The Stranger - Part 1

Info Sorseress
28 Nov. '16

I glance at my watch. 8:26PM. That’s exactly five minutes more than last time I checked. I let out an exasperated sigh and reach for the sandwich I bought a few hours ago. I take a bite, realizing that it has gone cold, making me frown and put it back. I hear my stomach growl, but trying to ignore it, I grab my coffee instead. At least that’s still warm, which is a relief. Taking a tentative sip I let my thoughts wander. I’ve been sitting in front of the restaurant for 3 hours and 34 minutes, but they haven’t come out yet. If anything, then the pure fact that they are spending so much time together proves what I already suspected. I’ve been following the couple around for several days now, and so far, I haven’t come up with anything solid. But I have a strong feeling that tonight is going to be different. They are here, together, and I have my camera ready. Hopefully I can wrap this up at once.

I know that I shouldn’t be fussy when it comes to work, because I should see each and every act of crime as equal. I do the job and I get paid for it, simple. But I can’t help but feel bored whenever the case is so obvious. I mean come on, can’t people notice the tell-tale signs? Why the hell do they need me? Perhaps they are willing to pay huge amounts of money, just so they can relax after a week of no evidence, convincing themselves that it’s not true, their wife, husband, lover isn’t cheating on them. They want to believe that I can bring them hope. In most cases, however, this doesn’t happen. Sometimes it takes one hour after the client leaves home, and his wife already invited her hot neighbor for a steamy cup of coffee. People cheat, that’s a fact. And that’s why I don’t do relationships. I see what it does to people, and I’m not the type anyway. I enjoy sex, trust me, but I refuse to set boundaries for myself or my partner. I truly live by the saying that in love and war everything is fair.

I take another sip from my now cold coffee, but just to spill it on my shirt, when I hear a soft knock on the window. I have to remind myself next time not to daydream while on a job. Oh, how much I prefer interrogating murder cases or finding missing people. Even missing objects for that matter. I press the button and the window slides down in slow motion. I feel like everything is taking for ever today. The man lowers himself, placing his elbow on the window frame. Normally I would consider this an act of insult, but I try to be a little less jumpy. Ok, the fact that he has gorgeous green eyes might help, too.

He looks at me, smiling, showing off immaculate white teeth that make me think of many inappropriate things. I wouldn’t let these thoughts take a hold of me normally, at least not until I finish the task ahead, but I could make an exception. Just this once. I manage to ask, in a surprisingly calm tone:

“Can I help you?”

I could swear that his pupils widen for a moment, but then it’s gone, so I can’t be sure. It’s certainly enough to quicken my pulse and make my jeans a tad bit uncomfortable. I might be paranoid, but it’s as if he noticed, because his eyes begin to wander, increasing my discomfort by the minute. After what seems like hours he replies in a husky voice:

“I just wanted to ask if you knew what the time was.”

He looks at me almost apologetically, and the magic is gone. I let out a sigh and tell him that it’s 8:34 PM. He thanks me and then disappears. I scold myself as I realize how much effect he had on me. Another night that will end up including a cold shower or a substitute. I guess I could have asked for his number, but he didn’t seem to be that interested, and I’m working anyway. At least I’m trying to. My dick twitches again as I recall the way he looked at me, but I try to push these thoughts to the back of my mind for now. Later, when I’m on my own of course nothing will stop me to live out my fantasies. And of course, just because I try not to imagine his hands on my cock, this is the only thing I can think about. How good it would feel to have his tongue tease me, giving me exactly what I need. It’s been a long time since I was with anyone, being busy and all. And I guess I’m quite picky in that department, too.

My couple exits the restaurant, which I nearly miss, so I scold myself once more. I manage to take the photos last minute, capturing a lingering kiss and a tearful goodbye. How typical. My client won’t be too happy when she learns that her husband indeed has another life. And to me, he seems perfectly happy. I could miss that part out from my report, but why would I? The truth might hurt some people, but that’s what they pay me for. And besides, it will help them in the long run.

My stomach growls again, reminding me of my cold sandwich, but I dismiss the thought, heading into the restaurant instead. I allow myself to think about my gorgeous stranger once more, wondering where he disappeared to, then go inside, desperate to order.


As I am sitting in the restaurant, at least fulfilling one of my needs, I try to divert my thoughts once again. Considering how long this assignment took, and the fact that I want to concentrate on more important stuff, not wanting to turn away my existing clients at the same time, I need to come up with a solution. The idea occurred to me a few months ago that I should recruit an assistant, but I’ve been dubious ever since. I need someone I could trust completely, and a person who could do the job without being too much of a nuisance. I’m sure that these kinds of people are hard to come by, but if I manage to find the right candidate, then he could be an asset in my carrier. Of course, it could be a she as well, because then at least I wouldn’t be tempted to take our working relationship any further. Either way, I believe that business has to be separate from personal life, so I try not to mix with clients or anyone who is involved in the case.

