A Night to Remember

Please be gentle, this is my first erotic poem. I hope you will enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ;)

A Night to Remember

My hot neighbour and I
Reached beyond the stars,
Last night while the world was sleeping,
Not a soul heard me screaming

Calling out his name once more,
While letting out a soft moan,
As he thrust a little deeper,
I knew this guy is a keeper.

The way he set my skin on fire,
Igniting true passion and desire,
The way he grabbed my hips,
Kissing both sensitive lips,

Tasting my clit, my folds,
My legs just couldn`t hold
So he lifted me up, turning me around,
I was afraid to make a sound

I didn`t want him to stop, no,
Becoming desperate to let go
Of all the built-up tension,
He was an expert, did I mention?

He teased and made me whine,
I wanted him to be mine,
I ached to taste his dick,
But he had another trick

He kissed me hard and fast,
While massaging my ass,
His fingers inching nearer,
His intentions much clearer,

I was craving his touch,
It was becoming too much,
I begged him for release,
I even whispered: please…

But he wasn`t done yet,
Didn`t care I was soaking wet,
He commanded me to play,
And I had no choice, but pray

That he would say the magic word,
And I could get what I earned,
His impressive member,
Something I would always remember.

I could tell that he was near,
One thing was crystal clear,
He was as ready as he could be,
Stroking his cock, waiting for me,

He didn`t have to say it twice,
I was there to claim my prize,
I heard my dress rip,
As I brushed over his tip,

But we didn`t care at all,
The skies could rise or fall,
All we wanted was a taste,
We didn`t have more time to waste.

We let our passion loose,
He told me I was his muse,
But I knew it was just sex, nothing more,
Gosh, I`m still a bit sore…