Siren Surrender Under the Stars

I close my eyes because I need a sweet escape. Like a deep breath, I breathe him in. Today has been tough, but for some reason the gravity of the situation escapes me. I just keep flirting with his memory, my sweet sensuous escape, my sexy escape I carry with me everyday.

He is working the night shift again and I am hot and bothered so to speak. I touch my soft mounds and feel my nipples getting hard. I am wearing my red silk lingerie he bought for me. He loves my curves in the little red number. It is a sure pleaser for his roaming hands. I think back to the night he came home and saw me cooking dinner for him in nothing but my red teaser. He stroked my body as I moved around the kitchen, especially my breast. My nipples got so hard and he leaned in and mouthed my hard nipples, leaving the trace of his lips printed on my silk gown.

He was not content just touching and teasing. He turned the lights down low, put on some sultry music, and pulled me away from the stove. As he drug me onto the hardwood floors in the great room, we swayed and dirty danced in front of the fireplace. The huge glass picture windows sharing our shadows as we got filthy while the heat swirled up the chimney. I love these memories that continually drift through my mind like smoke that I want to be lost in.

I open my eyes and realize my hands are touching my lower lips, teasing and rubbing my clit. I moan in disappointment as I look the wall clock. He will not be home for another hour. It is time for me to prepare for his arrival. I often get turned on just before he gets home. I stroll into the closet wondering what I should wear? Just the red pleaser? Do I put on my stilettos? And diamonds? Maybe gloves? The more glamorous look, or maybe mysterious? Mmmm. I see the black feather mask from our Mardi Gras night. We had fun with the mask last time. I grab my black fishnet hose, and my long black silk gloves. I slip my feet in my black stilettos and walk to the full size mirror. Then I grab my mask and look at my reflection. Sweet and mysterious. He loves a mystery in the making. What will unfold with my uniformed man tonight? I know that if he is too tired, he will appreciate the fact he turns me on and makes my dreams so rewarding. I know he could be too tired, and if that is the case, I will rub his worries away and listen to him tell me what he wants to share. And I will get turned on and love the fact he is close to me.

I check the time again. Super! He will be here in a few minutes. I rush to the bathroom to touch up my perfume. I put on a heavy deeply sexual sent that he likes. I place a few drops on my fingertips and run a trail on the inside of my inner thighs. I put a drop between my breasts. Then I run the scent up my arms. I feel drunk on him as I smell the sweet scent. Sure it makes him think of easy love and seedy make out scenes, but we love to get kinky and play hard in the night.

I see a flash of blue in the front bedroom window. I laugh and think he must be turned on since he hit the light to alert me he was pulling in. I run to the great room and lounge face down on our white leather lounger. I prop up on my elbows, holding my mask over my eyes. I playfully hold my legs with the stilettos up in the air behind me, crossing my legs. The only light is the flickering of the fire in the huge stone fireplace.

I hear the sound of his keys in the front door and watch as the door opens. He looks toward the kitchen because I left a light on over the stove. He tosses the keys on the table and looks around. The he sees my form sprawled across the leather. He smiles and says, “There you are sexy kitten. You want to purr tonight under my touch?” He moves toward me, and I love to watch him as he moves. So confident and stealth. He told me before he loves the mystery of the mask. I wonder if it makes him imagine being with another girl? We tried that one night before and we had a memorable evening with a little vixen. He thanked me for letting him live out his fantasy with both of us that night. As he gets a little closer, I can see the firelight reflecting in his eyes, adding that extra spark.

He gets on his knees in front of me, touching my lips with his fingertips. I lick his finger and suck on his thumb. This makes him moan a little. But he remains composed, evaluating the scene like it is his next crime scene to investigate. I feel his hands lightly stroking my back, dipping into the curve right before my round cheeks. Then he lifts the skirt and takes a bite of my ass, gentle but firm. This makes me moan in anticipation of his lovemaking. He runs his hands across my fishnets to my stilettos. Now that he has traced me from my lips to my toes, he returns to my face. He leans down in front of me and grabs my hand. He pulls me up and spins me around in the firelight, like we are dancing. As he does, he leans me back in his strong arms, and lays a wet kiss on my lips. He is such a romantic charmer.

