A Wedding Story

A Wedding Story
Ray Dario

Tisha opened her eyes slowly. The room was beginning to brighten with the coming day. Her wedding day. A smile eased it's way onto her face. Focusing on the clock beside the bed, she read the numbers. Seven forty-two. In just over eight hours she would become Matt Cumbest's wife. 

Stretching out her arm, she felt the bare chest of the man lying in bed beside her. Her bridesmaid, Angelica, was in the other room of the hotel suite, but probably wouldn't be up for at least a half hour. She had time. Running her hand down his muscular chest, over his flat abdomen, further down until her hand reached it's goal, she wrapped her fingers around his flaccid cock. She could still feel the sticky wetness left over from their sex the night before. Well, a few hours ago, actually. She smiled. Sliding her head under the sheet she kissed his shoulder, then down to his chest. Her hand stroked his thickening shaft as she did. Working her way lower, she kissed her way past his belly, down lower still until her mouth was only an inch from his now fully hard cock.
He was circumcised. The purple knob, bobbed above her hand. She could see the veins in his shaft. She'd seen a lot of cocks in her twenty-three years. This, she decided, was in the top ten percent, beauty wise. Not too long, certainly not too short. Thick enough to please, not so thick to be unpleasant. The pale pink skin contrasted nicely with the deep mocha of her hand. Extending her tongue, she licked the cock head slowly, tasting the remnants of sperm and vaginal fluid from their sex. It tasted amazing, earthy and salty combined.
Taking the head between her lips, she sucked him while her tongue danced around his knob. A groan above her let her know he was awake and enjoying her efforts. She took more of him into her mouth, feeling the knob press against her pallet. Sliding her hand down, she stroked his balls, hefting them, squeezing them. 

Those balls had filled her with cum several times last night. She wanted one more. She wasn't worried about him cumming in her mouth, he'd demonstrated his ability to hold back well enough. She sucked in, holding her full lips tight around his shaft, her tongue laving the sensitive place between his rod and his gland. 

"Fuck! That feels amazing. You are such an amazing cocksucker," the man said.

She pulled off his cock. "You want some more of my pussy before I become a married woman?"

"Fuck yeah. Come up here and fuck me, girl."

Tisha smiled to herself but threw the sheet off. Sitting up and spinning to face him, she threw one long brown leg over his waist. His cock was hard as a rock. As she guided it between the dark folds of her labia, her eyes locked on his.

"Mmm, you feel so good inside me, baby. I want you to fuck my brains out. Fill me with your cum." Tisha pushed down until he was balls deep inside her.

"Fuck yeah. Damn, you are fine." His hands went to her breasts, kneading them gently.

Tisha had nice sized tits, and big black nipples that stood out when she was turned on. They were sticking out long and proud now. He took those nipples between his fingers, pulling them. Her tits looked so good in his white hands. Tisha felt her pussy contract. Fuck, she was going to cum already. Bouncing wildly, she rode him.

"Fuck me. Oh Fuck me so good. Yeah baby, yeah." She threw her head back, feeling her long black hair brush against the top of her full ass. 

Her orgasm washed over her, causing her to shiver and shake on top of him. He never stopped pumping up into her. His hands continued to pull on her nipples. Finally she fell forward, slumping over him. She opened her eyes to see him smiling up at her. She smiled back. Rocking her hips back and forth she grinned at him.

"I want you to cum inside me again. Can you do that, baby? Can you cum inside my pussy one more time?" she asked.

"Baby I don't think I could keep from cumming in that beautiful pussy of yours," he said with a groan. "Keep doing that and I'll fill you up for sure."

"Do it, baby. Fill me up!"

"I'm cumming, slut. Fuck I'm cumming so hard."

She felt the familiar warmth of hot semen shooting deep inside her. Even though she'd just had an orgasm, the feeling triggered another mini cum and she shuddered, as the pleasure rippled through her. Suddenly the door opened and Angelica stepped inside.

"Are you two still fucking? Come on girl, your mother will be here in twenty minutes. You have got to get cleaned up before the circus begins," Angelica said, hand on her hip but a big smile on her face. "Besides, I need me a little of that man meat myself. Honey, what is your name again?"

"Kyle," The man beneath Tisha said with a smile. "And you are?"

