Unexpected Dream Come True

It all started when he bent me over on the ground.  Little time was had for me to even begin to feel nervous, I was going to have a good time and he was not going to let me think twice about it.  He had me bend on all fours; then he put on my thigh cuffs.  He teased me first by gently running his hand to where the cuffs would be applied, snapped them shut, then tightened them just enough to make me inhale a slight bit.  Next, he stood me up on my knees and lovingly kissed from my neck all the way down my arm to my wrist, where he stopped to apply my cuff.  Before I knew it, he had applied the other wrist cuff too.  Just as I began to feel a tingle, I found myself being quickly brought back to all fours.  As I looked up to him it appeared that I was going to get the kiss I had been longing for.  When my eyes were closed and the bliss of his incredible kiss began to take over I felt him slip the blindfold over my eyes; I knew then this would really be a time to remember.  The series of events that followed had me dripping wet at every turn wishing for the experience to end and continue all at the same time.

With his firm hands, he pushed down on my back between my shoulder blades, telling me by movement, that he clearly wanted my smooth ass in the air for his visual enjoyment.  He then grabbed my right wrist and moved it toward my thigh.  The thigh cuff was not high enough to meet my wrist and so he loosened it just enough to slide it to his perfect placement, allowing my body to be bent at the waist at about a 90-degree angle.  After finishing tightening the cuff again, he ran his fingers against my pussy to see just how wet I was getting from his game.  He was satisfied; his toy was wet and excited.  He did the same thing again with my left wrist.  I found myself exposed and vulnerable for his enjoyment and pleasure.  I couldn’t help myself and let out a little giggle.  It was then that I got another taste of what he had in store for me.

“I didn’t say you could giggle.”  He then sat on the bench at the end of the bed and brought me over to his cock.  I found it without a problem since it was at perfect mouth level.  “Here is what you can do with that naughty mouth of yours” as he slid his cock deep down my throat.  The taste of his cum made my mouth water as he fucked my face to his every desire.  After finding that he was tired of getting his dick wet and his toy was needing refreshed, he gave me a break.  I had no idea what was coming next as I was blindfolded.  I began to feel his hand on my legs again and the tingles drifted up my thighs as I longed for his fingers to caress my lips, I didn’t care which pair.  Instead I began to feel a pull to my left and my legs were being separated.  I could feel the ropes slide through the loops on the cuffs and my legs getting pulled so that my smooth ass and wet pussy were on display in the air for him while my head was resting on the bench he had just been sitting on.  I was exposed and had no idea when I was going to get to feel his touch again, or if he was even in the room.

He had in fact left the room.  I was left to my own devices and daydreams.  No matter how much I wiggled there was no freeing myself.  I laid my head down and began dreaming what I would love for him to do to me.  I imagined him returning with a rose and feather, sliding them over every curve of my body.  Allowing me to be proud of my sexy exposed body before him.  While only the last part of that daydream came true, it took what felt like forever for his return.  In all reality 5 minutes feels like forever when you don’t know who will walk in.  He knew just how to drive me crazy and crave every moment I could feel contact from him.  “You are so beautiful and sexy.  How did I get so lucky to have a toy like you?”  My reply was simple, “Thank you.” “That was not an answer to my question, guess we’ll need to put that mouth to work again.”  He lifted my head by pulling my ponytail and letting me taste the sweet warmth of the tea in the cup.  Once I finished swallowing I could hear the sound of clanking, it was ice.  He had come with hot and cold, with every intention to drive me out of my mind.  Clearly staying wet was not going to be a problem.  After I felt the cold drips, I felt the cube trace my curves the way I craved his warm hands to touch me.  The ice slid over my fingers, up my arm, over my neck, and all the way to my lips.  He traced my plump lips, being bit in frustration wishing I could moan, knowing that more pleasure and discipline would come with even the slightest whimper.  The ice traced my top lip then bottom, then his fingers and the ice slid into my mouth.  “Show me what you can do with your tongue.”  I licked his fingers, slowly traced my tongue across them, bottom to top, then back down again.  “I liked that, I think I want to feel that somewhere else.”  I had done it, he was loosening my legs.  My legs were released from the bed, but I was scooted back again.  He placed another cube in my mouth then sat down again on the bench.  “Lick, and don’t drop the ice” he commanded.  Initially I had no idea where he wanted me to lick, but that wasn’t my problem to worry about, he made it clear with his next move.  I felt his cock on my face meaning there was only one place he wanted attention.  “I said ‘lick’, now lick my balls and show me how much you enjoy it.  I want to hear you moan.  Not enough and I will find something else for you to make noise over.”  I quickly did as he told me and began to lick and suck.  Keeping him and the ice in my mouth was extremely difficult.  The ice dropped at one point and I found out what would happen.  He removed me from him and picked up the ice.  Next, he reached around to my ass, gave it a smack and inserted the ice into my pussy. My breath was taken away immediately; I don’t know if it was the shock of the sting then the cold, or hearing his hand smack my butt strong enough to leave a print.  I was struggling since this was beyond my understanding of how this could bring me so much pleasure.  Not only did his breathing increase seeing my response, pre-cum dripped from his tip.  He made me clean his tip; then he placed another ice cube in my mouth and told me to suck.  I teased him the best I knew how; slid my tongue slowly up and down, opened wide and let him push my face down, kissed every inch, gave him whatever he wanted.  Feeling him grow wider in my mouth only got me wetter and hotter; all along I had no use of my hands to control anything.  Wherever his hand, cock, or a toy ended up it was not up to me.  As he began to see my pink tight pussy drip his mouth began to water.  He got up from the bench and lovingly helped me up.  Little did I know what was coming next. 

