Lost And Found 2: Where The Heart Is

Originally published October 2015 as Smokey Saga #55


Welcome to “Lost And Found” 2! The original “Lost And Found” and its companion piece “Miracles” contain our girls’ backstories, and of course some racy scenes. But while this is a sequel, reading it first if you prefer won’t keep you from following it. Here we’ll accompany Cesse and Penny on a whole new adventure. So as always, folks, thanks for dropping by, enjoy, happy reading, and your feedback’s valued and appreciated!

Side notes: first of all, this is the first story I’m posting to NT with some light bondage, in the second sex scene. It doesn’t last long, but it’s nice, and totally consensual. Second, this story opens with Penny singing a song called “I Found Love,” by a late-’60s/early-’70s band known as The Free Design. When I published this on Literotica, I included nine song quotes, all by this same band, including “I Found Love.” If you look this story up on Lit, you’ll find them at the end. Or drop me a comment, I’ll list them. Either way, I’d definitely suggest checking out the band. They’re truly adorable, as are their songs, and the lyrics alone don’t do them justice. Their music could be sort of a soundtrack to this.


Sunlight And Flowers, Soft Summer Showers

Thursday, June 4th, 2015, 9:20 a.m.

Cesse groggily staggered down the stairs, more grateful every morning for the banister. She reached the floor, greeted by the ever-cheerful Hollaweenie grinning up at her, his potent tail going like a weed-whacker.


“Hiya, cutie boy,” Cessy yawned, scratching him behind the ear. She sauntered towards the kitchen, to the growing sounds of breakfast and music. Then came her sweetheart’s warbly voice, singing off-key with her iPod.

“I found love!...In the fall!...And it did, not, hurt at all!...” Penny crooned, stirring batter. “…I found sunlight and flowers, soft summer showers…I can feel my heart touch my Adam’s apple, I can feel a feather in my head…”

Cesse giggled to herself. She knew Penny enjoyed singing her heart out—in the kitchen, the shower, the car—and there was no doubt about it: as a singer, Penny was an amazing cook. She wasn’t completely tone-deaf, she was just no American Idol. But this only endeared her more to Cesse. Her singing wasn’t easy on the ears, but it made Penny happy. And therefore, made Cesse happy.

Cessy tended to learn from her mistakes. And so as much as she wanted to, she did not sneak up behind Penny while she was cooking, throw her arms around her, and accidentally scare the living daylights out of her. Both could do without any more pots dropping from the counter and clattering anywhere near their feet. Rather, she sat in the dining room, waited for the song to end, and audibly yawned.

“Oh! Morning, cupcake!” Penny called.

Mornin’, sugar buns,” Cecily called back, in her most flirtatious voice.

“Oooh, hee hee! Hungry, are we?”

“In more ways than one.”

“Oh, goodness! Pressure’s on me, huh, muffin? Well, give me just a little time, and I’ll rock your world and your taste buds.”

Cesse imagined lots of folks would say they couldn’t believe their luck, in whatever form it may’ve come. But, she speculated, the disbelief of others was figurative. She, conversely, woke up every day unable to swallow the fact that seven months ago, she had found—all in the same day, no less—a lost dog, the love of her life, and a home. A BIG, beautiful home. She adhered to the philosophy that if something seemed too good to be true, it usually was. She kept expecting someone to come to the door and say, “Okay, that’s it, Miss Helmsley. Fun time’s over; you must regress to your pitiful, squalid, meaningless existence now.” It would break her heart, but at least she wouldn’t go on thinking it was too good to be true. So she squeezed as much joy out of each day as she could. She regarded each as though it were her last in this blessed life.

Finding her best friend, soulmate and boink buddy in one and the same person held as much value. But Penny couldn’t protect Cesse—or herself—from inclement weather without shelter. But God bless her, she needn’t choose. Penny’s oil-struck funds weren’t running out any time soon, and no one could make them leave. And she and Penny were in love. And so as long as this was Penny’s home, and Penny loved her, this was her home too—where the heart was, after all.

Penny began with the day’s most important meal while Cesse frolicked with the pup. He knew she’d play fetch, so he brought her a ball, which she tossed down the other end of the room. He brought it back. She tossed it. He brought it back. She tossed it. Ad infinitum. Her wrist was about to ask her if this was really necessary, when her lady companion broke out her plate. It consisted of a salad-like mix of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, home fries, and three of the fluffiest buttermilk pancakes Cesse’d ever laid hungry eyes on—despite the fact that Penny made them at least twice a month.

After producing the salt, pepper, butter, jam, syrup and her own plate as well, Penny sat so they could gaze into each other’s limerent eyes. This was why mealtimes were some of Cessy’s favorites of the day. She got to be waited on while a beautiful doll whipped her up three gourmet feasts a day, served, accompanied and ate with her, took her plate and put it away. Then on top of it, she got to kiss the cook and bop the waitress. Cesse couldn’t figure out how she shouldn’t be paying for this. But Penny didn’t allow her to shell out what limited cash she had for anything. Besides the obvious logic that Penny was the rich one, looking after her dear Cecily had become her favorite project. Hollaweenie required a roof over his head, food, doggie treats, water, a litter box, and to be loved and played with. All this left Penny still too much spare time, until Cesse entered the picture. Now the Pen-pal took care of both her girlfriend and dog.

And she loved it. She felt her life was all but complete. The circumstances had worked out in a way. Had she given birth, her daughter’d be eleven now, and the setup would be less than ideal for a homeless street lady to show up and stay with them. She’d have to consider her daughter’s feelings, and while the little dumpling might’ve liked Cesse, she might not have. Part of her still wished she could’ve found out, but if the situation didn’t work, oh, what it would’ve caused her to miss out on. And she’d adopted a lovely, unconditionally loving canine son in the meanwhile, crazy about having a second loving, doting Mommy around. He was so happy to have located her under that oak tree.

Cesse, now with a home and contact means, could likely have got a job by now. But there was little need for that. And she ran the risks of doing something she really didn’t want to do, and working under an undesirable employer. She’d liked her job at First Parties—having stayed there a full decade, after all—but it didn’t define or fulfill her. She hadn’t found what she wanted to do with the rest of her life, but wasn’t staying up nights thinking about it. Maybe this was it. She was ecstatically happy here…but couldn’t help wondering if she should be contributing to the household, or if Penny wanted her to.

Of course, on the other hand, she supposed that since she arrived, she’d been making her own very intimate contributions.


Girls Behaving Madly

Six months earlier: Thursday, December 18th, 2014, 8:43 p.m.

On either side of Penny’s mistress bed sat an end table. In each were two vertically stacked drawers. In the top drawer on Penny’s side were a stash of romantic toys, alongside a book of lesbian sex positions. When Cesse came to her door Thanksgiving Eve, seducing her into a smoldering frenzy of passion that night, Penny realized just how eagerly she desired such a benefitted friend. And after saying goodbye to her Aunt Tracy the next night, they returned to their ongoing pleasure romp. In December, they started sharing their kinks and quirks, and collecting naughty playthings. First of all, they took a trip to the bookstore and scored this tantalizing tome of Sapphic lovemaking.

They kept their erotic romance alive by constantly exploring and experimenting. They had a big advantage over most couples in that they were essentially financially immune. They didn’t have to work, and so they had more time to focus on their relationship. One thing they’d learned in their discussions and adventures—when they could stop giggling—was that they both enjoyed being tied up. Or so they believed. The idea excited both, each imagining binding the other down and then doing whatever she wished, her counterpart helpless and unable to do anything about it. Neither’d dabbled in hard bondage before. Although when they lived in the same neighborhood at age five, they used to visit and play-fight: wrestling, scuffling, holding down and tickling each other, et cetera. But they hadn’t tied one another up before. So one day they tried it out.

First, Penny volunteered to be the immobile sub, giving Cesse the power to do with her as she pleased. To say the least, this setup hadn’t gone very splendidly. At all. It was plain to see Cessy wasn’t cut out to be anyone’s domme. She struggled to get Penny down and properly restrained, but then wasn’t sure what to do to her. When Penny told her that it was up to her—that she was the dominant party here, and that Penny was hers to play with—Cesse decided, okay, let’s have a little fun.