"Me? Baby, I'm a fucking angel," Angelica said with a laugh. "Tisha, bathroom now. Get your ass cleaned up. Don't you worry about Kyle here, I'll clean him up myself."

Tisha laughed, but she knew her friend was right, she did need to get moving. Rolling off the bed, she grabbed her cell phone from the night stand.

"What's your number, baby?" She said, opening her phone and hitting the green icon at the bottom.

Kyle rattled off his phone number as Angelica climbed on the bed and took his cock into her mouth. He had trouble with the last two digits. Tisha laughed as she entered the number. She lifted her phone and took a picture of him, his cock buried in her bridesmaid's mouth. That looked incredible. Angelica, her short strawberry hair, looking windblown and frizzy, framing her face perfectly as her pink lips wrapped around the thick pale shaft of Kyle’s hardening cock. 

Angelica was beautiful. Tall, for a white girl, she was trim but muscled from years of working out and playing volleyball. She had the pale skin so common among redheads, along with the piercing blue eyes and small spread of freckles across her cheeks. Her breasts were on the larger side with full pink nipples, not as long as Tisha’s but still prominent. Wide hips and a full, muscular ass flowed down into her toned legs. Yes, her bridesmaid was gorgeous, Tisha thought as she sent the picture she’d just taken to Kyle’s number. On the floor beside the bed, Kyle's phone buzzed.

"Now you have my number too. Don't be afraid to use it, baby."

"I thought you were getting married today? Fuck that's good," Kyle groaned out.

"Married, not dead, baby." Tisha laughed as she headed into the bathroom to start her morning. Behind her she heard the bed creak as Angelica mounted Kyle. 

After washing up to the sounds of energetic sex in the bedroom, Tisha stood looking in the mirror. She'd purposefully left several large globs of Kyle's cum around her sex. Soon her mother and her mom’s husband would be there. They would head to the spa where people would be dressing her, doing her makeup, her hair, and generally fussing over her. She really look forward to that. She loved being pampered. After that they would come back here to wait for the wedding, then she would go down to the first floor where the wedding would take place. Her mom's husband of 28 years, Gerry, would walk her down the isle. Her biological father, Justin, would be sitting beside her mother. As would her brother's biological father and her sister's too. To some, this seemed an odd arrangement, but her mother and Gerry had insisted that the biological fathers be a part of their children’s lives.

Tisha thought about her first date with Matt. They'd just finished having sex, it had been good, better than good actually, and they were laying in bed softly petting each other. Matt was tall, over six feet, and he kept himself fit. He had dark brown hair that he wore short and a good bit of hair on his chest. He was tan, but not dark and had the most beautiful green eyes she’d ever seen. She loved the contrast of her dark skin against him. And she loved his long white cock sinking deep into her black pussy. 

As they lay together, her running her long red fingernails up and down his flaccid shaft, Matt had gotten quiet. Finally he turned his face to her. She could remember the look in his eyes. A little fear, a little determination.

"Can I call you, Tisha?" He'd asked her. "I mean, tomorrow. Maybe we can go out again?"

She'd smiled at him. After that, they'd spoken almost every day. When she went on dates with other men, he never minded, never seemed to get jealous.  Two months into their relationship, she'd wanted to test him. So she'd invited him over for breakfast on a Saturday. The night before she went out and picked up a man at one of the local bars. She'd made sure they were still in bed when Matt got there and Angelica had let him in. She had told him where Tisha was and who she was with, but told him to wait. After Angelica texted her that Matt was there, Tisha had fucked the stranger, being even louder than normal, and screamed out for him to cum inside her. It'd been amazing sex, made even better because she knew that Matt was in the next room listening to her.

Matt had passed the test with flying colors. He was sitting on the couch when Tisha, still nude and dripping her one-night stand's cum from her used pussy, escorted the stranger out, giving him a kiss in the open doorway. When she went back to her bedroom, Matt had followed her. No anger, no jealousy, he'd just climbed between her legs, giving her one of the best orgasms she'd ever had with his mouth, then he'd fucked her like a madman. 

After that, they'd talked about non-monogamy and what it meant for them. Matt, Tisha found out, was very interested in being in an ethical non-monogamous relationship. For Tisha, that had meant it was time to take the next step and introduce him to her family. She admitted to herself that she'd been nervous. She'd only introduced two other boys to her family. Both of them had broken up with her the next day. Still, there had been something about Matt. Tisha had the feeling he was different.

