The House at the End of the Winding Road

   About six months ago, while I was on a business trip to the Temiscamingue region of Quebec, the weirdest thing happened to me. It could have been an awful thing, but it turned out well, all things considered. It was also one of the kinkiest and most  exciting adventures I've ever had. You see, I am a veterinarian specialized in farm animals, and I have treated some strange cases in my very short career, becoming one of the top experts in my field for gastro-enteric problems in bovines, horses, and hogs. That’s why the vet hospital where I am on my way to making partner often gets calls from all over for me to make special trips for special cases.

   Don’t worry. My profession has nothing to do with the kinky part of my story. It just so happened that I was on a business trip, traveling from my hometown in North Bay, Ontario to Notre-Dame-du-Nord, Quebec. That is over 100 miles and almost two and a half hours by car. It was a scorching hot day and excruciatingly muggy. I had just finished operating on two Guernsey cows whose intestines had twisted and who needed immediate life-saving surgery. I had managed to clean up enough to get back in my car and drive back, but the air conditioning was defective, and as I turned onto a long, winding road out of Notre-Dame-du-Nord in hopes to make it back home before nightfall, my car overheated and broke down.

   I was in the middle of nowhere, and my cell phone could not pick up a signal. There was nothing for me to do but to walk straight down the road and hope to find a home nearby. Unfortunately, I seemed to have cleared out of farm country and was now in the middle of a woodsy area. And believe me, there are plenty of those in the Temiscamingue region. It is beautiful country but probably one of the worst places for your car to break down.

   After trekking for what seemed like miles, I started regretting having walked ahead instead of walking back to where I had come from.

   Thank goodness, I finally came upon what seemed like a very small farm house, yet there didn’t seem to be any land to grow crops around it nor did there seem to have any stables or barns to house farm animals. The dwelling looked isolated and almost abandoned.

   I am not a religious person, but I remember praying somebody would answer the door. When I rang the doorbell, I held my breath and put my ear to the door to see if I could hear a chime. When I didn’t, I was not exceedingly surprised because I thought that most of the stuff in the house was probably too run down to work. I knocked loudly on the wooden door, again, praying and crossing my fingers that someone – anyone! – would open the door… and have a phone that I could use to call a tow truck.

   After a few seconds, a curtain moving in one of the windows close to the door caught my eye. By the time I turned my head, the curtain had fallen back down and whoever was behind it had moved away from the window.

   – Hello? Is anybody in there?

   I knew my question was a stupid one, but I felt that was the only thing I could ask. Then, I thought: “What if they don’t speak English? You are in Quebec after all.” Although my French is far from perfect, I was ready to risk it and didn’t care if I made a fool of myself. This was life or death. Somebody had to be here and help me get out of this mess with my car.

    – Bonjour? Pouvez-vous aider moi?

   Dead silence. I sighed. Whoever was inside this house was certainly not used to having visitors come knock at their door without phoning first, right? I continued in French.

   – I am sorry. I need help. My car broke down.

   Or at least I thought that was what I was saying. I knocked on the door again and waited a few seconds more. Nothing. I turned to head back to my car thinking I would never get out of there when I heard the door open.

   A woman peered behind the door as though she was getting ready to slam it in my face if I tried anything funny. She seemed to be sizing me up. I put on my don’t-worry-I-am-not-dangerous face and pleaded for help with my eyes. When I felt that she was getting more comfortable with my presence, I moved toward her very slowly.

   – I am sorry to bother you. Do you speak English?

   She opened the door a little more.

   – Yes. What do you want?

   Her voice was timid and almost child-like. While I prepared to answer, I got a better look at her. She was nothing of a child. My first impression was that she was a very beautiful, mature woman, possibly in her early forties. She was wearing a very light, flowery chiffon dress that seemed to have an elastic band at the waist because it detailed her delicate figure and outlined her tantalizingly ample hips. I couldn’t help but wonder how her buttocks would look. I suddenly found myself hoping she would invite me to come in and turn around to lead the way so I could catch a glimpse of her backside.

   She nervously played with her reddish, wavy hair that cascaded into her décolletage, bringing my eyes to notice her breasts. I desperately and consciously tried not to have my eyes pop out of my head, but half of these gorgeous globes of flesh were peeking out of the dress and despite the sizzling heat and the mind-numbing exhaustion of my difficult day, I couldn’t help but become mesmerized by such sexy beauty. I spontaneously ran my tongue on my upper lip, tasting the saltiness of my sweat. When I realized what I had done, I thought: “You idiot! She is going to think you are some freak who is here to rape her!”

   Apparently, I was wrong because when I spoke, I saw her open the door a little more.

   – I am so sorry to bother you. My car broke down all the way down the road, there. And…

   I was pointing toward the vastness of the wooded area. I could have been driving a hearse for all she knew!

   – Could I please use your phone?

   She smiled at me coyly and opened the door even more, standing back a bit as though to let me in.

   – Thank you so much, I said as I came closer.

   She did let me in. As I entered the house, I felt a shiver down my spine and realized it was because I was swimming in sweat and the house seemed to have some sort of air conditioning unit.

   – It is very hot outside.