Unfortunately, what she thought of as fun annoyed Penny. Cesse gave her playful little pokes, pinches, flicks and tweaks, which weren’t met with satisfaction. So she tried tickling, gently attacking Penny’s sensitive and weak spots. Penny didn’t like this either. She really hated that though Cessy wasn’t even trying, her method was incredibly effective. Light tickles drove her even crazier than heavy ones.

Finally, Cesse just did what came naturally. She lowered herself over Penny to begin making soft, ginger love. While this appealed more to Penny, it was still not exactly what she’d had in mind. She’d anticipated a bit more hardcore action: spanking, thrusting, biting…but she supposed this wasn’t really Cesse’s forte. In the second place, she’d been knocked out of the mood by Cesse’s inept advances. Finally, she groused that this really wasn’t working, and that Cesse should just untie her now. Frankly, Cessy was a bit hurt by her reaction. She rose from the bed, but instead of untying Penny, she went downstairs and flipped on the TV, just to watch what she wanted for a little while.

When Cessy returned to release her, Penny was irritated, but they traded apologies. Cesse said she was sorry for not knowing what she was doing and failing to light Penny up. Penny was sorry for hurting Cesse’s feelings—and also for finding out the hard way that just as Cesse was not a dominatrix, nor was Penny a submissive. So they agreed to try again, reversing positions, expecting things would work better.

Work better they did. Penny, it turned out, did not like being tied up nearly as much as she thought. But before she tied Cessy down, they did what they should’ve done before, and had some wine first. A couple defense-melting glasses of Blanc and they were all too ready to pounce on each other and go straight to town.

However, Penny cheerfully informed Cesse and her eager Tigger they’d have to wait. Both were frustrated, which gave Penny’s rogue side a bit of satisfaction (and also a little ego boost). But she stuck to her proverbial guns, knowing the wait would only make it better. What she told Cesse to do first Cesse didn’t fully understand, but obeyed.

Penny ordered her to shed her clothing, and lay face down, on her belly. Cessy thought she’d be on her back, as Penny had been in their first escapade. Penny saw she had to lay down the law, as it were. She reached under Cesse’s dress and gripped her cunny.

“Are you giving me sass, Cesse?” she demanded with a harsh grin, making Cessy gasp. “Questioning my methods?”

Aaaahhh…” Cesse moaned timidly, feeling submissive already. She’d have tried to yank Penny’s hand away if she didn’t like this so much. “No! I…I-I-I just thoug—I…no!

Penny smirked triumphantly. “That’s better,” she sneered. “Now, on your belly.”

Cesse did as her Mistress of her evening told her, sprawling tush up. She felt her legs pulled ajar to a 60° angle, the smooth sensations of velvety ropes securing her feet to either end. She giggled like the little girl she remembered being, feeling a fingernail slide down both soles as each ankle was tied nice and tight. Penny then raked the back of Cesse’s left leg as she crossed, took her wrists to the headboard, and bound them as well. Cesse chuckled some more, getting turned on.

“Are you giggling at me?” came the authoritative voice from above.

Cessy vehemently shook her head, trying to hide her irremovable grin. “Mm-mm!”

“You’d better not be,” Penny mock-threatened, slithering her hands under Cesse’s arms, grazing her pits. Cesse buried her face in the nearest pillow, stifling her laughter.

“Ah!” Penny spanked her. “I said no laughing, you naughty girl! Do you understand me?”

This time, she didn’t allow time to answer. As soon as she finished, she waggled her fingers from Cessy’s pussy to asshole, forcing her to break out in raucous howls.

“You don’t follow directions very well, ticklish little naked lass,” Penny admonished. “Guess I’ll have to punish you.”

“Uh-oh,” Cesse chortled, trying to sound frightened but sniggering too much. “What’re you gonna do, Miss…uh…Mistress?”

“That’s for me to know and you to find out,” Penny ominously cooed into her ear, draping her clothed body over Cesse’s ripe bare skin.

“Oooh, I like the way that feels, Mistress,” Cesse praised.

“You’ll like it when I say you’re allowed to like it, slave,” Penny smiled down on her. “You belong to me, and you will do as I say. Do I make myself clear?”

Cesse nodded emphatically.

“I said…do I make myself…” Penny dug her nails into both Cesse’s ass cheeks at once.


Cesse again whipped her head up from the pillow, guffawing hysterically. “No, no, ple-e-e-ease!” she begged.

“And what did I tell you about laughing??”

“I can’t help it, Mistress!” Cessy cried defenselessly. “I’m too ticklish! You’re tickling me!

Penny placed her upper hand under Cesse’s chin, the other between her thighs. She tilted Cesse’s head up, shifted her body horizontally, and seductively rasped in her ear.

I am aboutto bring you to a realm of explosive passionyou never dreamed existed.”

Cesse arched her eyebrows. “Oh my goodness,” she peeped.

You’ll speak when ordered to speak. And when commanded to scream, you’ll scream.”

Cessy was already massively turned on. Her pink—and reddening—Tigger moistened, nipples stiffening against the mattress. Penny rubbed her under the chin like her pet, chuckling sinisterly. Cesse knew she couldn’t ask what was going to be done to her, and while partially curious, she also highly relished lying restrained under her darling’s warm, soft body. She felt both protected by her and trapped in her clutches at the same time. A delicious dual sensation. She felt Penny pet her, from her hair down her back, and over her ass. She silently moaned as she felt Penny kiss her shoulder blade.

Ohhhh…” Cesse exulted. Penny nuzzled her back with her nose and cheek, placing another kiss here and there. Her pattern was random, leaving Cesse wondering where and when the next would fall. She lapped up each kiss as it came, impatiently longing for the next. Tigger, Minnie and Daisy felt blood rushing, desperately yearning to be loved themselves. Penny delighted in the adorable sight of Cessy’s face smushed in the pillow, lost in devotion. She really did love her more than life itself.

The next kiss was planted on her cheek, shaping both cheeks into a warm smile. Cesse wasn’t exactly fighting for movement, but reviewing her nude sprawled body, tied at the extremities, her perfect exposed ass, her wet hot cunt beneath…God, her pussy was magnificent…it all set Penny on fire. She would never harm Cessy, or force her to do anything that made her uncomfy, but just the feeling that she could…thrilled her no end.

Overlapping half her body, Penny slipped her arms under, exhaled warm breath over her, and clasped Minnie and Daisy. Cesse’s mouth opened into a gasp of pleasure. Her eyebrows arched symmetrically. Her entire body temperature puffed up degree by degree. She was beginning to need to feel what Tiggers love best, no two ways about it. She hoped Penny wouldn’t torture her. Last time, she’d left Penny tied to the bed while she had some time to herself. Now she was starting to wonder if that move would make her pay. She couldn’t touch herself, or speak without permission. What would happen if Penny decided to deny or spoil her orgasm? Would she be able to stand that??

Penny, meanwhile, was running a passage of the sex book through her mind. All positions in the book were pictured with two unrestrained nude models. Penny was adapting a bondage-style version. She loved the power she wielded over Cesse by keeping her own clothes on, while her playmate lay tied and naked. Of course, part of her thought if it was up to her, her lady-friend Cessy’d never wear any clothes. She just rocked such a…rockin’ body. Now, how did that passage go again…

The ‘Hunny Bun’: Hunny Bun lovemaking is often a pleasantly surprising result of what begins as an ‘innocent’ back massage,” she recited to herself. Settling on this position for tonight’s festivities, she must’ve read the description a hundred times. “Top lies on her lover, pressing the entire length of her body onto her while rubbing and grinding her own clitoris and labia into a frenzy.”

Penny was certain Cesse would appreciate the effort she’d gone to preparing this treat. She laid herself wholly over Cessy’s back and ass, earning another moan of approval. Her fingers worked Cesse’s silky skin, as she continued along her aimless kiss trail. She deliberately went very slowly, wanting to make this last. Cesse whimpered beneath her. Penny wasn’t sure what the whimper meant. A case could be made for either, “You’re going a little slow, honey. I’m not sure I wanna wait so long; could you please pick it up a bit?” or, “Oh, that feels sooooo good. I could just lie here and stay like this forever.”

Penny opted to believe the latter. Besides which, she had the power here. She must’ve been doing something Cessy liked, because Cesse began perspiring under her, the sort of sweat that just shouted hot sexual arousal. Her skin flushed and her tits heaved. After Penny’d been massaging and pecking about five minutes, she initiated the grinding phase. Straddling Cesse’s ass, she pushed down with her hips and pelvis, applied pressure, held it, and rolled her Lolita over Cesse, pussy to crack.