And yet I can’t forget those gorgeous eyes. I can’t be sure if he was in the car park by coincidence or if he was part of the affair. But I guess I’m becoming a bit paranoid now. Most probably he was just a chap who was passing by, saw me sitting there and took a chance. I could swear that there was a connection between us, and it might be that he bailed out because of fear or shame. I saw that many times. Well, it’s not my job to convince him, but fantasizing about it isn’t a crime, right?

I close my eyes, allowing myself to get lost in the fantasy. I’m back in my car again and he is leaning close, smiling at me. I can see the suggestive glint in his eyes again, and he suddenly straightens up, only to open my door, stepping away so that I can get out. I do as if following an order, wanting to see how this pans out (it’s my fantasy after all). He reaches behind me, closing the door, careful not to touch me in the process. My every nerve is on edge, waiting for him eagerly. I imagine him to like it as rough as I do, and I’m sure he will be the center of many more erotic fantasies to come. But for now, I picture him as he asks me to turn around, and as I obey he comes up behind me. I can feel his massive erection pressing against my ass, and my cock stiffens instantly. I can hear him laugh as he places a hand on my right thigh, a touch so simple and yet so arousing. Moving his hand towards my front he teases me, and I'm waiting for his next move.

And then suddenly his phone starts to ring. It takes me a few seconds to realize that it is actually my phone and that I must have dozed off while daydreaming. I don’t recognize the number and when I pick up, it turns out that I was right in thinking that it would be a new client. Getting my notepad and a pen out of my pocket I begin taking down her details, deciding there and then that I will pursue the idea of hiring an assistant.

I make a mental note to get some sleep later. But first I will need a drink and then a cold shower to get rid of the almost painful throbbing of my cock. I`m certain that tonight I`m going to dream about green eyes, white teeth, and a massive cock in my mouth, filling me with hot cum. Gosh, it`s been too long. I will need to do something about that, too. Pleasuring myself works to some extent, but it isn`t the real thing. I find it really hard to concentrate on what Mrs Clark has to say, as my mind wanders off to god knows where once more.  I end the call much quicker than I normally would, squeezing my hard cock under the table. I can only hope that nobody is watching, but I`m at a point where I don`t give a damn.

Nor do I care that I`m a well-known private investigator, so if anyone saw me masturbate in the middle of a busy restaurant, that would mean the end of my carrier. I let out a muffled groan as my erection bulges against the front of my jeans, and I decide that I can`t wait till I get home. Thank God I chose a table that`s so close to the toilets. I grab my coat, pretending to leave, but instead of putting it on, I wrap it around my arm, holding it in front of my dick, so that it covers my discomfort. Nobody seems to care, so I manage to escape to the bathroom.


Once inside I let out a ragged breath and close my eyes for a second. I assume that I`m alone, but again, I couldn`t care less. I quickly unfasten my belt, reaching for my zipper. The sound of my fly opening is a bit embarrassing, but hey, I`m in the toilets, after all. The fact that I`m not here to urinate is another matter. I inhale sharply as I grab my aching shaft into my right hand, eyes still closed. I try to get lost in the sensation, massaging my dick slowly. I am desperate, but I`m in no rush. Oh, how much I wish it was my hot stranger`s hands touching my dick right now… The idea itself is enough to make my dick twitch in my hands, and I know that I`m near. My balls are tight, and I can feel the oh-so-familiar building up of tension in my groin. It`s delicious, but it would be even more delicious if…

“Mind if I join you?”

What? Did someone just say that? Oh, shit, I thought I was alone. I open my eyes quickly, but my hands remain on my cock. Maybe, just maybe I can still pretend that I`m peeing. But what did he say? And why is his voice so familiar? I glance back over my shoulders, and the pure sight is nearly enough to send me over the edge. The stranger from before is now standing behind me, holding his massive shaft in his hands, copying the motions of my hand. I get a glimpse of his white teeth as he sends me a suggestive smile, before his eyes wander down to my ass. He licks his lower lip, while smacking my bare cheek with his free hand. And that`s my undoing, I`m unable to keep my dick from exploding anymore. Maybe because I haven`t been with anyone for a while, maybe because he is so like in my fantasies from before, I cum fast and hard, covering the wall with my white cream.

