Boutique Hotel

Boutique Hotel Dreams

I was running late, which isn’t unusual, traffic had been horrendous on the roads which again, isn’t unusual. The motorway had been at a standstill for over an hour.
We’d met on-line, got chatting and things had gone from there. The first time we’d actually met had been strange to say the least. I think we both felt we should be talking with a screen and keyboard in front us instead of face to face.
But, I tried to be a gentleman and you tried not spit your drink all over me when you laughed and we got on really well. We’d decided there was a spark or a click whatever you’d call it and the next time we saw each other things got a bit steamy and we ended up entwined together, so from then on, every month or so we’d meet up for a night or when we could a weekend together, when our schedules allowed.
This weekend I’d arranged for us to stay at a small Boutique hotel, you know the sort of thing, four poster beds, large rooms and country walks in the fresh air. I’d spent all day in London for some meetings, so I’d arranged to meet you there, but as ever I was late and getting stressed.
I arrived to see your car in the car park, rushing into reception I asked the girl if you’d checked in.
‘Not yet, sir I believe she is waiting for you in the bar’
I come through to see you perched very lady like on a bar stool gazing through a glass of red wine
‘Penny, for them’ I said as I put my arms around your waist, you smiled up at me and kissed me softly ‘Hiya, where have you been?’
‘Traffic’ I replied ‘Ahhh, well you’re here now and you’re all mine’ you giggled.
‘Have you eaten yet?’
‘Hmm, I’m not hungry yet, I need to work up an appetite’ you say in a husky voice that tells me know all I need to.
I leave the bar and check-in coming back to collect you, we head upstairs hand in hand our room is number nine at the end of a fairly un-level corridor. We manage to behave ourselves as the hotel porter shows us the room; I only make a grab for your ass once. With a tip in hand he wishes us a pleasant stay and disappears closing the door behind him.
The room is dominated by a four poster bed it reminds me of the princess and the pea the damn things so big, I lock the room door and then turn to look at you. Your body is lit from the evening sunlight streaming through the window behind you, your blonde hair shining as it moves in the light. I move towards you and pull your body tight into to mine, I bend down and I feel your hot breath as we kiss.
Soft damp kisses at first, then as the passion builds our tongues wrestle each other. I push your hair back and kiss and lick my way down your neck, you moan softly as my wet kisses tickle your skin. You start to try and undo my shirt, but I stop you and whisper ‘no, it’s your turn first’ you giggle and sigh contently.
I move around behind you and slowly undo your dress, the dark material opens slowly as I pull the zip down, gently one at a time I lift the shoulder straps away from your skin, you wriggle a little and all at once the dress is a dark pool of material around your ankles. I lean down and kiss the middle of your shoulder blades I can feel your breath quicken as my lips brush your soft skin. I let my tongue follow your spine downwards as I sink to my knees behind you.
I reach down and take your foot lifting it slowly from the folds of material, I hold the shoe as you pull your foot out of it and then do the same for the other one. You step away from the dress and turn to face me, still kneeling my face is now level with your stomach. I lean in and kiss your belly button, you giggle and push my head away ‘stop it, you know that tickles’ I look up and see your smiling face a picture of lust and excitement.
I stand up in front of you and without warning, pick you up, you squeal with delight I carry you into the bathroom and set you down in the walk in shower.
‘Ohhhh, kinky’ you giggle as I lean past you and turn on the shower the water cascades down from the shower head like tiny sparkling jewels the steam seems to billow around us immediately.
We kiss, harder more urgently now as the water pours over us, your hair soon becomes like wet tails sticking to your face, I move the hair away and cup your cheeks, my tongue searching for yours. We embrace rubbing against each other my hands searching for the catch on your bra. I release it and pull the soaking material away from your boobs. My hands replace your bra’s embrace gently following the contours of your boobs, your brown nipples are already standing proud and erect but the tips of my fingers seem to make them stiffen further. I bend down and kiss my way around first one then the other of your warm wet boobs; you moan as my tongue flicks across your hard nipples I feel your hands running through my hair as you guide my tongue where you want me to be. Greedily I suck on your hard nipples playfully biting at them.
I slide down you, kissing and licking your wet body, I can almost feel your skin tingling, the water splashes down over us both. Then I’m kneeling in front of you, your black knickers in front of me, I move forward and kiss you through the sodden material I can feel the ripple of excitement and your muscles tighten as you grind yourself into my waiting mouth.
My hands caress your legs, the water cascading over them like waterfalls as I move my hands upwards, hooking my thumbs into either side of your knickers I slowly pull them down your legs, unsteadily you step out of them when I’ve reached the floor.
I lean forward and starting at your belly button I kiss my way down to your waiting pussy. The smooth skin above your sex glistens like morning dew. You part your legs a bit further and lean back against the cubical wall as my searching tongue finds the hard bud of your clit, I let my tongue flick over the throbbing your clit, before I lick slowly up your wet pussy, my tongue probing your most intimate places, you moan louder and I feel your hands pressing my head into place.
I flick my tongue up and down and left and right tasting your sex, my hands kneed your ass cheeks and then I slide a finger into your soaking pussy, slowly and gently my digit probes its way in and out of your wet pussy, I feel your breath quicken and you grind your pussy into my face harder and faster as I probe you with my both my tongue and my finger.
‘Oh fuck’ you moan as the wave of your first orgasm rips through your body.
‘OH, yesss, yesss, yesss’ you moan.
My tongue still searches your sex lapping your sweet cum and then slowly I stand up in front of you, Grinning I look down at the lustful animal I have created.
‘My turn, mister’ you say shoving me back against the shower cubical.
You tear at my shirt, buttons flying about the floor between us, pulling the soaking shirt away from my chest you kiss and bite at my nipples ‘ouch’ I wince
‘Just wait, babe’ you giggle
You pull the shirt down each arm and throw it in the corner of the shower, with searching fingers you rub your hands across the obvious bulge in my jeans ‘Hmmm, what have we here sir? Some sort of concealed weapon?’ you giggle at your attempt at an American Cops voice.
‘No officer, it’s just very pleased to see you’ I say with a laugh.
You wrench the end of my belt out of its loops and with shaking fingers you undo it, then after a fight you get the button on my soaking jeans undone, unzipping them I feel your hand slide inside as you search out your prize.
Sinking down to your knees in front of me you wrestle my jeans to the floor, the soaking nature of denim doesn’t help you, but you manage it, not in any way that could be called sexy, but neither of us care. With your help I struggle free of the material and kick them out of the way.
You lean close to me and lick and kiss your way up my legs, you reach my pants your hands rubbing the bulge in the front of them slowly you pull the material down to reveal my already throbbing cock.
‘Hmmmm, that’s what the doctor ordered’ you say in a husky voice
I can feel your fingers as they caress my shaft and cup my balls, you lean forward and kiss the shaft working your way down, you do the same to my balls then as if it were a lollipop you lick up my shaft before slowly opening your mouth wide and gliding down the length of my cock, slowly you move up and down my shaft the water from the shower pouring over both of us. I moan softly as the pleasure you are giving starts to build, and then you stop and go back to licking and kissing again, when you’re happy I’m in control you start again but this time you quicken the pace one hand gripping the base of my cock well the other hand is entwined in mine.
I can feel myself losing control and just at the moment of no return you pull away and pump the shaft of my cock as the cum arcs through the water of the shower. Greedily you suck and kiss my spent cock.
‘Oh Helen, you know how to turn a guy on’ I moan softly
‘You’re doing a good job too, under my corrupting influence’ you giggle
I reach for the hotels tiny bottle of free shampoo and start to lather your hair, the soap suds running down your wet torso following the curves of your beautiful body.
I rub the shower gel into your soft skin my hands following and teasing your tingling skin, you do the same to me your fingers teasing and making me tingle to your touch.
The water washes away the soap leaving us wrapped in each-other’s arms with the warm water tumbling over our bodies. We start to kiss again our tongues searching and playing, you bite on my lip ‘I want you’ you whisper huskily ‘NOW’ I feel your hand make a grab for my cock.
Taking your subtle Hint, I turn off the water and pick you up again, we come out of the shower your arms wrapped around my neck. Me try desperately not to knock your unconscious on the door frame as we head towards the four poster bed, which now seems to dominate the room even more than before, the water still dripping from our skin leaving a trail from the bathroom.
With a pretty ungentlemanly move, I throw you up onto the high bed, you land with a squeal and a giggle and move yourself over on the bed as you pull back the covers. I stand looking at you watching a drip of water run down from your hair onto your boob and drip from your hard nipple. I go over to my bag and take out some things you start chanting ‘why are we waiting’ and then fall about in a fit of giggles. I climb up beside you and see the glint in your eye.
‘Come here you’ I giggle
We wrestle each other writhing about on the bed our wet bodies dampening the sheets.
‘What have you got there’ you ask with a puzzled look on your face
‘Well, firstly we need to be safe’ I say passing the condom packet to you
‘And then you need to be, hmmm’ I giggle ‘Wait and see’
You look worried all of a sudden ‘Erm, ok’ you say but you don’t sound convinced
‘It’s ok, nothing bad’ I say softly
I turn away and busy myself for a second, you prop yourself up on one elbow trying to see what I’m doing. I turn back with one hand cupped and let it hover of your wet skin you look really wary now, with a giggle I open my fingers and the Baby oil in my hand runs out and down on to your skin.
The oil runs down your boobs making the brown of your nipples darken and then slowly down your stomach working its way across your wet skin and forming a glistening pool in your belly button.
‘You fucker’ you giggle, the relief on your face mixed with a new desire
‘What did you think I was going to do?’ I laugh
I take the bottle from behind me and start to squeeze more baby oil onto your hot body, my hands rubbing it into your skin following your curves and crevices. You moan as my oiled palm smoothing over your hard nipples, I bend down and lick and kiss each nipple in-turn not wanting to leave one out of the obvious pleasure you are having.
‘I’m not a turkey’ you giggle ‘I don’t need basting’
‘Over you go’ I say as I try and turn you over to do your back, but the amount of baby oil I’ve put on you and my hands means I can’t get a grip on your slick skin.
You laugh and turn yourself over wiggling your bum to get comfortable; I hold the bottle high above your shoulder blades and watch as its contents pour down on to your wet skin. A rivulet of baby oil follows your spine making a path down your back and then slowly runs between the cheeks of your sexy ass disappearing over your wet pussy. I bend down and kiss your butt, I hear you moan as my lips touch your skin, my tongue swirling across your ass cheeks giving you goose pimples of pleasure.
I gently start rubbing the baby oil into your skin massaging your shoulders and back, every so often I let my hands slide down to cup your throbbing boobs. I continue to add more oil pouring and rubbing it into you, following your legs down to your feet, you giggle as my hand touches your feet ‘Oi, get off, that tickles’ you squeal.
Satisfied that I have done a good job of basting you, I start to kiss your glistening body, starting where I’d finished at your ankles I kiss my way up your legs swapping from one to the other as I make my way up your thighs, you wiggle and giggle as my tongue flicks over your skin. I reach your ass again and kiss each of your wonderful cheeks, working my way towards the centre of your body. I gently part your legs and move in between your oily thighs, my tongue sliding down between the cheeks of your ass. As the tip of my tongue flicks across your asshole I feel you take a deep breath in and say in a husky voice ‘Oi, what are you doing down there’ I giggle and lift me head to describe the view I have but as I do you moan softly ‘No, don’t stop, just hmmmm’ I lower my head and you’re your breath quicken as my tongue resumes its path, flicking across your tight hole.
You raise your hips up so your ass is stuck up in the air and your head is buried in the pillow ‘Oh please you know what I want’ you moan
Doing as commanded I move down towards your waiting pussy, kissing you there, soft quick kisses to start with and then lingering wet kisses as I taste your sweet sex. I see your hand come between your legs as your fingers search out your clit. I kiss your hand and suck each of your waiting fingers ‘Stop teasing me, I can’t stand it anymore’ you groan.
With that I move between your oily thighs, you feel the warm tip of my hard cock press against your wet smouldering cunt. I hear you groan in pleasure, I let the tip of my cock slide into your waiting hole, you purr as I push myself into you, slowly I pull my cock out and then slide in to your wet pussy again, I continue with slow deep strokes you moan your fingers search out your clit you begin to rub it your wet finger tips slipping and sliding with a mixture of oil and your own delicious cum. I start to build a rhythm now building speed, I move my left had across your arse, my thumb seeking out your tight bum hole. My oily thumb applying gentle pressure to your asshole, I rub in a slow circular motion, you moan deeply as I push my thumb into your tight hole, you gasp and I feel your body tense and then relax, I ease my thumb around inside in a circular motion.

