Swing Girls

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27 Nov. '15

Allison: Night

            Moving from North Carolina to New York was quite the adjustment for me. At first, everything seemed different, and even a little scary. People didn’t smile on the street. They didn’t say hello. No one helped each other, or so it seemed that way. I felt alone and began to reconsider my decision to move to NYC. The job I had at a local coffee shop was mediocre at best. I hadn’t made any real friends. And I started missing my family. It felt like a major FAIL. Things only turned around when I met Lisa.

            Lisa was a native New-Yorker, who worked for a major fashion house, doing marketing work that is non-stop promotion. I’ve seen her kiss up to high-profile clients, making them feel like a million bucks, and then some. Her adorable charm, energetic yet polite demeanor, and cute little sexy outfits made her irresistible, in more ways than one.

Lisa and I met at the coffee joint, as she rescued me from an irate client, on whom I had inadvertently spilled some coffee. Failing to calm them down with my red-faced apologies, Lisa stepped in, telling them to back-off in the best New-York city ‘Hey, I’m walking here!’-attitude: “She said she was sorry. The shop owner can get your jacket dry-cleaned. Or better yet, you could just buy a new one. It’s not like it’s worth something fierce!” They walked away without speaking another word.

From that point on, Lisa was my hero. And we became best friends. She was happy to show me the ropes in this new city while I was glad to follow her around like a puppy. We did almost everything together: apartment hunting, dating, job seeking, shopping, and going to the spa.

If it wasn’t for Lisa’s friendship, I don’t think I would’ve made it. That first year was quite challenging for me, what with trying to find a full-time job I liked, getting accustomed to the city, not to mention finding a boyfriend, who wasn’t after only one thing. Lisa was there for me whenever the chips were down. She helped me find a job with a big law firm, doing paralegal work that I love. She helped me get my apartment that has a great view of the Brooklyn Bridge, at a rent so low I never dreamt I could have it. And she was the reason I met Anthony, my boyfriend of three years.

Everything was going well with Anthony and me, until one day he called me out-of-the-blue and said the dreaded words: “Allison, we need to talk.” Right then, I knew that something was awry. Anthony came over to my place early in the morning before heading to work. I didn’t know what was going on, but this is how the scene went down, as we were sitting on the balcony, staring at the romantic Brooklyn Bridge, the sunrise illuminating it:

“Allison, we need to talk,” Anthony repeated as he took a sip of the Latte I made him, just the way he liked.

“I know, you said that on the phone!?” I inquired, getting worried. “What’s going on?”

“I don’t want to beat around the bush with you. I like you, Allison. And I don’t want to hurt you. So…”


“So, I’m breaking up with you!” he blurted out, insensitively.

“What? You like me, and you don’t want to hurt me. And so, you’re breaking up with me??!”

“There’s another woman,” he added, even more insensitively.

“There’s what?!!” I yelped in shock.

“Allison, it just happened. And I don’t want to be cheating on you. So I think it’s best that we end it now,” he announced magnanimously.

We are not doing anything. You are cheating, and you are ending it. At least, take responsibility for your actions,” I attacked, unsure what else to say.

To that, Anthony put down his Latte, walked out of the apartment, and I never saw or heard from him again. After three years, he just left me, just like that. Needless to say, I was devastated because, stupid me, I thought we were going places. When Lisa heard, she was a little less shocked than I was, but she remained supportive.

“You’ll find someone else, much better than Anthony. He was always a little dry in his dealings. He was nice, but not great, right?!?”

“Yes, you’re right. I can do better. It’s just I didn’t see this coming.”

I tried to put up a strong front, but my heart was breaking. I felt terrible. My work started to suffer; I kept taking too many bathroom breaks, spending it crying my eyes out. I didn’t realize how much I loved Anthony until he left me. It’s true that you never know how much you love something until you lose it. I felt like I had lost my heart. It was bad.

After a few weeks of watching me descend into a hellish breakup pose, Lisa decided that it was enough. I was feeling so bad about my life I wanted to exit it completely. She wanted to do something big to snap me out of my depressive mood. So one Friday night, she told me to get ready for a big night, and she took me bar-hopping. We went to the trendiest places. And we met a ton of seemingly nice guys, who all wanted my number. By the end of the night, I was so drunk and yes, happy that you couldn’t peel the smile off my face.

Lisa kept her head about her, and, at around 2 am, she drove us back to her place. She parked the car and helped me up the stairs. She didn’t want me to spend the night alone. Truly, I can’t ask for a better friend. She always goes above and beyond to help me, watching over me like a loving sister. Lisa is my BFF.

“Let me help you out of your clothes,” Lisa said, pulling on my leather jacket.

