The Good Neighbour - Part Six or The Wife

Info Sorseress
21 Nov. '16

Tonight we decided to go out to have dinner. We needed to choose a restaurant that was far away, for obvious reasons. You might say that I am a slut, because he isn't single, although I don't feel like being one. Somehow, when I am with him, nothing else matters. He makes me feel like I'm the only woman he cares about. Of course I could defend myself by saying that their relationship isn't good, but that would be a lie. I see them every day, and that breaks my heart a little. But for a short period of time, he is mine and mine alone. I try not to dwell on his reasons for too long, rather enjoy those secret moments we share.

As I'm getting ready, I look at my reflection with appreciation. I don't think I ever felt so good in my own body. And this is all his doing. He makes me do things that make me blush afterwards. Even thinking about those hot sexual encounters makes me hot and bothered all over again. I don't think I could ever get enough. I am craving his touch right now as well, wishing that we would stay home instead, but he said he had a surprise for me. Another one. I am thrilled and excited, yet unsure what he could have in store for me. The whole thing is so arousing, I guess he likes to keep me on edge. I still remember the night he brought his friend along, and I must admit it was ecstatic. Although we never talked about it, I'm sure that threesome was my first, but not the last one. A delicious shudder runs through me at the thought, and I smile, realizing how erect my nipples are. I slide my right hand between the lace dress and my bare skin, gently squeezing my right breast. It is so sensitive, already anticipating his touch. I allow myself a moment to relish in this exquisite sensation, slowly closing my eyes, moving my left hand towards my panties. I'm sure he will appreciate the fact that I'm not wearing a bra, and my underwear is barely there.

I start rubbing my clit, unable to resist the temptation any longer. I just feel so damn sexy in this red strapless dress. The material hugs my curves in a way that will drive him crazy, I'm sure. Maybe he will even rip it off me before dessert. Well, at least I bloody hope so. I let out a soft moan as I slide a finger deep inside my pussy, feeling it pulsate with growing desire. And just when I would grant myself the long-awaited release, the bell ruins my pleasure. I don't really want to stop, but manage to convince myself that the night promises much more than the pleasure I can give myself. I straighten my back, checking my reflection once more. I think I am ready.


I was right, he is unable to take his eyes (or hands) off me, and I couldn't be more proud of myself. We barely sat down, but his hands never left my thigh while he was driving.

“I wish I didn't make reservations for tonight.”

He had said in the car, and I just smiled knowingly. Finally, I was in control, I had him wrapped around my finger. How much I wished to have him wrapped around my body instead. But if I could wait for him my whole life, what are a few extra hours, right?

We order our food, but when I'm about to ask for dessert, he squeezes my ankle, sending another shiver through me. I guess he has that covered. I feel my nipples erect once again, and it doesn't go unnoticed. I glance down and gasp when I see his impressive member, thinking about all the naughty things I'm about to do with him later. I avert my gaze, trying to distract myself, and that's when I see her. I would recognize his wife anywhere, but for a second I hope that I am only dreaming. Or rather that this is a nightmare and I could wake up any minute. But of course I'm not that lucky. I never was, so why would this be any different? This fairy-tale is about to end, and very nastily as well. I let out a sigh, while trying to sink into the soft fabric of the chair. I wish that I could sink even further. I'm now sure that instead of the hot erotic dessert I will end up in my bed, eating ice-cream and a box of chocolates, crying my eyes out. But now I need to keep it together. I can't allow them to see the shock and humiliation on my face.

She looks straight into my eyes, and I feel uneasy all of a sudden. But, strangely enough, she is smiling, and there is only a glint of victory in her eyes.

“May I join you?”

She asks, and my heart is pounding as fast as ever in my chest. What the hell does this all mean? Why can't she just slap me (or him) and get this over and done with? Why the act? I glance towards Michael, and he grins first at me, then at her before nodding and motioning for her to sit down next to me. She does, making me feel even more confused. What's going on?

“Let me introduce you to my surprise for tonight.”

He says in a mocked gentlemanly way and I think I leave my mouth open in genuine shock. Where the hell is he going with this? I suddenly feel her breath near my ear, and it makes me shiver.

“Don't be scared, little bird, I won't bite. Unless you ask me to, of course,”

And with that, she places her manicured hand on my right thigh, while Michael is caressing my left. This fills me with mixed emotions, but I must admit, it's not as bad or bizarre as I thought it would be. First I had sex with him and his friend, and now he is trying to get his wife involved? I never even wanted to have a threesome before, but I guess he just got me hooked. But doing it with another woman? Does this kind of thing turn him on? But then I guess it would arouse every man. And I can't deny the anticipation and excitement that is slowly, but surely clenching my stomach, making me pull on the hem of my dress nervously. It must seem like I am a virgin, but I guess Mike has gotten used to that by now.

