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23 Dec. '14

          I stared at my reflection, turning my shoulder toward the mirror to check for any flaw. Job interviews always made me nervous. I wasn't sure why, but this time I was determined to calm my nerves as much as possible. So I checked and double-checked. My blonde hair looked flawless in the loose bun near the nape of my neck. Stilettos tipped the end of my long legs, showing off the tone muscle.

          The business suit was flattering and conservative. I could walk in there with my head held high and get the job based on my merits rather than my cleavage.

          I was ready.

          Still, my hands shook. My eyelid twitched like it did whenever nerves got the best of me.

          Just picture everyone in their underwear, I told myself. Looking back, that probably wasn't the best advice to give myself. It worked for comedians and actors, but not so well for job interviews.

          Anyway, so I grabbed my briefcase, double checked its contents, and fired out of the bathroom toward the elevators. No one was in there.


          I hated elevators. But even more than that, I hated sharing elevators. People walked into them only after drowning themselves in the worst colognes and perfumes. And others walked in after working up a sweat doing who knows what. Either way, the elevator always smelled like the worst parts of people. And I didn't much feel like fighting to hold my breath up seven floors.

          "Hold the elevator!" a deep voice called out just as they started to close.

          Instinctively I shot my arm out to block the doors.

          Damn! Why did I do that? Now I was obligated to let this person in. I contemplated taking my arm away from the door. Pretending to think they would hold and letting them close up on their own.

          "Thanks," he smiled.

          My jaw dropped. I tried to smile back and tell him No problem but instead I froze and stared at him.

          "Number seven please," he pointed toward the buttons. His tie swung around in his hands as he tried to catch up with his morning. He crooned his chin out and wrapped the tie around his collar. "Uh, Miss?"

          "What? Yes. Number seven?" I hoped I didn't sound as stupid to him as I did in my own head. I punched the number seven and resumed my post staring at this Adonis who had entered the elevator with me.

          "I hate these things," he said and whipped the tie back off his neck.

          "Would you like me to help you?" I grinned and put down my briefcase to go help him.

          His cheeks flushed with embarrassment. Even in my heels I had to reach up to grab the tie. The suit glided over his muscular shoulders. I couldn't help but imagine the form beneath. His broad shoulders set my imagination wild. I imagined his large hands grabbing my shoulders and pulling me up to him so he could kiss me long and deep. His tongue dancing with mine inside my hot mouth.

          I smiled and worked my magic with his tie, all the while wishing he could work his magic on me. My nipples ached in the cool air. And I could already smell the sweet scent of my dripping juices.

          My panties were soaked in no time.

          I closed my eyes, trying to regain my composure. Instead visions of his hands fondling my breasts took over. Oh God, and I bet one of those hands would travel down my stomach until it found my throbbing clit. How would he drive it into me? Slow? Hard?

          The elevator door rang and opened, pulling me out of my daydream. I opened my eyes and blushed.

          Oh God. Now I had to say something. I couldn't just lean against this man, dripping into my panties and fantasizing about him and not say something.

          "Sorry," I said. "I felt a little light headed and lost my balance." I hoped my lie worked to cover everything up. I grabbed my briefcase and ran out of the elevator, desperate to find a new bathroom to regain my composure in.

          Thank God. There was one at the end of the hallway.

          I tore the door open and locked it behind me. My panties were so wet it was uncomfortable to walk in. And my scent lingered in the air. No way I could sit through an entire job interview like this.

          My sensitive nipples poked out against the blouse and jacket of my suit. Revealing my arousal for everyone to see. I glanced around the bathroom, hoping I was alone. Still fifteen minutes before my interview. Time enough to get this under control.

          I ripped my panties off and rinsed them in the sink before laying them across the electric hand dryer.

          As I waited for them to dry, I leaned back against the wall and closed my eyes. Fantasizing I was back in that elevator helping him with his tie. Only instead of leaving embarrassed and awkward I would leave sated and full. I imagine he would pick me up and hold me. My rocking hips swaying just above the tip of his enormous cock. My juices dripping down his shaft even before we made contact.

          And he would kiss me. Plunging his tongue deep between my lips as his cock plunged into my pussy. He would pin me against the wall with his body. Moaning and groaning as he filled me over and over again.