'Ohhh, fuuuccccck, you dirty bastard don't stop' you moan

I feel your fingers rubbing your clit harder and faster as I pound into your waiting depths, your pussy muscles clenching and relaxing as your orgasm builds, I reach forward and find your right boob, still sticky with oil I rub your hard nipple. This seems to be the final straw, you ram your arse back to meet my thrust your fingers now a blur on your clit, you scream in pleasure as your orgasm tears through your shaking body.
I feel your fingers slide under my cock as I thrust into you, the touch is unexpected but wonderful.

‘Oh, fuckkkkk’ You moan ‘Oh fuckkkkk, yes' you moan

I slow my strokes and then pull my throbbing cock from your aching pussy, I move back from to give you space. You collapse onto your stomach your body tingling from head to toe every part of you feels alive as the afterglow of your orgasm washes over you.

‘You didn't cum' you say dreamily

I sit by you my finger tips tracing shapes on your warm sensitive skin occasionally I let a finger dip into your soaking wet cunt. you roll over and sit up in front of me.
You take my hand and suck on my fingers relishing the taste of yourself then you push me down on to the bed and climb on top of me leaning down I feel your warm oily boobs as they press down on my chest.

We kiss, long lingering kisses, warm wet sharp kisses, tongues deep in each-others mouths fighting to breath but loving the feeling. I can feel your oiled body as you slither about on top of me I feel the warm wetness of your pussy as you kiss me, my cock is hard and wet with your juices and pushes against you. You reach for the discarded bottle of baby oil and sitting astride me you pour some on to my chest, rubbing it in to my skin my nipples harden to your touch as my matted hair becomes slick with the oil. I move to touch your nipples with my hand but you slap it away saying in a low voice.

‘Hands off it’s my turn again now’

You climb off me and continue to squirt oil on to my naked body you drip oil onto my cock giggling as it dribbles down on to my balls which tickles making me squeal.
Your hands massage my calf’s and you work up to my thighs, I feel your warm oily hand cup my balls and then take hold of the base of my shaft, you lean down your beautiful breasts brushing my thigh. I feel your hard nipples as the skim my leg. Then I feel your kisses, soft almost not touching my skin as you kiss the shaft of my cock, I feel your tongue as it slides along my oily cock. It sends shivers of delight and lust down my spine.
You lift my cock and slowly let your lips slide down its length, I just lie there in a state of pure relaxed lustful bliss, you slowly move your mouth up and down my shaft every so often taking me from your mouth and letting your tongue flick over the tip of my swollen cock. I reach down with my right hand and caress your oily ass cheeks you wiggle your butt to let me know you’re enjoying my touch.

