Sexy Lips: What That Mouth do?

We met on a Saturday
He said I had pretty lips
His eyes had questions
My lips had answers
No words spoken
Energies matched on all frequencies
Message sent
These lips nibble on earlobes
While uttering kinky shit
Like: I want it
I gotta have it
I’m wet
Touch it
They drizzle raspberry stained chocolate kisses on your cheeks
They press against soft lips
As my tongue slips past your teeth
Moisture from you
Moisture from me
We are entwined
I’m spellbound in your gaze
For a moment before I drift
To your chin
Place my nose in the crease of your neck
Your scent
You want me
I can feel you rising
But not yet
Let’s build suspense
As these lips place kisses on your chest
I see, you like that
Your hands are in my hair
Your heart races in anticipation
As my tongue traces
I find your belly button then unbutton
That's the spot
My grip just right
First blow on the tip
You’re already in a tizzy
I wet it
You taste just like candy
Massage it, lick it, slurp it until you erupt
Any further questions...