From Nothing into Everything 9 Continued) . Check that mind and

Once started you can only continue


Sarah had come by the pick up a song or two..

I enjoyed the musical fore play..Or that is what I hoped although I had no sign to suggest I could be successful.

‘You missed the last nfc session’

‘Yeah I had to visit’

‘Friend or lover’ and I smiled and winked

‘She grinned back..’A friend could be a lover and a lover may not be a friend’

‘Agggggggh ‘ I said, appearing to recognise her mystery…

’Do you have regular lover ?’

‘Cheeky sod.. Do you have one’

‘I have a hand’ I said and twiddled my fingers…

‘And can you play that stick of yours as well as you can the guitar’ her eyes had that mischevious sparkle.

‘It can depend on the subject of the song’

‘Yeah I can get that ‘ she admitted..’so do you have any favourite songs’

‘Well it varies..sometimes I get fixed on something but variety can be so enjoyable..anything and anyone’

Sarah laughed...’perhaps you could demonstrate sometime.?

‘Well young lady I think I have a subject for my next composition...I think I will work on that tonight.’

She was laughing..’you dirty bastard...are you telling me you are going to wank yourself off tonight.. thinking of me ???!!!!’

I grinned...’I shall call it my Sarah-nade… mmmm the only question is will it be a slow serenade or a fast race to an exciting climax’.


‘Well..I have to go… then you will have plenty of time to work it up.’

She cased her guitar and made ready to go

A the door she turned...’I would like to hear how it goes for you’ and with a final grin she left.



Worries in the night.


Had I gone to far, too quickly with Helen..I had told her I got hard thinking or trying to look up girls skirts...I wondered if she realized that it was her skirt I was hoping to see up..

her panties that I wanted to see.

Should I tell her next time..or should I keep it general. Was she ready to learn of my desire to fuck her.


Then there was my encounter with Sarah…

My cock , already semi from my Helen thoughts fully extended with the memory of my meeting with S.

I felt it reach up and forward in it’s full length. An exquisite feeling.

I lay back and let it sway and rise on its own as I debated about whether to work it at all or even bring to eruption.

Well… it might be too easy to do that...always stretch the foreplay the maximum I believed.




Early morning phone….

‘Well cock wanker..did you’ I could hear the laughter in Sarah’s voice

‘Did I what ?’

‘Spurt you jizz you so bad boy…’

‘Never crossed my mind’ I said..’see you soon’


Then a phone call...nurse appointment for a check up..

I sat in the room waiting and hell did I get a surprise when the nurse walked in

‘Lesley...Lesley Smith’

‘hello Mr S’ she smiled, not too much, but she looked trim and so attractive in the uniform

‘How Are you Leslie’ I asked

,Nurse Smith please sir’ her voice had a touch of strength..’This is my place and please remember that’

She was not angry or annoyed..just gently forceful.

‘At school you were in charge..nicely I admit,’ she smiled’ but here I am the one to be obeyed.

I grinned back..’yes. Nurse Smith’

‘Good, lets check your details and then have a look at you...sir


‘Now’ she said after checking all the paperwork, ‘ if you would just strip down to your pants and than I can examine you’

I opened my mouth..surprise or to question her but she stopped me

‘Strip down please sir. I have to do my job’

There was no curtain around the examination table so I stood there and began to undress.

Nurse Smith stood and watched was obvious she was enjoying this, but was it sexual or a power thing for her..hell it did not matter it was getting me going and I could feel the response in my penis.

I looked down and saw the shifting and slight enlargement inside my white pants.

She was looking at the same spot..’why are you erecting sir...are you sexually excited’

I was blushing and half stammering now,, I felt very vulnerable.

‘I don’t know’ I managed..’sometimes it just goes like that’

‘I think you need to learn some control sir, don’t you’ and she came closer her open hand held as few inches away from my pants

My cock swelled again to full erection , almost touching her hand

Hell how I wanted her to grab me and wank me

‘Well you appear to have nothing wrong in that area Mr that why you did the sex education ??

I managed a ‘NO’

‘Still I must check it properly’..her eyes fixed to mine..I saw the teasing and delight in Leslie’s eyes and she might she the fear..yes fear in mine.. I was lost here.

‘On the bed please’

‘No on all fours, do not lie down I want to see if you hang correctly’

Hanging hell it was trying to jerk up..

Then her hand was inside my pants and she grabbed my balls

I gasped with surprise and pain as she rolled them and grappled them...My erection shrinking somewhat.

‘Was that painful sir’


‘well that is in payment of the number of times you jerked off thinking of me and the other girls’...I stayed quiet….’you did didn’t you...admit it…..sir’


‘Of course and did you cum wanking to me sir ?’ My cock had fully erected again but her hand was still around by testicles…

Then her hand slipped away and she pulled my pants down

I knelt, naked and cock jerking , feeling humiliated and excited by that feeling.

‘Ok grab your prick and tell me what you used to do…’

She moved away and a camera phone was now pointed at me

‘Come on sir… you know you WANT TO FUCK YOURSELF’

‘keep your eyes open….AND LOOK STRAIGHT AT ME…’

The thing was I knew I wanted to do this so so much. It was a dream, a fantasy I had had many times and now it was for real… I was going to toss off in front of Leslie Smith.

My hand slipped down my cock making me shiver and my cock swell.

‘Go on..and tell me… nice and clearly’


It was torture the most erotic and incredibly wonderful torture as my hand began to stroke my cock and the sensations burst from my balls to my belly

‘I…….I often used to do it…….I used to feel my cock and think about you Leslie….and other girls and I HAD, I HAD to cum, to jerk and spunk thinking of you’


She did not let me cum.. She pulled my hand off and told me to dress..

‘I have made another appointment she said before I left...I will need urine samples that time.