“Thanks, Lisa. I don’t know what I would do without you,” I slurred, still drunk.

As Lisa came close to me, to help me take off my cocktail dress, sticking to my sweaty skin, something from deep inside me, just took over, and I kissed her right on the mouth.

“Oh, my gosh!” I gasped, stepping back away from her, my hand on my mouth, in shock. “Lisa, I’m sor…” but before I could say that I was sorry, Lisa kissed me back so passionately, she made me wet my panties.

I pushed her away, taking a few steps back. But she wouldn’t stop. She put her fingers on my perturbing right nipple as she kissed me again, even more intently. The night turned into an unexpected fling between my best friend and me.

“Wait, Lisa,” I cried, stepping back once more. “Let’s talk about this…”

“…Shhh, no talk. Just feel the love,” Lisa insisted as she placed her lips back on my open mouth, twirling her tongue around mine, enjoying the feeling of dominating me. I think the shock factor excited her, as she took my hand, placing it between her legs, on her misty crotch. “Do you like the feeling of my soaked pussy?”

“Lisa, what are you doing?” I inquired, still in half shock, half in drunken lust.

“Allison, you need this, sweetie. Just enjoy our love. There are only a few moments in life when we can feel free. And this is one of them.”

“But Anthony…”

“…He’s gone. It’s over. And tonight, you’re going to get over him, with me!”

With these words, all my inhibitions faded in the background, allowing Lisa to take me in her big loft. Looking at the large window panes and up to the ceiling of her place, I felt that my life is much smaller than hers. We usually hung out in my tiny little apartment, with the ravishing outside view. But tonight is different. We are in Lisa’s domain. She won’t take no for an answer, and my pussy loves the feeling of domination.

Lees pulls my dress down revealing my nude, erect tits, which she licks ever so gently with her dripping tongue. Then she moves her fingers slowly down my chest, all the way to my soaked panties, which she shifts to the right side of my slit. And then, as she slips her middle finger inside my womb, I close my eyes feeling the most seductive feeling of my life. The way she pumped my pussy, only a woman knows how to do. Gently yet consistently tapping the right spot, focusing on my expression, taking notice of how I crave her virile strokes.

Lisa takes over completely, having me lie on the bed, legs spread, her tongue pleasuring my cunt for hours until the morning lights invade our private junctures.

It seems that I fell out of love with Anthony, only to fall back into love with Lisa. Go figure!



Lisa: Day

            I don’t know, but I think the reason I fucked Allison, is because it felt right. No, I did it because she felt bad. And I wanted to make her feel better. Did I enjoy it? Yes, up to a point. I mean it was a thrill to get close to her sexually. Our friendship will survive this unusual adventure. My college lesbo-flings taught me not to get too close to a woman because women take sex personally. And if you don’t make it clear that it is only sex, they tend to fall in love with you. And then, well, you have to break their hearts.

            But with Allison, everything felt completely natural. From the moment she kissed me, I knew that I was going to make love to her. And I even knew that our lovemaking would take us to a level of understanding only a few friends reach in life. Tasting her pussy juices confirmed how needy she was, the smell of daisies in a wild field in the countryside invading the space between us. Her taste like honey came straight from the beehives. Oops, it seems that I am the one who’s falling in love.

I made Allison cum like mad. And she only woke up in the late morning, looking so much like a virgin that her eyes were so full of light, her heart in delight.

            “Good morning, Ali,” I said in a clear voice, demanding respect.

            “Good morning, Lees,” her standard name for me when she is feeling great about our friendship.

            “Are we going to be alright?” I asked to make sure our friendship was going to survive.

            “Hmm, yes, of course,” she smiles. “You were fantastic last night.” She walks over to me, from the bedroom area to the open kitchen, and lands a huge wet kiss on my mouth, making me melt once again. Then Allison, unexpectedly, drops to the floor on her knees, her tongue searching for my clit, under my silk robe. Boy does she find it. Hanging on to the kitchen counter for support, I lift my left leg open, resting my foot on the high stool, while she eats me out, her thumb playing a symphony on my clit. She does that for what seems like an eternity, bringing me to orgasms I had forgotten were possible. She teases my climax for the longest time, and then suddenly she invades my pussy with both her index and middle fingers, making me burst out my pussy juices all over her face. “Oh, honey, oops, I couldn’t help it,” I blurt out, excusing the mess.

            “Not at all, Lees! Thank you for a delicious breakfast,” Ali flashes the biggest smile, I have ever seen on her. Then she gets up off the slippery-when-wet floor, and without any more flirtations, she walks over to the bathroom to take her shower. Ali is done putting her sexy-self back together inside of ten minutes. And she leaves without another word, only a wink and a happy face walk out of my dirty apartment. Wow, I think that I am in love. I need to clean the floor.