          God this fantasy wasn't helping. My throbbing core ached for attention. My nipples were growing sore as they brushed against the fabric of my blouse. I unbuttoned my blouse and cupped my breasts. Releasing them from the thin bra and squeezing them. Imagining what his tongue would feel like swirling around their sensitive flesh. I flicked and rolled the nipples between my fingers, imagining his hands on me. Each nipple sent sparks straight to my core. My juices dripped down the inside of my thigh.

          I dipped one hand down. The folds of my pussy were coated. My clit trembled and ached. Ready for the attention. I rubbed slowly. Clenching my eyes tight. I propped one leg up on a nearby chair and imagined his hand holding it up. His cock would be teasing my clit, rubbing his shaft across my opening and reveling in my juices as he sucked on my breasts.

          My fingers would tangle through his hair as he would plunge deeper. Harder. Lifting me from the ground. My stilettoes would clack against each other behind his back as he pounded into me.

          I grinded my fingers into my pussy. I was going to need to finish this if I wanted any hope of landing this job.

          I thrust my clit against my fingers. Squeezing and rolling my nipple in my other hand. Finally, a much needed orgasm built up. My throat dried and my stomach clenched. My shivers knocked me off rhythm, but I kept rubbing anyway. Biting my lip to keep from screaming.

          When everything finally faded, I stumbled over to the sinks and started to wash up. My panties were almost completely dry. I let out a little moan as I slipped the warm fabric over my sensitive pussy.

          I checked myself in the mirror again, feeling much more confident than I had just a few minutes before. Then I took a deep breath and unlocked the door. Ready to conquer this job interview.

          I walked down the hall and up to reception. Gave my name and took a seat in the waiting room while I waited for someone to come and lead me away to a back office.

          "Miss Lindsey Forrester?" My name came ringing out in a familiar voice.

          I stood and turned around. My jaw dropped again. For the second time that day I found myself staring at the same would-be model. Why was this man standing here in an office filled with accountants and not standing somewhere in front of the cameras of Hollywood?

          "Is that you?" He cocked his eyebrow and pointed to me.

          "Yes, that's me. Hi, it's nice to meet you. I'm Lindsey. But you know that, I guess."

          He smiled. Oh God, his smile was warm. Bright. At least if his teeth were crooked I could turn these desires off. What the hell was I supposed to do now? Handsome. Nice. Maybe I could just run in there and jump his bones. I had no hope of getting this job anyway. Maybe I could at least get a good ride out of it.

          "Right this way," he said as he started walking down a hallway.

          I took a deep breath. Hunting for a sign of my scent. It was faint, but still there. And seeing this man made me everything start over again. The aches. The drips.

          Maybe he's just an assistant and he's actually bringing me to see someone else, I tried to convince myself.

          "Here we are," he smiled again and held an office door open for me. Then he sat down on the desk and I knew I wasn't there to meet anyone else. I was there to meet him.

          I brushed against his suit as I walked through the door. Did he have to feel as good as he looked?

          "So, Miss Forrester, tell me what makes you think you'd be a good fit for this company?"

          "Well, I have an outstanding record from my old job. And I can fit just about anywhere." I hoped the wavering of my voice was only in my head. My heart raced in my chest. The sweat on my palms made them slick. And my mind was starting to wander into a whole new set of fantasies.

          "Do you need a minute? Miss Forrester? You look a little flushed."

          "I'm fine. I'm sorry. I'm just a little bit nervous and, well, I'm--."

          "It's okay, really. I'm sorry if I made you nervous."

          "Oh no, it's nothing you did. Just." I took a deep breath and debated about my next words. If I tell him, there was a chance we could both get a good laugh out of everything and we could continue the interview like normal people. Or he could end the interview right then and there and send me on my way. "I guess I just didn't eat this morning or something. I just can't seem to shake this light headed feeling."

          "Here, let me get you some water," he said and jumped up across the room to the cooler.
When he returned with the water, I stood and gulped it down. Licking my lips and smiling to thank him.

          "You ready?" he asked. Genuine concerned dripped from his words.

          "Yes, ready." That's what I should have said.