‘Oh, Ooooohhh, mmmm’ I moan softly

You giggle, which makes a strange sound as you still have your mouth full at the time. My fingers slip and slide towards your soaking pussy I slide a finger deep into you again, and following your rhythm I let my finger slide in and out of your swollen lips. Holding the base of my cock you slowly pull your lips up my shaft flick your tongue over the tip and then pull away, you grab my hand and pull my finger from deep inside you; greedily you suck the wetness from it.
You straddle me facing my feet and with one glorious and tingling move you grab my cock in one hand and slide it into your waiting pussy gracefully slipping down the length of it until your oily ass cheeks are resting on my stomach, we both moan with delight as you do this.
I reach out and rub the oily skin of your back as you start to raise your body up my cock, so slowly at first it hardly seems like your moving then you start to speed up raising yourself until the tip of my cock is almost out of you and then driving back down again, as you get faster and faster the oily cheeks of your ass slap against my skin adding to our sound track of moans and sighs.
‘Oh, yes, yes, yes’ you squeal as you ride me cock faster and faster the slaps of your ass getting quicker and harder.
My hands cup the cheeks of your ass helping to lift you on every upward stroke the feeling of your dripping pussy around my cock is just heavenly. You are moaning and slamming down on my cock like some sort of Amazon goddess I can feel your body tensing as your orgasm builds, ripping through your whole body like an express train. Unsteadily you climb off me and collapse on the bed. I turn to you and we kiss deep longing kisses, tongues searching each-others mouths fingers exploring each-others oiled bodies.
You roll on to your back and lie panting for breath like a marathon runner, I lean over you, we kiss harder than before. You raise your legs, your soaking pussy glistening in the fading beams of sunlight. I move between your thighs and position myself you guide my cock with your hand as I slide into your warm inviting pussy. I look down at you and see the pure desire and animal lust in your eyes and slowly slide deep inside you. You bite your bottom lip and I feel you wrap your slender legs around me waist. The warm sticky oil on our bodies making it harder for you to clamp yourself around me but in the end it doesn’t stop you, your arms wrapping themselves around my back your nails digging into me with every pleasurable inward stroke.
I start to slide in and out of you, pulling nearly all the way out and then sliding back deep inside your waiting sex, we kiss tongues fighting each other as I start to speed up my thrusts. Harder and faster we fuck sliding and slipping over each other, I can feel the wetness of your pussy mixing with baby oil. I feel your body growing tense beneath me as you grind your pussy upwards to meet each stroke slowly at first and then ever more frantically. At the same moment you can feel my shoulders tense as I start to cum, shooting hot jets of my spunk deep inside you. As I cum I feel your body shudder as another orgasm tears a path through you, like a freight train.
We stay locked together me deep inside your flooded pussy. You still with your arms and legs wrapped tightly around me, our oiled skin tingling to each-others touch. I look down into your brown eyes and see total contentment, your hands caress my hair. We kiss deep slow sensual kisses the type only those who have surrendered to each other fully can give. For what seems like an age we stay entwined and then slowly we disentangle ourselves from each other. I retrieve the bed covers on the way to the bathroom and then climb in beside you. You drape a slender oily leg over mine and lay your head on my chest snuggling in tight to my side your fingers lazily twirling my chest hair. I lie there stroking your oily matted wet hair pulling it away from your face, stroking your cheek and letting my fingers move through your hair.
‘I need another shower now’ you moan
‘Hungry?’ I ask
‘Mmmmmm’ come’s your sleepy reply
‘Maybe later, I’m worn out’ you say
We stay entwined together like that and both drift off into a very contented dreamy sleep.

