Office Romance Gone Wrong

A funny one, for those who like something a bit different...

Office Romance Gone Wrong

Hurry, we only have a few,
The break is nearly over,
Let me taste your heavenly dew,
And you`d better bend me over.

Dear, there is no rush,
Let`s take it real slow,
People will see you blush,
I don`t want them to know!

You are kidding, right?
I should have known,
That your ego was high,
Not just your dick has grown!

Dear, don`t take this the wrong way,
I want you bad and now,
Honey, can we both stay
Calm, I don`t want a row!

Scared your boss will hear?
I tell you something better,
Don`t ever come near,
Or I will make you suffer!

Dear, don`t be mad,
My heart is broken,
This is really bad,
And my cock has woken!

To hell with you and your dick,
I want to hear no more,
I might even give you a kick,
And make you real sore.

Dear, please, I beg,
Don`t hurt my cock,
Okay, lift up your leg,
Maybe they won`t knock.

Keep dreaming loser,
I`m not your toy,
Go get rid of your boner,
And let me have my joy.

Dear, have mercy on me,
I can`t go out like this,
My boss is having tea,
Don`t think we should discuss this?

Don`t be upset dear,
I was close as well,
Oh, that she is near?
Why should I care?

Oh, damn this office,
All girls are the same,
They don`t give enough notice,
And I`m the one they blame.

Come on now, darling,
It`s not the end!
We were just starting,
So let`s not pretend!

Honey, I will miss you,
I didn`t mean what I said,
It`s time you move on, too,
But we can still be friends.

Say whatever you like,
I don`t care at all!
Go and fuck your wife,
And don`t ever call!

Oh, honey, this is sad,
Why don`t you change your mind,
Remember the fun we had,
When you were mine?

Fun? I would call it fuck,
And I was never yours to keep,
I`m gonna go and try my luck,
You go home and sleep!

Oh, honey, what do you mean?
We had fun and pleasure,
Let me come clean,
You were my hidden treasure!

Treasure my ass,
You were just messin',
I want someone class,
Who won`t do my head in.

I never gave you pain,
Only happiness and pure joy,
But I must admit I'm vain,
Who is this new boy?

I will go and ask Peter,
You know, from the top floor,
Everything is much clearer,
I've always wanted him more.

Oh really, you want him more?
I remember last night,
You were like a whore,
And your pussy was real tight!

Be as vulgar as you want,
Those are just words,
You are but a cunt,
And I know my worth.

Fine, be like that,
And go to Peter or Paul,
I thought you were fat,
But I still got to score.


This was the last straw in our lovers` fight,
Angela wouldn`t hear no more,
She finally served him right,
And made her way to the top floor

Where there was Peter, waiting,
Nice and ready to become her slave,
The whole office heard her screaming,
Watching the best show anyone ever gave.

Nobody cared about poor Dave,
His cock still stiff and hard,
He went to his desk defeated, in shame,
Jerked off, then found a card

Telling him that his wife is gone,
She found out about the affair,
Nothing more could be done,
Angela was right: he was going to suffer…