Cesse gasped again, eyebrows furrowing down into a grimace. But a good grimace, a grimace that is unsure how much of the pleasure to gauge, either garnering reward or risking overdoing. Sometimes Cesse could be patient. Other times she was very much into instant gratification. Sexual gusto fell into the “instant” category. And so as Penny ascended to reset and resume, launching into grind number two, Cesse’s eyes opened in alarm. As if to say, “Hey, I was enjoying that! Come back here!” And natch, as Penny continued, Cesse contentedly settled back in.

They picked up a bit of pace, easing into a bump-and-grind rhythm, as if grooving slo-mo to a dance song. Both beginning to sizzle, Cesse grabbed at the headboard, balling her toes and whapping the tops of her feet on the mattress. Penny, though already wet, whipped off her panties as her hot love juice ran harder, dribbling from Lolita’s swollen lips down her naked lass’ ass crack. Once Cessy felt her lover’s moisture, processing that Penny was just as wildly turned on as she, a crazy attack of ecstasy rushed her. Penny’s happiness meant more than the world to her, and just as with her superior cooking, her inferior singing, or anything else—if it made Penny happy, it elated Cesse.

They ground back to front once more, and repeated. This tactic was working wonders not even Penny anticipated and Cessy certainly wasn’t expecting—despite Penny’s promise of charting unparalleled territory. Cesse rolled her back, and felt goosebumps materialize. Just as she was hoping and encouraging, Penny held on by tightly gripping Minnie and Daisy. Their nipples keenly responded to her touch. Penny sensed it was time to release Hans and Greta and allow them to join the fun.

Penny brushed her pinkish-red nipples up Cesse’s quivering back. The grinding rhythm fluctuated as their concentration liquefied, but they’d yet to lose flow altogether. Penny was dying to make her beloved bottom cum. She could tell she was close. She slid back one more time…reached to part Cesse’s labia…pressed herself nice and firm…paw between both cunts…felt for Cesse’s bulging red clit…and uttered the magic words.

I love you, Cessy.”

The tickly sensation on her clit and declaration of love, as predicted, sent Cesse flying over the edge.

“OHHHHHHHHHHHHHHGOD!!” Cesse shrieked, as the lightning struck her brain and shot through her up, down and back again. She narrated each forthcoming thrust, with a resounding, “YES! YESSS! YESSSSS! YESSSSS!! YESSSSSS!!

She reacted so explosively, Penny suddenly felt as if she were riding a mechanical bull. Cesse bucked, almost flinging her right off. Penny slung her free arm around Cesse’s middle and held on for dear life, enjoying each last moment until she finished.

It was fortunate there was a pillow under her, because once Cesse could go no longer, her energy gave right out, and her head collapsed in place. Tigger finished squirting on the bed before she finally settled down. Lolita had a bit of similar business to wrap up.

Penny climbed off her and stood from the bed. She gazed down to take stock before untying her. She was beautiful. Ass up, face up, it didn’t matter. Her new experiment would’ve been a complete suc-Cesse, except that “suc-Cesse” was not a big enough word. “Extravaganza” came closer. A few minutes later, she heard Cessy snoozing. Her heart warmed. What a lovely job she’d done. The fact that she was still tied naked on the bed made Penny work to keep from taking any more advantage. She untied Cesse, put the ropes away, grabbed the covers, tucked her in, and sat to stroke her hair.

You don’t have to say it back,” she mouthed. “I know you love me too.”

She wasn’t ready to go to bed. So as Cesse had done before, Penny left her alone, shut the door, came downstairs, turned on the TV to a low, tranquil volume, retrieved some toys and doggy treats, and spent some quality time playing with her Weenie.


New Pursuits

Thursday, June 4th, 2015, 12:04 p.m.

After breakfast one fair late spring day, the ladies took Hollaweenie on a walk, and Penny made an announcement.


“Yes, puddin’?”

Penny laughed. “I’ve been thinking about making a change in my life,” she confided.

Uh-oh, thought Cesse. Here it comes. Too good to be true. Knew it.

“…Does…it involve me?”

“Well, sure, if you want.”

Oh. Whew. Maybe not.

“What is it?”

“Well, y’know, since you arrived, we’ve just been kinda hanging around the house day by day. And—don’t get me wrong—I love hanging out with you, and playing with the dog and all. I know we have tons of fun together. It’s just that I’ve been thinking…”

Cessy grew a bit nervous again, even though Penny indicated the plan still included her.

“…And if I ever came into some serious money, I always thought that I’d wanna give back, in some way. Y’know, like charity.”

“Aw, how noble. I presume you mean a charity other than me.”

“Yeah, and so…I could donate to something, but I don’t think that would really keep my time occupied. I think I need a project.”

“Oh?...What sorta project?”

“Well, here’s what I’m thinking. We find some building or complex available for lease, right? And we fix it up, and kinda turn it into our own nonprofit organization. Sorta maybe a…rec center-slash-B. & B.-slash-homeless-slash-animal shelter.”

Cessy’s face alit, highly excited at this prospect. “Oh, wow! Cool!”

“I know, right??” said Penny. “We could have all kinds of stuff: a…a game room, music room, library, cafeteria, classes, or, like, seminar-type things. Then another big room for cots for the homeless people, and a pet kennel for stray animals. So that way, people who’re allergic to animals won’t be exposed, and animal lovers could go play with ’em. And maybe we could even set up an adoption program. What do you think??”

“I love it!” Cesse exclaimed. “Honestly, though, Pen-pal, I didn’t hear a ton of what you said after ‘game room.’ I started flashing on all the hours I played pool, air hockey, ping pong, pinball…I could do it all day. I just love ’em. I suck at ’em, but I love ’em.”

“Aw, don’t sell yourself short, sweet pea; I’m sure you’re not that bad.”

“Oh, I am, sweet potato. But it’s okay, they’re still super-fun.”

“That’s the best way to look at it, sweetcakes. ’S not whether you win or lose, ’s how many hot girls’ phone numbers you rack up while you’re playing.”

Cesse laughed. “You trying to tell me something, sweetbreads?”

“‘Sweetbreads’? You callin’ me a pancreas?”

“Don’t change the subject, subject-changer,” Cessy flirted, spanking Penny’s butt. “You collectin’ chicks’ digits behind my back?”

Penny took the hand from behind her tush and squeezed it tenderly. “Never, my angel.”

Cesse stopped walking and took Penny’s other hand—and Weenie’s harness—as well.

“If we weren’t outside walking our dog right now, I’d rip your clothes off and make you glad you’re a hot girl,” she declared.

Penny’s heart fanned itself.

“On that note…” She looked down. “Come along, boy. We’re going home so that Mommy and Mommy can be naked together.”


There’s No ‘I’ In “Dream” (But There Are Two In A Game Of Billiards)

Sunday, July 5th, 2015, 3:33 p.m.

Cessy was so excited about Penny’s idea, she wanted to be along for every step of the ride. Much as she loved relaxing around the house, playing with the dog and letting Penny dote on her, part of her was as well feeling the urge to, just as Penny’d said, engage in a new project, and busy herself with its pursuits. Penny planned to both accept volunteers and hire salaried workers. For her part, Cesse’s enthusiasm wasn’t dampened. She just wanted them to be together, whether chilling at home or taking part in such a venture. The next month was spent meeting with real estate agents and brokers. After seeing buildings till they could no longer tell the difference, they started thinking maybe they just wouldn’t find a location to fulfill their vision. Perhaps they’d bitten off more than could be chewed. Then, sometime around the summer solstice…

…Bingo. The next property they were taken to have a look at was 8710 Cherrywood Street in St. Ingmar. This massive structure was originally erected in the ’50s. It used to be an assisted living facility. Now it’d been for lease a while, and the property managers were looking for something new to do with it.

“Wow, this looks promising,” Penny remarked as they exited the car.

“Ooh, I hope,” said Cesse, crossing her fingers.

Twenty minutes later, the building’s charm officially won them over. First, it was much larger than it looked from outside. Size mattered in this endeavor. It needed a little fixing up, but the architecture and plumbing had held up okay, and they found no serious deal-breakers. For the first time, they didn’t run into a series of roadblocks. It took some time to decide, but finally they came to the agreement that they wouldn’t find anyplace better than this. So they hired contractors to put in a wall here, add on a section there, et cetera. When this was done, the next step was to find and order furniture. A lot of it.

