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30 Nov. '16

I was in Tokyo on business and had obeyed all the rules about being "respectful” and bowing at the right times to my Japanese hosts, whom I was quite sure despised me as they despise most gajiin or foreigners. Nevertheless, I persevered until my lips were sore from smiling and my neck stiff from bowing. It wasn’t the only thing which was stiff. There had been one guy, Yoshio, whom I liked and we got on well together. In fact he had been delegated to look after me and this he did well, ensuring that my hotel was good and that my business needs were met. In fact, I was bored out of my mind and feeling randier by the hour, just waiting to get out and find some pussy.

On the last day, after the negotiations, Yoshio said to me “ Now that it is over, you must relax. Come with me as my guest this afternoon and we will have fun”

As far as I was aware, fun for Japanese men can involve long Karaoke sessions or golf, but no, Yoshio brought me in his little car to a hotel somewhere in the outskirts of Tokyo and brought me inside. Evidently, he was well known because the porters bowed to him and he went straight to the lift. We travelled to the top floor and exited into a big waiting room where there was scented air and musak in the background.

An exceptionally pretty half asian girl with dark hair was sitting at a desk. Yoshio and she exchanged bows and spoke rapidly in Japanese. She grinned and went into a room behind the reception. Yoshio was now quite excited and with a huge smile proclaimed “This Japanese Cat-house – first class” He told me that a famous Geisha “Madam” had taken over the top two floors of the hotel and had adapted the rooms for “sexy use” !!!

So, here I was about to get my rocks off. Great. At fucking last !!

The girl came back into the reception with two big albums and gave one to each of us. In it were pictures of dozens of Japanese and Korean girls, mostly in tight sexy thongs but each one had a description as to what she specialised in doing. There was also a menu or price list which I was able to work out, although it was in yen. It was certainly cheaper than home and gave prices for an hour or two hours; with one or two girls; with or without videos being taken. Yoshio was slavering with lust and told me that the “ Boss” had told him to take me here and to give me the best time in Japan – and that he was to get his little yellow rocks off as well. He was hopping from foot to foot with excitement.

The receptionist led us through some doors and down a corridor. In one long room which was fully glassed in and well lit, some stunning girls sat around in towels or just thongs. Most were very young – 18 or 19 ( some were older and looked it ). Each girl wore a number which corresponded to a photograph in the albums which we carried. Some of them smiled and waved at us. Others were watching a porno film on a big T.V. set. All around us there were very erotic videos of guys and gals having sex and the musky smell of sex permeated the corridor. My cock was very frisky in my boxers. From adjacent rooms we could hear giggling and laughter.

Yoshio spoke rapidly to the girl who was showing us around. He said that as the deal had gone well, we had “carte blanche“ from Mr Boss, and we should take the very best of services. One of the girls, in a short sexy towel, moved the towel to show a beautiful bald pussy and smiled sexily. She looked about 18 but I was told she was 20 and “velly sexy”. Her name was Ko. I smiled back and indicated that I would like her to come with me. We moved along. Yoshio had chosen two girls who looked a bit rough; a bit tough but maybe that was what he wanted. Different strokes for different folks etc. He went off with his two girls to a room, and looked back with a grin, wishing me good luck.

There was another very calm looking girl who was tall for a Japanese but who exuded sheer sex. She wore a tight thong and slowly rubbed her pert taut breasts, two fingers twirling one of her nipples which was bulleted. She put one finger of her other hand into her mouth and slowly sucked it in and out. She turned around and bent over showing her sweet ass. She moved the tight thong aside and showed her puckered asshole which she stroked with her finger. MMMMMM. My boxers were getting very full with hard cock.

Her name was Mi and I decided immediately to have her as well and told the girl with me. She asked if I wanted a video as well, so I thought why not.

