From Nothing into everything...ONE SMALL STEP


Mother knows best


She was quite a striking middle aged woman..a strong face, attractive but I could feel the strength and determination…

‘I am Karen Dearn’

I did not know her.

‘I have something special I want you to do and I am certain you will enjoy it’

I still said nothing…

She handed me a photo of a very striking teenager.

‘This is my daughter...Beau’

‘I understand you guided a number of girls that have no knowledge of sex and the intricacies of sex

I nodded… wondered where the hell this was going.

‘You help them to develop into a taught her about …...about sex’


My mind slipped back to the times I had guided tongue tied, introverted and frightened 18 year old girls unable to face the sexual demands of adulthood.

‘You taught them to fuck’ the woman said, the words hard and yet sexually vivid. ‘I taught them to understand their bodies, to understand and cope with their feelings and the feelings and demands of others. That was the most important part’ I added ‘I help them developed their own attitudes and approach. I did not let my own ideas influence them..It had to be their own mindset and perspective’.

‘Oh yeah but you fucked them didn’t you’ I could see the light in her eyes, the arousal.’you got paid in fucking’ ‘As they were all over 18 then there was no problem but none of the girls had their first sexual intercourse with me. That would have not helped them become independent and self confident young women’.

 Karen was showing all the signs of arousal  ‘I can smell you’, I said..’smell your are pouring out precum’

‘Fuck yes… but now I want my own daughter to learn from an expert… from you’

‘You teach her..’ I interupted….’It is obvious you want to fuck her and see her fucked’

‘I want you to do it.. she knows nothing...she is an absolute virgin in body and mind’


I looked at the picture...The girl ,Beau, was interesting, beautiful but she did seam to have a mystery or air of innocence.

‘And she knows nothing, that is not possible these days’

‘Oh believe me, she has some thoughts and feelings..ideas and worries but I am sure you would enjoy being the first one to slide your hard hard cock into her tight little cunt’

‘And I have to let you watch I you can frig yourself stupid’

‘Of course’

‘NO WAY… if I do this, we play by my rules..’

‘And what are they’

‘1. You never get to watch or listen unless I organise it.

2.You never ask Beau anything about what is going on although she may talk to you.

3. You never frig yourself thinking about or fantasising about sex with her or involving her.’

‘FUCK YOU….. ‘ I smiled at her response

4, I can do anything I like with you….. ‘

5, You get to fuck her as the last action in my teaching her’

‘FUCK FUCKFUCK YOU FUCKKKKKKK’ The lust in her eyes was boiling.


When she calmed she looked at me with a mixture of hate and desire.

‘OK OK’, it was a guttural gasp..’agreed’

‘well ‘I said’ you have till tomorrow to fuck yourself stupid thinking of her, then the rules will be force’


I sat that night and thought about the pleasure to come teaching the young girl. It would be a slow slow process, and at times so tantalising and frustrating..and then Helen rang.. It was much the same with her but she was thirty five. She knew things but was frightened of her sexuality and giving herself to sexual pleasure. This would be tantalising and frustrating also, but hopefully would develop quicker and with more active sex.



H rang and I could tell she was still anxious, worried about raising what was on her mind

‘Hi H’ I took the initiative… ‘So nice to hear your have a sensuous voice you know’

‘What do you mean.’

‘Well it is soft and has a firm is the sort of voice that is nice to hear when you are , well making love with someone’

I could hear a swift gasp and then H trying to breathe

‘Sorry H, but you want me to tell the truth’

‘Yes’ she managed

‘And I have been having some nice day dream thoughts’


I waited wondering if she would bite..I know she wanted to but this could not be rushed and had to be at her insistence.

‘If it was naughty you should not think it, should you ??’ she asked

‘Well naughty is a word that really is about sexy stuff..not always having sex..just about feeling that way or thinking someone that way..It is not meant to be bad or naughty..Just a thought that makes you feel good’

‘I see’, she managed but did not sound convinced

She hesitated and stayed silent….

‘what….what did you think ‘ she finally asked..

‘it is very simple’ I said ‘and may not sound like anything’

‘Go on’ she found herself saying’ tell me’

‘well I was sitting and I could see a young lady’s legs..’ I made her wait..

‘She was sitting down opposite me and her knees were tightly together, her skirt just above her knees’

I waited…. ‘, reliving the picture of Helen sitting opposite me…..’is that it’ H asked

‘no..’I said… ‘it was what I was thinking might happen. What I hoped might happen’

‘what what..I don’t know’

‘H…I was looking at her knees tightly held together… what do you think I might like to see’

I could feel my cock jerk into life as I relived it, relived the thought I had with Helen and describing it to her

‘I am feeling very naughty right now’ I told her

‘ Helen my sex is feeling it now’

I heard that intake of breath

‘Do you know what I mean by that’

A long pause..’Yes I think so’

‘Tell me what is happening to me’

‘NONONO. I dare not’

‘Do you want me to say it more clearly’ My cock was now fully rigid and pressing against me. I did not care what she said .I was feeling so fucking good

‘No no. But what was making you like that..what were you thinking Peter ?’

‘I was just hoping that she might let her knees slip apart’

‘But why’

‘just so I could see up her skirt and if I were really lucky I might see her panties’

She was quiet.

‘Have I upset you, disappointed you ? I asked

‘ but that does not seam very naughty..does that make your thing go’

‘Oh yes many little things can do that if you let your imagination free’

Then I waited ‘and telling you makes me do that you mind’


‘Do you mind I feel sexy now, my cock has gone hard telling YOU this…’

‘I do not know what to say’

‘Do you think I am bad, naughty ..dirty Helen??

‘No… just...i do not know how to feel’

‘You should feel good..I love having told you because you have made me feel so good..Thank you H..I just wish you could feel the same way…. See you later’