R0M 27.1 - Part 1

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30 Nov. '15

R0M alien, sex-shifter, travels to Earth, on vacation from his grueling work as a tech engineer. He meets two college friends ... One male ... One female. The alien shifts sex to pursue intense relationships with both friends, who are clueless to his physical abilities.



I come from R0M. It is a planet just outside of your galaxy, beyond the orbit space location of your dwarf planet Pluto. It is ten times the size of your largest planet, Jupiter. So, we are a huge planetoid. And we are also ancient; our history spans at least 1 million years. We are peaceful. Too peaceful. We cooperate. A bit too much. It’s as if something is missing. An edge we deny ourselves.

R0M inhabitants are biological machines. Unlike humans, we do not activate our emotional senses, though they are available to us, in experience files named FA – Feel Alien. Yes, we believe Earthians are aliens, and you are. For the most part, we do not access FA data, and if we do, it’s with great hesitance, as these files come with a grave warning: MAY BEHAVE IRRATIONALLY!

On R0M, we are a very ancient civilization. We’ve learned our lessons. Therefore, for the most part, FA files remain unused because we believe that their negative side effects, issues such as despair, hate, and war, only to name a few, far outweigh any positive impacts.

You probably already know about R0M, since we’ve shared our illustrious history with Earth. That was in the hopes of enlightening you. Did it work? I don’t think so. Perhaps, you have something to teach us. I want to find out.

My number is 27. Although on Earth, you would think that is my name. But on R0M we have no names. Nor do we have any families. No parents. And the need for friends is only to fulfill a specified purpose, based on work requirements.

What else can I tell you about me? I work for The R0MIAN Mainframe, as a technical engineer.  My fixed number is 1M.27.  More accurately, 1,000,027, as I’m born on the 27th day of year 1 Million. There are 10,000 days in R0M years. Only one of us is born each day. But to be born in the first 100 days in a year, instantly makes you a leader in our society. In the eyes of r0mians, I am rare.

Without a vacation for 25 years, I’m way past due for some time off. And I’m taking one year to spend on Earth. Why did I pick Earth? Because I am fascinated with the dichotomy of human emotions, something you cannot turn off. I want to explore this world of emotions infinitely dead in me.

Maybe one of you humans can tell me why I should access my FA files. And if I’m convinced, I’ll keep them on indefinitely. Some of my friends have done it, but they do not perform well at work anymore. One was even fired, which never happens. Literally. But 925 indicated being at peace and feeling happiness. He spends his days reading and painting. I don’t understand it, but still, I am attracted to the idea of feeling free from your mind.

It takes me ten full days - six months for you - to reach Earth, and I land at a place called LAX Interstellar. Its operational capacity is still in the primitive stages, but I’m able to get what I need to recharge my spacecraft. Humans register me as R0M-1M.27, which is an acceptable label.

Walking around the city, I decide that it’s best to take on the shape of a human, as I seem to be scaring quite a few people, unaccustomed to the transparent white and gold glow, we r0mians embody. Something about seeing the internal processes of my functional body seems to disturb the primitive human mind. Or it could be because we are naked… and sexless.

But as I take the shape of a male human, it seems to disturb the people around me, even more. So I decide to shift sex to a female one. But then, screams by the same individuals gathering around me, confuse me even more. Perhaps, humans do not know that we can take on any shape we like. Or maybe, it’s the fact that I am a sex shifter that disturbs them.

I need to get out of the streets, too many humans are gathering around me, taking pictures. What a spectacle! I don’t want the situation to get out of hand. So I start to run away from their blinking cameras. Great, I’m on the news, running like mad. No one can catch up with me, but the helicopters can, zooming in with their aerial-view cams.

It is night time, and I’ve run for 25 miles. I find a small hotel. That is my home, then, for the next Earthly year. It hasn’t been one Earth day, and I’m already exhausted. Now, I’m a human female. Or so, I appear to be. And the hotel receptionist asks for some ID, which I print out of my wrist, without them noticing. The driver’s license is precise to LA authority specifications. My name: Angela Payne. The receptionist is satisfied with a payment method I created in seconds, the info I provide matches that of Earth Mainframe. I get a card key.

In my bedroom, I collapse on the bed, tired. Odd. I am never tired. What kind of vacation is this going to be? Not relaxing, that’s for sure. Alright, so I am a woman for a while. When I decide to be a man, I’ll move to another hotel, so there’s not too much confusion.