He pulls me up and states,”You look like a dirty girl. Have you been a dirty girl?” I give him my sexy smile and say in my low and deep voice, “I’m sorry Daddy, I have been a dirty girl today. I touched myself today thinking about you.” He gets that serious animal look in his eyes, stares at me intently, and lets out a deep groan. I can see he has a serious desire to get busy. I feel his arms pulling me tight against him and his beautiful hard cock pressing into my thigh. I watch as his lips open and his long tongue reaches for my lips. He flicks my lips and teases them apart, waiting for my tongue to meet his. As my tongue touches his, he presses in for a hard kiss.

He takes my mask from my right hand and lays it down on the leather lounger. As he does, I start undressing him. He smiles a bit and lets me enjoy rubbing his body in his uniform first. As I circle his body, I let my hand roam to his groin. As I gently stroke his hard, I lean in and kiss his hard through his uniform. I can’t help but share my excitement, and say, “Mmmmm”. I stand up straight again and unbutton his shirt. Now he is making me so hot. I speed up my actions. He can tell I am really getting hot looking at him. He helps me, undoing his vest and unbuttoning his pants. I get him undressed, saying nothing more than moans and sexual exclamations. I grab his hand and pull him backwards to our shower. I know he loves to get clean after such a long day at work.

I ask him to get in the shower without me and let me watch as he washes off. He is a little surprised, and looks more than a little disappointed, but he jumps in and washes off. When he comes out, his body is glistening with water droplets, highlighting all his sexuality. I love the strong outlines of his chest. I still have on my outfit except for my mask. I tease his nipples with my fingers that are gloved still. When his nipples get hard, I use my tongue to tease and suck his nipples, one by one. As I do, I see his hard getting more erect. I work his nipples back and forth, until his hard is throbbing. I slip down to his hard, dragging my tongue from his nipples to his hard, stopping only to trace a circle around his belly button. As I go around his hard, I kiss his balls, first on the right. Then lifting up and kissing on the left side. I suck so lightly, never rough. Using my tongue I lick straight up his shaft to the tip. I cup the tip with my lips and slide down on his hard cock. My tongue is flicking his sweet spot as I slide up and down on his hard manly shaft. He loves my oral foreplay.

He stops me because his is not ready to cum yet. He pulls me up and ungloves my hands. As he does, he takes my fingers to his mouth and sucks my fingers, looking in my eyes. I love the thoughts that are racing through my mind as he sucks on my fingers. I can feel my body aching for his hard to push inside me. My lips are swelling and start tingling. My breast are tight and hard, the nipples rock hard.

He continues by running his hands under my red teaser and pulling up and over. Now I stand with nothing on but my fishnets and high heels. He lets out a whistle as he spins me around. We turn on our star lights over our big master bed. He smacks my ass cheeks and asks me to spin again. He slides my fishnets down to my ankles, then holds my hand as he helps lift my foot to slide off my heels and stocking in one swift move on each side. In the starlight, we are naked and very turned on. His hard is throbbing up and down a bit, twitching and glistening with pre cum. But we are not going to let go quite yet.

He grabs the handcuffs and grins. Then he reaches in our closet and get the silk ropes instead. He says, “I told you I would have to teach you a lesson next. Remember? Plus, you have been bad today.” He grins and pushes me back into our canopy surround. He stands on the floor and ties my legs spread eagle. I am so excited just thinking about what is getting ready to do. He goes to each side of the bed and ropes my hands to the bedpost. Now I am spread eagle on the sheets. He reaches into the dresser and gets the blindfold. He straddles my body, putting his hard between my legs, pressing his sexy cock lightly against my lower lips while he ties the blindfold around my head. He give it an extra tug to make sure it is tight. He knows that when I get turned on, I get pretty animated.