   I nodded. She did have a French accent when she spoke English, but it just made her even more attractive somehow. She had spoken with that timid, child-like voice again, but I had caught a small tremolo also, as though she was feeling a bit nervous to have a stranger in her house.

   – May I use your phone?

   I suddenly found myself not wanting to use her phone right away but wishing I could stick around and look at her some more.

   – It is over here, she said, walking in front of me and giving me a clear view of her beautifully rounded butt undulating with her hips under the shear fabric of her dress.

   “Is she not wearing underwear?”, I asked myself as I followed her to the living room. She pointed to the phone, and I picked it up, taking my wallet out of my pocket to get the toll-free number for my Emergency Maintenance Service. As I pulled my wallet out of my pocket, my fingers brushed against my cock and I realized it was starting to grow in my jeans. “Man, this woman is as hot as this weather,” I thought.

   I thanked her and when I finished dialing the number, turned to her as though to say: “I will be out of your hair as soon as they can send someone.”

   That’s when I saw that her nervousness was making her short of breath and that her breasts were now heaving, making me even more excited. When the Maintenance Service attendant answered, I stuttered and tried to muddle through what I needed to say. My hostess helped me with my geographical location and the person on the other end of the line told me that it would be at least three hours before they could send somebody.

   – Three hours? I cried, as though I was telling my hostess more than I was signaling my shock.

   She smiled and shrugged, as though she had not expected anything else. When you live in the middle of nowhere, I guess you learn to be patient. When I hung up, I felt obligated to say:

   – I am sorry about that. You would think a brand new car could stand the heat, right?

   She smiled again, this time rather coyly.

   – I don’t believe in coincidences or faith, but I was having trouble with the valves under my sink in the kitchen and… unexpectedly, you come along. You wouldn’t know anything about plumbing, would you?

   I laughed. I told her what I did for a living, and she seemed both interested and disappointed, but was joyfully surprised when I told her I did know a thing or two about plumbing as well, because of the summers I had spent working on farms and helping out with the water supply and such.

   – Oh, wow! Would you mind taking a look… while you wait?

   – Of course not. I’d love to. But would you mind if I freshened up a bit before?

   It was her turn to laugh.

   – There is plenty of running water in the bathroom if you want to take a shower.

   I couldn’t believe my ears, but I felt so sticky and funky, that I was certainly not going to turn her down.

   – Wow! That would be amazing.

   She led me to the bathroom and showed me where I could get a towel. I thanked her, and she shut the door behind her to give me some privacy. At that moment, I honestly hoped she would have stayed, gotten undressed with me and joined me in the shower, but apparently, she had other ideas.

   I stripped off my soaked t-shirt, my jeans, and briefs, and hung them up on the half-opened doors of the linen closet. I caught myself in the mirror, adjusting my half-hard cock, making it even harder as I unglued my sweat-soaked balls from the inside of my thighs.

   I stepped into the shower, and the cascading water on my body felt like paradise. It was so refreshing and liberating. I wet my whole body, rubbing my hands all over, thinking about this incredibly beautiful, mysterious woman who had opened up her door to me. I started getting images in my mind of her slipping out of that chiffon dress and her perky breasts quivering to my touch. My cock became rock hard, and I started stroking it. As I turned around in the shower, slipping my head under the running water to rinse the shampoo out of my hair, I opened my eyes and saw her standing there.

   For a second, I was startled. I even rubbed my eyes because I couldn’t believe she was actually in the bathroom, looking at me through the frosted shower door. I stayed there, frozen, not knowing what to do. She walked slowly toward the shower and undid two buttons between her breasts, letting the dress slip to the floor. She stepped out of it, and I realized I had been right. She was not wearing underwear.

   She got even closer to the shower and started rubbing her hands against the door as though she was caressing my body. I followed her lead by cozying up to the door, my hard cock pointing toward the ceiling. She pushed her hard nipples against her side of the door while lowering her hand like she was stroking my cock and balls through the glass. My hands followed her lead, my left pretending to caress and pinch her right nipple and my right heading down to her pussy to play with her clit.

   Even with the noise of the water running, I heard her moan, and I became very aroused by this mind-numbingly erotic game. We weren’t even really touching each other, but it was as though we were engaging in mutual masturbation!

   After a few minutes, she pulled away from the door and opened it, exposing me and my rock hard cock. She sized me up and started approaching, getting into the shower with me while staring into my eyes.

   – I’m sorry, she whispered. I shouldn’t be here.

   I was dumbfounded. Not a word could make its way out of my mouth.

   – You came here to ask for help, she said, and I am taking advantage of the situation.

   I gulped like a teenage boy and felt totally ridiculous for a second.

   – That’s okay, I whispered. You can tell I don’t mind, can’t you?

   – No, it’s not okay. I am such a bad girl.

   My right hand had started caressing her shoulder and heading down toward her breast. She grabbed me by the wrist and pulled my hand away. Startled, I worried I had done something wrong. She steadied my arm down and toward her back and, without any notice, snapped my hand against her butt cheek, slapping herself hard on the ass and holding my hand to the cheek, wincing.

   – I deserved that! she said. Thank you.