I was woken by the sound of the shower, that or the knocking on the door I’m not sure which, I got up and stumbled about looking for something to put on saw a hotel dressing gown hanging on the back of the door and fought my way into it.
God knows what the waiter thought when I opened the door to him, but he managed to keep his composure.
‘Room service Sir’ he said wheeling a trolley through the door.
‘Shall I put the breakfast things on the table?’ he asked, I mumbled I’d take care of it and then started looking for my jeans to give him a tip. He saw my confused expression and winked saying ‘Not to worry Sir, enjoy your breakfast’ I thanked him and closed the door.
‘Ahhh, morning sleepy head’ I turn to see you standing wrapped in a fluffy white bath towel with a huge grin on your face.
‘Is that Breakfast?’ you ask
‘Erm, yes, yes, it is, sorry not quite awake yet’ I’m trying to clear the cotton wool which appears to have wrapped itself around my brain.
‘Good, I’m starving’ you say with a giggle ‘though I can’t think why!’
I smile and you pad over to where I’m standing and softly kiss my cheek ‘Urgh, you need a shower’ you scrunch your nose up at my manly scent.
‘Don’t eat it all, gutsy’ I say as I turn for the shower only to be hit in the back of the head by a wet fluffy white bath towel.
When I come out of the bathroom clean and feeling almost awake I find you’re sitting at the table reading the Sunday paper dressed in little green shorts, trainers and a T-Shirt with a picture of Kermit on it.
‘Morning, I guess I’m Miss Piggy then?’ I giggle
‘Oi, less of your cheek, I happen to like the Muppets’ you say with an indignant look.
‘What do you want to do today? I thought we could go for a walk in the country or visit a castle or a walk on the beach?’
You tip your head to one side in thought ‘Hmm, I think we should go for a walk and visit a castle and then see what else happens’
‘Princess, your wish is my command’ I laugh, this time I get a colour supplement thrown at my head.
‘Are you a ninja?’ I ask rubbing my forehead.
We get ourselves sorted out, you disappear off to your car to get your sunglasses and I ask at the reception desk if there are any decent walks going from the hotel. The girl behind the desk is very helpful and explains the hotel has a country walk of not more than 5 miles that takes in some beautiful woods and an old castle. She gives me a map and directions on how to get to the start of the route ‘the castle about halfway through the walk Sir, the path is clearly sign posted’ I thanked her and head outside.
‘There’s a country walking route that starts just through those trees, I’ve got a map for it too’ I explain. It’s then that I stop to look at you properly, bathed in the morning sunshine; I can’t stop myself from laughing you’re wearing a small sort of daysack, which is a great idea, but the daysack is made to look like Kermit.
‘Stop it!!’ you tell me ‘it’s not funny’
I feel bad as you look genuinely hurt by my reaction, I start to try and apologise and you fall about laughing ‘Oh babe, your face’ you say and walk over and kiss me.
‘I just need to get my shades from the car’ I go over to my much loved, but old convertible and fish my sunglasses out of the door pocket.
‘Right all set, shall we go?’ I reach for your hand and you, me and Kermit head for the gap in the trees outside the front of the hotel. Just as the receptionist had told me we found ourselves looking up a small dirt path leading off towards a distant forest.
The weather is beautiful, we chat as we walk hand in hand along the path, stopping to snatch a quick kiss or look at some wildlife. At one point a horse comes over to us and you stroke its nose as I feed it a great handful of grass.
‘It must be great to be a horse’ I say ‘all day just wandering about stuffing your face’
‘Yes that would suit you, stuffing your face and doing nothing’ you giggle and with a squeal you run off up the path before I can get my hands on you
‘Oi you cheeky minx’ I shout after you giving chase
‘you just wait young lady’
You’ve disappeared around a bend in the path I chase after you loudly telling you all things I’m going to do to you, as I come around the bend I come into a small car park with an ice cream truck and some old folks out for a ramble. I stop in my tracks and feel my face turning redder and redder. You’re standing giggling at me your boobs jiggling up and down as you laugh.
An older couple, who wouldn’t have looked out of place in Victorian times, are staring at me with a look of total disgust.
I hear the chap, mumble something about disgusting behaviour for a grown up couple and watch as they march off the way we’ve just come.
‘You, little…..’ I say into your ear as I grab you by the wrists and blow a raspberry on your neck.
‘Ahhh, stop it that tickles’ you giggle
We kiss and I ask if you fancy anything ‘Hmmm, you obviously and yes an ice cream or something would be nice’ We turn towards the Ice Cream van and both see the ruined castle sat just behind it ‘Wow, that’s gorgeous, look at that proper fairy tale’ you say pointing at the large towers rising from either side of it.
The chap in the ice cream truck smiles and winks at me, as I stand in-front of his display board ‘what can I get you mate?’ he asks.
‘Do you do cold drinks?’ I ask him ‘Yep, slush puppies, canned drink you can have a cup with ice?’
‘Can I have two 99’s a couple of cans of Coke and a large cup of ice please’ I ask him, I turn to look at you starring off at the castle towers, you look lost in thought, Kermit just looks bored.
‘There you go mate’ the ice cream guy says holding out the two 99’s ‘and here’s the Cokes, and the Sprite with ice’ I thank him and offer a Twenty Pound note.
‘Can you get up into those towers?’ I ask
‘Well not officially, but I’ve got a key as there’s a toilet for people who work here in one of them’
‘Would it be possible to “borrow” your key for an hour or so?’ I ask with a wink
‘Hmm’ he scratches his chin ‘I shouldn’t really, but yeah what the hell, just lock the door on the inside once you go in, stop anyone else wandering where they shouldn’t be’ He winks and reaches into his change draw producing a key then starts to get my change.
‘That’s alright, keep the change’ I say with a wink
‘Cheers mate, here’s the key, it opens the left hand tower door only, Park Rangers have the key for the right hand one’ I thank him pocket the key and stick the two cans of Coke into the leg pockets of my shorts. With some difficulty I manage to hold the large cup of ice and the two 99’s as I make my way over to you.
‘What have you got there?’ you giggle seeing me struggling towards you.
You’re sat at a picnic table, with your sunglasses pushed up on to your head, I set the rattling cup of ice down on the table next to our amphibious friend and offer you a 99. You take it and slurp a huge mouthful that’s about to drip down the side of the cone.
‘Hmm, that’s good, I’m still so hungry’ you say
‘I wonder why that is’ I smirk with a carry on camping raised eyebrow.
‘Your, fault’ you say with a mouth full of Flake crumbling from on your lips
‘Hmm, talking with your mouth full, again and not for the first time this weekend either Miss’ I smirk
‘Ohhh, you I’ll…’ then without warning you shove my hand so my ice cream smears across my cheek.
‘Oi, erhhh, oh you messy…’ I laugh
I go to wipe the ice cream from my face but you pull me down to sit next to you on the bench and slowly start to lick the ice cream. I feel your warm tongue as it cleans the last of the sticky cream off, we kiss our tongues darting into each-others mouths. You pull away and move your lips next to my ear ‘I’ve got no knickers on’ you whisper moving your head away you continue to greedily slurp up the rest of your ice cream. I feel your index finger under my chin, pushing it up to close my mouth.
All I can manage in reply is ‘erm, you’ve ermmm??’
I look down in time to see half my 99 slide off and land on the floor between my trainers. I recover enough to eat the rest of my ice cream and catch your side ways flirty glances. You pick Kermit up from the picnic table and retrieve a packet of tissues cleaning your hands and then passing the packet to me so I can do the same.
Tissues back in Kermit we stand and head for the castle ‘bugger forgot the drink’ I walk back and pick up the ice giving it a quick rattle to hear the cooling sound of the ice cubes.
The castle isn’t that far away but as we get closer its huge size becomes apparent, we walk through the main gate into what feels like a very small courtyard within.
‘This way’ I say taking your hand and leading you to a small door at the bottom of the left tower.
I try the handle but the door’s locked ‘never mind’ you sigh
I reach into my pocket and pull out the old heavy metal key pushing it into the lock I give it a turn and from deep within there’s a loud clunk. The door opens wide to reveal a narrow winding stair case. This time it’s your turn to be lost for words
‘How did you, where did the…’ you look at me
‘In you go quick while no one’s about’ you go through the door way and I quickly follow you flicking on the light switch before closing the door behind us. I lock the door as instructed and usher you up the stairs the only sounds are the soles of our feet on the stone steps and the ice swishing around inside the Sprite drink. I can’t help a quick squeeze of your butt cheek as its sways in front of me, you squeal in delight.
The staircase winds up to a round landing, there’s a sign for a toilet behind a door and the stairs continue up again ‘up you go’ I say pushing your butt forwards feeling you resist ‘go on its ok’ I giggle
We climb the next set of stairs which again end on a round landing there’s a wooden ladder bolted to the wall and a trap door above it. I climb up a couple of steps and find the bolt that opens the trap door. With a bit of a shove the bolt comes back and I can ease the trap door open. Sunlight floods in through the opening, I look through the hole and then drop back down to the landing.
‘Right up you go my girl’ you giggle and start to climb the steps
