Opposites Attract

Info Tristan LeMay
25 Oct. '16

   I met Marc on his first day of work in June of 2012. He was on summer break between his Junior and Senior year in College and joined the company as a paid intern. I’d been working for Adirondack Tree Doctors for four years at that point so I’d just been named foreman. When Marc walked into my office, a mobile home-type joint that I tried to keep as clean as possible, I was instantly drawn to him. He wasn’t the type I usually went for, but he seemed to exude testosterone, sex appeal and horniness – was that last part in my head? – like I’d never felt before.

   In my line of work, most guys are basically built like me. I’m 6’4, 230lbs, all muscle… not because I go to the gym or lift weights or anything. Just because I’ve worked grueling, physical jobs all my life so I look like I could probably beat the crap out of both Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger together during their Rambo and Terminator years, even if they had ganged up on me. Not that I would have wanted to. Beat them up, I mean. I love those guys. They’re fucking hot and I spent my teenage years fantasizing about them being my buddies’ dads and me being their pool boy or something.

   Anyway, Marc was pretty much the shortest guy I’d ever met. He was clearly less than five feet tall. He had small yet very masculine, tough-looking hands and a rough-looking face. His hair was long and wavy and tied in a pony-tail. Although I wouldn’t have called him a dwarf, I certainly towered over him when I stood up to shake his hand. He looked me straight in the eye and gave me a warm smile:

   – Hi, I’m Marc Malloy, the new summer intern Mr. Rabidoux hired. He asked me to report to you, sir. You’re Mr. Sampson, right?

   He had a grip on him that immediately sold me on his strength. Maybe I’d been underwhelmed by his height but I was impressed with his grasp and was blown away by his general ruggedness. His wide shoulders under his regulatory yellow security vest, his trunk-size biceps that clearly indicated that he wasn’t the type to just sit around in classrooms all day and his bulging chest which had clearly received a few workouts of its own.

  – That’s me, I replied. Nice to meet you, Marc. But please, call me Bruce.

   I couldn’t help but think back to Arnie and Stallone whom I would have loved to have called Daddy while sucking their hard cocks and flashing back to the present with this little chunk of alpha male – an energetic wolf / bear cub – whom I’d now happily trade roles with. I was now in my early thirties and this 22-year-old would be the one using the word ‘Daddy’ although I was too young to actually be a ‘dad’ to him.

   – Have a seat, Marc.

   I regretted offering him a chair because I was eliminating my chance of getting a glimpse of his ass, but I thought to myself: “Come on, man. Get a grip. He’ll have to get up in a few minutes and walk out. You’ll have plenty of time to check out his backside.”

   Marc told me all about his Bachelor’s Degree in Forest Management and how he was hoping to make a career for himself in the National Parks system. I was impressed with how poised and smart he was.

   – You play any sports? I asked, my question coming out of left field.

   – Sure. I’ve played hockey all my life and I have this little step-brother – he’s 12 now – we have the same mom but different dads – and I play a lot of soccer and tennis with him in the summer, like after work and shit. Oh, sorry.

   I chuckled.

   – Don’t sweat it, I said to reassure him. It’s nothing I haven’t heard already, working with a bunch of guys in the forest and on construction sites before that.

   He chuckled, too, clearly relieved that I wasn’t going to give him a citation or anything. I explained to him that our company did residential and commercial trimming, pruning and removal of trees, but that we’d just been contracted by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation to prune, trim and remove thousands of trees – both coniferous and deciduous – in a concerted effort to cut down on natural forest fires that could do real damage if we didn’t cut down on the forests’ density.

   Marc was staring at me with such intensity that I almost lost my train of thought. I couldn’t believe how deep and sparkling his green eyes were and, when I felt a bit intimidated by them – or rather when I felt that he might catch on to the lust that was building inside me – I looked down a bit and fixated on his luscious lips that he consciously or unconsciously licked.

   – That’s fucking wacked, man! he spit out in a burst of unbridled enthusiasm before his face completely changed. Shit! Sorry, sir.

   I looked at him, dead serious.

   – You’ve got some mouth on you, don’t you, kid?

   He looked at me like I’d just fired him.

   – I’m really sorry, sir.

   I burst out laughing.

   – I’m just playing with you!

   He blew air out of his lungs as though he’d been holding it in for the longest time, relieved that he still had a job. In my mind, I replayed what I had said, ‘I’m just playing with you!’ thinking how I would have loved for that sentence to have a completely different meaning. ‘I’d love to get naked and play with you on that couch over there!’