By the following Sunday, their furnishings had started arriving. One of the first pieces was a 9’x5’ cyan-felted pool table, along with which the movers had been kind enough to deliver the supplies. Once the girls had them place it where they wanted it, they decided to celebrate the acquisition with a match.

“Okay, what’s your game?” asked Cesse.

“Well, I prefer 8-ball. It’s more structured and challenging than 9-ball or straight pool.

Oh, and, eh…” Pause. “According to Penny James rules, whenever your opponent sinks a ball…you remove a piece of clothing.”

“Oh, really now?” Cessy giggled. “Intriguing! What happens when the game’s over?”

“You’ll see.”

Penny racked, chalked her cue and broke. All sixteen balls scattered over the table. The orange striped 13 rolled into the far corner.

“Okay, now, technically, the table’s still open,” Penny explained to her. “Now, I made one on the break, so it’s still my shot, and…let’s see here…” She examined the table. “…Now, even though I sank one of the stripes, I’m gonna do you a ‘solid’…” She winked. “…’Cause I think the solids look like a better bet. So I’m gonna go for the 7 in this corner.” She applied a bit of low right-hand english and shot the 7. She made it, banking the cue ball off the top cushion and back down.

“A’right, sweetie,” she smiled at Cesse. “You’re stripes, I’m solids. Now gets to strippin’.”

Cessy blushed.

“You know, Penny,” she said, kicking off one of her shoes, “If I didn’t know better…I’d think you were trying to hustle me.”

“Well, then, I guess it’s a good thing you don’t know better. 5 in the side.”

This time Penny used high english, pocketing the 5 in the opposite side, putting herself in position to shoot at the 3 next.

Cesse nodded. “I guess so.” She kicked off her other shoe, now in her bare feet.

Penny went for the 3. Unfortunately for her, this was a longer shot, and her angle was a bit off. She came close, but missed.

“Ah,” she lamented, snapping her fingers. “’Kay, babe, you’re up. Remember, you can shoot any of the striped balls.”

Cessy chalked and surveyed the table. Her closest and easiest shot was the 14 in the corner. She wasn’t very good at using english, so she shot harder to get the cue ball moving. She made it. The cue ball ended up between several solid and striped balls midway down. Not as skilled a player as Penny, she got excited at her achievement.

“Oh, yay!” she celebrated, hopping on her toes. Penny smiled, taking off a shoe.

“Good shot, hunny. A’right, go again.”

“Okay, so I have to go for one of the high ones, right?”

“That’s right. Your balls’re 9 to 15, mine are 1 to 7. So even if you don’t make one, as long as you just hit one of your own balls—and a rail—then that’s a legal shot. If you hit one of mine, though, or I hit one of yours, that’s a foul.”

“Got it.” Cesse readied herself and shot the 11 next. She aimed at the bottom left corner, but was about 5° off.

“Okay, my go,” Penny stepped up. She again aimed at the 3, which was now nearer the corner where she’d tried to make it the first time. She had a more difficult shot, needing to bank around the 10 and 8 balls to get at it. But her determination paid off.

“Oh, wow!” said Cesse. “Impressive, sweetie!”

“Thank you, dear,” Penny took a little bow. “That’ll be another piece of clothing, please.”

“Can I count my bow?” Cesse asked, pointing to the ribbon in her hair.

“That’ll be fine.” Penny opted for the 2 next, up near the top rails where she’d made the 3. She wanted the nearby 6 after this, so she shot the 2 just easy enough to put it in.

Ka-chunk. “Oh, man!” chuckled Cesse. “You’re good at this!”

“Well, I didn’t wanna brag about my skills and not be able to back it up,” Penny stated modestly. “Okay, you know the rules.”

The bow left Cesse in her top, jeans shorts and underwear. About now she was glad no one else was here. She laid her cue aside and pulled her shirt off over her head.

“Whoo-hoo!” said Penny. “I like this game!”

Still Penny’s turn, she leaned down, aiming at the 6 ball, which she wanted to land in the side pocket. But this angle was just a little too hard for her to cut it in. It bounced off and ricocheted a few inches the other way.

“Rats. Okay, go ahead.”

Behind the cue ball now sat the 12, closer to the corner. This looked like the simplest and most straightforward shot Cesse had, so she settled down on it, concentrated, and gave it her best try. And she succeeded.

“Yes!” she pumped her fist. Penny slipped off her other shoe. She put on a good façade, though she was a bit more competitive than Cessy. Not so much that one bad game could ruin their relationship, but things could get heated. And Cesse’d had only sandals, whereas Penny had tennies and socks. But Cesse also had the ribbon in her hair. It was her shot again. She didn’t see one she thought she could sink, so she asked a question.

“So, I can shoot one of mine anywhere?”

“That is right,” Penny pointed out. “Without penalty, as long as the cue ball or the ball you hit touches at least one rail.”

Cesse nodded once more. She had the 9, 10, 11 and 15 left. The 9 and 10 were close together. Even though neither was an easy make, Cesse took a chance on them. She knew she wouldn’t foul, so she chalked up, aimed, gave some velocity and fired. The cue ball crashed between the 9 and 10, sending both flying around the table. The 9 careened towards the top end of the table, the 10 the bottom. To their awe, Cesse lucked out. Doubly. The 9 slammed head-on into the top left corner. The 10 spun down and banged into the 11, and croqueted it into the bottom left corner. Cesse gasped.

“Eeeee!” she cried, jumping with glee. “OhmyGod, I got two! I made the 9 and the 11!”

Penny pulled off both socks, and placed them in her shoes. Though she’d be hesitant to admit it, her competitiveness came out a bit more. This occurrence made her sour, if she was totally honest. She did not like to lose, due either to fluking or genuine skill, even to her girlfriend. The game wasn’t over yet, but now Cessy was ahead. She only had two balls left to sink before the 8. You lucky ducky, Penny thought. She would admit, however, there was an upside. Watching Cesse hop up and down gave her a visual treat, the lovely Minnie and Daisy bouncing under her bra. Penny liked that. But she was orchestrating this match, by her own rules, and she still planned to win.

The 15 ball, which hadn’t moved since the break, was stuck behind the 1 from Cesse’s angle. She couldn’t see it, so she had to shoot the 10. She focused, and took her shot. The 10 bounced on either corner in front of the pocket, but stayed on the table.

“’Kay, my turn,” said Penny. Of her balls, the 1, 4 and 6 remained in play. Now that Cessy’d put her near the bottom, Pen’s best shot was the 4 in the top left corner. The game was getting risky, because Cesse had one of the bottom pockets tied up with the 10, and only the 15 aside from that. Penny had the 4 straight on, but direct shots could be deceptively hard. She took her time, gave a thorough, even stroke, and…ka-lunk.

Penny exhaled. “Yes!” They were on even footing again, both because all four feet were bare, and because each had only two balls to sink prior to the 8. Cesse was nervous, as she had to give up yet another garment. So she removed her shorts, taking her down to only her bra and panties. Still Penny’s turn, she went for the 6 a second time. Now her cue ball was nearer the middle of the table, and her object ball was close enough to the pocket for an easy shot. Ka-chunk.

“Oh, dang it!” Cesse pouted. “That’s not fair!”

“Neither’s life, baby doll.” Penny smiled maliciously, enjoying this. “Set those girls free.”

This was where being alone in a locked building came in handy. They were secluded; no one could enter or see them through a window. So they were free to treat it like home, shedding clothes to unleash their invaluables. Even so, Cesse was self-conscious. But rules were rules; she had to take a piece of underwear off. So she decided on her panties, figuring baring her ass and pussy first would loosen her up to expose her titties as well. She began to slide them down, her face turning red as a beet.

“Sweetie, it’s just you and me!” Penny laughed at her. “C’mon, we’ve been naked at home dozens of times! What’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that we are not at home right now!” Cesse squeaked.

“You’re right,” Penny agreed, as Cessy finally got the panties past her butt. “I’ll go tell ’em to turn the cameras off.”


“I’m kidding! Cessy, for heaven’s sake, ya big goofball, I was kidding!

“…Oh-ho!” Cesse’s face washed in relief. Still blushing but giggling, she dropped her panties to the floor and stepped out.