I just can’t resist and let my hands ‘help’ you up the ladder you squeal with delight. I pick up the Sprite and follow you up we clamber out onto the top of the tower. The view is amazing you can see for miles, the parapet walls are pretty high so no one from below can see what’s going on.
You walk over to the parapet and lean on your fore arms on the lower part of the wall. I walk up behind you and slip my arms around your waist.
‘Thanks, its beautiful up here’ you say captivated by the view.
I move my hands and take Kermit off your back you jiggle your shoulders to get used to the new feeling. I bend forward and move your hair to one side leaning down to kiss your neck. You tilt you head to one side giving me more room to kiss you, my hands wrap around your waist.
‘No knickers, really?’ I whisper into your ear
You giggle and whisper back ‘no I’m going command today, babe’
You let my hands wander unchallenged under your T-shirt stroking the smooth skin of your tummy. I work my way up your stomach until I feel the material of your bra. I hear you moan softly. You start to turn but I Whisper ‘no keep looking at the view, trust me’ you sigh and stay still.
I pull my hands from under the front of your T-shirt and then slide my hands up your back coming to rest on your bra catch, with a fight I manage to undo it and then I slip my hands inside the front of the material as soon as I touch your boobs I can feel your nipples stiffening. I caress your nipples between my thumbs and fore fingers gently kneading them until they are like little throbbing bullets.
You moan with pleasure as my hands caress your firm boobs, I lean forward and kiss the exposed skin on the small of your back you shiver with pleasure as my tongue draws figure of eights on your skin.
I reach around the front of your waist feeling for the button on your green shorts, I undo it and then slowly pull down the zip pulling the material apart I slip my hand inside and feel the warm smooth skin.
‘hmmm, yep no knickers’ I say, you giggle and moan all at the same time as my fingers part your pussy lips.
I pull my hand out and crouching down behind you I take a gulp of the melting ice and water, then slowly pull your shorts down your thighs and calf’s, to the stone floor of the castle tower. You step out of the shorts one leg at a time I look up to see your sexy ass in front of me.
I lean forward and kiss first one then the other butt cheek, feeling the warmth of your hot body on my tongue as my lips touch your skin.
‘Hmmm, that’s really nice’ you murmur
I let my hands caress your inner thighs and let my fingers wander up and down your legs I can feel them tremble to my touch. I reach down and take another swig of ice water and then crouch behind your tight ass.
I move my lips close to your pussy so close you must be able to feel me breathing in your musky scent and then I lean in and kiss your wet lips, without warning I push the ice cube between my teeth into your wet pussy. You squeal, wriggle and swear at me all at once as I keep the ice cube inside you.
‘Oh, you kinky fucker, you bastar…’ you squeal
‘Oh fuck, do that again, that’s ohhhhh’ you shiver as you can feel the ice cold water dripping down your inner thighs.
I pull my lips away and let the remains of the ice cube fall to the floor between your trembling legs.
I take another gulp of ice cubes and clamp a huge one between my teeth, this time I aim for your clit, you squirm with pleasure and the shock of the ice on your throbbing clit.
‘Oh, fuck that’s good I’m so fucking horny’ you squeal with delight
‘Oh please do that again and again…’ your voice trails off in a husky sigh
I take another gulp and this time, get two decent sized ice cubes in my mouth leaning in close I manage to push one into your wet pussy and keep it there while rubbing the other one on your clit, this is more than you can stand and with a squeal of pleasure your orgasm sweeps up from deep inside your legs can’t hold you and I just manage to catch you as your legs give way.
‘Oh my god, oh my good god that was amazing’ you sit in my lap panting with excitement.
‘Right, my turn’
You push me back against the wall and fight my shorts open pulling them down my thighs pulling them over my trainers and dropping them out the way. Then you grab me and push me down on to my back and grab at my pants I raise my ass off the warm stone so you can get them off easier. You grab my already hardening cock and start to pump your hand up and down it stiffens instantly.
You grab the cup and take a huge gulp crunching for a few seconds before grabbing the base of my shaft you slide your mouth down over my throbbing cock, I wince at the pleasure and the shock as the ice cold liquid mixed with the crushed ice streaming down over my throbbing cock. You keep sucking on my cock faster and faster and then you pull away and take another gulp of melting ice and water chewing again you look into my eyes and I can see you’re on fire inside. This time I know what to expect but it still takes my breath away as you take me cock into your mouth and the ice cold water dribbles down around my shaft and over my balls, it feels so cold its taking all of will power not to lose control.
Then as quickly as you started you stop pulling away from my throbbing cock I wonder what’s wrong but then you straddle me and ram yourself down hard on me. It’s like your possessed riding my cock as hard and fast as you can I reach out and grab for the cup knocking it over in my rush the remaining ice cubes and liquid spilling out on to the floor. I grab the biggest ice cubes I can get my hand on, you’re already massaging your rock hard nipples grabbing and kneading them with your hand as you slam up and down on my throbbing member. I thrust the ice cube up and manage to start rubbing it on your nipples you moan loudly as I tease your nipples, I didn’t think they could grow any bigger but they do deep red and stiff as never before.
I can feel myself reaching the point of no return and let the ice cubes drop I feel your whole body stiffen as you moan ‘oh, yes I’m cummminggg’ I feel your pussy tighten as your orgasm starts the warm wetness of your cum oozing down your thighs just then I feel my cock twitch and I cum hard and fast into you. You collapse on to my chest sweating wet and spent. I wrap my arms around you pulling you tight.
‘Oh, fuck, that was amazing’
To show my agreement I let my hands run up and down your back and over the curves of your ass, every so often letting my fingers run down to feel the wetness of your pussy and let my finger brush against your asshole.
You murmur and moan as you feel my fingers exploring you.
‘I need a drink, where’s that cup gone?’ you see it spilt on the floor
‘Oh well, that’s not the only thing you’ve managed to get wet up here’ you giggle
After a few minutes you climb off me and stand to look at the view again ‘that is an amazing view’ you sigh.
Still lying on the floor I look at you stood near one of the parapets wearing nothing but your trainers and a very disorganised t-shirt I laugh ‘yes Helen, that is an amazing view’ you turn to look at me. With your right hand you run a finger slowly down your wet pussy and slip it inside yourself for a moment then ever so slowly you pull it out and hold it up in the sunlight so I can see the glistening cum and then with a grin you lick and suck your finger dry.
‘Oh Helen, fuck you’re too much’ I moan trying to get up and sort myself out.
I retrieve our clothes and we get dressed, trying to tidy myself up as best I can, you pull off your T-shirt and get your bra back on again then put your T-shirt on reaching down into Kermit you produce some black undies, their like shorts more than knickers you step into them and slowly pull them on. Wiggling your bum at me you giggle and say ‘How do these look?’ the material is tight and shows the curves of your ass cheeks off to perfection, then you put on the green shorts and fuss with your hair.
I remember the cans of Coke in my shorts and get one out for each of us. You thank me and guzzle it down greedily.
‘Right you all ready?’ I ask
‘Yep, that was a wonderful view, thanks you honey’ you giggle
I head down the ladder first and you follow me I stay just a couple of rungs below you to make sure you don’t slip and mainly so your sexy ass is in biting range all the way down the steps, you squeal in delight as I bite at your cheeks.
I go back up and close the trap door making sure the bolt if firmly locked, then we descend the stones steps down to the first landing, you go to the bathroom and then we continue down to the door. I unlock the door and we come out into the sunlight, flicking the lights off I pull the door closed and with another heavy clunk lock the door once more.
We walk out from the courtyard and have a wander around the castle and then head back towards the car park. I leave you in the shade of a tree while I go to give the key back. I thank the chap in the ice cream truck and comment that it is quite some view from the top of the tower. He nods his head in agreement as he watches you leaning back to look up at the castle your T-shirt pulled tight of your beautiful boobs.
‘Yep, quite a view’ he nods and then quickly looks away.
I smirk and thanking him again I wander back to you ‘The ice cream man likes your tits’ I smirk
As we walk past you say ‘Thanks honey’ and with a grin you wiggle your boobs towards him.
‘You are a bloody ninja’ I say ‘a sex ninja’
You look at me giggling uncontrollably ‘sex ninja, where do you come from’ you laugh.
We follow the dirt path out of the car park towards the woods arm in arm enjoying the warm sunshine and the feeling of being close to each other.
After about half an hour we come to the edge of the woods, climbing over a stile we enter the shade of the trees, it’s pleasantly cooler out of the sun. The ground is thick a carpet of woodland flowers and tangled ferns and brambles. We follow the path deeper into the woods, there’s a huge tree that must have come down in the wind we stop for a few minute’s rest leaning against its trunk.
I’m about to speak when you shhh me quiet putting a finger to my lips ‘listen can you hear that?’ you say ‘that’s running water’
