As missy returned home she was contemplating what had gone wrong. She considered herself quite a sexually adventurous person and had arranged for a simulated abduction to take place. This had always been one of her strongest fantasies and she felt it was the time to have it fulfilled. However on reaching her front door she was partly relieved and disappointed that nothing at all had happened. Putting it to the back of her mind and turning the key in the lock she opened the door. She stepped over the frame while turning round to shut the door. She was instantly confronted with something being pulled over her head and tied around her neck. Shocked and struggling to catch her breath she staggered back but someone caught her fall. She was then helped back up right; her hands were grabbed and pulled behind her back. Not knowing or realising what was going on she started to panic. She could hear breathing behind her and suddenly realised what was happening. Her hands were being tightly tied together and before she had the chance to say she had changed her mind she felt something being forced into her mouth taking whatever was covering her head in with it. Assuming this was some sort of gag she let out a faint and halfhearted whimper. In fact it was a length of rope with a knot in the middle, which had been pushed in and tied very tightly around the back of her head. Turning round she stood silent and feeling a little nervous waited for the next move.

Her captor stood back and looked her up and down, as she stood there motionless. She had a pin stripe jacket and skirt suit on with a pale pink blouse underneath, thick black stockings or tights he wasn’t sure as yet and black stiletto heeled pumps on. Very nice he thought to himself. I am quite lucky to have gotten this job compared to what I am used too. Her bag was on the floor where she had dropped it and the contents had spilled out over the floor. Bending down he started to pick up the items and placing them back in the bag. To his surprise there was a small silver vibrator. That’ll come in use-full later he thought to himself. He puts it to one side and continues to put all her items back in the bag.

What’s going on she thinks to herself. Its so quiet she doesn’t have any idea what is going on plus the fact that she is really anxious as to what is going to happen to her. Starting to think this may have been a mistake but at the same time realising it is too late now. Fidgeting a bit, legs moving slightly as if she is twitching, her abductor gets the hint. He grabs her arm with one hand and leads her in to what she believes is the living room. He walks her around for a bit so she loses track of where she is and eventually tells her to stand still. This she does and despite her best efforts she has no idea she is in the kitchen.

Turning her around he leans her, face first up against the wall. Kicking her feet apart he leans round and starts to undo her jacket buttons. Breathing heavier missy is starting to worry just that little bit more. That’s the last button and the jacket is worked to about half way down her arms. She can feel his hands around the front again as he starts to undo her blouse buttons. Counting each one in turn in her head she starts to think ahead about where this is going. Reluctantly admitting to herself that she is starting to enjoy the experience she can feel herself getting wet down below. It was her fault anyway she thought. Just let yourself go and enjoy it she thinks to herself. Not much choice really though she decides. The blouse is pulled down the same as the jacket. This in turn reveals her bra and un-doing the bra strap at the back her breasts are released. She can feel that her nipples are hard as they are rubbing against the cold wall in front of her. This just turns her on even more.

A brief pause before her captor carries on with his task in hand. Turning his attention to her lower body he starts to unzip the back of the skirt. Pushing it down slightly with his fingers it gets to a point where it drops of its own accord folding to the floor around her ankles. Stepping out one foot at a time the captor throws the skirt across the kitchen floor before kicking her legs apart once again.

What’s next she thinks to herself? She can hear something but is not sure what it is. Her captor has gone over to one of the kitchen tops and picked up a pair of scissors. Un-known to her of course but he brings them back over and holds them up to her hands. She has a feel and suddenly realises what they are, sheer panic enters her mind but she tries to settle down and concentrate.

Was this the simulated abduction she had asked for or was it something else that doesn’t bear thinking about. Not sure of the answer to her own question she waits to see whether this will be her last thought of this nature. Never again she thinks. Before these thoughts have left her head she can feel him grabbing at her tights around her arse. She hears a very slight noise and suddenly realises what he is doing. Cutting a hole in her tights he reveals her pink panties, which are looking a little wet. Stopping for a moment she is able to catch her breath. She can’t believe this is happening. With total ecstasy as well as a bit of relief she realises that it is not the life-threatening situation that she thought it might be.

He starts to run the scissors from her ankle up her leg past her knee and along the inside of her inner thigh. She can feel it catching her tights; it pulls them up slightly and then lets them spring back against her legs. Struggling to stand up right in her heels she closes her eyes as he does the same with her other leg. They must be laddered she thinks to herself. She even catches herself thinking she will never wear them again. What am I saying she says to herself?

He’s stopped! She hears him put the scissors, or at least assumes it is the scissors down on a surface. Still not sure where she is she waits expectantly for whatever is going to happen next. Suddenly she can feel his hands all over her breasts. They are quite warm and clammy. Massaging and grabbing her breasts he moves closer to her. She can feel his body behind her. He grabs her left nipple between his fingers and gives it a little squeeze. She winces with excitement and breathes a sigh of sexual ecstasy just as he does the same with the other nipple. His hands move down to her groin as he pushes her little pink panties to one side revealing her wet pussy. She can feel the colder air from the wall against her exposed and vulnerable most sensual of areas. He starts to tease it with his finger. Rubbing it against the outside of her wet pussy as she anticipates how this is going to end. He’s stopped!! She thinks to herself. She can feel him move away. Nothing is happening. What seems like an eternity is actually only a few seconds.

Her abductor has left the kitchen and returned to the front room where the whole situation started. On the table next to the front door is the mini vibrator. He picks it up and returns to the kitchen where his victim is standing against the wall. He can see she is straining to keep her balance. Her feet must be hurting in those shoes by now. She also looks like she is very gently twitching. With anticipation he thinks to himself. Time to finish what he started. He walks over to her and gives her a little slap on the bum cheek. With her eyes closed she gives a little smile to herself. Both of which are wasted, as they are invisible under the hood or whatever it is she is wearing. She can hear him approach. He stands near her then drops down to the floor. Manoeuvring himself between her legs and back to the wall he rips open her tights a bit more and proceeds to play with her pussy once again. Getting the vibrator out of his pocket he starts to run it up, power on, up her leg from the ankle to the inner thigh. Repeating the process up the other leg she realises what he has managed to find from her bag. How embarrassing she thinks to herself then realises she is being silly as it the least of her problems yet again. He reaches the top of the second thigh and starts to press it against the outside of her pussy. Letting go of a sigh she lets him know she is enjoying it. Concentrating on what he is doing he proceeds to push it just inside and aims it for her g-spot. Moaning harder and harder. Getting wetter and wetter she starts to panic as her legs feel like they are going to give out on her. Managing to stay up and breathing as heavy as she remembers ever doing she realises that this is the point of no return. She collapses in his strong grip as she climaxes like she has never experienced in her life before. Dripping wet, sweating and exhausted she lies on the kitchen floor to recover. He removes her rope gag and the binds on her hands and steps back.

In a delirious state all she hears is “Don’t take off the hood until you hear the front door close”. She can hear footsteps leading away from her and him saying, “It’s been a pleasure”. The door slams and that is that. She lies there until she is able to get up, come back down to earth and realise what had just happened. Looking at the clock she realises that it had felt like a lifetime but in fact it wasn’t!!!

SAH 17.07.09


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