“’Atta girl,” praised Penny. She finally leaned down the table again to aim at the 1. Once more, her stroke was level and deliberate. This time she was working with a roughly 150° angle across half the table, and…ka-chunk. In it went.

“Awww!” Cesse dropped her face in her hands, feeling defeated even though the game still wasn’t over. She had to surrender her final garment. At least her logic worked; now that she’d taken off her panties, she was less shy to undo her bra. She let her lovely tits bobble out to Penny’s delight, and flung the wired shackle behind her. Penny took a voyeuristic moment to relish the novelty: her darling completely nude, in a non-home setting. It was all so sumptuously kinky. Cesse watched as Penny admired her up and down. She supposed while being studied in her statuesque nakedness, she could’ve done a sexy little dance, but she still had a bit of embarrassment to get over. Finally, Penny returned to the table. “8 ball in the far corner pocket,” she gestured with the cue.

The 8 ball had also not moved since the opening of the match. The cue ball, however, was now back near the bottom of the table. Penny rode her cue back and forth across her finger bridge, trying to get the angle just perfect.

She spent an especially long time on this shot, it being after all that which would win her the game. As she was doing so, an idea hit Cesse. It wasn’t very sportswomanlike, but neither was taking away one’s confidence by forcing her to strip. But she had her wiles about her, and darn it, if she had to be naked, she’d get it to work to her advantage.

She sauntered to the end where Penny was aiming at the 8 ball, hoisted one foot till she could rest its arch on the edge, raised her arms above her head, clasped her hands, tossed her head back…moaned…and gave Minnie and Daisy a nice jiggle.

Sure enough, as Penny glanced up, her focus was averted from the game. The unique view Cessy gave her, of both her girls—and Tigger, too—captivated her attention. Her curves were especially sublime in this light. Suddenly, Penny found it hard to take her eyes elsewhere. Then, Cessy took it up yet another notch. She brought her arms down in a flourish, and passionately…spiritedly…grabbed herself, giving her pussy an idle massage between the lips.

“Uhhh…oooh…” she coyly commented, squeezing her cunt. “Oh, my…these are especially high ceilings, aren’t they?”

Penny James may have been the dominant party, and Cessy Helmsley the submissive, but her wily femininity and power therein were not to be underestimated. Sometimes when Penny thought how astonishingly sexy her girl was, or saw her in the flesh, it was all she could do not to jump her on the spot. Sometimes she lost control of her faculties. Right now would be a good example, as while gawking at Cessy, she spastically jerked her arm forward, shot the cue ball willy-nilly, and missed the 8 completely. Furthermore, as the cue ball flew around the table, it kicked Cesse’s 15…sending it straight into the nearby side pocket. Cessy innocently looked down, to the result of her shenanigans.

“Oh…why, dear me,” she cooed adorably. “Did I distract you, Penny Lane?”

Noting that Cesse had gotten crafty on her, Penny turned sour again. But she couldn’t be that mad. Part of her was too aroused. And the rest of her…well…was aroused too.

“A’right…a’right, well done, vixen,” she congratulated. “Not only did you make me miss, but I got one of your balls instead.”

Cesse stifled a giggle. “So what does that mean?”

“Well…” Penny paused to pull off her own shirt, giving Hansel and Gretel a shake back at her. “…It means I fouled, and now that means you have what’s called ‘ball in hand.’ So you can take the cue ball and put it anywhere you want to shoot your next shot.” She impishly tossed her top in Cessy’s face, muffling her reaction.

“Oh, gosh!” exclaimed Cesse through a faceful of shirt. “Really?”

“Yes, really.” Cesse removed Penny’s shirt from her head. Penny picked up the white ivory ball from the table, turned one of Cesse’s paws palm up, and deposited it. Then, she proceeded to lay her lips good and hard upon Cesse’s, as if to say, Two can play this game. Her wiles were pretty potent themselves. Cesse was overwhelmed by her advance. She went into a hypnosis of passion, powerlessly dropped both cues—the stick and ball—and flung her arms around Penny. But just as she was getting into it, Penny stopped the kiss and pulled away. Cesse’s eyes popped open in disappointment.

“Mm?…But…but…” she stammered.

OH, why, dear me,” Penny parroted with a sly grin. “Did I…distract you, prin-Cesse?”

Taking advantage of her being naked, Penny palmed Cesse’s ass with one hand for a good firm grip. With her other, she now took the liberty of groping and stroking the Tigger, mimicking the massaging motion Cesse had performed on herself.

Already dazed and confused, the poor down-guarded Cessy began going crazy. Her head flew back, emitting a squeal that relinquished any control she had. Forced mind-altering pleasure flooded in at an unprecedented rate. In their seven months together, never had Penny gone in for the kill like this, so…so purposefully…

Not to mention…so intensely

GodPennyplease don’t stop…”

What was that?” Penny checked. “‘Please don’t?...Stop’? Okay.”

Just as suddenly as she’d grabbed her, Penny unhanded Cesse, leaving her high and dry. She was bemused and disenchanted by these abrupt drop-offs. She could as easily have resumed by herself, but her own touch just wasn’t the same. Her Tigger was warm, wet and pink, and she was admittedly curious why Penny was behaving so aggressively. Just because of that little stunt I pulled a minute ago? But...I was just fooling around. Just being a little naughty. Just for fun.

“Um…Penny?...What’s going on?”

Penny smirked sweetly. “What’s going on is it’s your shot.” She stooped to the floor, picking up Cesse’s equipment and returning it to her. “Remember, put the cue ball anywhere you like and shoot as normal.”

A little disoriented, but trying to put the last sixty seconds aside for now, Cesse placed the aggot at a spot that made the 10 easiest to shoot. It wouldn’t have been a difficult shot anywhere on the table, as she had the 10 tying up the bottom pocket. She still had trouble concentrating. She suddenly found herself wanting the game to be over.

Careful, darling,” came Penny’s syrupy taunting voice from behind. Cesse could hear the evil smile in her inflection. “Don’t let your girls get in your way, what with them just…dangling out in the open…all exposed and vulnerable.”

As Cesse aimed, she felt a third hand reach under and tweak one of her unprotected nipples. She gasped once more, dropping her aim and leaning over the table for support. A sizzle of ecstasy went through her.


The next she felt was a single fingertip between the legs, teasing down her slit, from clit to taint. OH, GOD!!... her mind cried.


Ohhhhh,” Cesse groaned. “Oh, for God’s sake, please…”

“You know, sweetheart, this reminds me a little of a Winnie the Pooh episode,” Penny remarked, unable to keep from grinning victoriously. “It was where, uh…Tigger…was trying to cheer up Eeyore, and also teach Eeyore to be more like him. So to make him smile like a Tigger, he had Eeyore lie on his back, and tickled his tummy with a feather.”

Uh-oh, thought Cesse, thinking she saw what Penny had in store for her.

“Yeah, and y’know, as I think about it further, that reminds me of something that happened to me once at a store,” Penny reminisced, continuing her fondling. “I was sitting at a table, and this pretty girl came up to me and said…”

She leaned up to Cessy’s ear, rubbed her pussy, and lowered her voice.

“…‘Tickle your cunny with a feather?’”

Cesse shivered on the outside and tingled on the inside. Sweat trickled down her face.

“But then it turns out she was really saying, ‘Particularly sunny weather,’” Penny went on. “Ha! Boy, did I ever feel like a silly goose.”

Cesse gulped. She was growing so hot and bothered she could hardly stand it. One part of her rational mind ignored all this titillation and reminded her to shoot her ball. Oh, like I could even finish now, she thought. But the game was almost done. If she made the 10, the 8 and cue balls would be the only two left on the table. And she was pretty sure Penny’d still want her to try. So she snapped her wrist and fired. Fortunately, she made the 10. Unfortunately, she sank the cue ball in the same pocket. It careened right after.

“Oh! Sweetie!” announced Penny, forcing back her satisfied smile. “You scratched!”

“Darn,” Cesse exhaled, having trouble caring. “What does that mean?”

“Well, for one, making a ball and scratching on the same shot excuses me from removing my clothing. And this time, Messy Cessy, you fouled, you see, and so now you have given me ball in hand,” a pleased Penny explained, plucking the ball from the pocket. “And so now, I must again try for Miss 8 Ball here. But this time, I have an easier shot, being that I can put the cue ball wherever I like.

“And also this time, I shan’t allow you to distract me.”

