Breaking the Law and Reading Him his Rights

I am laying alone in the bed thinking about him working late tonight.  He is working the night shift, and the kids are in bed.  It is after 3 in the morning, and I can not sleep.  He does not expect me to be up and waiting for him.  He is going to be beat tired.  I took a nap, but when I woke up at midnight, I was hot and bothered thinking about him in that uniform.  I text him while he was working, but he did not respond.  So I decide to take a shower and shave my pussy lips smooth as a babies bottom.  I was thinking about having all the hair removed permanently, but I am not sure how he would feel about this. Sometimes, he asks me to leave a little race track, just to switch it up.  I like the feeling of nothing between my skin and his lips, but if he wants something different sometimes, I am sure going to try it.

I get up from my hot bed sheets to try and cool down.  I start rubbing body butter on my shaved legs, my mid-section, and then my arms.  I do not put it on my breast, because he doesn’t like the taste.  When I stop to look at the time, I see it is a little after 1 pm.  I go to the closet and look through the lingerie and costume section.  I start smiling and giggling, wondering what I should try tonight?  He is going to be in that sexy blue uniform, and I want to surprise him.  I see my dirty cop outfit, and pull it out.  I am a little stressed because he is going to be dog tired.  These ideas rolling through my mind are a little risky.  It could go either way and be a big hit with him or a total bust.  I wonder, should I text him and get him in the mood?  I decide not to.  I want to totally surprise him and take his breath away.

My police outfit has a really short skirt that hugs my every curve and barely covers my ass.  And when I bend over, he loves the view.  The top is tight, pushing by breast up and showing my cleavage.  It is a little naughty, but he likes me being naughty for him.  I go to my toy drawer and pull out my handcuffs and the keys.  I hook them over my belt.  I pull out my black boots that zip up to my inner thighs with the high heels.  Then I get my police hat with the badge on the front.  By the time I get dressed, it is 2 am.  He will be getting off work at 2:30 pm and be home at 3 pm.  Mmmmm.  I lightly touch my body thinking of him.  I lay back and close my eyes, biting my lower lip.  I can visualize his strong body standing there in that uniform.  I can smell that sexy musk I love about him.  And I flashback to the times we have made love.  He is a powerhouse of lovemaking, but tonight I want to treat him with a sweet sensuous surprise.

I stand up from the bed and pull out the things he likes to have on hand.  He like to have lubricants and toys laid off to the side.  We may not use them, but if we decide to, they are close by.  He likes it when I lite the twinkling stars over our bed, and he likes to keep the sheer curtains pulled.  I flip on the porn videos we like to watch.  One is called “Lust” and shows a playful couple like us.  They make out on the kitchen counter, on the desk in the home office, in the shower, and they try all different kinds of positions.  The videos show closeups of her enjoying his body and visa versa.  The videos are so beautifully done.  The sounds of their lovemaking always turn us on, which is good, because once we lock eyes, we rarely watch.  I feel myself getting wet watching the couple making out.  They are really sexy and hot to watch.  I stop to glance down at my watch.It’s 2:30 pm and I know he is leaving work now.I decide to find my flashlight to use as part of my costume.  I start reciting the little phrase he has used on me, reading me my rights as he arrests me in our bedroom, cuffs me and makes rough sex to me.  Just thinking about what he has done to me before, makes my body ache for him.  How am I going to make it through the next 15 minutes until he gets home?

I find the silk ropes and tie them to all four bed posts.   I lay the blindfold next to the pillow.  Five more minutes feel like an hour.  Finally, I hear him driving up, and I dance to the door of the house.  I stand over in the corner about six feet from the door.  I have to be a little careful, because I do not want him to take me out thinking I am an intruder.  I hear his key in the front door, and see the handle turn.  He steps in and throws his keys on the table.  I say very softly, “Hey baby, so glad you are home” in a half whisper sexy voice.  He jumps a little, but sits down on the chair next to the table to take his boots off.  He says, “Hey baby.”  I turn on my flash light and shine it down to the floor as I march over to him.  Using my deeper and more commanding voice, I say, “I think you have done something you need to confess to me.  I can tell you are guilty of something.  Go ahead and tell me what you have done.”  He smiles and slips off his shoes.  He knows I am a nut, and he likes to play our sex games.