   – I told you: I don’t mind the profanity. Yours isn’t the first ‘fuck’ I’ve heard and it won’t be the last. I’ve even had a few ‘fucks’ of my own in my day!

   Those words were so full of unsubtle double-entendre and sexual innuendo that I actually felt my cock twitch in my jeans and saw Marc blush as he chuckled nervously. I quickly realized that this could be interpreted as sexual harassment and I suddenly felt like an old pervert. ‘It’s not because it’s not directed at a woman that it makes it right, dude,’ I thought, chastising myself.

   I thought I should just laugh it off myself and keep it clean for a while.

   – So you were saying that something was ‘fucking wacked’…? I repeated, smiling.

   He blushed a bit more, but this time, I didn’t feel it was because of the sexual undertones. It was more because he was embarrassed to be quoted saying those words in front of his new superior during their first meeting!

   – Yeah, I just meant that that’s exactly what I’m studying in College right now, and I’m hoping to go on to get a Master’s and maybe even a PhD after that.

   – Wow, so you’re a real intellectual type, huh?

   He sighed and looked disappointed.

   – Everybody always assumes that but I’m just a typical guy, you know? Like I told you, I’m really into sports, playing and watching, really into weight training,…

   That explained the impressive upper body…

   – I really dig horses, riding and watching,…

   I couldn’t help myself. I had to ask, acting like a macho jackass:

   – … and pussy?

   He looked at me and I expected him to blush even more and chuckle uncomfortably again, but instead, he didn’t miss a beat and replied:

   – riding and watching!

   This time, I was the one who was taken aback and I was impressed with his repartee, thinking, ‘Wow! He’s got a pair of balls on him, this one!’ I just pointed and winked at him saying:

   – Bam! Touché! I think you’re going to fit right in here.

   After I filled in a few forms and had him sign a few papers, we got up and I led him out of the mobile home to introduce him to the other guys he’d be working with. The backside did not disappoint. Even though he was wearing loose-fitting cargo pants, I could guess that they hid the firm bubble butt of a stalky weightlifter who’d done a hell of a lot of squats in his short life. When I started imagining Marc nude, squatting over my face, feeding me his hard cock, or squatting over my pole, feeding it to his butt hole, I became rock-hard in my jeans and even felt my cockhead peek out of my briefs and leak pre-cum on the front of my hip.

   Since this was Marc’s first day, I used that as an excuse to spend it with him. As I was the foreman, I could justify having to give him my own hands-on training. Of course, I kept thinking of another kind of hands-on activity I would have preferred, but I really wanted to keep it professional, especially when we were manipulating tools that were much more dangerous than the flesh ones I would have liked to handle.

   In the middle of the morning, among the jobs we had to do that day, we needed two guys to climb to the top of a half-century-old American Birch and cut specific branches with a portable chain saw, limbs that were dangerously intertwining with branches from neighbouring trees and that could become conductors if a fire occurred.

   I helped Marc get into his harness and, as I adjusted the straps and tightened the buckles over his shoulders, around his waist, his hips, under his butt cheeks and in the groin area, I felt my cock twitch and my mind run rampant. Just squatting in front of this sex-oozing, testosterone-overflowing, probably horny as hell young soon-to-be College Senior was driving me crazy and, as I got back up, I couldn’t help but give my hard pole a few discrete squeezes.

   – Okay, so now, I hook you up and… up we go!

   When we go to the top branches, I showed Marc how to straddle one and took out the blueprint of the tree that had been drawn by the fire experts and the biologists.

   – Before we start the chain saws, I gotta warn you, Marc.

   – What?

   – These things vibrate like a motherfucker!

   He burst out laughing. I think he wasn’t expecting me to say that and he certainly wasn’t expecting me to use that word.

   – No but really, man! Have you ever shot a gun?

   – Yeah… I’ve gone hunting a few times with my Dad…

   His dad. Hum? ‘I wanna be your daddy, Marc,’ I thought to myself again, my cock pushing against the inside of my jeans still. ‘Shut the fuck up, Bruce. Get a grip.’

   – Well, you know how, when the gun goes off, it can throw out your shoulder? Well, the chainsaw won’t take out your shoulder ‘cause it won’t pop like the gun, but it’ll shake so much you’ll think you have Parkinson’s disease.

   Again, he started laughing.

   – I’m serious, man! You better brace yourself or that thing will jump right out of your hands and fall out of the tree.

   He probably visualized that clearly in his head and burst out laughing again. He had a really sexy, masculine, deep laugh. Although this guy was short, he was definitely all man.