She'd been right. He'd taken the news that her brother and sister both had different biological fathers in stride, not even batting an eye. Two weeks later, she and Matt were on a date, eating at a nice restaurant when Matt brought up the subject of children. He wanted a large family, he'd told her, but a childhood bout with measles had left him sterile. 

“Hows that going to work, adoption?” Tisha had asked him.

“No, I want you to get pregnant by your lovers,” he’d said with a grin.

"So you want me to get pregnant by other men?" She'd asked, knowing she was grinning like a school child.

"Yes," he'd said emphatically. "Many times. I'd like six children, at least."

Tisha stroked her belly at the memory. She wasn't pregnant yet, which was disappointing. She'd really wanted to walk down the aisle with another man's baby growing in her womb, but she was ovulating tomorrow, so Kyle's sperm might be the winner. If not, she was sure she could get knocked up on her honeymoon. The thought made her smile.

Just then she heard voices in the main room of the suite. Her mother and Gerry were there. Standing, still nude, she walked back into the bedroom. Kyle was pulling his shirt over his head. He looked over at her.

"I'm sorry," he said shaking his head. "I meant to be gone before anyone got here."

Tisha laughed as she walked to the door. "Don't worry about it. Come on out I'll introduce you. Mom will probably jump your bones. You up for that?"

"Um, You're going out there dressed like that?" Kyle asked.

"Baby, I ain't dressed" Tisha opened the door, stepping through to the main room of the suite. 

"Tisha! You look absolutely radiant!" Dana, Tisha's mother, exclaimed as Tisha stepped into the room.

"She should," Angelica chimed in. "She just got fucked by a stud! Oh, and there is the man of the hour." Angelica was as nude as Tisha, and just as unconcerned.

Kyle stepped up behind Tisha, putting his hand on her shoulder. Tisha turned her head to smile at him. 

"Mom, Gerry meet Kyle. I met him last night at Lizards," Tisha said. "Kyle meet my mom, Dana and her husband, Gerry."

"Um, nice to meet you." Kyle stuck out his hand, visibly confused by Tisha's white parents.

Dana took his hand in hers, looking him up and down, her eyes pausing at the bulge between his legs. 

"Mmm, Kyle, baby. You look good enough to eat. I see why my daughter spent the night with you. Mmm, mm. You got one more fuck in you? I think we have time before we have to get Tisha to the salon to get ready for her wedding." Dana asked, licking her lips.

Tisha watched Kyle's eyes flick to Gerry then back to her mom.

"He's already fucked two women this morning, Dana," Angelica laughed.

Dana stepped forward, putting her hand on Kyle's chest. "Baby, I guarantee I can show you moves these two sluts don't even know." She took his hand, tugging him toward the bedroom. "Come on baby. Let's go fuck."

"Just go with it Kyle. You won't regret it. I've got to start getting ready anyway," Tisha said walking over to the desk chair.

"Um, what about your husband?" Kyle asked, glancing over at Gerry.

"He's going to be busy shaving Tisha’s pussy all nice and smooth," Dana said, smiling up at Kyle. "Come on."

Dana and a bemused Kyle disappeared back into the bedroom. Kyle started to close the door, but Dana stopped him. 

"I want my husband to hear," she said, giving him a wink.

Tisha spread her legs lewdly, grinning at her mom's husband. "Come on Gerry. You heard mom. Come shave my pussy while mom gets a good fucking." She pointed down at her pussy. "I want to be shaved clean for my wedding. There may still be some of Kyle's cum in there, if you want a taste before mom gets done."

Gerry stared between her legs. She could see his cock tenting his slacks. Angelica walked around behind Tisha, running her hand across Tisha's bare shoulders. 

"I have the water, razor, everything you need right here." Angelica pointed to a plastic bowl on the desk. There was a razor, shaving cream and a towel laying beside it.

Gerry nodded, moving slowly toward the desk, his eyes still fixed on Tisha's pussy. With the implements at hand, Gerry knelt in front of Tisha, staring wide eyed at her wet sex. She'd cleaned up most of his mess but there was still some of Kyle's cream in her short, curly black pubic hair. Gerry leaned forward, his tongue reaching out to taste the semen. 