He grabs my flashlight and starts checking out my body with the flashlight.  He says, “Mmmmmm.I know what I need to confess officer.  I want your body”.   I use my higher pitched voice, “Sir, that is a problem.  You can not solicit an officer.  Now, I am going to have to arrest you for doing that.”  I slide my handcuffs out of my belt and grab his wrist.  I snap it on the right one, grab it, bend it and put it behind his back.  He taught me how to by doing it to me.  I grab his other arm and lock the two together with the hand cuffs.  He is chuckling as I start reading him his rights.  I switch my voice to low and sultry.  I lean over and whisper in his ear and say, “You have the right to remain silent, baby.”  I nibble on his ear, and suck his earlob for a few minutes.  Then, I straddle his lap and sit facing him.  As I look in his eyes, I sweetly say, “Anything you say, CAN and WILL be used against you in MY court of law.   You have NO right to any attorney, because you can not afford one (which makes us both laugh).  However, I will provide your dreams and fantasies...for life.”  His eyes are smiling as we stare at each other.

He says in his deep and sexy voice, “Ok officer, now you got me hot and horny.  Can you please take me to your jail and lock me up with you?”  Looking in his eyes, I find myself thinking how much he turns me on with his confidence and sexy southern drawl.  I lean in and start kissing his neck while unbuttoning his shirt.  I love taking my time, and kissing as I go.  Plus, right now, he can not argue, seeing as he is handcuffed.  I love to feel his body with my hands while he is trapped, so I take my time feeling his body, even his hard.  This makes him groan and smile.  I decide to uncuff him so I can properly undress him bit by bit.  I peal off all the layers, including his bulletproof vest.

Then I get on my knees, while he grabs my hair in a pony tail.  He giggles a little when I lean in to try to undo his belt with my teeth.  I try my best, but make little headway.  I give up and use my hands and unbutton and unzip his pants.  I pull him up and help him out of the rest of his clothes.  He says, “Baby, I need to jump in the shower before you lock me up.”  I grab his hand and pull him toward the shower.  I am still in full uniform.  I turn on the shower, and when I lean in and pooch my ass out his way, he slaps it and pulls it up to look at my full round ass with my booty shorts riding up my ass cheeks.  He is fully awake now and I respond, “Ok, I have gone easy on you up to this point, but NOW you have DONE it.  You are fondling my ass and I am going to have to teach you a lesson bad boy.”  He smiles, and says “Teach me baby”.  I am looking at him, and he starts unbuttoning my uniform.  He leans in and kisses my cleavage and my nipples.  He grabs my uniform and pulls it over my head.  The hat falls off when he does.  That just leaves my booty shorts and long black boots up to my thighs.  He says, “Baby, that is hot.  Damn that is hot.”

He spins me around and slaps my ass so hard he is leaving hand prints on my ass cheeks.  He strips my panties down off my legs, and leans in to kiss my pussy lips.  He smells my wet pussy and flicks it with his tongue, smiling.  He puts my leg up on the tub and thrust his middle finger inside me, slow and steady, in and out.  He is in a dead heat and becoming more of an animal every second.  He is kissing and sucking my clit.  He unzips my boots one by one, and slips them off.  We move back into the shower with his arms wrapped around me and his lips kissing my lips.

I soap up his body.   He lets me rub him and lather him up, especially when I get to his hard and his balls.  I am so gentle and enjoy rubbing his body all over, focusing on his manly parts.  I feel him getting really hard as I rub his cock.  I push him back under the shower head, and I help wash off every little part.  He is moaning a little, and I decide it is time to dial him down a little.  I use my gruff voice and say, “I think I crossed the line with you sir (and I chuckle), but I still need to teach you a lesson.  You are a bad boy and I need to show you how to treat a real woman.”  He smiles as I lean in and mouth his hard cock.  But I snap back up and pull him out of the shower with my hand.