   My eyes were wide as saucers. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She caught on to my surprise but looked somewhat reassured by my hard-on bobbing between our wet bodies. She made sure my hand would stay on her butt cheek before she let go of my wrist. That is when I felt her fingers on my right thigh, heading up and around toward my buttocks. Then, she pinched my right ass cheek and pulled me in even closer to her.

   – I shouldn’t walk into the bathroom when a strange man is taking a shower, she whispered. I should give him some privacy.

   Then, she shouted:

   – TELL ME!

   And almost instantly, as if the startling shout had set off a spring in my hand, it jumped off her ass and snapped back on it with a resounding slap. She winced and smiled.

    – Do you think that's enough? she asked.

   I could see in her eyes that she was urging me to spank her again. I did, and this time, she twisted the pinch hold she had on my butt cheek, making me wince, too. That is when I kissed her full on the mouth, grabbing her hair lightly with my left hand. She twisted the pinch even harder, making me slap her ass another time without missing a beat in the passionate kiss.

   After a few more seconds, she pulled away from my mouth and freed my ass cheek, squatting down to slip my arching cock between her warm lips. My legs almost gave way. I caught my breath and grabbed hold of the shower wall while I felt her hand creep between my legs from behind and start playing with my balls, making my cock twitch in her mouth. Although it had already been soaked by the shower stream, my cock was now drenched in hot saliva and pre-cum. I moaned in indescribable ecstasy.

   As she pleasured me with her mouth, I arched my head back to feel the warm water drench my hair and trickle down my back. Without missing a beat, she started contracting her throat muscles around my cock head, making every nerve in my body stand up and take notice. That's when her right hand grabbed me by the hairs on my left calf and pulled up my foot to rub it against her pussy. She wanted me to masturbate her with the top side of my foot and with my toes. I happily obliged, even though this balancing act was a bit worrisome. But the hotness of the situation made me forget about the potential danger. She humped my foot, moaning and groaning on my hard cock, bringing me closer and closer to climax.

   And just as I felt my balls tighten up against the base of my cock, she jumped back up, ripping her mouth off my penis and turning off the water in one fell swoop. I just stood there, like I was in shock, but I didn’t have time to react because she opened the shower door, grabbed me by my cock and pulled me out of the shower. That’s when she pushed me down onto the bathroom floor and mounted me like a mechanical bull, her wet pussy sliding down my cock as if it had always been meant to fit in there.

   – Didn’t I tell you I was a bad girl? she said, in a panting moan. Didn’t I tell you?

   – Yes, you did.

   – Don’t let me get away with it, she shouted. Do something!

   I slapped her butt again, and she groaned with pleasure.

   – Don’t let me just ride you like this. Do something!

   I slapped her again, but this time, she wasn’t having it.

   – No, buck me off! Don’t let me ride you. Buck me off!

   I lifted my legs up and planted my feet on the floor, bucking my hips up and down, my butt cheeks slapping against the bathroom floor. With every upward thrust, I could feel her pussy muscles tightening around my bulging cock as though she was desperately trying to hang on. The feeling was unbelievable. She was holding onto my nipples with her fingers and holding onto my pole with her pussy. I bucked with all my might, her pussy bouncing up and down on my pole, building up to a climax.

   – Go! Do it! Buck me off! Don’t let me ride you!

   I didn’t know if she wanted me to buck her off for real or if she was just saying that because it was making her enjoy the ride even more, but I suddenly felt a weird frustration overcome me and I bucked so hard, my feet lifted off the floor. Her pussy did slip off my cock and we crashed back to the floor as my cum started spraying in every direction, shot after shot of hot jism flying all over the place and landing mostly on her back. She turned around and grabbed my cock with her hand, jacking the last few spurts out, driving my nerve endings crazy.

   – You bucked me off, she said. I am such a bad girl. I am.

   I slapped her butt again and felt my cum on my hand. She grabbed my hand and repositioned herself so that my mouth could pleasure her pussy. I happily obliged while she licked my cum off her hand. My head was spinning when she finally started quivering and humping my mouth to an earth-shattering orgasm.

   – Don’t let me go, she shouted as she came. Don’t let me go!

   Then, she took her pussy off my face, turned around and lay on me, her back pressed against my chest. We were catching our breaths, and I could feel that my cock was still hard, rubbing against her pussy. She felt it too and was teasing my cock head with her wet pussy lips.

   – I’ve been very bad, she said. Very bad.

   We stayed like that for a while until she slipped my cock back into her pussy, riding me with her back to my face this time. She rode herself to another tsunami of an orgasm and this time, my cock erupted inside her steaming hot vagina.

   – I’ve been pretty bad myself, I said. I’ll have to fix those water valves in the kitchen to redeem myself.

   I heard and felt her chuckle.

* * *

   I did fix those valves in the kitchen. And the tow truck did come by, although it was three hours late. Fortunately, I wasn’t in any hurry to get back to North Bay, and the mechanic was able to fix my car on the spot. So I spent the night at Karen’s, and since then, we have gotten together regularly. My farmer clients in the Temiscamingue region of Quebec can’t get over how many regular house calls their vet now makes every month.