Loving Us

I love us.

Don't you just love us, too?

All the ways we are.

The open us,
the playful us,
the happy us, 
and sad us.

Most especially of all
the secret us.

The us that no one knows,
just we two.

Only we two,
our secret us,
that no one needs to understand,
no one needs to see. 

The nasty us,
the dirty us,
the lusty,
sultry us,
so frisky and so free. 

I love us making love, my love, as only we may do.

And no one needs to know or see
the things we wish to do.

So lucky we were to find us,
allowing you,
allowing me,
to be the us we love,
so deep and hidden down inside,
it's been there raging far away
so close within our dreams.

Allowing it to all come out when finally we trusted,
when both of us
the two of us,
were joyously enraptured.

Realized, completely, 
how naughty
we could be.

So many secrets still to share,
our trust is very dear. 

We love us, don't you see.