For some reason, nobody seems to notice in the entire restaurant what sort of games we are playing underneath the table. I shift uncomfortably, as her hands slowly travel further up towards my most sensitive parts, and I inhale sharply. This makes her laugh for some reason, and with her other hand she grabs my jaw, forcing me to look at her. There is something in her eyes that renders me speechless. Is it lust? Desire? I wouldn't be able to tell, the only thing I know is that she is leaning closer and closer, and I am almost waiting for her kiss. But it doesn't happen, as our food arrives and both of them let go of me. I am a tad bit disappointed, feeling completely lost in these weird sensations…


A few hours later…


The rest of the dinner went by without any further “incidents”, but the drive home was the strangest thing ever. Somehow I knew from the moment she made that promise that this wasn't going to be an uneventful evening. And I wasn't mistaken. Things took a quite unexpected turn, and I wouldn't say that I was OK with it at first, or that I wanted it to happen, but curiosity soon took over and I had to taste her lips. I wanted to know what they felt like pressing against mine.

Mike was in the driver's seat, glancing back at us every now and then, while we made out, tasting each other's lips, tongue, and neck. I've never been with a woman before, but somehow the fact that Mike was watching us, playing with his cock while driving, trying to pay attention to the road at the same time made the whole thing so arousing and sizzling hot. I couldn't control myself, and it was as if I was a completely different person and I was just looking at the scene as an outsider would.

She nibbled on my neck, while sliding her hand under my dress, caressing my stomach. I glanced at Mike and he let out a desperate groan. I knew that we turned him on, and began to enjoy the show we were putting up for him. Before I even knew it, my hands found their way into her panties, and when she tilted her head back, I removed the straps of her dress with my free hand.

Strangely enough, this seemed like the most natural thing to do that time, and she seemed to be enjoying herself. I guess, deep down I always wondered what another woman would taste like, so I lowered myself down, pulling on the string of her barely-there thong, revealing her already wet pussy. I gulped when I realized what I was about to do, feeling guilty and very, very naughty at the same time. But then I heard her moan and she buried both of her hands in my hair, opening her legs wider, and curiosity took over once more. We only live once, right? I learned that from Mike by now, and it seems like they are living their life to the fullest, offering me the same.

Closing my eyes, I started licking her clit slowly, thinking about the way I enjoyed it most when Mike did the same thing to me. Her breathing became ragged and I stopped for a second, savouring her sweet taste. It's not like I didn't taste myself on Mike's fingers or cock before, but this was different. I had another woman's juices on my lips and tongue. I could feel a gentle pull on my hair, and I looked up into her pleading eyes.

I knew that Mike was still watching, but for some reason, pleasing her became just as important as pleasing him in that moment. And not just for his entertainment. I continued exploring her pussy, first with my tongue, then with my fingers, too. I felt restless and wild, and just as I was about to make her cum, she cried out in pleasure, but pulled my head away at the same time.

“Not yet.”

Was all she could say, her voice barely a whisper. She looked deep into my eyes, giving me a lingering kiss. When she let go of me, I realized that the car had stopped at some point. I looked back over my shoulder, just to see Mike climb out of the car, then open our door and stand there, gently stroking his cock. I couldn't watch him for too long though, because she grabbed my hips suddenly, urging me to lie down.

“Now it's my turn.”

She said and started placing soft kisses on my inner thigh, making my heart beat faster. I closed my eyes, waiting for the moment when her lips find my already throbbing clit, but she didn't rush. Slowly she pushed my dress up, and I could hear Mike groan again when he saw my naked body underneath. I guess this was becoming our thing. Me being completely naked, except for my high heels, of course.

When her tongue finally swept across my clit, I nearly lost it. After that everything was a blur. I could feel Mike squeezing my boobs while she was licking me, pushing two fingers deep inside my aching pussy. The next thing I knew was that both of us were kneeling on the back seat, next to each other, moaning as he fucked us both from behind. For a few moments I allowed myself to worry about anyone seeing us, but I quickly discarded those fears, as I realized that we were in the middle of nowhere.

This was definitely another night I won't forget. Sometimes I wonder how my miserable and boring life changed suddenly to this hot, unpredictable one, full of filthy sex. He definitely brought out a part of me I didn't even know existed, and I began to want to experience new things. Over and over again. I was spent and exhausted, yet incredibly satisfied. I couldn't wait to see what he (or they) planned next…


To be continued…