          I should have sat back down in my chair, crossed my legs, and reached into my briefcase to pull out a copy of my resume. I should have started talking about my expertise in accounting and the various software programs I had experience in. Instead, my body took over. I leaned up on my toes and pressed my lips against his.

          His lips stiffened and he grabbed my elbow. I thought for sure he was going to pull me off him. So I dug in deeper. I rolled my tongue around his and pressed my body against him. Part of me smiled as I felt his manhood grow long and hard against me.

          I moaned and cupped his face with my other hand. Waiting to see what his response would be. Scared it would be a rejection but refusing to peel myself away from him until I knew for sure.

          Then he did it. A moan rising up from his throat as he pulled me in closer.

          Our tongues danced between our lips. My fingertips bit into his back. He hoisted me up, just as in my fantasy. Holding me in his arms and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Then he slowly let me slide down his front until the bulge in his pants brushed against my panties. His warm hands gripped my hips. I thought I might cum right then and there.

          He placed me on the edge of his desk. The cold marble top sent shivers up my spine. I propped my leg up and threw my head back as his tongue lit my every nerve on fire. He slurped and sucked his way down to my chest. Freeing my breasts from their prison and suckling on my aching nipples. New sparks lit up my core. I grabbed fistfuls of his black hair and pulled him in closer. His moans vibrated against my skin.

          His hand glided up my thigh to my opening and rested at my panties. My soaking panties. He moved them to the side and slid in to find my clit. His thumb swirled and danced around my clit. Goosebumps rippled through my body. My hair stood on end.

          He stood up, hovering over me and staring into my eyes. With a quick adjustment he plunged his finger into me. Twisting his wrist as he did and swirling his finger inside my walls. My eyes clenched tight and I bit my lip to keep from screaming. His tongue sealed over my clit and sucked.

          I wrapped my legs around his shoulders and arched my back. Trying to give him a better angle. The edge of the desk dug into my ass but I didn't care. His fingers continued to drill into me, releasing new waves of ecstasy with each plunge. My every muscle flexed. Tightened. A new orgasm took over my body. He grabbed my hips and clamped down with his tongue. Riding my thrusts as he lapped up every drop of my cum.

          When I finally calmed down, he lifted my legs from his shoulders and leaned up. I made quick work of his pants, dropping them to the floor. I grabbed his cock in my hand and pumped slowly. I couldn't reach my fingers all the way around his thick shaft.  He groaned as my fingers slid up and down his cock. Finally, he grabbed my hips and pulled me onto him. I held my breath as he sank into me. I never felt so full before.

          He pulled back out again. His eyes fixated on my core. His hands controlling my hips. Once again, he pressed himself into me. He pulled himself into me. Deeper than I'd ever felt before.

          His groans seemed more desperate.

          He pulled out slowly. Purposefully. Then he threw his head back and slammed into me.

          I played with my breasts as he pounded into me again and again. Squeezing and rolling my nipples. Our bodies played a harmony of groans and slurping noises every time our hips met. Rippling pleasure built up within me and I knew in just a few seconds I would be putty. Unable to control my body. Every muscle in my pussy clamped down on his pulsing shaft. Milking him for all he had.

          He continued to drill me. Harder. Faster.

          Then it happened.

          His cock stiffened. He thrust into me with such force my heart skipped a beat. Then he held himself there. Grinding my hips against the base of his enormous cock. His groans started to sound more like whimpers as hot streams of his cum filled me.

          The power of his orgasm sent me over the edge. I trembled and tightened around him.

          Jerking my hips up and down as his shaft convulsed inside of me.

          When everything cooled down, he let go of my hips and held onto his desk for support. I thought he might crumble to the floor. He fought to catch his breath. I waited until I was sure my knees could support my weight. Then I slinked out from under him and started adjusting my clothes.

          "You know, I can't hire you now," he said between breaths. "I mean, it's just that--."

          "No, I understand. I smiled and grabbed my briefcase. Totally worth it, I thought to myself.

          "Well, if it's alright with you, I'd like to interview you again tomorrow."


          "Yea. we're also hiring for a new website designer. I'd like to interview you for that position."

          I smiled and held the doorknob to his office in my hands. He pulled his pants back over his waist and zipped them up before sinking back into his soft, supple leather chair.

          "How many more positions do you have available?"