Even though my mind is tired due to all the random human behavior, I am enjoying my time off. I take a shower. I sleep in the nude. I wake up ten hours later. I decide to live as a human, only. See what happens. Excitement to come for sure.

Apparently, my hotel is near a small college where young adults go to learn something. I don’t think that it is anything useful, but we do not interfere with Earthlings’ progression. The college students go to the same coffee shop I go to have breakfast. It appears to be their hangout.


As I sit alone, at a two-seater table, my eye catches a group of young men, looking at me. They seem to be talking about me, or about Angela, the girl whose skin I inhabit. So, at least, they’re not afraid of me, since I look like a human girl to them. I’ve evaluated all of their life signs, blood pressure, breathing pattern, brain waves, and their level of aggression is ‘very low,’ so I’m not in any danger.

After some time, exchanging glances, one of the boys gets up and walks over to where I sit. He speaks to me: “Hi, I’m Kyle. Are you new here?” he asks in a tender tone.

“My name is Angela. I’m just coming through town. What do you do?” I ask in the most human voice available in my limited files. Without a secure connection, I have no access to the Mainframe.

“Oh, that’s nice... Not much, what do you do?”

“I’m a blogger. I travel around the country and write about smaller towns.”

“Well, it’s pretty small here. It’s just a college town.”

“You go to that college?”

“Yes, I do. Why don’t I buy you a coffee, and you can interview me.”

“Oh, yes. Okay, let’s do it. I just need to go to the ladies’ room.”

“Sure, I’ll wait for you, here,” Kyle says, sitting down in the second seat of my table.

“Okay,” I say walking briskly to the bathroom area. I can’t tell you exactly why I made the decision to turn on the FA files, but meeting Kyle, I just had that instant need to connect on an emotional level. So, here I am, staring in the bathroom mirror, looking into my human eyes. As I access the FA, emotion, files, I get a jolt of feelings that make me jump out of my skin, so to speak. Angela lets out a yelp: “Woah!!!” that I’m sure the entire restaurant heard. Wow, what a feeling of abandon. I am like a baby, now a child, and then a giggling teenager, all of these thoughts, and emotions running through my head constantly. What is happening to me? Do humans live in the past, present, and future simultaneously? No wonder, they cry, hate, and go to war over trivial affairs, in the long run. It’s because humans are crazy!

Still, I decide to leave the FA files ON, and I walk out of the bathroom. Some people, sitting closest to the washrooms, are staring at me, a little bit; they must’ve heard the scream coming from the ladies’ room. But I look normal, so they look away. I make my way back to Kyle. In my excitement, I smile from ear-to-ear. I don’t know what’s making me so excited. I sit down, facing him. We stare into each other’s eyes, and I see the most beautiful color blues I have ever experienced. His eyes are full of light, sexy, and cavernous. He wants me, and I can tell because my pussy is dripping wet. I want him. I’m straight forward: “Want to do the interview in my hotel room?”

“Yes, okay,” he says quickly and unapologetically.

“Okay, let’s go,” I wink at him, as I grab his hand, and we walk out of the hangout, his friends roaring with excitement. They seem to be encouraging him. We are going to have sex.

Kyle smiles as I keep hold of his hand, almost dragging him behind me, walking fast. I can’t wait to experience him. We reach my hotel room, and I quickly unlock the door. We step inside, the shades are drawn closed, I don’t bother to put the lights on. And I take off all of my clothes, and lie down on the bed, waiting.

“Hey, honey … Angela!? Is it??” Kyle starts. “We’re moving a little fast, here, aren’t we?”

“Yes, but I’m a virgin, and I can’t wait for you to give me some love.”

“Well, I’d like to give you … some … love, but, it seems that you’re rushing a tad.”

“It’s okay. Come here. Don’t be afraid. I’m going to make you feel good.” I say, calming him down.

I sit up on the bed, and I open my legs wide so that he can see my pussy. It’s so wet it glistens in the dark, as a few sun rays glow through the dark curtains. Kyle can’t help himself, and he moves towards me like a moth to a flame.

Kyle opens his pants, as he faces me, in front of the bed. I look up, scan deeply into his eyes. I get the image of my mouth around his genital cock. So I slip my womanly fingers into his briefs and pull out his dick. It’s still hanging low, needing some stimulation.

“You’re a virgin?” Kyle asks as I take his dick into my mouth.