I cock my head to one side and listen, you’re right somewhere close by is the sound of a stream or some form of fast flowing water.
‘Let’s try and find it’ you giggle grabbing me hand and pulling me after you
We walk a bit further down the path and stop to listen again the sound is a bit closer and sounds like its coming from our left.
‘Stay here a minute, I’ll go into the trees and have a look’ I tell you
I carefully make my way into the trees through the ferns and tangled plant life the sound of water is getting closer. After a few minutes I push past a couple of smaller saplings and coming out into a clearing, in front of me is a small clear pond I walk forwards a bit more following the edge of the pond for a couple of minutes and then see the source of the running water sound. One side of the pond has a high rocky cliff and a little way down water is cascading down in a mini waterfall. The sunlight is bouncing off the water as it tumbles down into the pond below.
I make my way back to you through the trees as I emerge from forest you smile and say ‘hello Indiana, found the tomb?’
‘Come on ninja, I’ve found something you’re going to love’
You smile and taking my hand follow me back into the trees, we retrace my route and within minutes we both step into the clearing.
‘Oh wow, that’s beautiful’ you sigh
‘Come around here, there’s something else’
Holding my hand tightly you follow me around the edge of the lake until we can see the waterfall ‘oh Wow’ you say ‘now that is cool’
You skip forwards towards it taking off poor old Kermit and dumping him on the ground as you go. I follow you towards the waterfall. The water is coming from about twenty feet above our heads and its landing on a huge flat slab of rock that’s only just submerged below the surface of the pond. You reach out your hand and interrupt the flow of water as it pours down from above, squealing with delight as it splashes over your arm and hand.
‘Ohh, that’s cold’ you say pulling your hand back quickly
You turn to look at me with a very odd grin spreading across your face, you turn to face me and then without warning you walk backwards under the waterfall.
Yelping with delight as the water pour down over you, I stare at your body as the water literally soaks you to the skin in seconds. You squeal and wriggle at the force of the cold water as it cascades down over lithe figure.
‘Ohhhh, fuckkk that’s cold’ you squeal again
‘Come on’ you say to me stretching out a hand
‘No fear, I don’t want to freeze thanks’ I smile
You turn sideways on to me one foot planted firmly on the slab of rock the other foot on tiptoe as you swing your knee from side to side, pulling your arms so your elbows are tight to your stomach you pout at me hands cupping the water as it runs down your head and neck, your nipples are pushing through your T-shirt like bullets.
‘Pleaseeeeeeeeee’ you beg
‘One thing I can’t stand is a pouty ninja’ I laugh and walk towards you.
The water hits me like an express train the sheer force of it is one thing but I wasn’t expecting it to be this cold.
‘Fuck me’ I scream as the cold water hits me ‘ohh, fuckkkkk that’s cold’
You giggle looking up at me your soaking wet hair stuck to your face with the force of the water. You wrap your arms around my neck and lean up to kiss me. I can feel your hard nipples through the materials of your bra and T-shirt. We kiss, hard fast searching kisses struggling for breath under the force of the water.
I clamp my hands around your ass cheeks and pull you upwards you’re on tiptoes as we kiss more urgently. I let you sink back down and bring my right hand around between our bodies I try and push my fingers past the waist band of your green shorts but I can’t manage it. So I fumble with the button finally getting it open I force my hand into your shorts the cold water pouring in after it. I rub at your pussy through the soaking material of your black knickers you hang on to my neck tightly kissing me with more urgency.
I pull my hand up and get a finger in between the waist band of your knickers and your smooth skin, I push my hand into your undies feeling your neatly trimmed pubic hair brushing against my fingers I follow its arrow shape down to the start of your gorgeous pussy. I let my index finger slide down between your lips which feel as though they part like some graceful flower as I touch you. I bring my finger back up again until I feel the hood of over your clit. Unsteadily you move your legs wider allowing me more room to play.
The tip of my finger searches out your clit I feel your hard little bud which I love to touch and taste so much. I move my finger-tips slowly round and around as you hang on to me for support. My index finger follows your lips down once again searching for your sex. I feel your warm wetness as I slip a finger deep inside you the squeal of delight I hear tells me I’m on the right track.
I work my finger in and out of your wet sex as fast as the material of your clothes will let me work, I pull my finger out and follow your lips back up to your hooded clit you moan as I touch your bud again I rub it faster this time I can feel you tense your stomach muscles pushing your pubic bone hard against my hand. I move my hand down your waiting lips again this time I easily slide two fingers into your waiting pussy, you squeal as cold water from the torrent pouring over us rushes in after my fingers.
I slide my fingers deep inside you faster and faster now building speed as you grind your pussy into my hand I try and get my thumb up to rub your clit at the same time but the water and tight knickers aren’t helping. Pulling my fingers from deep within you again I find your clit rubbing faster and faster I feel your whole body tense as your orgasm starts to build. With a scream you cling to me tightly as my fingers frantically rub your clit I feel your hot cum as it oozes from your soaking pussy, you grind your pussy into my hand begging me not to stop. I can feel you’re not going to be able to stand on your own for much longer so I pull me hand out of your knickers and wrap both arms around your waist supporting your tired wet body as you give into the waves of pleasure tingling through your body. We kiss longingly fighting the water and each-others tongues.
I feel your hot body as I pull you tight against mine, despite the coldness of the water pouring over us. Neither of us seems to care lost in our lustful thoughts for each other.
After drying off in the sun we made our way back to the hotel for some lunch and an afternoon snooze. I wake up and through bleary eyes I see you padding back across the room wearing only some skimpy flower patterned undies and a matching bra. Your grinning at me, your head tilted sideways with a dangerous look of desire in your eyes.
‘Enjoy your 40 winks?’
‘Have I tired you out that much?’ you say with a wink and a giggle.
‘I’ve ordered us some food’ you say as innocently as you can manage.
‘But, we didn’t have lunch that long ago’ I protest
‘You really can be a bit slow sometimes, can’t you!’ you giggle
‘Ermmm, I think I’ll go for a shower’ I say to give myself some wake-up time
I climb down off the bed and head to the bathroom, soon the invigorating hot water wakes me up. As I’m drying myself off I hear a knock at the door I finish sorting myself out and emerge from the bathroom a few minutes later to find you wrapped in a hotel dressing gown standing over a room service trolley.
‘So what have you got there?’ I ask
You turn around popping a strawberry into your mouth with a grin. I join you at the trolley to see what else you’ve got. There’s a bowel of huge ripe strawberries a bottle of white wine chilling in ice and a bowel sat inside another bowel full of steaming melted chocolate.
‘Want some?’ you say dipping a strawberry into the chocolate and then pushing it between my lips.
I let you push the chocolate covered fruit into my mouth and chew it ‘hmm, that’s really good’ I say
‘Come with me’ you command taking my hand and leading me towards the bed. I willing follow you, starting to realise what you have in mind.
You slowly take off your bathrobe to reveal your captivating body, pulling the towel from around my waist, you lay it out on the bed and smooth the material out on top of the bed clothes then you tell me to lie face up on the towel. I do as I’m told and watch as you walk towards the trolley. I giggle as I see your undies have ridden up the crack of your sexy ass.
You push the trolley towards the bed, leaning way to far forward so your boobs jiggle about as you walk and your hips sway from side to side. I can see the resulting wiggle reflected in the mirror on the other side of the room.
You pour us both a glass of wine setting them down on the bedside table and then you pick up the bowel of chocolate and put that on the bed beside me and this is followed by the strawberries and the ice bucket.
‘Oh, I almost forgot’ you say walking over to your suitcase. You rummage about in it for a minute and then I hear you say ‘ah, there you are’ and you pad back to the bed all swinging hips and jiggling boobs one hand behind your back hiding what you’ve just retrieved.
You climb up on to the bed beside me one hand still behind your back. Looking at my body you see my cock is already hardening ‘hmm, almost ready I think’ you giggle running a finger up my shaft, which twitches excitedly at your touch.
I have no idea what’s going around in your mind, so what happens next is a complete surprise.
From behind your back you produce some sort of brush, I don’t recognise it as one you’d use for painting walls, and then I remember ‘is that a basting brush?’ I ask. You giggle loudly and then say in a husky voice ‘oh, yessss it is!!!’ I laugh too slightly worried at what you’re going to do with it.
You move up the bed and dip your finger in the melted chocolate moving it up to my mouth a thin dribble of chocolate leaves a trail across my chest. I suck on your finger as you slowly push it in and out of my mouth.
When I’ve licked it clean you take your hand away and pick up the brush. You dip it deeply into the chocolate, steam rising as it breaks the surface. You pull the brush out of the chocolate and with one long stroke you paint a dark steaming stripe from the tip of my cock to my stomach. It feels too hot for an instant and then the feeling of the hard bristles makes me forget the heat and enjoy the sensation.