The two girls came out, giggling and took me arm in arm. Their naked breasts rubbed against me as they took me down the corridor and into a room which had a sign saying VIP. Inside, the room had very diffused lighting and air conditioning. There was a large bed and lots of mirrors. There was a large TV in a corner facing the bed- presumably for the video. Obviously, the owner had just taken out the wall between the en-suite bathroom and the bedroom and had tiled the entire bathroom area. There was a toilet and a bidet in a corner. Ko and Mi who were looking after me, pulled me towards the shower area. They smiled and laughed all the time. They dropped their short cotton robes and stood gloriously nude, gently rubbing each others’ bodies. Ko was the one with the bald cunt and she had beautiful tits. She started to finger Mi who had a trimmed black bush. Mi gyrated to the pace of her fingers and massaged her own tits which were so hard and gorgeous. I moved towards them – but they both put their fingers to their mouth – “No”

The moved in on me, rubbing their sweet bodies up and down mine and slowly began to undress me. Mi started on my shirt, reaching up to snake her tongue in and out of my mouth: moving to shove her tongue into my ear and swirling it around. She rubbed my chest while taking off my shirt. Ko was not delaying. She was rubbing a hand up and down my raging cock while pulling at my belt. She stripped my pants off and reached inside my boxers and grabbed my cock. I was about to come with the variance of erotic rubbings. Slowly, as if they knew it, they both slowed down and although Ko still held my cock, she concentrated in getting me undressed.

We were all nude and I had a cock straining to reach the sky. Pre-cum was oozing from my cock and Ko wiped it off with one finger which she licked. My hands were rampant over their bodies. They pulled me into the tiled area and turned on the shower. Beautiful cool water came out of several nozzles and Ko and Mi started to wash me down, handling and cleansing every orifice and all around my cock. As Mi knelt down and washed my cock and balls with gel, Ko prised open the cheeks of my ass and massaged the sensitive area between my scrotum and my ass, with a gel, slowly and gently. Then she inserted a finger into my asshole, working it around to get maximum insertion. I bent over a little and relaxed. She got her finger right in and then another, while massaging the cheeks of my ass with her other hand. Her fingers were stroking my prostrate and my cock was twitching madly. I didn’t know I had so much pre cum which was seeping out again.

All the time, I was stroking Mi’s lovely tits and neck. She was totally intent on my cock and balls. She held my cock and rubbed gel into it to ensure that no bits of fluff or anything else could be left underneath the glans. All the time she slowly stroked and wanked my cock, licking the peehole with her mouth, sucking in the slimy precum. She had one hand under my balls – so so gently.

Somehow keeping a hand or two moving on me, the girls turned to themselves and sensuously cleaned each other, while kissing deeply. Mi spread Ko’s legs and finger fucked her cunt while squishing gel around, They both lay down on the tiled floor and licked each other out. I stood stroking my hard tool, being careful not to cum. They got up and all three of us had another turn under the shower rubbing and sliding off each other, the girls using their little fingers in every hole and crevice of my body, chattering in Japanese and using words to me, like “ Big cock; lots of fuck” and “you like Japanese suckey,?”

I told them I loved what they were doing and to keep going. We dried each other off, concentrating on each others’ holes and my cock.

They led me to the bed and really got down to business. Mi had my cock in her mouth and Ko was straddling my face with her glorious bald cunt dripping with juices. Suddenly she asked if I wanted the video. I said sure, so she reached over and rang a bell. The door opened and a girl ran in with a huge camcorder, which was almost as big as herself.

So this is what “video “ means. Not just a tired porno movie but an actual video of myself getting the fuck of my life with Ko and Mi. The little girl started to take film of Mi sucking and wanking my cock. Mi had shoved my legs wide and put a pillow under my arse. She had some scented oil which she rubbed into my cock and which seemed to make it more sensitive by the moment, I concentrated on licking Ko’s cunt and chewing on her clit which was very prominent. Mi was rocking back and forth with a squishing sound and her cunt gushed with cum juice. The film was running and was almost in her crotch. I was so full of sensation and tension that I could feel cum building up in my balls which Mi was fondling with tender but insistent fingers. She moved around on the bed and slowly put a wet finger into my asshole. She wriggled it in and I moved my legs even farther apart to let her in. Her nails seemed to know exactly what to do.

Suddenly I arched. I pulsed a stream of cum into Mi’s mouth which she greedily swallowed and then redribbled it out of the sides of her mouth for the benefit of the camera. Ko turned around and kissed her friend full on the mouth getting a wodge of creamy cum. She turned and kissed me swirling the cum around in our mouths before she swallowed. We relaxed a little and I looked at all the mirrors around us.