"That's it, Gerry. Taste your daughter's lover's cum. There more in me when you're done with her," Angelica said, watching over Tisha's shoulder. "Damn, that is so nasty."

Tisha laughed at him. "Pathetic. Your wife is in the bedroom fucking a guy she met like five minutes ago and you are out here eating his cum off me." 

Tisha wasn't being mean, really. She knew exactly how much Gerry craved this kind of humiliation. In her way, she loved Gerry. He'd always been a rock in her otherwise tumultuous world. It hadn't been easy growing up the black daughter of two white parents. Especially when her mom was the biggest slut in town and literally everyone who knew her, knew that.

Between her legs, Gerry slurped the last of Kyle's cum into his mouth. She saw him swish it around, tasting it, before he swallowed. Patting his head, she laughed. 

"Good boy. Now, shave me. Do a good job. Don't leave any hair at all, even around my ass," Tisha said, smiling down at the man who had raised her. "When you are done with me, you can do Angelica."

From the bedroom, they could hear Kyle groaning. 

"Fuck, Dana. You suck cock like a fucking angel," Kyle said loud enough that Tisha knew Gerry had heard him.

"Tell me before you cum, young man, I want your load deep in my pussy so my sweet cuckold can taste it," Dana said, also loud enough for Gerry to hear.

The sound of loud slurping and groaning returned. Tisha laughed down at Gerry. He was using a wet washcloth to moisten her crotch. Next came the shaving cream. Then he carefully started shaving her. At times he had to hold onto her labia to pull it tight enough to shave around. Tisha bit her bottom lip when his fingers slipped inside her wet sex. Just as he was getting the last few stray hairs around her puckered ass, there was a knock on the door. 

Angelica bounced over to answer it. Her pale skin slightly flushed from watching Gerry shave Tisha. Angelica had large tits, bigger by a cup size than Tisha's, but her pink nipples were not nearly as thick or long. Her trim waist flared out to wide hips and a well rounded ass. Tisha watched her as she flung the door open without checking the peephole to see who was there.

It was Tisha's brother, Andrew and his girl friend, Mai. Andrew had the eyes and facial features of his Asian biological father. Mai, was a dark skinned Thai girl with long black hair, small breasts, and a kinky side that blew Tisha away.

"Oh look. Cuck boy is shaving bride. Hey, Gerry, when you get done, you suck my man's cock so he can fuck me good, kay?" Mai laughed.

Angelica gave Andrew a big hug, letting him grope her ass, then followed Mai into the room, leaving Andrew to shut the door.

"I ain't letting him suck my cock, Mai. You want me to fuck you, then you have to suck me yourself," Andrew said laughing.

"I'll do it for you," Angelica cooed. "I'll suck your beautiful cock and get you good and hard for your slut girlfriend."

"If he doesn't want to fuck me, then I fuck someone else," Mai said with a big grin on her face. "Not by Cuck boy though. He not fuck me." 

Gerry finished shaving Tisha and sat back looking lustily at his handy work.

"Now Angelica," Tisha said, pushing Gerry away. 

Angelica plopped down in a nearby chair and spread her legs wide. "Come on, Gerry. Get this pussy shaved. Just so you know, Kyle came inside me too, so if you want you can get another taste of his spunk but you’ll have to dig for it. He came way up inside me." Her laugh made Tisha smile.

Gerry knee-walked over to Angelica, pulling the small bowl of water with him. Tisha jumped up to hug her brother. Anthony swatted her ass playfully. Next Tisha pulled Mai into an embrace. Mai kissed her passionately. Their tongues playfully sparred for a moment, then Mai pulled back. 

"I so happy for you," Mai said with a wide smile. "Matt is good man. Nice cock."

Tisha laughed. "Yes, he is a good man. I'm going to love spending the rest of my life with him."

Just then another knock rattled the door. Tisha opened it. Brent Chandler, Matt's best man , stepped inside holding a round pink box with a silver bow on top.

"Brent! What's up? Aren't you supposed to be getting my fiance ready for me?" Tisha asked, grabbing him and giving him a wet kiss on the mouth.

"Well, your fiance is still fucking my wife," Brent said with a glum look on his face.

"Oh, that's so sweet!" Tisha exclaimed. "So why are you here and not with them."