She lined up and got down on it. “8 ball in the side pocket.” Aim one, aim two, aim three, aaaandcontact. Ka-chunk!

“Hooray!” said Penny. “And that’s it! That’s allllll she wrote.”

Whew, thought Cesse. Finally.

“Congrats, hunny,” she said, kissing Penny’s hand. “So, erm…what do we do now?”

The corners of Penny’s mouth curled up. She was going to enjoy this. And so help her, so was Cesse. She grabbed her own clothes and put them back on.

“Wellllll…normally, the loser is forced to give up any and all remaining clothing, and go from there. Since you’re already naked, we can jump straight to the fun part.”

Gulp. “And, uh…what’s that?”

“I’ll show you. You stay here, and I’ll be riiiight back.”

Penny gleefully snatched up Cesse’s stray clothes and trotted out of the room with them. A little alarmed, Cesse laid her cue to rest and covered her privates, suddenly afraid someone would come in and see her, though they were still alone in this locked up building. She then heard something more alarming: the faint sound of Penny retrieving her keys, and unlocking the front door.

Gasp. Cesse looked around. Finding nothing to hide behind or cover herself with, she dropped to her knees and scurried under the pool table. She wasn’t sure what she was expecting to happen, but didn’t think she’d like it. At last, a few moments later, returned a fully dressed Penny holding a cardboard box.

She looked around. “…Cessy?”

The meek reply floated up from beneath the table. “…Penny?”

“…What’re you doing under there, silly? Hide and seek?”

“Oh, uh…no. I…I just got a little scared. Wh-when I heard you open the door, I guess I thought you were gonna let someone come in and…embarrass me. Or something.”

Penny laughed. “That imagination’s gonna get you in trouble one of these days!” she chortled. “No, baby, of course not! I just ran out to my car!”

Cesse looked up, letting out her breath once more. Given her earlier antic, she couldn’t say she expected Penny to have no payback plan, but didn’t think things would go that far. Besides, Penny’d already rocked her world with those wicked teasing techniques.

“Oh…so there’s…still no one else here?”

“Of course not, you paranoid goof,” Penny repeated. “C’mon, get out from under there.”

Cesse sheepishly did as told. Her eyes then widened as she watched Penny produce from her box the very same velvety ropes she’d used to tie her to bed in December. A chill assaulted her spine. She looked back up to Penny.

“You mean…?”

Penny nodded matter-of-factly, as if this were nothing out of the ordinary.

“Of course I do. Hop on up. On your back this time, babe.”

For just a moment Cessy only stared at her.

“Don’t worry, it’ll hold you; you’re barely a hundred and ten pounds.”

“Penny, people are going to play pool on this table!”

“And your point?”

Fifteen minutes later, Penny had her again pinned by the extremities. Cesse now lay on her back on the cyan felt, eyes and nipples pointed to the particularly high ceiling. Once Penny’d finished trussing her down, she leaned on the rail between Cesse’s feet to admire her handiwork. She reveled in the marvelous symmetry of Cessy’s body, the way her girls jiggled like mounds of gelatin topped with stiff stemless cherries. All they needed was whipped cream. Penny wasted nary a moment getting down to business.

Revved as Cesse already was, she needed a big fat zip in terms of foreplay. And Penny knew it. Cesse felt her delicate Tigger seized in her soft but firm paw. She instantly and involuntarily cringed, groaned, pulled on the ropes, and gave up a squirt of pre-cum.

“Ooooh!” Penny observed, rubbing her fingers. “Well, someone’s all set, isn’t she now?”

No point in denying it, Cessy only nodded. Penny licked off her fingers.

“Mmm…little saline, but nice on the palate.” She turned down to leer at Cesse.

“…Care for a taste?”

For just a sec, Cesse gave her a look she couldn’t define. Then her face softened, having a feeling she’d be getting a taste whether she liked it or not. And she was right.

Next thing she knew, Penny sank a dizzying kiss on her, just as she sank her balls. And to compound the intensity, she massaged Cesse’s erect clit betwixt her fingers. Cessy’s eyes snapped open, every synapse abruptly firing off wildly. Her hands clenched into snow-white fists, toes balling up just as tight. Her biceps, thighs and glutes flexed hard enough to crack nutshells. Penny realized she’d far more an effect on her than she thought. She evidently didn’t know her own sexual potency. Because the minute she rubbed Cesse’s fragile clit, the helpless girl blew a viscous spurt of cum on her.

MMMMMMMM!!” Cesse screeched at as high a pitch as Penny’d ever heard, muffled only by the cum-hunnyed kiss. Penny subtly ceased the kiss and grinned malevolently.

Cesse ball…hot pocket,” she sneered.

Cesse screamed, as Penny violently dug deeper inside, finger-blasting her, rhythmically and methodically. The twenty-two seconds in which Penny touched fingertips to clit and Cesse savagely came in her hand lasted two hours in their minds. Penny’d once again kept her promise; she shot Cessy beyond previously unknown limits of heaven and eros. It went without saying that Cesse no longer cared about messing the pool table as she proceeded to cum, so majestically…so spectacularly…so…perfectly.

They would have to play pool—or other games like this—together much more often.

Penny didn’t dare unhand her this time until she was certain Cesse was sublimely done.

But she had one hell of a time waiting to taste her fingers again.


Safe Haven And A Capsule

Saturday, August 8th, 2015, 11:47 p.m.

Fast-forward another month, the city of Juniper’s first ever rec-shelter-kennel officially opened its doors to the public. Once Cesse and Penny furnished and fixed it up—and discreetly hired cleaners to treat the pool table—they placed notices in the periodicals, posted placards around town, put out some ads for staff, purchased a domain name, created a web site, and were off and running.

One day, a gentleman came in to talk to them. This man, they learned, whose name was Vance, was a street person down on his luck, just as they both once had been. This made them quick to want to take him into their shelter and hearts. He would be their first vagrant, and it showed them that the mere idea of taking someone in and actually doing it were two different things. But they’d already advertised to the public, and this man had come to them for help. If they were really going to do this, they had to commit. The cold hard truth was they didn’t know if they could trust anyone who came through their doors, but would figure out how to deal with these things. They could hire guards and caretakers. They could install a security system. They could do all this in time. For right now, they took Vance in and showed him around.

As the only patron of their B. & B.-esque establishment, he was skeptical, but understood they’d just been active a short while. And they assured him if he wished to stay under their care, he could come, go and do as he pleased(, within reason). They were sure he would find many ways to have a good time. He could get himself clean, he could have a good meal, he could do whatever he…well, okay, so this wasn’t exactly the Young Anybody’s Christian Association. But perhaps one day…

All Vance was very interested in at first was a shower and a nap, could they provide that. They could. And voilà! There they had it; their first guest. It took some time, but as word began to spread, more tired, more poor, more huddled masses turned up at their sanctuary. And efficiently as they could, they snapped up a congruent quantity of help: security, cooks, coaches, teachers, nurses, therapists, facilitators, and administrators for background tasks. They couldn’t believe their luck in finding staff. It was amazing how many folks willed to give their free time to this cause, just because they loved what they did. And for what? The sole compensation of an appreciative smile from a downtrodden soul. A single kind word of thanks. The girls’ minds were positively blown.

Needless to say, Cesse and Penny were so excited they wanted to sob their joyous hearts out. Their nonprofit mission was coming true. Though Penny remained quite comfy financially, she’d sunk a sizable chip of her funds into this project. And she couldn’t express how gratifying it was to see the results sprouting from their good work.

On Saturday night, August 8th, something new happened. It was late, close to midnight, and many of their guests had put themselves to bed. Others were watching television, playing games, reading, socializing, or having a midnight snack. Penny rummaged in a closet, rearranging, tidying this and that, when she came across a small box she’d not seen before. Besides being caked in goodness only knew how many years’ worth of dust, it was about four inches cubic, made of burlap, tied with string, and heavier than it looked. She didn’t know how long this building had been for lease by the time she and Cesse claimed it, but this intrigued her. She brought it back to show her partner.

“Sweetie, check out what I found in the closet!”

“A lesbian?”

Penny laughed. “No, ya nut! It’s a box!”

“…Of what?”

“I dunno! It was just sitting on a shelf behind a bunch of other stuff. It could be anything!”

“Yecch…so it could be something alive?

“Cesse, c’mon. There’re no air holes in it. Look, see?”

“Ah, good, good; something dead. Much better.”