The stranger laughs, and I`m panting. He walks up closer, and I`m still reluctant to turn back. I`m afraid that this will turn out to be another dream and I don`t want to wake up. He leans close, and I can hear that his breathing hitches as well when he says:

“We aren`t finished yet. I am going to fuck your ass now. Any objections?”

This is so hot, and something I`ve been fantasizing about for a while. How could I say no to this sexy stranger? How could I say anything? I`m speechless, still panting, slowly coming down from my natural high. And yet when he says those words, my cock twitches again, sending me a clear message that I very much want to fuck him, too. I shake my head, unable to say a word, and he pours something cold and wet onto my ass. I assume it`s lube, but it might be one of the liquid soap containers from the bathroom shelf. I don`t care to be honest, I just want to feel his dick inside me. He is exactly my type with his muscular body and exotic complexion. Of course, I can`t see none of that right now, as I`m pressed against the wall. The cold tiles tickle my skin, while I can feel his hot breath on my neck.

He smacks my ass once more, inserting a finger at the same time. I realize that I was wrong. He definitely isn`t the type who would back down, and we did have a moment back there in the car park. Gosh, he is such an expert, the movement of his long finger working its way inside my tiny hole. I can`t wait for him to stretch me enough so that I can take his cock. The thought scares me somewhat, as most of the times I`m the one who fucks my partners, but this time I know that I shouldn`t object. I don`t want to object. I want him to fuck me hard, just like in my fantasy. Well, the way I suppose it would have ended, if I could finish it. But I`m glad it happened this way.

Another finger enters me, and I let out another moan, which makes him place his free hand on my mouth. I guess he is right, we don`t want to get caught. But it certainly adds to the excitement of it all. He increases the pace, and I find it difficult to breathe as my dick moves on its own accord. Lead by a sudden urge I reach down and start massaging my dick, bringing it back to life. I gasp as he withdraws his fingers, but he keeps his other hand on my mouth. Even if I wanted to voice my objection to the sudden emptiness, I`m unable to say a word. And besides, I am hoping that this can only mean one thing: that his cock is going to be next.

And I`m not mistaken. He enters me with such a force that nearly tips me over the edge again. I know that I`m going to be sore tomorrow, but I don`t care. The feeling is so exquisite, so fulfilling, that I`m unable to concentrate on the consequences right now. He pushes his dick deeper inside and I close my eyes in pure ecstasy. I want to tell him how much I`m enjoying this, but he pushes two fingers into my mouth, to keep me quiet. I suck on them enthusiastically, and he groans, letting go of his shaft that`s fully inside my asshole now, and reaches for mine instead. This is so unusual, and I find it hard to concentrate on only one thing that`s happening to me. I`m sucking on his fingers, while he is jerking me off with his other hand, and fucking my ass with his huge cock, like nobody ever did before. It is rough, it is fast, but somehow sensual and just what I need. His ragged breath is still on my neck, and I know that he is as near as I am.

Suddenly he pulls his fingers out of my mouth, removing his other hand as well from my cock, demanding that I touch myself. I do as I`m told, while he spreads my cheeks so that he can dive in even deeper. After a few more thrusts he groans again, and I can feel his cock pulsate inside my hole. I`m near, too, and for a moment I allow myself to imagine how nice it would be if he sucked me off instead of me finishing like this for the second time. But I`m out of luck, as he fills my ass with his hot cum, and my cock betrays me at the same time, shooting another load onto the wall. Normally I would feel ashamed by this, but not now.

He pulls out of me slowly, kissing my shoulder. This takes me by surprise, as this is the first emotional act he does. I release my still throbbing cock, slowly turning around. My stranger is already zipping up his jeans, and I gulp as I recall how intimate we were only a few seconds ago. But then again, what did I expect? I don`t even know his name. He smiles at me, and there is a glint in his gorgeous green eyes. He licks his lips, folding his arms in front of his chest while I do up my flies as well. I finally get a better view of his slender yet muscular figure, and I can feel my cock stiffen slightly. This isn`t going to be good, especially since this is the first and last time this ever happened. He looks deep into my eyes, and I try to hide my disappointment. Okay, this was wonderful for one night, and as I said, I`m not one for relationships, but I didn`t get a chance to fuck him, and this will haunt me for a very long time.

“Next time we will swap. I might even suck you off. Nice pubes, by the way.”

And with that he leaves me, mouth agape. Next time? I don`t even know his name, and yet he is certain that we will meet again. Could he really be connected to the couple I was following? Either way, if that`s the case, then I`m looking forward to it. As I said, this time I can make an exception…


To be continued...