"She wouldn't let me join. She said last night was for him alone. I spent the night in the guest room." Brent said, still frowning. Then a smile slipped onto his face. "But Beth came over and spent the night in the guest room with me. I'm just here to bring you your veil. Somehow it got mixed in with the tuxes."

Beth was Tisha’s younger sister, just turned twenty, still living at home while she went to college. Tisha took the box from him, leading him into the main room of the suite. From the bedroom they could hear Dana grunting and moaning.

"Is that your mom?" Brent asked, his eyebrows arching as he looked at Gerry on the floor between Angelica's legs.

"Yeah. If you have time, feel free to join them. You know she loves your cock," Tisha said as she opened the box, inspecting the veil inside.

"I wish I could, but I better get back over to Matt's place. If I don't break them up, Sarah might fuck him to death. I mean really, it's not like she's never going to fuck him again, but she is acting like it." Brent shook his head, but he still had a smile on his face.

Andrew gave his sister a hug. "I better head over there too. I'll see you at the wedding, sis." 

He followed Brent out the door. As the door closed behind them, Mai groaned.

"Now who fuck me? Not cuck boy. His little peter not big enough. I not even feel it," Mai said with exaggerated despondency. 

"Don't worry, Mai. We can always call for room service," Angelica said with a laugh. 

"Oh, fuck, I'm cumming." Kyle's voice was loud enough for all of them to hear.

"Do, it boy. Cum in my fucking cunt. God Damn, your cock is so good," Dana said in a husky voice. "Fuck, I'm cumming too. Ahhh, fuck!"

Angelica looked down at Gerry. He'd finished shaving her, but hadn't moved. 

"Well, cuckold, get in there and clean up your wife," Angelica sneered down at him.

Gerry skittered away to the bedroom. A little while later Kyle came out of the bedroom, looking back over his shoulder. 

"You guys are the kinkiest people I've ever met," Kyle said as he finished buttoning his shirt.

"The wedding is at four in room 105, if you want to come. The reception is at five in room 107 right across the hall, but may start a few minutes early," Tisha said, smiling as she walked over to him. "I'd love for you to come to both."

"You don't think your new husband would object?" Kyle asked.

"Not at all." Tisha shrugged. "Look, baby, I know you don't understand, but we are a very open group."

"I noticed," Kyle said shaking his head. "Sorry, I'm not into that kind of thing." He nodded to the bedroom.

"Oh, that! That's just my mom and her husband. Matt isn't my cuckold, but he and I have an open relationship. It's called ethical non-monogamy. Although, that means pretty much whatever the people involved want it to mean."

"What makes it ethical for you to hook up with me the night before you get married?" Kyle asked, edging toward the door. "And what is ethical about how he's being treated." Kyle nodded toward the bedroom again.

Tisha smiled at him. "It's ethical, because I'm honest about it with Matt and he and I talk about it. I don't hide anything from him or do it behind his back." She looked toward the bedroom. "Same thing with Mom and Gerry. Gerry gets off on this. He wants it. So why should he not be allowed to find his happiness just because you or someone else thinks it's nasty." Tisha put her hand on Kyle's chest, smiling up at him. "You didn't have a problem fucking me, or Angelica, or even Dana. Do you really think you have room to judge us?"

Kyle pushed his hand through his hair. "No, I guess I don't. Look I don't want to start a fight, but when I settle down I want to know the girl is mine and not fucking around."

"Good luck with that, Kyle. I hope you find what you are looking for." Tisha opened the door for him. "You are still welcome at the wedding and the reception. If you come, I'll introduce you to Matt. You can ask him how he feels about us having sex. His answers might surprise you. If you can be open minded enough to hear what he says."

Kyle leaned down and kissed her on the forehead. "It was fun, Tisha. Maybe I'll be there."

She watched him walk down the hall to the elevator, then closed the door.

"He's gone. But man could that white boy fuck," She said to Angelica and Mai as she sat down in chair to wait for her mother and Gerry to come out of the bedroom. 

Mai went to the wetbar. "Look, they have bloody Mary mix and vodka! Anyone else want a drink?"

"It's nine in the morning, Mai," Angelica said with a laugh.

"So? You want drink or not?" Mai asked, her hand on her hip.

"Sure, I'll take one," Angelica relented with a shrug.