“Oh, babe, get a grip. Let’s see.” She shook it. “Huh. Well, that doesn’t tell us much. Should we open it?”

“Well, I don’t know. It might belong to someone. It might be one of our guests’.”

“I highly doubt that. It was practically buried back there, and it’s covered in dust. Look, I can’t even get some of it off, it’s so old. Besides, we’re running this place now. Wouldn’t you say we have a responsibility to ascertain the contents of the building? I mean, it is ours; I think we should know it like the backs of our hands.”

“Well, I guess you kinda have a point there, but it also seems like you kinda just wanna open the thing.”

“Well, yeah, I’ll admit it; I’m curious! Aren’t you curious?”

Cesse sighed. “I’m not in the habit of going through someone else’s stuff.”

“W—okay, how ’bout this,” Penny proposed. “We’ll just take a tiny peek. If it seems like it’s something private that belongs to someone, I’ll put it right back where it was and never bring it up again. Otherwise…we take a bigger peek.”

Cesse had to concede that sounded fair. “…A’right, what the hell.”

“Cool!” They sat together. Penny untied the string and opened the box. Cessy was still a bit apprehensive what they might find. However, when they opened it, they unearthed only a smaller package wrapped in felt.

“Oh—!” Penny threw up her free hand. “Golly-gosh-darn it. Well, now, according to our deal, I guess we have to open this, too.”

Cesse let her proceed. When Penny pulled out what was inside, they found a stack of folded papers, of a few different colors, also tied together. Once upon a time, they were lighter shades of their own base colors, but the years since had tarnished their hues.

“Hello, what’s this?” said Penny. “Some kind of an old keepsake? A time capsule?”

Cesse had a confession to make with herself. Though she was playing self-righteous Miss Goody-Goody on the outside, she too was far more curious than she let on. If the truth be told, she wanted to know what these were even more than Penny did.

“Well, I…guess it wouldn’t hurt to see,” said Cesse. “After all, we’ve gone this far.”

Penny grinned and punched her arm. “I knew you had a nosy little devil inside ya.”

The clock was just about to strike midnight as they untied the stack and dug in. Penny excitedly unfolded the top sheet of stationery and read the flowery handwriting out quiet.

“‘16 Jun. 1968’…’68?? My God, Cessy, this is almost fifty years old! Okay, let’s see…

“‘Dearest Mabel: By the time you read this, I will have gone. I cherish you beyond words, but I must serve my country in Vietnam. It is my sworn honor and duty since I’ve joined the forces. You will always be my shining light, and I shall carry that love with me all of my days until they are no more. I reach for our precious memories when I need the strength to go on. Your hand softly caressing my cheek, a wonder-filled kiss, a sweet word of adoration wafting from your lips. You are my greatest source of comfort, of support and sunshine in my darkest hour. I cannot state in clearer terms: I love you.’”

Penny looked up at Cesse, a third of the way through the letter. “Wow!

Double wow,” Cesse amended. Penny went on to the next paragraph.

“‘My darling, our cause is worth giving everything for, but nothing shall ever take the place of you in my heart. If we are never to meet again, it will be broken, but I cannot stand in the way of destiny. If I should not come back, promise me you will carry on, however suitable it is you do so. Whatever may your happiness entail, the chance of my passing must not hinder it. Please know that if this happens, it is my most heartfelt wish that you go on, and find your happiness wherever it may lie. The heavens open when I think of your smile. Even in death, I cannot bear to have taken it from you.

“‘Finally, my love, understand that my devotion has never wavered, even given the nature of our relationship’…”

Penny looked up again. “‘The nature of our relationship’…I wonder what that means?

“…‘Of all the men I and the other nurses will treat, all the men fighting among our ranks for their wives and children, none could ever be so privileged as to have that which we have. Please, Mabel, never be ashamed that our love may not be spoken freely’…”

Penny gasped. “Oh my gosh!...Cessy, I think this is a…lesbian troop salute!”

“I think you’re right! Keep reading, keep reading.”

“…‘While others’ may. The world is unjust, my love. But never let this diminish our bond in your eyes. ’Tis as the song says: “Our love’s too precious/People hate a broken rule/People won’t accept us/But someday the world might change/And a love like ours might belong/But until that day comes along—”

“‘Thank you, Mabel, for all of your letters and your heart. I love you, ever so truly and purely, as certain as the birds greet each new dawn and the stars watch over us in the night. Never forget…yours always, Adelle.’”

Penny and Cesse whipped their gazes back up to each other once again.

Whoa! Triple and quadruple wow!” Penny remarked. “We were right! It was a female troop going to Vietnam, writing to her girlfriend! They must have worked here, or-or stayed here back then or something! Oh, Cessy, this is amazing!”

“It is!” Cesse exclaimed. “And…but…so heartbreaking!”

“Well, that must be the most recent one,” Penny presumed. “Le’ssee…” She unfolded the letter on the other end to see more of the same handwriting.

“…Oh, yes! Here we go, ‘11 Oct. 1967.’ This is probably the first one.

“‘Dear Mabel: Thank you so for your letter. I was very pleased and touched by your sweet words. I can only imagine what courage it must have taken you to pen such genuine emotion, let alone to deliver. Especially as I didn’t presume you were aware of my feelings, or the truth of my sexuality. I cannot allow it to become known, unfortunately, but I too cannot deny my nature. I like you and find you beautiful as well, but Mabel, my dear, we must keep our feelings secret. I’m afraid we wouldn’t be free to share our fragile love. But we shall let time along its way and see. In the meantime, I very much look forward to further wonderful letters. Do write more, my sweet. I treasure each word. Until our pens meet again…yours, Adelle.’”

“Awww!” Cesse gushed. “My gosh! Those poor girls!”

Penny shook her head. “Y’know, Cessy, as incredible as these letters are…I’m willing to bet they were just kids at the time.”

“Let’s keep reading!” insisted Cesse. “I wanna find out more!”

Oh,” Penny noted. “Little more curious than before, are we?”

“Of course! Now I have to know what happens between that one and…that one! Can I read the next letter?”

The minutes snuck by as they took turns reading Adelle’s letters to Mabel from October of 1967 leading to the following June. They read them out loud chronologically, piecing the details of these Sixties Chicksies and their pen-gal relationship. Adelle Smythe was an attendant at the facility, whose fledgling girlfriend Mabel Malliday was the daughter of a patient. Her father was a disabled widower, so she spent lots of time here. Penny had been right, they found; Adelle and Mabel really were only kids at this time, in their 20s. They also deduced that Adelle was a child genius, both gifted scholastically and blessed with good fortune. She had a bright future ahead of her in the field of medicine, and relatives in the military. Her family history was in the armed forces, and more than anything, she wanted to join the ranks. She planned to volunteer as a nurse.

They went on reading into the wee hours of the morning, one letter after another. Each was sweeter and lovelier than the last. They were too excited to sleep, reading the chronicle of this half-century-old correspondence. They’d have loved to read Mabel’s to Adelle as well, but only Adelle’s were compiled in the box. Finally, they reached the last and most recent letter before that first one Penny read. It was dated June 8th.

“…Oh my God!” Penny exclaimed in a shocked whisper. She looked up to Cesse in stunned consternation. “The facility…they found out Adelle was a lesbian, and…and…”

“…Fired her!” Cesse finished. “Based on nothing but that! Just because she was gay!”

Penny sighed, shook her head and sniffled, blinking back approaching tears.

“It was a very different time, Cessy…people weren’t nearly as accepting or enlightened as they are today. At least she had the military nurse thing.”

“Yeah…wonder what she did after Vietnam?” Cesse mused.

“And what’s Mabel been doing all these years?” Penny added.

“Are they still with us?” Cesse asked.

“Are they still single??” Penny asked.

“If they were, wouldn’t it be a kick if we could get ’em together again?” chuckled Cesse.

“I could totally pay for their airfare!” chortled Penny.

They laughed over the idea several more seconds, gazing into each other’s giggly eyes.

Then…they stopped laughing.


Capsule Revisited

Tuesday, September 15th, 2015, 6:07 p.m.

It took another month, and a lot of Internet sleuthing, but Penny and Cesse successfully managed to track down the insidely famous Adelle Smythe and Mabel Malliday. They were in fact still around, two of the more vital links in the senior set, on the way to seventy. And astonishingly enough, they’d in fact remained free, single and unattached all of these years. Adelle was discharged in 1975, and returned to civilian life. She’d have looked up Mabel, but didn’t know how to find her. On top of which, she didn’t imagine Mabel could possibly have remained available all this time. She’d never had the heart to look for love elsewhere. She failed to anticipate the same being true of Mabel.