            It’s weird what happened next, I felt like disinfecting the place like I was proving to myself I’m not a real lesbian. Of course, in my heart of hearts, I know how I feel about women. Yes, I love women, and I need their love. But with Ali, she’s my best friend. And what happened last night will not happen again. Plus, I have a date with a sexy guy tonight, so he is not going to have a whiff that any of these slutty maneuvers happened last night, and, this morning. So after cleaning the kitchen floor, like five times, I open all of the windows of my loft while vacuuming the entire place. Then I pull the bedsheets off and drop them in the washer-dryer, putting on hygienic new sheets.

            Do I feel fresh yet? No. I proceed to take the longest bath I’ve had in months, lighting candles, burning incense, and using lavender oils to relax my senses. What a dirty girl I am. But my thoughts have shifted completely from making my BFF Ali feel better about herself to getting it on with Carlos tonight.

            He stays on my mind all day, long after I get out of the therapeutic bath, get dressed, and go to work. We even sext during the day in anticipation of our hot date tonight. I also text Ali to make sure our friendship is intact, but with the real purpose of hiding my true feelings from her. We’re cool, so I make a point of ridding my mind of her memory by going to the ladies room, hiding in one of the stalls, and taking a sexy selfie and sending it to Carlos. His response with a pic of his huge, hard cock, makes me wet instantly, and I just have to finger myself quickly in the bathroom, before I go back to my office.

            What madness!? Still, I feel good about how good a friend I am, encouraging Ali to get over Anthony, while still maintaining a seemingly normal workday, and locking in a hot date with super sexy Carlos. I can’t wait to feel his cock inside me. I am counting the seconds. Such a dirty mind, I know. But don’t judge me too harshly, I’m fighting a major girl-crush on my BFF, and I don’t want to ruin our friendship over what is obviously a one-night stand. A night that shouldn’t happen again, unless Carlos dumps me in the worst way and Ali feels like returning the favor of a pick-me-up fuck!

            Moving right along, Shit, no, I can’t move right along. I need Carlos inside me right now. It is fucking insane, but I need to take a personal day, and he’s going to do the same. I text him that I can’t wait until tonight and that we need to meet downtown, in the nearest hotel, for a day fuck. What does he say? What do you think? He’s on it like a hound dog, confirming our reservation at the Waldorf within minutes, as I email my boss that I have an emergency, and I need a PD. She gives it to me, knowing that I am the consummate professional, who never misses a day of work unless I have no choice. And believe me, right now, the way my mind is racing I need to get fucked ASAP.

            Carlos and I meet at one of the top floors, exclusive as they get. I love the fact that he didn’t mind getting us a suite, on such short notice. He is a gentleman, with a real understanding attitude about sex.

            “Carlos, I’m sorry. I am just so fucking horny,” I explain as I walk into the exquisite suite.

            “Sweetie, if there’s one thing you don’t need to apologize for, it’s feeling horny. I like you dirty,” he confirms his willingness to fuck like a horn dog.

            “Give it to me hard. I’m in a crazy mood.”

            “Ooh baby, I like that,” he groans, taking his tie and shirt off, showing off his muscled six-pack. “Get out of those clothes, now! I’m going to take care of you, Hun.”

            “Do me!”

            Carlos kisses my lips so passionately they feel squeezed red and almost bleeding. He fondles my tits so harshly my nipples feel like silver bullets. And he slaps my ass, undoubtedly, to punish me for fucking up his work day. Then he bends me over the bed, sticking his cock deep into my hole like I’m one of his many assets. Indeed, he delivers a fuck-me-now moment out of this fucking galaxy. I’m his bitch for the day. I take everything he has to give me. He uses me like I’m nothing to him, but a horny cunt. And guess what, I love it, because he takes any thoughts of love out of my mind, perhaps, on a permanent basis.

            I feel used, and I love it. Sue me for these reflections, but I am grateful for his masterful domination of my entire body. He owned me like the sex slave that I am happy to be today.

            “Thank you, Carlos,” I supplicate.

            “You are welcome, Lisa. Anytime you need me I’ll be there,” he confirms, and then he asks sweetly: Are you alright?”

            “Yes, I needed you today. I know you have very busy days, so I appreciate you changing your schedule for me.”

            “No problem, sweetie. I understand. Some days are hard on us.”

            Carlos drives me home, then rushes back to his office, having missed about one hundred calls and like a thousand emails. Today’s fuck was for me, believe it or not, I owe him one. Sex is an adventure. It’s not always what you expect. Sometimes it takes humiliation to feel better about yourself. Night or day, sex is the best therapist.

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