I nod yes, sucking on him slowly and attentively. As his cock becomes erect, my pussy lips feel swollen. My clitoris requires some attention. I put my left hand on the base of his shaft and start pumping up and down and around while I place my right hand on his balls. And I continue to suck on the tip of his now fast-growing, manly cock. I love the feeling that I’m getting him excited. Kyle loves the sensation so much, he hangs his head back and lets out a delighted groan.

All I want is to feel his cock, inside my human female vagina, but I continue to bring Kyle to one exciting stroke after the next. When will he allow me to experience his sensual erection? Will it feel the same in my pussy as in my mouth? I wonder.

Kyle pulls in and out of my mouth, enjoying the feeling of fucking my mouth. I keep my lips on the tip of his cock, sucking the cock juices out, as I keep stroking his cock, and playing softly with his sac. After exactly 27 strokes into my hot and wet mouth, Kyle pulls completely out of my mouth.

“Did I hurt you? Did I not do it right?” I wonder out loud.

“No, you were perfect, Angela. Now, it’s my turn to pleasure you,” he charms. “Lie down on your back,” he says, taking all of his clothes off, letting them drop to the floor.

Feeling nervous, I move back into the bed, letting my head rest on the pillows while I open my legs for Kyle. He begins to kiss my neck, quickly moving to my nipples. I can tell he’s excited to get inside me, his erection pressing into my belly button. I don’t know what it will feel like, my virginal space overflowing with a stream of juices. So my anticipation is high when Kyle presses his right thumb on my clit and starts to move it side to side. The feeling is incredibly magnificent. No wonder humans don’t want to evolve. This raw level of animalistic existence is beyond ravishing. And I think Kyle is only getting started.

He looks into my eyes, with a sweet smile on his face. Then he gives me a deep French kiss as he continues to play with my clit, massaging it with intense severity. My human throat lets out moan after another as I experience the most breathtaking pleasure of my life. Or so I thought. Now, Kyle begins to lick my drooling pussy while still continuing to toy with my clit. At this stage, my mind goes on vacation. It no longer has any place to exist. I am no longer machine. And I've skipped being human. I am pure animal.

“Give it to me, Kyle,” I moan as his tongue touches the entrance of my wet folds.

“Yes, I will.” That is all he says. Then he teases me with his cock at the entrance of my hole. I need him inside me now.

“Fuck me, now!”

“Yes, baby. I am,” he groans as his rock-hard cock enters me, slowly.

Oh, my god, the pain is horrifying. What is that? Why is this so terrible? I’m supposed to feel joy, not paralyzing pain. My moans stop, suddenly. Automatically, I begin to push Kyle away. But he won’t stop.

“Kyle, stop!”

“It’s okay, sweetie. The pain will go away in a moment. You’ll feel me, soon. Just relax, take it easy. I’ll go slower,” he reassures, as he takes his cock out slowly, and slips it back into my bleeding hole, even more slowly. “How’s that?”

“It’s better. I’m getting over the pain. Is it like that, every time?”

“No,” he grins, letting out a short laugh. “It’s only your first time.”

As Kyle pierces through my sensitive insides, deeper and deeper, I begin to tighten my pussy muscles around him. Starting to feel his strength enveloped by my soft, hot, wetness. Slowly, but surely, I prepare to enjoy the feeling of abandon, once more. I arch my back while Kyle moves in closer, fucking me, harder, and faster. Speeding his thrust forward into my abyss. He’s a gentle but strong lover. I am in love. But he seems to be performing a function, that of a vibrator. He no longer has feelings; his focus remains on completing this chore, of making me orgasm so that he can cum. I scan his brain, only one thought flashes: “Fuck!”

I don’t think Kyle is thinking of my pleasure anymore. He cums with his hot semen filling my abused pussy. The heat seems to heal the tiny wounds, bit by bit though I didn’t get the joy I expected to experience. That is when Kyle pulls his deflated organ out of me. Just like that, it’s over.


After Kyle had left, yesterday, I took a warm bath, letting the blood particles, along with his unpassionate cum, leave my body. Deciding to stay in my hotel room, for the rest of the day, I turned on the TV set and watched human interactions for the remainder of the day. It’s a retarded, haphazard world, devoid of meaning, except that survival is the top priority for humanoids.

Leaving my FA files switched ON, I go to sleep. When I wake up, I have shifted sex to a male form. My erection is sympathetic in the early morning. So, I stroke my cock while imagining three hot girls, with enormous tits, licking my balls and sucking on the tip of my shaft. The movement of my hand, moving up and down, speeds up and the rush of blood leaves my brain, going down into my testicles, only to explode all over my hand, stomach, and chest. Wow, that’s a lot of cum.