Now I can not see anything, and every single noise and touch makes me shiver and react. It is like pure electricity, and sharp jolt, even when he barely brushes me. I feel his body shifting down between my legs. Then I feel something wet teasing my clit. I just want to scream. His touch is so light I can barely feel it. He teases me over and over, making me moan and push my pussy lips closer to this teasing machine. I can feel the need for him to devour me rushing through my body. I can’t help but moan and say, “Please don’t stop what you are doing. That feels so good.” As I speak he pushes his tongue into the opening of my slit. Then traces up around my clit. Flicking and teasing over and over. Then he leans in and mouths my clit, sucking and stroking my slit. I can’t lay still, and I twist, struggling to break free. He loves to see me struggle and twist, because he knows he is making me hot.

I feel his movement on the bed. Then I feel him pushing in my lips a little bit. Just barely touching, and driving me wild. But he pulls away, leaving my lower lips quivering in anticipation of his hard cock sliding all the way in. I gasp and when I do, I feel him move up on my left side. He says to suck his cock. I lift my head up and he shoves his hard in my mouth. I enjoy the feeling of his hard sliding in and out, and he enjoys the ability to grab my head and control the stroke and speed. He is moaning and enjoys getting rock hard.

He pulls away again, and I am not sure what he will touch next. I can feel he is back between my legs. He leans in and teases my clit with a quick flick of his tongue three times. Then he is gone again. I am in pain from his games. I need this man, my lower lips are shaking and I am dripping wet. As I let out a moan, he slides in. All the way in. Slowly and steadily as deep as he can push. My pussy is grabbing and pulling and I can’t help but scream as he does. This is pure ecstasy to my body. He strokes my lower body with his unbelievably hard cock, and handles my breast expertly. He is teasing my nipples knowing this only makes my pussy get tighter around his cock. He teases my breast and strokes my pussy into a frenzy, and goes wild. I am totally unable to get away and I feel out of control, shaking with excitement, screaming as he rides my body. After a few minutes of the wild animal riding me, I start gushing all over his hard. He slams my body with is hard and shakes the foundations of the bed. The more I cum, the harder he pushes. I am numb with pleasure and unable to feel anything but that wonderful hard sliding inside me. It is like I have no body parts except my pussy wrapped around that succulent hard.

He starts moaning loud, and then screams as he pulls out. I feel hot cum spraying me from my pussy lips to my mouth, several streams. We are so sweaty and wet. I tell him, “You are such a good lover. I love, love, love the way you just rocked my body.” Then I let out a deep long moan. He collapses on my chest, kissing and sucking my nipples. I protest and exclaim, “Be easy, easy.” He laughs and kisses my lips hard. I feel his hands letting my hands free from their bondage. I wrap my arms around him and hold is hard body tight. He takes my blindfold off and I stare in those crystal blue eyes for a moment. Then he presses me down to the bed with another hard kiss. He is using his feet to untie the cords from my legs. He is unusually talented in bed and amazes me in so many ways. When he gets me free, while kissing me, I wrap my legs around his body. I am amazed to feel he still a little hard.

Even after that wild ride? I am amazed. He is hard enough to push in again, so he slides in real slow. It is like heaven sliding in, making me tremble again. I suck in my breath and can’t hardly breathe. He does that to me. Again and again he strokes, knowing he will not repeat that wild ride quite yet. This is the tease after our hot passionate ride. He is teasing my pussy to grab and pull him in, because he knows this makes me want him again later. Tonight he may roll me over while I am sleeping. He knows my pussy will still be dripping wet. He will push my knees up to one side while spooning behind me. He will slide in slowly, stroking inside me making me moan and trick me into thinking I am dreaming. When I wake from my wild dream, my body will instruct me to push back on this hard cock and cum. The intensity of these moves he makes drives me wild and keeps me craving his body. He loves to tease me awake in the middle of the night. He is such a bad boy.

But for now, he is turning off the lights and we are just holding each other tight. I never know what he will do, but I know he satisfies my every desire. This moon child is married to the night.