My cock twitches as you dip the brush into the chocolate again and let some of it drip off the brush on to my slightly exposed tip. The shock of the heat is both painful but also exciting. You bend forward and lick some of the chocolate from the tip of my cock; the feeling of your smooth warm tongue after the bristles of the brush is pure heaven. Taking hold of the base of my shaft you continue to lazily paint my cock making sure no part of it remains untouched.
Gently you slide your hand down my chocolate coated shaft pulling my foreskin back to reveal the red-pink tip beneath. You lean forwards again and I feel your hot breath as you flick your tongue across the exposed flesh. ‘Ohhh, Helennnn' I moan in delight as I feel your wet tongue touch me there. You slowly start to pump your hand up and down my cock revealing and then hiding my swollen gland, I lay back in total surrender eyes closed just enjoying every second of you touch.
What I feel next is both pain and pleasure, you pull back my foreskin and I feel the chocolate coated brush as you drag it around the exposed tip of my cock. The pain is shocking as the hard bristles move over my soft sensitive flesh, but the wave of pleasure afterwards is just too much. I can feel myself losing control and then I feel your mouth close around my cock as you start to suck on it greedily I can’t help myself the urgency to cum is too much and scream ‘Oh fuckkk’ as my hot cum pumps into your mouth, you cough but keep sucking up and down my chocolate covered member as if your life depended on it. After another few minutes you pull my softening part chocolate covered cock from your mouth and look up at me grinning as you lick cum and chocolate from your lips.
‘I’m sorry, I just couldn’t hold on any longer’ I apologise
‘Hmmm, I don’t mind babe’ you say licking your lips once more with a glint in your eye.
I sit up somewhat unsteadily after such an intense orgasm and you move towards me kneeling in between my thighs you cup your hands around me face and kiss me deeply and sensuously. Your tongue swirls around inside my mouth your lips still covered in chocolate and sex which smears across mine.
‘Was that good?’ you enquire huskily, knowing full well how much I’d just enjoyed the pleasure your mouth has given me.
‘Oh, that was, incredible’ I whisper somewhat dreamily
You giggle and move closer to me whispering ‘There’s still lots of chocolate left’ I feel your lips close on my ear lobe.
‘Right, if the jobs worth doing’ I say with a giggle
You move back down the bed and allow me to get up and make the towel ready for your lithe figure, as you turn back and move into position I see you holding something colourful in one hand.
‘What have you got there?’ I ask
You hold out your hand and in a terrible impression you utter ‘say hello to my little friend’ I look down and see a blue dildo and hear you pissing yourself laughing.
I take the dildo out of your fingers and place it next to the chocolate bowel, and then I get up from the bed and head to the bathroom.
‘Hey, what about me?’ you say with a pouty face
‘Just need to get something’ I say with a grin.
I retrieve what I’m looking, for hanging on the back of the bathroom door and head back into the bedroom. I stop at your bag and rummage about in it looking for one thing’
‘Hey, Nosey what are you doing in there’ you start to giggle
‘Never you mind’ I say and head back to the bed
As I get to the edge of the bed you reach around behind you and release your bra catch, letting it fall forward you hold it at arms-length and drop it on the floor with a wink. Then you lie back on the towel and raise your ass in the air teasing me as you slowly pull your undies down over your firm cheeks you lie back down and raise your legs in the air slowly pulling your flowery knickers up your thighs and slender calf muscles. I’m mesmerised as I catch a glimpse of your warm pussy hiding between the smooth skin of your thighs. You pull the undies off your feet and giggling throw them at my face, I catch them and put them on my nose breathing in your scent deeply.
You lower your legs back on to the bed and wiggle your ass into the towel to get yourself comfortable.
‘Right miss’ I say taking hold of your left hand.
Your fingers feel so warm in my hands, you long nails glinting in the afternoon sunlight. I gently move your arm up and to the side of you; I pick up one of the bath robe cords I retrieved from the bathroom and slowly tie it to your wrist.
‘Not too tight?’ I ask
You shake your head, the look of lust in your eyes is all the encouragement I need, tying the other end of the cord to the bed post allowing you just enough cord to move your arm up and down a few inches. Moving to the other side of the bed I repeat the same thing again with just enough room for you to move a few inches.
Next I pick up the silk scarf I took from your bag and gently position it over your eyes being careful to makesure you can’t see, but that you can breathe without any problems.
‘No fucking off down to the bar’ you say with a giggle
I don’t move or say anything I can see you lift your head trying to see through the scarf and listening, straining to try and hear me
‘You’re not funny!’ you say in a pouty voice
As silently as I can I lean forward and let my lips brush your flat stomach, you suck your breath in and squealing in the shock and pleasure.
‘Oh you, you had me worried then’ you say in a husky voice.
My reply is a kiss to each of your now hard nipples; you wiggle excitedly as you feel lips touch your skin. I move down the bed to sit by the various bowels of food. I reach out over them my hand hovering over each one as I decide what to use. I dip into one of the bowels and slowly remove my choice, which I then dip into the hot chocolate.
I move it over to your boobs and let it hover just above your right nipple a single drop of chocolate lands on to your hard nipple which makes you breath in and wriggle at the feeling then I let the ice cube touch you. The hot chocolate smearing on to your nipple before you feel the coldness of the ice cube, you moan at the sensation.
I move the ice cube to your other nipple and circle its hard form, watching as the goose pimples spread across your stomach. I discard the ice cube and pick up a glass of wine taking a sip. I hold the glass above your boobs and tip the cold liquid out in a slow stream. Watching as it splashes on to your skin running down your boobs. You shriek with delight as the wine makes its way down your stomach and like a small tidal wave washes over the folds of your pussy.
You sigh as the wine dribbles down your outer lips and drips down on to the towel below. I pick out a large strawberry and dip it in the chocolate then I run the chocolate covered tip around the hooded hiding place of your sweet clit, you moan softly as the hot chocolate brings both pain and pleasure to your body. I dip the strawberry again and draw a chocolate line along the folds of your pussy lips. I see you bite your bottom lip and pull at your bounds lost in the moment. I dip another strawberry into the second glass of wine and run it across your mouth, you open your mouth and lick the cold liquid from the strawberry I hold it at your lips so you can take a bite. Chewing it slowly you swallow it and take the rest of the fruit into your mouth.
I pick the brush from the chocolate and paint a circle around each of your nipples dipping the brush again I paint a line down your stomach. Then dipping it again I trail the brush down you pussy. I repeat this over and over again, watching you writhe with pleasure your hips and ass lifting off the bed in the pleasure.
I’m so tempted to dive down and start to suck and fuck you with my mouth, but I resist the urge and hunt for your vibrator.
I hold the rabbit admiring its design and construction, as I turn it on the noise gets you attention as your head snaps to look for the source of the noise. I let the tip of the vibrator circle your nipples one at a time and you bite your tongue as the movement stiffens your already hard nipples further. I move so the tip is buzzing on your chin and let it slowly rise up against your mouth you open your lips greedily leaning your head forward to suck on your little friend. I slide the vibrator in and out of your mouth as you suck on it hungrily, then I pull it away and run its tip down your body, between your boobs following the chocolate path, like I’m on the way to OZ.
I reach the soft smooth skin of your pubic mound and you groan with pleasure as the buzzing tip of your vibrator nears your sex. I prolong your wait as I move the whirring bunny around the edge of your pubic mound following the crease in your skin where your thigh meets your body. As I reach the edge of your thigh you part your legs and moan ‘please, stop it I want it pleaseeee…’ you plead with me the sexual tension is clear in your voice.
I give into your demands and slowly pull the rabbits tip away from your thigh and let it touch against the lower folds of your pussy.
‘Hmmmmm, yessssss….’ You purr
I bring the massaging tip of the rabbit slowly up your pussy you squirm hungrily against your bounds as you feel it near your clit. I let the whirring tip rest on clit moving it slowly from side to side over the hard little bud. You moan loudly as your pleasure starts to heighten, your pulse rises and breath quickens as the sensation on your tingling clit gets stronger. You pull your arms against the cords holding them tightly trying to free yourself, you moan loudly and start to beg me to untie you.
I answer your pleas by sliding the head of the vibrator down your pussy lips and pushing it slowly against your waiting pussy, it slides into you dragging the chocolate from your pussy into your sex, you squeal with delight as I let push the vibrator deep into you. The rabbit’s ears first brushing against your clit and then as I push the vibrator deeper flicking over your engorged bud. You grind your hips upward to meet the rabbit as it whirs around inside you.