"Not me. I'm hoping to be pregnant in the next couple of days," Tisha said standing up and stretching. "But you could pour me a glass of orange juice."

While Mai made the drinks, Tisha got her wedding dress out of the hanging bag. There wasn't much to it, she thought as she looked it over. The dress was basically a wide white belt that went around her hips with two rhinestone covered straps that went over the shoulders. The straps were very thin in the back, barely more than strings, but in the front they widened to almost an inch and a half where they covered her nipples. The skirt, what little there was of it, was sequined in a tasteful flower pattern. On the back of the skirt there were two hidden zippers where the four foot train attached. She retrieved the train from the hanging bag and affixed it onto the skirt, just to see what it would look like. 

Angelica came over, sliding her hand seductively over Tisha's bare ass. "It's beautiful." 

Tisha grinned at her friend. "I'm so excited."

"So, are you going to let Matt be the first to fuck you after the wedding?" Angelica asked, giving Tisha a wink.

"Matt and I talked about that," Tisha said, her voice serious. "He wants Richard to be my first."

"Mmm, Richard, huh. He's got a very nice cock, but why him?" Angelica asked.

"I think it's because Matt knows how much he cums. He thinks it'll make a mess." Tisha got the veil out of the box while she talked.

"He's probably right. Knowing Matt he probably wants you to do it on the dance floor or something, huh." Angelica said helping Tisha get the veil straightened out. 

"You guessed it, but I told him no. There will be people at the wedding who don't want to see that." Tisha laughed, trying on the veil and turning her head side to side.

Mai came over to them with the drinks in her hand. "That dress wild!" 

"It caused a lot of wide eyes when she tried it on at the bridal store," Angelica laughed.

"Yeah, and I thought the lady was going to choke when I asked her to shorten it two inches, but really, it was long enough to hide everything. Where is the fun in that?" Tisha laughed.

"You wanted shorter?" Mai asked, eyebrows raised.

"Absolutely. When Matt kneels in front of me during the ceremony, I want him to know for sure I don't have any panties on under the dress," Tisha smiled. Thinking of the reactions some of her aunts and uncles had during the rehearsal when Matt pledged his undying love to her from his knees. It made her feel so special.

Dana and Gerry came out of the bedroom holding hands and smiling. Dana had put her dress back on after she and Gerry were done cuddling in the bedroom. "It's past ten, why don't you girls get dressed in some casual clothes so we can head to the spa?"

Tisha looked at her watch. Where had the time gone? Grabbing Angelica's hand, she drug her maid of honor into the bedroom. "Come on, let's get dressed."

Forty-five minutes later, the four women were being led back into the spa to be pampered and made-over. They spent the next two hours getting manicures, pedicures, skin cleanses, massages and finally getting their makeup and hair professionally done. The whole time the four women gossiped about the wedding and the reception afterwards, sometimes drawing shocked looks from the ladies pampering them. They finally left the spa, letting Gerry, whom they'd left in the van, drive them back to the hotel. 

Back in the room, Tisha and her bridesmaids, Angelica and Mai, got dressed. While the girls dressed, Dana and Gerry changed their clothes, Dana into a short, but tasteful, dress that showed a lot of cleavage, but wouldn't outshine the wedding party, and Gerry into his tuxedo. Dana made a show of forcing Gerry to wear a buttplug for the service. She said it would get him ready for the after party.

Dana and Gerry left to go make sure the guests were being seated and that the groom and best man were ready and in place. As they left, Tisha was letting Angelica help her into her wedding dress, what little of it there was. 

"Oh, my God!" Angelica exclaimed as she stepped back, looking at Tisha. "I can see your cunt lips hanging down from here."

"That's because I'm excited. This dress is just so sexy," Tisha grinned giving her hips a wiggle.

"No good to show pussy to everyone. Need to have some mystery," Mai said shaking her head. "Maybe you need thong?"

"I don't want to cover my pussy, but maybe you are right. Here, loosen the straps, just like an inch. Now, pull the skirt down. There, how does that look?" Tisha said, directing her bridesmaids on adjusting the skirt. 

Together they got the bottom of the skirt down a good three quarters of an inch. Angelica went and sat in a chair and had Tisha walk passed her.

"I can see your ass cheeks, but I don't see pussy," Angelica reported.