He has that wild stupid grin on his face, smiling big as I walk backwards toward the bed, pulling him along.  He pushes the curtains open just enough to push me in.  When he starts to, I stop him.  I put my hand on his chest.  I say, “Look here now, I told you, I have to teach you how to treat a woman.”  He raises his eyebrow and says, “Sorry ma’am, what do you have in mind?”  I tell him to lay back on the bed.  He crawls in, I follow and start tieing his two legs to each of the bottom post.  He laughs and says, “Man, I must have been really bad.”  I quickly smart off and say, “Shut up”.  I am half laughing, but working seriously hard, because we are both turned on.  I put his blindfold on and kiss those beautiful lips of his.  He lays back and I tie both hands to the upper posts.  Now he is spread eagle, and beautifully hard.

I grab my feather and start teasing him by stroking his body.  I start at his legs and move up to his groin.  I draw a heart on his belly and tickle his neck a little.  He laughs and begs me to quit.  I throw the feather and grab some ice out of the cup.  I trace his body with ice.  When use the ice all around his hard cock, he is moans, asking me to please stop.  I just respond in a sing songy voice, “No, you are a bad bad boy.”  I start kissing his inner thighs and licking his hard.  He changes his tune, and says in a higher intense voice, “Damn girl, teach me more.  Just don’t stop.  Yeah, right there.”  I throw down the ice and hold his hard.  I mouth his hard and take it in over and over, sucking and enjoying every inch with my mouth, tongue and lips.  I kiss his hard and lick his balls.  I suck and lick and kiss until he is begging me to suck him off.

He feels me moving again, but he can not see.  He says, “What are you doing now?”  I straddle him, grab my silver bullet and slowly move my hot pussy down on his beautiful hard cock.  As I slowly slide down on him, he thrust up inside me and moans in pleasure.  I start rubbing my clit with my silver bullet, pleasuring my body on his sexy hot cock.  He is loving the feeling of me getting faster and more aggressive in pulsing and pounding his hot body.  I move on him relentlessly, moaning.  After riding him for ten minutes or so, I can feel I am going to cum soon.  He is begging me not to stop, and we are both sweating.  He loves for me to scream and cum on his hard.  I want to go all the way down on his beautiful cock, pulling him deep inside me.  I am trembling as I do.  He is struggling to break free, but I tied him up so tight he could not break free.  That only makes him a little hotter.  The restraint and the blindfold makes his mind go wild.

I start screaming how hot his body is to me and and how I am going to cum all over him.  He tells me, “You have to let me go.  I got to cum now.”  I just keep riding him and start cumming all over him.  He starts screaming, “Oh baby, damn, that feels good.  I am going to cum too.  Don’t stop.”  I am flooded his body with cum and I keep riding until I feel him pushing up inside me.  He is moaning and screaming and cumming.  The word are like a different language, one we both understand, and we call it “speaking in tongues”.  I let him finish cumming and I raise off.  I suck the rest of the cum out of his hard.  I kiss every inch of his beautiful hard very gently, because his cock is always so sensitive after he cums.  I move back and release him from his bondage.

When I see the rope burns on his wrist, I gasp, and start apologizing for the rope marks that are left on his wrist.  I kiss them over and over, on his wrists and his ankles.  He smiles tenderly, and pulls me back up to his chest.  I untie his blindfold, and he looks me in the eyes.  Those eyes are so deep and loving, they look inside my very soul.  He is looking a little serious, but slightly smiling.  He pulls me down across his lap.  I can feel his soft hard between my ass cheeks as he pulls my tits down to his mouth.  He sucks and kisses each one, making me moan.  Then he pulls my lips down to his sexy mouth.  We start kissing and he rolls me over on my back.  He pins me to the bed, and straddles me.  He smiles and says, “Officer, I believe YOU broke the law tonight, and next, I will have to teach YOU a lesson.  But, I will let you slide tonight with just a warning.  If you just lay with me and hold me until the sun comes up.”  He has a way with words.  I am more than happy to be stuck under his body.  I reply, “Ok, baby.   I can’t wait for you to teach me a lesson".  We embrace side by side.  After I turn off the start lights on my canopy, we slip off to sleep.  His body heat makes me feel alive and well.  His manly musk intoxicates me everyday and puts me in that “stoned on his love” kind of mood.  I love being stoned on him.