   – So you gotta hold on real tight and show her who the boss is, okay?

   – The boss? That’s you, right, boss?

   His coy, irreverent smile and wink almost made me fall off my branch. I just wanted to lean in and kiss him right then and there. I wanted to rip his regulatory yellow vest and green t-shirt right off his muscular torso. I wanted to push him down on his branch, unfasten the harness and his belt so I could get to the stem in his pants. I wanted to grab him by the balls and suck the raw sap right out of him. I wanted to tap his hole with my pole and pump it till he gushed like a maple during the spring thaw.

   I laughed and might have blushed a little, too.

   – Don’t be a smart ass, kid, I replied.

   He smiled. When he started his chainsaw, it almost got away from him.

   – Whoa!

   – What did I tell you? I shouted so he could hear me over the noise. Now cut this one here!

   He braced himself and I was impressed with the quickness with which he took control of the tool.

   – Good! You’re really getting the hang of this, kid!

   He smiled at me again and asked which branches he needed to cut next. I took out a marker and drew a few marks on the limbs that needed to go, according to the plan. He nodded, understanding what I was doing.

   – Now, you’re on your own, I shouted.

   – What?

   – You can do it. I gotta cut some of my own or else what’s the point of me being up here, too?

   He shouted back at me, looking me straight in the eye, with a coy smile:

   – You’re my mentor, my teacher, my trainer, my coach… my supervisor. You need to supervise me!

   He sounded like a model from a badly-acted gay porn film.

   – Shut up and work, asshole! I shouted back, laughing.

   He smiled and, just as I was turning away from him to turn on my own saw, he shouted at me again.

   – Hey Bruce!

   – Whadda ya want?

   – You were right.

   – About what?

   – This bitch does vibrate like a motherfucker!

   – Hahaha!

   – Don’t laugh, man! I got me a Woodie worse than when I drove in the back seat of the school bus in high school.

   He turned off the chainsaw and squeezed it in the hollow joint between two branches. He started squeezing his pole that, I noticed, had tented the front of his cargo shorts. My heart started racing and I actually squinted twice as though I was trying to shake off this dream that just couldn’t really be happening. I totally wanted it to be happening but I wouldn’t allow myself to wish it true, even in my wildest dreams. Because Marc was making me terribly nervous and afraid I wouldn’t be able to control what would be happening next, I looked down and all around us to make sure other workers weren’t too close and I just whispered:

   – What the fuck, dude?

   He was still massaging his pole through his cargo pants, almost stroking it.

   – Don’t we get some sort of union-sanctioned break in the morning?

   I thought my brain would explode.

   – Uh, yeah… sure, but…

   He breathed a huge sigh of relief.

   – Ugh! Thank fucking God, ‘cause this cock needs a breather and man, this harness is squeezing my balls so tight, I think I’m afraid the blood won’t flow to ‘em and they’ll fall off before the end of the day.

   He had started unfastening the harness, loosening it in strategic places.

   – Watch out, Marc. You’re not supposed to loosen it. You gotta think of security measures.

   – Sure, boss, I get it. I’ll be careful.

   Then, before I could say anything else, he’d opened the front of his cargo pants and hauled out his hard cock. My eyes popped out of my head when I saw how disproportionate it was to the rest of his body.

   – Holy fuck! I exclaimed.

   He sighed, like he was used to this kind of reaction.

   – Yeah, I know. People always react like that.

   I swallowed hard.

   – People?

   – Guys in the locker room, girls in the bedroom, truck drivers who want to suck me off at the rest areas on I-87…

   I couldn’t believe my ears.

   – Truck drivers who…

   – Sure. I like pussy and all, but girls are so… I don’t know, they’re kinda not really into sex. There’s too much pussy-footing around, you know?

   He was stroking his massive cock and it looked like it just kept growing. My mouth was agape and I realized I’d been breathing out of it for a while so it was getting dry.

   – I mean you know, right, ‘cause you’re a guy. When a guy gets a Woodie, he’s gotta take care of it, right?

   I swallowed again, but nothing went down because my mouth was too dry.

   – Right, I managed to reply.

   – You into guys, too, Bruce, or just girls?

   I couldn’t believe he was asking me the question so directly but since he was asking and since he’d just said that he wasn’t much into pussy-footing, I certainly wasn’t going to avoid the question.

   – I’m mostly into guys.

   – No shit!

   – No shit, I repeated.

   – Top or bottom? he asked like he was inquiring about my taste in wine. ‘Red or white?’

   – Uh, mostly top.

   I caught a glimpse of disappointment in his eyes.