"Once we get the train on, my butt will be covered. The weight of it will help to keep my skirt down too." Tisha was happy with her dress.

There was a knock on the door. When Angelica answered it, it was the head usher, a young man named Thomas. Thomas was a friend of Matt's. Tall, good looking with a beautiful smile. All three of the girls had been with him several times and they all greeted him warmly.

Thomas looked Tisha up and down, smiling widely. 

"Fuck, Tisha, that dress is incredible. If it was any shorter I could see your cunt."

"Would you like to, Thomas?" Tisha asked coyly. "Would you like to be the last man to fuck me before my wedding?"

"You don't have to ask me twice," Thomas grinned as he grabbed Tisha and went in for a kiss.

"No! No kissing, it'll mess up my makeup." Tisha spun around and pulled her dress up over her hips. "Just shove that cock inside me and make me cum."

Mai grabbed Thomas by the crotch. "Sorry, Thomas, we all made up, but I wank you good to get you ready. You use fingers to get bride wet."

Mai unzipped Thomas's slacks, retrieving his hardening cock. She started stroking him as she whispered into his ear.

"You cum in bride pussy. Fill her up good. We want to see cum dripping down her legs as she walk down aisle. You do that for her, after wedding I suck cock so good eyes cross."

Thomas didn't take long to get hard. Tisha was wet even before he touched her pussy. Truth was, she'd been wet all morning thinking about marrying Matt. As soon as he was hard, Mai pulled him forward and guided his cock into Tisha's sopping pussy.

"Now you fuck bride good," Mai said as Tisha felt Thomas push deep inside her.

Fuck! His cock felt good, filling her up and stretching her wide. Tisha pushed back on him and quickly they found their rhythm. Thomas grabbed her hips, increasing his tempo. Sliding one hand up her slipped it under the thin strap covering her black nipple, giving her breast a squeeze.

"That's it, Thomas," Angelica said as she watched them fuck. "Give it to her good. She's fertile right now. You can give Matt his first baby if you get lucky."

"Fuck, is that true, Tisha?" Thomas grunted out without slowing. "Are you prime to get knocked up?"

"Fuck yeah. Do it Thomas. Be my baby daddy. Knock my slut ass up. Come on, baby, give me your fucking cum." Tisha felt her own climax hit causing her legs to weaken. 

Mai was right there, holding her up with one hand while her other hand found Tisha's clit and started rubbing it.

"Ohh, fuck!" Tisha groaned out.

"I'm cumming, Tisha. I'm gonna fill your cunt with my baby makers," Thomas said through clenched teeth.

Then she felt his cock throb inside her. His hot seed spewed deep into her womb. Behind her Thomas clenched, forcing his cock as deep inside her as he could, he held still for a moment. Suddenly his legs jerked, once, twice, a third time and then he fell back, sitting heavily into one of the hotel chairs.

Mai went to the restroom, returning with a warm wet washcloth. She carefully cleaned Tisha's bare sex then turned her attention to Thomas's flaccid shaft. Once both of the lovers were clean, Angelica helped Tisha get her dress back in order while Mai helped Thomas. 

They got the train attached to Tisha's dress and they were ready to go. Angelica and Mai looked beautiful in their bridesmaid dresses. Deep blue satin, that dipped to the waist, revealing Angelica's bountiful cleavage and the inner curve of Mai's smaller but firm breasts. The dress ended about midway down the top of their legs, preserving their modesty far better than Tisha's wedding dress, but still giving a tantalizing view of both girl's legs. Their shoes were matching pumps with three inch pencil heels and blinged out ankle straps.

Thomas escorted the girls to the elevator, complimenting their dresses, hair and general beauty on the way. The reached the hallway outside the large hall where the wedding itself would take place. Standing outside, waiting for their signal, Angelica checked Tisha's skirt, giving it a good yank down in the front. As she did she let her finger graze Tisha's sex.

"Fuck, you are full of cum, Tisha. You going to make it through the ceremony?" Angelica asked, giving her friend a wink.

Tisha took a deep breath, nodding. I have to at this point. Don't I? Let's go, I want Matt to see my pussy full of cum when he says his vows." Tisha laughed.

Just then the signal came and Angelica and Mia gave Tisha a final hug and then headed in to take their places. Gerry came out to stand beside Tisha.