To say the least, she was dumbfounded to receive a phone call out of the blue one day from this young lady named Penelope, who apparently had taken over the building that used to be her nursing home, and transformed it into a different kind of home. Cesse elicited a similar reaction from Mabel. It was quite an effort convincing the elderly gals that this was not a joke, that they had found Adelle’s old letters to Mabel, and wanted to bring them back together. Since Mabel had relocated to Chicago and Adelle to Tucson, they indeed explained that the lotto-wealthy Penny would pay for their trips.

This was the most difficult part for the ladies to process. Finally, conviction accomplished, both golden girls needed a minute to think. They questioned themselves. Were they really ready to see each other again, after all these decades?

Yes. Yes, they were. Once locating a patch of unoccupied days, Cesse and Penny flew them in, all expenses paid—complete with a chauffeur, hotel reservations, the whole shebang. It was a logistical job, but they pulled it off. When they got the word that both Adelle and Mabel had arrived in town, late afternoon on the 15th of September, they sent the chauffeur to collect them. They then made the announcement for everyone who wished to come to the front lobby to welcome them. The senior ladies weren’t expecting a crowd, but they were going to get one.

Mabel was first to be picked up and arrive, just by 5:30. Half an hour later, the driver came back with Adelle. The introductions and pleasantries went by them like a blur. The second they saw one another again, time stood still. Suddenly, everything vanished. They noticed nothing…not the moved expressions on the faces of their hostesses or their guests, not the changes in their surroundings in the last fifty years…nothing, except…each other. They were children again.

“Adelle? Darling? Is it really you?

“Mabel…oh, my dearest, I can’t believe it!”

“Neither can I. Oh, Adelle, I…I never gave up hoping…we’d meet again one day.”

Numerous eyes in the room welled up.

“Mabel, my love…it’s…it’s all come back to me: my infinite love for you, all over again.”

Mabel beat her to it. She began to cry.

“Adelle, sweetheart! I love you so much!!” she wept for joy, throwing her arms around her. “Oh, if only I could have told you back then! You don’t know how long I’ve spent missing you so terribly! Never thinking I’d see you again!”

“Nor I you, Mabel. I want to cry your name to the heavens, to hear it echo thousands of times over. My dear…our lives’ve come so short. I never want to leave your side again.”

“Oh, Adelle…if only we could wed! I would be just so happy. If only!

A wide-eyed Penny and Cesse turned to each other. They were apparently unaware.

“Um…ladies?” Penny raised her hand. “’Scuse me for sticking my big nose in here, but…if you mean legally wed, well…you actually can now.”

Adelle and Mabel turned back to their hostesses.


“Well, yes,” Cesse added. “In case you didn’t know, gay marriage became legal in the U.S. just earlier this year. And Minnesota actually legalized it two years ago.”

The old ladies’ faces filled with elation.

“My goodness!” crowed Mabel. “You mean that we can declare our sacred union, and spend the rest of our lives together?”

Penny nodded happily. “Absolutely. As soon as a week, if you’d like. We could get a justice to come over. I can handle all the technical stuff for ya, get the license…even take care of your rings if you want. I, eh…am still pretty rich, after all.”

The next thing Penny and Cessy knew, they were drowned in an avalanche of grateful old lady affection.


Lost And Found: Epilogue

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015, 10:07 a.m.

A week later it was. The girls trotted about, making sure everything was taken care of.

“Omigosh, this is so exciting! We’re gonna have a wedding!” Cesse said.

“I know!” cried Penny. “Our very first!”

The old ladies indeed could barely wait to become one another’s wives. It was surreal to them, after such a long spell in the dark 20th century, that their love could and did now belong. And they wanted every last second out of it they could squeeze. So they had no one bother with a lavish ceremony or formal dress. They simply had the officiant come to the building, and the girls whipped them up a makeshift bouquet, which they held together as they took their vows.

“Do you, Adelle Catherine Smythe, take Mabel, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love, honor and cherish, forever and ever, till death do you part?”

“I do,” Adelle proclaimed, practically weeping already.

“And do you, Mabel Emma Malliday, take Adelle, to be your lawfully wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, to love, honor and cherish, forever and ever, till death do you part?”

“I do!” shouted Mabel, barely able to wait for the whole question.

“Then by the power vested in me by this marriage license, and the state of Minnesota, I now pronounce you wife, and wife. You may kiss the bride…as may you.”

Mabel and Adelle did as the minister said, to a chorus of “aww!”s and applause from Penny, Cesse, their staff, and guests.

It was the most beautiful wedding they’d ever seen.

I knew it was a wonderful idea to bring them back here,” Penny whispered to Cesse. “This is their home, after all.”

And when all was said and done, it truly was, and would always be, where the heart is.

Later the same day, after Mabel and Adelle’d bestowed another shower of thanks upon the girls and adjourned off in the limo, things eventually returned to business as usual. Cesse was working in her office when she heard a knock on the door. She looked up.

“…Oh, hey, sweetie! Boy, that was one heck of a wedding, huh? I’m really glad you made me check out what was in that box.”

“Cessy…babe…I have something I wanna tell you.”

“…You do?...Am I gonna like it?”

“Well…I hope.”

“Oh…my gosh…Penny, are you about to propose to me?”

“Uh, well, no, not exactly.”

“Oh! Okay. Whew!...That’s a relief. No, no, I mea—…not that I don’t want to marry you, Penny, I-I certainly do, someday, it’s just—”


“No, it’s just that, y’know, weddings get me kinda emotional, and I’ve never organized one myself, even a small little one like we had toda—”

“Cesse, I want a baby.”


“…P—…Penny…are you telling me that…?”

“Yes. Yes, sweetheart, that’s exactly what I’m telling you.”

“You mean, like…like when we were…?”

“Absolutely. Cesse, I have never stopped thinking about what happened when I was 23. And…well, now I’m 35. My clock’s ticking. And something that Mabel and Adelle said last week really stuck with me. I mean, you and me, we’re still kinda young. To someone who’s twice our age, life really is short. And depending on how you look at it, it can seem short for us too. And it’s gotten me to thinking, all the past week, and…yes, babe. I’ve decided, this really is what I want right now. It’s perfect; we’re still at a good age, we have money, time, energy, more wisdom than young parents…and I barely have any relatives left, and I’d still love to pass on my family name. Oh, Cessy, I really, really wanna do this, hunny. Please say this is what you want too. Please!”

“Oh, my…gosh. Um…well, wha—…uh, gee whiz, Penny, I really don’t wanna bring this up, but…wh-what happens if…”

“I’ve already thought about that, Cessy. I know, last year I said I couldn’t bear to go through that again. And to be honest, I can do without the pregnancy. I already dealt with it once. It was less than desirable, and quite frankly, I dunno if I trust my body so much after last time. And I wouldn’t wanna put you through it either. But there’re alternatives. We could get a donor to help us, and find a surrogate.”

“Wow…well, I suppose you’re right, and…this feels like the part where I’m supposed to ask you if you’re really sure, but…you kinda just answered that question.”

“Cesse Helmsley, my love, I have never been so sure of anything in my life. C’mon, sweetie, what do you say?”

Cesse’s mind was pretty blown right about now. It was already taking her quite a while to get over finding the box with the letters, bringing their correspondents back together half a century later, and then marrying them, none the less. But nowwow, she repeated to herself. She felt a little overwhelmed. She was in the midst of some serious big events. If she went back in time a year ago and told her homeless self all this would happen to her, she’d have proclaimed herself insane. Yet…

Penelope James, she reminded herself, was the love of her life. She’d never again meet someone like her, and might never again see a proposition like this. As it slowly came together in her mind, all her thoughts clicked into place. And just like that, she had her answer. She couldn’t tell if she’d ever been so sure of anything in her life either. Her next thought would sum it all up. She voiced it to Penny out loud. She stood, nearing her, and clasped her hands.

“Penny Isabel James, my angel…if we can do what we’ve just done in the last week…in the last four months…in the last year…then I’m convinced that we can do anything. So with that in mind and being said…

“…Yes, darling. My answer is yes. I would be honored to have a baby with you.”