The girls got off me and started to get some equipment out of a cupboard. They had a long piece of tubing and a big bulb at one end and hard nozzle on the other. I looked at this suspiciously and the girls giggled. Ko got me to put up my legs and she held them almost directly over my head. Chi-Chi ( with the camera ) took a long focussing shot of my lubed asshole: my taut balls and of Mi with the nozzle of the device. Mi slowly put the nozzle up my ass until I though I could feel it in my stomach. Then she gave the bulb at the end a gentle squeeze. It was like a volcano had erupted deep within my ass as a cold cold liquid flowed into me.

“ What the fuck“ I said.

“Industrial alchohol deep chilled,’ said Ko laughing as she kissed me deeply.

All the time Mi was massaging my balls and cock which had hardened instantly – more so than ever before. I felt I wanted to blow semen out through the ceiling. Just one touch and I would blow up.

Ko turned around and positioned herself against my legs facing me and grabbing my cock she shoved it into her slimy bald cunt, wriggling as she did and moaning as my cock was rock hard and seemed huge. She rocked back and forth riding my cock which slid in and out of her tight cunt. Mi was fondling my hard nuts and the area between my scrotum and ass which is so sensitive. Then she pressed the bulb again and it seemed that a river of ice was somehow flowing through my entire body with my cock alive and bucking. The pressure on my balls was immense. I pushed upwards into Ko’s tight little cunt and it seemed I would break though her chest. I pumped and pumped gushing cum into Ko and she rode me hard. All the time Mi was pushing at the base of my cock and squeezing more and more of the liquid into me.

I screamed with joy. I pulled Ko down hard on me and her small pert nipples scoured my chest. Her cunt spasmed and spasmed around my cock which had shot all my lifes’ essence. Drained but still hard I drew my cock out of her.

“ Now we watch T.V. “ said Mi, taking the nozzle and tube out of my ass.

She and Mi cuddled up to me on the huge bed, their fingers and tongues everywhere, in my mouth and in their holes. The girl who had taken the video, started to play it on the TV and some sexy music came on. It was a fantastic feeling to watch myself being fucked on a big screen by two beautiful and enthusiastic girls who were even now fondling and licking my balls and cock. I could see on the screen, Mi inserting the nozzle into my ass and the immediate effect on my cock. I had never seen it so hard before.

Now Mi lay on her back and pulled me onto her while Ko guided my still hard cock into her friends’ cunt whose black bush was trimmed neatly. She was as wet as Ko and I started to push into her, my balls slapping against her backside. Ko had a vibrator which she worked into my asshole and shoved it in and out, buzzing away with an intensely pleasurable feeling.

I didn’t think I had any more cum left but I could feel the familiar build up and Ko gave my balls a friendly gentle rub and yet again I came into Mi whose cunt twitched and tightened around it milking, every drop out.

I was exhausted but happy. While we lay there, Ko took the vibrator out of my ass and still buzzing, she licked it in front of my eyes and shoved it into the the puckered ass of Mi who had gone into doggy position and had anointed her ass with gel. She squealed as the big vibrator was shoved into her tight hole and rammed in up to the hilt. Still it was moved in and out and Mi moaned with pleasure, he hand between her legs rubbing her cunt. She came suddenly and noisily ; then she came again and again. Ko kept the vibrator hard up her ass until she was finished and relaxed. Then she took the silver cock-machine out of her friends’ ass. The girls squirmed up around me on the bed and greedily licked the cum off my cock, drying it with small towels.

They brought me to the shower area and lovingly washed me down, every inch of my body was gently massaged with a scented soap, even between my toes, and then dried. They dressed me carefully and gave me a USB drive with the video on it, which had been left by the “photographer.” We went back to the reception, where I emptied my pockets of all the change I had – equivalent to about $30 and divided it between the girls. ( The rest was on the bill of “Mr Boss” ) They bowed, giggled and went back behind the window.

Yoshio was waiting for me and I could see that he had enjoyed himself too.
Suddenly Ko ran out and pressed a little bottle into my hand. “ For you” she said “ Ice water “ and ran back inside.

I knew what she had given me and could hardly wait to try it out again.