First Date

Our final year in school I took the dive
And asked you out to go on our first date.
My nerves were shot and I was not sedate
As I drove up, but felt so much alive.

I walked to your front door and met your dad
Who let me know how much he trusted me.
About as far as he could throw a tree.
But seeing you made me so very glad.

You let me know as we drove to the dance
That I was not the one you wanted now,
But he had thrown you over for a cow
Because he thought that sex was not a chance.

No matter, I felt good about this night.
If you were not with him perhaps I'd shine,
And I would do my best to make you mine,
Your place beside me seemed my perfect right.

We danced away the night and seemed to mesh
Because you shunned the fool who let you go.
His loss was certainly my gain, I know,
Since I was soon to feel your hot, wet flesh.

We drove away and found a hidden lane,
And chatted like old friends, which we had been
Before that fool had come upon the scene
And brought into my life a world of pain.

It was not long before I made my move,
And was so gratified when you kissed back.
Responding with a fervor without lack,
You let me know I had nothing to prove.

The pleasure of the moment was a must 
As I could feel the sweating of a breast,
For you allowed me touches to your chest.
Your nipples got so hard with your fresh lust.

I slipped my hand into your skirt in front
And felt more moisture as my hand touched gold.
Your swollen lips spread open at your fold
And now I found the prize of juicy cunt.

As I was fingering your creamy slit
You boldly reached and softly touched my dick.
Unzipping I released my rock hard prick
Allowing you to drool and drip your spit.

Enveloping my cock with eager licks
You sucked with ardor both the balls and tip.
With passion you continued your tight grip
As up and down you did your naughty tricks.

I took your clothing off to bare your skin
So I could kiss your body with desire. 
If I should miss this chance I would expire,
But with your love my life, it could begin.

I knew my very touch had made you come.
Your pussy gushed and spasmed just for me,
And you were learning what true love could be.
Before your sex had been completely numb.

You needed me to suck your vulva sweet.
With gladness I would do this loving thing,
As only now you found your song to sing,
While I was giving you your special treat.

You opened up and it was time for more.
I spread your legs and raised them up on high.
I rammed my meat and you let out a sigh,
And begged me to go deeper than before.

With thrusts of joy I filled your greasy cooze,
And you humped back to take it harder still
Intense new love took over your strong will
And made you know that you would never lose.

As all my milk filled up your sweaty quim
You moaned and groaned and praised my sexy style
That caused your glad acceptance of my guile.
Our happiness and love is not a whim.