck her pen in my mouth to clean it off. I tasted a little dust but I didn’t care because it got lost in the taste of her pussy juice.

   Then, I sucked on my fuck finger, wetting it as well, even though her pussy juice was so wet, I probably wouldn’t have needed to do it. I slipped the pen inside her pussy and fucked her with it as I started furiously rubbing her clit with my wet finger.

   She was not expecting the hardness of her pen nor the vigorousness of my finger and she let out a little:

   ˗˗ Oh!

   When a few people turned around and Professor McCormack looked at her, she said:

   ˗˗ I’d been wondering what that meant. Sorry.

   I chuckled under the table and thought: “They must be wondering where the fuck I am!”

   But honestly, I didn’t care. I was having too much of a great time. I got back to rubbing that erect clit and pumping that pen inside her pussy thinking how lucking that object was and how jealous my iron-hard pecker was, suffocating inside my shorts.

   When she came a second time, struggling not to bounce off the stool, I pulled the pen out of her steaming pussy and popped it into my mouth, sucking on it to get all the juice off of it. Nonchalantly, I came out from under the table as though nothing had happened. I just as casually took the pen out of my mouth and brought it down to my crotch, rubbing it on my tenting pole to wipe my saliva off of it.

   ˗˗ I believe this belongs to you…? I whispered, placing the pen on her textbook, in front of her.

   ˗˗ Thanks… I appreciate your zeal.

   I chuckled, amused by her sense of humour and impressed with her vocabulary.

   We listened to Professor McCormack for what only seemed to me like a few sentences before her hand started looking for my cock again. She found it like a missile finds its target – although, in this case, it was as though the target was caressing the missile, if you know what I mean.

   She caressed my cock through my clothes for a while as my ass moved around on the stool, trying to make the most of her rubbing. I turned a few pages in my textbook to look interested and busy and detract attention from what was happening under the table. After a few minutes, she pretended to drop something under the table – not even actually using a real prop – and just disappeared from the other people’s views.

   She unfastened the button of my Bermuda shorts and pulled the zipper down, reaching inside to squeeze my meat. She looked up at me approvingly and I almost shot my load without further ado. Thank goodness I didn’t because maybe I wouldn’t have experienced what was coming.

   I had to wiggle my butt a little to worm out of my Diesel underwear and let her release my bulging cock and overflowing balls. Again, she looked up at me with an approving smile. Her eyes looked hungry. She squeezed my cock, pushing it against my pubes so that she’d get better access to my balls. She started licking them at first, stroking them with her tongue, even wrapping it around them with great agility. My cock was pulsating in her grip. After that, she sucked my left nut into her mouth, making a strange suction sound that I covered by clearing my throat. Nobody seemed to notice. Her mouth wrapped around my globe felt amazing. When she popped it out, she sucked in my right one, giving it equal time and attention.

   My cock couldn’t wait to feel that hot mouth wrapped around it but I wasn’t in a position to start making verbal requests. That might attract unwanted attention from our fellow students. I still couldn’t get over the fact that all this was happening without anybody looking back at us. It made the whole thing even more arousing and I even started thinking about two of the girls sitting at the table just in front of us – two blondes, one platinum and one sandy – and how it would be if they just turned around and started playing with us, lifting their t-shirts so I could suck on their tits while Serena swallowed my pole. How it would feel if I’d finger both the blondes at the same time while they stood next to me, their legs growing weak from my touch.

    These thoughts just added to the fire in my balls and to the hardness of my cock. When Serena looked up at me and pulled the foreskin off my pole, it was covered in translucent pre-cum and when she pushed the foreskin up a little, an extra-large drop of the sticky liquid came out. She took her index finger from her other hand and crushed the drop before pulling off her finger, stretching the drop of pre-cum into a long strand that looked like a filament from a spider’s web. She brought her finger to her mouth and licked it before bringing her mouth to my cock head and swabbing it with her tongue until I couldn’t tell if it was only her spit on it or if there was still any pre-cum.

   She then started giving my cock some suction, making my head spin in a matter of seconds. She was very good at not making too much noise, bobbing up and down on my pole like an expert cocksucker. I could feel my cum churning in my balls as she made them dance on her fingers. She went down on my cock a few more times before I pulled her face off of it, afraid she wouldn’t want me to cum in her mouth. I felt I was short of breath and didn’t want the others to notice. Serena looked up at me and smiled.

   ˗˗ I gave you mine, you’re gonna give me yours, she whispered, bringing her mouth back over my cock.

    She started pumping it with her hand, giving my cock three strokes before swabbing its head with her tongue. She gave it three more strokes and swabbed again, always covering my cock head with her mouth. She accelerated the rhythm of this three strokes / tongue swab thing and, before I knew it, my ass was bouncing off the stool, my nuts were tightening against the base of my pulsating cock and my cum was racing up my pole and erupting between Serena’s lips, bouncing off the walls and roof of her mouth and almost oozing back out. She managed to catch every drop and swallow it, making every nerve in my body crazy with ecstasy. I felt like shouting out but I held it in, settling for letting all my cum out.

    Serena quickly cleaned my cock with her mouth and tongue, making sure she’d gotten every drop so that I wouldn’t wet my underwear with drops that might ooze out later. She helped me get my clothes together and came out from under the table pretending she was holding a small earring in her hand and reached under her hair to put it back on.

   We sat through the rest of Professor McCormack’s lecture and, when he was done, we stayed behind, pretending to be looking through some stuff in our textbooks until everybody had left the class.

   As soon as we were alone, Serena opened my shorts again and pulled them off before pulling my underwear down. Without taking off her dress, she straddled me on the stool and slipped my already-hard cock into her still-wet pussy. She bounced on me for a while until she started kissing me passionately to muffle the moan of her orgasm.

   I managed to pull her perky little tits out of her sun dress to suck and nibble on them while I started bucking off the stool, my head pressed against the wall of the back of the class. It was my turn to do some of the work. I pounded her box, feeling my ever-growing cock fill her and feeling my balls swinging low, banging against the seat of the stool and back up against Serena’s bare ass.

   When I finally came, I exploded inside her, coating her vagina with my copious sticky white spunk. This time, I didn’t mind moaning, groaning and even talking a little louder than I should have:

   ˗˗ Mmmmm… YEAH! Ahhhh! Yeah, baby, take my cum. Oh! You feel so good!

   We stayed there for a little while longer, until my cock deflated and slipped out of her pussy… I couldn’t believe how long it took. Of course, it didn’t help that we kept kissing and that her amazing little tits were just begging to get licked and sucked which just made me hotter for Serena.

   When we finally left the Biology lab, we went to grab a bite to eat and then, we went to my apartment where we shared a shower. Serena kept rubbing her gorgeous butt against my cock, making me hard again. I slipped my dripping-wet pole inside her dripping-wet pussy from behind and we made love again, standing up, as I reached for her clit from behind with one hand and poked at her asshole with the index finger of my other hand, making her moan with pleasure.

    And just as we were both about to cum again, with the water from the shower cascading down our naked bodies, Serena whispered:

   ˗˗ Mmmmm… this has been the BEST BIOLOGY LAB…. EVER!