As you start to lose control I pull the rabbit from your soaking pussy you lie still as I move the tip of the vibrator your mouth as it reaches your lips you open your mouth and closing your lips over the dripping dildo.
I let you taste and suck your sex from the whirling rabbit before quickly holding it to your clit once more, you moan as I push the rabbit hard against your clit. Your hips start to buck as the orgasm floods your body with its powerful and sensual sexual energy. You grind your hips up writhing in pure pleasure as I do my best to keep the tip of the rabbit pressing on your clit. Cum streams from your lips like a glistening sexual river the whirring tip pushes your body further into ecstasy as you buck and strain against the cords and the waves of pleasure washing over your body I push the vibrator harder against your clit circling it. You scream with pure animal lust as a second orgasm tears through you like an express train. I drop the dildo on the bed and bend down sucking at your dripping pussy greedily, licking your warm cum as it mixes with the chocolate from your lips; you collapse back on to the bed your body totally spent.
I move up the bed and undo the scarf slowly pulling it from your eyes you blink as your eyes become accustomed to the light again. I look down at your face your cheeks flushed red with lust and excitement your eyes shine brightly as you bathe in the glow of your orgasms.
I reach up and untie each of your wrists, massaging your skin as I release each of the cords; you sit up and wrap your tingling arms around my neck, pulling my lips down to yours. We kiss deep passionate kisses your hands holding my head. I feel your fingers in my hair as our mouths lock together tongues searching each-others mouths.
I hold you tightly feeling your warm skin against my bare chest, the hardness of your nipples pressing against me, we stay cuddled together for a while, I finally let go of your warm body and stand getting ready to go for a shower, I turn back and lean down kissing you softly on the forehead, before I head to the bathroom.
I return from the shower to find you wrapped in a rather dirty towel licking chocolate from a strawberry, watching the early evening news.
‘I guess you won’t be wanting dinner then? I laugh as you pick up another strawberry
I try to duck but your ninja skills are way too good and for the third time in as many days I’m hit by flying objects coming from your direction.
‘I’m going to book a table for dinner and I need to call the lads and makesure that job they’re on is going ok too’
‘I’ll be back in about half an hour’ I explain
You look at me pouting ‘what am I going to do?’
I walk to the end of the bed and pick up the rabbit, handing it to you with a grin ‘I’m sure you can think of something’ then run for the door to avoid any more, low flying fruit.
The waiter is busy on the phone when I get down to the restaurant, he appears to be taking a booking for this evening but the volume he’s talking at would suggest the person at the other end of the line is either; very slow or very deaf I have no idea which. He finishes the call and apologies for the length of time I had to wait, I book a table for 8pm and then head outside to make my phone call.
You put the rabbit down and pour yourself some wine, content to just relax and watch some telly. You decide to have a shower and sort your hair out for the evening.
You get up and head for the bathroom turning the shower on the room quickly fills with steam you stand under the hot steamy water feeling the tingly sensation as the hot water bounce of your smooth skin. You retrieve the shampoo and lather your hair pulling out the knots and removing the chocolate residue.
The steam fills the bathroom you hear the door open and continue to soap your body with shower gel turning to face the shower controls you feel fingers rub slowly up and down you back. You giggle at the thrill of the touch, as the fingers cup the cheeks of your ass and massage them softly. The fingers follow your spine upwards towards you shoulder blades you lean back to the touch the fingers sweep around searching for your boobs. They find them and your nipples are hard in an instant, the fingers massaging your soft perky mounds. You turn raising your head to kiss me but it’s not my face you see in front of you. You retreat into the shower as you come face to face with a young blonde chamber maid. She has a look of total desire in her eyes as she moves towards you the water pouring down over her blue check hotel uniform.
‘It’s ok’ she purrs ‘I’m sorry, I was just bringing you some more towels and I couldn’t resist your body’
As she talks to you in her soft voice the water is pouring over the front of her uniform you are standing in the corner of the shower trying to cover yourself. You look at her feeling scared but you can’t stop your eyes from watching as the water moulds the material of her clothes to her boobs. You can make out her hard nipples pushing against the material her blonde hair now stuck to her head.
She moves forward slowly her hands out stretched towards you ‘its ok your safe I promise’ she continues
She reaches out towards you right hand and gently holding the tips of your fingers she pulls at your hand. Every inch of your body is telling your arm not to move to stay put and say something, but your eyes are transfixed by the outline of her firm boobs so you allow her to move your hand away.
She leans forward and kisses your soft lips, you just stand routed to the spot unable to speak or move, her kisses feel warm and soft on your wet lips. She moves further under the streaming water wrapping her hands around your waist she pulls you towards her still kissing you, her tongue searching out yours.
You feel your body responding to her kisses as your nipples start to harden she reaches out and gently squeeze’s your boobs massaging them, her thumbs rubbing over your hard nipples. Her touch is electrifying making your body tingle you can feel your clit start to throb as her touch excites your body. She starts to kiss you more urgently forcing your head back with her kisses harder and faster than before, she rams her knee between your legs forcing your thighs wider.
Her hand searches out your pussy you feel her fingers roughly searching out your hard clit. She slides her fingers up and down your wet pussy lips, urgently and roughly you feel her fingers slide inside you faster and faster she goes pounding away at your pussy. She rubs her thumb over your clit feverishly frigging away at your pussy all the time her lips are clamped on yours, her tongue probing your hot mouth as she fucks you with her fingers.
You can feel an orgasm building as her fingers pound your aching pussy you moan loudly your sounds stifled by her own mouth as you start to cum, hard and fast. She pulls her hand from your pussy and pulling away from you she licks her sticky fingers her eyes on fire.
She undoes her soaking uniform buttons and lets it fall to the floor, pulling her thin bra off and peeling her white cotton undies from her wet skin. Now standing naked in the shower in front of you she says ‘right bitch now you can fuck me with your mouth’
You try to protest but she grabs a handful of your long hair and forces you down on to your knees in front of her pussy. A thin line of blond pubic hair carefully trimmed, runs down towards her pussy lips. She wraps a hand in your wet hair, leans back against the shower wall and lifts one of her slender legs resting her foot on the wall of the shower.
‘Suck my clit you dirty bitch’ she commands you, forcing your head forwards towards her pussy
You feel scared and angry at being treated so badly, but at the same time you feel so turned on at the thought of what you’re being told to do.
You tentatively kiss at her pussy but it’s not enough for her so she reaches down and smacks you hard on your ass ‘Fucking suck my clit you slut!’ she yells at you. Fearing her reaction if you don’t do as your told you stick your tongue hard into her waiting pussy.
You start to lap at her gaping pussy lips and then you find her clit and start to suck on it for all your worth, her grip tightens on your hair making you wince but you continue sucking and licking her pussy ‘using you fucking fingers too!!’ she commands you so your work first one and then two fingers it to her streaming pussy ‘yes, that’s it there yes, fuck me!!!’ she yells at you as your fingers speed up slipping in and out of her waiting pussy.
‘Oh yes, oh fuck yes you dirty bitch’ she screams as she starts to cum, you can taste her hot cum on your lips and feel its stickiness on your fingers as you continue to fuck her with your fingers. She lets go of your hair almost pushing you back on to the floor of the shower, her own fingers now rubbing furiously at her clit.
Without warning she joins you on the floor pushing you back against the wet wall the water still pouring down on to both of you as she bends down towards your pussy. Once again you feel her fingers enter you, you close your eyes and then you squeal with delight as you feel her tongue wrap itself around your still tingling clit.
Her fingers sliding in and out of your sticky hole as she hungrily sucks on your clit you can feel it won’t be long until you cum again as she seems to get even faster than before with her fingers. You yell in delight and pain as another orgasm hurtles through your body, she pulls her fingers from your dripping pussy and then just like some discarded toy she stands collecting her clothes and walks out of the shower, her cute ass wiggling as she goes.
You lie there on the floor of the shower as the hot water washes your trembling body, wondering if this was some sort of a dream. You reach down to check and feel you’re cum slowly dripping from your tender and throbbing pussy. After a few minutes you unsteadily get to your feet and try to make sense of what just happened. You lean against the wall of the shower to steady yourself before you carefully and slowly wash your hair and then soap yourself all over, washing away the thrill and shock of what has just happened.


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