As I began to breath, calm down, and relax I felt extreme warmth.  His lips were approaching my dripping wetness, he wanted a taste.  He had sipped tea and the heat that escaped when his lips touched mine was euphoric.  I did not remember that I wasn’t supposed to be enjoying myself yet though, I was not told it was my turn yet.  I received another swift spank on my ass with a leather paddle then cold.  Cold everywhere, he drizzled some of the water from the melted ice over me.  With my head down giving him his glorious view of my ass, I felt what he wanted me to feel.  His cold mouth on my pussy.  Ice grazing over my legs, then my clit.  The teasing went on until the ice was gone, or all inserted into whichever hole he wanted.  He ate my pussy from behind knowing I would feel exposed and embarrassed the whole time.  Every time I seemed unconfident or inhibited I was met with reassuring and a swift spanking.  Sometimes a leg or my ass got the strike other times my clit was taught the lesson with a flick or a nibble.

After he grew tired of teasing me, I knew he would give me what I was craving.  The one thing I wanted this whole time was about to be mine.  I was finally going to be rewarded with his cock in my pussy; the thing I had waited weeks for.  I was wrong.  He had found a toy, he was playing with his toy with a toy.  As he pumped the thrusting wand in and out of my wet swollen pussy I moaned.  The pleasure was too great.  I was allowed to enjoy for a little while as he watched cum drip from his toy, every moment getting ready for him.  I licked the toy clean each time he placed it near my tongue.  But then I was too distracted, he had placed it near my mouth and I didn’t notice.  I was going to be disciplined again.  “I guess spankings aren’t enough for you to learn. We’re going to need a new approach.”

A new approach was certainly on his mind.  I first felt the cold and thought it was more ice.  He had dripped it over my asshole and I was certain it was going to be another ice cube entering to teach me to listen.  Instead it was his finger I felt, the cold had been the lube.  He was playing and teasing me, my hole being penetrated and worked, preparing for his cock to enter.  I was suddenly getting wet again.  As he looked and enjoyed the sight he wasn’t quite ready to claim his prize.  I felt his finger slip out and something else begin to stretch my hole.  It was an anal plug responsive to movement.  As he worked it in moans of pure pleasure escaped.  “I like the moans right now, keep it up so I know how much you like this.”  Again, my answer was simple, but this time weak, “OK.”  He got back to licking my pussy with my ass to his face and I moaned for every good place he hit.

Eventually he couldn’t take it anymore, he was going to really play with his toy now.  I felt his erect penis slide up my thigh, this time creating a line of slippery sweet cum.  As he slid closer to my lips I remembered just how much I loved his girth.  His cock slowly separated my lips, then a thrust that came from nowhere.  He wasn’t waiting any longer he had played long enough and now it was his turn.  His pumping came fast.  My butt checks quickly became red and warm with every love tap from his hand or the paddle.  He pulled my ponytail so he could see into my eyes.  He wanted to see the lust, the pleasure, the love; I wanted to see it in his.  We were not disappointed.  “You will wait to cum until I tell you.” My simple answer, “OK.”  “You WILL cum with me.” “OK.” The feeling was incredible, his passion, his pent-up tension, I had no control and he was happy to take what he wanted.

The thrusting grew quicker, his breathing rapid.  I could tell he was nearing the edge.  I asked to cum and was told no.  There was no controlling it, the moment he said no the dam broke loose.  The anal toy and his cock were too much for me.  The bench was flooded and soaking wet.  “Look at the mess you made,” he said with a smile on his face.  “I didn’t say you could come yet.  I’m going to have to make you do it again because we ARE going to cum together.”  He picked me up, flipped me over and tossed me on the bed on my back.  My legs in the air ready for him to drive his cock as deep as he wanted.  He unlocked my hands from my thighs and placed them over my clit where he clipped my hands together.  “Start rubbing that clit, you’ve got to cum again.”  “OK,” I said coyly smiling.  Again, his cock approached my lips; my legs still in the air but separated opening myself wide for him. 

I dutifully played with my clit as he found all of the incredible spots inside of me.  I knew it wouldn’t be long until I came again.  “May I cum? I really need too.”  “I need to too but you were selfish and came before me.  Keep rubbing that clit, I’ll tell you when you can cum.”  Not more than a few more slams of his hips against mine and it was obvious.  I took a chance… “Would you like to cum?” He replied with a grunt and a gentle slap to my breast.  Again, I took another, he was driving me even closer with every action.  “Where do you want to cum?”  This time he answered, “I wanna give you something.  You can have a necklace, but only if I can see you cum at the same time.” My simple answer “OK.”  It was time. I found myself staring at his hard penis, swollen, throbbing and shooting hot cum all over my neck.  It was too much. “I want you to cum NOW.” I gave in, the moans and screams were loud and unforgettable.  He released me from my cuffs, laid at my side, smiled, and whispered in my ear.  “I love you.”  “I love you too,” was all I could say before I lost consciousness and the activities drifted me off to a repeat in my dreams.