After my shower, I switch back to a woman’s body, only long enough to check-out of this nasty hotel. My first time with Kyle was less than stimulating. In fact, I made him cum, but beyond the foreplay, I think he failed to satisfy me. I don’t honestly blame him. From my experience this morning, a man’s body is easier to manipulate into climax than a woman will ever be.

Once I paid my bill, I walk out of the hotel, heading to the mall. I need some men’s clothing so that I can switch into a male. Today, I’m going to have a girl in my bed. So first, I’m shopping for male clothing. And once I can switch, I’m going on the hunt for pussy. I am so excited about today.

Choosing a rather tall and broad frame for optimum sex-appeal, I get casual chic clothes. And immediately, I head back to the same coffee shop where I had met Kyle. That place has a ridiculous magnetism. Plus, I’m starving. It seems that sustaining a sexy male body like this one, requires a lot of food.

After shoveling down a delicious breakfast that would be enough for three Angela’s, Arnold starts to look around the coffee shop, for nothing else but girls, girls, girls. And of course, what is the first thing I see, Kyle, Kyle, Kyle! He’s laughing his head off with his friends, five guys, and two girls. One of the girls, in the group, keeps giving me friendly looks that only mean one thing to me, I’m going to fuck Kyle’s girlfriend.

It’s incredible how men don’t care. So, I smile back at Kyle’s friend, whose face is getting more and more reddish, checking me out. She tells her friends about the new guy in town, and Kyle looks over at me, not recognizing the girl he deflowered just last night.

I decide that I’m invincible, so I walk over to their table, looking confident. And I use the same manners Kyle had with me, just a day earlier. As I get closer to Kyle’s table, I zero in my focus on his female friend, who keeps eyeing me. Our eyes lock, and I say: “I’m new in town, would you tell me where to find the closest shopping mall?”

“Oh, I’ll do better than that, I can drive you there,” she says, jumping out of her seat.

“Lauren?!” Kyle says, worried about his friend.

“Don’t worry, she’s safe with me,” I tell Kyle, as he squints at me, giving me a questioning look.

“Who are you?” he says.

“I’m Arnold,” I respond as Lauren pulls on my arm, and we walk out of the coffee shop.

In her car, Lauren takes no time, taking her top off, revealing firm breasts held straight up by light blue lace bras.

“These are nice!” I say in the manliest voice.

“Sorry, I needed to change. It’s sizzling hot these days,” she says, grabbing a dry deodorant with which she sprays her underarms, then changes into a new hot pink top.

“Cool top.”

“We’re on our way. What do you want to do at the mall?”

“Buy some condoms,” I say, winking at her.

“Are you serious?” she lets out a belly laugh. “Cool, let’s hook-up. You’re hot! Are you new at the college?”

“No, I’m applying for an academic assistant post for a math professor.”

“Okay. Hope you get it,” she smiles at me. Then she asks: “If condoms are all you want, I have some in my dorm room.”

“Yeah, let’s go.”

We get to Angela’s dorm room, and it’s a huge mess. I don’t care. I am so excited to get into her pants that my erection is already bulging through my tight pants.

“Ooh, wow. You’re huge,” Angela says, her mouth open, ready to take my cock in it. And that’s exactly, what she does, craving a taste of pre-cum, I guess. She slowly pulls my pants down, taking my hard erection out. And she gets on her knees, taking my balls into her mouth, moving her lips up my shaft, until she is in the right position to begin sucking on the tip of my sweating cock.

“Oh, that is heavenly,” I can’t help but blurt out when Lauren takes my cock inside her mouth. “Hey, babe, it’s been a while. I need to fuck you, now. Is that fine?”

“Is it fine? Oh, it is fine, sweetie. What is your name again?”

“Arnold,” I smile, as she removes her second top, bra still holding up the tits. I, so, do not care. All I want is to experience the feeling of sticking my throbbing cock, inside her pond pussy. “Keep your micro-skirt on, take off your undies.”

“Okay, but first, put that on,” she says as she expertly rolls an extra-large condom on me.

“Oh, yes, it’s constricting but fine. Turn around.”

She wiggles out of her lace undies. Lauren does as I asked, turns around, gets hands and knees on the bed. And she awaits for my cock, to plunge into her inner walls. Amazing, how receptive women are. I mean, we don’t even know each other. I’m an alien for fuck’s sake. But whatever, I’m not stopping to make sure she knows, an alien is entering her most private parts. She knows what she likes, cock!

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