"I'm proud of you, Tisha. You have grown into a beautiful, mature, very hot young lady. If you ever need anything, I will always be there for you," Her mom's husband said.

"I know you are not my biological father, Gerry, but you will always be my dad. You have always been there for me, anytime I needed to know I was good enough, you were there to show me that I was. I love you more than you could ever know." Tisha smiled down at him, taking his arm.

Thomas gave them the signal. They came to the door, waiting for the music. It took another awkward thirty seconds for the music to start. As soon as the wedding march started, they stepped through the door and started down the aisle. As they reached the front, Gerry stopped. He nodded to Justin who stepped out into the aisle on the other side of Tisha.

This was unexpected, but Tisha went with it, taking Justin's arm in hers. While Gerry had always been her mother's husband and had in many ways been Tisha's real dad, Justin had been in her life, helping her when needed as well. 

He was tall, very dark skinned, and handsome. Tisha smiled up at him, noting his grin and then his wink. They proceeded to the alter.

"Who gives this women to be wed?" The Officiate asked solemnly.

"We do." Gerry and Justin said in unison.

The officiate extended a hand to help Tisha up onto the low stage where Matt already stood. Matt looked her up and down, his eyes staying on her barely covered breasts for a second. He gave her a full smile, his straight white teeth gleaming.

"We are gathered here today to join these two in an ethically non-monogamous marriage. This couple has the courage to seek their own path, forsaking the failed tradition of a restrictive monogamous institution and instead forging their own way," the officiator said, looking out at the gathered group. 

"Marriage has always been a partnership. This marriage will also be a partnership. This man and this woman are pledging to each other the same pledges of enduring love and support. But they are also acknowledging that as humans they have the capacity to love others and include them in their lives while still loving, supporting, and honoring their partner. Let us not judge them, but support their choices and the ways they choose to express their love and affection for the other." He paused, giving a smile to Tisha and then to Matt. "Matt, you may state your vows."

Matt smiled at Tisha, then got down on his knees in front of her, looking up at her. His eyes widened as they stopped at the hem of her dress. Tisha almost smirked. She knew what he was looking at. Her freshly shaven pussy full and dripping Thomas's seed. He forced his eyes up to hers, grinning widely.

"Tisha, I vow to love you, support you, honor you and always be there for you, till death do us part. I know you have and will have other lovers. I know that a beautiful flower like you should not be kept from the world, but shared with it. I accept you as you are. I want you in my life now and always." Matt climbed back to his feet.

"Tisha, you may state your vows," The officiate said, nodding to her.

She looked at Matt, a smile on her lips. "Matt I vow to love you, support you, honor you and always be there for you, till death do us part. I do have and will have other lovers. I will bear other men's children but they will be your children to help me raise. I know you have and will have other lovers. Your heart is too big to be limited to one woman, but I trust that you will always be my partner, my lover, my friend and my husband just as I will be your wife. I want you in my life now and always." 

The officiator turned to Matt. "Please present the ring." 

Brent stepped forward handing Matt a beautiful wedding ring, complete with a full caret solitaire surrounded by another caret worth of smaller diamonds, all set in a beautiful gold band. Tisha extended her left hand. Matt carefully put the ring on her finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed," Matt said with a smile.

Brent then handed him a silver anklet. Matt knelt in front of Tisha once more. Tisha lifted her left leg, letting Matt fasten the anklet around her ankle. With her leg raised, she felt her pussy open and the warm sliminess of Thomas’s cum slip out of her to drip on the floor in front of Matt.

"With this anklet, I announce to the world that we are in an open relationship. I acknowledge that I do not own you, rather I support you and love you without reservation or condition."

Matt climbed back to his feet. The officiator turned to Tisha. 

"Please present the ring," he said.

Angelica handed Tisha a finely engraved gold band. Matt held out his hand, allowing Tisha to slip the ring onto his finger.

"With this ring, I thee wed," Tisha said, smiling.

"Is there any here who object to this union? Speak now or forever hold your peace," The officiator said, looking out at the audience. "Hearing none, by the power invested in me by the state of Texas, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride."

Matt took the veil in his hands, carefully lifting it to expose Tisha's face. Leaning forward their lips met. Tisha's eyes closed and she put her hands on his shoulders, holding on as the kiss lingered.