Office Lust - Part 2

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25 Oct. '16

Lizette, pulls her hand back from my aching pussy and still a little shakily she stands,  her hands pull the red material of her dress up her body revealing her tanned skin a pink lace bra. Reaching her shoulders she pulls the dress over her head and tosses it aside, the red material lands by the bookcase.

She reaches her left hand behind her back and unclasps the catch of her bra, pulling the pink material away from her boobs with her right hand. Shrugging the straps off her shoulders, she throws it to join the red dress on the floor and there she stands naked, glowing, as hot a vision of womanhood as I've ever seen.

Beautiful breasts firm and pert, her brown nipples standing proudly, her dark hair tumbles messily over her shoulders. Lizette green eyes sparkling she pads across the floor towards me. I feel my heart racing as she stops in front of me, as she leans in towards me I feel hot breath on my lips, her lips brush mine, kissing my softly.
We kiss again, long slow kisses. I feel her tongue push against my lips, slipping into my mouth, curling around my tongue. As we kiss Lizette traces her nails down my spine I shiver at the pleasure of her touch.

She moves her mouth, kissing my cheek, then my neck, I feel her tongue slowly lick my warm excited skin. She kisses my neck, my throat and then kisses her way to my boobs, my nipples still pushing hard through my T-shirt. I feel her lips close around my right nipple, she sucks hungrily at it through the thin cotton, I moan as I feel her tongue circle it. She kisses her way across to my other boob and repeats the delightful sensation, I feel her hands slide inside my shirt and I raise my arms as she pulls the T-shirt upwards. I help her pull it over my head and it joins her own clothes on the floor, my skin looks pale compared to Lizette's deep tan, my breasts are smaller than Lizette's but still firm and pert.

She cups them both pushing them together, feeling the weight and shape, massaging them gently her thumbs rubbing my nipples. She leans down and kisses them sharing her kisses equally, I feel her lips close over my left nipple, she sucks it into her mouth. I moan at the feeling of her warm wet mouth. Lizette needs no more encouragement and nibbles and sucks it greedily, then she moves her attention to my right nipple repeating her delightful touch.

My fingers caress her back, gently trailing up and down her warm skin a film of her sweat makes my finger tips tingle. I cup her butt cheeks in my hands lifting her slightly, she moans softly as she continues to kiss and suck my boobs.

Her delicate touch is taking its toil on me, my legs are trembling and my pussy is dripping wet now, my clit is throbbing and desperate to feel her touch. She must know how horny I am, but she keeps up her leisurely pace, leaving my boobs she starts to kiss her way down tummy. Each kiss she plants on my warm skin seems to reach straight to my aching clit. Finally she sinks to her knees in front of me, my fingers stroke and caress her hair, as her own hands slow caress my butt and thighs.

'Now to get you out of these wet shorts' she says in a husky voice.

'Oh god, yes Lizette, please fuck me, fuck meee' I plead with her

'Now Darling, all good things cum to this who wait' she says looking up at me with a wicked grin.

She moves her hands around to the front of my shorts, undoing the button she tugs the zipper down then hooking her thumbs into either side of the green material she slowly pulls my soaking wet shorts over my hips and then down my shaking thighs.
She reaches the floor and helps me shakily pull my converse clad feet out of each leg and my love soaked shorts join the rest of our clothes on the floor.

Lizette's hand are back, she slides a finger into the left side of my cotton panties and adjust the elastic straightening it, removing her finger she does the same with the other side. Smoothing the cotton material she reads the words printed on them and giggles.

'Whatttt?' I say desperate for her to fuck me

'I'm just admiring your panties, very sweet and it will be in a second'

With that she hooks her thumbs into either side and finally pulls my underwear down my legs, throwing them on the pile of clothes I can see what she found funny. Printed on the front was a little cute bear underneath were the words Bear Bum.

I feel her kiss my thigh first one then the other working her way up and down my toned legs and then I feel what I'd dreamed of for months, Lizette's lips on my pussy. She kisses my neatly trimmed pubic hair, savouring the taste of my sex. I gasp as I feel her tongue lick up my pussy lips and then again and again, lapping my wet labia with her wonderful tongue.

She moves her hands up and pulls my pussy lips wider, I feel her long tongue enter me, she pushes it in as far as she can allowing the tip of her tongue to flick and wiggle about inside me. My hands press her mouth into my secret place. 

She withdraws her tongue and then drives it into me again, I moan deeply the thrill of her tongue is starting to overwhelm me. She withdraws her beautiful long tongue and moves to my poor swollen clit. I feel her lips close over the hood of my clit, her tongue  flicking from side to side. She uses her fingers to move my lips wider and I feel her take the throbbing nub of my clit in between her lips and suck it hard.

This is just too much for my dripping cunt, I start to see stars as my orgasm builds, my whole body tingles. I scream and moan as my orgasm transforms me into a quivering wreck. Lizette's tongue has brought me to the heights of ecstasy my body shudders in pure joy, I feel like my bones have turned to rubber such is the lightheaded pleasure. I feel my knees start to buckle as this wave of pleasure continues to wash over me. I'm like a pebble riding the front of the wave, then deposited onto the sand.

'I've got you darling' Lizette purrs as her strong arms catch me and set me down in her lap. 

She pulls me tight to her, as my nipples fold on to her own warm boobs, they send a new tingling thrill of pleasure through my shaking body. I sigh and moan feeling warm and safe in her embrace. Her fingers trace my up and down my spine which feels like jello at this moment.
We stay wrapped in each other's arms for several minutes as the flowing waves of pleasure ebb from my body. My head rests on her shoulder, I can smell her hair, it's a wonderful aroma of apples, mixed with the heady scent or our mutual sex.

'Thank you' she whispers into my ear

'Ummm' I reply dreamily still lost in my thoughts

Slowly I feel Lizette's arm release their grip around me and I follow suit, She gracefully lifting my body out of her lap. I stand and stretch feeling suddenly self conscious, to be naked and vulnerable in my work place.
Lizette slowly uncurls her feet and pulls herself up, using her chair for support, she looks down at herself and then gazes at me, her eyes working their way up my body until she's looking deep into mine.

'I think we need a drink' she purrs in a husky whisper

Lizette, pads towards the door and disappears from view reappearing a few minutes later carrying some bottles of water. I sit back in her cum soaked chair, accepting the large bottle of Evian Lizette hands me.
She stands in front of me greedily gulping water from her own bottle, I open mine and take a mouthful. Rushing to drink it I take to much water and it spills down my chin and on to my boobs, I squeal at the sensation of the cold water on my throbbing sensitive nipples, Lizette smiles, a mischievous twinkle in her eyes.


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