   – Yeah. Not too many guys let me fuck them in the ass, he said. They all say, ‘you’re too big’.

   I couldn’t help but think how odd it was that a guy who wasn’t even 5 feet tall could be told he was too big.

   – I know, he said, like he was reading my mind. But look at this cock…

   That was all I’d been doing for the last few minutes.

   – It’s fucking huge, isn’t it?

   – Yeah.

   – Sometimes, it just scares the shit out of people… Not literally. That would be really gross.

   We both laughed as he kept stroking his cock.

   – I really need to let the puppies out, he said, as he started lifting his ass off the branch to slip his pants and underwear off his butt.

   – Be careful, I said, worried he’d fall off.

   – Ah! That feels so much better. Wanna pull yours out, too?

   I didn’t answer and just unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans, releasing my oak-hard Woodie and giving it a few strokes before he said:

      – Whoa, man! That’s a nice chunk o’meat, too. Mmmm… I love your foreskin. Mind if I suck it?

   This was like a crazy fantasy. It couldn’t be happening for real. Yet here was Marc worming over to my branch in this giant American Birch in the middle of the Adirondack Mountains with his horse-like, erect dong and long-hanging balls sticking out of his pants. He managed to find a position where he could grab on to my dick, and pulled the foreskin off my cockhead. I moaned.

   – Yeah, he said. That’s what I like. Like the roof of a Smurf house. But bigger.

   I couldn’t help but laugh… at the reference and out of nervousness. What if we got caught? What if we lost our balance and fell out of the tree?

   When he started swabbing my pre-cum-covered cockhead with his hot tongue, I realized my pole was already cold from the mountain air. The cold and hot mix was delicious. He started sucking hard, bobbing his head up and down on my meat, all the while moaning and groaning, creating a vibration on my dick that made it feel even better.

   – You taste really good, dude, he said. Wanna taste?

   And before I could answer, he was kissing me full on the mouth, sharing his saliva and my pre-cum with me.

   His lips and tongue felt like heaven and a bolt of electricity traveled down to my cock and made it jerk in his hand.

   – I felt that, he said, sounding both childish and proud before kissing me again.

   He went back down on me with his full mouth, twirling his tongue all around my pole and pulling on my balls with his right hand. After a while, I felt like I was about to erupt and I got pissed off at myself because I didn’t want this to stop.

   That’s when he spontaneously pulled his mouth off my cock and brought his face to my ear:

   – Are you gonna cum?

   I took in a deep breath and answered:

   – Thanks for stopping me.

   – I felt it. I could feel the cum churning in your nut sac, man. It was fucking amazing!

   His whispering in my ear like that was giving me goosebumps and keeping my arousal at a peek.

   He pulled a button off one of his pockets and fished out a condom which he flashed in front of my face.

   – Wanna cum inside me and make me explode all over you?

   – I do.

   He smiled, pulled his right leg out of his pants, and, before I knew it, he’d wrapped my sausage up and was positioning himself to slide down on my pole.

   – Did I tell you I’m into extreme sports and parkour and shit?

   – No.

   – That’s why I’m really good at keeping my balance.

   I felt my cockhead poke inside his butt hole like I was busting his cherry. He winced, but said:

   – Yeah, man! This is going to feel fucking incredible!

   He kissed me again, full on the mouth, nibbling on my lips as he kept descending onto my pole.

   – It already does, I managed to say before he started bobbing up and down, fucking himself with my eager cock.

   He moaned and groaned, never leaving my eyes for a second, as though he wanted to see into my soul, to read every last syllable of what I was feeling and experiencing.

   I grabbed on to his huge dick with my right hand and started pumping it rhythmically, timing myself on his up and down motions on my cock. Even when he leaned in to kiss me, we would keep up our movements and our eyes would reconnect as soon as our lips would part.

   – I’m going to cum, boss. Are you ready to shoot your juice inside me?

   – I am, kid. I’m gonna cum inside you. You feel it?

   – Yeah, boss, I feel it. Your cock is inflating like a fucking balloon in there, man. Fill up that rubber, Daddy!  Fill it the fuck up!

   And we came together, exploding in bursts of liquid love, Marc’s cum in long strands, landing on my regulatory yellow safety jacket and in my beard. He leaned forward again, licking my hairy chin and sharing his cum with me.

   – That was incredible, I whispered, out of breath mostly because I couldn’t believe this had actually happened.

   He smiled at me.

   – Can you imagine? How incredible this whole summer is going to be?

   I had always loved my job, but now Marc was giving me a whole new reason to get up in the morning.