Memories of a Lover

Memories of a Lover

I`ve been thinking dear,
It`s been a while…
I wish you were here,
I want to see your smile,

I want to taste those lips,
Pulling you close,
Oh how much I miss
Ripping off your clothes.

Do you remember when I asked
That you dress up for me?
You were so busy with the task
While I counted to three,

Then you turned and I gasped,
You were so damn sexy,
No questions asked,
We were both so ready

To explore my fantasy,
You played your role well,
It was pure ecstasy,
Boy, did my cock swell…

Just remembering does the trick,
I watch you with my mind`s eye,
While gently stroking my dick
Gosh, you were so shy!

And yet you changed in an instant,
Letting go of your fear,
No longer being distant,
Wanting to come near,

You put your lips on mine
Then slowly moving lower,
Girl, you were so fine,
Giving me a massive boner.

And then you reached my cock,
Licking it up and down,
My hips started to rock,
Girl, you made me drown.

I was your slave,
And you knew that, right?
Oh, how much I craved
For your lips every night…

I still do and always will,
I want you close,
I lost my free will,
Have nothing more to lose.

Can`t you see that I
Still have the hots for you?
I have no idea why
You think he is perfect for you.

Just remember the way
You fucked me last,
I need another day,
But you moved on so fast…

He might be rich,
He might be slender,
But it just makes me itch,
Does he have a huge member?

You can`t deny the way
I made you feel deep inside,
Remember, it was last May,
The memory haunts us, why hide?

Why deny that what we had was real?
I made you cum twice,
Tell me, how did it feel?
Admit that it was nice.

You want me, too, I know,
He isn`t the type you need,
Let me help you glow,
I will do anything to please…

Just let me taste and touch,
Your delicious curves,
I love you so much,
But I don`t have the nerves

To ask you out and more,
I can`t tell you how I feel,
I`m shaken to the core,
What we had was real.

I want it back, I`m done,
Can`t wait any longer,
Tasting your lips and cunt,
That would make me stronger.

I want to lick, I want to explore,
Keeping you hot with desire,
Teasing you till we explode,
Why are you still in denial?

Admit that I`m the one,
That you want me bad,
And I will fuck you sore,
You are driving me mad.

A knock on the door,
And I jump in an instant,
Our clothes on the floor,
You are no longer distant.

You heard my silent prayers,
And decided to give in,
I`m stripping off the layers,
While you remove the pin

From your hair, letting it loose,
Girl, your heavenly smell
Is what I would always choose,
As I remembered it well.

I know what you need,
I have done it often,
I quickly get on my knees
Gently forcing your lips open.

I can`t get enough of the sight,
And I can`t believe my luck,
Because finally tonight,
I`m the one you fuck.

I inch closer to your wetness,
Pulling on your thong,
I was craving for this madness,
And I want it to last long.

I will give it to you nice and sweet,
Just the way you like it,
Burying myself in deep,
While massaging your clit.

You cry out in pleasure,
And I am now sure,
This I will always treasure,
I want to have no cure.

I want to make love day and night,
For as long as we live,
Every day will seem so bright,
This is all I can give.

I`m not asking for your hand,
Don`t want to hurry,
Just give me a place in your bed,
And I will take away your worry.

I will fill your life with laughter,
Fun and sex and pleasure, plenty,
It`s not just your pussy I`m after,
But it does come handy.

Girl, you are an expert
When it comes to my dick,
I still remember you squirt,
Memories don`t fade quick.

And now you are back,
Starting it all over,
I give you a slight peck,
Moving even closer,

I fuck you nice and deep,
Spreading you wide,
I increase the speed,
Making you mine.

We both collapse, spent,
As our desire subsides,
This is what I meant,
Our world collides.

When our lips touch,
And I`m buried inside,
It`s just too much,
And we must comply.

So, what do you say,
Can we do this once more?
Do you want to stay
And fuck my dick sore?

But alas there is another knock,
And I open my eyes to an empty scene,
I realize that I`m rubbing my cock,
And this was all just a dream…